Providers with Taxonomy: Neurology in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Neurology
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Harvey G. Goodman 85712, AZNeurology1679574362
Jeffrey R Buchhalter 85016, AZNeurology1982676714
Ronald Odell Hadden 85234, AZNeurology1194798868
Nadia A Fike 85718, AZNeurology1053380840
Dinesh Talwar 85718, AZNeurology1831168566
John C Gray 85718, AZNeurology1801865134
Janet B Teodori 85756, AZNeurology1326007055
Allen M Kaplan 85016, AZNeurology1477515955
William M Deering 85008, AZNeurology1619930948
Saunder M Bernes 85016, AZNeurology1700848868
Robert D Little 85016, AZNeurology1134163561
Richard Eugene Frye 85016, AZNeurology1891730461
Stanley Johnsen 85013, AZNeurology1568576320
Neurological Associates Of Tucson 85718, AZNeurology1669588158
Kara Lewis 85016, AZNeurology1417061185
Vinodh Narayanan 85012, AZNeurology1801900584
John F Kerrigan 85016, AZNeurology1134233901
Randa Jarrar 85016, AZNeurology1679665673
Phyllis K Sher 85712, AZNeurology1629166715
David Edwin Stetson 85546, AZNeurology1093896318
Angus Wilfong 85016, AZNeurology1629158977
Korwyn L Williams 85016, AZNeurology1922115609
Oro Valley Adult And Child Neurology Pllc 85739, AZNeurology1366592420
Makram Obeid 85016, AZNeurology1477746667
Jennifer Yuen 85202, AZNeurology1679749154
Reena Gogia Rastogi 85016, AZNeurology1073797700
Clarimar Borrero-mejias 85016, AZNeurology1639374630
John Raymond Condie 85016, AZNeurology1417104548
Ovictor Leo Roldan Tesoro 85008, AZNeurology1356584759
Apnna Arizona Pediatric Neurology & Neurogenetics Associates 85013, AZNeurology1518250224
Beth Ann Haynes 85016, AZNeurology1255569976
Deepali D Eksambe 85008, AZNeurology1982946299
Kavitha Tirumalasetti Karnik 85016, AZNeurology1770849275
Melanie B Alarcio, Md, Pllc 85254, AZNeurology1356892202
Tara Mangum 85016, AZNeurology1932428315
Melanie Alarcio 85215, AZNeurology1578763751
Az Neurorecovery Treatment Innovation Center, Llc 85215, AZNeurology1790256089
Jordana Fox Kensicki 85016, AZNeurology1881952794
Chi W Dai 85718, AZNeurology1932514478
Poonam Bhatia 85016, AZNeurology1346434610
Varina Louise Boerwinkle 85016, AZNeurology1922234392
Javier Fortunato Cardenas 85013, AZNeurology1447445440
Jennifer Ashley Heim 85016, AZNeurology1871835918
Alyx B Porter Umphrey 85259, AZNeurology1255303236
Radhika Dhamija 85259, AZNeurology1598967291
Kevin E Chapman 85016, AZNeurology1356322432
Muna Khan 85008, AZNeurology1801009949
Frederick Bassal 85016, AZNeurology1295113116
Rachel Bass 85719, AZNeurology1699185280
Matthew M Troester 85028, AZNeurology1134318942
Kendall Wyllie 85719, AZNeurology1922486984
Siddharth Jain 85202, AZNeurology1588847529
Stephanie Marie Manberg 85016, AZNeurology1255743639
Gary Earl Morris 85016, AZNeurology1659633725
Brian Leonard Appavu 85016, AZNeurology1396037644
Angad Kochar 85016, AZNeurology1750812350
Neil R Friedman 44195, AZNeurology1942236492
Klari Olenski 92592, AZNeurology1700265832


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