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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Karla Sellers MDNurse Practitioner1649274143
Kerri Ann Knoll FLNurse Practitioner1154326155
Anna J Hammond MDNurse Practitioner1144224601
Karen Chaffin TNNurse Practitioner1871958694
Jamie Lonelle Dicroce CONurse Practitioner1952766776
Pamela Ann Null PANurse Practitioner1841655669
Gregory Hudson Md Inc Nurse Practitioner1952476335
Helen Lewis-brown MONurse Practitioner1194181990
Kimberley Anne Burns WANurse Practitioner1023012416
Kathleen B Rickard AZNurse Practitioner1922003250
Kathleen E Clark ILNurse Practitioner1942668314
Eileen M Dondero NCNurse Practitioner1508861238
Diana Michelle Montgomery ARNurse Practitioner1457356347
Kimberly Lynn Farley TNNurse Practitioner1780689612
Monica B Stanek WINurse Practitioner1033114491
Polly A Davenport-fortune WINurse Practitioner1619972841
Pamela Longmore WVNurse Practitioner1386649242
M Stephanie Moore TNNurse Practitioner1942205083
Brenda Mercer Allen NCNurse Practitioner1134124589
Joni L Nalli WINurse Practitioner1922002435
Gina R Tamargo FLNurse Practitioner1881699544
Kathleen J Rowan-koenen WINurse Practitioner1780688184
Loretta Marie Jacob OHNurse Practitioner1609871714
Margaret Riggan Light VANurse Practitioner1578568788
Ruth E Busch KSNurse Practitioner1134124084
Linda Ozuna TXNurse Practitioner1245235324
Donna Osbron KYNurse Practitioner1548265929
Deborah A Hinnen CONurse Practitioner1356346456
University Physicians & Surgeons, Inc Nurse Practitioner1730183286
Tally N Bell KSNurse Practitioner1588669287
Laura Kay Fields INNurse Practitioner1538164330
Ann M Tracy AZNurse Practitioner1184628521
Kathleen A Barrett KSNurse Practitioner1245234723
Melissa Renee Dixon KYNurse Practitioner1871038281
Brenda J Chavez TXNurse Practitioner1881699866
Geri L Schroeder IANurse Practitioner1023013703
Margaret Leger Ramstad FLNurse Practitioner1093710907
Joanne Wallis AKNurse Practitioner1265437172
Carrie Beth Solodky AZNurse Practitioner1902801236
Lyndsey Perreault ILNurse Practitioner1922547843
Patricia Maria Devries MINurse Practitioner1467457143
Angela R Watson KYNurse Practitioner1720083637
Marie Beaumont Zwick WVNurse Practitioner1144224643
Candee S Adams NENurse Practitioner1619972882
Melissa O Leake TNNurse Practitioner1740285915
Annemarie H Witmer ALNurse Practitioner1164427902
Rizza Marie Cruz Tawatao NVNurse Practitioner1679075519
Suzanne Dietz CANurse Practitioner1033113535
James J Weaver MONurse Practitioner1851396915
Susan L Funk SCNurse Practitioner1033114087
Renee Barron NYNurse Practitioner1841720166
Gloria Doherty NMNurse Practitioner1912902016
Laura Y Pulido FLNurse Practitioner1295730059
Adam Paul Murchie FLNurse Practitioner1528063914
Judith S Lynch CTNurse Practitioner1508861212
Christine Brickley NMNurse Practitioner1346245503
Agnes Shirley Parker WANurse Practitioner1124023932
Jane C Mutschelknaus SDNurse Practitioner1508860966
Tx i Medical Services Pa Nurse Practitioner1225553993
Lexington Regional Health Center Nurse Practitioner1407211220
Carrie Ann Thompson CONurse Practitioner1578567095
Dorothy Crowder TNNurse Practitioner1396749750
John M Morris ARNurse Practitioner1639689763
Desiree Marie Orta FLNurse Practitioner1659881308
Heather L Lacross FLNurse Practitioner1285639021
Debra L. Shemesh INNurse Practitioner1528063989
Lindsey Marie Parden Anagnostopoulos WANurse Practitioner1477921617
Todd Patrick Shaffett LANurse Practitioner1285639211
Melissa Marie Jalil FLNurse Practitioner1346756921
Catherine L Ford WINurse Practitioner1154326080
Linda Susan Gourley TNNurse Practitioner1508860917
Gina Darlene Duggar GANurse Practitioner1639174600
Wendy L Halm WINurse Practitioner1316941768
Megan M Trosko AZNurse Practitioner1033576038
Frank E Krajczar MONurse Practitioner1922002484
Margaret J Myhre WINurse Practitioner1851395248
Jane Bowen KYNurse Practitioner1376548131
Sharolyn K. Dihigo TXNurse Practitioner1366447211
Kelly Kirkman Grant NCNurse Practitioner1649274002
Nina Bleue Goodwin CANurse Practitioner1306841259
Kim Gosnell SCNurse Practitioner1710982772
Leigh A Harkcom WANurse Practitioner1285639500
Terry A Patterson WANurse Practitioner1265437453
Courtney L Schmitz WINurse Practitioner1972058824
Elizabeth Susan Farrigan NYNurse Practitioner1245234681
Loretta J Pinter WANurse Practitioner1902801194
Ellen M Ott WINurse Practitioner1710981154
Nicole Jenny Talosig TXNurse Practitioner1932692175
Teresa R Cooper ALNurse Practitioner1730675059
Sherry Freeman KYNurse Practitioner1245235613
Caroline G Mansy TNNurse Practitioner1467457622
Debra Kay Fikes GANurse Practitioner1467457374
Lisa Marie Walsh GANurse Practitioner1396100111
Khamal Misra MNNurse Practitioner1356816201
Wendy L Dusenbury TNNurse Practitioner1447255526
Lisa Renee Cook TNNurse Practitioner1538163076
Elite Urgent Care And Family Health, Llc NENurse Practitioner1861973711
Eleanor Latrelle Lowe NCNurse Practitioner1578568465
Tracey Monson-nelson MINurse Practitioner1558366849
Melissa Alhezayen TXNurse Practitioner1376904607
Debra R Rhoades MINurse Practitioner1326043324
Joanne Frazee TNNurse Practitioner1376548727
Shayla Rae Keys HINurse Practitioner1770914970
Estevan Acuna CANurse Practitioner1104821032
Tiffany Athey ILNurse Practitioner1902801293
Leann Mclaughlin CANurse Practitioner1235613480
Gerri Lynn Hagadon-szakal MINurse Practitioner1831193358
Jaimie N Gilbert NJNurse Practitioner1861966855
Nina Michael Fulkerson KYNurse Practitioner1134123649
Patricia G. Weyland CANurse Practitioner1972507416
Susan Stamour MANurse Practitioner1639174535
Stephanie Harper Potts ORNurse Practitioner1548265820
Tricia W Underwood TNNurse Practitioner1285639369
Christie Eddins TXNurse Practitioner1891252060
George Mathew Reynolds SCNurse Practitioner1992177828
Joshua M Hamilton NVNurse Practitioner1972507424
Ester Nicole Guzman TXNurse Practitioner1508385808
Julia M Scaduto FLNurse Practitioner1780689547
Ellen Evangeline Treadway TXNurse Practitioner1871052068
Tammera Ruettinger MINurse Practitioner1194251256
Susan M Bowlin TXNurse Practitioner1144225178
Bruce Robert Simpkins FLNurse Practitioner1801891585
Catherine Andrea Giessel AKNurse Practitioner1386649168
Mary Ann Foote ILNurse Practitioner1548265325
Joanne M. Seitz CANurse Practitioner1457356230
Yvonne Marie Moragne-coon MDNurse Practitioner1275538050
Alison Bordelon Nolan LANurse Practitioner1982609764
Guillermo Gomez GANurse Practitioner1972508752
Stacey Nieves NJNurse Practitioner1336144146
Janice H Tillman TNNurse Practitioner1144225954
Sandra J Inazu CONurse Practitioner1558366369
Kurt D Killebrew TXNurse Practitioner1497750228
Susan Davin CANurse Practitioner1871598623
Kymberli Raye Brock AKNurse Practitioner1619972478
Jennifer A George IANurse Practitioner1336144195
Michele Viviene Bunker-alberts CANurse Practitioner1295730935
Patricia B Newcomb TXNurse Practitioner1366447013
Julie A Stott AZNurse Practitioner1255336905
Ann L Leal MANurse Practitioner1154326809
Jacquelyn Louise Lardie NMNurse Practitioner1750386405
Anaresia Marie Richard AZNurse Practitioner1821093477
Advantage Family Healthcare, Pllc TNNurse Practitioner1184629735
Elizabeth A Park TNNurse Practitioner1447255096
Mary Foley MANurse Practitioner1376548941
William David Dunn TXNurse Practitioner1982609566
Mary Edna Fithen ARNurse Practitioner1679578264
Doreen M Boomsma SDNurse Practitioner1780689380
Denise A Albano NYNurse Practitioner1770588378
Valerie Lynn Cecil ORNurse Practitioner1942205547
Regina Godwin Udo NMNurse Practitioner1932104569
Jacquelyn S Kemmerer KSNurse Practitioner1134124795
Karen R Gage KSNurse Practitioner1952306516
Robbie Casper VANurse Practitioner1508861170
Mary Elizabeth Teixeira NJNurse Practitioner1376548917
Sheila K Barngrover IANurse Practitioner1861497406
Kristen J Heffern IANurse Practitioner1013912559
Linda Lou Holland-ojeda AZNurse Practitioner1164427605
Catherine Jean Miller MNNurse Practitioner1972508414
Family Practice Associates Of Lexington Psc Nurse Practitioner1053316596
Laurel R Breit WINurse Practitioner1164427779
Susanne Janine Goodlaxson Landgrebe IANurse Practitioner1275538886
Marla Crist Schenck FLNurse Practitioner1215932835
Ann Marie Pasek NYNurse Practitioner1033114574
Danita K Harrison ILNurse Practitioner1194720649
Professional Emergency Care, P.c. MINurse Practitioner1578568036
Vicky J Higgins CONurse Practitioner1316942881
Steve Thomas Gove TXNurse Practitioner1689679250
Jennifer Michelle Rogers SCNurse Practitioner1306841978
Midohio Cardiology And Vascular Consultants, Inc OHNurse Practitioner1043215627
Laurie Ann Brebrick WINurse Practitioner1750386330
Deborah S Harris NYNurse Practitioner1740285337
Jeanne M Salada-conroy NYNurse Practitioner1073518668
Barbara A Hammes WINurse Practitioner1447255054
Patricia A Burkeen CONurse Practitioner1356346969
Kristi Lynn Vaughn ORNurse Practitioner1518962067
Connie J Piekarski KSNurse Practitioner1982609459
Jacquelin S Daniel VANurse Practitioner1083619563
Vonda T Stanley VANurse Practitioner1982609475
Brian Travis Pendarvis OKNurse Practitioner1417952904
Brandee Miles TXNurse Practitioner1407851991
Sherri H England NCNurse Practitioner1932104429
Chao Vang CANurse Practitioner1578568069
Sandra Lynn Connor TXNurse Practitioner1003811597
Susanne M Westmoreland ALNurse Practitioner1720083215
Mark Michael Abrams WANurse Practitioner1306841804
Richard Ernest Kinsey MONurse Practitioner1467457960
Theresa M Kisiel PANurse Practitioner1902802440
Plunkett Family Care Center Llc MONurse Practitioner1447256987
Sharon Scully PANurse Practitioner1063418507
Kamie Dee Repine PANurse Practitioner1699771139
Katrina Eileen Hansen-schmitt HINurse Practitioner1841296399
Rebecca J Mccullough IANurse Practitioner1780680231
Peter John Garcia CANurse Practitioner1205832763
Rose Dawn Widener TNNurse Practitioner1083610547
Mary Ann Fragola NYNurse Practitioner1508862079
Karen Frances Lupa WINurse Practitioner1144226614
Maria Desiree Ferraris Araneta MDNurse Practitioner1679579148
Gwen Renee Williams NMNurse Practitioner1083610554
Randy L Mcduffy MSNurse Practitioner1437155918
Theresa B Strassburger NMNurse Practitioner1114923695


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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