Providers with Taxonomy: Nuclear Medicine in the state of Wisconsin

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nuclear Medicine
in the state of Wisconsin:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lance T Hall 30322, WINuclear Medicine1295798429
Ahmad Bakdalieh 77024, WINuclear Medicine1861874646
Appleton Cardiology Associates Sc 54911, WINuclear Medicine1619927837
Commonwealth Medical Group, Llc 53214, WINuclear Medicine1477500361
Computerized Medical Imaging Inc. 54701, WINuclear Medicine1669417911
Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care, Llp 53215, WINuclear Medicine1265506844
Aurora Health Care Southern Lakes, Inc. 53142, WINuclear Medicine1225156888
Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care, Llp 54915, WINuclear Medicine1740457217
Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care, Llp 54241, WINuclear Medicine1982871489
Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care, Llp 53098, WINuclear Medicine1528235025
Comprehensive Cardiovascular Care, Llp 53086, WINuclear Medicine1154598662
Aurora Medical Group, Inc. 53215, WINuclear Medicine1235382318
Oconto Hospital & Medical Center,inc. 54143, WINuclear Medicine1528412673
Shared Medical Technology, Inc 56701, WINuclear Medicine1679528194
Bay Area Nuclear Medicine Sc 54301, WINuclear Medicine1790860351
Rajashri S Manoli M.d. 53222, WINuclear Medicine1003946534
Abraham-rami Gal 53233, WINuclear Medicine1992774467
Aditya Jain 55455, WINuclear Medicine1588955843
Ali N Khan 53024, WINuclear Medicine1144325051
Alon Coppens 54449, WINuclear Medicine1174624886
Anthony David Kuner 53715, WINuclear Medicine1700115789
Anthony G Locurto 53215, WINuclear Medicine1821098773
Anuradha Thenkondar 53792, WINuclear Medicine1710250931
Arnold J Krubsack 53792, WINuclear Medicine1548343809
Boyd Earl Vomocil 54449, WINuclear Medicine1225060890
Carrie B. Chapman 54913, WINuclear Medicine1396703732
Charles Grady Stepherson 53792, WINuclear Medicine1508835596
Charles K Stone 53792, WINuclear Medicine1558322461
Chris Konstantinou 53792, WINuclear Medicine1346246162
Christine Lynnette Vetter 53792, WINuclear Medicine1619003142
Christopher G Guglielmo 53792, WINuclear Medicine1770750432
David H Kim 53792, WINuclear Medicine1861469058
Elizabeth A Sadowski 53792, WINuclear Medicine1093783987
Eric Michael Jakubowski 53220, WINuclear Medicine1326266867
Eugene H Kaji 53711, WINuclear Medicine1093776874
Francis J Thornton 53593, WINuclear Medicine1770545949
George David Beiser 54911, WINuclear Medicine1487604880
Gerald M. Pohost 61206, WINuclear Medicine1871534636
Gregory Reiser 53215, WINuclear Medicine1245250323
Ijaz A Malik 53233, WINuclear Medicine1104893296
James Bartlett 53215, WINuclear Medicine1609806678
John Whalen 53217, WINuclear Medicine1790700185
Karen L Moncher 53715, WINuclear Medicine1902872930
Leon Besthoff Rosen 53215, WINuclear Medicine1477661437
Lisa A Baratta 53215, WINuclear Medicine1356340285
Mark M Hinson 54449, WINuclear Medicine1326122201
Mary Lee Zasadil 53715, WINuclear Medicine1881659175
Michael D Becker 53226, WINuclear Medicine1811927726
Michael Joseph Gitter 53226, WINuclear Medicine1467403410
Michael E Spieth 54449, WINuclear Medicine1134229859
Minnie W. Kieler 53792, WINuclear Medicine1942659883
Moses Kyobe 61104, WINuclear Medicine1386634384
Nevein F Ibrahim 53792, WINuclear Medicine1629333240
Prakash D Shah 53215, WINuclear Medicine1013917996
Purushotham Veluvolu 54449, WINuclear Medicine1043310766
Quinton Joel Keigley 53792, WINuclear Medicine1821359225
Ralph W Fitz 54701, WINuclear Medicine1043274723
Robert F Davison 54304, WINuclear Medicine1992749824
Robert L Meredith 54301, WINuclear Medicine1497797484
Robert L Panther 53215, WINuclear Medicine1770583643
Scott B Perlman 53792, WINuclear Medicine1649248030
Simon Edwin Roselaar 54913, WINuclear Medicine1689626632
Soujanya Nuthakki 53226, WINuclear Medicine1114174000
Steve Yoon-ho Cho 53792, WINuclear Medicine1902945181
Steven C Port 53215, WINuclear Medicine1598765471
Tamara S Hagen 53718, WINuclear Medicine1861469470
Tejaswini K Deshmukh 53226, WINuclear Medicine1891025722
Wah Wah Htun 54601, WINuclear Medicine1083943179
Wayne E Musser 53711, WINuclear Medicine1093781031
William Ogden Fletcher 54913, WINuclear Medicine1740231844
William W Kronzer 54548, WINuclear Medicine1902906274


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