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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Radiology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kenneth Ese Otah TXInterventional Radiology1093704827
James Frederick Smith LAInterventional Radiology1881684256
Parameswara Krishna Kaimal LAInterventional Radiology1053309336
Naseem A Jaffrani LAInterventional Radiology1043208366
Ganesh R Balu DEInterventional Radiology1073594693
Martin R Aronow IAInterventional Radiology1497737282
Paul Gregory Vivino MAInterventional Radiology1295717387
Eric F Severson AKInterventional Radiology1790776599
Ronald L Collins ALInterventional Radiology1760472708
Alexandre A Petrakian TXInterventional Radiology1811987654
Alan L Niederman FLInterventional Radiology1144219973
John M Justice IAInterventional Radiology1750363776
Nancy C Bratanow WIInterventional Radiology1346230612
Edwin Dale Dunteman INInterventional Radiology1427030956
Pamela Doylene Wilson TXInterventional Radiology1528056553
Daniel J Mchugh TNInterventional Radiology1790766319
Aland Richard Fernandez FLInterventional Radiology1285623868
Shawn G Dunn TXInterventional Radiology1407845563
Steven P Karas FLInterventional Radiology1245221910
Michael G. Cassaro HIInterventional Radiology1457349722
Pradip M Mehta OHInterventional Radiology1639151079
Joaquin B. Gonzalez INInterventional Radiology1750371365
Gay Best Richardson KYInterventional Radiology1073503595
Michael S Cahill TXInterventional Radiology1952392458
Nagapradeep Nagajothi OHInterventional Radiology1144218074
Jeffrey Scott Kunz WAInterventional Radiology1689657801
Syed Imran Ali FLInterventional Radiology1407838881
John C Corbelli NYInterventional Radiology1326021312
Ronald Kaplan NYInterventional Radiology1326021338
Robert M Mingea TXInterventional Radiology1093798944
Leland Todd Stewart GAInterventional Radiology1578546321
Susan Renee Anderson-jones MOInterventional Radiology1932182763
Harshinder Singh FLInterventional Radiology1003899857
Ismail Suleman Ahmed OHInterventional Radiology1356324115
Douglas S. Yeatman WIInterventional Radiology1255314910
David K Berke CAInterventional Radiology1356324966
Son Van Pham TXInterventional Radiology1275516890
Vishnu P Yelamanchi FLInterventional Radiology1992788467
Wassim E Nona MIInterventional Radiology1629051107
Delano R Small MIInterventional Radiology1437132917
Srinivas Attanti FLInterventional Radiology1902889413
Daniel Carey VAInterventional Radiology1235112764
Bruce H. Grossinger PAInterventional Radiology1578546024
Jamal A Zarghami MIInterventional Radiology1598748063
Carl Moore VAInterventional Radiology1083698468
Jay H Stone NJInterventional Radiology1710961024
Parag Vishnu Patel NJInterventional Radiology1073597308
Mohamad G Salka OHInterventional Radiology1205810694
Kwan S Lee AZInterventional Radiology1417931965
Thomas Nygaard VAInterventional Radiology1184608564
Robert Purtock WIInterventional Radiology1992789390
Stephen H Stark FLInterventional Radiology1912981119
Kevin J Fullin WIInterventional Radiology1346224532
Shukri Wadi David MIInterventional Radiology1255315347
Michael C Kreager WIInterventional Radiology1609850791
Kingson I Momah WAInterventional Radiology1619951829
Chad R Christopherson TXInterventional Radiology1154305365
Devendra K Vora WAInterventional Radiology1417931627
Keith Angelo Johnstone MIInterventional Radiology1760466049
Ramanuja R Manda WIInterventional Radiology1407830698
Carlos Alberto Botero FLInterventional Radiology1902880933
Peter Lenchur NJInterventional Radiology1457335309
Kamran Ijaz Muhammad OKInterventional Radiology1164406906
Nazim Khan NCInterventional Radiology1841274545
Jaime G Pugeda WAInterventional Radiology1639153281
David Marshak NYInterventional Radiology1750365318
John F. Sanfelippo MOInterventional Radiology1538143219
Craig A Charleston TXInterventional Radiology1952386435
Roberto Feliz MAInterventional Radiology1851376446
Jon E Stevenson AZInterventional Radiology1649255241
Daniel F Klee AZInterventional Radiology1225013824
David A Rater IAInterventional Radiology1841275062
Mohammad Naser Payvandi IAInterventional Radiology1780669903
Gerald Villareal Levy TXInterventional Radiology1154306306
Francisco Javier Otero TXInterventional Radiology1851376008
Mark K Aasen WIInterventional Radiology1184609356
Barry S Merrill FLInterventional Radiology1740265610
Sandeep Khurana MIInterventional Radiology1720063787
David W. Terreson TXInterventional Radiology1417932120
Jorge Guttin TXInterventional Radiology1497730337
Rakesh K Jain VAInterventional Radiology1013992874
David A. Clark CAInterventional Radiology1619952421
Timothy B Hadden TXInterventional Radiology1639154461
Paul Anthony Tucker TXInterventional Radiology1134104847
Angel Castaner ILInterventional Radiology1033195771
Tim Alexander Fischell MIInterventional Radiology1891771440
Michael Scott Grad TXInterventional Radiology1386629012
Juan F Granada TXInterventional Radiology1831175363
John Francis Petraglia CAInterventional Radiology1417933938
Joel R Schechet MIInterventional Radiology1154307437
Thomas John Vazzana NYInterventional Radiology1790761120
Christopher D Twombly NVInterventional Radiology1679559751
Katherine M Abbo WIInterventional Radiology1962488965
Satish K Surabhi SCInterventional Radiology1871579888
Charles W Abbottsmith OHInterventional Radiology1346226388
Aref M Abou-amro OHInterventional Radiology1740266717
Lynne Perry-bottinger NYInterventional Radiology1568448314
Avinash Gupta SCInterventional Radiology1922084821
Grace Duque-dizon GAInterventional Radiology1306823034
Jeffrey Brett Sack FLInterventional Radiology1316923147
Rosa M Navarro CAInterventional Radiology1083691802
Mohd A Mirza VAInterventional Radiology1538146279
Peter E Vonderau SDInterventional Radiology1174500821
Francis Joseph Zidar TXInterventional Radiology1972580652
Janice Clarke FLInterventional Radiology1548247141
Mohamed Bashar Abou Shala TNInterventional Radiology1841277308
Michael George Thurmes MNInterventional Radiology1518944875
Robert Herman Neumayr MOInterventional Radiology1316924681
James E Tobin NHInterventional Radiology1700863131
Jamal Taher Al-khatib AZInterventional Radiology1033196407
Richard A Leff NVInterventional Radiology1679550057
David Spivey NCInterventional Radiology1275510570
Francesca Gallarello FLInterventional Radiology1053398362
Milimir D Arsov FLInterventional Radiology1841277159
Choudhury Manjurul Hasan NYInterventional Radiology1780661009
Neil Stuart Agruss ILInterventional Radiology1780661736
Zirong Zhao MDInterventional Radiology1629055611
Anthony D. Marks MAInterventional Radiology1477530616
Jackson Thatcher MNInterventional Radiology1174500177
William A Ollar NHInterventional Radiology1255318291
Mona D Justo Interventional Radiology1780661611
Robert J Doria CAInterventional Radiology1376521005
Michael A Famularo CAInterventional Radiology1174501845
Michael Doyle Courtney FLInterventional Radiology1902884679
Mark J Sada CAInterventional Radiology1639157282
Theophilus E Owan UTInterventional Radiology1982682647
David Z Reich NYInterventional Radiology1922086297
William B Ricks CAInterventional Radiology1033197306
Sangeeta Garg NJInterventional Radiology1801874284
Ricardo Ciniglio KSInterventional Radiology1366420697
Rudy M Haddad TXInterventional Radiology1861470023
John Carlisle CAInterventional Radiology1992783245
Thomas Robert Walther OHInterventional Radiology1982682167
Jay K Patel NJInterventional Radiology1801874045
Nawar Tayyan TXInterventional Radiology1649258963
Mark H Bowles KSInterventional Radiology1902884224
Joseph P Galichia KSInterventional Radiology1265410591
Gregory R Boxberger KSInterventional Radiology1972581205
James R Wolfe OHInterventional Radiology1912985094
James W Ziccardi NJInterventional Radiology1801875828
Phong Nguyen-ho TXInterventional Radiology1356320204
Christopher J Delorie MEInterventional Radiology1144209123
Michael T Flanagan ALInterventional Radiology1265411136
Rigoberto Puente Guzman FLInterventional Radiology1578542437
David H Evans ALInterventional Radiology1871572750
Ryan C Mchugh TXInterventional Radiology1811976715
Marion Reynolds Mcmillan SCInterventional Radiology1427037167
Pickens Andrew Patterson GAInterventional Radiology1316926058
John J. Paulowski OHInterventional Radiology1841279684
Stephen George Pappas GAInterventional Radiology1033198809
Paul J Lee NYInterventional Radiology1376522912
Carmen L Muresan FLInterventional Radiology1184603748
Rebecca Allison AZInterventional Radiology1225017700
Waddah Salman FLInterventional Radiology1568441012
Padma Gulur MAInterventional Radiology1225017627
Claude Alan Brachfeld COInterventional Radiology1164401501
Jesse August Lipnick FLInterventional Radiology1992784284
Arnold Erwin Feldman LAInterventional Radiology1851370159
Sammy Elmariah MAInterventional Radiology1659350858
William Phillips MEInterventional Radiology1669451878
Maurice D Weiss NJInterventional Radiology1659350882
Armin Rahimi MOInterventional Radiology1326027509
David J Pinnelas NJInterventional Radiology1982683025
Brian F Griffin OHInterventional Radiology1073592127
Robert Guskiewicz FLInterventional Radiology1346220472
Khalid Hassan Ashai MDInterventional Radiology1912986035
Charles Joseph Buttaci NYInterventional Radiology1962482901
Edgardo Dos Santos FLInterventional Radiology1184604290
Bassem Mikhail MOInterventional Radiology1932189735
Peter James Curran CAInterventional Radiology1366422347
Ashvin N. Pande MAInterventional Radiology1194705087
Stacy John Berckes FLInterventional Radiology1750361523
Hojun Yoo NJInterventional Radiology1528048055
Claudia Prue Hochberg MAInterventional Radiology1164402616
Haysam Akkad NEInterventional Radiology1013997741
William R. Felten MIInterventional Radiology1235119702
Michael Trimba NYInterventional Radiology1396725081
Theron Toole TXInterventional Radiology1184604837
Daniel T. Lee MIInterventional Radiology1861472367
Ravindra Bathina OHInterventional Radiology1124008768
Phillip A Abston COInterventional Radiology1013997675
Paul A Eodice MTInterventional Radiology1659351211
Steve S. Lee CAInterventional Radiology1972583490
Pedro J Escandon NJInterventional Radiology1215917737
Christopher A Haddad TXInterventional Radiology1912987264
William A Dietz MEInterventional Radiology1528048964
Rezik A Saqer TXInterventional Radiology1992785380
Lowell Scott Davis FLInterventional Radiology1114907409
Nancy Lea Erickson FLInterventional Radiology1821078114
Hieu S Nguyen CAInterventional Radiology1275513590
Leon H Chandler AKInterventional Radiology1073593315
Gary L Child UTInterventional Radiology1063492304
Bradley D Vilims COInterventional Radiology1881664944
Jimmy Nolan Ponder LAInterventional Radiology1689644874
Mirle A Kellett MEInterventional Radiology1023088218
James F Orlando NJInterventional Radiology1285604207
Wayne N Leimbach OKInterventional Radiology1093785933
Luisa Y Gan TXInterventional Radiology1659341485
Charles Randall Burns ALInterventional Radiology1700856531
Harrison Keith Pinchot TXInterventional Radiology1871563726


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