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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Neighborhood Healthcare Providers MSNuclear Medicine1700830494
Valley Nuclear Medical Group Inc. Nuclear Medicine1013961721
Leonard A Stein NYNuclear Medicine1184680449
Kondai L Parthasarathy NYNuclear Medicine1689639460
South Coast Radiological Medical Group Inc Nuclear Medicine1902858384
Guillermo Olivos MENuclear Medicine1245284892
Ashok Kumar Kondur MINuclear Medicine1508819434
Edward Wesley Bisher FLNuclear Medicine1215995386
James C Campbell FLNuclear Medicine1386601896
Paul H Dillahunt FLNuclear Medicine1184680985
Salvatore D Diloreto FLNuclear Medicine1780640953
Christopher P Ruisi FLNuclear Medicine1154389542
Mona Jay Shah FLNuclear Medicine1659329308
Russell B Stapleton FLNuclear Medicine1265498976
David J Stroh FLNuclear Medicine1144286212
Girish S Shroff FLNuclear Medicine1336105519
Ramakrishnan S Iyer WVNuclear Medicine1497718803
Steven L Mccormick WVNuclear Medicine1932162948
Albert Ing HINuclear Medicine1730144494
Mary Lee Zasadil WINuclear Medicine1881659175
Ssm Health Care St. Louis Nuclear Medicine1366400855
Ali L Moustapha TXNuclear Medicine1740244730
Elias H. Botvinick CANuclear Medicine1760440465
Joseph Samuel Gurinsky FLNuclear Medicine1215986237
Richard Kenneth Held FLNuclear Medicine1235180605
David M Slife TXNuclear Medicine1730137522
Fanping Wang CANuclear Medicine1710948112
Beverly E Spencer VANuclear Medicine1346291556
Louis Carnendran FLNuclear Medicine1497717565
Prasad V Maddukuri TXNuclear Medicine1902857295
Eugene B Henderson TXNuclear Medicine1679537815
Vinit R Lal TXNuclear Medicine1801850599
Nhan P Nguyen TXNuclear Medicine1124082128
Mark P Teng TXNuclear Medicine1932167210
Mitchell A Baruchin NJNuclear Medicine1013973916
Steven P Havard TXNuclear Medicine1669436325
You Guang Ding NJNuclear Medicine1346292786
Buffalo Medical Group, P.c. NYNuclear Medicine1881659506
Agha Khan OKNuclear Medicine1881655660
Ching Yee Wong MINuclear Medicine1396705356
Radiology Associates Of Children's Hospital Nuclear Medicine1467403261
Beth Ann Bartholomew FLNuclear Medicine1649230103
Marc D Krock TXNuclear Medicine1265496426
Roy S. Wiener NYNuclear Medicine1649231317
Mark A Coker SCNuclear Medicine1235189218
Chris L Kennedy SCNuclear Medicine1598714198
Mahmoud Dakhel NJNuclear Medicine1881644359
Riaz M. Ahmed CANuclear Medicine1376593871
Deepak H Patel TXNuclear Medicine1972551984
Harbor Medical Associates, Inc. MANuclear Medicine1124079561
Arthur Iain Mcghie MONuclear Medicine1598723553
James H O'keefe MONuclear Medicine1134187339
Colorado Plains Physician Practices Llc Nuclear Medicine1821042409
Glenn Hidalgo Rayos FLNuclear Medicine1316902612
Surya P Rao FLNuclear Medicine1114975596
Oscar Dermott West FLNuclear Medicine1548220965
Chad Langston Broome-webster FLNuclear Medicine1669430732
Mark Steven Bernard CANuclear Medicine1780635508
Vinod Kumar CANuclear Medicine1730142993
Ralph W Fitz PANuclear Medicine1043274723
Lance T Hall WINuclear Medicine1295798429
John Michael Mccabe NCNuclear Medicine1598723660
Sharon Ann Dewit CANuclear Medicine1881656957
David R Boston WANuclear Medicine1871542001
Cardiovascular Interventions Of Miami, Llc FLNuclear Medicine1760447460
Alan Greenberg NJNuclear Medicine1326092180
M. K. Serio CANuclear Medicine1760432041
Sovereign Health Imaging, Llc NJNuclear Medicine1316997893
Michael Joseph Gitter WINuclear Medicine1467403410
Arash Manzori ORNuclear Medicine1962466367
Hussam Farhoud KSNuclear Medicine1144287574
Patrick B Murphy ILNuclear Medicine1497703367
Avinash Mohinder Sud TNNuclear Medicine1891748653
Michael E Robertello VTNuclear Medicine1447213384
Frank K. Tung NYNuclear Medicine1740243864
Ascension Providence Hospital Nuclear Medicine1225093776
John P. Hakim MDNuclear Medicine1730137688
Carrie B. Chapman WINuclear Medicine1396703732
Nicholas Charles Friedman ILNuclear Medicine1053365379
Lincoln Radiology Group, Pc Nuclear Medicine1275587602
Srinivas R Ravanam ILNuclear Medicine1346294469
Jeffrey A Leppo MANuclear Medicine1407800402
Mahmoud Othman MINuclear Medicine1508811456
Shared Medical Technology, Inc Nuclear Medicine1679528194
Mark Leonard Born TNNuclear Medicine1093760787
Michael S Axelrod NYNuclear Medicine1942255435
Jon A Baldwin ALNuclear Medicine1265487797
Brooklyn Nuclear Spect Imaging, Pc Nuclear Medicine1518912096
Northern Arizona Radiology Pc Nuclear Medicine1275588659
Thomas F Heston IDNuclear Medicine1861447245
Pathology And Nuclear Medicine Of Pittsburgh Nuclear Medicine1770538787
Constantin Bogdan Marcu NCNuclear Medicine1528013885
Edgar T Clark AZNuclear Medicine1295780401
Howard L Baxter AZNuclear Medicine1053367938
Molecular Imaging Management Llc. Nuclear Medicine1306892195
Randall A. Hawkins CANuclear Medicine1073569208
Hiral Amin NYNuclear Medicine1811943087
Charuvuthi Upatham MANuclear Medicine1932155439
Heart Specialists Pc Of Southern Connecticut Nuclear Medicine1427004563
Anu Chirala A Medical Corporation CANuclear Medicine1942256060
Joseph E. Parsons ILNuclear Medicine1861448920
Kristine N. Stacy ILNuclear Medicine1255387312
Maria Kristin P Mercado NYNuclear Medicine1548216658
Northshore University Healthsystem Faculty Practice Associates Nuclear Medicine1497701882
New York Comprehensive Cardiology Pllc NYNuclear Medicine1417904434
Joseph L Kummer NENuclear Medicine1003863036
Kansas City Heart Group MONuclear Medicine1912954777
Osteopathic Cardiology Associates Nuclear Medicine1245287135
Commonwealth Medical Group, Llc Nuclear Medicine1477500361
Paul J Zdybel SCNuclear Medicine1487601373
Firas Alani MINuclear Medicine1700833514
Martin Plavec CTNuclear Medicine1356398093
Anthony W D'souza CTNuclear Medicine1073560736
Shs Swedish Health Services Nuclear Medicine1215984737
Swedish Health Service Nuclear Medicine1659328177
Swedish Health Services Nuclear Medicine1760439285
Franco Policaro FLNuclear Medicine1144277427
Salvador Bernard Trinidad VANuclear Medicine1033166335
Isaac Pourati MANuclear Medicine1083661318
Leslie Castillo Baluyot CANuclear Medicine1134176381
Shayne R Squires WINuclear Medicine1043257090
Sheila Berlin OHNuclear Medicine1831136753
Richard Patrick Konstance VANuclear Medicine1407893639
Adrian Alexis Alvarez De La Campa PRNuclear Medicine1871530048
Mark Brejt OHNuclear Medicine1255378196
Sutter Gould Medical Foundation Nuclear Medicine1801833496
Marathon Medical, P.c. Nuclear Medicine1265479851
Fangyu Peng TXNuclear Medicine1962449561
Charles W Clogston ARNuclear Medicine1962449728
Sarah Y Fan NJNuclear Medicine1821035411
Barbara Bangert OHNuclear Medicine1932146800
Thomas P Dresser MONuclear Medicine1679510259
Yan Ping Zhang CANuclear Medicine1306884317
Daniel S Patrick CANuclear Medicine1912944232
Mark R Krakovitz NDNuclear Medicine1922046242
William Lane Duvall CTNuclear Medicine1174560403
Delair Omar Gardi MINuclear Medicine1205874302
Peter H Simkin MANuclear Medicine1669410478
Carina Mari Aparici CANuclear Medicine1669411005
Cardiac Imaging Consultants Medical Group, Inc. Nuclear Medicine1538108972
Fatih Akisik INNuclear Medicine1487692901
Yelena Kamenker-orlov MANuclear Medicine1457390601
Frank David Rollo CANuclear Medicine1578502514
Fukiat Ongseng NYNuclear Medicine1386683605
Robert Licho MANuclear Medicine1831138189
Robert John Mcdonald FLNuclear Medicine1124067269
Michael W. Dae CANuclear Medicine1992744510
Northland Radiology Inc Nuclear Medicine1427097252
Sonar X Inc Nuclear Medicine1548209380
Ishtiaq A Malik DCNuclear Medicine1750320412
Med scan Inc Nuclear Medicine1285673004
Med Share Inc Nuclear Medicine1558300384
Ossama R Samuel NYNuclear Medicine1871533109
Mark R Rockoff CANuclear Medicine1679513857
Vu D Nguyen TXNuclear Medicine1093755357
Kenneth Smith FLNuclear Medicine1043250061
Purnima Shah CANuclear Medicine1891735122
Munir Ahmad MONuclear Medicine1356381438
Wilhelmina Navarro Estrada VANuclear Medicine1083654164
Nicholas Papapietro NYNuclear Medicine1720028061
Community Care Physicians, Pc Nuclear Medicine1922048370
St. Vincent Radiological Assoc., Inc. MANuclear Medicine1366482093
Maleah Grover-mckay CANuclear Medicine1265472849
David G Ike SCNuclear Medicine1033159678
Kenneth P. Lyons CANuclear Medicine1770523391
Harry Lessig NJNuclear Medicine1003857533
Saint Paul Place Specialists, Inc. Nuclear Medicine1881635464
Martin Gilbert Pomper MDNuclear Medicine1598706780
Nami R. Azar OHNuclear Medicine1104867357
Libby Cone NJNuclear Medicine1215978325
Judith G Rose CANuclear Medicine1982645131
Carolina Imaging Center Llc SCNuclear Medicine1275574618
Michael K. Lala MINuclear Medicine1790726107
Hossein Jadvar CANuclear Medicine1528009941
Farah Elias Atallah-lajam NYNuclear Medicine1356382246
Josef J Fox NYNuclear Medicine1750322806
Athos C Anastasiades NJNuclear Medicine1366483174
Gerald M. Pohost CANuclear Medicine1871534636
Kristine A Blackham OHNuclear Medicine1487695219
Anne H Coffey OHNuclear Medicine1952342792
Hasan G Osman WANuclear Medicine1346282886
Andrew E Burachinsky NJNuclear Medicine1093757429
James Howard Pritchard CANuclear Medicine1306888920
Robert L Meredith WINuclear Medicine1497797484
John Lloyd Espinosa WANuclear Medicine1982646758
G.k Edwards M.d Apc CANuclear Medicine1598708240
David C. Price CANuclear Medicine1265475776
Chopra Imaging Centers, Inc. TXNuclear Medicine1144263849
Vahe G Tatikian CANuclear Medicine1871536888
Muralidhara G Rao KSNuclear Medicine1821031816
Robert F Davison WINuclear Medicine1992749824
Jeronimo Salvador Velazquez LANuclear Medicine1962446732
Juan Fontanez PRNuclear Medicine1174567036
Thomas D Call VANuclear Medicine1770527640
Cardiology Associates Of Altoona, Llp PANuclear Medicine1386688299
Triad Of Alabama Llc Nuclear Medicine1710921416
Timothy A Manzone DENuclear Medicine1235173832
Mid michigan Physicians, Pc MINuclear Medicine1841234457
Kousha Zarnegar CANuclear Medicine1326082876
Vidya V Sagar DENuclear Medicine1720022460


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