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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Pain Management:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Center For Pain Management,llc Interventional Pain Management1164781472
Tameta Rosette Clark MDInterventional Pain Management1952571143
Keystone Anesthesia Consultants, Ltd Interventional Pain Management1861450751
Keystone Pain Consultants & Interventional Spine Specialists Pc Interventional Pain Management1104482850
Karthik Dwarki PAInterventional Pain Management1982059648
Legacy Spine And Pain, Llc Interventional Pain Management1447755178
Lighthouse Spine Center P.c. Interventional Pain Management1104592898
Capital Interventional Pain & Spine Center Llc Interventional Pain Management1619638954
Valley Pain Specialists Pc Interventional Pain Management1972557023
Scott Naftulin PAInterventional Pain Management1861485369
Mid american Anesthesia And Pain Pc IAInterventional Pain Management1114266749
Nathan C Meloy WIInterventional Pain Management1598762841
North Shore Pain Management, Llc MAInterventional Pain Management1164739306
North Shore Pain Management, Llc Interventional Pain Management1629342605
North Shore Pain Treatment Llc Interventional Pain Management1326574872
North Shore Pain Center Llc Interventional Pain Management1568972958
Minesh S Patel MAInterventional Pain Management1750331203
Nirav S Shah MAInterventional Pain Management1083970321
Westside Surgery Center, Inc. Interventional Pain Management1962059139
Guodong Li M.d. Inc Interventional Pain Management1447893813
La Pain And Performance Interventional Pain Management1386235422
Ezekiel Fink CAInterventional Pain Management1427026855
Fadi Alhatem CAInterventional Pain Management1467672485
Grant P. Williams CAInterventional Pain Management1013055128
Guodong Li CAInterventional Pain Management1588988224
Painstop Spine Clinic, Llc Interventional Pain Management1063715746
Painstop Spine Clinic, Llc Interventional Pain Management1558666149
Brian K Tsang MSInterventional Pain Management1194819045
Orthopedic Associates Of 65 Penna Avenue, Pc Interventional Pain Management1295848273
Comprehensive Spine Care And Orthopedic Surgery, Pllc NYInterventional Pain Management1386830420
Southern Pain Specialists, P.c. ALInterventional Pain Management1174697106
Comprehensive Pain Management Center, Inc. MIInterventional Pain Management1164793683
Spine And Joint Pain Management Center Pc MIInterventional Pain Management1659798627
Anna Pasvantis Melerine Interventional Pain Management1851657118
Brandon Schyler Brooks ALInterventional Pain Management1962455204
David W Cosgrove ALInterventional Pain Management1952361735
Joshua Marvin Woolard OKInterventional Pain Management1942620604
Kenneth G Varley ALInterventional Pain Management1043380900
Michael Scott Kendrick ALInterventional Pain Management1225098163
Muhammad Aamer Zaman Khan FLInterventional Pain Management1063625119
Parag Arunkumar Pandya NCInterventional Pain Management1326073594
Ronald L Collins ALInterventional Pain Management1760472708
Ryan Matthew Almeida ALInterventional Pain Management1225250335
Victor E. Mendoza ALInterventional Pain Management1003831454
Wesley L Spruill ALInterventional Pain Management1184618969
Michael Quast NDInterventional Pain Management1548287634
South Tulsa Pain Management Llc. Interventional Pain Management1255821005
Bmh, Inc. IDInterventional Pain Management1245779412
Bmh, Inc. IDInterventional Pain Management1780123950
Physicians Interventional Pain Center Llc Interventional Pain Management1831438225
Jonathan Raphael Snitzer MNInterventional Pain Management1831456953
Vinod Sharma MIInterventional Pain Management1629217872
Faisal Motlani MIInterventional Pain Management1891993457
Joshua Marc Gitlin MIInterventional Pain Management1730241555
Sayeed Khan MIInterventional Pain Management1134169477
Timothy Joseph Matway MIInterventional Pain Management1306133434
Bethesida Wholestic Center Pllc Interventional Pain Management1598980385
Mclean County Orthopedics, Ltd Interventional Pain Management1063420248
Allan Mackay Md Pc Interventional Pain Management1598950842
Applied Pain Institute, Llc ILInterventional Pain Management1528233111
Guardian Headache & Pain Management Institute Llc ILInterventional Pain Management1912202409
Gary Gettelfinger Md Dabpm Llc INInterventional Pain Management1366987513
Roger B Bailey Llc Interventional Pain Management1144274101
Tria Orthopaedic Center Llc Interventional Pain Management1518273085
Tria Orthopaedic Center Llc Interventional Pain Management1346624384
Therapeutic Spine And Pain Center, Ltd. Interventional Pain Management1124787940
Amaresh Vydyanathan ILInterventional Pain Management1336319094
Benjamin Taimoorazy ILInterventional Pain Management1134225790
Craig W Carmichael ILInterventional Pain Management1497761100
Daewoong Lee INInterventional Pain Management1477909703
Dan Asher Sapir INInterventional Pain Management1407128069
Kamal Kumar Tiwari INInterventional Pain Management1578558789
Kristi Chioni ILInterventional Pain Management1093118127
Naveen Tipirneni ILInterventional Pain Management1679672869
Paul R Naour ILInterventional Pain Management1144206178
Ramsin Benyamin ILInterventional Pain Management1215924410
Ricardo Vallejo ILInterventional Pain Management1669469706
Yan Gu DEInterventional Pain Management1255569596
Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center Interventional Pain Management1588607949
David F Rowe SCInterventional Pain Management1629099304
Mississippi County Hospital System ARInterventional Pain Management1376844878
Panhandle Pain Management, Llc Interventional Pain Management1598242539
Pain Management Consultants Of West Boca Pa FLInterventional Pain Management1992071369
Ortho Florida, Llc Interventional Pain Management1386913002
Pain And Wellness Physicians Of South Florida Inc FLInterventional Pain Management1861735011
Ortho Florida, Llc FLInterventional Pain Management1497141733
Coresmart Inc Interventional Pain Management1861819898
Ortho Florida, Llc Interventional Pain Management1215580626
Tennessee Spine And Joint Pllc Interventional Pain Management1740832823
Interventional Rehabilitation Of South Florida, Inc Interventional Pain Management1568667129
Certified Spine And Pain Care Llc Interventional Pain Management1619439320
Alexander C Jungreis FLInterventional Pain Management1851352629
Jarrod D Friedman FLInterventional Pain Management1730192915
Javier Esteban Sanchez Martinez FLInterventional Pain Management1245763440
Jeffrey A. Zipper KYInterventional Pain Management1467411975
Joseph James Alshon FLInterventional Pain Management1326010737
Man Le FLInterventional Pain Management1457302580
Shatabdi Patel FLInterventional Pain Management1568669109
Zahidul Huq FLInterventional Pain Management1811253057
Rajesh K Sharma TXInterventional Pain Management1891004388
Idaho Pain Medicine, Llp Interventional Pain Management1588832992
Beacon Pain Clinic IDInterventional Pain Management1477941672
Dr. Farrell, Llc IDInterventional Pain Management1194924514
Patrick Edward Farrell IDInterventional Pain Management1740238849
Shane A Maxwell IDInterventional Pain Management1508825456
Jennifer Hinchley ILInterventional Pain Management1164988960
John K Hong ILInterventional Pain Management1932127008
Poornima Anil Panjwani ILInterventional Pain Management1932335627
Todd S Hagle ILInterventional Pain Management1609929462
Korunda Medical, Llc FLInterventional Pain Management1548788292
Spine Center Of Fl Llc Interventional Pain Management1861043929
Florida Pain And Rehabilitation Institute Inc Interventional Pain Management1033719430
Florida Pain And Rehabilitation Associates Inc Interventional Pain Management1235727884
North Jersey Interventional Pain Center Interventional Pain Management1801379839
Michael P Royalty Md Llc INInterventional Pain Management1053785774
Wk Spine & Pain Specialists LAInterventional Pain Management1982065645
John G Noles LAInterventional Pain Management1417937012
Matthew Sand Mosura LAInterventional Pain Management1861613291
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, Pc MAInterventional Pain Management1568415289
Merrimack Valley Anesthesia Associates, Pc MAInterventional Pain Management1417900424
Southern New England Anesthesia And Pain Associates, Inc MAInterventional Pain Management1356394407
Merrimack Valley Anesthesia Interventional Pain Management1699728030
Union Anesthesia Associates, Pa NJInterventional Pain Management1730293598
Anesthesia Associates Of Kent County, Llc Interventional Pain Management1043237621
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, Pc Interventional Pain Management1326145517
Narragansett Bay Anesthesia, Llc Interventional Pain Management1487926499
Franklin Pain Associates Llc Interventional Pain Management1396956298
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, Pc MAInterventional Pain Management1669420840
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, P.c. MAInterventional Pain Management1619929957
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, Pc MAInterventional Pain Management1578515581
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, Pc MAInterventional Pain Management1427000306
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, Pc MAInterventional Pain Management1922051622
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, Pc MAInterventional Pain Management1851344576
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, Pc MAInterventional Pain Management1619081536
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, Pc MAInterventional Pain Management1164531000
Anaesthesia Associates Of Massachusetts, Pc Interventional Pain Management1407951379
Cap Anesthesia, Pc MAInterventional Pain Management1497763213
Cynthia Sue Tung MDInterventional Pain Management1043405400
Eduard A Vaynberg MAInterventional Pain Management1922084987
Mark Ryan Jones TNInterventional Pain Management1922452945
Mark Kats MAInterventional Pain Management1922007921
Patricia Veloso PAInterventional Pain Management1275578049
Ping Jin MAInterventional Pain Management1023222577
Ronald Stein MAInterventional Pain Management1992781058
Stephanie Gianoukos MAInterventional Pain Management1497990485
Thomas Provost NHInterventional Pain Management1700826203
Warren Currie Mackie-jenkins VAInterventional Pain Management1952765323
Warren Allen Southerland PAInterventional Pain Management1720516487
Prime Care Pllc Interventional Pain Management1578035200
Sonja Stilp, M.d., P.c. Interventional Pain Management1669801296
Canyon Ridge Pain And Spine Pc UTInterventional Pain Management1376821587
Center For Pain Management Llc MDInterventional Pain Management1023309010
Providence Pain Management Center, P.a. MDInterventional Pain Management1932506284
Carey-walter Franklin Closson MDInterventional Pain Management1336230416
Joseph Maxwell Oppong MDInterventional Pain Management1174664007
Megan Denarah Ferron MDInterventional Pain Management1477109791
Cumberland Brain And Spine, Pllc KYInterventional Pain Management1689994154
Center For Pain Management Interventional Pain Management1508201898
Interventional Pain & Spine Specialists , Llc Interventional Pain Management1306501804
Interventional Pain & Spine Specialists , Llc Interventional Pain Management1649942848
Interventional Pain Specialists Of Bowling Green Plc KYInterventional Pain Management1033356274
Interventional Pain Specialists Of Bowling Green, Plc Interventional Pain Management1306221841
Christian Unick KYInterventional Pain Management1619162104
Daniel Reynolds KYInterventional Pain Management1528100625
David Alan Ciochetty KYInterventional Pain Management1982666830
Dele Ogunyemi KYInterventional Pain Management1548257199
Eduardo Go De Los Reyes KYInterventional Pain Management1972599660
Jerrod T Mccarty KYInterventional Pain Management1922414911
Juan Manual Villarreal KYInterventional Pain Management1831183375
Paul Elkin Maglinger KYInterventional Pain Management1558401356
Ramarao Venkata Pasupuleti KYInterventional Pain Management1548235674
Rene Albert Boucher KYInterventional Pain Management1699769869
Rodney Ross Miller KYInterventional Pain Management1326033705
Timothy Beacham MSInterventional Pain Management1669670360
Zirong Zhao MDInterventional Pain Management1629055611
Triumph Anesthesia & Pain FLInterventional Pain Management1245450626
Sami I Dagher Md Pa FLInterventional Pain Management1144456302
Spine Specialists Of South Florida, Llc FLInterventional Pain Management1073997151
Albert I Rodriguez Md Pllc FLInterventional Pain Management1154797181
St Jude Pain And Rehabilitation Specialists FLInterventional Pain Management1184011496
Palm Beach Pain Management Inc Interventional Pain Management1629093596
Alexis Rafael Renta FLInterventional Pain Management1407870736
Anthony G. Rogers Interventional Pain Management1114938586
Brett Robert Hutton FLInterventional Pain Management1790996627
Sami I Dagher FLInterventional Pain Management1306854039
Eugene A. Slocum MTInterventional Pain Management1386809028
Anesthesiology Associates Of The Gulf Coast Llc Interventional Pain Management1205989928
James D Shortt Md Pa FLInterventional Pain Management1073932570
Coastal Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Of Southwest Florida Pa Interventional Pain Management1285740720
Vigafra Pllc Interventional Pain Management1316154958
Douglas Lionel Constant FLInterventional Pain Management1891917779
Fabian Alonso Ramos FLInterventional Pain Management1831150630
Gennady Gekht FLInterventional Pain Management1932146842
Justin Michael Raye AZInterventional Pain Management1427316470
Justin Sirianni FLInterventional Pain Management1811253610
Richard H Bundschu FLInterventional Pain Management1841266202
Roberto J. Ycaza FLInterventional Pain Management1437110236
Nancy Ann Henry-socha MNInterventional Pain Management1699919290
Blue Hill Pain Care Pllc MAInterventional Pain Management1861823783
Jeffrey S Jackel MAInterventional Pain Management1215915327


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