Providers with Taxonomy: Neurosurgery in the state of Virginia

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Neurosurgery
in the state of Virginia:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
David Anderson Vincent 23462, VANeurosurgery1477552552
Matthew Christopher Smith 30909, VANeurosurgery1861482390
Evergreen Neurology And Sleep Center 20110, VANeurosurgery1750870556
Academic Primary Care Associates 24060, VANeurosurgery1053340281
Joni Carole Watling 23219, VANeurosurgery1811464050
Scott Robert Haines 23233, VANeurosurgery1326228222
Soham Giteshkumar Sheth 23320, VANeurosurgery1386835841
Xiaoying Lu 92868, VANeurosurgery1306136726
Keirsun Crockett 30060, VANeurosurgery1750678967
Patricia M Moore 28147, VANeurosurgery1003195355
Paul Frederick Koch 23298, VANeurosurgery1699094375
Kendra R Cagniart 22060, VANeurosurgery1093001109
Adam Ross Martin 33136, VANeurosurgery1588926455
Robert Michael Baldwin 23185, VANeurosurgery1558624841
Ryan Fillmore 92868, VANeurosurgery1184043283
Sarah Maria Tisel 55905, VANeurosurgery1518384544
Taha Gholipour 20037, VANeurosurgery1801159611
Heather A Barnes 94025, VANeurosurgery1326387580
Ewa Maria Galdzicka Way 23298, VANeurosurgery1306107024
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital, Inc. 22664, VANeurosurgery1407357015
Temit Medical & Consulting Group Inc. 22102, VANeurosurgery1770953846
Ridgeline Physician Services, Plc 22701, VANeurosurgery1952627119
Winchester Medical Center, Inc. 22601, VANeurosurgery1760433791
Imoigele P Aisiku 30309, VANeurosurgery1326019068
Bluefield Hospital Company Llc 24605, VANeurosurgery1851859086
Aaron Daley 23708, VANeurosurgery1588088769
Deirdre A. Boro 04106, VANeurosurgery1831114859
Kelly G. Gwathmey 23233, VANeurosurgery1073716775
Carlos Leiva Salinas 65212, VANeurosurgery1477978534
Matthew Wells Mcconnell 28204, VANeurosurgery1699018044
George Nicholas Stergis 22701, VANeurosurgery1851365076
Maryview Hospital 23707, VANeurosurgery1427229749
Halley Briglia Alexander 27157, VANeurosurgery1649614405
Bothwell Graves Lee 21804, VANeurosurgery1043320252
Diana Oyoung-oliver 80501, VANeurosurgery1932513124
Paul R Kowalski 85006, VANeurosurgery1952341067
Bon Secours St. Francis Medical Center Inc 23831, VANeurosurgery1811228711
John Patrick Holton-burke 97239, VANeurosurgery1588050892
Sean A Jebraili 20176, VANeurosurgery1437118957
Alina H Tobey 24060, VANeurosurgery1033232269
Mark Scialabba 23601, VANeurosurgery1851343222
Shola Aluko 57105, VANeurosurgery1487898540
Richard S. Pergolizzi 23235, VANeurosurgery1053345256
Ami N. Sethi 15222, VANeurosurgery1518175256
Iuliana Kiliment 23708, VANeurosurgery1104138254
Mathula Thangarajh 23219, VANeurosurgery1154508968
Andrew David Nicholson 37920, VANeurosurgery1528293701
Mansoor Malik 21224, VANeurosurgery1164464392
William Chuang 15025, VANeurosurgery1396723193
David William Lacey 22939, VANeurosurgery1205838968
Hassan Elnour 21204, VANeurosurgery1326302894
Susan Kroner 23226, VANeurosurgery1174595839
Neel Dixit 23298, VANeurosurgery1063738805
Valley Physician Enterprise, Inc 22601, VANeurosurgery1538316203
Edward Martin Mendoza 30907, VANeurosurgery1699813741
David Kalman Epstein 24016, VANeurosurgery1649256223
Enrique Segura 70006, VANeurosurgery1508036195
Arnaldo E Velez 32806, VANeurosurgery1427242536
Justin Lindquist 32806, VANeurosurgery1457411944
Matthew J. Barrett 23233, VANeurosurgery1982816757
Uzoamaka Ugochukwu 22939, VANeurosurgery1184043523
Carrie Oakley Dougherty 20007, VANeurosurgery1326294430
Charles Stewart Jervey 29615, VANeurosurgery1801865365
Sentara Medical Group 23666, VANeurosurgery1306171301
Raymond V Harron 24153, VANeurosurgery1477564441
Atul Krishnan Ramesh 19713, VANeurosurgery1518259092
John Richard Lamm 40536, VANeurosurgery1518302017
Robert Alan Rodriguez 32610, VANeurosurgery1154775708
Bon Secours Richmond Community Hospital, Incorporated 23831, VANeurosurgery1306462122
John Daniel Legge 92262, VANeurosurgery1962898783
Nicholas Calvo 99204, VANeurosurgery1972958593
Fauquier Physician Practices Llc 20186, VANeurosurgery1770916983
Jordan Joseph Synkowski 24501, VANeurosurgery1023308368
Iyad Alnahhas 19107, VANeurosurgery1922428333
Neurology Associates Of Suffolk, Pllc 23434, VANeurosurgery1972838498
Rahul Guha 24501, VANeurosurgery1457779506
Don K. Mathew 17822, VANeurosurgery1497902324
Saqib Chaudhry 22042, VANeurosurgery1902168438
Benjamin Jiang 22042, VANeurosurgery1730541897
Tracy Moll 22801, VANeurosurgery1427430396
Elisa J Kucia 22701, VANeurosurgery1700066842
Albemarle Physician Services Sentara, Inc 23502, VANeurosurgery1942443130
Sentara Medical Group 23502, VANeurosurgery1265485270
John R Gaughen 22911, VANeurosurgery1942418660
Howard P. Goodkin 22908, VANeurosurgery1255400883
David N. Loy 22908, VANeurosurgery1952516825
Tanvir Rizvi 22908, VANeurosurgery1124306642
Avery L Buchholz 22908, VANeurosurgery1821319682
David A Joyner 22908, VANeurosurgery1548425861
Meena R. Kannan 22908, VANeurosurgery1841589249
John A. Jane, Jr. 22903, VANeurosurgery1801965413
Kathryn L Xixis 22908, VANeurosurgery1063738102
Eric B Sklar 22311, VANeurosurgery1316939267
Thuy-anh Hoang Vu 20010, VANeurosurgery1356578652
Sidhartha Chandela 22311, VANeurosurgery1033340229
Ameet Chitale 22031, VANeurosurgery1376833533
Hannah Walters 22033, VANeurosurgery1609293562
Leah Dawn Kroeger 20110, VANeurosurgery1588692586
Stephen H Cockburn 27284, VANeurosurgery1518303981
Dayna Marie Perkowski 28226, VANeurosurgery1144495094
Patricia J Shipley 22908, VANeurosurgery1659487841
Chi George Zhao 20176, VANeurosurgery1083820443
Susan Melinda Brown 23510, VANeurosurgery1588607089
Seth Mitchell Tuwiner 20176, VANeurosurgery1942497235
Aaron Bond 38120, VANeurosurgery1104115385
Temitayo Oyegbile Chidi 95817, VANeurosurgery1295992063
Rajesh Gupta 22204, VANeurosurgery1164680674
Sarah Emily Woodson Smith 23708, VANeurosurgery1740675503
Renzo Figari Jordan 22908, VANeurosurgery1588820138
Joel Michael Stary 76508, VANeurosurgery1780945113
Jason Sean Wong 10941, VANeurosurgery1902036122
Kathryn Nevel 46202, VANeurosurgery1851657373
Jeanette Pueschel Larson 28602, VANeurosurgery1801865514
Leslie Denise Reynolds 27405, VANeurosurgery1265511554
Taylor Nicole Haight 23298, VANeurosurgery1699161547
Elaine Celeste Jones 99669, VANeurosurgery1912965864
Mark Mitchell Mcdonald 33919, VANeurosurgery1366837429
Gregory Allen Howes 24014, VANeurosurgery1801074661
Michael C Veronesi 46202, VANeurosurgery1780908400
Rares Ion Cocioba 10010, VANeurosurgery1770887978
Lawrence Hayes Rose 98664, VANeurosurgery1700849395
John D Grimme 22192, VANeurosurgery1093751224
David J Salvetti 22601, VANeurosurgery1013354786
Neil Ward Crowe 22601, VANeurosurgery1992775902
John C Henry 22601, VANeurosurgery1740205822
Paul D Lyons 22601, VANeurosurgery1083656250
Armando Sergio Garza 22304, VANeurosurgery1811214455
Nassim Zecavati 22408, VANeurosurgery1144480195
Catherine Brignoni 92260, VANeurosurgery1114982048
Kevin Edmond Crutchfield 22601, VANeurosurgery1578680914
Cmh Physician Services, Llc 23970, VANeurosurgery1194760645
Sairah Bashir 22042, VANeurosurgery1366624231
Charlotte Marie Kastl 22311, VANeurosurgery1669678496
Kelley Anne Stobbs 23451, VANeurosurgery1780277483
Ali Emami 55102, VANeurosurgery1275792293
Venita Marie Simpson 23708, VANeurosurgery1568756328
William T Hutchens 22601, VANeurosurgery1356316376
Glen A. Cook 20889, VANeurosurgery1740418045
Michael Crimmins 20889, VANeurosurgery1689830564
John A Engler 27607, VANeurosurgery1750587036
Andrew Fanous 22042, VANeurosurgery1700179363
Duncan Ben Davidson 55439, VANeurosurgery1285045534
Patrick David Ireland 22601, VANeurosurgery1164402368
Dan-victor Giurgiutiu 30912, VANeurosurgery1649434317
Marlyn A Lake 34994, VANeurosurgery1952405318
Christopher Michael Busch 24014, VANeurosurgery1396165726
Byron Hills 44106, VANeurosurgery1619395084
Vipul Shelat 70601, VANeurosurgery1699736173
Sarbjot Singh Dulai 20176, VANeurosurgery1013992593
Rachel Marie Paul 17601, VANeurosurgery1699099275
Christopher M. Putman 90503, VANeurosurgery1942228960
Therapy Management Services, Inc. 22191, VANeurosurgery1457357022
Southampton Neurology Pc 23851, VANeurosurgery1376522896
Neurology Services, Incorporated 22191, VANeurosurgery1902877046
Valley Neurology Associates Pc 24153, VANeurosurgery1033183249
Shenandoah Valley Neurological Associates 22939, VANeurosurgery1174582696
Charlottesville Neurology And Sleep Medicine Pc 22911, VANeurosurgery1972577070
Neuro Care Of Virginia Pc 23875, VANeurosurgery1124087812
General Business Concerns, Inc. 24501, VANeurosurgery1790733558
Commonwealth Radiology, P.c. 23230, VANeurosurgery1588613400
Sleep Disorder Centers Of Hampton Roads,pc 23320, VANeurosurgery1710936570
Roanoke Neurological Associates 24018, VANeurosurgery1598717928
Harrisonburg Medical Associates 22801, VANeurosurgery1730146002
Maarij Inc 20190, VANeurosurgery1124065487
Lee Berlad Md P C 22401, VANeurosurgery1376581322
Neurologic Associates Plc 22601, VANeurosurgery1629010095
Virginia Neurosurgeons, Pc 22205, VANeurosurgery1326080680
Centra Health Professional Services 24503, VANeurosurgery1528002060
Roanoke Neurosurgery, Llc 24018, VANeurosurgery1336184084
Neurology Consultants Of Tidewater, Pllc 23502, VANeurosurgery1316982796
Commonwealth Neuro Specialists Pc 23970, VANeurosurgery1366479727
General Business Concerns, Inc. 24501, VANeurosurgery1689602534
Health Consultants Of Virginia, Inc. 23226, VANeurosurgery1730118936
Orthopaedic Surgery Centers, Pc Ii 23707, VANeurosurgery1265462295
Peter Guhl Plc 23692, VANeurosurgery1932145349
Danville Physician Practices Llc 24541, VANeurosurgery1629022868
Rappahannock Neurosurgery Associates, Llc 22401, VANeurosurgery1366477234
Robert M. Gorsen M.d.,phd.,p.c. 22003, VANeurosurgery1922025741
Insight Physicians Pc 23226, VANeurosurgery1801817150
V Sharma Md Pc 22043, VANeurosurgery1114949088
Mount Vernon Orthopaedics Assoc 22306, VANeurosurgery1881600419
Melhorn And Melhorn, D.o., Inc. 23229, VANeurosurgery1821007584
Neurology Associates, Pc 20176, VANeurosurgery1619080108
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23601, VANeurosurgery1447367016
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23185, VANeurosurgery1629086087
Riverside Physician Services Inc 23185, VANeurosurgery1710908512
Hampton Roads Radiology Associates, Pc 23505, VANeurosurgery1174533624
Danville Regional Medical Center, Llc 24112, VANeurosurgery1225208705
Benjamin Adewale Md Pc 22150, VANeurosurgery1821015264
Hopewell Orthopaedic Center, Inc 23836, VANeurosurgery1801991427
Virginia Medical Group Pc 23834, VANeurosurgery1164528881
New River Neurology And Epilepsy Pc 24073, VANeurosurgery1760589881
Tajammul Ehsan Md Pc 20170, VANeurosurgery1689765760
Neurosurgical Associates Pc 23229, VANeurosurgery1720172315
Fairfax Neonatal Associates, P.c. 22031, VANeurosurgery1699863308
Doctors Weaver & Weaver P C 24018, VANeurosurgery1154419802
Northern Virginia Brain And Spine, Inc 20164, VANeurosurgery1700960986
Chesapeake Neuroinstitute Llc 23320, VANeurosurgery1205948551
John H. Seok, M.d., P.c. 22030, VANeurosurgery1821599234
Fairfax Family Life Behavioral Health, Llc 22031, VANeurosurgery1669976221


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