Providers with Taxonomy: Nephrology in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nephrology
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Macaulay Amechi Onuigbo 05401, WINephrology1699731893
Hang Thanh Vu 74136, WINephrology1730140476
Mohit Agarwal 85004, WINephrology1407061781
Shree Ramakant Mulay 38024, WINephrology1548671845
Nauman A. Siddiqi 33637, WINephrology1427187020
Bashar A Omari 54601, WINephrology1265592372
Ashish Kataria 87106, WINephrology1487975926
Syed A Khalid 63301, WINephrology1083787253
Mohamed M Taha 33770, WINephrology1811174634
Venkateshwaran K Iyer 55379, WINephrology1386625481
Ehab R Saad 53226, WINephrology1922005081
Lisa Haller 53209, WINephrology1245204858
Virginia V. Harrington 53934, WINephrology1487635850
Steven E Neu 54301, WINephrology1144224619
Andrew S Maike 53226, WINephrology1326433954
Neeharik Mareedu 21502, WINephrology1467834556
Chitra Sadasiwan Bhosekar 54301, WINephrology1114144466
Saqib Mahmud 53226, WINephrology1740596329
Manoj Kumar Pilla 54911, WINephrology1629453915
Anupama Verma 54301, WINephrology1447253299
Fouad Chebib 55905, WINephrology1235450602
Mireille El Ters 55905, WINephrology1861692311
Jacob Ninan 55905, WINephrology1063776417
Jaime Jimenez Lopez 54703, WINephrology1104235571
Nida Arabi 08831, WINephrology1194957639
Hiba Ikram Sheikh 27157, WINephrology1891059671
William Cheung 97330, WINephrology1255775797
Bay Area Nephrology S.c. 54301, WINephrology1841293800
Bellin Health Iron Mountain Inc 49801, WINephrology1023506706
Midwest Nephrology Associates, S.c. 53215, WINephrology1659304467
V G Lubsey, Md, Sc 53218, WINephrology1962501593
The Duluth Clinic, Ltd 54801, WINephrology1710104658
Surya Medical Group Sc 53142, WINephrology1043415631
Nephrology Associates Of Northern Illinois 53566, WINephrology1063605053
Midwest Nephrology Associates, S.c. 53188, WINephrology1487848743
Crystalkinetics, Llc 53211, WINephrology1649448259
The Duluth Clinic, Ltd 54880, WINephrology1083889554
The Duluth Clinic, Ltd 54806, WINephrology1619118759
Wisconsin Vascular Access And Nephrology 53202, WINephrology1841426798
Milwaukee Nephrologists, S.c. 53215, WINephrology1982763405
Wisconsin Kidney Care, S.c. 53714, WINephrology1114539087
Milwaukee Kidney Associates Sc 53212, WINephrology1366416778
Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group 53226, WINephrology1306927033
Dialysis Access Solutions, Llc 53226, WINephrology1245387992
Madison Area Renal Specialists, Sc 53713, WINephrology1104834894
A Vishnu Moorthy 53713, WINephrology1376519389
Aaron T Dall 53226, WINephrology1730131061
Abdul Moiz Khan 54703, WINephrology1548421738
Abhilash Koratala 53226, WINephrology1912288002
Adel B Korkor 53188, WINephrology1275568560
Adil Ghaffar 01608, WINephrology1124571948
Adil Jadoon 49801, WINephrology1588995807
Ahmed Malik 53215, WINephrology1679548135
Ajjampur Ramachandrarao Vidyaranya 53215, WINephrology1952375552
Alan Moreno 54904, WINephrology1427468651
Ali Ibrahim Gardezi 53713, WINephrology1356506794
Alice Ching 53226, WINephrology1770725988
Allen M. Kaufman 10128, WINephrology1154304368
Amir Daniel 53215, WINephrology1154313153
Andrew J. Olafsson 53215, WINephrology1144279332
Anushayanthan Alfred 53209, WINephrology1871765859
Arjang Djamali 53792, WINephrology1528035250
Arvind Kumar Garg 54601, WINephrology1154551968
Ashraf El-meanawy 53226, WINephrology1659486470
Atif A Qureshi 54956, WINephrology1629014790
Balaji Srinivasan 54601, WINephrology1467456244
Barbara Catherine Alberti 53295, WINephrology1750568465
Barbara Bresnahan 53226, WINephrology1073564431
Benjamin Reid Morgan 54022, WINephrology1750505913
Bhavna Bhasin 53226, WINephrology1295993715
Bianca Madrid 53226, WINephrology1780099960
Brahm S Vasudev 53226, WINephrology1588616155
Bret N Pasiuk 54935, WINephrology1447242490
Brian H Ewert 54449, WINephrology1306946256
Brian A Schrader 53715, WINephrology1740220540
Brian Schreiber 54956, WINephrology1598152126
Carlos R Galvao-sobrinho 53405, WINephrology1073936274
Cesar F Hernandez-arroyo 53713, WINephrology1528473733
Charles M Stuart 53566, WINephrology1548227317
Christoph H Eggert 53713, WINephrology1598738247
Christopher D. Adams 54601, WINephrology1760521769
Claire M Fritsche 53215, WINephrology1548252547
Clyde Edward Markon 54880, WINephrology1891884789
Daniel Guerra Rodas 53792, WINephrology1780948703
Daniel Allen Sturgill 53226, WINephrology1922341189
David W Koeper 54956, WINephrology1487698387
David J Palubiak 54301, WINephrology1871596627
Dawn Wolfgram 53295, WINephrology1699975193
Debesh Chandra Mazumdar 53212, WINephrology1427032960
Deepak Sharma 53222, WINephrology1366657710
Delin Wang 54401, WINephrology1740544857
Didier Mandelbrot 53792, WINephrology1295773596
Divakar B Pakkala 53158, WINephrology1790934073
Divya Sharma Chawla 53226, WINephrology1427318468
Douglas P Duffy 54449, WINephrology1366542227
Edward Ahrens 53715, WINephrology1225119522
Edward Lake 54904, WINephrology1336131101
Ehteshamul Haque Anjum 53548, WINephrology1932229390
Emily Louise Joachim 53226, WINephrology1427491604
Ezzideen Barjes Alrawi 53188, WINephrology1366732752
Fadi Z Ghandour 54601, WINephrology1487659199
Fadi Amin Hussein 53215, WINephrology1902004096
Fahad Aziz 53713, WINephrology1881968188
Francisco Zornosa 54904, WINephrology1225070774
Ganesh N Pulla 53142, WINephrology1679620918
Gauri Bhutani 53713, WINephrology1235466020
Gregory V Warren 53215, WINephrology1649262544
Gurvinder Bhardwaj 53188, WINephrology1215294624
H Thomas Campbell 54449, WINephrology1740395201
Ifueko Belinda Okundaye 54956, WINephrology1467460410
Imran Sajjad 53188, WINephrology1942255849
Irene Nunuk 53226, WINephrology1871988352
Jack G Kleinman 53226, WINephrology1508817347
Jahangir A Momin 54915, WINephrology1376578518
James C Brandes 53222, WINephrology1386636371
Jason Richard Bydash 54701, WINephrology1669628632
Jeff Widell 53215, WINephrology1992754527
Jeffrey A Wesson 53226, WINephrology1326090879
John F. Brennan 53405, WINephrology1154351153
John W Hartman 54304, WINephrology1922349927
John M Lawton 54301, WINephrology1508869587
John P Parker 54449, WINephrology1861592073
John R Raymond 53226, WINephrology1043328099
Jonathan B Jaffery 53705, WINephrology1992771901
Judy A Danek 53226, WINephrology1700105731
Jyoti Brar 54115, WINephrology1609193028
Kamal Amin 53209, WINephrology1265406516
Kamlesh Reddy Kurre 53226, WINephrology1679669766
Kathleen W Uy 53215, WINephrology1255323259
Kelby Roholt 53154, WINephrology1841823390
Kenneth J Kellner 54143, WINephrology1720195258
Kevin R. Regner 53226, WINephrology1811969843
Kevin P. Tucker 53215, WINephrology1295809036
Kim R Riess-sagers 54956, WINephrology1235173121
Kumar Sujeet 53226, WINephrology1467659672
Kumari Usha 54601, WINephrology1861443020
Kurtis J Swanson 53792, WINephrology1457748907
Lamya Boujelbane 53233, WINephrology1376786384
Laura Maursetter 53713, WINephrology1114197878
Leah I Metz 54601, WINephrology1467404855
Leena M Joshi 53158, WINephrology1003076597
Leonard Jon Quadracci 53214, WINephrology1578511085
Liping Xie 53405, WINephrology1417136409
Lisa M Kehl 54911, WINephrology1306950209
Lisa M Peterson 53207, WINephrology1336131986
Lisa Matuszewski Rich 53226, WINephrology1518931195
Loganathan Elangovan 53186, WINephrology1477572881
Lubna Majeed-haqqi 53222, WINephrology1588656573
Maha A Mohamed 53792, WINephrology1750336459
Mahendr S Kochar 53226, WINephrology1164473906
Mahmoud Turki Kamel 54143, WINephrology1902036569
Manohar Ahuja 53215, WINephrology1467426064
Mark R Carey 53186, WINephrology1003835422
Mark Y Nunag 53095, WINephrology1104095017
Mark E Rassier 54548, WINephrology1063514164
Mary T Sinnen 53209, WINephrology1679610661
Matthew Harvey Hanna 53215, WINephrology1962476531
Megan Lynn Anderson 53222, WINephrology1114246865
Micah R Chan 53713, WINephrology1659322048
Michael R Brooks 53081, WINephrology1942358403
Michael J Flanigan 54548, WINephrology1326036278
Michael D Hammeke 54449, WINephrology1275633943
Michelle Husmillo Malabanan 54143, WINephrology1144410291
Min Cho 53792, WINephrology1134668064
Mukoso Nwamaka Ozieh 53226, WINephrology1205168408
Narayana S Murali 54449, WINephrology1942274352
Natasha Vanchinathan 54476, WINephrology1588900161
Nathaniel S Jalil 54701, WINephrology1417043449
Naveet S Bal 53226, WINephrology1578773131
Nawras Alshoubaki 53154, WINephrology1003290586
Neelakantan Namboodiri 54868, WINephrology1437259173
Neetika Garg 53792, WINephrology1851521736
Nichole J Melton 53215, WINephrology1750555363
Nikhil Ashwin Parikh 53081, WINephrology1447487152
Ning Fu 95116, WINephrology1124224571
Omer Afzal 53188, WINephrology1952393944
Osaid K Ahmad 54956, WINephrology1689618589
Pablo H Abrego 54401, WINephrology1689774317
Pankaj K Dhingra 53186, WINephrology1639380926
Patrick D Macken 54701, WINephrology1003872417
Paul George Jenkins 53212, WINephrology1053386862
Paul J Warren 53215, WINephrology1487646477
Pratima Kamada 54601, WINephrology1801113790
Praveen Errabelli 54703, WINephrology1710393145
Qamaruddin Qazi 54311, WINephrology1700803541
Rade Milosevic 53158, WINephrology1891729950
Rafal G Ciecierski 54904, WINephrology1093916595
Ramachandra Rao 53545, WINephrology1518092501
Ramapriya Sinnakirouchenan 53226, WINephrology1306077300
Rebecca M. Blonsky 54449, WINephrology1669812764
Richard A Dart 54449, WINephrology1093815763
Rima Patel 53226, WINephrology1346668100
Rishi Kora 53209, WINephrology1053708511
Robert J Millican 54467, WINephrology1396786463
Rosanna M Ranieri 53143, WINephrology1407802002
Rosemary Ebozue Reriani 54449, WINephrology1336355825
Roy Jhagroo 53792, WINephrology1023216603
Ryan D Holzmacher 53228, WINephrology1598700601
Sameer Gupta 54934, WINephrology1669638508
Samrat V Bhat 54601, WINephrology1053503607


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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