Providers with Taxonomy: Interventional Radiology in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Radiology
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Alok Maheshwari 55422, MNInterventional Radiology1003896150
Patrick Thomas Koller 55104, MNInterventional Radiology1205895075
Robert Helton Long 56001, MNInterventional Radiology1407870272
Rohaan F. Mehta 55422, MNInterventional Radiology1588678122
David D Nerothin 55318, MNInterventional Radiology1952467250
Sidakpal Singh Panaich 52242, MNInterventional Radiology1194955641
Ifechi Anyadioha 56001, MNInterventional Radiology1386873404
William Howard Fredericks 55104, MNInterventional Radiology1720423643
Nima M Adimi 55318, MNInterventional Radiology1801186614
Marat Yanavitski 55104, MNInterventional Radiology1558599712
Travis G O'brien 55439, MNInterventional Radiology1124466222
Carmelo J Panetta 55104, MNInterventional Radiology1528094711
Thomas M. Waterbury 57108, MNInterventional Radiology1225392160
George Zawadowski 55805, MNInterventional Radiology1851604318
Peter J Schultz 55435, MNInterventional Radiology1851409098
Daniel Abraham Feldman 97216, MNInterventional Radiology1033351093
Integrated Care Clinics, Pa 55362, MNInterventional Radiology1396775110
Steven Sukwoo Roh 55422, MNInterventional Radiology1750314795
David James Lemons 63401, MNInterventional Radiology1932338753
Shenjing Li 98664, MNInterventional Radiology1568892586
Joseph Thomas Knapper 55435, MNInterventional Radiology1174889661
James D Gladden 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1861831067
Sara Negrotto 37923, MNInterventional Radiology1932456621
Peter Pollak 32224, MNInterventional Radiology1477766509
Eric H Yang 85259, MNInterventional Radiology1891775318
Jose Emilio Exaire 54601, MNInterventional Radiology1699821520
John Haley 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1912983834
Robert Houlihan 56001, MNInterventional Radiology1922086800
Byungsoo Ko 64804, MNInterventional Radiology1285945295
Kashish Goel 37232, MNInterventional Radiology1194046656
Ripudamanjit Singh 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1013993930
Waleed Alharbi 62701, MNInterventional Radiology1518405588
Nadish Garg 77089, MNInterventional Radiology1760594238
Anna Sara Taylor 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1760956502
Kenneth William Baran 55101, MNInterventional Radiology1962485797
Santiago Andres Garcia 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1669517785
Anene Ukaigwe 25304, MNInterventional Radiology1730448416
Sanford Clinic 57105, MNInterventional Radiology1144259052
John Nan 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1013336643
Vinayak Nagaraja 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1174185607
Saraschandra Vallabhajosyula 27262, MNInterventional Radiology1740535632
Muhammad Hammadah 44195, MNInterventional Radiology1427314459
Interventional Procedures Group Ltd 53226, MNInterventional Radiology1003869140
Interventional Pain & Physical Medicine Clinic 56377, MNInterventional Radiology1013056969
Minneapolis Heart Institute At Ridgeview Heart Center, Llc 55387, MNInterventional Radiology1871780478
Mark W. Erhard, M.d., P.a. 55121, MNInterventional Radiology1265688089
Lon Lutz,md Pa 55118, MNInterventional Radiology1528350048
Minnesota Spine Associates 55401, MNInterventional Radiology1265788459
Interventional Pain Center, Pllc. 55305, MNInterventional Radiology1891137220
Midwest Injury Physicians, Llc 55408, MNInterventional Radiology1629474531
Nova Bhs 55126, MNInterventional Radiology1598150930
Tria Orthopaedic Center, Llc 55431, MNInterventional Radiology1518273085
Tria Orthopaedic Center, Llc 55431, MNInterventional Radiology1346624384
Twin Cities Pain Management, Pllc 55435, MNInterventional Radiology1730472218
David L Galbut Md Associates Pa 33137, MNInterventional Radiology1669483087
St. Luke's Hospital Of Duluth 55805, MNInterventional Radiology1982062550
Saeger Spine And Pain Clinics Pa 55435, MNInterventional Radiology1265051627
Revive Md Pllc 55114, MNInterventional Radiology1346832953
Advanced Spine And Pain Clinics Of Minnesota Llc 55405, MNInterventional Radiology1891055851
Premier Interventional Pain Specialists 55435, MNInterventional Radiology1184200081
Interventional Spine And Pain Physicians, Pa 55369, MNInterventional Radiology1326398561
Abdalla H Hassan 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1487060828
Alan Keith Berger 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1104861350
Allison Hall 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1952880346
Alok Saurav 58103, MNInterventional Radiology1164738449
Amit Sharma 55101, MNInterventional Radiology1235578394
Andrew Lee Schakel 55130, MNInterventional Radiology1659506996
Andrew Jk Smith 55416, MNInterventional Radiology1699725101
Anemona Anghel-filip 55802, MNInterventional Radiology1417112517
Anil K Poulose 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1528078458
Arashk Motiei 55102, MNInterventional Radiology1225000748
Atul Singla 55805, MNInterventional Radiology1285899302
Babatunde A Adekola 55422, MNInterventional Radiology1184856692
Bernard Rudolph Erickson 56303, MNInterventional Radiology1306848122
Bilal Mahmood Murad 55102, MNInterventional Radiology1922066901
Bjorn Palsson Flygenring 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1184685810
Brett Oestreich 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1023384211
Brian Matthew Stegman 56303, MNInterventional Radiology1447425160
Brinder S. Kanda 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1306008974
Christa Nicole Heckman 55104, MNInterventional Radiology1316022684
Claire Erinee Raphael 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1275081812
Colleen Elizabeth Lane 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1659717312
Daniel Lee Lips 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1598726259
Daniel Satran 55426, MNInterventional Radiology1063568319
Daniel James Tiede 56303, MNInterventional Radiology1306839949
David Ned Dunbar 55102, MNInterventional Radiology1992780423
David M Schultz 55435, MNInterventional Radiology1669481719
Demetri Yannopoulos 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1821143629
Dominic Anthony Plucinski 55435, MNInterventional Radiology1902856974
Emanuel Narcis Husu 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1982967675
Emmanouil Stylianos Brilakis 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1194781674
Erin M Galbraith 55102, MNInterventional Radiology1750304259
Gabriel L Pagani-estevez 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1508204637
Gabriel Cotts Smith 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1740556653
Ganeshan Raveendran 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1265418420
George M Tadros 55422, MNInterventional Radiology1588623144
Gladwin Suseekar Das 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1740217330
Gregory H Schuchard 56601, MNInterventional Radiology1881669810
Halena Marie Gazelka 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1578683215
Htin Aung 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1982040580
Irvin Farrel Goldenberg 55410, MNInterventional Radiology1235241787
Ivan J Chavez 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1417915158
Jackson Thatcher 55426, MNInterventional Radiology1174500177
Jacob R Dutcher 56303, MNInterventional Radiology1619000999
James V Anderson 55433, MNInterventional Radiology1700820974
James Bryan Parmele 55369, MNInterventional Radiology1255545687
Jason Alan Bartos 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1366755878
Jason C Schultz 55805, MNInterventional Radiology1235331604
Jason Sims 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1043699192
Jason Sanford Wolff 55369, MNInterventional Radiology1376759845
Jay H Traverse 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1306807458
Jeffrey W. Watkins 56601, MNInterventional Radiology1053349860
Johannes Brechtken 55101, MNInterventional Radiology1427088392
John R. Lesser 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1265492862
John Robert Tranchida 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1902148695
Jonathan Raphael Snitzer 55449, MNInterventional Radiology1831456953
Joseph Gerard Cunniff 55125, MNInterventional Radiology1013980119
Joshua C. Vogt 97239, MNInterventional Radiology1639433568
Kalkidan Genete Bishu 55805, MNInterventional Radiology1881887818
Kevin Cragun 56001, MNInterventional Radiology1831175751
Laura Lee Matzke Bitterman 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1952652992
Lee Michael Espeland 55104, MNInterventional Radiology1275560476
Leif C Christianson 55802, MNInterventional Radiology1477715530
Lon Lutz 55128, MNInterventional Radiology1952352221
Louis Phillip Kohl 55404, MNInterventional Radiology1023284288
Lyle James Swenson 55082, MNInterventional Radiology1679558977
Mario Goessl 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1194846964
Marit Elise Thorsgard 55101, MNInterventional Radiology1841436383
Mark W Erhard 55109, MNInterventional Radiology1710962188
Mark Conrad Neustel 55805, MNInterventional Radiology1477669935
Markus A Bendel 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1417189812
Martin Nicholas Burke 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1790748796
Matthew Gail Whitbeck 55433, MNInterventional Radiology1932316924
Michael John Curran 56401, MNInterventional Radiology1609846476
Michael Joseph Lucca 55805, MNInterventional Radiology1073559779
Michael Jon Manoles 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1578521555
Michael R Mooney 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1619931847
Michael Sabbah 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1467872481
Michael George Thurmes 56303, MNInterventional Radiology1518944875
Michel Corban 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1699112268
Mohammad Nurulqadr Jameel 55805, MNInterventional Radiology1114071602
Mohammed Ahmad Al-hijji 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1811260607
Mudassar Ahmed 55104, MNInterventional Radiology1366595324
Nafisseh Sirjani Warner 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1275899650
Nancy Lee Hassinger 55805, MNInterventional Radiology1790724375
Nancy Ann Henry-socha 56401, MNInterventional Radiology1699919290
Nkechinyere N Ijioma 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1689872756
Oludare Olatoye 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1235575879
Pamela Ruth Paulsen 55101, MNInterventional Radiology1245293166
Panjini M Sivanna 56701, MNInterventional Radiology1013948116
Paul E Carns 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1144209057
Paul Sorajja 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1205809308
Peter Michael Fliss 56601, MNInterventional Radiology1811308828
R Todd Drexel 55433, MNInterventional Radiology1760657589
Rachel Egyhazi 55454, MNInterventional Radiology1942538905
Richard H Rho 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1467422667
Robert F Wilson 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1285720904
Samer Abdel-aziz 55904, MNInterventional Radiology1851682629
Samir M Elghor 56377, MNInterventional Radiology1679513923
Sara T Murray 55102, MNInterventional Radiology1831118496
Saugat Dey 59405, MNInterventional Radiology1780939801
Shaun Andrew Martinho 96859, MNInterventional Radiology1841496320
Stefan Christian Bertog 55417, MNInterventional Radiology1932118627
Stephanie Cesar El Hajj 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1417214099
Stephen K Kidd 56303, MNInterventional Radiology1477816304
Stephen R Wagner 55102, MNInterventional Radiology1063524387
Susan M Moeschler 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1578575346
Terry Lee Hunt 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1659536639
Thom G. A. Dahle 56303, MNInterventional Radiology1760458673
Thomas G Cohn 56377, MNInterventional Radiology1245273390
Thomas Christopher Kowalkowski 56377, MNInterventional Radiology1477569606
Thomas Pease Pittelkow 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1033352307
Tim Joseph Lamer 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1235126525
Trevor James Simard 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1235746983
Vasudha Goel 55454, MNInterventional Radiology1104091834
Vijaya Kumar Pera 55455, MNInterventional Radiology1598107799
Wade Thomas Schmidt 56303, MNInterventional Radiology1629031190
Wesley R Pedersen 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1528020849
William M Hooten 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1164495222
William David Mauck 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1881667657
Wilson L Ginete 55805, MNInterventional Radiology1922055607
Wobo Bekwelem 56601, MNInterventional Radiology1962720136
Yader Benito Sandoval Pichardo 55905, MNInterventional Radiology1477864304
Yale Lewis Wang 55407, MNInterventional Radiology1326009960


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