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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Radiology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jose Augusto Rodriguez-escudero PRInterventional Radiology1639169204
Jeffrey G Carr TXInterventional Radiology1649260373
Stephen Hoadley TNInterventional Radiology1619967239
Crystal L Walton SDInterventional Radiology1518957133
John Michael Harper TNInterventional Radiology1568452167
Pinak B Shah MAInterventional Radiology1750371480
Farley B Neasman TXInterventional Radiology1710977467
Charles F Mild TXInterventional Radiology1396735999
Kevin M Coy FLInterventional Radiology1346230729
Seid Ali Razavi OHInterventional Radiology1285624544
Cardiology Associates Of Cincinnati, Inc. Interventional Radiology1972593234
Daniel Bruce Keck KYInterventional Radiology1083604573
Craig A Sukin OHInterventional Radiology1689664096
Ark la tex Cardiology, Apmc Interventional Radiology1497745921
Barbara A Burtness PAInterventional Radiology1194715649
Maher Ibrahim NJInterventional Radiology1053301309
Igor F Palacios MAInterventional Radiology1376533562
Chaitanya B Shah TXInterventional Radiology1952391161
Juan Pablo Zambrano FLInterventional Radiology1467442558
Christopher T Dietrich SDInterventional Radiology1063403905
Stephen T Bell PAInterventional Radiology1225029200
Rafael Papaleo NYInterventional Radiology1932190899
John Andrew Morrison NCInterventional Radiology1457342263
Khether Raby MAInterventional Radiology1447241922
Zhaowei Ai WIInterventional Radiology1487645271
Ik-kyung Jang MAInterventional Radiology1811988454
Dogan H Temizer OHInterventional Radiology1407847031
Zaheen Cardiology L.l.c. Interventional Radiology1023009503
Thomas G Fenske WIInterventional Radiology1912998576
Farouc A Jaffer MAInterventional Radiology1083605547
Gregory Gerhard Pellizzon MIInterventional Radiology1932190345
George Patrick Heyrich PAInterventional Radiology1316938707
Grand River Cardiology, Plc Interventional Radiology1275524720
Howard L Haber PAInterventional Radiology1841281185
Gilbert Sewell Chandler FLInterventional Radiology1003807272
George A Eyrich ALInterventional Radiology1962493171
Peter Edward Fong GAInterventional Radiology1154312312
Patrick L Murphy ALInterventional Radiology1336130541
David Joseph Roberts MAInterventional Radiology1538150750
Rony L Shammas NCInterventional Radiology1952382152
Muhammad A Siddiqi ILInterventional Radiology1811978000
Kyong Ho Kim WAInterventional Radiology1124009303
Thomas Wisenbaugh HIInterventional Radiology1528049533
Carlos Jorge Giron GAInterventional Radiology1053392068
Jefferey D Adair LAInterventional Radiology1780665828
Reginald Strother GAInterventional Radiology1548241615
David M Shaw ALInterventional Radiology1336120419
Douglas E Drachman MAInterventional Radiology1245211176
Adrian Karl Hamburger RIInterventional Radiology1720069669
West Michigan Heart Interventional Radiology1174504021
Raymond Alan Roden MIInterventional Radiology1053392985
Walid S Alami AZInterventional Radiology1003897869
Gina Reghetti OHInterventional Radiology1912988684
Richard D Campbell GAInterventional Radiology1932180759
James Ferris Ganem AZInterventional Radiology1649251380
Oklahoma Cardiovascular Associates. Pc OKInterventional Radiology1437130069
Joseph G Glazier INInterventional Radiology1053392571
Steven Baxter Stubblefield TNInterventional Radiology1255312799
James D Rossen IAInterventional Radiology1134100514
Sean C Halligan SDInterventional Radiology1174504658
South Nassau Communities Hospital NYInterventional Radiology1295716835
Ajit V Pai INInterventional Radiology1740261296
Steven G Davis TXInterventional Radiology1659352045
Donald F. Storey TXInterventional Radiology1417938812
Masood Ahmed VAInterventional Radiology1093796310
Samuel Sungup Hahn CTInterventional Radiology1821079120
Charles K. Whitcomb CAInterventional Radiology1659353969
Yogesh B Malla KYInterventional Radiology1205817525
Frank Bagnasco Md Pc MIInterventional Radiology1881675163
Jeffrey A. Southard CAInterventional Radiology1962484998
Maher S Kodsy OHInterventional Radiology1730161746
Tobias Tong-po Lee WAInterventional Radiology1801878731
Y. Robert Ding MDInterventional Radiology1538141510
Kirk F Musselman PAInterventional Radiology1164404059
Reginald I. Low CAInterventional Radiology1821070780
Jason H. Rogers CAInterventional Radiology1295717163
Gary Lee Fuchs MIInterventional Radiology1780666487
John R. Kao CAInterventional Radiology1497737191
Brenda Elizabeth Corrigan MAInterventional Radiology1265414973
Joseph Michael Garasic MAInterventional Radiology1154303808
Lawrence J. Laslett CAInterventional Radiology1225010069
Robert W Armbruster IAInterventional Radiology1851373666
William W Oneill MIInterventional Radiology1881676435
David Robertson Dobroski MAInterventional Radiology1588646061
Bhadresh L Bhakta OKInterventional Radiology1184606550
Bay Area Cardiology Medical Group CAInterventional Radiology1750363248
John Salvatore Raniolo AZInterventional Radiology1952383564
Dario Aquiles Grisales FLInterventional Radiology1407839806
Coastal Pain Care Pa TXInterventional Radiology1891778171
Lanier Interventional Pain Center, Llc GAInterventional Radiology1528041803
Bay Area Cardiology Medical Group CAInterventional Radiology1952384133
Andrew Kirsteins NCInterventional Radiology1053394254
Azariah Kirubakaran NEInterventional Radiology1629051875
Harold Paul Dietzius FLInterventional Radiology1649253790
Richard A Ansinelli KYInterventional Radiology1871584433
Theodore D Richards TNInterventional Radiology1891784518
Christopher Pearly Epling KYInterventional Radiology1649269101
Arnold B Meshkov PAInterventional Radiology1447248323
Richard J Axelrod CAInterventional Radiology1437147923
Niraj P Pandit FLInterventional Radiology1740270198
Paul R Stafford LAInterventional Radiology1396735759
David Duy Nguyen TXInterventional Radiology1336137785
Clinic Physician Services Co. Llc Interventional Radiology1235127408
Amy K. Pearson GAInterventional Radiology1447249289
Douglas Scott Black TXInterventional Radiology1033108196
Alberto M Cabantog FLInterventional Radiology1558351692
Ronald Yatteau TNInterventional Radiology1922098318
Robert P Wills Md Pllc Interventional Radiology1407847957
Robert Wayne Yeh MAInterventional Radiology1154302057
Steven Bruce Degalan CAInterventional Radiology1508849860
Nilufer Guleyupoglu NYInterventional Radiology1013998996
Donald J. Stoner FLInterventional Radiology1972591949
Florin T Deger PAInterventional Radiology1578551453
Leigh Ann Jenkins TXInterventional Radiology1720077084
William Frances Lapenna MIInterventional Radiology1154302347
Howard K. Min CAInterventional Radiology1972585859
Christopher J Davis FLInterventional Radiology1336138536
Bruce C Miller CAInterventional Radiology1235110750
Federico Elena Lenz FLInterventional Radiology1932198215
Luis E Cummings PRInterventional Radiology1457349789
Peter G Roan IDInterventional Radiology1326037342
Dwayne A Schmidt OKInterventional Radiology1568453835
Sady Theodoro Ribeiro NYInterventional Radiology1083604888
Donna A. K. Kalauokalani CAInterventional Radiology1023090115
Larry L Zhou KYInterventional Radiology1467441915
Omar Hammam El Abd MAInterventional Radiology1831189364
Bryan F Perry OKInterventional Radiology1235120528
Aneesh Kumar Singla MDInterventional Radiology1205826377
Satvinder S. Dhesi WAInterventional Radiology1811978075
Maria Sandra Dee TNInterventional Radiology1780672014
April E Palmer PAInterventional Radiology1184130056
Glenn Hamilton Evans GAInterventional Radiology1285623744
Richard Sola FLInterventional Radiology1245228626
Sunil T Ramaprasad TNInterventional Radiology1679563100
Paul Corkran Davis LAInterventional Radiology1760472419
Madhavi Reddy PAInterventional Radiology1457341570
Richard J Valente CAInterventional Radiology1760464077
Parag M Doshi ILInterventional Radiology1578544334
Daniel Mcgowan NEInterventional Radiology1780667931
Susan Souther TNInterventional Radiology1861482077
Taylor Weatherbee TNInterventional Radiology1386635399
George Kline Brodell INInterventional Radiology1811987514
Pabitra K Saha TNInterventional Radiology1992795066
Hardik A Vashi WIInterventional Radiology1225019243
Center For Pain Management, Sc Interventional Radiology1619968120
James Donald Davis TXInterventional Radiology1255313581
Mohammad Laiq Raja NMInterventional Radiology1548250244
Suelane Sousa Do Ouro NYInterventional Radiology1114908845
Gordon H Hutt PAInterventional Radiology1952392987
Michael Scott Flynn FLInterventional Radiology1700876612
Brian E Jaski CAInterventional Radiology1194706242
Dennis Hughes Kelly NJInterventional Radiology1417947748
Joyce W Wald PAInterventional Radiology1275522120
Thomas J Derbes FLInterventional Radiology1568450625
Kenneth Ese Otah TXInterventional Radiology1093704827
James Frederick Smith LAInterventional Radiology1881684256
Naseem A Jaffrani LAInterventional Radiology1043208366
Ganesh R Balu DEInterventional Radiology1073594693
Martin R Aronow IAInterventional Radiology1497737282
Paul Gregory Vivino MAInterventional Radiology1295717387
Kendall M Griffith FLInterventional Radiology1710968060
Eric F Severson AKInterventional Radiology1790776599
Ronald L Collins ALInterventional Radiology1760472708
Alexandre A Petrakian TXInterventional Radiology1811987654
Leonard A Trahan TXInterventional Radiology1073504247
Alan L Niederman FLInterventional Radiology1144219973
John M Justice IAInterventional Radiology1750363776
Christopher David Merifield WAInterventional Radiology1811978976
Heather Joy Shenkman CAInterventional Radiology1215918800
Metropolitan Nephrology Associates, Pc Interventional Radiology1043758790
Nancy C Bratanow WIInterventional Radiology1346230612
Edwin Dale Dunteman INInterventional Radiology1427030956
Comprehensive Orthopaedics Sc Interventional Radiology1295717445
Pamela Doylene Wilson TXInterventional Radiology1528056553
Daniel J Mchugh TNInterventional Radiology1790766319
Venkatarama Reddy Gaddam OHInterventional Radiology1710976733
Aland Richard Fernandez FLInterventional Radiology1285623868
Shawn G Dunn TXInterventional Radiology1407845563
Steven P Karas FLInterventional Radiology1245221910
Michael G. Cassaro HIInterventional Radiology1457349722
Pradip M Mehta OHInterventional Radiology1639151079
Joaquin B. Gonzalez INInterventional Radiology1750371365
Gay Best Richardson KYInterventional Radiology1073503595
Michael S Cahill TXInterventional Radiology1952392458
Jeffrey Scott Kunz WAInterventional Radiology1689657801
Advanced Pain & Back Institute, Inc. ILInterventional Radiology1851765804
John C Corbelli NYInterventional Radiology1326021312
Spine Technology And Rehabilitation, P.c. Interventional Radiology1245213263
Ronald Kaplan NYInterventional Radiology1326021338
Robert M Mingea TXInterventional Radiology1093798944
Leland Todd Stewart GAInterventional Radiology1578546321
Harshinder Singh FLInterventional Radiology1003899857
Ismail Suleman Ahmed OHInterventional Radiology1356324115
Douglas S. Yeatman WIInterventional Radiology1255314910
David K Berke CAInterventional Radiology1356324966
Son Van Pham TXInterventional Radiology1275516890
Jay H Stone Md Pa NJInterventional Radiology1043293590
Vishnu P Yelamanchi FLInterventional Radiology1992788467
Wassim E Nona MIInterventional Radiology1629051107
Delano R Small MIInterventional Radiology1437132917


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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