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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Neeraj R Agrawal NCMedical Oncology1336189174
Lee Roy Morgan LAMedical Oncology1548200157
St Paul Place Specialists, Inc. Medical Oncology1174564736
St. Vincent Hospital And Healthcare Centers, Inc. Medical Oncology1437190998
John Thomas Zimmermann AKMedical Oncology1740221225
Charles Rosenbaum MAMedical Oncology1922049147
Charles Schloss LAMedical Oncology1942241161
Martin E. Katz CTMedical Oncology1134160146
Richard Jones MDMedical Oncology1982645107
Daniel Laheru MDMedical Oncology1497796510
Carl G Chakmakjian TXMedical Oncology1285675306
Charalambos I Andreadis PAMedical Oncology1205877669
Vassiliki Karantza-wadsworth NJMedical Oncology1710928189
Kenneth Ho-ming Yu NYMedical Oncology1073554440
Mark William Redrow TXMedical Oncology1689615726
Samuel Bobrow CTMedical Oncology1861433849
Barbara Grace Campling PAMedical Oncology1508807983
Katherine Hanna Tkaczuk MDMedical Oncology1225079601
Kathy J Helzlsouer MDMedical Oncology1982645875
Susan M Domchek PAMedical Oncology1487695102
Peter K Schauer CTMedical Oncology1063454759
Praveen Jada Kumar Reddy TXMedical Oncology1316988090
Thomas Carl Anderson TXMedical Oncology1225079908
Harry Jerome Smith TXMedical Oncology1861433542
Fred N. Ekery TXMedical Oncology1770524456
Anibal Drelichman MIMedical Oncology1740222447
Philip Cimo TXMedical Oncology1124060546
Stacy R Nerenstone CTMedical Oncology1295777613
Stanley Watkins, Jr MDMedical Oncology1760424352
Robert Brian Berryman TXMedical Oncology1871535823
Larry Lynn Frase TXMedical Oncology1942242995
Mrugesh Prahlad Patel TXMedical Oncology1821030743
Renuka Borra TXMedical Oncology1386686558
Andrew David Mccollum TXMedical Oncology1407898505
Sudha Teerdhala TXMedical Oncology1700828548
Scott Andrew Stone TXMedical Oncology1467494690
Michael Ray Spivey TXMedical Oncology1285676437
Laurence Kevin Tokaz TXMedical Oncology1124060256
Delta Oncology Associates Pc VAMedical Oncology1184666943
Dilip L Solanki TXMedical Oncology1124060116
Michael Lawrence Kasper TXMedical Oncology1669414652
Timothy Kilian George TXMedical Oncology1083656078
Robert A. Furse TXMedical Oncology1356383590
Eric Samuel Nadler TXMedical Oncology1134161243
Marco Adolfo Araneda TXMedical Oncology1336181502
Victor G Gian TNMedical Oncology1205878402
James Fredric Strauss TXMedical Oncology1770525933
James H Bordelon TXMedical Oncology1306888565
Sreenivas V Rao SCMedical Oncology1942242102
Ronald Neal Kerr TXMedical Oncology1487696647
Lawrence Edward Foote TXMedical Oncology1295777456
Barry D Brooks TXMedical Oncology1912949868
Victor William Horadam TXMedical Oncology1881636991
Nurul Abul Wahid TXMedical Oncology1508808619
Kristi Jo Mcintyre TXMedical Oncology1912949033
Thomas Lee Aung TXMedical Oncology1679515530
Robert J Weisberg TXMedical Oncology1730121690
Douglas Wayne Orr TXMedical Oncology1194767061
Cynthia Reese Caulfield Osborne TXMedical Oncology1639111503
Manish Gupta TXMedical Oncology1144262023
James Malcom Turner TXMedical Oncology1538101530
John Laurence Earl Nugent TXMedical Oncology1083656094
John Russell Hoverman TXMedical Oncology1508808494
Donald Anthony Richards TXMedical Oncology1659313559
Barbara F Civiello NHMedical Oncology1275575219
Maynard Darvy Fuller NMMedical Oncology1679515589
Washington Hospital Center Corp Medical Oncology1518909340
Mercy Health System Northern Medical Oncology1992748743
Farmington Missouri Hospital Company Llc Medical Oncology1407898208
Drury M Stith VAMedical Oncology1073556718
Jonathan David Powell MDMedical Oncology1629011432
Adam M Petrich ILMedical Oncology1407899198
Sucharu Prakash TXMedical Oncology1184667628
Ephraim Joseph Fuchs MDMedical Oncology1578506135
Thomas F. Gregory TXMedical Oncology1174566624
Alvaro Restrepo TXMedical Oncology1992748586
Luis Pineiro TXMedical Oncology1144263633
Robert Lewis Kirby TXMedical Oncology1104869544
Indiana University Health, Inc INMedical Oncology1376586719
John Thachil TXMedical Oncology1710920160
Kevin Joseph Cullen MDMedical Oncology1225071236
Robert Lee Anderson TXMedical Oncology1760425706
Stephen E Jones TXMedical Oncology1124061064
Robert Gary Fenton VAMedical Oncology1386687358
Thomas Edgar Hutson TXMedical Oncology1609819069
Christopher Thomas Stokoe TXMedical Oncology1801839758
Haskell Mcgill Kirkpatrick TXMedical Oncology1356384200
Sanjay Sethi TXMedical Oncology1326081274
John Vernon Cox TXMedical Oncology1649213505
Harvey Hsiang FLMedical Oncology1528001542
John Eldred Pippen TXMedical Oncology1649213521
Jayapandian Bhaskaran OHMedical Oncology1467495341
Nancy S Vander Velde MDMedical Oncology1235172511
Donald E Tsai PAMedical Oncology1811930100
Neeraj Roshanial Sharma TXMedical Oncology1851334759
Sandeep Singh Gill TXMedical Oncology1730122631
Jason Michael Melear TXMedical Oncology1902849805
Laurence Austin Doyle MDMedical Oncology1306889399
Carl June PAMedical Oncology1386687689
David J Vaughn PAMedical Oncology1841233152
Kevin R Fox PAMedical Oncology1578506887
Joseph William Myers TXMedical Oncology1992748818
Maria Gia Gregorio ORMedical Oncology1265475198
Lloyd Howard Ketchum MNMedical Oncology1164465191
Hari Krishna Kalla TXMedical Oncology1558305482
Stephen J Noga MDMedical Oncology1023051000
John H Glick PAMedical Oncology1285677591
Robert H Vonderheide PAMedical Oncology1902849219
Daniel G Haller PAMedical Oncology1639112949
James A Hoxie PAMedical Oncology1154364461
Martin P Carroll PAMedical Oncology1376586693
Paul C Hetzel MAMedical Oncology1194768424
Robert Gary Mennel TXMedical Oncology1265475677
Lewis J. Hellerstein TXMedical Oncology1972546380
Houston Eccleston Holmes TXMedical Oncology1053354464
Ru-amir Walker FLMedical Oncology1770526196
John D Doty TXMedical Oncology1366485765
Charles Keith Connor TXMedical Oncology1538102934
Lewis Alvin Duncan TXMedical Oncology1821031253
Jason C Chandler TNMedical Oncology1295778330
Bach Ardalan FLMedical Oncology1356385140
Charles Stanley White TXMedical Oncology1578507422
Eric J Sherman PAMedical Oncology1568406445
Svetislava Judith Vukelja TXMedical Oncology1851335442
Joseph Michael Koenig OHMedical Oncology1972547438
Pasquale Robert Delizio TXMedical Oncology1811931587
Hurley Medical Center MIMedical Oncology1427092998
Montgomery Cancer Center, Llc Medical Oncology1427092220
Mark Levis MDMedical Oncology1578507976
Michael Guttman PAMedical Oncology1346284338
James Tate Thigpen MSMedical Oncology1710921895
Karen M Carr TXMedical Oncology1952345217
Valley Medical Oncology Consultants Medical Oncology1104861012
Samuel Ray Denmeade MDMedical Oncology1225073075
Howard A Burris TNMedical Oncology1417992397
San Diego Pacific Oncology And Hematology Associates Inc CAMedical Oncology1396780235
Leonido Luznik MDMedical Oncology1518902261
Anil K.v. Bhogaraju TXMedical Oncology1578508222
Elias I Obeid PAMedical Oncology1194760843
Hanover Medical Specialists P A NCMedical Oncology1477598944
Kala Visvanathan MDMedical Oncology1003851577
Virginia Kaklamani TXMedical Oncology1841235439
John D Hainsworth TNMedical Oncology1275578684
Gaoyong Zhu NYMedical Oncology1316982630
Ebenezer Berko LAMedical Oncology1154366508
Michel E Kuzur TNMedical Oncology1083659163
Donald Small MDMedical Oncology1982640975
Ricardo Da Roza CAMedical Oncology1184669285
Karl Josef Schultheiss IDMedical Oncology1265478325
David Loeb MDMedical Oncology1841236676
Julia Smith NYMedical Oncology1114963907
Bruce J Giantonio PAMedical Oncology1255377198
Nikolai Alexandrovich Podoltsev CTMedical Oncology1891731667
Robert D. Hamilton MSMedical Oncology1154367837
Cary Hajime Gota CAMedical Oncology1093751562
Amy M Lin CAMedical Oncology1285670745
Frank Anthony Greco TNMedical Oncology1497791602
Louis V Puneky MSMedical Oncology1619913928
Mark G Mainwaring TNMedical Oncology1740216985
Mohammed Zahid Siddiqui ILMedical Oncology1730115973
Rohit R Patel TNMedical Oncology1730115981
Edward William Greeno MNMedical Oncology1386670297
John M. Berry CAMedical Oncology1942236997
Ralph B. Vance MSMedical Oncology1366478356
Lynn G Feun FLMedical Oncology1902832520
Barbara Gitlitz CAMedical Oncology1467488015
Geetika Kumar INMedical Oncology1114953478
Alan B. Glassberg CAMedical Oncology1770519126
Hamid R Mirshahidi CAMedical Oncology1659307015
Cancer Care Network Of South Texas Pa TXMedical Oncology1225064603
Somasekhar R Bandi MOMedical Oncology1922034321
Irvin N Kuhn CAMedical Oncology1427084847
Elias Zambidis MDMedical Oncology1124054549
Florida Cancer Specialists P L Medical Oncology1225064520
Peter Wayne Marks CTMedical Oncology1366479412
Mark A. Walker OHMedical Oncology1538196662
Nancy Ellen Davidson MDMedical Oncology1114954153
Pasquale W Benedetto FLMedical Oncology1528095775
Matthew G Fury NYMedical Oncology1568498871
Giangreco Medical Group AZMedical Oncology1174550412
Charles M. Dollbaum CAMedical Oncology1205863552
Charlotte Elisabeth Gauwerky PAMedical Oncology1821025115
Mete Korkmaz ILMedical Oncology1902833999
Jeffrey Weber FLMedical Oncology1053348706
Antonio Wolff MDMedical Oncology1861420291
Taneemul Haque GAMedical Oncology1871521054
Fernando T Miranda TNMedical Oncology1346278165
Kenneth Downard Herbst CAMedical Oncology1497783351
Kathleen Anne Havlin NCMedical Oncology1205864139
Michael Henry Rosen MAMedical Oncology1407884182
Elad Sharon GAMedical Oncology1467480160
Munson Medical Center Medical Oncology1205864220
David S Ettinger MDMedical Oncology1720016777
Michael B. Atkins MAMedical Oncology1306874201
Health Services Of Fox Chase Cancer Ctr. Medical Oncology1588692404
Barbara Ann Conley MIMedical Oncology1508894445
Arkadiusz Zbigniew Dudek MNMedical Oncology1538197181
William Gradishar ILMedical Oncology1437187929
Christy A Russell CAMedical Oncology1154350601
Weijing Sun PAMedical Oncology1811925316


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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