Providers with Taxonomy: Nephrology in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nephrology
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Richard Lee Sires 90301, CANephrology1558364711
Stella Marie Feld 90301, CANephrology1144223397
Michael Dylan Healy 90301, CANephrology1861495020
Stuart Neil Winkler 90505, CANephrology1376546127
Juan S Corredor 90505, CANephrology1962405738
Muhammad T Bashir 95926, CANephrology1720081342
Amnon Licht 90232, CANephrology1669475273
Ranjit Alexius Cordeiro 91723, CANephrology1417950957
David Law 94611, CANephrology1235132580
David Marshall Bloom 90505, CANephrology1356344683
Margaret D. Bischel 93108, CANephrology1538162888
Kriengsak Itsara 95350, CANephrology1558363739
Modesto Kidney Medical Group 95350, CANephrology1306848569
Cornelis Vanderhoek 93555, CANephrology1447252572
Khosrow Peter Parsa 90505, CANephrology1194727321
Chang S Joo 95350, CANephrology1508868787
Kenneth K Liu 95350, CANephrology1326042391
Internal Medicine And Nephrology Med. Group Inc. 90505, CANephrology1497759104
Kishore K. Kalluri 95355, CANephrology1073517751
Piyanetr Sukhu 92653, CANephrology1497750269
John T Hsieh 90806, CANephrology1659376606
Karen A Zoller 90806, CANephrology1508861535
Andy Hong 90262, CANephrology1508861667
Henry E. Elson 93036, CANephrology1255336343
Jadwiga M Alexiewicz 92123, CANephrology1760487458
Terry L. Behrend 92123, CANephrology1790780484
Joel J. Baranski 92103, CANephrology1548265234
Diogo S. Belo 91910, CANephrology1326043027
Mark M. Boiskin 92037, CANephrology1437154143
George Z. Fadda 91942, CANephrology1619972247
David S. Namazy 92123, CANephrology1477558013
Tagumpay E. Sacamay 91950, CANephrology1407851041
Dylan L. Steer 92037, CANephrology1437154978
Frank J. Stella 91942, CANephrology1225033764
Theodore S. Thomas 92103, CANephrology1669477113
Alfredo B. Tiu 92103, CANephrology1043215502
Ricardo A. Soltero 91910, CANephrology1841295482
Judy R. Adler 92103, CANephrology1326043894
Rafael Fletes 95407, CANephrology1952306466
Lucy M. Miller 91942, CANephrology1467458620
Wuu Shyong Wu M.d. 90640, CANephrology1861498107
Steven M. Steinberg 92123, CANephrology1407852783
Essam Maasarani 90806, CANephrology1366448136
Coast Nephrology Medical Group Inc. 90806, CANephrology1053317826
Alan I Erlbaum 90806, CANephrology1255337028
Jose Sibal 95926, CANephrology1912903758
Jack Rubin 90720, CANephrology1700882479
Randeep Singh Bajwa 95204, CANephrology1083611594
George G Hon 90807, CANephrology1699772350
Marshal Paul Fichman 90048, CANephrology1184622805
Shih Hsu 91108, CANephrology1245238591
Richard R Barager 92056, CANephrology1508864448
Saumil M Gandhi 93060, CANephrology1427057843
Ushakant Thakkar 93065, CANephrology1780683193
Calbert A Wong 93010, CANephrology1902805294
Wen-tsang Ku 95116, CANephrology1710986161
Jie Shi Yan 93065, CANephrology1396744546
William Lynn Cooper 92262, CANephrology1750380986
Vimal Vermani 93010, CANephrology1013916279
Irma S Harriman 91402, CANephrology1619976784
Umamaheswara Rao Varanasi 93301, CANephrology1629077755
Sudhir Shyam Joshi 93308, CANephrology1720087877
Allan G Kavalich 92404, CANephrology1639178692
Arvind Sankalchand Shah 93301, CANephrology1295734218
Anthony Capparelli 91361, CANephrology1033119946
Firooz Pak 90045, CANephrology1568462364
Robert W Davies 94598, CANephrology1215937933
Robert A. Reiss, Md, Inc. 92024, CANephrology1568462208
Robert Allen Reiss 92024, CANephrology1609876341
Roderick A Comunale 91950, CANephrology1568462109
Hamid Sadeghi 91402, CANephrology1184624785
Salah Sonbol 91360, CANephrology1922008119
Richard Lessman 91360, CANephrology1073513263
Paul Finkel 91360, CANephrology1275533499
Rohit Sharma 94598, CANephrology1427059344
Jason Shey 94598, CANephrology1336140250
May Y Chiu 94598, CANephrology1407857329
Ileana A. Helms 94520, CANephrology1225039142
Carol Rogers Diraimondo 94598, CANephrology1265433288
Leena S Ray 94520, CANephrology1679574693
Mario Paul Curzi 94598, CANephrology1336140359
Elizabeth M Wrone 94598, CANephrology1326049115
An Quoc Dang 92843, CANephrology1952302564
Khoi N Hoang 95124, CANephrology1821099359
Carl Wilson 95405, CANephrology1033110465
Jill Elizabeth Edison 95405, CANephrology1225039514
Steven M Tilles 95124, CANephrology1841292745
Tarla P Joshi 95124, CANephrology1669474458
John H.h. Fisher 93551, CANephrology1699777334
Jan A Winetz 95124, CANephrology1790777852
Carl Wilson Md Inc & Jill Edison Md 95405, CANephrology1255323325
Vito K. Rocco 90024, CANephrology1386636074
Omaran A Abdeen 91345, CANephrology1700878410
Parag Arvind Shah 91345, CANephrology1225020886
Paul Phillip Krasner 92801, CANephrology1477545838
Regents Of The University Of Ca 95817, CANephrology1710970736
Amer Emile Jabara 92868, CANephrology1760475701
Aibar Herberto Huatuco 95376, CANephrology1245223932
Howard N Erlanger 92211, CANephrology1275526840
Gadsalli Ramaswamy Ravikumar 92801, CANephrology1982697579
Nausheen Ali 92801, CANephrology1609869296
Jorge Mario Mandelbaum 92801, CANephrology1518950104
Leonard Shapiro 92801, CANephrology1821081431
Nirav D Gandhi 92801, CANephrology1649263252
Joseph M Sanchez 92262, CANephrology1942293568
Syeda Mf Ali 91105, CANephrology1528051984
Claudio V Zawitkowski 92116, CANephrology1578558623
Essam A Mostafa 92708, CANephrology1316932270
Carmen S Slavov 91345, CANephrology1043205909
David J Heaney 93291, CANephrology1013902733
John T Bestoso 92103, CANephrology1295721884
Jack E Rubin 90301, CANephrology1346236205
Deno D Kang 90701, CANephrology1265428916
Minh Canh Do 92843, CANephrology1619964368
Luan K Do 91942, CANephrology1538156245
George Herron 95204, CANephrology1144217654
Jerry Soung 95204, CANephrology1154318764
Lian Soung 95204, CANephrology1174510747
Heena M Contractor 90720, CANephrology1518954973
Hai T Phan 92346, CANephrology1114915485
P B Sagireddy 95210, CANephrology1407844889
Edgard Mario Vera Tapia 92395, CANephrology1235127515
James L. Naughton 94564, CANephrology1447248778
Jagjit Singh 95204, CANephrology1801884929
Payman Vahedifar 90048, CANephrology1275522096
Subramanian Sivarajan 94301, CANephrology1154310951
Yvonne Mao 91502, CANephrology1114916434
John M Arcia 91502, CANephrology1932198256
Henry Gleed Nebeker 91502, CANephrology1881684850
Edward Vincent Barnes 91766, CANephrology1689664484
Daniel Levitan 91502, CANephrology1164412946
Vinay A Sunku 93534, CANephrology1326039405
Hai Thuong Phan 92346, CANephrology1104817840
Daniel Levitan Md Inc 91502, CANephrology1538150164
Melody Dumlao 93257, CANephrology1316938178
Glendale Community Medical Group, Inc. 91205, CANephrology1679564934
Amy Helen Watson 93720, CANephrology1093706350
Duc Cong Bui 91205, CANephrology1831170950
Elizabeth Lozada-pastorio 91910, CANephrology1730160425
Geetha Narayan 94558, CANephrology1386625754
Andrew I-wei Chin 95817, CANephrology1649251133
Michael L Gross 92629, CANephrology1427039015
Jabir Rahman Sharif 90304, CANephrology1497736938
Hong Sik Kim 92843, CANephrology1396727764
Jonathan Henry Segal 94553, CANephrology1780666164
Hanlon Joe Fong 94109, CANephrology1184607970
Hoa D Vu 92346, CANephrology1528041092
Tommy Zaharakis 92270, CANephrology1366426579
Keith L Klein 90211, CANephrology1982688040
Seyed Farhad N Chimeh 90034, CANephrology1306820220
Horacio Adalberto Rodiles 92243, CANephrology1609851237
Ramin Seyed Berenji 92243, CANephrology1063497691
George A. Kaysen 95817, CANephrology1083698617
Jose A. Morfin 95817, CANephrology1376528877
Jane Y. Yeun 95817, CANephrology1811972417
Thomas A. Depner 95817, CANephrology1962487561
William Richard Raffo 95062, CANephrology1659356137
Stephen Lui 90262, CANephrology1891770384
Michael A Soliman 91007, CANephrology1386629731
Shahid Hussain 92243, CANephrology1063497220
Anas Kayal 92025, CANephrology1851376917
Burl R. Don 95817, CANephrology1548245541
Robert H. Weiss 95817, CANephrology1336124346
Michael T. Sim 95823, CANephrology1811972771
Archana Aggarwal 94546, CANephrology1326024084
Brian Gallay 95817, CANephrology1326024001
Abraham Paykar 93534, CANephrology1114903762
Lana Gafter 95661, CANephrology1376529552
Maria Aleina Miguel Yen 95817, CANephrology1740266626
Sanford H Gaynor 90247, CANephrology1780661405
Abdul R Abukurah 91208, CANephrology1639156466
Beach Cities Nephrology 90503, CANephrology1225015944
Mark Nachman 90404, CANephrology1104803683
Anitha Bhaskar Toke 94110, CANephrology1548247737
El Camino Renal Medical Group, Inc 94040, CANephrology1770560914
Shahrzad Zarghamee 94040, CANephrology1689651820
Brian James Carrie 94040, CANephrology1851378095
Oleg F Rubin 94533, CANephrology1790762763
Cynthia Lin 94040, CANephrology1134106388
Adela Yniguez Ayala 93720, CANephrology1235116138
George Oscar Ting 94040, CANephrology1104803097
Hassan Boroujerdi-rad 90605, CANephrology1205814837
Kimberly L. Harper 92037, CANephrology1699753103
Kok-tong Ling 94108, CANephrology1164400263
Bernard Salick 90212, CANephrology1396724902
Tower Nephrology Medical Group 90048, CANephrology1699754358
John Peter Baron 96264, CANephrology1861471591
Canon Medical Group Inc 90210, CANephrology1023097631
Lilly Barba 90502, CANephrology1407835978
Guita Balakhane 90048, CANephrology1326027806
Adam K Horeish 91910, CANephrology1760461206
Matthew G Mischel 91405, CANephrology1013996172
Burton A Liebross 91356, CANephrology1659350718
Noha R Barsoum 91607, CANephrology1053391185
Jeffrey A Glick 91607, CANephrology1477533511
Jonardi Handoko 91786, CANephrology1780664581
Mark S Romoff 91405, CANephrology1578543179
Igwe Ukoha 90210, CANephrology1679553291
Michel Zakari 91204, CANephrology1750361093
Nicholas C Di Domenico 91405, CANephrology1982674222


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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