Providers with Taxonomy: Neurosurgery in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Neurosurgery
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Chris J Marino 33907, FLNeurosurgery1417950635
Lane R Carlin 33907, FLNeurosurgery1033112263
Paul F Driscoll 33907, FLNeurosurgery1376546598
Christina M Diaz 33713, FLNeurosurgery1265435481
Peter Livingston 33021, FLNeurosurgery1235132358
Mark A Spatola 32073, FLNeurosurgery1437152519
Celso Agner 33316, FLNeurosurgery1194728964
Ronald E Howard 34109, FLNeurosurgery1316940976
Jose Jorge Pozo 34986, FLNeurosurgery1508868779
S M S Do Pa 34668, FLNeurosurgery1346244100
Brad E. Mccollom 32958, FLNeurosurgery1548264385
Juan D Lora 34471, FLNeurosurgery1952305468
Steven Knezevich 33624, FLNeurosurgery1457356701
Jack B Shumate 32405, FLNeurosurgery1558366955
Basil Theodotou 32940, FLNeurosurgery1760487961
Brett A. Osborn 33458, FLNeurosurgery1932104049
Hoang Duong 33021, FLNeurosurgery1336144641
Lloyd Ian Maliner 33324, FLNeurosurgery1255336863
Steven A Noseworthy 33618, FLNeurosurgery1144226663
Benoit O Choiniere 33756, FLNeurosurgery1356347256
John C Stevenson 32607, FLNeurosurgery1780680504
Josse Anthony Mazo-mayorquin 32901, FLNeurosurgery1447256284
Maritza Riascos 32901, FLNeurosurgery1922004639
Carlos H. Gama 32217, FLNeurosurgery1497750038
Larry R. Sadler 32806, FLNeurosurgery1568469146
Fred E Aubert 32547, FLNeurosurgery1952307878
Ronald M Repice 34112, FLNeurosurgery1609873157
James B Ball 33541, FLNeurosurgery1871590232
Ronald Edward Oppenheim 32789, FLNeurosurgery1194722520
Coastal Neurology, Inc. 32119, FLNeurosurgery1457358434
David J Rippe 33872, FLNeurosurgery1033116991
Hasan M. Mousli 33853, FLNeurosurgery1710984679
Eric Kirk Thoburn 32610, FLNeurosurgery1700883485
Neil M Brown 32119, FLNeurosurgery1518965243
John R Cintron 33175, FLNeurosurgery1184622664
Vincent Kelvin Farrier 33607, FLNeurosurgery1740288372
Raul A Correa 34205, FLNeurosurgery1417955840
Nivea R Ribas 33014, FLNeurosurgery1699773895
Anthony Sancetta 34471, FLNeurosurgery1043218233
Frank R Hellinger 32789, FLNeurosurgery1790782860
Jeffrey John Mccartney 34110, FLNeurosurgery1265439269
Thomas J Green 32117, FLNeurosurgery1942207709
Robert F Goldstein 33770, FLNeurosurgery1346248614
Mark A Fulton 32901, FLNeurosurgery1962409169
Xabier Beristain 32960, FLNeurosurgery1124025135
Bright Wong 32803, FLNeurosurgery1558369124
Paul Wand 33071, FLNeurosurgery1093714891
Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic Llc 32789, FLNeurosurgery1821097437
Steven Gary Sable 32701, FLNeurosurgery1164421681
Thomas R Boulter 32114, FLNeurosurgery1124027461
Homer Paul Hatten 32960, FLNeurosurgery1700885811
Jan Malat 34108, FLNeurosurgery1083613996
David B Sudderth 33901, FLNeurosurgery1902805856
Neurologic Consultants, Pa 34285, FLNeurosurgery1124028915
Edward Bass Md Pa 33614, FLNeurosurgery1407856966
Laszlo Jozsef Mate 33408, FLNeurosurgery1457351934
Hugo Fernan Scavino 33710, FLNeurosurgery1215937669
Anabelle Maldonado-medina 33150, FLNeurosurgery1609876804
Jueyang Wei 32086, FLNeurosurgery1346249455
Dennis Mark Murphy 30165, FLNeurosurgery1992704522
Frederick J Mcclimans 33618, FLNeurosurgery1770582355
Brandon Lucke-wold 32610, FLNeurosurgery1104310549
Scott Parker Franczek 33409, FLNeurosurgery1699776161
Roberta S Rose 32958, FLNeurosurgery1831190248
James Ben Renfroe 32561, FLNeurosurgery1780686717
Erik Aragon 32789, FLNeurosurgery1770585556
Edward Lebretta Davis 33919, FLNeurosurgery1437151172
James Matthew Schumacher 34239, FLNeurosurgery1386646008
Jeffrey Scott Walker 33706, FLNeurosurgery1972505451
Kevin D Nowicki 34711, FLNeurosurgery1154313021
David Robert Boesler 33328, FLNeurosurgery1740272400
Steven M Bailey 32605, FLNeurosurgery1700878436
David H Lucas 34711, FLNeurosurgery1336131069
Russell C. Packard 34950, FLNeurosurgery1881686392
Daniel Singer 34103, FLNeurosurgery1033101571
Charles Richard Price 34601, FLNeurosurgery1497747869
Florida Hospital Medical Group Inc 32789, FLNeurosurgery1629060033
Jeffrey M Karp 33761, FLNeurosurgery1598758724
Mark Alec Bryer 33176, FLNeurosurgery1477546786
Alberto Martinez-arizala 33125, FLNeurosurgery1770576068
Merrill H Epstein Md Pa 33431, FLNeurosurgery1417940206
Merrill H Epstein 33431, FLNeurosurgery1326031113
Wendy Robinson Bond 33914, FLNeurosurgery1295737906
Cheslovas Rothschild 32073, FLNeurosurgery1114919230
John Brennan Stockel 21163, FLNeurosurgery1609877067
Eric W Scott 32605, FLNeurosurgery1164414884
Stuart J Shafer 32960, FLNeurosurgery1003818816
Greg Zorman 33021, FLNeurosurgery1023000148
Luis R Mcgoldrick 33028, FLNeurosurgery1336131580
Henry J. Stern 33410, FLNeurosurgery1053304550
William O Deweese 33613, FLNeurosurgery1629061122
William O Deweese Md Pa 33613, FLNeurosurgery1194718601
Gilberto Melchor Cruz 33012, FLNeurosurgery1124011515
David Lee Shaw 32547, FLNeurosurgery1073506432
Martha Bustamante 33012, FLNeurosurgery1801889282
Rakesh Kumar 33603, FLNeurosurgery1962496133
Kelly Maureen Maton 33157, FLNeurosurgery1013901263
Melissa Monroe Turner 33176, FLNeurosurgery1528052438
Trichinopoly Ramaswamy Narayanaswamy 32542, FLNeurosurgery1104810894
Ronald Barry Fauer 33301, FLNeurosurgery1437143187
Michael P Breen 33602, FLNeurosurgery1346235801
Steven A Dutcher 33449, FLNeurosurgery1972598464
Guillermo A Pasarin 33351, FLNeurosurgery1669467924
Michael J Chaparro 33470, FLNeurosurgery1134114432
Daniel B. Bell 33713, FLNeurosurgery1609861798
Francisco Higinio Esparza 34210, FLNeurosurgery1528053733
William C Kohler Md Pa 34609, FLNeurosurgery1013902238
Florida Neurology Group P L 33907, FLNeurosurgery1962497669
Steven R. Cohen 33713, FLNeurosurgery1003801713
Carolyn M Carey 33701, FLNeurosurgery1114912763
Andres M Kanner 33136, FLNeurosurgery1619963246
Marc Irwin Sharfman 32779, FLNeurosurgery1750376364
Erasmo A. Passaro 33704, FLNeurosurgery1972599439
Alberto B. Vasquez 33713, FLNeurosurgery1881680114
Gregory C. Scott 33713, FLNeurosurgery1932195112
Nana S Amiridze 32901, FLNeurosurgery1447246509
Harry M Koslowski 32216, FLNeurosurgery1508852344
Richard J Boehme 32250, FLNeurosurgery1245227800
Arastoo T Nabizadeh 32216, FLNeurosurgery1730176348
Oscar W Farronay 33484, FLNeurosurgery1992792592
Oscar W. Farronay, M.d., P.a. 33484, FLNeurosurgery1114914710
Sergio M Gonzalez-arias 33176, FLNeurosurgery1164419545
Matthew R. Moore 33308, FLNeurosurgery1861489056
Siddharth H Shah 34653, FLNeurosurgery1174510358
Sheryl L Strasser 33180, FLNeurosurgery1801883921
Malcolm Edward Williamson 34474, FLNeurosurgery1144218991
Ralf Richard Barckhausen 34474, FLNeurosurgery1023006855
Ivan D. Lopez 32608, FLNeurosurgery1760470306
Miguel Lis-planells 34667, FLNeurosurgery1922094614
Christopher Potter 32250, FLNeurosurgery1043207657
Thomas M Snyder 32250, FLNeurosurgery1750378311
Karen K Thalinger 32250, FLNeurosurgery1255328860
Eliope Paz 33946, FLNeurosurgery1013905694
Kerry Bruce Raduns 34474, FLNeurosurgery1851389688
Greg Olavarria 32806, FLNeurosurgery1134115579
Sanjay Yathiraj 34209, FLNeurosurgery1508851718
F Gary Gieseke Md Pa 33064, FLNeurosurgery1962499160
John A Coats 33064, FLNeurosurgery1679560874
Roland Torres 33136, FLNeurosurgery1154316180
Ramin M Abdolvahabi 33449, FLNeurosurgery1801880380
Shahab U Kidwai 33062, FLNeurosurgery1780671263
Donna Ann Saatman 33511, FLNeurosurgery1912993122
Jose Gaspar Valedon 32901, FLNeurosurgery1780671503
Guillermo Blanco 33162, FLNeurosurgery1750379350
Ronald A Brodkin 33487, FLNeurosurgery1942298260
Central Orthopedics Pa 33880, FLNeurosurgery1124016175
Michael S Ziebelman 33880, FLNeurosurgery1881682722
Shrinath Sheshgiri Kamat 33614, FLNeurosurgery1851380265
Jerry Jeh Shih 32224, FLNeurosurgery1790774156
Kent Christopher New 32216, FLNeurosurgery1952390312
Michael F Brown 32803, FLNeurosurgery1558350744
John George Fletcher Boughey 32224, FLNeurosurgery1801885975
Neurocare Institute Of Central Florida, P.a. 32792, FLNeurosurgery1346230372
James Philip Van Decar 32542, FLNeurosurgery1083604052
Paul Wayne Brazis 32224, FLNeurosurgery1861481855
Hal S Pineless 32792, FLNeurosurgery1114917978
Richard Arthur Roski 33331, FLNeurosurgery1568452076
Herminio Cuervo-delgado 33803, FLNeurosurgery1215927371
Raj M. Eliazer 33607, FLNeurosurgery1144210238
Bruce Roland Hoffen 32750, FLNeurosurgery1447241054
Steven A. Wilson 33511, FLNeurosurgery1851382410
Bharat V Parikh 34429, FLNeurosurgery1871584441
Center For Neurological Disorders Pa 33470, FLNeurosurgery1427049857
John Christopher Chaloupka 33140, FLNeurosurgery1679564892
Victor A Maquera 32073, FLNeurosurgery1891786059
Interneuron Inc 33133, FLNeurosurgery1245211473
Max B Medary 32819, FLNeurosurgery1184605370
Joseph A Cimino 32940, FLNeurosurgery1881675643
Ralph Joseph Zwolinski 32127, FLNeurosurgery1528049327
Aronson Traina & Ibars Neurosurgical Assoc Pa 33143, FLNeurosurgery1275514820
Pedro W Tirado 33435, FLNeurosurgery1831170240
Douglas J Mogle 32901, FLNeurosurgery1295717528
Jonathan S Hall 33701, FLNeurosurgery1881676898
Mark Jeffrey Klafter 32806, FLNeurosurgery1730161639
Daniel Harry Jacobs 32806, FLNeurosurgery1356323166
Armando Ruiz 33134, FLNeurosurgery1548242340
Gary S Brandwein 33486, FLNeurosurgery1518949320
Nancy Patricia Dalos 33705, FLNeurosurgery1427031855
Muchou Joe Ma 32803, FLNeurosurgery1467434894
Garcia Jose Desousa 33710, FLNeurosurgery1053394270
Zubair Mohammed 33470, FLNeurosurgery1487635686
Kenneth P Vives 34233, FLNeurosurgery1508847500
Harold J Colbassani 33756, FLNeurosurgery1235120494
Dean J Gobo 33756, FLNeurosurgery1518958776
Oscar F Carbonell 32117, FLNeurosurgery1235128620
Stephen J Rosenberg 32806, FLNeurosurgery1194715003
Helen B Present 33805, FLNeurosurgery1972584985
Neurological Services Of Orlando Pa 32806, FLNeurosurgery1043292972
George C Ibars 33143, FLNeurosurgery1356322986
Joseph A Traina 33143, FLNeurosurgery1245211630
James Henry Johnson 34243, FLNeurosurgery1174513162
Neuro Consultants Llc 33410, FLNeurosurgery1932627171
Stephen M Sergay 33609, FLNeurosurgery1164411971
Vicente Conrado Trapani 32168, FLNeurosurgery1710975073
Aliuska Alvarez 33144, FLNeurosurgery1801878723
William T Daugherty 34994, FLNeurosurgery1760465843
John A Arrington 33612, FLNeurosurgery1225011265
Dexter G Stallworth 33612, FLNeurosurgery1992788947
Frederick Reed Murtagh 33612, FLNeurosurgery1538142567
Jorge M Pelaez 32514, FLNeurosurgery1023091089


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