Providers with Taxonomy: Interventional Radiology in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Radiology
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Aaron Bennett Stein 32504, FLInterventional Radiology1346243532
Ashraf S Elsakr 32127, FLInterventional Radiology1184627390
Patrick Kevin Williams 34748, FLInterventional Radiology1346243136
Najam Javeed 34690, FLInterventional Radiology1659374635
Sambasiva K. Rao Musunuru 34667, FLInterventional Radiology1679576805
Wasim Ahmar 32750, FLInterventional Radiology1528061330
Pradip B Baiju 32807, FLInterventional Radiology1831192186
Osama Al-suleiman 34711, FLInterventional Radiology1770586026
Howell R Goldfarb 33414, FLInterventional Radiology1528061165
Keith J Dietrick 33414, FLInterventional Radiology1144223785
Humberto L Porrata 33414, FLInterventional Radiology1114920758
Bruce I Hindin 33414, FLInterventional Radiology1629071261
Milan A Kothari 32792, FLInterventional Radiology1740282037
Niranjan Seshadri 34202, FLInterventional Radiology1306840210
Steven M Strobbe 34668, FLInterventional Radiology1609870443
Raviprasad G Subraya 32792, FLInterventional Radiology1205838596
George Eric Andreae 32806, FLInterventional Radiology1659375608
Mark Allen Steiner 32806, FLInterventional Radiology1023012093
Florida Pain And Rehabilitation Institute Inc 33484, FLInterventional Radiology1356345060
Sandeep Bajaj 32792, FLInterventional Radiology1447254800
Roland Werres 34145, FLInterventional Radiology1043215155
Hemant N Shah 32257, FLInterventional Radiology1154326973
John Richard Hurt 34748, FLInterventional Radiology1093710790
Jose Manuel De La Torre 33544, FLInterventional Radiology1881699577
Karan G Reddy 32792, FLInterventional Radiology1659375012
Ronald Richard Domescek 32806, FLInterventional Radiology1013912948
Florida Pain & Rehabilitation Institute Inc 33484, FLInterventional Radiology1063417293
Reynaldo F Mulingtapang 33624, FLInterventional Radiology1033114509
Ramon Quesada 33176, FLInterventional Radiology1134125347
Jose H Arias 32803, FLInterventional Radiology1346247970
David Allen Norfleet 32539, FLInterventional Radiology1922005321
Hani B Seifein 32803, FLInterventional Radiology1942207055
Coastal Neurology, Inc. 32119, FLInterventional Radiology1457358434
Cardiology Associates Of West Volusia, Pa 32720, FLInterventional Radiology1992702690
Miami Heart Center Llp 33138, FLInterventional Radiology1649278300
George S Sidhom 34609, FLInterventional Radiology1003814435
Marcus St John 33176, FLInterventional Radiology1073510269
Armando Luis Hassun 33134, FLInterventional Radiology1437156759
Richard H Boye 32114, FLInterventional Radiology1760480214
Saleem I Saiyad 33635, FLInterventional Radiology1104824861
Harish M Patil 32792, FLInterventional Radiology1871590125
Craig Allen Kornick 32244, FLInterventional Radiology1194722512
Stephen Scott Kramarich 32003, FLInterventional Radiology1851398267
Prathima Reddy 32605, FLInterventional Radiology1376540187
Ashok Sonni 33870, FLInterventional Radiology1285631697
Howard B Jackson 33637, FLInterventional Radiology1255338042
Dipakkumar Mahasukhrai Parekh 34668, FLInterventional Radiology1396742169
Louis Joseph Raso 33477, FLInterventional Radiology1538167408
Adel M Sidky 33435, FLInterventional Radiology1235138082
James R Margolis 33137, FLInterventional Radiology1629077821
Matthew J Mick 33830, FLInterventional Radiology1700886660
Bharat C Patel 32796, FLInterventional Radiology1457351322
South Florida International Cardiology Consultants Inc 33137, FLInterventional Radiology1033119656
William S Pickens 32501, FLInterventional Radiology1669472940
Pradip K Jamnadas 32803, FLInterventional Radiology1710987946
Alejandro Franceschi 32803, FLInterventional Radiology1417957499
Luis F Correa 33137, FLInterventional Radiology1972503019
Asad Sawar 33613, FLInterventional Radiology1538168265
Safwan Jaalouk 32501, FLInterventional Radiology1619977121
Gilberto G Concepcion 33143, FLInterventional Radiology1679572879
Richard K. Adkins 34652, FLInterventional Radiology1700887775
Michael A. Basnight 34285, FLInterventional Radiology1467453696
Francis N Crespo 33125, FLInterventional Radiology1528060555
Steven J. Class 34239, FLInterventional Radiology1841292380
Mark Bruce Saltzman 33486, FLInterventional Radiology1902898919
John Kenneth Lourie 34209, FLInterventional Radiology1700878451
Thomas Stuart Degroat 34209, FLInterventional Radiology1619969359
Hugh Peter Liebert 34209, FLInterventional Radiology1063404697
Robert Michael Day 34209, FLInterventional Radiology1639161268
Solomon Fishman 33709, FLInterventional Radiology1689667966
David C Lew 34748, FLInterventional Radiology1861485757
Stephen Stowers 32216, FLInterventional Radiology1902899826
Ronald L. Levine 34102, FLInterventional Radiology1558354399
Bayou Anesthesia And Pain Management Associates Pa 33781, FLInterventional Radiology1801889522
Carl David Hassel 32207, FLInterventional Radiology1114929502
Marc Richard Litt 32207, FLInterventional Radiology1528060936
Bernardo Manuel Utset 32250, FLInterventional Radiology1770585184
David L Tedrick 32308, FLInterventional Radiology1407849342
Deepak Pathe Vivek 32806, FLInterventional Radiology1487646717
David Wolters Kohl 33709, FLInterventional Radiology1174516454
Ravi Reddy Kethireddy 33709, FLInterventional Radiology1144213422
Tracey Roth 34102, FLInterventional Radiology1710970561
Michael K. Barron 34233, FLInterventional Radiology1912999038
Bay Area Heart Center Pa 33709, FLInterventional Radiology1972595205
Todd Steven Traub 33613, FLInterventional Radiology1215920160
Pasco Cardiology Center Inc 34667, FLInterventional Radiology1881686459
Huang-ta Lin 34667, FLInterventional Radiology1831182450
Peter Alfio Rossi 34667, FLInterventional Radiology1598757072
Werner Jauch 34667, FLInterventional Radiology1972595544
Dominick A Calabria 34209, FLInterventional Radiology1447243969
Sanjeev Bhatta 34748, FLInterventional Radiology1770576100
Florida Heart & Vascular Multi Specialty Group Pa 34748, FLInterventional Radiology1699769042
Lance Simkins 33321, FLInterventional Radiology1114911948
Arsenio R Rodriguez 32803, FLInterventional Radiology1003800632
Brian K Dublin 32803, FLInterventional Radiology1386638922
Bruce C Stein 32803, FLInterventional Radiology1790779320
Heartland Qualitly Pain Management Professionals Inc 33872, FLInterventional Radiology1538155619
Tom Porter 33837, FLInterventional Radiology1013903095
Harold Joseph Cordner 32958, FLInterventional Radiology1487641924
Drs Baker & Gilmour Md Pa 32216, FLInterventional Radiology1023005501
Michael E Frey 33919, FLInterventional Radiology1780672543
Michael Duane Moore 34613, FLInterventional Radiology1831184456
Scott J Pollak 32803, FLInterventional Radiology1629062245
Christopher Lee Nelson 32550, FLInterventional Radiology1386639474
Praveen Kumar Rohatgi 33607, FLInterventional Radiology1093701773
Quality Medical Care Pa 32901, FLInterventional Radiology1114912607
Mark Brian Sacher 34474, FLInterventional Radiology1679567812
Juan Carlos Zarate 32539, FLInterventional Radiology1336134220
Eduardo C Sabates 33063, FLInterventional Radiology1851385686
Carlos Juan Bayron 33761, FLInterventional Radiology1538157227
Issam Al-bitar 32504, FLInterventional Radiology1083608087
Enrique Rivera 34210, FLInterventional Radiology1831186279
Cesar A Euribe 34471, FLInterventional Radiology1174517676
Jaimela J. Dulaney 33952, FLInterventional Radiology1770571242
Janin Heart & Vascular Institute Pa 33458, FLInterventional Radiology1669460945
Ajay Thakur 32803, FLInterventional Radiology1770571846
Douglas Jon Spriggs 33756, FLInterventional Radiology1811986698
Candido Diaz-cruz 33133, FLInterventional Radiology1659360998
Francisco J Ruiz 33133, FLInterventional Radiology1760471916
Bernardo Stein 33756, FLInterventional Radiology1952391518
Kevin M Coy 33137, FLInterventional Radiology1346230729
Juan Pablo Zambrano 33176, FLInterventional Radiology1467442558
Gilbert Sewell Chandler 32308, FLInterventional Radiology1003807272
Dario Aquiles Grisales 33618, FLInterventional Radiology1407839806
Harold Paul Dietzius 32216, FLInterventional Radiology1649253790
Niraj P Pandit 32308, FLInterventional Radiology1740270198
Alberto M Cabantog 32901, FLInterventional Radiology1558351692
Donald J. Stoner 32114, FLInterventional Radiology1972591949
Christopher J Davis 34205, FLInterventional Radiology1336138536
Federico Elena Lenz 33756, FLInterventional Radiology1932198215
Richard Sola 34695, FLInterventional Radiology1245228626
Michael Scott Flynn 34102, FLInterventional Radiology1700876612
Thomas J Derbes 32405, FLInterventional Radiology1568450625
Alan L Niederman 33316, FLInterventional Radiology1144219973
Aland Richard Fernandez 34695, FLInterventional Radiology1285623868
Steven P Karas 32901, FLInterventional Radiology1245221910
Syed Imran Ali 32825, FLInterventional Radiology1407838881
Harshinder Singh 33511, FLInterventional Radiology1003899857
Vishnu P Yelamanchi 32162, FLInterventional Radiology1992788467
Srinivas Attanti 32162, FLInterventional Radiology1902889413
Stephen H Stark 34452, FLInterventional Radiology1912981119
Carlos Alberto Botero 33563, FLInterventional Radiology1902880933
Barry S Merrill 33486, FLInterventional Radiology1740265610
Jeffrey Brett Sack 34233, FLInterventional Radiology1316923147
Janice Clarke 32224, FLInterventional Radiology1548247141
Francesca Gallarello 33140, FLInterventional Radiology1053398362
Milimir D Arsov 34741, FLInterventional Radiology1841277159
Michael Doyle Courtney 34606, FLInterventional Radiology1902884679
Rigoberto Puente Guzman 32607, FLInterventional Radiology1578542437
Steven A Malosky 34996, FLInterventional Radiology1205815040
Carmen L Muresan 33131, FLInterventional Radiology1184603748
Waddah Salman 32216, FLInterventional Radiology1568441012
Jesse August Lipnick 32605, FLInterventional Radiology1992784284
Robert Guskiewicz 32607, FLInterventional Radiology1346220472
Zachariah P Zachariah Mdpa 33308, FLInterventional Radiology1275513384
Edgardo Dos Santos 33308, FLInterventional Radiology1184604290
John A. Serpa 33014, FLInterventional Radiology1407836232
Stacy John Berckes 32757, FLInterventional Radiology1750361523
Fernando J Dearmendi 33133, FLInterventional Radiology1619957321
Theron Toole 32508, FLInterventional Radiology1184604837
Lowell Scott Davis 33029, FLInterventional Radiology1114907409
Nancy Lea Erickson 33028, FLInterventional Radiology1821078114
Alan J Schimmel 32256, FLInterventional Radiology1710964671
Parveen Khanna 32221, FLInterventional Radiology1558346106
Janak Hirabhai Bhavsar 32763, FLInterventional Radiology1013995406
Moises Lustgarten 33176, FLInterventional Radiology1518947324
Abel Murillo 33145, FLInterventional Radiology1063490852
Alberto E Montalvo 34205, FLInterventional Radiology1295711521
Anthony T Pizzo 34205, FLInterventional Radiology1679559918
Eric J Dippel 52807, FLInterventional Radiology1083693949
Panhandle Pain Management, Llc 32503, FLInterventional Radiology1598242539
Claudio E Vincenty 32256, FLInterventional Radiology1285604793
Florida Pain Management Center, Inc 32757, FLInterventional Radiology1811967250
Christopher Roberts 32256, FLInterventional Radiology1912978149
John Edmund Carey 32256, FLInterventional Radiology1821069055
Chin K Kim 32803, FLInterventional Radiology1437120896
Humayun Jamidar 32114, FLInterventional Radiology1417921701
Michael Scott Berlowitz 33606, FLInterventional Radiology1902871817
Nirat Beohar 33140, FLInterventional Radiology1558337329
Lora L Brown 33701, FLInterventional Radiology1710953179
Steven Forest Roark 32605, FLInterventional Radiology1386610483
James J O'meara 32605, FLInterventional Radiology1902872864
Sheldon Stuart Sbar 33612, FLInterventional Radiology1760459234
Eric R Haynes 34652, FLInterventional Radiology1982671954
Marcos Szeinfeld 33308, FLInterventional Radiology1649249756
Sardha M Perera 33709, FLInterventional Radiology1114995552
Charles S Huang 33813, FLInterventional Radiology1225004963
Abdul Rahman Kani 32256, FLInterventional Radiology1982677068
James F Butler 33912, FLInterventional Radiology1447229596
Shariq Latif 32137, FLInterventional Radiology1275506818
Burton Victor Silverstein 32605, FLInterventional Radiology1568438661
David T. Schachter 33607, FLInterventional Radiology1861466567
Anthony F. Afong 34986, FLInterventional Radiology1801864160
Marco Antonio Mejia 33137, FLInterventional Radiology1609843879
Saroj T Tampira 32792, FLInterventional Radiology1629042445
George A Gamouras 34119, FLInterventional Radiology1508833757
Satish Venkataperumal 34652, FLInterventional Radiology1497727382
Nelle Alexandria Linz 32212, FLInterventional Radiology1750352613
Richard A Kerensky 32610, FLInterventional Radiology1649248311
Leonardo Victores 33173, FLInterventional Radiology1619949229


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A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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