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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Steven P Olson SDNuclear Medicine1629077433
Anthony J Cossell INNuclear Medicine1639178452
Fritz Roc NYNuclear Medicine1790784411
Central Coast Cardiology A Medical Corporation Nuclear Medicine1407855265
Albert Ho-sien Kim VANuclear Medicine1780682583
David A Swanson SDNuclear Medicine1104825918
Diagnostic & Clinical Cardiology, Pa NJNuclear Medicine1760481493
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc Nuclear Medicine1235138926
Bruce R Gilbert WANuclear Medicine1306845953
Mcmonagle & Murello, P.c. PANuclear Medicine1578562963
Erica Annette Guzalo CANuclear Medicine1861491250
Gordon D Graham TNNuclear Medicine1629077011
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc Nuclear Medicine1053310649
Barry Ross Paull CANuclear Medicine1982603486
Robert D Sackstein CTNuclear Medicine1407855927
William F Oellerich TNNuclear Medicine1841299153
Arthur A Kort TNNuclear Medicine1225037690
Christopher M. Wentz PANuclear Medicine1568461754
William P Warren TNNuclear Medicine1992704191
Kenneth A Merkatz CTNuclear Medicine1891794905
Steven C Port WINuclear Medicine1598765471
Samer Azouz OHNuclear Medicine1275532129
Robert L Panther WINuclear Medicine1770583643
Sameer Sofat MDNuclear Medicine1083614903
Peter C Sze OHNuclear Medicine1720087653
Prakash D Shah WINuclear Medicine1013917996
Lisa A Baratta WINuclear Medicine1356340285
Anthony G Locurto WINuclear Medicine1821098773
Srikanth Damaraju TXNuclear Medicine1790785442
Araceli Rivera-serrano PRNuclear Medicine1548260276
Shamim B Mawji TXNuclear Medicine1871593525
Rafael Medrano TXNuclear Medicine1043210792
Sabino Richard Torre NJNuclear Medicine1518967165
Elie Youssef Chakhtoura NJNuclear Medicine1376543868
Steven Braha NYNuclear Medicine1265432868
Gregg Lee Silverman TXNuclear Medicine1003816638
Fadi Nemer Chaaban NJNuclear Medicine1316947906
Devang A. Gandhi NJNuclear Medicine1225038755
David M Rosenthal NYNuclear Medicine1710987169
Thomas Dalessandro NYNuclear Medicine1528068798
Thanh Minh Nguyen LANuclear Medicine1679573760
William M Smoak FLNuclear Medicine1003816216
John F. Heitner NYNuclear Medicine1659372688
Edward William Leahey TXNuclear Medicine1770584690
John W. Laude ILNuclear Medicine1235130246
Murli K Raman AZNuclear Medicine1013918903
Zaki Lababidi AZNuclear Medicine1225039183
Bashar J Markabawi AZNuclear Medicine1518968429
Renee Ann Sangrigoli PANuclear Medicine1922007079
Kishan Kumar Jasti MINuclear Medicine1346248135
Praveen Kanaparti FLNuclear Medicine1437150349
David M. Murello PANuclear Medicine1336148097
Gloria M. Bittner PANuclear Medicine1700886769
Robert Darrell Collins GANuclear Medicine1447250220
Mohammed Amirul Islam TXNuclear Medicine1255330569
Robert E. Bulow OHNuclear Medicine1477552271
Tiberiu Kovacs NJNuclear Medicine1780684506
Chandreshwar N Shahi NJNuclear Medicine1063412484
Richard Alan Wilson ORNuclear Medicine1265433866
Advanced Cardiac Specialists, Chartered AZNuclear Medicine1235130824
Jonathan A Brier CTNuclear Medicine1124029772
V Frank Gabor UTNuclear Medicine1891796249
Michael J Meleca OHNuclear Medicine1942201306
John Gordon Rehder PANuclear Medicine1891796215
Warren Mark Breisblatt AZNuclear Medicine1063413177
Warren Moore TXNuclear Medicine1174525034
Karl Tscha-ning Sun CANuclear Medicine1235131061
John Andrew Osborne TXNuclear Medicine1114929718
Northern California Medical Assoc Inc Nuclear Medicine1376545988
Vikas C. Jain TXNuclear Medicine1477555092
Jagadish Puppala TXNuclear Medicine1841292489
Srihari Ravi MINuclear Medicine1184626731
Kyung Soo Kim MINuclear Medicine1558363119
Balaji Ayyappan Veerappan TXNuclear Medicine1912999152
Randall Stanton Hall TXNuclear Medicine1902808439
Joseph C. Millin FLNuclear Medicine1760484158
Alan Foster NYNuclear Medicine1942292974
Jocelyn Impas Espiritu CANuclear Medicine1104818137
Ramzi F. Khalil PANuclear Medicine1790777829
Kerrville Cardiovascular Center Nuclear Medicine1124010277
Ochsner Clinic Llc Nuclear Medicine1407848443
Roger Bowers NYNuclear Medicine1427040385
Southeast Medical Imaging Services Inc Nuclear Medicine1124010855
Leonard S Hojnowski NYNuclear Medicine1245222876
David H Feiglin NYNuclear Medicine1275525891
Michele Lisi NYNuclear Medicine1952393589
Andrij R Wojtowycz NYNuclear Medicine1003808635
Central New York Pet Llc NYNuclear Medicine1174515712
Daniel Singer FLNuclear Medicine1033101571
Michael J Rinaldi CTNuclear Medicine1053303503
Raymond Paul Liccini FLNuclear Medicine1619969078
Vicente J Caride CTNuclear Medicine1487646824
Edward K Prokop CTNuclear Medicine1184616427
Northern California Cardiology Associates Medical Group Inc CANuclear Medicine1467444711
Erlinda Roque Kerekes INNuclear Medicine1437142759
Ernest Gordon Depuey NYNuclear Medicine1457344459
Buddhadev Nathabhai Manvar NYNuclear Medicine1629061833
Babu Nagasuri Jasty NYNuclear Medicine1326031535
David C Lew FLNuclear Medicine1861485757
Steven Parmett NJNuclear Medicine1093708919
Rudolph M Sada, Md NYNuclear Medicine1538152517
Robert Porter OHNuclear Medicine1194718189
Munir V Ghesani NYNuclear Medicine1073506069
Richard N Pierson NYNuclear Medicine1780677518
Robert M Horth CANuclear Medicine1699768259
Faith Eileen Block FLNuclear Medicine1962495440
Gerd Ken Herrmann CANuclear Medicine1154799542
Philip Dunbar Nicol PANuclear Medicine1700887197
Mp Diagnostic Ltd Nuclear Medicine1164415055
Kenneth Vaughn Adams FLNuclear Medicine1881696284
Carl David Hassel FLNuclear Medicine1114929502
Thomas Carens Hilton FLNuclear Medicine1316949746
Pamela Ramos Rama-depadua FLNuclear Medicine1669474086
Marc Richard Litt FLNuclear Medicine1528060936
Carlos M Sotolongo FLNuclear Medicine1639171044
Bernardo Manuel Utset FLNuclear Medicine1770585184
William Wainwright FLNuclear Medicine1235131657
Joel Schrank FLNuclear Medicine1336141712
Antonio V Baute GANuclear Medicine1629061395
Robert Conrad Park TXNuclear Medicine1881695930
Bryan John Robertson PANuclear Medicine1114910197
Theresa Vogel Crouch TXNuclear Medicine1275525594
Joel Ramos Ayala PRNuclear Medicine1457344509
Paul John Baxley ARNuclear Medicine1164414462
Dineshkant N Parikh NYNuclear Medicine1427040674
Deepika Gopalakrishnan TXNuclear Medicine1487646048
Bernard Gojer ARNuclear Medicine1245232768
Douglas S. Schulman PANuclear Medicine1346241486
Dimitri Atanasov Sherev CANuclear Medicine1154323996
Robert Dubroff NMNuclear Medicine1679575583
Liren Kuang NYNuclear Medicine1376544510
Pawan K Sharma UTNuclear Medicine1114919073
Leo Kassabian CANuclear Medicine1184617763
Srinivas N Paranandi TXNuclear Medicine1013909258
Howard T Gitter PANuclear Medicine1023010444
John D Berger IANuclear Medicine1619960259
Amy Joann Barley CONuclear Medicine1669465894
Brooklyn Heart Vein And Vascular Care, Pllc Nuclear Medicine1477037067
Henry J. Stern FLNuclear Medicine1053304550
Sanjeev Bhatta FLNuclear Medicine1770576100
Daniel C. Fisher NYNuclear Medicine1386638773
Mariano Rey NYNuclear Medicine1821082215
David Gutstein NYNuclear Medicine1144214545
Florida Heart & Vascular Multi Specialty Group Pa Nuclear Medicine1699769042
Nuclear Medicine Services Nuclear Medicine1336133644
Anne Constania Bullock GANuclear Medicine1477547784
Diagnostic Clinic Of Longview Pa Nuclear Medicine1386638468
Alan Ashare MANuclear Medicine1063406098
Kenneth E Bodek NCNuclear Medicine1871587923
Susan S Bratschi GUNuclear Medicine1609860592
Denise R Hirsch MANuclear Medicine1497749253
Jose Tiburcio Medina PRNuclear Medicine1316931892
Wake Internal Medicine Consultants, Inc. Nuclear Medicine1699760926
Sriram Padmanabhan MDNuclear Medicine1649265034
Johng Chun MANuclear Medicine1437144706
Patrick Vaughn Ford TXNuclear Medicine1639164809
Fuad S Ashkar FLNuclear Medicine1093700049
James D Mclaughlin NYNuclear Medicine1154316131
Elena Eustaquio Icayan WANuclear Medicine1851386619
Manoranjan P Singh FLNuclear Medicine1093700874
Rene Dietrich Ormachea PRNuclear Medicine1639164585
Karl Benjamin Coyner MANuclear Medicine1609861418
Ivan L Chermel INNuclear Medicine1508851338
Umesh Badami MINuclear Medicine1477549087
Marcelo Fernando Di Carli MANuclear Medicine1407841034
Kondaramvalappil K Ravindran MINuclear Medicine1790771319
Stanley James Adelstein MANuclear Medicine1194711614
Deborah Pevsner FLNuclear Medicine1548256993
David W. Shonkoff GANuclear Medicine1265428692
Broadway Cardiopulmonary, P.c. Nuclear Medicine1871589200
Daisy Florence Lazarous OKNuclear Medicine1952397382
Louis I Heller GANuclear Medicine1821084237
Zaza J Aivazi NYNuclear Medicine1063408474
Anil K Sain CANuclear Medicine1992791180
Anthony F. Posteraro CTNuclear Medicine1609862853
James D. Slavin CTNuclear Medicine1649266651
Jorge M Davidenko NYNuclear Medicine1215923990
Eugene C Lozner NYNuclear Medicine1083600779
Robert Wesley Dappen AZNuclear Medicine1194711929
Richard J Lovas FLNuclear Medicine1689660409
Mazen Beshara NYNuclear Medicine1912993692
Annick Diane Van Den Abbeele MANuclear Medicine1154317816
Daniel S Fuleihan NYNuclear Medicine1245226919
James T Connelly NYNuclear Medicine1679569354
Centro Sononuclear De Rio Piedras Nuclear Medicine1053307736
Wesley Rolf Tzall NYNuclear Medicine1508853276
Barbara Jane Mcneil MANuclear Medicine1902893613
Tristate Home Physicians KYNuclear Medicine1699762260
Jorge R Toro PRNuclear Medicine1447247044
Angel J Torres Noya PRNuclear Medicine1629065230
Pratiba K Sansi INNuclear Medicine1134116734
Michael P Gabris NYNuclear Medicine1023005568
Raymond L Thomas SCNuclear Medicine1669469060
Edward Lubat NJNuclear Medicine1396732624
Richard A. Bedont IANuclear Medicine1801883186
Vijay M Varma MDNuclear Medicine1942297213
Vojtech Slezka NYNuclear Medicine1073500286
Robert J Schott CANuclear Medicine1477540680
Nidal Makhoul NYNuclear Medicine1063409282
Ramon Brugada NYNuclear Medicine1174510267


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