Providers with Taxonomy: Neurosurgery in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Neurosurgery
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mohammad Kaleem Uddin 92595, CANeurosurgery1962405142
Yao Liu 93291, CANeurosurgery1891798971
Esmaeil Sebti 92284, CANeurosurgery1194728881
James F. Yusuf Q. Erskine 95472, CANeurosurgery1134122690
Thomas Michael Mccombs 94503, CANeurosurgery1245234582
Herve J. Dumont 90029, CANeurosurgery1982608238
Amirhassan Bahreman 91942, CANeurosurgery1164426953
Edward J O'connor 90403, CANeurosurgery1568466555
Jacqueline V Tran 95816, CANeurosurgery1760486534
Vickie A Walton 93720, CANeurosurgery1366447658
Robert Lee Calmes 93701, CANeurosurgery1730184987
Sherry Lee Braheny 91942, CANeurosurgery1518962778
Enrico Cusi Lallana 95825, CANeurosurgery1225033087
Vrijesh Shantanu Tantuwaya 92064, CANeurosurgery1235134966
Thomas E Mcknight 95973, CANeurosurgery1679578538
Edward Bruce Friedman 91910, CANeurosurgery1053316794
Timothy M. Koci 89502, CANeurosurgery1659377935
Shahin Etebar 92270, CANeurosurgery1194721308
Charles Joseph Wrobel 93311, CANeurosurgery1033115266
Lisa Marie Musial 92119, CANeurosurgery1336145697
Robert Frank Wayner 92653, CANeurosurgery1982600938
Leyla Mohassessy Azmoun 93611, CANeurosurgery1508862566
Bruce Leonard Ginier 93720, CANeurosurgery1356347298
David A. Stein 92123, CANeurosurgery1619973476
Matthew Bobinski 95817, CANeurosurgery1164428082
Christopher Schaefer 95816, CANeurosurgery1023014727
Jim Chin-sin Chen 95661, CANeurosurgery1255337960
Richard Childrey Gross 95661, CANeurosurgery1164428876
Robert Martin Lincoln 95816, CANeurosurgery1457357170
Diane M Lovell 95616, CANeurosurgery1386640092
Duc H. Duong 90241, CANeurosurgery1598761181
Daniel R Lemay 90241, CANeurosurgery1356347959
Narasimhachari Raghavan 95816, CANeurosurgery1831195403
Robert Malley 95825, CANeurosurgery1164428769
Albert Brandt Schraner 95816, CANeurosurgery1578569141
Randy Kent Knutzon 95661, CANeurosurgery1730185620
Charles Mcdonnell 95816, CANeurosurgery1083610687
Jeffrey Shih Kuo 95816, CANeurosurgery1366448060
Christopher Chong 95816, CANeurosurgery1851397772
Neuromedical Diagnostic Medical Group 90813, CANeurosurgery1033116546
Lisa Herring Sovory 92506, CANeurosurgery1306843677
Michael Peter Norton 95816, CANeurosurgery1801893193
John Peyton Walter 95816, CANeurosurgery1417954546
Regan Asher 95661, CANeurosurgery1093712143
Abbas Mehdi 93720, CANeurosurgery1356348387
Kaye Karol Drennan 95816, CANeurosurgery1619974714
John P Farkas 95661, CANeurosurgery1215934328
David Sidney Goller 95825, CANeurosurgery1992702088
Md Medical Group, Inc. 93720, CANeurosurgery1700883733
Harley R Deere 90241, CANeurosurgery1588661524
San San Win 94133, CANeurosurgery1639177355
Khalifa Mansour 90241, CANeurosurgery1538166418
Barry A Swerdloff 95825, CANeurosurgery1245237015
Arthur Ira Garfinkel 91355, CANeurosurgery1619974334
Arthur P. Kowell 91436, CANeurosurgery1700884905
Nazanin Matloubi 90027, CANeurosurgery1790783942
Paul Stephen Aisen 92103, CANeurosurgery1669470753
Wayne M Whalen, Dc, A Chiropractic 92071, CANeurosurgery1134127103
Glenn Allen Hofer 95661, CANeurosurgery1629075718
James J Steidler 95816, CANeurosurgery1003813460
Vartan Michael Malian 95816, CANeurosurgery1639177322
Huu-ninh Vien Dao 95816, CANeurosurgery1093712119
Paul R. Dong 95816, CANeurosurgery1447257589
Julie Wong 95816, CANeurosurgery1528066164
Jonathan Breslau 95816, CANeurosurgery1942208699
Patrick Vogel 95816, CANeurosurgery1992702195
Susan W Sompayrac 95816, CANeurosurgery1255338695
Dylan James Witt 95825, CANeurosurgery1316945058
John F Delavega 95825, CANeurosurgery1326045212
Calvin Wang 95816, CANeurosurgery1326045451
David Franklin Winfield 95816, CANeurosurgery1407853252
Nicole Carbo 95816, CANeurosurgery1902803059
Bahram Varjavand 95816, CANeurosurgery1134126501
Miyuki I Murphy 95816, CANeurosurgery1598762585
Zoltan Mocsary 93291, CANeurosurgery1306843966
Sean Austin Johnston 92590, CANeurosurgery1023553336
George Thomas Bolton 95816, CANeurosurgery1568469708
Christopher Nicholas Simopoulos 95816, CANeurosurgery1609873066
Martin D. Levine 91405, CANeurosurgery1669470860
Kyoo Sang Ro 91203, CANeurosurgery1083613897
David Steven Karlin 92868, CANeurosurgery1477552016
Elizabeth Jane Cambray-forker 92868, CANeurosurgery1295734838
Kathleen Pojunas 93105, CANeurosurgery1386643989
Natan Ryan Shaoulian 90210, CANeurosurgery1114926433
Mylon Marshall 95816, CANeurosurgery1720087059
Nancie Odbert 94501, CANeurosurgery1154320190
George A Perrine 90815, CANeurosurgery1093714925
Frank L Cantrell 93710, CANeurosurgery1528068814
Victor S Hogen 91345, CANeurosurgery1235139346
Charles Kerber 91941, CANeurosurgery1366443533
Adam Brant 93720, CANeurosurgery1811998248
Keith Bradley Quattrocchi 95616, CANeurosurgery1730180910
Reynaldo B Santa Mina 95835, CANeurosurgery1144221383
Stephen David Forner 95926, CANeurosurgery1336141159
James Poole Cartland 93465, CANeurosurgery1295737765
Michael Nobles Baker 93230, CANeurosurgery1881696508
Eugene H Roos 93306, CANeurosurgery1467444380
Charles E. Imbus 91007, CANeurosurgery1912999764
Randall William Smith 92027, CANeurosurgery1881686632
Scot J Richardson 93003, CANeurosurgery1437141058
Lucian Maidan 95816, CANeurosurgery1518959097
Wilbur Clarence Sanford 92307, CANeurosurgery1932191350
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CANeurosurgery1134112295
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CANeurosurgery1861485880
Ayman Mohamed Salem 91505, CANeurosurgery1407849110
Jack Hugh Florin 92835, CANeurosurgery1912990656
James Edward Gaydos 94597, CANeurosurgery1790778439
Miguel Angel Valdes-sueiras 91342, CANeurosurgery1598758864
Kerry Lindell 94040, CANeurosurgery1043212756
H Abdul Majid 95112, CANeurosurgery1518951391
Howard Tung 92121, CANeurosurgery1538153341
Neil Grant Johnson 92307, CANeurosurgery1740274380
James M Herman 93003, CANeurosurgery1952396491
Farzad Massoudi 92653, CANeurosurgery1437144599
Albert John Popp 94305, CANeurosurgery1114912284
Antelope Valley Neuroscience 93534, CANeurosurgery1114912979
Robert J Jackson 92653, CANeurosurgery1023003605
Mehmet H Ozgur 91325, CANeurosurgery1063408185
Peter B. Weber 94115, CANeurosurgery1639165483
Peter P. Sun 94609, CANeurosurgery1972590354
A Kareem Jaffer 92543, CANeurosurgery1225025422
Terence David Sanger 94305, CANeurosurgery1326036013
A Scott Overfield 94535, CANeurosurgery1033107727
Moustapha Abou-samra 93003, CANeurosurgery1194719807
Vipin Bansal 95661, CANeurosurgery1518954577
Jerry P Arnold 95667, CANeurosurgery1811984859
Joseph Connolly 95903, CANeurosurgery1275520926
Jeffrey D. Olsen 92612, CANeurosurgery1376537399
Thomas W Ela 92831, CANeurosurgery1831184795
Ferdinand A Alfonso 91010, CANeurosurgery1356339733
Regents Of The Univ Of Ca 95817, CANeurosurgery1356330203
Ken Soderlund Sato 95060, CANeurosurgery1306835012
Sonya Sheth Patel 95032, CANeurosurgery1659360139
Bena Fisher 91910, CANeurosurgery1598754939
Jon M Foran 91105, CANeurosurgery1417946526
John M Morrison 93292, CANeurosurgery1821087933
David S Hewitt 93292, CANeurosurgery1124018148
David M Kaufman 93292, CANeurosurgery1639169592
Kenneth A Thomas 94044, CANeurosurgery1659361350
Steven David Brass 95817, CANeurosurgery1548250848
John D Hixson 94143, CANeurosurgery1336130475
Desert Medical Group, Inc. 92262, CANeurosurgery1023009529
Robert Seth Wall 92055, CANeurosurgery1003897224
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95819, CANeurosurgery1477534584
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95616, CANeurosurgery1194706200
Andrew J Skalsky 92123, CANeurosurgery1487635272
Suzanne C Koopmans 95817, CANeurosurgery1891776688
Calandra D Lindsey 95817, CANeurosurgery1245211184
Jane C Kim 95817, CANeurosurgery1871574772
Ramin Amirnovin 91767, CANeurosurgery1497736334
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95630, CANeurosurgery1831170851
Harvinder Mundh 95817, CANeurosurgery1750362620
Ramanand C. Dandillaya 93454, CANeurosurgery1508847187
Lawrence H.m. Fung 95817, CANeurosurgery1407837164
Neuzil Lai 95817, CANeurosurgery1265413736
Bertram Martin Froehly 92506, CANeurosurgery1114908597
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95603, CANeurosurgery1508847096
Amber Amalia Smith 95817, CANeurosurgery1417938911
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95602, CANeurosurgery1174504666
Keith Kwok 95376, CANeurosurgery1104807569
Linda K Lewis 92009, CANeurosurgery1760463194
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95816, CANeurosurgery1396726790
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95816, CANeurosurgery1114908514
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95825, CANeurosurgery1861473282
Mark Jude Tramo 90017, CANeurosurgery1447232731
Serguei Ivanovich Bannykh 90048, CANeurosurgery1053392365
Michael W Obrien 96001, CANeurosurgery1952382228
Dianna Chooljian 90806, CANeurosurgery1902888043
Nadine H Yassa 95678, CANeurosurgery1689656647
Radiological Associates Of Sacramento Medical Group 95816, CANeurosurgery1760464507
Angelita Dineros Tangco 94565, CANeurosurgery1508848292
Ronald Oakley Bailey 92506, CANeurosurgery1104808914
Johnson Benjamin Lightfoote 91767, CANeurosurgery1083696637
David Pleasure 95817, CANeurosurgery1043292402
Michael Thomas Saito 92506, CANeurosurgery1912989385
Gwendolyn Marie Brophy 92055, CANeurosurgery1225011414
Breanna Ruthrauff 95817, CANeurosurgery1235112483
Vinson Louis Uytana 90016, CANeurosurgery1275515611
Nicole A Lopez-seminario 95661, CANeurosurgery1063493567
Shawn J Kile 95817, CANeurosurgery1831170844
Paul Singer 95032, CANeurosurgery1538150271
Ignacio Marcos Carrillo-nunez 90813, CANeurosurgery1205827201
Fatta B Nahab 92037, CANeurosurgery1942291729
Karen D Ragland 90806, CANeurosurgery1669454823
Imdad Yusufaly 92595, CANeurosurgery1407838105
Mark Angel Agius 95695, CANeurosurgery1003897349
Clark C Chen 55455, CANeurosurgery1437149523
Carlos Quintana 94117, CANeurosurgery1740261627
Farhad M Limonadi Md Inc 92270, CANeurosurgery1053302653
Joni M Clark 92270, CANeurosurgery1992786107
James E. Boggan 95817, CANeurosurgery1548243421
Kee D. Kim 95817, CANeurosurgery1568445476
M. Mohsin Shah 92705, CANeurosurgery1811970726
Benjamin F Cowan 90720, CANeurosurgery1760465728
Mark Levy 93720, CANeurosurgery1548243389
Lawrence J Fogel 93401, CANeurosurgery1649253162
Joseph David Pinter 95817, CANeurosurgery1679557995
Andrew A Hsu 94087, CANeurosurgery1366426694
Shafeeq S Ladha 85013, CANeurosurgery1417931767
Marybeth Grant-beuttler 92625, CANeurosurgery1720062813


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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