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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nephrology:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jorge A Kusnir FLNephrology1063405108
Ralph W Stafford TNNephrology1972596013
Regents Of The University Of Ca Nephrology1710970736
Amer Emile Jabara CANephrology1760475701
Hafiz I Ahmad KYNephrology1124011143
Timothy D. Youell FLNephrology1144213208
Germaine Z Chan NYNephrology1396738332
Gary Dean Dubois OKNephrology1831182039
Uday K Ranjit FLNephrology1851384994
Boca Nephrology Pa Nephrology1578556759
Mark A. Lagatta FLNephrology1821081985
Vasudeva R Bommineni FLNephrology1770576845
Robin Ray Bennett LANephrology1437142437
Craig L Stemmer FLNephrology1013900299
Joseph W Warren FLNephrology1952394058
Stanley Cortell NYNephrology1023001120
Alfred Rodriguez FLNephrology1942293972
Linus Onyemaechi Ejim GANephrology1922091990
Joseph Howard Haslitt INNephrology1134112113
Edouard Rene Martin FLNephrology1831182880
Ira S Meisels NYNephrology1720071509
John David Bell TXNephrology1144213927
John D Richmond GANephrology1134112915
David Taylor Dennard GANephrology1578556379
Anwar Darwish Al-haidary NCNephrology1205829066
Aibar Herberto Huatuco CANephrology1245223932
Wilson Nephrology internal Medicine Pa NCNephrology1942293717
Moges Gebremariam MDNephrology1235122912
Manuel Abrante AZNephrology1942293527
Howard N Erlanger CANephrology1275526840
Dubois Medical Clinic Pc OKNephrology1104819762
Jason Isaac Biederman MINephrology1750374229
Gadsalli Ramaswamy Ravikumar CANephrology1982697579
Nausheen Ali CANephrology1609869296
Jorge Mario Mandelbaum CANephrology1518950104
James Anthony Sloand NYNephrology1205829744
Leonard Shapiro CANephrology1821081431
Nirav D Gandhi CANephrology1649263252
Mark Gregory Marrone MINephrology1003809575
George Varghese Md & Assoc Inc Nephrology1114910601
Joseph M Sanchez CANephrology1942293568
Millie Y Tung WANephrology1558354191
Kang-yann Lin ILNephrology1255324786
Ali A Choudhury VANephrology1477546927
Michael Frank Collier MINephrology1215920798
David M Kanar NENephrology1316930613
Bret N Pasiuk WINephrology1447242490
Jeffrey L Bell GANephrology1063405363
John Joseph Schilling GANephrology1841282142
Curtis G Wickre WANephrology1033102116
Philippe Marten Gauthier CONephrology1225021520
Guita Ghadiri PANephrology1053304311
Susan Steigerwalt MINephrology1376545913
Andrew E Lazar OHNephrology1164424081
Akhilesh Rao OHNephrology1467444802
Keith Bellovich MINephrology1467454009
Quresh Khairullah MINephrology1295737831
Abida Zafar MINephrology1265434898
Joel M Topf MINephrology1972505519
Mohamed El-ghoroury MINephrology1700888328
Jukaku Tayeb MINephrology1912909540
Malcolm L. Buford OKNephrology1164424990
Carlos Alberto Mercado UTNephrology1366444051
Jan A Winetz CANephrology1790777852
Mark A Dillingham CONephrology1437142734
Adhish K Agarwal UTNephrology1164424750
Brenda Catherine Smith PANephrology1962404889
Harry O Senekjian UTNephrology1760484596
Brian S Rifkin MSNephrology1376545145
Theodore B Stem NCNephrology1538160049
Pius Kurian OHNephrology1174516652
Clincare International Center Ltd OHNephrology1174914683
Patricio Augusto Pazmino TXNephrology1336131325
B. Rentz Dunn TNNephrology1154313708
Vinita Anand TNNephrology1801888060
William H. Pettus TNNephrology1649262338
Kevin L Cox TNNephrology1447242565
Rita Lynn Mcgill ILNephrology1700887296
Abbas Rabiei FLNephrology1447242268
Florin N. Gadalean FLNephrology1447243514
Michael J Landgarten TXNephrology1588665780
Rafael O Duchesne GANephrology1588657332
Frank David Newby GANephrology1801889696
Titilola Oladunni Britto WINephrology1982697215
Yumiko T Knudson MINephrology1932100021
John L Musa WANephrology1154314367
Junaid Ahmed FLNephrology1639171630
Richard J Marcus PANephrology1942201132
Kalathil K Sureshkumar PANephrology1487656310
Stephen Eugene Sandroni PANephrology1750382057
Malika Morse LANephrology1669464400
Robert James Leach UTNephrology1114910411
Gopal H Doshi TXNephrology1619978772
Oladapo O. Afolabi TXNephrology1588656391
Jorge C Busse FLNephrology1922091248
Carl Wilson CANephrology1033110465
Robert K. Taylor TNNephrology1396737938
Mark E Staniforth MINephrology1619978707
Marisa Johnson LANephrology1083615520
Edward Lake WINephrology1336131101
Virgina Irwin-scott NJNephrology1578565180
Andrea L Iannuzzelli NJNephrology1639171242
Michael Steven Silverman OHNephrology1770575458
Khoi N Hoang CANephrology1821099359
Lazo S. Pipovski FLNephrology1124010319
Vincent J. Carsillo NYNephrology1467444208
Vito K. Rocco CANephrology1386636074
Kendall Trevor From LANephrology1467445304
Mark Matthew Wilson LANephrology1295728087
Pinnamaneni Ramakrishna Prasad MINephrology1821099045
Krishnapillai Thavarajah MINephrology1538160742
Naushad Pervez MINephrology1962403170
Harold Helton KYNephrology1063404481
Syeda Mf Ali CANephrology1528051984
Robert T Meade FLNephrology1275527616
James W. Egel KYNephrology1750375135
Florida Heart & Vascular Multi Specialty Group Pa Nephrology1699769042
Jerry W Lockard KYNephrology1669466058
Brijnandan Singh Sodhi ILNephrology1700879178
Purba Biswas AZNephrology1740274190
Ravi Ramsamooj NCNephrology1124012406
Vijay K Gupta NJNephrology1831183110
Karl Brandspigel NCNephrology1104810498
Charles Strober NYNephrology1568456895
South Arkansas Nephrology And Hypertension Clinic ARNephrology1669466777
Muhammad Ahmer Kashif ARNephrology1194719203
Antonietta Mancao Castanares VANephrology1982698122
Martin Paul Harpen VANephrology1134113384
Keith Zaitoun VANephrology1679567820
Barbara G. Delano NYNephrology1750375937
Michael J Monsour RINephrology1528052677
Johns Hopkins University MDNephrology1376537456
Michael Donald Mcgoldrick NYNephrology1720072804
Srilakshmi Rebala GANephrology1730173733
Rey Francisco Rosario TXNephrology1033103080
Gautam Dasgupta GANephrology1518951524
Steve A Burka MDNephrology1033103114
Marisela Varela INNephrology1780678870
Fredrick V Osorio AZNephrology1306830229
Richard P Flick AZNephrology1215921135
Mandip S Kang AZNephrology1023002946
Daniel Drake Center For Post acute Care, Llc OHNephrology1558355487
Khalid Mahmood TXNephrology1235123209
Anthony Joseph Malcoun MINephrology1457345282
Crystal Renee Gardner-martin MINephrology1447244280
David O Opawumi TXNephrology1316931140
Bhupinder Singh AZNephrology1053305896
Nicolaos E Madias MANephrology1407840242
Robert S Cohen AZNephrology1952395790
Gurdev Singh AZNephrology1861486607
Jared A Jaffe FLNephrology1093709859
Yong Du TXNephrology1538153259
Seabury Dennison Stoneburner FLNephrology1154315984
Mariana S. Markell NYNephrology1043204779
Arthur Erwin Appel NYNephrology1558355107
Mary Linda Hawes NCNephrology1316931058
Michael D Holland NCNephrology1942294681
Eli A. Friedman NYNephrology1407840986
Michael Eric Feldman ORNephrology1184618761
Denise Marie Rivers TNNephrology1932193471
Muhammad Mustansar Qureshi INNephrology1427042985
Zeev Sharon GANephrology1063406502
Melissa M Go AZNephrology1053305540
Linda J Badillo FLNephrology1871588350
Azhar Ali Malik TXNephrology1366436875
David Walker Best VANephrology1215921721
Yun Chin Chong AZNephrology1245224757
Anne P Wagner TXNephrology1033103569
Srinivas K Hariachar FLNephrology1265427728
Muralidhar K Acharya FLNephrology1225023716
Prakas Thomas Dcunha FLNephrology1740275239
Steven D Smith NYNephrology1881689222
Abdel Farid Abu Shamat LANephrology1528053824
Anacleto Tagorda Ordinario LANephrology1831184126
Jean A Halpern WYNephrology1629063094
Randy I Cooper AZNephrology1154316495
Frieda Wolf NYNephrology1821083114
Albemarle Nephrology Assoc Nephrology1669467767
Claudio V Zawitkowski CANephrology1578558623
Mihkel J Haus CTNephrology1841285988
Donald J Felitto CTNephrology1831184977
Charles Langs NYNephrology1225023229
Alexander Gilbert NYNephrology1457346454
Judith A. Benstein NYNephrology1073508065
Purushottam M Reddy FLNephrology1205821170
Peter Jacob Nelson WANephrology1164417119
Dilip Unnikrishnan KYNephrology1366437279
Michael T Lemont FLNephrology1194710954
Douglas Maxwell INNephrology1043205800
John P Freeland ILNephrology1033104807
Kenneth Beckley INNephrology1114912987
Carmen S Slavov CANephrology1043205909
Jorge B Mordujovich FLNephrology1306831268
Anne Marie V Miles FLNephrology1669467429
Seymour J Frankfurt FLNephrology1629063581
William Vega-ocasio PRNephrology1598750317
Arnold E Barz LANephrology1710972559
Kenneth Raymond Phelps NYNephrology1831184670
Syed Ali Asghar TXNephrology1063407740
Jose Castillo-lugo TXNephrology1619962313


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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