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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tracey-ann Harriott GANurse Practitioner1093236739
Tyreesha Hubbard GANurse Practitioner1750054805
Zachary Ryan Tippens FLNurse Practitioner1760003842
Valley View Management Group Inc Nurse Practitioner1235466947
Ada Pediatric Clinic OKNurse Practitioner1255671806
Ross Enterprises Inc Nurse Practitioner1487012100
Jody Ardrey Aprn cnp Llc OKNurse Practitioner1174977763
Quickcare Aprn cnp, Llc OKNurse Practitioner1891222030
Spectrum Health Primary Care Partners Nurse Practitioner1437673712
Kuinmed Llc OHNurse Practitioner1275082679
Robert O. Morton, M.d., Pllc Nurse Practitioner1144870478
Lima Memorial Professional Corporation OHNurse Practitioner1225295835
Mannacare Health And Wellness Medical Center Llc Nurse Practitioner1649821158
Abigail Akyeampong OHNurse Practitioner1194120584
Akeem A Adeniyi OHNurse Practitioner1720513443
Amanda Lynn Cubit OKNurse Practitioner1750882775
Amanda M Rigney OKNurse Practitioner1316578842
Amy Renae Bell MINurse Practitioner1184962672
Amy Blough OKNurse Practitioner1548663669
Ashley Curtis OKNurse Practitioner1801254792
Austin Dumbaugh OHNurse Practitioner1124777115
Brandi Gynn Harden OKNurse Practitioner1578010716
Brianna Leigh Youngwolfe OKNurse Practitioner1700370467
Brittani Morgan Rushing OKNurse Practitioner1255813754
Chrissy Marie Lehew OKNurse Practitioner1184274052
Christopher Michael Poarch OKNurse Practitioner1871850628
Christy Lynn Morris OKNurse Practitioner1659985430
Claudette G. Wilson OKNurse Practitioner1174895585
Colleen Elizabeth Tillema MINurse Practitioner1720503329
Deanna Kaye Sanford OKNurse Practitioner1659693356
Debra Ann Degering OKNurse Practitioner1235582099
Denise Darnell Sharp OKNurse Practitioner1952327843
Edna Irene Hunt OKNurse Practitioner1457338873
Farra Farley OKNurse Practitioner1356931471
Haley Brooke Mitchell OKNurse Practitioner1033760970
Heather Michelle Johnston OKNurse Practitioner1881850477
Heather Renee Nelms OKNurse Practitioner1053061457
Holly Katharyn Farrar OKNurse Practitioner1780209254
Jenelle Niese OHNurse Practitioner1861845158
Jennifer James OKNurse Practitioner1528448032
Jody Wayne Ardrey OKNurse Practitioner1881902377
Johannie Margarita Torres MINurse Practitioner1467437384
John Carroll Casady OKNurse Practitioner1891202552
John Phillip Dickinson OKNurse Practitioner1790098150
Judy Goforth-parker OKNurse Practitioner1952604829
Justin Issac Rammage OKNurse Practitioner1609330968
Kari J Bergman MNNurse Practitioner1588225239
Kelli Le Cox OKNurse Practitioner1902370802
Kelly Reid OKNurse Practitioner1982995791
Kevin Scott Langley OKNurse Practitioner1851644413
Kimethria Laurie Jackson OKNurse Practitioner1962441170
Kyle Daniel Forgety OKNurse Practitioner1477020329
Laura Eve Brewer-james OKNurse Practitioner1972881175
Laura Coleen Byous OKNurse Practitioner1013509728
Laura Lindsey Dooley OKNurse Practitioner1780983130
Laurena Faye Schultz MINurse Practitioner1154905289
Laurie Elizabeth Boggess OKNurse Practitioner1457875056
Linda Louise Spooner OKNurse Practitioner1013025840
Lindsay Kates OKNurse Practitioner1821466954
Lisa Hargis OKNurse Practitioner1891162756
Lisa Renea Pate OKNurse Practitioner1710528674
Lisa Rhynes OKNurse Practitioner1649259458
Lisa Young OKNurse Practitioner1649627332
Luann Evert OKNurse Practitioner1659536530
Lucille Way TXNurse Practitioner1285832436
Maegan Renee' Russell OKNurse Practitioner1376217257
Malary Kay Mcbride OHNurse Practitioner1164988929
Mandy Lynne Waters OKNurse Practitioner1619327970
Margaret Schimmoeller OHNurse Practitioner1730654112
Mary Cathryn Merideth OKNurse Practitioner1114930229
Michelle Baxter OKNurse Practitioner1912348970
Michelle Ann Cole OKNurse Practitioner1083084461
Michelle Lynn Degraaf MINurse Practitioner1316022577
Mona Jean Nickerson OKNurse Practitioner1154734994
Nicole Mcelroy OKNurse Practitioner1295108751
Pamela Marie Catalano OKNurse Practitioner1295942936
Pamela Seymour OKNurse Practitioner1568820587
Penni Cartlidge OKNurse Practitioner1740644970
Qiong Mu Ross OKNurse Practitioner1053705673
Rachel Presley OKNurse Practitioner1568093334
Ramona Juanita Baker OKNurse Practitioner1659034221
Robin Rae Anderson OKNurse Practitioner1083071906
Robin M Losee MNNurse Practitioner1083056642
Ruth Ann Brintnall MINurse Practitioner1871632323
Ryan Hung Bui OKNurse Practitioner1740955665
Serena E. Sheppard OKNurse Practitioner1609855410
Shanna Poor Buffalo OKNurse Practitioner1720430507
Shari M Rhodes OKNurse Practitioner1083125538
Sommer Leeann Millard OKNurse Practitioner1205478682
Tamera Casady OKNurse Practitioner1356810444
Teresa E Rush OHNurse Practitioner1821159575
Tracy Lynn Langley OKNurse Practitioner1619085941
Trudi L. Freeland OKNurse Practitioner1902885817
Valerie Ruth Lucas MINurse Practitioner1184700379
Walter Clinton Maxcey OKNurse Practitioner1265943476
Andrea R Karpency PANurse Practitioner1114568854
Randi Dawnielle Davis WVNurse Practitioner1700486008
Brooklyn Hammonds Luzzi GANurse Practitioner1356848733
Chenoa Dickerson GANurse Practitioner1063002145
Emily King Johnson GANurse Practitioner1407954282
Helen Clair Medlin GANurse Practitioner1053572172
Jamie Michelle Parker GANurse Practitioner1336724665
Janna Novotny Lister GANurse Practitioner1528478344
Joy Griffith Rice GANurse Practitioner1780171264
Laura Brown GANurse Practitioner1245779081
Laura Alyssa Clayton Crew GANurse Practitioner1700419926
Mindy Lynn Holcomb GANurse Practitioner1053735753
Nicole B. Swiger GANurse Practitioner1780691303
Pennie H Schuh GANurse Practitioner1568991305
Rachel A Turner GANurse Practitioner1992145155
Rhonda Gabel GANurse Practitioner1194335182
Sally Jo Sanford GANurse Practitioner1720103047
Trena Dawn Ray GANurse Practitioner1700980844
Zachary Tyler Cochran GANurse Practitioner1417593591
Sally Kathryn Mathieson VTNurse Practitioner1275840712
Bryan Clapsaddle TNNurse Practitioner1427508357
Caitlin M Roberts MANurse Practitioner1487999827
Candice Smith MANurse Practitioner1679973895
Donna Merry NYNurse Practitioner1598707432
Donna Jean Tew FLNurse Practitioner1568420230
Jeffrey A Bialobok MANurse Practitioner1932436979
Jessica Ann Tyler Stevens WINurse Practitioner1194095588
Jill Bohn WINurse Practitioner1043600745
Joshua David Holt TNNurse Practitioner1083361083
Katrina Marie Garland NYNurse Practitioner1215133384
Kimberly Ann Noragong NYNurse Practitioner1114698321
Meghan Faye Anderson TNNurse Practitioner1437674322
Robin E Rivinus MANurse Practitioner1063471415
Tina Luisa Alibozek MANurse Practitioner1023517380
Trudy Zumbuhl Evans ORNurse Practitioner1629089313
Judy Traynor NYNurse Practitioner1043636426
Renee Kessler PANurse Practitioner1841213758
Ever will Healthcare Services Nurse Practitioner1386390474
Angela Celentano PANurse Practitioner1770192296
Evelyne Jeanne Makany Ndzana MDNurse Practitioner1215518089
Felicia Dalphine Bailey MDNurse Practitioner1801365101
Melissa Marie Leplatt MDNurse Practitioner1861713356
Seraphine Agbor MDNurse Practitioner1427690395
Vivian Ebika Orock MDNurse Practitioner1033865126
Family Healthcare Associates TNNurse Practitioner1902850480
Adam Waters ALNurse Practitioner1780052589
Amie Roland TNNurse Practitioner1255768263
Anna Carroll TNNurse Practitioner1104168889
Mandy R Russell TNNurse Practitioner1235400532
Charlotte L Watts LANurse Practitioner1740786946
James Daniel Hendrick LANurse Practitioner1740700434
Kayla Deann Young LANurse Practitioner1063184083
Lanie Vaughn LANurse Practitioner1407435688
Integrative Concepts Of Medicine,llc TXNurse Practitioner1841485679
Attlas Health Systems Nurse Practitioner1558846782
Cwida, Inc TXNurse Practitioner1689089401
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1457608515
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1548517600
Addison Internal Medicine TXNurse Practitioner1043695695
Pinnacle Anesthesia Consultants, Pllc TXNurse Practitioner1932584257
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1558618439
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1740537802
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1093062168
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1134476203
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1013265297
Concentra Primary Care Pa Nurse Practitioner1932447372
Ipc Pac Healthcare Services Of Texas Pllc Nurse Practitioner1194174201
Allure Skin And Laser ILNurse Practitioner1912445800
Nextgen Wellness Group Inc. Nurse Practitioner1275054868
U S Anesthesia Partners Of Texas, Pa Nurse Practitioner1457808859
U S Anesthesia Partners Of Texas, Pa Nurse Practitioner1053800391
Valor Healthcare Inc PANurse Practitioner1538649280
Ngwg Psychological Services, Pllc Nurse Practitioner1639632920
Np Procare, Llc Nurse Practitioner1285273854
Semper Healthcare Services Nurse Practitioner1558950527
Alaena Nicole Grable TXNurse Practitioner1528458460
Alexandra Lyn Anderson ILNurse Practitioner1447895115
Alexandria Scott Nix ALNurse Practitioner1063006070
Alice Marie Sartore ILNurse Practitioner1689942500
Amy Henderson TXNurse Practitioner1992253066
Angela L. Bright GANurse Practitioner1700908688
Angela Kurien ILNurse Practitioner1457800435
Anju Mathew Thomas ILNurse Practitioner1528608189
Anna-michelle Visak ILNurse Practitioner1811362197
Anthony L Fajardo TXNurse Practitioner1407367592
Arturo Ventura ILNurse Practitioner1891220257
Ashley Evans ILNurse Practitioner1962056234
Ashley Pratt CANurse Practitioner1043790397
Brant Travis Erwin TXNurse Practitioner1336532118
Carolyn Christine Benson TXNurse Practitioner1235701723
Christopher Garcia Vindua TXNurse Practitioner1629531314
Courtney Lavey Rulon TXNurse Practitioner1861901894
Dayna Kinney TXNurse Practitioner1326524018
Dezra Ann Fain TXNurse Practitioner1639268527
Diana Chapman-edwards OKNurse Practitioner1730841982
Diane E Reed NYNurse Practitioner1316032410
Elaine Donahy TXNurse Practitioner1790156107
Emily Ann Stanford TXNurse Practitioner1245718303
Ewa Zakrzewska ILNurse Practitioner1205589504
Gloria Jean Bernard TXNurse Practitioner1548368236
Gloria Kaye Kendall TXNurse Practitioner1518029420
Hana Won Sullivan NYNurse Practitioner1356012504
Heather Hughes TXNurse Practitioner1043839525
Iulia Kaulinite ILNurse Practitioner1912444662
James Amila Ochuka TXNurse Practitioner1578826343


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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