Providers with Taxonomy: Interventional Cardiology in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Cardiology
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Edward J Loughery 01923, MAInterventional Cardiology1033112610
Mohan Govindan 01852, MAInterventional Cardiology1437152246
Seth D. Bilazarian 01923, MAInterventional Cardiology1427050640
Peter B. Wilson 01453, MAInterventional Cardiology1316943806
Gordon M Saperia 02111, MAInterventional Cardiology1013915354
Audrey F Von Poelnitz 07960, MAInterventional Cardiology1558369579
Richard I Watson 07960, MAInterventional Cardiology1003814039
Frederick Calvin Basilico 02120, MAInterventional Cardiology1316946882
Kevin J Berry 01844, MAInterventional Cardiology1487653861
Stephen B Guss 07960, MAInterventional Cardiology1386642395
Lawrence Fabrizio 07932, MAInterventional Cardiology1215937891
Stephen M. Levy 07932, MAInterventional Cardiology1316947856
Joel D Jacowitz 07630, MAInterventional Cardiology1922009760
Craig M Rosen 07960, MAInterventional Cardiology1073512356
David Eli Leeman 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1932193851
John O Pastore 02135, MAInterventional Cardiology1255325874
Internal Medicine & Cardiology Associates 02720, MAInterventional Cardiology1396731568
Barry Mark Cohen 07081, MAInterventional Cardiology1275527707
Wael F Al-husami 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1477549988
Duane Sidney Pinto 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1275521130
Pinak B Shah 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1750371480
Igor F Palacios 02114, MAInterventional Cardiology1376533562
Khether Raby 02180, MAInterventional Cardiology1447241922
Ik-kyung Jang 02114, MAInterventional Cardiology1811988454
Farouc A Jaffer 02114, MAInterventional Cardiology1083605547
David Joseph Roberts 01970, MAInterventional Cardiology1538150750
Douglas E Drachman 02114, MAInterventional Cardiology1245211176
Brenda Elizabeth Corrigan 02162, MAInterventional Cardiology1265414973
Joseph Michael Garasic 02114, MAInterventional Cardiology1154303808
David Robertson Dobroski 02169, MAInterventional Cardiology1588646061
Robert Wayne Yeh 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1154302057
Paul Gregory Vivino 02747, MAInterventional Cardiology1295717387
Anthony D. Marks 02190, MAInterventional Cardiology1477530616
Sammy Elmariah 02114, MAInterventional Cardiology1659350858
Ashvin N. Pande 02118, MAInterventional Cardiology1194705087
David Goldberg 01915, MAInterventional Cardiology1053397810
North Suburban Cardiology Associates P.c. 02180, MAInterventional Cardiology1376515809
Carl Joseph Turissini 02176, MAInterventional Cardiology1609840990
Margaret A Ferrell 02720, MAInterventional Cardiology1831168087
Derek W Santiago 07960, MAInterventional Cardiology1649244732
Jane Anne Leopold 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1851358162
Jean-pierre M. Geagea 02302, MAInterventional Cardiology1104884022
Zoran S. Nedeljkovic 02118, MAInterventional Cardiology1013975622
Frederic Scott Resnic 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1740231281
Abdul M Khadra 01089, MAInterventional Cardiology1194778159
Laura Mauri 02120, MAInterventional Cardiology1619934924
Jeffrey Popma 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1033176466
Giovanni Campanile 07006, MAInterventional Cardiology1013969377
Roger J Laham 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1184680860
Harbor Medical Associates, Inc. 02190, MAInterventional Cardiology1124079561
Piotr S Sobieszczyk 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1619934031
Mandeep Rajinder Mehra 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1043265978
Claude-laurent Sader 02601, MAInterventional Cardiology1578510392
Kalon Kwun Leung Ho 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1598702177
Nicholas Stephen Matas 02601, MAInterventional Cardiology1669419016
Richard B Zelman 02601, MAInterventional Cardiology1518904267
Christopher T. Pyne 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1275569972
Scott Kinlay 02132, MAInterventional Cardiology1164459020
Samuel J Shubrooks 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1659318335
Amir S Lotfi 01107, MAInterventional Cardiology1790714400
Benoy J Zachariah 02301, MAInterventional Cardiology1457376717
Sergio Waxman 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1720003494
Brigham And Womens Physicians Organization Inc 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1235157769
Donald E Cutlip 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1396777827
Leonid Mandel 07960, MAInterventional Cardiology1710902846
Allen W Filiberti 01608, MAInterventional Cardiology1245263433
Ashequl M Islam 01107, MAInterventional Cardiology1538172747
Peter F Robinson 01107, MAInterventional Cardiology1659306645
David O Williams 02905, MAInterventional Cardiology1487676938
John J Guerin 02540, MAInterventional Cardiology1740391432
John C Hostetter 02540, MAInterventional Cardiology1518069954
Bruce Farrell Levy 02540, MAInterventional Cardiology1801999230
Alan B Munro 01040, MAInterventional Cardiology1780789198
Thomas C Piemonte 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1225134067
Marc J Schweiger 01199, MAInterventional Cardiology1467550145
Lawrence Stephen Mcauliffe 02601, MAInterventional Cardiology1447358874
Mark William Wolfe 02601, MAInterventional Cardiology1962500322
David Parker Faxon 02120, MAInterventional Cardiology1770681017
Alanna Coolong 02601, MAInterventional Cardiology1972604254
Cathy Jeon 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1710075643
David I Freilich 07960, MAInterventional Cardiology1043307440
John E Cosmi 07960, MAInterventional Cardiology1558458950
Mark A Blum 07960, MAInterventional Cardiology1134216526
David E Gossman 01830, MAInterventional Cardiology1962508796
Raghavan Amarasingham 01730, MAInterventional Cardiology1295845600
Saint Anne's Hospital 02721, MAInterventional Cardiology1194872440
Christopher Albert Gange 01702, MAInterventional Cardiology1821143736
Rhuna Shen 07856, MAInterventional Cardiology1114089729
Vineyard Ekg Billing Associates 02557, MAInterventional Cardiology1831244086
Beau Michael Hawkins 73104, MAInterventional Cardiology1073654893
Evan Y Lau 01107, MAInterventional Cardiology1508992280
Aaron David Kugelmass 01107, MAInterventional Cardiology1457429904
David M Denmark 02190, MAInterventional Cardiology1790808814
Baystate Vascular Services, Inc 01107, MAInterventional Cardiology1174721336
Mohammed Waseem Akhter 01655, MAInterventional Cardiology1740485390
Adam Jacob Zucker 02190, MAInterventional Cardiology1588823645
Eric A. Osborn 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1548445240
David Bartov 07974, MAInterventional Cardiology1467616664
Cameron Donaldson 01104, MAInterventional Cardiology1194940593
Baystate Medical Practices, Inc 01199, MAInterventional Cardiology1750600482
Nir Ayalon 02118, MAInterventional Cardiology1437470226
Mohammad A. Kashef 01301, MAInterventional Cardiology1306134911
Evan Frank Marino 01844, MAInterventional Cardiology1093000390
Joseph James Marmora 07081, MAInterventional Cardiology1730406760
Daniel Robert Amoruso 07945, MAInterventional Cardiology1528386380
Darshan Doshi 02114, MAInterventional Cardiology1710120829
Eric Alexander Secemsky 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1942535489
Marie-france Poulin 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1780815266
Sahil Khera 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1871809020
Heartbeat Medical Pc 08901, MAInterventional Cardiology1538427422
Alexis Matteau 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1861747404
Hampshire Cardiovascular Associates, Llc 01060, MAInterventional Cardiology1386048379
Paul J. Schubert 02190, MAInterventional Cardiology1013994185
Lawrence A Garcia 02135, MAInterventional Cardiology1871528968
Charles M Gibson 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1124053277
Paul Michael Lavigne 02111, MAInterventional Cardiology1992935076
Hector Tamez Aguilar 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1609048909
Pentucket Medical Associates, Llc 01830, MAInterventional Cardiology1609872886
Kevin J. Berry, Md 01844, MAInterventional Cardiology1750448619
Winthrop Community Medical Affiliates Pc 11501, MAInterventional Cardiology1457873077
Charles D Resor 10032, MAInterventional Cardiology1003040676
Marino Cardiology Pc 01844, MAInterventional Cardiology1972085553
Evan F Marino Llc 01844, MAInterventional Cardiology1194207266
Oluwadamilola F Ojutalayo 01970, MAInterventional Cardiology1932411485
Michael Shawn Levy 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1366681207
Gautam Gadey 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1134354962
Megan Rosemary Whelton 02180, MAInterventional Cardiology1063737310
Ricardo J Cigarroa 02114, MAInterventional Cardiology1114281581
Suzanne Jane Baron 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1619003324
Daniel H. Jurayj 02180, MAInterventional Cardiology1538138581
Steward St. Annes Hospital Corporation 02721, MAInterventional Cardiology1932411493
Prateek Sharma 02190, MAInterventional Cardiology1679831820
James Brian Waters 01863, MAInterventional Cardiology1821038878
Omar Azam Ali 01863, MAInterventional Cardiology1881634848
Kirk John Macnaught 01863, MAInterventional Cardiology1043267636
Mahmoud Samy Mohamed Abdelghany 01104, MAInterventional Cardiology1134479629
Ajar Kochar 21287, MAInterventional Cardiology1477843233
Timothy James Larkin 01915, MAInterventional Cardiology1215975578
Charles Edward Beale 02747, MAInterventional Cardiology1407146962
Deepak L Bhatt 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1962515551
Morgan Kellogg 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1730522079
Salman Ghiasuddin 01950, MAInterventional Cardiology1467446120
Jeffrey Edward Rossi 44195, MAInterventional Cardiology1689936809
Katrinia L Burkhardt 02190, MAInterventional Cardiology1548779978
Anthony D Litvak 02190, MAInterventional Cardiology1720046329
Nosheen Javed 02719, MAInterventional Cardiology1487977120
Adam J. Saltzman 02720, MAInterventional Cardiology1346452737
Michael J Meuth 02720, MAInterventional Cardiology1982608956
Abdur Rahman Khan 02114, MAInterventional Cardiology1700132750
Eddison Ramsaran 01608, MAInterventional Cardiology1225015811
Robert Anton Ulrich Baumgartner 02111, MAInterventional Cardiology1487975397
Jonathan Gabriel Sung 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1598373946
Ali Suleiman Elfandi 01199, MAInterventional Cardiology1669816336
Steward Medical Group, Inc. 32922, MAInterventional Cardiology1104367630
Steward Medical Group Inc. 44403, MAInterventional Cardiology1902347438
Dimitrios G Angelis 01608, MAInterventional Cardiology1164469706
Pankaj Jain 02111, MAInterventional Cardiology1639784408
Mazen Roumia 01608, MAInterventional Cardiology1649405812
Sohah N Iqbal 01970, MAInterventional Cardiology1992902555
Osman Faheem 02720, MAInterventional Cardiology1801073572
Brian Patrick Quinn 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1689930174
Diego Porras Ingouville 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1023045127
Ryan M Callahan 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1023271749
Nicola Maschietto 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1376069039
Daniel Z Fisher 01655, MAInterventional Cardiology1043293988
Nikolaos Kakouros 01655, MAInterventional Cardiology1134448012
Yumiko Kanei 01655, MAInterventional Cardiology1588825905
Jeffrey James Rade 01655, MAInterventional Cardiology1699718130
Craig S Smith 01655, MAInterventional Cardiology1619934494
Jesse Esch 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1699907238
Lisa Bergersen 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1942299730
John A Fry 44504, MAInterventional Cardiology1760541056
Steven J Filby 28374, MAInterventional Cardiology1093827206
Arvind Krishnan Gireesh 01608, MAInterventional Cardiology1316108798
Mandeep S. Dhadly 02215, MAInterventional Cardiology1730144981
Syed M Tahir 02301, MAInterventional Cardiology1932248721
Paul D Derenzi 07046, MAInterventional Cardiology1164411773
Phillip Ruisi 07046, MAInterventional Cardiology1720249618
United Medical Care, Llc 02359, MAInterventional Cardiology1396323143
Waqas T. Qureshi 01655, MAInterventional Cardiology1225267081
George Samir Nemr Mina 01655, MAInterventional Cardiology1033406996
Bahaa Aldeen Kaseer 02740, MAInterventional Cardiology1124282280
Amartya Kundu 40536, MAInterventional Cardiology1568878098
John M Joelson 01107, MAInterventional Cardiology1659355733
Kevin Morine 01107, MAInterventional Cardiology1316267529
Oxana Ovakimyan 07059, MAInterventional Cardiology1215295704
Steward Medical Group, Inc. 33312, MAInterventional Cardiology1487226775
Steward Medical Group, Inc. 33150, MAInterventional Cardiology1336711621
Uyen To Lam 84132, MAInterventional Cardiology1962769034
Jay Shah 01805, MAInterventional Cardiology1538571997
Mass General Brigham Community Physicians Inc. 01830, MAInterventional Cardiology1891112637
Ashish Mukesh Shah 01950, MAInterventional Cardiology1538328166
Areen Basman Faisal Al-taie 01199, MAInterventional Cardiology1124414958
Allison Leigh Tsao 02132, MAInterventional Cardiology1689906372
Rahul Bhindi 02115, MAInterventional Cardiology1194491043
Ada Stefanescu 02114, MAInterventional Cardiology1518274117
Quocdai Dochull Park 02118, MAInterventional Cardiology1679721799
Mohamad R El-zaru 02056, MAInterventional Cardiology1366440794
Pondville Cardiology Associates, Llc 02056, MAInterventional Cardiology1205598224
Harsh Agrawal 02135, MAInterventional Cardiology1629397674


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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