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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
James Ben Renfroe FLNeurosurgery1780686717
Terry Horner INNeurosurgery1356342489
Harry Stanley Morehead AZNeurosurgery1790787703
Russell Weed Walker AZNeurosurgery1952303968
William R Seybold CONeurosurgery1841292752
William G Herrera CONeurosurgery1730181645
Donald James Sceats CONeurosurgery1093717902
Andrew Stern NYNeurosurgery1790787760
Simhadri M Gupta NJNeurosurgery1760483895
Albert L Berarducci OHNeurosurgery1760484851
Alan Samuel Boulos NYNeurosurgery1821090747
Ronald L Young INNeurosurgery1235131103
Edward Earl Icaza TXNeurosurgery1134121940
David Howard Walker ORNeurosurgery1063414803
Benedicta G Enrile OHNeurosurgery1023010907
Thomas Charles Ribovich CONeurosurgery1376545277
Henry C Goodman KYNeurosurgery1346242153
Evelyn A. P. Curioso ORNeurosurgery1699777482
Clifford J Schostal WANeurosurgery1215939905
Catherine Marie Ellison ORNeurosurgery1831191535
Daniel M Gibbs ORNeurosurgery1720080427
Pushpa Narayanaswami MANeurosurgery1326040197
Jeffrey Allen Jackson TXNeurosurgery1821090697
Stephen David Forner CANeurosurgery1336141159
Anne Moss NYNeurosurgery1518969385
Nancy Washburn TXNeurosurgery1740282524
Michael W Brown CONeurosurgery1003818790
Erik Aragon FLNeurosurgery1770585556
Donald Elliott Wishnow NYNeurosurgery1356343925
James Poole Cartland CANeurosurgery1295737765
Michael Nobles Baker CANeurosurgery1881696508
Edward Lebretta Davis FLNeurosurgery1437151172
Eugene W Brown ILNeurosurgery1346242088
Paul M. Colopy VANeurosurgery1811999550
Shahid Parvez NYNeurosurgery1265434922
James Matthew Schumacher FLNeurosurgery1386646008
Debra Byler PANeurosurgery1174525810
Demetrios Karides NYNeurosurgery1891797502
William Daniel Williamson TXNeurosurgery1114929866
Joselito Lecaros Millan INNeurosurgery1639171309
Luis J. Forastieri PRNeurosurgery1902808553
Mark S Maxwell TXNeurosurgery1437151842
James R Lamorgese IANeurosurgery1124020615
Darryl John Dirisio NYNeurosurgery1407858830
Olga A. Katz PANeurosurgery1427050913
John A Rescigno NHNeurosurgery1215939715
Eric J Woodard MANeurosurgery1932101433
Dzintra Freimane Celmins NYNeurosurgery1427050954
Jeffrey Scott Walker FLNeurosurgery1972505451
Scott Carlson WANeurosurgery1659373116
Marc E Hines IANeurosurgery1265434674
Glenn Y Castaneda NYNeurosurgery1821090333
Jeffrey Louis Karasick ILNeurosurgery1083616510
Sudhin Kanabar OHNeurosurgery1750373882
Shon William Cook OKNeurosurgery1629060660
Richard D Belkin MNNeurosurgery1588656763
Mark Nolan Augustine TNNeurosurgery1467444547
Thomas W Peltola MNNeurosurgery1861484040
Carlos A Williams VANeurosurgery1669464855
Steven P Smith NYNeurosurgery1730171851
Coleman O Martin IANeurosurgery1841282043
Joseph F Emrich NYNeurosurgery1649262858
Lori A Depersia PANeurosurgery1295727352
William S. Gilmer TXNeurosurgery1558353417
Jerome Stuart Haller NYNeurosurgery1437141306
Kevin D Nowicki FLNeurosurgery1154313021
Andrew Joseph Braunstein NCNeurosurgery1457343337
James L. Bicksel VANeurosurgery1265424147
Christian M Dinsmore MINeurosurgery1346232220
Roman E Politi MINeurosurgery1588656466
Pratap C Gupta MINeurosurgery1295727188
Donald Stone Higgins NYNeurosurgery1003808999
Sheldon Lazar ILNeurosurgery1275525172
Eugene H Roos CANeurosurgery1467444380
Deema A Fattal IANeurosurgery1982696803
Thoru Yamada IANeurosurgery1154313070
E Torage Shivapour IANeurosurgery1699767525
Praful M. Kelkar MNNeurosurgery1588656417
Barry Shpizner NYNeurosurgery1902898844
Patricia Ann Fodor CONeurosurgery1972595783
Robert W. Dow OKNeurosurgery1619969409
Andres Hugo Keichian TXNeurosurgery1225020019
David A Cavanaugh LANeurosurgery1821080672
Zohreh Mahdavi MNNeurosurgery1356333116
Devendra K Jain KSNeurosurgery1083606842
Edward Randolph Noble NYNeurosurgery1063404820
Kathleen Brelsford French VANeurosurgery1841282506
David Robert Boesler FLNeurosurgery1740272400
Edward A Aul IANeurosurgery1538151105
William T Talman IANeurosurgery1093707671
Charles F. Ormiston MNNeurosurgery1629060496
Paul M. Schanfield MNNeurosurgery1073505822
Charles E. Imbus CANeurosurgery1912999764
Randall William Smith CANeurosurgery1881686632
Nadeem Iqbal MNNeurosurgery1285626036
Jamshaid A Minhas NYNeurosurgery1093707846
Robert D Schneider TXNeurosurgery1801888631
Stuart K. Cohan TXNeurosurgery1982696753
Thomas R. Jacques MNNeurosurgery1609868470
Steven M Bailey FLNeurosurgery1700878436
Viktoria R Erhardt ILNeurosurgery1578555256
Richard David Brower TXNeurosurgery1801888557
David M Seales NCNeurosurgery1952393605
David H Lucas FLNeurosurgery1336131069
Craig Daniel Dubois NCNeurosurgery1164414819
John David Beerbower TXNeurosurgery1811989577
Krzysztof K Kundo MANeurosurgery1922090596
Samuel Leon Bridgers CTNeurosurgery1053303693
Scot J Richardson CANeurosurgery1437141058
David A Kvam CTNeurosurgery1790777316
Russell C. Packard FLNeurosurgery1881686392
David I. Doorenbos MSNeurosurgery1710979323
Michael Jay Somple OHNeurosurgery1366434912
James B Worrell IANeurosurgery1568454189
Mark D Bej OHNeurosurgery1427040914
Lucian Maidan CANeurosurgery1518959097
Mark A Olson MINeurosurgery1225020746
Gunseli Sarpel NYNeurosurgery1164414694
Qian Wu CTNeurosurgery1336131861
Daniel Singer FLNeurosurgery1033101571
Robert E Kessler NVNeurosurgery1700878287
Allan Ernest Hallquist KYNeurosurgery1992797443
Randolph B. Schiffer TXNeurosurgery1447242995
David Scott Whitcomb GANeurosurgery1053303404
Michael H Cho NYNeurosurgery1710979174
Charles Richard Price FLNeurosurgery1497747869
Theodore N Batzer MINeurosurgery1336131606
Edwin Howard Charnock TXNeurosurgery1790777076
Howard Mandell SCNeurosurgery1316939697
Hubert A Leonard ORNeurosurgery1386636769
Robert Wayne Milas ILNeurosurgery1003808411
Paul N Chervin MANeurosurgery1396737714
Wilbur Clarence Sanford CANeurosurgery1932191350
John Patrick Barbuto UTNeurosurgery1366434797
Leslie Davis Mcallister ORNeurosurgery1407848831
Jozef A Ottowicz UTNeurosurgery1861484297
Kent H Kistler SCNeurosurgery1730171166
Glenn M Winnestaffer OHNeurosurgery1528050952
David J Silas ARNeurosurgery1740272004
Dennis M Gettelfinger SCNeurosurgery1568454841
Joe O Othman WVNeurosurgery1669464004
Diego B Nunez CTNeurosurgery1457343790
Mary Joanne Bernadette Stallmeyer PANeurosurgery1710979067
Nancy Ann Robinson TXNeurosurgery1700878089
Mark A. Porter SCNeurosurgery1346232634
Allan S. Ryder-cook SCNeurosurgery1144212432
Jack David Gardner TXNeurosurgery1851383152
George Robert Coder PANeurosurgery1902898216
Richard Barry Rosenbaum ORNeurosurgery1588656896
Mark W Zahara ALNeurosurgery1033101365
Robert Alan Rosenbaum ORNeurosurgery1255324596
Thomas A. Leavens TXNeurosurgery1114910460
Frank Reginald Brown SCNeurosurgery1073506333
Michael K Greenberg MDNeurosurgery1932192150
Samuel D. Newell MSNeurosurgery1962495192
Jeffrey M Karp FLNeurosurgery1598758724
Justin C. Graff MSNeurosurgery1427041664
Khalid Mahmood OHNeurosurgery1114910361
John R Smithson OKNeurosurgery1669465811
Nicolas M Perez Maldonado PRNeurosurgery1558354829
Randy Owen Kritzer NCNeurosurgery1508859745
Dinesh Shukla NYNeurosurgery1033102280
Mark Alec Bryer FLNeurosurgery1477546786
Kishore N Ranade NYNeurosurgery1124011366
Thomas M Gilson MENeurosurgery1619960945
Ronald Tai Young Moon ALNeurosurgery1043203334
Alberto Martinez-arizala FLNeurosurgery1770576068
Akemi Takekoshi MINeurosurgery1356334676
Peter M. Carney INNeurosurgery1174516496
Fereidoon Parsioon TNNeurosurgery1518950831
Keelyn Wu MENeurosurgery1356333686
Teck Mun Soo MINeurosurgery1225020555
Jun Kimura IANeurosurgery1144213257
Hiroyuki Oya IANeurosurgery1689667701
Patrick W Hitchon IANeurosurgery1043203177
Patricia H Davis IANeurosurgery1366435497
Robert L Rodnitzky IANeurosurgery1801889936
Michael Wall IANeurosurgery1538152665
Mark A Granner IANeurosurgery1528051653
Pinky Agarwal WANeurosurgery1245223296
Reed Calhoun Wilson ORNeurosurgery1598758534
Alfonso Aldama TXNeurosurgery1164415170
William Brewster Smith ORNeurosurgery1912990938
Paul C. Schroeder INNeurosurgery1871586909
Matthew Rizzo NENeurosurgery1598758633
Rafael Revol Nunez PANeurosurgery1700879996
Miguel Angel Pappolla TXNeurosurgery1528051646
Hiroto Kawasaki IANeurosurgery1982697009
Arnold H Menezes IANeurosurgery1881687903
Jeremy D Greenlee IANeurosurgery1053304170
Matthew A Howard IANeurosurgery1770576803
William Thomas Oakes MSNeurosurgery1205829330
Vincent C Traynelis ILNeurosurgery1487647517
Anthony J Santiago AZNeurosurgery1912990060
Norman Kai-yan So OHNeurosurgery1376536425
Christopher Parsons INNeurosurgery1619960788
Allan S Troupin WANeurosurgery1760475834
Kenneth Lee Pilgreen ALNeurosurgery1649263716
Richard Louis Harper TXNeurosurgery1174516116
Barbara L Phillips OHNeurosurgery1346233384


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