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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Pain Management:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ivan Antonevich NYInterventional Pain Management1043256118
Rajiv Shah UTInterventional Pain Management1285664185
Arun Rajagopal UTInterventional Pain Management1942230602
Kyle Shigeru Matsumura UTInterventional Pain Management1619907490
Spine Care Center, Llc Interventional Pain Management1992736557
Joseph Angelo Cabaret CAInterventional Pain Management1689600041
Peregrina Lorenzo Arciaga CAInterventional Pain Management1831120070
Didier A. Demesmin NJInterventional Pain Management1336170216
Bella M Malits NYInterventional Pain Management1265487219
Roger B Bailey INInterventional Pain Management1316985179
Luis N Hernandez LAInterventional Pain Management1932130143
Jesus Herrera Lao CAInterventional Pain Management1275571010
Carlos Soriano Santiago MDInterventional Pain Management1306891148
Abraham G Thomas TXInterventional Pain Management1780610899
Kenneth Y Hampar NVInterventional Pain Management1386685733
Alberto Rivera Sanchez FLInterventional Pain Management1609803832
Ihab J. Ibrahim LAInterventional Pain Management1043259880
Paul Joseph Hubbell LAInterventional Pain Management1487685673
Yon Yarn CAInterventional Pain Management1023045309
Ballard Wright, Md, Psc KYInterventional Pain Management1740211663
Sanjay Bakshi NYInterventional Pain Management1932153228
San Diego Diagnostic Radiology Medical Group Inc CAInterventional Pain Management1205867017
Larry Gilbert Ding CAInterventional Pain Management1750325643
Martin Edward Flynn CAInterventional Pain Management1730129719
John W Hill OHInterventional Pain Management1922047661
San Diego Diagnostic Radiology Medical Group Inc CAInterventional Pain Management1326075375
San Diego Diagnostic Radiology Medical Group Inc Interventional Pain Management1134150949
San Diego Diagonstic Radiology Medical Group, Inc. CAInterventional Pain Management1225069883
San Diego Diagnostic Radiology Medical Group Inc CAInterventional Pain Management1417988221
Michael J. Tax ILInterventional Pain Management1700833811
Gary F. Tzeng ILInterventional Pain Management1609823715
Glenn P. Zemel ILInterventional Pain Management1104873124
Kalavathi Shenoy ILInterventional Pain Management1235185331
Chandra Pulluru ILInterventional Pain Management1295781995
Aleksander A. Mirski ILInterventional Pain Management1316993892
Sunita Motiani ILInterventional Pain Management1700832292
David Rehn ILInterventional Pain Management1194772582
Brian C. Schander ILInterventional Pain Management1912954306
Daniel J. Short ILInterventional Pain Management1053368456
Jasbir Singh ILInterventional Pain Management1962459362
Stephen M. Rublaitus ILInterventional Pain Management1164459293
Miteswar Purewal PAInterventional Pain Management1750320461
John Johghyun Park PAInterventional Pain Management1205862075
Atef E Rafla CAInterventional Pain Management1497796858
Adam Burkey WAInterventional Pain Management1093759995
Mid valley Healthcare Inc Interventional Pain Management1912940396
William Jl Newton TNInterventional Pain Management1619907433
Gary M Richman FLInterventional Pain Management1134169709
Advanced Spine And Pain, Llc Interventional Pain Management1730127358
Vivek Mahendru TXInterventional Pain Management1316989023
Razmig A Haladjian MIInterventional Pain Management1750335188
Alfred P Rosche ILInterventional Pain Management1962448332
Khursheed A Siddiqui KYInterventional Pain Management1881634368
Robert Louis Madden NYInterventional Pain Management1639118342
Bradley C Hill TNInterventional Pain Management1114956687
Anil Kumar MAInterventional Pain Management1548209547
Bradford R Noble MOInterventional Pain Management1316982333
Pain Management And Spine Care Center Pa FLInterventional Pain Management1780630459
Physician Medical Management Partners Pllc Interventional Pain Management1790275394
Eyad Alsabbagh FLInterventional Pain Management1295789444
Luis M Fandos NYInterventional Pain Management1376572594
Marcia Debra Wolf MDInterventional Pain Management1245226687
American Anesthesiology Of North Carolina, Pllc Interventional Pain Management1942248547
Panjini M Sivanna MNInterventional Pain Management1013948116
Christopher Sungjin Chun TXInterventional Pain Management1346276680
Piedmont Comprehensive Pain Management Group Llc Interventional Pain Management1609815562
Midwest Comprehensive Pain Care Sc WIInterventional Pain Management1356397954
Michael J Bertram OHInterventional Pain Management1194754622
Meraj Siddiqui TXInterventional Pain Management1114973922
Hassan Chahadeh TXInterventional Pain Management1730124470
Spencer Thomas Bertram MIInterventional Pain Management1205876513
Lawrence R Poree CAInterventional Pain Management1457391922
Maurizio Zeki Albala WIInterventional Pain Management1407884984
Giuseppe Gabriele Paese FLInterventional Pain Management1306882576
Gaurav Kapur CTInterventional Pain Management1447299383
Martin V Thai TXInterventional Pain Management1871529453
Stephen A Graham TXInterventional Pain Management1841228640
Wayne Wallender MOInterventional Pain Management1710927132
Kuldip S. Deogun, Md, Pc Interventional Pain Management1548207467
Carolina Regional Orthopaedics, Pa Interventional Pain Management1073553509
David B Graybill TXInterventional Pain Management1194753996
Michael Louis Amoroso NJInterventional Pain Management1598794158
Nicholas Kondelis ILInterventional Pain Management1346282126
Tamara Ann Brothers Mcneil AKInterventional Pain Management1417996307
Sheldon M. Cin ILInterventional Pain Management1912930892
Moshe B Mirilashvili NYInterventional Pain Management1427081223
James Mase CAInterventional Pain Management1972536688
Advanced Back And Neck Care Of Ocotillo, Pc Interventional Pain Management1326071010
Glenn M Lipton Md Pc AZInterventional Pain Management1659304897
Robert J Klickovich KYInterventional Pain Management1649204306
Eugene Lucier CTInterventional Pain Management1235163536
Rowena Blas Mariano NCInterventional Pain Management1144254442
David A Weber KYInterventional Pain Management1811921216
Jonathan A Kost CTInterventional Pain Management1346274792
Dennis J Patin FLInterventional Pain Management1871528794
Ajit V Pai Md INInterventional Pain Management1376578310
Christopher D Taylor GAInterventional Pain Management1346274461
Roland F Chalifoux Jr WVInterventional Pain Management1710912498
Michael D Dykes GAInterventional Pain Management1164456240
Parag Arunkumar Pandya NCInterventional Pain Management1326073594
Kumudhini Hendrix MDInterventional Pain Management1104851377
Jonathan A Kost, Md Llc Interventional Pain Management1336174721
Victor E. Mendoza ALInterventional Pain Management1003831454
Vinay Dalal TXInterventional Pain Management1184649907
Orohealth Corporation A Non Profit Healthcare System Interventional Pain Management1013933167
Asokumar Buvanendran ILInterventional Pain Management1598781676
Moly Mathew ILInterventional Pain Management1154347292
William L. Tonidandel MTInterventional Pain Management1497771190
Tsen-tsen Jin NYInterventional Pain Management1366468274
Michael D. Meister ILInterventional Pain Management1760408777
Geoffrey Wambua T. Ndeto NJInterventional Pain Management1346266004
Timothy Lubenow ILInterventional Pain Management1922024470
Metropolitan Anesthesiologists, S.c. Interventional Pain Management1063439867
Laszlo Z Galffy CAInterventional Pain Management1659398568
Tarun Jolly LAInterventional Pain Management1275550071
Lawrence A Kropp AKInterventional Pain Management1134146806
Ralph D Mozingo CAInterventional Pain Management1245257963
Rama Devi Rao MIInterventional Pain Management1295752772
David Kim VAInterventional Pain Management1073530523
Temecula Valley Pain Medical Group CAInterventional Pain Management1619994365
Timothy Brent Chafin NCInterventional Pain Management1336167733
Gabriel Lopez TXInterventional Pain Management1801814165
Lawrence L Walny MIInterventional Pain Management1265450456
John K Hong ILInterventional Pain Management1932127008
Rakesh Chander Gupta NJInterventional Pain Management1639197783
Assc Pain Managment FLInterventional Pain Management1891713673
Pain Care Of Oregon, Llc Interventional Pain Management1699793505
Pain Management Center Of Roanoke Interventional Pain Management1356369268
Manuel A Barbeito FLInterventional Pain Management1902824857
The Center For Pain Relief Tri State Pllc WVInterventional Pain Management1386662013
Dmitriy Buyanov TXInterventional Pain Management1124047261
Daniel P Feldman GAInterventional Pain Management1467471193
Dinna B. Billote ILInterventional Pain Management1164441317
Premier Pain Consultants, Pllc Interventional Pain Management1003835133
Claire Tibiletti TXInterventional Pain Management1013937556
Yili Zhou Llc FLInterventional Pain Management1548280092
John Xiao-jiang Qian CAInterventional Pain Management1649290891
Clifford A. Bernstein CAInterventional Pain Management1639199045
Rey Ximenes TXInterventional Pain Management1801816228
Peter Phong Ly CAInterventional Pain Management1588684724
Scott Richard Johnston NCInterventional Pain Management1255351110
Jerry Michael Stanton TXInterventional Pain Management1679593891
Vance Zachary Johnson CAInterventional Pain Management1518988005
Omar Damaso Vidal TXInterventional Pain Management1083635841
Jose R. Reyes TXInterventional Pain Management1578584355
Bentley Akobundu Ogoke NYInterventional Pain Management1487674263
Northern Pain Mgm Ctr Interventional Pain Management1447270228
John Edward Cook SDInterventional Pain Management1093736779
Premier Pain Management Consultants, Pa TXInterventional Pain Management1205857802
Buena Vista Anesthesia Medical Group Interventional Pain Management1366462293
Craig G Flinders IDInterventional Pain Management1760403893
Cameron M Govonlu MAInterventional Pain Management1407877434
Physicians Pain Management Center, Inc. Interventional Pain Management1477574408
Mohamed K Youssef MDInterventional Pain Management1346261385
Neil Anand PAInterventional Pain Management1982626818
Myrtice E Macon MIInterventional Pain Management1336160225
David King Fletcher TXInterventional Pain Management1144242348
Mark C Meyer COInterventional Pain Management1902828288
Atiq Ur Rehman ILInterventional Pain Management1457373730
Richard Joseph George ILInterventional Pain Management1306868898
Frank Vilasuso FLInterventional Pain Management1922020320
Gary R. Biermann ILInterventional Pain Management1144242496
Philomena M. Verghese ILInterventional Pain Management1649292616
Adamina G. Podraza ILInterventional Pain Management1285656231
Boris Nulman ILInterventional Pain Management1457373490
Inland Physiatry Medical Group, Inc. CAInterventional Pain Management1538181573
Asclepius Pain Management A CAInterventional Pain Management1811919863
Interventional Pain Practice CAInterventional Pain Management1992727986
Arul Doraiswamy CAInterventional Pain Management1548283591
Richard K Baumgarten MIInterventional Pain Management1245254168
Rafath Quraishi TXInterventional Pain Management1679596910
David P. Rubalsky ILInterventional Pain Management1326061615
Richard John Ruskin AZInterventional Pain Management1447274477
Eric James Boyd AZInterventional Pain Management1255355285
Craig Stephen Nairn NMInterventional Pain Management1669495834
Kevin R Martinez LAInterventional Pain Management1700800828
John A Burgess WVInterventional Pain Management1447273560
Terri L Dallas-prunskis ILInterventional Pain Management1457375115
Grace E. Drease ILInterventional Pain Management1992728034
Sundararaj R Cherala ILInterventional Pain Management1689698359
Vance M Elshire FLInterventional Pain Management1497769640
Sarmistha Kumar CAInterventional Pain Management1720002058
Glenn Lee Goldstein NYInterventional Pain Management1811901044
Richard L Kennedy CAInterventional Pain Management1487668513
Mark Filley TXInterventional Pain Management1689698912
Daniel S Bennett COInterventional Pain Management1255355467
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Interventional Pain Management1033133459
Florida Pain Management Associates Pa. FLInterventional Pain Management1992719744
John V Prunskis ILInterventional Pain Management1962416370
Aidan M Clarke CAInterventional Pain Management1215941158
Alexey A Ryskin WAInterventional Pain Management1366457236
Eric Austad MIInterventional Pain Management1861406290
Ramapo Pain Management & Medical Services, Pllc Interventional Pain Management1619982352
Pain & Disability Management Consultants, P.c. PAInterventional Pain Management1487669206
Thomas Christopher Kowalkowski MNInterventional Pain Management1477569606
Gary D. Frank AZInterventional Pain Management1124034137
Sunil Gera ARInterventional Pain Management1699781427
Susan Watson Durham NCInterventional Pain Management1245247592
Paul H Lento FLInterventional Pain Management1942217229
Muhammad A Munir OHInterventional Pain Management1134136526


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