Providers with Taxonomy: Neurology in the state of Tennessee

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Neurology
in the state of Tennessee:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David M Suhrbier 37403, TNNeurology1629070651
Masanori Igarashi 38132, TNNeurology1609832849
Amy L Mcgregor 38103, TNNeurology1790742609
James Wheless 38105, TNNeurology1659337855
Ahmad B Al-hamda 46804, TNNeurology1851357586
Barbara Jean Olson 37064, TNNeurology1427098664
Stephen Parker Fulton 38103, TNNeurology1548209257
Christopher A Miller 37916, TNNeurology1144230962
Karsten Gammeltoft 37916, TNNeurology1275543993
Child Neurology Services, Pc 37916, TNNeurology1548270283
Anna E Kosentka 37916, TNNeurology1417968157
Alexia Flangini 37403, TNNeurology1023457181
Tyler E Reimschisel 37232, TNNeurology1922024223
Jesus Eric Pina-garza 37203, TNNeurology1205928611
Shanti Sengamalam Thirumalai 37075, TNNeurology1528155132
Memphis Neurology Pllc 38138, TNNeurology1700943172
Pediatric Neurology 38138, TNNeurology1811054372
Willie Thomas Anderson 37067, TNNeurology1851448476
Elizabeth Ann Null 38401, TNNeurology1215064852
Robin Lynne Jack 38103, TNNeurology1649309394
Amy D. Malphrus 77025, TNNeurology1558424846
Lewis Mccoy Miller 37403, TNNeurology1144403171
Kathleen Nicole Montinola Jalandoni 38104, TNNeurology1386811891
Sharlisa Waller Hutson 37403, TNNeurology1740440445
Thomas A Ireland 37403, TNNeurology1366607327
Basanagoud Mudigoudar 38103, TNNeurology1528278223
Sarah E Weatherspoon 38103, TNNeurology1407021389
Willie Anderson Md Llc 37067, TNNeurology1700037074
Marianna Rivas-coppola 38103, TNNeurology1831423607
Vesna Micic 10025, TNNeurology1811121502
Amy Law Patterson 38103, TNNeurology1629369475
Namrata Samir Shah 38103, TNNeurology1184870958
Jessica Lee Sheah 37916, TNNeurology1801182340
Elizabeth Cruz 38138, TNNeurology1437419017
Day Burruss Breen 37403, TNNeurology1508121765
Aliesje Sorgeloos 60453, TNNeurology1700226206
Paola Castri 27157, TNNeurology1629481577
James Alan Fry 37203, TNNeurology1659482305
Richard Sanford Finkel 38105, TNNeurology1073547741
Eric Andrew Armour 37232, TNNeurology1699160515
Andrew Charles Schroeder 38103, TNNeurology1598152928
Nitish Chourasia 38103, TNNeurology1316387095
Arun Solanki 38138, TNNeurology1821331000
Richard David Jacobson 28210, TNNeurology1013968858
Elena Caron 38103, TNNeurology1356544340
Alice Lawrence 37232, TNNeurology1821294331
Lori Chaffin Jordan 37232, TNNeurology1285720938
Whitney Boon 37232, TNNeurology1619269800
William Bryan Burnette 37232, TNNeurology1265579338
Kaitlin James 37232, TNNeurology1013064906
Jeffrey Lorenz Neul 37232, TNNeurology1508801556
Ngochanh Hung Vu 37232, TNNeurology1154611523
Lindsay Pagano 37232, TNNeurology1700029261
Jessica Demarest Wharton 37204, TNNeurology1104212653
Norman E Trevathan 37232, TNNeurology1669498804
Mariana Ion Ciobanu 37232, TNNeurology1427075340
Heather Rose Mead Riordan 37232, TNNeurology1568774131
Kevin Ess 37232, TNNeurology1063509198
Robert Carson 37232, TNNeurology1366599250
Emma Grace Carter 37232, TNNeurology1104188960
Cary Fu 37232, TNNeurology1952329807
Shilpa Bokka Reddy 37232, TNNeurology1326364605
Jennifer Ann Brault 37232, TNNeurology1154527760
Ut Lebonheur Pediatric Specialists, Inc. 38103, TNNeurology1093024101
Althea Angelica Shelton 37232, TNNeurology1417134677
Adrianne Marie Parkey 72202, TNNeurology1902226731
Carla Zingariello 19104, TNNeurology1699061721
Kathryn Bowdoin Lalor 35233, TNNeurology1831532472
Swati Arun Karmarkar 77384, TNNeurology1275701229
Kohilavani Velayudam 30097, TNNeurology1386819381


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