Providers with Taxonomy: Neurology in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Neurology
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Priti Singh 60453, ILNeurology1205831393
Mohamed Ammar Katerji 60563, ILNeurology1295736726
Audrius V Plioplys 60620, ILNeurology1386639342
Haidar Kabbani 60153, ILNeurology1144203753
Theodore R Sunder 62702, ILNeurology1255315065
David B Sperry 60190, ILNeurology1750368882
Rita Yadava 60153, ILNeurology1760461867
Debra M Odonnell 61801, ILNeurology1215902952
David G Ritacco 60611, ILNeurology1578531950
Joseph Gordon Millichap 60614, ILNeurology1306814876
Sookyong Koh 60614, ILNeurology1124096698
Marianne B Larsen 60614, ILNeurology1518926450
Leon Gary Epstein 60614, ILNeurology1295791812
Charles J Marcuccilli 60527, ILNeurology1801849559
Sunila Oconnor 60611, ILNeurology1417900168
Farha S Tokarz 60068, ILNeurology1538112859
Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation Inc 62207, ILNeurology1609813500
Hossam Hamdi Abdelsalam 60005, ILNeurology1972543080
Robert Terrell Egel 60453, ILNeurology1639111248
Nishant Shah 60068, ILNeurology1043254980
Peter T Heydemann 60612, ILNeurology1760419311
Elizabeth Berry-kravis 60612, ILNeurology1932130325
Charles Nash Swisher 60614, ILNeurology1811929003
Yolanda F Holler-managan 60190, ILNeurology1295769297
Siu Physicians & Surgeons, Inc 62781, ILNeurology1467476895
Cynthia Veronica Stack 60614, ILNeurology1447264932
Alma R Bicknese 60612, ILNeurology1083622955
Audrius V. Plioplys, M.d., S.c. 60620, ILNeurology1124039557
Douglas R Nordli 60637, ILNeurology1386755486
Leonard David Elkun 60610, ILNeurology1023129145
Leonard D Elkun Md Sc 60610, ILNeurology1356446306
Rita Yadava M.d.s.c. 60126, ILNeurology1053481929
Shakuntala Chhabria 60031, ILNeurology1992856678
Emmanuel Owen Arseni Picache Martinez 98166, ILNeurology1568501559
Michelle Annette Melyn 60305, ILNeurology1457484669
William Brian Dobyns 60637, ILNeurology1538282736
Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois 60612, ILNeurology1982824660
Andrea Catalina Pardo 60611, ILNeurology1003010059
Joanna S Blackburn 60611, ILNeurology1992904197
Saba Ahmad 60612, ILNeurology1104026699
Robert T. Egel, M. D., S. C. 60453, ILNeurology1992995625
Ryan Coates 60611, ILNeurology1184815870
David Allen Stumpf 60098, ILNeurology1760678817
John Joseph Millichap 60611, ILNeurology1225211600
Akira Yoshii 60612, ILNeurology1992981518
Shubhangi Shahaji Peche 62701, ILNeurology1063681336
Bethanie Nichole Morgan 61801, ILNeurology1710150818
Children's Physician Group 60102, ILNeurology1154597029
Luda Mila Sorin 60068, ILNeurology1982870317
Lubov Romantseva 60612, ILNeurology1851558001
Takijah T. Heard 60201, ILNeurology1952560492
Kaiz Shabbar Asif 60435, ILNeurology1679729875
Margaret Gross Michelson 60201, ILNeurology1619123114
Avi Elizabeth Domnitz-gebet 61103, ILNeurology1619125622
Gaurav Yadava 60637, ILNeurology1194974600
Chalongchai Phitsanuwong 60637, ILNeurology1245484740
Claudine Geronimo Sinsioco 60637, ILNeurology1831335850
Jonathan Elledge Kurz 60611, ILNeurology1437393816
Larry Tyron Gaines 60637, ILNeurology1427287903
Diana Sieciechowicz 60190, ILNeurology1508192048
Julia Marie Henry 60637, ILNeurology1710208798
Ilya Khaytin 19104, ILNeurology1326369851
Anna B Jeong 60611, ILNeurology1780976399
Reza Kanani 60637, ILNeurology1609134352
Rochelle Marie Witt 02115, ILNeurology1629411418
Olga Kozlova 60031, ILNeurology1477997674
Associates In Neuroscience, Sc 60527, ILNeurology1235564766
Vamshi Rao 60611, ILNeurology1770731374
Mohammad Ikramuddin 60068, ILNeurology1285712851
Mohammed Homsi 60169, ILNeurology1932272952
Aliesje Sorgeloos 60453, ILNeurology1700226206
Shaku Chhabria Neurological Services Sc 60031, ILNeurology1184636805
Neurology Centers Of Illinois Sc 60714, ILNeurology1558714352
Adult And Pediatric Neurology 60646, ILNeurology1720532773
Bravo Behavioral Health Llc 60076, ILNeurology1215413224
Sonam Verma 62702, ILNeurology1790181402


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