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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melissa Marie Leplatt MDNurse Practitioner1861713356
Seraphine Agbor MDNurse Practitioner1427690395
Family Healthcare Associates TNNurse Practitioner1902850480
Adam Waters ALNurse Practitioner1780052589
Amie Roland TNNurse Practitioner1255768263
Anna Carroll TNNurse Practitioner1104168889
Bradleigh Turnipseed ALNurse Practitioner1396229860
Mandy R Russell TNNurse Practitioner1235400532
Charlotte L Watts LANurse Practitioner1740786946
James Daniel Hendrick LANurse Practitioner1740700434
Integrative Concepts Of Medicine,llc TXNurse Practitioner1841485679
Attlas Health Systems Nurse Practitioner1558846782
Cwida, Inc TXNurse Practitioner1689089401
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1457608515
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1548517600
Addison Internal Medicine TXNurse Practitioner1043695695
Pinnacle Anesthesia Consultants, Pllc TXNurse Practitioner1932584257
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1558618439
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1740537802
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1093062168
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1134476203
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1013265297
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1932447372
Ipc Pac Healthcare Services Of Texas Pllc Nurse Practitioner1194174201
Allure Skin And Laser ILNurse Practitioner1912445800
Nextgen Wellness Group Inc. Nurse Practitioner1275054868
U S Anesthesia Partners Of Texas, Pa Nurse Practitioner1457808859
U S Anesthesia Partners Of Texas, Pa Nurse Practitioner1053800391
Valor Healthcare Inc PANurse Practitioner1538649280
Ngwg Psychological Services, Pllc Nurse Practitioner1639632920
Np Procare, Llc Nurse Practitioner1285273854
Semper Healthcare Services Nurse Practitioner1558950527
Alaena Nicole Grable TXNurse Practitioner1528458460
Alexandra Lyn Anderson ILNurse Practitioner1447895115
Alice Marie Sartore ILNurse Practitioner1689942500
Allen D Long FLNurse Practitioner1578772828
Amber Leible TXNurse Practitioner1689262966
Amy Henderson TXNurse Practitioner1992253066
Angela L. Bright GANurse Practitioner1700908688
Anju Mathew Thomas ILNurse Practitioner1528608189
Anna-michelle Visak ILNurse Practitioner1811362197
Arturo Ventura ILNurse Practitioner1891220257
Brant Travis Erwin TXNurse Practitioner1336532118
Christopher Garcia Vindua TXNurse Practitioner1629531314
Courtney Lavey Rulon TXNurse Practitioner1861901894
Dayna Kinney TXNurse Practitioner1326524018
Dezra Ann Fain TXNurse Practitioner1639268527
Diane E Reed NYNurse Practitioner1316032410
Elaine Donahy TXNurse Practitioner1790156107
Gloria Jean Bernard TXNurse Practitioner1548368236
Gloria Kaye Kendall TXNurse Practitioner1518029420
Heather Hughes TXNurse Practitioner1043839525
Iris Turay ILNurse Practitioner1811318603
Iulia Kaulinite ILNurse Practitioner1912444662
James Amila Ochuka TXNurse Practitioner1578826343
Jenny Choi TXNurse Practitioner1407391139
Jessica Griffin TXNurse Practitioner1740733096
Jill Whelan ILNurse Practitioner1942344114
Joanna Michele Rios ILNurse Practitioner1720547383
Joel Manalo Ocampo ILNurse Practitioner1548724982
Joey R Walker TXNurse Practitioner1548879331
Jyoti Kanda ILNurse Practitioner1912544180
Kara Everett ALNurse Practitioner1538608781
Karen Ann Kowalczyk ILNurse Practitioner1316189343
Karla Teresa Beard TXNurse Practitioner1205979341
Kate Megan Murphy TXNurse Practitioner1043694896
Kathleen Marie Benson ILNurse Practitioner1376096115
Katie Ann Gallegos TXNurse Practitioner1306184338
Kayla Foster CANurse Practitioner1467931568
Keith A Meier CONurse Practitioner1386850915
Kimberley Landry TXNurse Practitioner1720687858
Kimberly M Myers TXNurse Practitioner1821119116
Latha Jacob TXNurse Practitioner1376826503
Laura Cabrales ILNurse Practitioner1366848400
Lauren Fairbanks TXNurse Practitioner1780169953
Lauren Lott ILNurse Practitioner1619570405
Leslie Kate Luna TXNurse Practitioner1295178788
Linda Lee Martin TXNurse Practitioner1295753697
Margaret Anne Jones TXNurse Practitioner1215542014
Maria Elena Gonzalez ILNurse Practitioner1437700069
Maria Carmen Del Cid ILNurse Practitioner1396047668
Maria Remedios Marcelo Billote ILNurse Practitioner1598321804
Marilou Turner ILNurse Practitioner1598308785
Meera Sharma ILNurse Practitioner1659935336
Melissa Joy Stefanowicz ILNurse Practitioner1750903290
Mini Paul ILNurse Practitioner1356616866
Mona J Patel ILNurse Practitioner1104343599
Patricia Alden Flateau TXNurse Practitioner1811098627
Rebecca Elaine Brown TXNurse Practitioner1750695375
Rebecca Sullivan ILNurse Practitioner1689264061
Robin Amber Walterscheid TXNurse Practitioner1871965590
Ronald S Callaham PANurse Practitioner1447581756
Ronald L Waits CONurse Practitioner1467578674
Ruchi Savani ILNurse Practitioner1013464304
Sandra Elizabeth Bandel ILNurse Practitioner1255702684
Sarah Oliaee Caballero TXNurse Practitioner1497225734
Sonja Rae Varney-herr MINurse Practitioner1669078820
Susan Irene Walsh NYNurse Practitioner1760594196
Toni Nicole Tidwell TXNurse Practitioner1154851434
Trupti Patel ILNurse Practitioner1871829317
Vishwa S Bhatt TXNurse Practitioner1841421732
Mary Elizabeth Monk OHNurse Practitioner1861618274
Alexander Warren GANurse Practitioner1144699141
David K. Vickers GANurse Practitioner1629518014
Delecia J Crannell FLNurse Practitioner1942555172
Ebony Hillmon-scruggs GANurse Practitioner1164953675
Halley Boston IANurse Practitioner1659784866
Jennifer Lynn Bailey IANurse Practitioner1447208509
Lindsey C Mcclain GANurse Practitioner1013217645
Tammy Charlene Carter GANurse Practitioner1457965154
Keith Allen Montgomery CANurse Practitioner1790978617
Stella Kemuto Ondieki CANurse Practitioner1659810406
Yasmin Curameng Robles-gray CANurse Practitioner1235166810
Kimberly Jean Berndt WINurse Practitioner1083923049
Akeyla Bigelow MDNurse Practitioner1972153377
Cynthia Starr Hendel MDNurse Practitioner1073507661
Howard Francis Piller LANurse Practitioner1710985023
Jean Marc Nken DCNurse Practitioner1972072775
Mary Margaret Oneill MDNurse Practitioner1841374261
Obianuju Amy Nwaogu MDNurse Practitioner1184229635
Subramanian Varadarajan MDNurse Practitioner1235380015
Tinuolu T Shokunbi MDNurse Practitioner1033716956
Dolly Rebecca Denson TXNurse Practitioner1134436983
Jennifer Lauren Gonzales TXNurse Practitioner1811496789
Stephanie Michelle Vacianna TXNurse Practitioner1063055838
Adrian Clinic, Llc MONurse Practitioner1538187711
Amy E Kern MINurse Practitioner1174176275
Andrea Poma MINurse Practitioner1871984955
Anne Elisabeth Butts MINurse Practitioner1689863391
Annemarie Marwitz Kallenbach MINurse Practitioner1285826008
Ashley Victoria Marr MINurse Practitioner1396375366
Elizabeth Macdonald MINurse Practitioner1740716752
Emily Rose Kist MINurse Practitioner1851943708
Erika Kiss MINurse Practitioner1821460445
Heather Brunk MINurse Practitioner1922697168
Heidi Nichols MINurse Practitioner1972501138
Helen Jakstas MINurse Practitioner1326148479
Jeffrey Mark Clinton OHNurse Practitioner1740773290
Jennifer Emily Lewis MINurse Practitioner1023460367
Laura L Bell MINurse Practitioner1740366616
Laura J Thiem MONurse Practitioner1316941826
Laura H White GANurse Practitioner1265883730
Laurie Ann Fry MINurse Practitioner1043511470
Patricia Lynn Gray MINurse Practitioner1023126257
Patricia Halbert-raich OHNurse Practitioner1467969717
Rebecca Sue Border MINurse Practitioner1235467093
Renee Vives MINurse Practitioner1073880928
Sarah Farmer OHNurse Practitioner1083098420
Shane Michael Lagore MINurse Practitioner1386600468
Sharon Kay Spanbauer MINurse Practitioner1487657110
Shelby Strauch MONurse Practitioner1194331074
Tamara Lynn Gorniak MINurse Practitioner1316493711
Teresa Kem Graham MINurse Practitioner1467582197
Torri Len Rogers MINurse Practitioner1932572419
Victoria Ann Vaccaro MINurse Practitioner1609974112
Forsyth Memorial Hospital, Inc Nurse Practitioner1831376797
Casey Kenyon Mahle NCNurse Practitioner1508155169
Chelsey Pait Beasley NCNurse Practitioner1639525199
Christian Connor Hall NCNurse Practitioner1205074333
Elizabeth Lenfestey Tysinger NCNurse Practitioner1497137681
Gemekia Coleman Futrell NCNurse Practitioner1417177668
Lauren Elizabeth Fletcher Crotts NCNurse Practitioner1700419280
Lindsay Tatum Hartman ILNurse Practitioner1932225687
Margaret Mcrae Bovender NCNurse Practitioner1821260829
Mark Curry Maynard NCNurse Practitioner1104339084
Nova C Crawford MONurse Practitioner1669529491
Shalyn Ann Beck NYNurse Practitioner1811480106
Sherry Limbaugh MONurse Practitioner1992850457
Heather Miller MONurse Practitioner1669984357
Amy Carol Weaver TNNurse Practitioner1689766057
Anne T Roane VANurse Practitioner1124649413
Beth Anne Hill ORNurse Practitioner1386756567
Carol D. Nightengale NYNurse Practitioner1215198064
David Michael Larew VANurse Practitioner1295219863
Gina Marie Francisco OKNurse Practitioner1073570875
Joseph J Brennan NYNurse Practitioner1790328300
Laura Jean Hallacy OKNurse Practitioner1124011242
Mark Wayne Larsen WYNurse Practitioner1689166266
Melinda K Bailey OKNurse Practitioner1437374832
Molly Schacht MNNurse Practitioner1992272504
Robin Trost WANurse Practitioner1023494093
Russell Allen Peters TNNurse Practitioner1093252439
Shea Price Pitts TNNurse Practitioner1720501430
Sonja Abigail Hannigan MNNurse Practitioner1265426860
Charles Clifton Burroughs VANurse Practitioner1285621201
Jennifer Jean Buechel CANurse Practitioner1912232232
Kevin Guarino Hitosis GUNurse Practitioner1255385340
Carolyn L. Mendiola Fruge GUNurse Practitioner1205490992
Alireza Jarihi NHNurse Practitioner1952948176
Beth Markens MANurse Practitioner1437525409
Carolyn M Beggs MANurse Practitioner1184601635
Charmaine B. Webley MANurse Practitioner1376014902
Frank Douglas Benson MANurse Practitioner1770558850
Geraldine A. Kasulinous MANurse Practitioner1245210798
Karen Gail Sheldon MANurse Practitioner1275697757
Laurie A Benoit MANurse Practitioner1225465099
Rebecca M Chevalier MANurse Practitioner1700490976
Zoe C Hawes MANurse Practitioner1891843488
Brandon Moritz CANurse Practitioner1265911341
Ronnie Palache CANurse Practitioner1588916878


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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