Providers with Taxonomy: Interventional Radiology in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Interventional Radiology
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Katherine Sebastian Roden 40504, VAInterventional Radiology1982967824
Eric Davis Pauley 20176, VAInterventional Radiology1689019457
Reza Fazel 02115, VAInterventional Radiology1881795730
Charlottesville Interventional Pain Management Llc 22911, VAInterventional Radiology1366952848
Amy S. Kipp 22911, VAInterventional Radiology1699970855
Brian H. Annex 30912, VAInterventional Radiology1124100375
Ashkan Karimi 22939, VAInterventional Radiology1982996716
Rajeev Koipurath Pillai 23320, VAInterventional Radiology1093970071
Emily Elizabeth Smith-straesser 16801, VAInterventional Radiology1063808434
Deepak R Talreja 23454, VAInterventional Radiology1760451611
David Adler 23456, VAInterventional Radiology1588711386
Surjya P Das 22939, VAInterventional Radiology1063598696
Jasdeep Singh Dalawari 25801, VAInterventional Radiology1215986807
Sentara Medical Group 23320, VAInterventional Radiology1790044311
Emily Perdoncin 23707, VAInterventional Radiology1740574557
Ramin Alimard 23320, VAInterventional Radiology1093785842
Frank Joseph Amico 27834, VAInterventional Radiology1497091904
John W. Snyder 23836, VAInterventional Radiology1588872980
Kalpesh Patel 75034, VAInterventional Radiology1053572263
Dominion Heart And Vascular Clinic 23834, VAInterventional Radiology1356789010
Ridgeline Physician Services, Plc 22701, VAInterventional Radiology1952627119
Ashwani Sastry 07632, VAInterventional Radiology1073771309
Edward S Kim 17402, VAInterventional Radiology1639366727
Assaf Gordon 22203, VAInterventional Radiology1457549156
Aroramd Llc 32931, VAInterventional Radiology1841811163
Ashok Joshwa Prasad 22401, VAInterventional Radiology1518270552
Matthew David Holland 22911, VAInterventional Radiology1295791820
Pain And Spine Specialists Of Maryland, Llc 21771, VAInterventional Radiology1174884258
Benjamin Contreras 43219, VAInterventional Radiology1295788412
Daniel B Reese 22601, VAInterventional Radiology1770562050
Randolph H Renzi 22601, VAInterventional Radiology1275512550
Jeffrey A Skiles 22601, VAInterventional Radiology1114906542
Neal S Gaither 22601, VAInterventional Radiology1003811563
Sebastian J Ksionski 24503, VAInterventional Radiology1033120852
Michael J Poss 22601, VAInterventional Radiology1053391250
Eduardo Mauricio Fraifeld 24541, VAInterventional Radiology1114984358
Robert Harrison Wagner 22031, VAInterventional Radiology1457329997
Rodney B Dade 22031, VAInterventional Radiology1336117373
Robert Franklin Sisson 29425, VAInterventional Radiology1629097878
Zachary Martin Gertz 23298, VAInterventional Radiology1457414849
Vipul Shelat 70601, VAInterventional Radiology1699736173
Maryview Hospital 23435, VAInterventional Radiology1841435377
Nicole Natasha Ferro 34471, VAInterventional Radiology1831575067
Derrick Scott Porter 45459, VAInterventional Radiology1609215276
Regina C Lee 23434, VAInterventional Radiology1164710083
Rajat Garg 20176, VAInterventional Radiology1144254749
Nayef Antar Abouzaki 23298, VAInterventional Radiology1164742359
Dhavalkumar B Patel 23116, VAInterventional Radiology1053546846
Ryan D Melchior 23112, VAInterventional Radiology1316267511
John Trevor Posenau 23229, VAInterventional Radiology1730479528
Anoop Mukesh Shah 23235, VAInterventional Radiology1053671347
Vikram Gautam Pankaj Raje 30501, VAInterventional Radiology1649563255
Kyong-jin Lee 94304, VAInterventional Radiology1417426248
James Light 15224, VAInterventional Radiology1003234949
Faraaz A. Rahman 47130, VAInterventional Radiology1417249970
Salman S Allana 53226, VAInterventional Radiology1225260136
Amol Raizada 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1467660597
Ronald S Mckechnie 23456, VAInterventional Radiology1689640039
James R Miller 23456, VAInterventional Radiology1023067733
George K Van Osten 25404, VAInterventional Radiology1467417469
Omar A Ali 22601, VAInterventional Radiology1972527059
Noel Scott Ashcraft 22601, VAInterventional Radiology1902099864
Ashraf Sabahat 14865, VAInterventional Radiology1386654051
Warren Currie Mackie-jenkins 02115, VAInterventional Radiology1952765323
Deeni Bassam 20110, VAInterventional Radiology1356343594
Albert Ho-sien Kim 22003, VAInterventional Radiology1780682583
Alan E Mcluckie 24018, VAInterventional Radiology1962402024
Rodney Savage 24014, VAInterventional Radiology1558361634
Eric Williams 24014, VAInterventional Radiology1467452599
Lewis Alan Siegel 22939, VAInterventional Radiology1023017928
John E Sherry 22801, VAInterventional Radiology1881680809
Rafic Hamad Zaitoun 23601, VAInterventional Radiology1588651228
Paul Joseph Micale 23601, VAInterventional Radiology1316933195
Charles M Vaughan 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1144216987
Daniel Curtis Langdon 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1932195773
Richard Ralph Edwards 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1447246160
Thomas E Martyak 22401, VAInterventional Radiology1285621003
Frans A Vossenberg 22401, VAInterventional Radiology1881680619
Thomas Earl Wheeler 22401, VAInterventional Radiology1093702813
Eric Jensen Chou 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1982690772
Edward Chu 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1487640272
William Overton Harris 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1952397630
Kerry C Prewitt 23188, VAInterventional Radiology1255325254
Shalendra K Varma 22939, VAInterventional Radiology1912991746
Masood Ahmed 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1093796310
Daniel Carey 24501, VAInterventional Radiology1235112764
Carl Moore 24501, VAInterventional Radiology1083698468
Thomas Nygaard 24501, VAInterventional Radiology1184608564
Rakesh K Jain 23225, VAInterventional Radiology1013992874
Mohd A Mirza 24014, VAInterventional Radiology1538146279
James E Tobin 03820, VAInterventional Radiology1700863131
William A Ollar 03878, VAInterventional Radiology1255318291
Peter O'brien 24501, VAInterventional Radiology1518941905
Joshua J Fischer 22911, VAInterventional Radiology1407836380
Andrew Mark Rashkow 23601, VAInterventional Radiology1811974207
Winifred Diane Bragg 23502, VAInterventional Radiology1679543078
Marta Sayers 24018, VAInterventional Radiology1417928581
Kenneth S Sternberg 22911, VAInterventional Radiology1871566190
Kambeez Berenji 22192, VAInterventional Radiology1326011958
John Joseph Griffin 23454, VAInterventional Radiology1740254440
Joseph A Robbins 23320, VAInterventional Radiology1346217106
Wayne D Old 23320, VAInterventional Radiology1336115799
Allen Anthony Ciuffo 23502, VAInterventional Radiology1649243502
Alan Kirk Banks 23502, VAInterventional Radiology1508837568
Ronald A Stine 23502, VAInterventional Radiology1073580411
Scott Alan Robertson 23510, VAInterventional Radiology1407823255
Paul D Mahoney 23502, VAInterventional Radiology1578539201
Raj N Sureja 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1912967746
Frederic Thomas Farra 22601, VAInterventional Radiology1265494959
Tidewater Pain Management Pc 23188, VAInterventional Radiology1871558270
Michael J Ball 23116, VAInterventional Radiology1104874635
Ravinder Singh Kohli 23834, VAInterventional Radiology1659334373
Suzanne Lagosky 23059, VAInterventional Radiology1871541821
Harrisonburg Medical Associates 22801, VAInterventional Radiology1730146002
Brian Peter Dezzutti 24153, VAInterventional Radiology1255392262
George Eapen 23298, VAInterventional Radiology1508818048
Mathew K Joseph 23298, VAInterventional Radiology1588616825
David Meeks Eich 23434, VAInterventional Radiology1639127020
Scott J. Seidner 22408, VAInterventional Radiology1861449290
Richard Patrick Konstance 24018, VAInterventional Radiology1407893639
Patrick Francis Adrian Magee 22151, VAInterventional Radiology1770523532
Gregory J. Kauffman 22408, VAInterventional Radiology1992746176
Micheal Cherwek 22401, VAInterventional Radiology1659312940
Martin David Caplan 23226, VAInterventional Radiology1063454098
Steven Wayne Cross 23229, VAInterventional Radiology1437193364
Image Guided Therapeutics, Pc 24014, VAInterventional Radiology1578599759
Michael Lawrence Arcarese 23225, VAInterventional Radiology1164452363
Ramani Peruvemba 20850, VAInterventional Radiology1619924701
Mariapaz Babcock 22031, VAInterventional Radiology1689619389
Ronald G Morford 24501, VAInterventional Radiology1518996347
Nick George Cavros 24211, VAInterventional Radiology1851345326
Partha Manchikalapudi 23464, VAInterventional Radiology1487699096
Loudoun Cardiovascular Specialists, Pllc 20176, VAInterventional Radiology1235162793
Parag Arunkumar Pandya 24541, VAInterventional Radiology1326073594
John Mark Digrazia 23225, VAInterventional Radiology1376578765
David Kim 20186, VAInterventional Radiology1073530523
Vernon Francis 23510, VAInterventional Radiology1053339309
Pain Management Center Of Roanoke 24016, VAInterventional Radiology1356369268
Anthony Joseph Minisi 23249, VAInterventional Radiology1417976218
Gansevoort H Dunnington 23226, VAInterventional Radiology1740200880
Charles William Phillips 23229, VAInterventional Radiology1730101155
Shelton Wayne Thomas 23229, VAInterventional Radiology1588686729
Charles Merriwether Zacharias 23229, VAInterventional Radiology1699798678
Jun K. Chung 23435, VAInterventional Radiology1295758191
David P. Rubalsky 60302, VAInterventional Radiology1326061615
Jefferson Bartholomew Group Pc 24486, VAInterventional Radiology1447267430
Cardiology & Arrhythmia Consultants,inc. 23510, VAInterventional Radiology1225047608
Mark H Dean 22911, VAInterventional Radiology1265441083
Seema E. Nour 22042, VAInterventional Radiology1114950920
Talha Siddiqui 22310, VAInterventional Radiology1013928142
Hampton Roads Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1790719300
Eugene K. Soh 20109, VAInterventional Radiology1588672000
Jason Foerst 24014, VAInterventional Radiology1255435293
Blue Ridge Pain Treatment Centers 22801, VAInterventional Radiology1306940028
Selma Medical Assoc Inc 22601, VAInterventional Radiology1144325721
Brian W Zagol 24541, VAInterventional Radiology1902901556
Center For Advanced Orthopedic Surgery & Pain Management Plc 20147, VAInterventional Radiology1770689598
Michael J. Cowley 23298, VAInterventional Radiology1932299575
George W. Vetrovec 23298, VAInterventional Radiology1801986450
Evelyne Goudreau 23298, VAInterventional Radiology1013007657
Jeffrey S Yuskevich 22033, VAInterventional Radiology1427139450
Jenny L. Andrus 23606, VAInterventional Radiology1851461909
Andrew J Keller 22031, VAInterventional Radiology1205928876
Virginia Spine Institute Plc 20191, VAInterventional Radiology1356435580
Robert A Vernooy 22801, VAInterventional Radiology1376644880
Nauman Naseer 23602, VAInterventional Radiology1154482842
Brian Shanklin Weaver 23502, VAInterventional Radiology1104988328
Richmond Spine Interventions And Pain Management Center 23113, VAInterventional Radiology1801949037
Ather Anis 22601, VAInterventional Radiology1184770349
Benjamin Gary Seeman 23230, VAInterventional Radiology1750426987
Zeshan A Rana 22408, VAInterventional Radiology1124158829
Noah Jesse Jones 22042, VAInterventional Radiology1326178815
Amgad W Abdou 22031, VAInterventional Radiology1447384011
Anjan Chakrabarti 23320, VAInterventional Radiology1609993963
Tahira Naviwala 23114, VAInterventional Radiology1811052491
Ashish Gajanan Shanbhag 22191, VAInterventional Radiology1447308689
Cardiac And Vascular Care Of Virginia, P.c. 22003, VAInterventional Radiology1720204936
Richard B Messinger 22911, VAInterventional Radiology1801008891
Anthony Paul Lombardo 23601, VAInterventional Radiology1801008420
Daniel Seth Heller 20186, VAInterventional Radiology1730397977
Southern Physical Medicine Associates Inc 23230, VAInterventional Radiology1134338361
Ion S Jovin 23249, VAInterventional Radiology1235332974
Daniel Eli Halpert 22701, VAInterventional Radiology1720283898
Colonial Orthopaedics, Inc. 23836, VAInterventional Radiology1770783631
Capital Hospice 20774, VAInterventional Radiology1407046642
Jacob Muthalaly Mathew 24153, VAInterventional Radiology1710177506
Jatinder Narula 22407, VAInterventional Radiology1730371501
Pavan Kumar Karnati 24641, VAInterventional Radiology1952560799
Rolf Edward Graning 23708, VAInterventional Radiology1205035557
Raymond Martin Harrell 22191, VAInterventional Radiology1134325632
Fadi M El-ahdab 24501, VAInterventional Radiology1932316163
Evan D. Ownby 24501, VAInterventional Radiology1033377007
Mohammad Sohail Aslam Chaudhry 23230, VAInterventional Radiology1598978850
Deepak Pottayil Thomas 23298, VAInterventional Radiology1457535551
Arijit Chanda 22408, VAInterventional Radiology1518145960
Michael J Lipinski 22911, VAInterventional Radiology1184846289
Minimally Invasive Spine Institute, Pllc 22205, VAInterventional Radiology1962664169
Niteesh Bharara 20191, VAInterventional Radiology1144480989
Barbara Dianne Lawson 23298, VAInterventional Radiology1598930182
Cardiology Of Southwest Virginia, P.c. 24018, VAInterventional Radiology1174775027


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