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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Khalid Khalil Al-talib MDNephrology1194711846
Karen A Eady WANephrology1215923099
Michael R Kelly WANephrology1013903780
Jay Alan Ocuin DCNephrology1841286689
Deno D Kang CANephrology1265428916
Conald W Cox TXNephrology1790771483
Mohammad A Quasem NYNephrology1578559399
Amita D Trivedi AZNephrology1578559233
Ibrahim S Fakhoury TXNephrology1245226927
Larry T Olinde LANephrology1720074453
Nelson B Yount LANephrology1891781522
Minh Canh Do CANephrology1619964368
Mohammad Maher Al Sayyad AZNephrology1396732913
Lawrence A Greenberg MINephrology1568459196
Robert N Mccoy LANephrology1679560379
George Herron CANephrology1144217654
Robert H Williams ALNephrology1386631992
Jerry Soung CANephrology1154318764
Lian Soung CANephrology1174510747
Alfredo A Pegoraro FLNephrology1487641932
Muhammad Z. Haq TXNephrology1144217605
James Douglas Smith CTNephrology1801883335
Harjasrai S Moorjani FLNephrology1811984362
Heena M Contractor CANephrology1518954973
Vinod B Patel FLNephrology1720075138
Manolo Gallego GANephrology1275520793
Jonathan Nestor NCNephrology1154318533
Jeffrey Alan Perlmutter MDNephrology1588651889
Fay Mizue Ohsumi, Md Pllc NYNephrology1316934524
Vinayak V Purandare FLNephrology1265429500
Eli Roza MDNephrology1184611444
Eugenia M. Galindo-ramos PRNephrology1689661894
Daniel Lee Levin NYNephrology1295722437
Diego Echeverri FLNephrology1053308338
Victoria Lim IANephrology1558358663
John Andrew Bertolatus IANephrology1720075831
Gustavo Serrano FLNephrology1396732442
Lindsey M Slater DENephrology1821085929
William Tracy Durham NCNephrology1639166622
Mark Steven Russo FLNephrology1316934326
Miroslaw P Zdunek DENephrology1508853615
Willie Roscoe Whitaker NCNephrology1861489759
Gary G Singer MONephrology1366439283
David Metz FLNephrology1780671610
James P Vangelder FLNephrology1720075658
Syed I Ali FLNephrology1356338289
Donald M Nathin NJNephrology1518954361
Kevin Donald Muelken CONephrology1134116932
Thomas Arthur Haygood CONephrology1447247242
Dana P Rabideau ARNephrology1710974548
Morton Jay Kleiner NYNephrology1437147162
Elizabeth L. Chua ALNephrology1134117872
Chan M Ma NYNephrology1487642120
Steven R Flier MANephrology1013905751
Okechukwu C Ifediora LANephrology1457349292
Richard Edward Simmons CONephrology1366430100
Patricio Silva PANephrology1225026081
Shabnam Darbari NVNephrology1225026016
Rachel Colvin NYNephrology1174511992
Harold Stephen Solomon MANephrology1023006772
Barton C Brezina GANephrology1205824877
Moro O. Salifu NYNephrology1275528598
Ileana Martinez TXNephrology1326032913
Jorge Humberto Serna TXNephrology1861486532
Subodh J. Saggi NYNephrology1952399693
Jeremy J Gitomer AKNephrology1073509063
Rachid Daoui NYNephrology1083608426
Mohammad Sameer Shafi ILNephrology1528052792
Clinton D. Brown NYNephrology1538153614
Freya Jan Silverstein FLNephrology1669467460
Joju Mathews Joseph TNNephrology1558355941
Lisa Gerette Kolb MONephrology1336135276
Vijay V Kumar MDNephrology1326032152
Sean M. O'brien AZNephrology1912994500
Renal Associates Of Northeast Louisiana, A Professional Medical Corpor Nephrology1154319762
Robert I Lynn NYNephrology1851388862
James Singer CONephrology1407843204
Dennis E. Negron Luciano PRNephrology1366436743
Toledo Clinic Incorporated Nephrology1144217894
Edward Y. Skolnik NYNephrology1184619181
Jackson Clinic Pa Nephrology1285629386
James L Bruton ARNephrology1245228055
James T Henry ARNephrology1912995713
Michael J Landman Md Pc MANephrology1336134857
Jay M Ginsberg CTNephrology1841285509
Christopher D Hoy NYNephrology1225022668
Sujata Subramanyam NJNephrology1437144243
Ronald Bloom INNephrology1740275023
Joseph B Kwakye INNephrology1992790281
John P Lucia INNephrology1730175332
Grant E Mcdougal INNephrology1699760983
Raman P Rao INNephrology1538154406
John Koscica INNephrology1144214941
Timothy D Reeb INNephrology1184610610
Jan B Tawakol FLNephrology1750375671
Tasnim Khan VINephrology1841286374
Curtis W Lee HINephrology1376537449
Donald N Hammonds OHNephrology1235123621
Joseph P Dejonckheere PANephrology1740276153
Lee R Crowe TNNephrology1629062740
John A Stevenson TXNephrology1205820966
Bertrand L. Jaber MANephrology1588659445
Deepak K Malhotra OHNephrology1598751976
Shobha Ratnam OHNephrology1902891591
Richard T. Gervasi CTNephrology1972597813
Paul B Wiener CTNephrology1235123340
Christine Bastl PANephrology1679560452
Serban Constantinescu PANephrology1487641262
Gerri Schulman PANephrology1326036187
Meena J. Kavil GANephrology1295721124
Dinkar Kaw OHNephrology1255326849
Jamal Atalla AZNephrology1609861566
North Texas Kidney Disease Associates Nephrology1093182305
Island Nephrology Services, P.c. NYNephrology1598753253
El Paso Kidney Specialists Pa TXNephrology1881680155
Ronald A Lutes PANephrology1265426266
Nayna S Nagrecha MINephrology1548254899
Jose M Saez DENephrology1316934417
Bashar Alzahabi ILNephrology1467448456
Aqm Karim AZNephrology1356337034
Gertrude Findley-christian DENephrology1134114747
Nephrology Associates Of Knoxville, Pc Nephrology1114912433
Madhavendra P Dhakal NYNephrology1295723799
Martha Pavlakis MANephrology1033107503
Gerald B Martin PANephrology1194713511
Peter T Cheung NHNephrology1861480162
Paul D Schneider WANephrology1821086208
Charles Robert Schleifer PANephrology1679561963
Hai T Phan Nephrology1114915485
Deborah Maichle DENephrology1356339725
P B Sagireddy CANephrology1407844889
Indu Sharma NJNephrology1982692265
Edgard Mario Vera Tapia CANephrology1235127515
Craig Bennett Kaplan NYNephrology1487642773
Pepita Yap-adefuin CTNephrology1902894181
David S Friedenberg NHNephrology1710975016
Lawrence E Schlepphorst NHNephrology1922096247
James L. Naughton CANephrology1447248778
Nezar Rahim OHNephrology1144218355
Stacey F Weiss NYNephrology1902894116
Corinne Mcmaster Morgan PANephrology1659369874
Moises Ortiz-villalobos PRNephrology1841288172
Nephrology Associates Inc Nephrology1457349797
Greensboro Nephrology Nephrology1396733465
Amy Elizabeth Hogan-moulton NYNephrology1730177825
Jean Lee PANephrology1083602189
Jagjit Singh CANephrology1801884929
Chaman L Luthra M.d. And Adarsh Luthra M.d., P.c. Nephrology1013905090
Guillermo Juan Morell TXNephrology1346238268
Lawrence P Karniski IANephrology1952399891
Bonnie S. Collins WANephrology1285622142
Christie P Thomas IANephrology1760470611
Lisa M Antes IANephrology1174511026
Michael J Flanigan WINephrology1326036278
Joel A Gordon IANephrology1174511034
Luiz Nascimento NCNephrology1245228261
Michael Nmn Grassia VANephrology1235128133
Robert L Levinson FLNephrology1215926043
Nancy Birenboim MONephrology1346239100
Tameez U Din TNNephrology1972592749
Wen-ting Ouyang SCNephrology1538158449
Payman Vahedifar CANephrology1275522096
Harriet S Langley MONephrology1669461422
Abdul Rauf Mir MONephrology1750370540
Anthony W Zydlewski VANephrology1720077431
S K Masood Md Pa Nephrology1073502787
Stanley B Smith VANephrology1902895899
Timothy M Curley VANephrology1700875606
Suresh K Rijhwani VANephrology1619966512
Thomas R Mccune VANephrology1154310050
Jason Lee Merritt VANephrology1093704991
John Cameron Pittard SCNephrology1568451466
Suzanne Elia El-sayegh NYNephrology1750370573
Cho Cho Khine ILNephrology1518956101
Paul G Welch MDNephrology1548259146
Nephrology Associates At Elgin Clinic Pc Nephrology1457340093
Subramoniam Jayakumar PANephrology1326037979
Alexis G Thomas MONephrology1558350173
The Elgin Clinic Ltd Nephrology1053300699
Robert C. Jandl MANephrology1770572315
Mohammad Zahid ILNephrology1225027873
Jeremy Ross Yospin MDNephrology1366431801
Neil A. Kurtzman TXNephrology1881683357
Melvin E. Laski TXNephrology1255320735
William H. Johnson, M.d.,p.a. MDNephrology1609865153
Shubhada Ahya ILNephrology1336138767
Douglas C Lanier MSNephrology1205825643
Edwin M Quinones MSNephrology1902895352
Joseph D O'gorman MSNephrology1730178179
William Henry Johnson MDNephrology1134118326
Charity Amba Kankam OHNephrology1124017413
Yvonne Mao CANephrology1114916434
Jyothishree Rao Pinnaka TNNephrology1740279942
Muhand S El-twal MANephrology1245229384
Ingeborg Anna Loewenstein TXNephrology1407845522
The Renal Care Clinic, P.c. Nephrology1225028251
Christopher Chien Mai FLNephrology1518957596
James A Strom MANephrology1891785895
Ramchand Ranai NVNephrology1083604003
Cristy Robertson NVNephrology1598755514


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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