Providers with Taxonomy: Interventional Cardiology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Cardiology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
John H Detwiler 92029, CAInterventional Cardiology1154324036
Mikhail R Malek 92029, CAInterventional Cardiology1467455212
Daniel F Mulvihill 92064, CAInterventional Cardiology1124021969
Hamed Bayat 92029, CAInterventional Cardiology1356344196
Dennis R Leahy 92029, CAInterventional Cardiology1619970480
Christopher R Gilbert 92029, CAInterventional Cardiology1487657243
Dominick A Curatola 94040, CAInterventional Cardiology1730182643
Jeffrey I. Gorwit 92029, CAInterventional Cardiology1891798658
Ashok K Verma 93230, CAInterventional Cardiology1013911049
Jesse Wasley 92647, CAInterventional Cardiology1699779637
Mark L Ginkel 93454, CAInterventional Cardiology1649272766
Dennis L Brooks 93003, CAInterventional Cardiology1376547299
Daniel Chung Ann Choo 91745, CAInterventional Cardiology1154325702
Joseph Michael Ruggio 92653, CAInterventional Cardiology1124023163
Fernando Antonio Zamudio 92120, CAInterventional Cardiology1306842950
Masis Babajanian 95403, CAInterventional Cardiology1609873850
Kevin Bernard Rapeport 91942, CAInterventional Cardiology1952308124
Bradley Trent Clair 95453, CAInterventional Cardiology1083611198
Thomas E Dunlap 95403, CAInterventional Cardiology1932106002
George W Yee 93901, CAInterventional Cardiology1467459230
R. Ryan Platt 94598, CAInterventional Cardiology1265430417
Richard Seth Gerber 93901, CAInterventional Cardiology1407854599
Raymond Edward Erny 94954, CAInterventional Cardiology1891793741
Thomas Allen Mustoe 93901, CAInterventional Cardiology1952309908
Richard Foster Gaston 94954, CAInterventional Cardiology1669470522
Patrik Carl Zetterlund 93901, CAInterventional Cardiology1942208848
Jon Stephen Portnoff 95482, CAInterventional Cardiology1609874445
Harendra Keshavlal Punatar 95403, CAInterventional Cardiology1699773432
Alan Shiener 91403, CAInterventional Cardiology1770585515
David Gerard Aliabadi 91360, CAInterventional Cardiology1962404723
Roman Leibzon 91505, CAInterventional Cardiology1447252218
Jacob Nathan Rubin 91403, CAInterventional Cardiology1437151180
Eugene Victor Moffett 95926, CAInterventional Cardiology1720071061
Christopher Scott Massa 95926, CAInterventional Cardiology1295728392
Sam Borno 93720, CAInterventional Cardiology1598758468
Charles H Sohn 93720, CAInterventional Cardiology1033102900
Malcolm M. Mchenry 95816, CAInterventional Cardiology1467445197
Rajasekran Wickramasekran 91325, CAInterventional Cardiology1902899552
Harvey J. Matlof 95816, CAInterventional Cardiology1386637023
Mani Nallasivan 95340, CAInterventional Cardiology1639171606
Guy Seiji Mayeda 90017, CAInterventional Cardiology1952395493
Robert Michael Kirchner 95816, CAInterventional Cardiology1508851957
Prabhdeep Sandhu 91505, CAInterventional Cardiology1679568901
Ronald K Goldberg 91942, CAInterventional Cardiology1235125337
Melvin D Flamm 95819, CAInterventional Cardiology1144216888
Ramesh Kumar Arora 91401, CAInterventional Cardiology1619964095
Raymond I Huang 95124, CAInterventional Cardiology1891783437
Sailesh N Shah 95819, CAInterventional Cardiology1881681930
John S. Edelen 94609, CAInterventional Cardiology1831183383
Neil Sawhney 95062, CAInterventional Cardiology1396731840
Brian Jo Mundy 94558, CAInterventional Cardiology1225026180
Robert T. Sperling 94939, CAInterventional Cardiology1558351387
John B Gordon 92123, CAInterventional Cardiology1962483099
Charles K. Whitcomb 95817, CAInterventional Cardiology1659353969
Jeffrey A. Southard 95817, CAInterventional Cardiology1962484998
Reginald I. Low 95817, CAInterventional Cardiology1821070780
Jason H. Rogers 95817, CAInterventional Cardiology1295717163
John R. Kao 95124, CAInterventional Cardiology1497737191
Lawrence J. Laslett 95817, CAInterventional Cardiology1225010069
Richard J Axelrod 95816, CAInterventional Cardiology1437147923
Steven Bruce Degalan 94545, CAInterventional Cardiology1508849860
Howard K. Min 94520, CAInterventional Cardiology1972585859
Bruce C Miller 96001, CAInterventional Cardiology1235110750
Brian E Jaski 92123, CAInterventional Cardiology1194706242
Heather Joy Shenkman 91356, CAInterventional Cardiology1215918800
David K Berke 94538, CAInterventional Cardiology1356324966
David A. Clark 93940, CAInterventional Cardiology1619952421
Robert J Doria 93401, CAInterventional Cardiology1376521005
Michael A Famularo 93401, CAInterventional Cardiology1174501845
Mark J Sada 93401, CAInterventional Cardiology1639157282
William B Ricks 95030, CAInterventional Cardiology1033197306
John Carlisle 93401, CAInterventional Cardiology1992783245
Peter James Curran 94117, CAInterventional Cardiology1366422347
Steve S. Lee 94040, CAInterventional Cardiology1972583490
Hieu S Nguyen 91204, CAInterventional Cardiology1275513590
Atul A. Aggarwal 93311, CAInterventional Cardiology1043290778
Kurt N Bausback 95124, CAInterventional Cardiology1649258005
Felix H Lee 95124, CAInterventional Cardiology1811975113
Ronald M Rossen 95124, CAInterventional Cardiology1477531614
Don W Lee 91204, CAInterventional Cardiology1104806421
John Laird 95817, CAInterventional Cardiology1144290636
Ronald P Karlsberg 90210, CAInterventional Cardiology1588636922
Steven W Tabak 90210, CAInterventional Cardiology1124090576
Bruce A Samuels 90210, CAInterventional Cardiology1083686372
Sanjay Bhojraj 92563, CAInterventional Cardiology1124090303
Robert M Rose 90210, CAInterventional Cardiology1396717450
Anthony A Hilliard 92354, CAInterventional Cardiology1841262623
Jeffrey John Cavendish 92134, CAInterventional Cardiology1093787889
Ryan Alan Brown 94598, CAInterventional Cardiology1467425439
Robert L Blum 91307, CAInterventional Cardiology1558334482
Garrett B. Wong 95817, CAInterventional Cardiology1336112085
Richard Caso 92656, CAInterventional Cardiology1407822141
Raghava R. Gollapudi 92123, CAInterventional Cardiology1467429191
Thomas Frohlich 94602, CAInterventional Cardiology1164499638
Subbarao V. Mylavarapu 92663, CAInterventional Cardiology1659330850
Robert Coronado 96001, CAInterventional Cardiology1376502203
Barry T Hackshaw 92270, CAInterventional Cardiology1639139983
Esam Obed 93030, CAInterventional Cardiology1568422350
Michael B Levey 91307, CAInterventional Cardiology1235102153
Benjamin J Cohen 91307, CAInterventional Cardiology1114991767
Ramin Farshi 91307, CAInterventional Cardiology1275507352
Agustin John Argenal 94520, CAInterventional Cardiology1629045372
Paul David Mcwhirter 94520, CAInterventional Cardiology1609843366
Sami Barham Nazzal 92404, CAInterventional Cardiology1053385575
Mohamed H Khan 96001, CAInterventional Cardiology1649230988
Xin Yang 94609, CAInterventional Cardiology1528034154
Viral Mehta 93309, CAInterventional Cardiology1104895739
Nasser Ud-din Khan 93309, CAInterventional Cardiology1174592547
Amit Bahia 95901, CAInterventional Cardiology1326010190
Suhail Y Dohad 90210, CAInterventional Cardiology1730151085
Tin M Way 95991, CAInterventional Cardiology1396711917
Jan Kulhanek 92024, CAInterventional Cardiology1316908775
Khoi M Le 92270, CAInterventional Cardiology1407816820
Puneet K Khanna 92270, CAInterventional Cardiology1053372466
Khamaj Dave 93030, CAInterventional Cardiology1275594657
Richard B Rothschild 93030, CAInterventional Cardiology1700847126
Roger Dennis Duber 91786, CAInterventional Cardiology1942261904
Jose Angel Caceres 90620, CAInterventional Cardiology1992766604
Mark P Miller 92801, CAInterventional Cardiology1073575353
Oscar Daniel Lopez 93003, CAInterventional Cardiology1629034087
Michael H Michalski 91942, CAInterventional Cardiology1104884790
Karan Deep Singh 93030, CAInterventional Cardiology1851349047
Chun Yueh Wen 93301, CAInterventional Cardiology1255380986
Payam Robert Yashar 90048, CAInterventional Cardiology1144279514
Tourage Soleimani 90067, CAInterventional Cardiology1174573588
Fady I. Malik 94143, CAInterventional Cardiology1093765752
Kwan Sian Chen 94538, CAInterventional Cardiology1619928025
Pir W Shah 93940, CAInterventional Cardiology1558311068
Mimi Quyen Thai Thuc Le 92505, CAInterventional Cardiology1124070420
Arvin Arthur 95819, CAInterventional Cardiology1841243532
Rajesh Chawla 91006, CAInterventional Cardiology1982657763
David K Roberts 95816, CAInterventional Cardiology1780635607
Naushad Ali Kheraj 91731, CAInterventional Cardiology1902856917
Scott A Zager 93030, CAInterventional Cardiology1467412304
Prabhdeep S Sethi 92404, CAInterventional Cardiology1154379147
Ralph M. Kunkel 93619, CAInterventional Cardiology1629027156
Stanley Kwong Lau 91776, CAInterventional Cardiology1548222813
Alejandro R Prieto 94565, CAInterventional Cardiology1235191883
Vinod Kumar 93309, CAInterventional Cardiology1730142993
Chidambaram (chad) Rammohan 94040, CAInterventional Cardiology1477503308
Amar L. Pohwani 95355, CAInterventional Cardiology1689622995
Peter Y.t. Lai 95355, CAInterventional Cardiology1184674459
M. K. Serio 93906, CAInterventional Cardiology1760432041
Richard A. Schatz 92037, CAInterventional Cardiology1154388189
Henry P Gong 94565, CAInterventional Cardiology1215982855
Omid Vahdat 90720, CAInterventional Cardiology1033164330
Watson A Desa 90720, CAInterventional Cardiology1235185620
Rod D Serry 92029, CAInterventional Cardiology1912945130
Majed Chane 92648, CAInterventional Cardiology1184662629
Louis Stephen Endsley 95350, CAInterventional Cardiology1700826682
John Richard Hamm 95356, CAInterventional Cardiology1841230802
Roman Lubomier Szkopiec 91910, CAInterventional Cardiology1851332803
Vinay V.r. Keesara 91352, CAInterventional Cardiology1033150933
John S Macgregor 94110, CAInterventional Cardiology1831131846
Chester Mcbride Boltwood 95357, CAInterventional Cardiology1669415303
Thanh The Nguyen 91206, CAInterventional Cardiology1134165194
Sadayappa K Durairaj 91352, CAInterventional Cardiology1891731162
Robert E Gwynn 94707, CAInterventional Cardiology1942236401
Kendrick Shunk 94143, CAInterventional Cardiology1760418230
Uday G Gadgil 91723, CAInterventional Cardiology1174551568
Andrew J Benn 94598, CAInterventional Cardiology1851329270
Tony M. Chou 94143, CAInterventional Cardiology1457389009
John H Chiu 94609, CAInterventional Cardiology1629007000
Richard W Terry 94609, CAInterventional Cardiology1841229168
Robert C Feldman 94609, CAInterventional Cardiology1740219062
Osamah A El-attar 90029, CAInterventional Cardiology1841229275
Andrew Dylan Frutkin 92270, CAInterventional Cardiology1407885403
Eric L Johnson 94609, CAInterventional Cardiology1043249642
Gary R Woodworth 94609, CAInterventional Cardiology1487683082
Babak Pezeshki 92663, CAInterventional Cardiology1245269802
Mark D Nathan 94598, CAInterventional Cardiology1013947670
John R Krouse 94598, CAInterventional Cardiology1740210301
Neal W White 94598, CAInterventional Cardiology1659301216
Jehangir Yeganeh 93534, CAInterventional Cardiology1295766434
Aamer H Jamali 91307, CAInterventional Cardiology1659309334
Ratan L Tiwari 92543, CAInterventional Cardiology1396775847
Sandhya C Donepudi 90033, CAInterventional Cardiology1275588055
Henry Van Gieson 90806, CAInterventional Cardiology1669403549
Danish S Siddiqui 92354, CAInterventional Cardiology1801835111
Vishva Dev 91360, CAInterventional Cardiology1770513723
Dennis J. Sheehan 94062, CAInterventional Cardiology1205880101
Anilkumar Mehra 90033, CAInterventional Cardiology1780622175
Allan Garfield 95403, CAInterventional Cardiology1336175132
Walter Savage 94513, CAInterventional Cardiology1417985276
Devinderjit Singh 95991, CAInterventional Cardiology1083651020
Thomas A. Ports 94143, CAInterventional Cardiology1679513824
David J Anderson 94609, CAInterventional Cardiology1780613380
Chandrahas Agarwal 91730, CAInterventional Cardiology1528014172
Satish K Choudhary 91730, CAInterventional Cardiology1669429841
Babak Azarbal 90095, CAInterventional Cardiology1669402863
Steven T. Forman 90720, CAInterventional Cardiology1023059763
Stuart Fischer 90720, CAInterventional Cardiology1083656086
Sulman Razzaq 95348, CAInterventional Cardiology1013425842
Saibal Kar 90048, CAInterventional Cardiology1063449403
Rohit Sehgal 94536, CAInterventional Cardiology1639115405
Paul H Kramer 91607, CAInterventional Cardiology1487693685
Edward Temple Anderson 94303, CAInterventional Cardiology1003840596
Steven Jay Levine 90404, CAInterventional Cardiology1841225950
Carl Jeffrey Carlson 94538, CAInterventional Cardiology1386669489
Andrew T Kwa 95124, CAInterventional Cardiology1821013889


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