Providers with Taxonomy: Interventional Radiology in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Radiology
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
William J Mackin 60134, ILInterventional Radiology1215924949
William P Towne 60134, ILInterventional Radiology1003803552
Vinay Bhushan Sanghi 85635, ILInterventional Radiology1114911203
Suresh H. Wadhwani, Md, Sc 60901, ILInterventional Radiology1841252152
Cameron Haery 60123, ILInterventional Radiology1710934674
Kathryn Marie Glynn 98226, ILInterventional Radiology1235143793
Consultants In Cardiology & Electrophysiololgy Llc 60805, ILInterventional Radiology1477731685
Phillip T Suwan 29801, ILInterventional Radiology1043473895
Elizabeth Marie Retzer 60050, ILInterventional Radiology1639331655
Francesco Vetri 62526, ILInterventional Radiology1427323864
Marie-france Poulin 02215, ILInterventional Radiology1780815266
Lakeshore Anesthesia Ltd 60656, ILInterventional Radiology1295945335
Robert Loyd Minor 61107, ILInterventional Radiology1740209261
Michael H Rock 60656, ILInterventional Radiology1760596886
Tarpan Rajnikant Patel 60173, ILInterventional Radiology1609154418
Akshay S Vakharia 78626, ILInterventional Radiology1962467050
Deen Health System Llc 60623, ILInterventional Radiology1043718190
Pain Specialists Of Illinois, S.c 60617, ILInterventional Radiology1699100859
Vincent K Woo 60050, ILInterventional Radiology1407080575
Michael Thomas Flisak 46360, ILInterventional Radiology1548426943
Russell F Kelly 36608, ILInterventional Radiology1841219789
Dean Michael Ferrera 46312, ILInterventional Radiology1982727830
Saifullah Mohammed Siddiqui 48109, ILInterventional Radiology1801187968
Jihan Alexis Grant 10029, ILInterventional Radiology1871884072
Kimberly Hankins 62901, ILInterventional Radiology1497255947
Omer M Mirza 30106, ILInterventional Radiology1497044259
Holly S Carobene 60014, ILInterventional Radiology1326140633
Interventional Pain Consultants Llc 62002, ILInterventional Radiology1225522063
Surya Teja Chaturvedula 61614, ILInterventional Radiology1801184767
Sachin Sudhir Kumar Goel 77030, ILInterventional Radiology1720255698
Stephen P Wiet 60045, ILInterventional Radiology1912008418
Constantine Dean Katsamakis 61938, ILInterventional Radiology1407906100
Jay Mohan 48043, ILInterventional Radiology1366882656
Harold G. Berner 60045, ILInterventional Radiology1790739514
Kenneth Qian Wu 77384, ILInterventional Radiology1952632143
Chicago Pain Medicine Center 60622, ILInterventional Radiology1033148689
Pramodh Kumar Wadera 77042, ILInterventional Radiology1417949553
Joseph Thomas Knapper 55435, ILInterventional Radiology1174889661
Abdalla H Hassan 55905, ILInterventional Radiology1487060828
George F Aziz 60435, ILInterventional Radiology1639133358
Christopher D Bane 60402, ILInterventional Radiology1467416578
Robert A Iaffaldano 60464, ILInterventional Radiology1043274145
Dominick J Stella 60464, ILInterventional Radiology1932163623
Joseph F Stella 60448, ILInterventional Radiology1104880376
Ronald E Stella 60402, ILInterventional Radiology1821052093
Hazem Alhawasli 60451, ILInterventional Radiology1215287164
Erin D Unger 80120, ILInterventional Radiology1366705451
Roy C Bliley 60464, ILInterventional Radiology1225092992
Ibrahim N Mansour 46360, ILInterventional Radiology1619076619
Michael P Kelley 15146, ILInterventional Radiology1639251929
Chicago Pain Medicine Center 60622, ILInterventional Radiology1669429890
Thomas A. Mayer 60015, ILInterventional Radiology1013937150
David I. Koenigsberg 60076, ILInterventional Radiology1841286770
Gangadhar Rao Malasana 62901, ILInterventional Radiology1891948014
Jared Allan Kalina 60130, ILInterventional Radiology1871741132
Nathan Maltezos 18104, ILInterventional Radiology1427477462
Jacinthe Ventura Malalis 60178, ILInterventional Radiology1811157407
Fareed Moses Segundo Collado 97216, ILInterventional Radiology1275763708
Sterling Scott Reese 61081, ILInterventional Radiology1952307886
Brian Walter Kaebnick 63017, ILInterventional Radiology1407084593
Bruce A. Bergelson 60076, ILInterventional Radiology1780795724
Joshua F. Loew 60076, ILInterventional Radiology1194832576
Arkady B. Rapoport 60076, ILInterventional Radiology1457468761
Waleed Alharbi 62701, ILInterventional Radiology1518405588
Hatim A Mahmood 62269, ILInterventional Radiology1174556583
Justin Paul Levisay 60201, ILInterventional Radiology1255458055
Aristides Delahera 60451, ILInterventional Radiology1134177447
Sandeep Singla 52803, ILInterventional Radiology1467676627
Yaser Siraj 61104, ILInterventional Radiology1760497416
Kyle Daro Buchanan 15102, ILInterventional Radiology1447577655
David S Bromet 60123, ILInterventional Radiology1841250958
Edgar S Carell 60521, ILInterventional Radiology1174578587
Arijit Dasgupta 27534, ILInterventional Radiology1679529135
Kamal K Chawla 60657, ILInterventional Radiology1124009691
Evyan Jawad 60173, ILInterventional Radiology1740443506
Rashad Jabali Belin 60461, ILInterventional Radiology1508150418
Deepak Koul 63031, ILInterventional Radiology1417155672
Selvakumar Kunchithapatham 60521, ILInterventional Radiology1871514810
Tarun Jain 60901, ILInterventional Radiology1316289077
Muhammad Khalid Riaz 60123, ILInterventional Radiology1356433320
Mital Patel 30046, ILInterventional Radiology1659766590
Global Care S.c. 60014, ILInterventional Radiology1033309042
Gregory J Mishkel 60076, ILInterventional Radiology1629150768
Abhimanyu Saini 60453, ILInterventional Radiology1528374030
Devang S Parikh 77385, ILInterventional Radiology1609131762
Muhammad Sami Iqbal 63401, ILInterventional Radiology1548249931
Yogesh R Patel 65401, ILInterventional Radiology1235157876
Sandeep Singh Lakhan 46122, ILInterventional Radiology1437458916
Abbas Y. Rampurwala 60102, ILInterventional Radiology1043364938
Conner Michael O'keefe 07860, ILInterventional Radiology1316172182
Hingwan Yu 61265, ILInterventional Radiology1861790487
Arslan Mirza 62901, ILInterventional Radiology1073928776
Asad Sheikh 60050, ILInterventional Radiology1588759815
Aftab A Awan 98632, ILInterventional Radiology1316971880
Rahmana Aziz Smith 60019, ILInterventional Radiology1346824620
Prasad V Kandula 62226, ILInterventional Radiology1164518460
Iftequar Ahmed Siddiqui 85260, ILInterventional Radiology1548536469
Nathaniel Clark 62901, ILInterventional Radiology1063660074
Allison Campos 62901, ILInterventional Radiology1962731919
Stephen Otieno Awuor 62901, ILInterventional Radiology1790047736
Commonwealth Pain Associates, Pllc 40207, ILInterventional Radiology1306280177
Mario Gerard Massullo 60901, ILInterventional Radiology1043228158
Michael Robert Nuyles 60542, ILInterventional Radiology1003055179
Jareer Othman Baker Farah 63031, ILInterventional Radiology1073784583
Marwan Dib 54904, ILInterventional Radiology1225346414
Benjamin F. Aquino 60611, ILInterventional Radiology1194743039
Sundeep Das 63044, ILInterventional Radiology1548274749
Alok Katyal 63044, ILInterventional Radiology1871551887
Shariq Shamim 63044, ILInterventional Radiology1356657977
Rafiq Ramadan 63136, ILInterventional Radiology1396769055
Gil M Vardi 63136, ILInterventional Radiology1437173119
Usman Qayyum 63136, ILInterventional Radiology1992728000
George M Kichura 63136, ILInterventional Radiology1114903507
Harvey Serota 63136, ILInterventional Radiology1346264017
Sanjaya N Saheta 63136, ILInterventional Radiology1891779062
Robert Anthony Armbruster 63044, ILInterventional Radiology1174728893
Simranjit Singh 28304, ILInterventional Radiology1922462639
Kurt W Erickson 60803, ILInterventional Radiology1033173125
Robert C Prentice 60464, ILInterventional Radiology1194789354
Ravi Kumar Ramana 60464, ILInterventional Radiology1679778716
James Paul Sur 60803, ILInterventional Radiology1447450788
Abiy Temesgen Nigatu 49546, ILInterventional Radiology1952697252
Nouri Al-khaled 60805, ILInterventional Radiology1760416713
Andrea Nicole Bloodworth 62701, ILInterventional Radiology1588187397
Deanna Lambert 62269, ILInterventional Radiology1609223304
Ebby P. Jido 60461, ILInterventional Radiology1730258047
Patrick B Murphy 62521, ILInterventional Radiology1497703367
Preetham Reddy Muskula 62701, ILInterventional Radiology1003104605
Cynthia Lynn Kues 62246, ILInterventional Radiology1578582441
Parag M Doshi 60173, ILInterventional Radiology1578544334
Elsayed Mohamed 60173, ILInterventional Radiology1841484813
Donita Schrey 62711, ILInterventional Radiology1629263793
Son P Le 62901, ILInterventional Radiology1902988009
Raed Al-dallow 62901, ILInterventional Radiology1164572095
Alexandra Lelchuk 53142, ILInterventional Radiology1336594910
Atiq Ur Rehman 60450, ILInterventional Radiology1457373730
Charlene Shallow 62702, ILInterventional Radiology1295819688
Todd S Hagle 60175, ILInterventional Radiology1609929462
James H Burks 60123, ILInterventional Radiology1821058819
Omar Marwan Hamoui 60622, ILInterventional Radiology1992058333
Abhishek Sharma 54601, ILInterventional Radiology1811276587
Daniel A Rowan 60463, ILInterventional Radiology1346263845
Asim R Zaidi 60050, ILInterventional Radiology1063641181
Radomir Kosanovic 47714, ILInterventional Radiology1184055303
Joseph H. Ayat 89102, ILInterventional Radiology1710320593
Krishna Chaitanya Cherukuri 62901, ILInterventional Radiology1487096962
Syed Ashfaq Hussain Najeed 45409, ILInterventional Radiology1972560662
Maan Sami El Khadra 60612, ILInterventional Radiology1316946700
Sridhar Sampath Kumar 62002, ILInterventional Radiology1124065495
Steven R Turner 47710, ILInterventional Radiology1235187378
Gaurav Kapoor 60901, ILInterventional Radiology1245225192
Rizwan Ahmad Khan 62901, ILInterventional Radiology1902288855
Jagdeep Sabharwal 46311, ILInterventional Radiology1871518282
Ajoe John Kattoor 60612, ILInterventional Radiology1659754422
Tony Joe De Martini 62702, ILInterventional Radiology1174604631
Pain Management Centers Of America, Psc 47714, ILInterventional Radiology1992271811
Farooq Anwar Khan 60521, ILInterventional Radiology1104082320
Shingo Yano 60451, ILInterventional Radiology1538285614
James R Diesfeld 60622, ILInterventional Radiology1497753214
Amitra Caines 58501, ILInterventional Radiology1477621019
Carl L. Tommaso 76508, ILInterventional Radiology1609893692
Daniel Enrique Vilchez 25705, ILInterventional Radiology1316329824
Neal K Shah 60123, ILInterventional Radiology1356872576
Kamel Sadat 46360, ILInterventional Radiology1013189281
John S Waters 37232, ILInterventional Radiology1033176656
Rajesh Ashok Patel 92081, ILInterventional Radiology1538320544
Marianne Geiger 97365, ILInterventional Radiology1639215015
Andres P Palomo 48073, ILInterventional Radiology1700235405
Zaheen Cardiology L.l.c. 60526, ILInterventional Radiology1023009503
Advanced Pain & Back Institute, Inc. 60641, ILInterventional Radiology1851765804
Ksb Medical Group, Inc. 61021, ILInterventional Radiology1073592119
Integrative Pain Centers Of America Ltd 61201, ILInterventional Radiology1255310306
Medical Center Anesthesia, Ltd. 60169, ILInterventional Radiology1184689838
Illinois Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, Ltd 61701, ILInterventional Radiology1962450734
Dr James E Wilson Sc 60565, ILInterventional Radiology1275581654
Midwest Heart Specialists, Ltd 60515, ILInterventional Radiology1417908765
Midwest Anesthesia Partners, Llc 60657, ILInterventional Radiology1255380184
Cardiospecialists Group, Ltd 46311, ILInterventional Radiology1497704514
Dupage Valley Anesthesiologists, Ltd. 60540, ILInterventional Radiology1457309817
Swedishamerican Hospital 61108, ILInterventional Radiology1962451732
University Anesthesiologists Sc 60612, ILInterventional Radiology1073558136
Internal Medicine Associates 46410, ILInterventional Radiology1487685178
Heart Care Centers Of Illinois, S.c. 60464, ILInterventional Radiology1508810086
Deaconess Specialty Physicians, Inc 62863, ILInterventional Radiology1760986392
A. Tom Petropulos, M.d. 60453, ILInterventional Radiology1619991361
Diversey Medical Center Sc 60659, ILInterventional Radiology1720096969
Mclean County Orthopedics, Ltd 61704, ILInterventional Radiology1063420248
Comprehensive Pain Care Sc 60426, ILInterventional Radiology1215045877
Luz A. Feldmann, M.d., Ltd 60005, ILInterventional Radiology1346358033
Cardiospecialists Group Ltd 46321, ILInterventional Radiology1679685705
St Joseph Medical Center 61701, ILInterventional Radiology1881782878
Illinois Pain Treatment Institute, Ltd 60120, ILInterventional Radiology1295811479
Physician Anesthesia Associates, S.c. 60007, ILInterventional Radiology1376629550
Sukhjit S Gill Mdsc 60614, ILInterventional Radiology1396801536
Yaaba Medical Services , Sc 60616, ILInterventional Radiology1518024975
Fox Valley Pain Management, Llc 60506, ILInterventional Radiology1477606820
Virendra S. Bisla, Md, Ltd 60617, ILInterventional Radiology1093858953
Interventional Pain Management 63031, ILInterventional Radiology1710018247
Cardiac & Vascular Specialists, S.c. 60123, ILInterventional Radiology1083734453
Professional Health Sport, Inc. 60646, ILInterventional Radiology1063632917


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