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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tuan Dinh Nguyen TXNuclear Medicine1952341034
Ratan L Tiwari CANuclear Medicine1396775847
Rajiv Goswami TXNuclear Medicine1326088592
Margit A Nemeth TXNuclear Medicine1184678310
Ketan N. Desai GANuclear Medicine1912953340
Venkata S Sagi FLNuclear Medicine1194760066
South Valley Radiology Medical Group Inc Nuclear Medicine1508813619
Bartolo Santiago Delgado PRNuclear Medicine1649214263
Howard R Bates MDNuclear Medicine1770519506
Surendra Kumar Sethi PANuclear Medicine1992734206
Banner University Medical Group Nuclear Medicine1508809427
Shay J Lee HINuclear Medicine1508893967
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center LANuclear Medicine1417992249
Alan K Geisler NJNuclear Medicine1831129659
Lawrence T Rozanski NJNuclear Medicine1770514002
David A Bader MANuclear Medicine1154376143
Carlos R Vazquez LANuclear Medicine1326076266
Lower Columbia Pathologists Ps Nuclear Medicine1174564025
Florence Prigent MINuclear Medicine1982641478
Amir Iqbal Choudhry TXNuclear Medicine1457388258
Jason B Cohen CANuclear Medicine1902846561
Jose Antonio Rodriguez PRNuclear Medicine1770519662
Anthony Altobelli NJNuclear Medicine1003843905
Aasita Nitin Patel ILNuclear Medicine1710932264
Mihaela T Rosetti AZNuclear Medicine1750338927
Zia Roshandel VANuclear Medicine1295776995
Ming-jei Chang WANuclear Medicine1700825817
San Diego Diagnostic Radiology Medical Group Inc CANuclear Medicine1205867017
San Diego Diagnostic Radiology Medical Group Inc CANuclear Medicine1326075375
San Diego Diagnostic Radiology Medical Group Inc Nuclear Medicine1134150949
San Diego Diagonstic Radiology Medical Group, Inc. CANuclear Medicine1225069883
San Diego Diagnostic Radiology Medical Group Inc CANuclear Medicine1417988221
Pratt Radiation Oncology Associates Inc Nuclear Medicine1215971361
William D. Yarbrough SCNuclear Medicine1225083702
Shehzad Sami TXNuclear Medicine1033147517
Shawnee Medical Center Clinic, Inc Nuclear Medicine1881648285
Saints Medical Group, Llc Nuclear Medicine1437195922
Jennifer Jurgens DCNuclear Medicine1194751149
Bill Frank Byrd TXNuclear Medicine1528009636
Paresh Mahajan FLNuclear Medicine1205864766
Esther Choi CANuclear Medicine1134162803
Stanley J Shin GANuclear Medicine1801835194
Mitchell A Saunders NYNuclear Medicine1770513863
Jefferson University Physicians Nuclear Medicine1326093675
Columbia Heart Clinic, Pa Nuclear Medicine1245266139
Samir A Hadeed PANuclear Medicine1023045523
Victor G Davila MONuclear Medicine1235173675
Robert John Gropler MONuclear Medicine1194752220
Nuclear Scan Psc PRNuclear Medicine1225527542
Nicholas L Depace NJNuclear Medicine1467496687
Newport Center Radiology Associates Medical Group Inc Nuclear Medicine1013951714
Amish C Sura MDNuclear Medicine1245285402
Mmg 1pc Nuclear Medicine1912933540
Pedro Kourtesis NYNuclear Medicine1417999806
Benjamin Lewis Franc CANuclear Medicine1194779561
Michael A. Cook NYNuclear Medicine1922039585
Bashir A Lone SCNuclear Medicine1205862943
L & M Radiology, Inc. Nuclear Medicine1699721985
Donald W Trepashko ILNuclear Medicine1396780862
Neil Levin PANuclear Medicine1053343368
David S Schwartz PANuclear Medicine1659303964
Harvey L Waxman PANuclear Medicine1073545414
Sidney Roye Deburgh Hinds VANuclear Medicine1558393991
Richard L Weiss PANuclear Medicine1053343376
Edward Solow PANuclear Medicine1962434282
Ross R Zimmer PANuclear Medicine1750313078
Samuel Elliot Halpern CANuclear Medicine1629000880
Morteza Behbahani NYNuclear Medicine1255364840
Mohammad Reza Habibian TNNuclear Medicine1053344549
Peter Lloyd Tilkemeier SCNuclear Medicine1689607715
John S Seder CANuclear Medicine1679506018
John S Seder, Md, Inc. Nuclear Medicine1578596912
Satish Choudhary M.d. CANuclear Medicine1801829841
Ananth Netrakere Kumar KYNuclear Medicine1417980608
George Thomas Veliath NYNuclear Medicine1821021999
Barbara B. Sterkel MONuclear Medicine1619900925
Beth A Chasen TXNuclear Medicine1164455473
Mohiudin A Zeb Md, Pa Nuclear Medicine1801829908
Dayna L Weinert OHNuclear Medicine1255365110
Sutek N. Lie OHNuclear Medicine1912931999
Joseph P. Lipuma OHNuclear Medicine1710911797
Raj M. Paspulati OHNuclear Medicine1598799413
Sharyl P Pickering OHNuclear Medicine1841224771
Donna M Plecha OHNuclear Medicine1710911649
Jeffrey L Sunshine OHNuclear Medicine1538193487
Lexington County Health Serv Nuclear Medicine1427082379
George M Mathew FLNuclear Medicine1902830888
David G Jansma TXNuclear Medicine1013941665
Lynn R Witherspoon LANuclear Medicine1306879317
Bruce Nathaniel Saffran NYNuclear Medicine1124052253
Donald L Risinger TXNuclear Medicine1992739080
Peter B. Schneider MANuclear Medicine1902831795
Pretorius And Robles M.d.'s OHNuclear Medicine1619901840
Raghuveer Krishna Halkar GANuclear Medicine1114952645
Derek Joseph Stocker PANuclear Medicine1700811924
Maria Disilvio-larkin NYNuclear Medicine1841225273
Cardiovascular Associates Pc CONuclear Medicine1538184775
Eric Scott Langer MINuclear Medicine1720003718
Janet Roberta Kallo CANuclear Medicine1265467708
Jan Pawel Skowronski ILNuclear Medicine1790710283
John Whalen WINuclear Medicine1790700185
Madjid Mesgarzadeh MINuclear Medicine1134144017
Paul Mark Christensen ILNuclear Medicine1366467813
Shahrokh Abiri NYNuclear Medicine1881619153
Michael D. Coffey OHNuclear Medicine1316963135
Robert C. Gilkeson OHNuclear Medicine1730105578
Sung M. Kim PANuclear Medicine1477579530
Joseph A. Crawford OHNuclear Medicine1295751014
Moretti & Racco Medical Associates Pc NYNuclear Medicine1548286081
Delta Medical Group Nuclear Medicine1790701134
Valley Cardiology P C MINuclear Medicine1265458756
Alan Ray Brautigam CONuclear Medicine1457378275
Cardiac Imaging Associates A Medical Corporation Nuclear Medicine1851318810
Christopher Kuni CONuclear Medicine1396762159
Middlesex Cardiac Diagnostic Center NJNuclear Medicine1033136593
Cardiac Care Consultants, Pc INNuclear Medicine1770501256
Carlos J Sivit OHNuclear Medicine1891713053
Denise K. Shusterman PANuclear Medicine1720006018
John R Haaga OHNuclear Medicine1548288848
Robert Jones OHNuclear Medicine1437177730
Nina L. Klein OHNuclear Medicine1245258540
Robert W Tarr OHNuclear Medicine1720006984
James K. Odonnell OHNuclear Medicine1487672614
Pauravi S Vasavada OHNuclear Medicine1124046230
Donald J. Gordon OHNuclear Medicine1821016122
Daniel P. Hsu OHNuclear Medicine1467470765
Henry A Shevitz MINuclear Medicine1750309787
Lee Randall Goldberg AZNuclear Medicine1609895218
Mario G Arredondo NJNuclear Medicine1285652164
Mark P Dunphy NYNuclear Medicine1275552630
Ali N. Shaikh OHNuclear Medicine1205855541
Nancy Jeanine Andrews MINuclear Medicine1427077916
Mark Heiman CTNuclear Medicine1447278064
Nancy Attia Mesiha MINuclear Medicine1952320293
Barbara Lahr KYNuclear Medicine1689693632
David Dean Griffin ARNuclear Medicine1639198591
Alan P Sitron NYNuclear Medicine1063431922
Robert Granville Kayser NJNuclear Medicine1346260999
Access Medical Group,pc Nuclear Medicine1144240680
Gregory Reiser WINuclear Medicine1245250323
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Nuclear Medicine1043230444
Avenel Iselin Medical Group Pa NJNuclear Medicine1487674867
Philip Tsung Han Shie TXNuclear Medicine1396765400
Syed Sajid Husain NYNuclear Medicine1902827769
Paul S Harper NCNuclear Medicine1053332866
Gary Ronald Hill Nuclear Medicine1538180203
Jesus Miguel Vidal PRNuclear Medicine1780605345
Emmanuel Mercado Cleto FLNuclear Medicine1215958665
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine Nuclear Medicine1306867650
Riverside Medical Inc Nuclear Medicine1811918089
Javier Francisco Yuvienco WANuclear Medicine1750303681
Jay Pannathpur Jaikishen LANuclear Medicine1225059249
Nimish Shailesh Dharia NYNuclear Medicine1568484061
Russell Silverman NYNuclear Medicine1700808250
Bruce Arthur Mazat INNuclear Medicine1649292681
Yvonne Jackson Weaver VANuclear Medicine1053334094
John Anthony Markisz NYNuclear Medicine1306869045
Oana Madalina Petrescu WANuclear Medicine1497778864
Gurkan F Taviloglu NYNuclear Medicine1811919889
Aaron Lehi Stack DCNuclear Medicine1821011487
Modern Nuclear, Inc. CANuclear Medicine1659394047
Imaging Associates, Inc. Nuclear Medicine1952324006
Alain Albert Fedida NYNuclear Medicine1336163070
Cardiology Associates, P.c. Nuclear Medicine1902820608
Downtown Nuclear Cardiology, P.c. NYNuclear Medicine1003830589
Sylvia Hampshire Ford WINuclear Medicine1073537270
Eugene T. Morita CANuclear Medicine1851315303
New York Community Hospital Of Brooklyn, Inc. Nuclear Medicine1205840055
Lavanya Bellumkonda CTNuclear Medicine1295749505
Jeannie Jones Kinzie CONuclear Medicine1376557603
Nina M Gazmen LANuclear Medicine1821003492
Colleen M Coughlin AKNuclear Medicine1235144775
Alaska Cardiovascular Associates Llc AKNuclear Medicine1578578928
Marc Robert Stauffer FLNuclear Medicine1912913971
Amarnath Avancha Pa NJNuclear Medicine1427064203
Gayle F Brewer WANuclear Medicine1982611497
Advanced Imaging Associates, Llc NJNuclear Medicine1124034764
Rashmikant Bachubhai Shah MTNuclear Medicine1700892254
Emilio G Flores PANuclear Medicine1699782185
Homayoun Modarresifar TNNuclear Medicine1235146648
George M Segall CANuclear Medicine1710994082
Asheville Radiology Associates Nuclear Medicine1821005976
Nuclear Medicine, Inc Nuclear Medicine1770590770
David P Allegra CANuclear Medicine1679580344
Hassan S Sayegh GANuclear Medicine1194732297
Humberto O Quintana PRNuclear Medicine1699782771
Robert M Krasny CANuclear Medicine1235147638
Frank Gaudier Guerra Md Nuclear Medicine1699783191
Doina Elena Tanasescu CANuclear Medicine1184632796
Albert Joseph Werrell NYNuclear Medicine1962410878
Medhat M Osman MONuclear Medicine1932117819
Elisa Kadish NYNuclear Medicine1538177282
Keith F Dockery NJNuclear Medicine1972512754
Gary V. Heller CTNuclear Medicine1083623938
Edward Victor Rutkovsky NYNuclear Medicine1881603892
Jorge Antonio Brito ARNuclear Medicine1073522181
Robert Stephens Foote NHNuclear Medicine1063421907
Skg Heart Center, Pllc TXNuclear Medicine1609886423
Luvenia Wilcox Bender ALNuclear Medicine1053320879
University Physician Associates Of New Jersey Inc Nuclear Medicine1316957913


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