Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Alaska

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Alaska:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robert J Anderson 84041, AKNurse Practitioner1043281918
Renae Blanton 99603, AKNurse Practitioner1639107824
Connie Louise Chevalier 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1316992191
Tracy Lee Michalski 99645, AKNurse Practitioner1427062470
Sheila M Steiner 02115, AKNurse Practitioner1659481117
Cary Jasper 98532, AKNurse Practitioner1427198852
Mary M. Nevin 99703, AKNurse Practitioner1831260538
Carolyn Mills Seeganna 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1689700353
Elizabeth Marie Hill Bryant 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1124170246
Margaret Rader 99701, AKNurse Practitioner1164600185
Caroline Teresa Campese 80309, AKNurse Practitioner1588834485
Brian E Erdrich 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1154568376
Gayle Darlene Claus 99633, AKNurse Practitioner1013245794
Teresa Ann Brown Lyons 99701, AKNurse Practitioner1043524218
Michele D Moldrem 62298, AKNurse Practitioner1598907545
Tina Marie Demure 99518, AKNurse Practitioner1568730570
Jenny R Brady 85147, AKNurse Practitioner1225453699
Connie Falcon Pomerantz 99515, AKNurse Practitioner1184057044
Onome T Okurume 99515, AKNurse Practitioner1326480609
Sherry L Mitchell 70403, AKNurse Practitioner1306281605
Sarah Keeley Sjostedt 99801, AKNurse Practitioner1437671039
Margaret R Fitzgerald 03576, AKNurse Practitioner1952501751
Jolene Campbell 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1184176794
Cynthia Louise Wornstaff 99901, AKNurse Practitioner1811271661
Violet Frances Rice 99159, AKNurse Practitioner1053315309
Genna Fox 99504, AKNurse Practitioner1912416496
Penny Fossman 05060, AKNurse Practitioner1891117545
Sarah Elizabeth Nielsen 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1366731218
Nicole Marie See 99669, AKNurse Practitioner1770090060
Margaret Ryan 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1063805273
Christine Mary Hoover 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1942861778
Teresa Renee' Pirro Vial 59801, AKNurse Practitioner1689921512
Janelle Nakea 99507, AKNurse Practitioner1033603261
Lindsay D'amico Nelson 98225, AKNurse Practitioner1235579004
Marisa C Bune 99518, AKNurse Practitioner1275099632
Jason Beau Deluisa 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1629200894
Jennifer Ann Mcgrath 99515, AKNurse Practitioner1023343555
Carlos A. Valenzuela 99611, AKNurse Practitioner1851389589
Kelly Tschida 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1346564200
Jennifer Byers Anp Llc 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1316597412
Melissa Ann Brooks 99114, AKNurse Practitioner1073893772
Kelli S Landrum 99611, AKNurse Practitioner1437526894
Margaret Marie Westner 99669, AKNurse Practitioner1437518941
Tammy G Lucas 28304, AKNurse Practitioner1306377999
Elizabeth Lucille Brown 99504, AKNurse Practitioner1245751585
Juhyun Cho 78234, AKNurse Practitioner1386063709
Michelle Leigh Flores 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1760460497
Stephanie Raie Mcbride 45459, AKNurse Practitioner1437522018
Richard Crisostomo 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1245753656
Tanecia Webster 99669, AKNurse Practitioner1356821540
Thomas Larue Jacobs 97051, AKNurse Practitioner1790201598
Kari Green 80206, AKNurse Practitioner1194010686
David Ampong 99501, AKNurse Practitioner1104464460
Nova Wellness Solutions, Llc 99611, AKNurse Practitioner1740785344
Kasie S Scheer 99611, AKNurse Practitioner1083637136
Michelle Ann Rountree 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1912343815
Karin K Braun 85234, AKNurse Practitioner1194711069
Dianne K. B. Maythorne 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1518185388
Cailey Ann Neary 99801, AKNurse Practitioner1003439704
Deborah A. Crowe 85635, AKNurse Practitioner1093999526
Cindy K Nickels 99669, AKNurse Practitioner1457585390
Roberta Lynn Snead 55125, AKNurse Practitioner1679099816
Andrea Lynde Stearns 99577, AKNurse Practitioner1659997880
Kourtney Holder 83619, AKNurse Practitioner1447782529
Lisa Marie Mrzena 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1053645770
Adriana Maria Hernandez 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1922553726
Rachel Adams 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1588990915
Stephanie G Dever 59756, AKNurse Practitioner1427314632
Karen Marie Smith 97756, AKNurse Practitioner1427447457
Samantha L Garner 99611, AKNurse Practitioner1841705860
Laura Evans 97209, AKNurse Practitioner1245597459
Jaime Hensel 55404, AKNurse Practitioner1013347186
Cynthia Montgomery 83642, AKNurse Practitioner1487009478
Jonathan Ryan Beatty 20814, AKNurse Practitioner1861829400
Stanley Franklin Whittaker 32424, AKNurse Practitioner1760485189
Krysta Rose Carrick Byrnes 98002, AKNurse Practitioner1073027942
Shannon Rose Sickle 95660, AKNurse Practitioner1851774962
Crystal Pennino 99901, AKNurse Practitioner1508372277
Sara A Lindsoe 99507, AKNurse Practitioner1982187399
Karma Florence 80045, AKNurse Practitioner1053648428
Sarah Schwenk 80045, AKNurse Practitioner1104363571
Molly Duffy 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1205459252
Jaclyn Bryan Wozniuk 29464, AKNurse Practitioner1710381249
Tyfanae Brinke 99645, AKNurse Practitioner1669926978
Kathryn A Flores 99669, AKNurse Practitioner1104997360
Caroline Tautz Hutto 99709, AKNurse Practitioner1346754207
Sarah Allen Phillips 99669, AKNurse Practitioner1386206647
Katherine M Becher 99669, AKNurse Practitioner1003972043
Amy Marie Johnson 55905, AKNurse Practitioner1386053742
Theresa Kouadio 99701, AKNurse Practitioner1720034556
Brandon L Young 99701, AKNurse Practitioner1609199629
Robin Ann Bassett 32114, AKNurse Practitioner1760703110
Marcee Stewart 87121, AKNurse Practitioner1912559360
Eagle River Behavioral Health, Llc 99577, AKNurse Practitioner1366062903
Zan Michael Whitman 99577, AKNurse Practitioner1902292386
Nicole Langlois Tiefel 23222, AKNurse Practitioner1326438599
Tiffany Jeanette Tate 99701, AKNurse Practitioner1285224220
Kevin Julius Barrett 60611, AKNurse Practitioner1801112420
Dana Sue Mathis 99777, AKNurse Practitioner1568643831
Heather Ellison Brock 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1992712442
Desert Spring Behavioral Health, Llc 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1962803270
Brianna Clendenin 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1073050373
Carley Bernard 30306, AKNurse Practitioner1174010938
Amber Tandeske 99577, AKNurse Practitioner1558529008
Kelli A Breuker 97622, AKNurse Practitioner1578135026
Amber Nicole Dorrough 99801, AKNurse Practitioner1033732763
Jane Noonan 97701, AKNurse Practitioner1427165927
Phillis Mutembete 85009, AKNurse Practitioner1215230081
Jennifer Leigh Black 51534, AKNurse Practitioner1710347943
Sylvia Michelle Windham 39114, AKNurse Practitioner1811309040
Henrietta Emokidi 99507, AKNurse Practitioner1053505206
Donna M Check 99645, AKNurse Practitioner1427579234
Jordan Catherine Humphrey 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1639840085
Good Samaritan Counseling Center 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1629013065
Alaska Colorectal Surgery, Pc 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1033128335
Alaska Functional Medicine Clinic Inc 99507, AKNurse Practitioner1649705583
Peninsula Community Health Services Of Alaska, Inc. 99669, AKNurse Practitioner1700984614
Fireweed Health Care Clinic Inc 99517, AKNurse Practitioner1073653424
Family Health Center, Pc 99645, AKNurse Practitioner1336274778
Counseling Solutions Of Alaska Llc 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1477682623
Wellspring Inc 99801, AKNurse Practitioner1326162454
Holladay & Associates, Llc 99645, AKNurse Practitioner1538284138
Myhealth Clinic, Llc 99507, AKNurse Practitioner1144362336
Municipality Of Skagway 99840, AKNurse Practitioner1063574200
Awaken Joy Llc 99709, AKNurse Practitioner1861976177
All Seasons Family Health Care 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1285833103
Health Works Family Medical Clinic Inc 99577, AKNurse Practitioner1679772735
Heather Brock, Inc 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1538359310
Kenai Family Practice Llc 99611, AKNurse Practitioner1255528733
Family Health And Wellness Inc. 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1518143106
All Seasons Family Healthcare Llc 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1780855130
Aurora Health Care Clinic Llc 99577, AKNurse Practitioner1912182882
Arctic Physical Medicine Barrow 99723, AKNurse Practitioner1710352281
E & A, Inc. 99515, AKNurse Practitioner1528223948
C Care Medical Center Llc 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1942457288
Native Village Of Eklutna 99567, AKNurse Practitioner1891930699
Anne Marie Zack, Anp,co,apc 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1700028727
Women's Healthcare Center, Llc 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1992932503
Avante Medical Center, Llc 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1891924163
Christi Hill, Anp Family Psychiatry Llc 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1871724773
Acute Family Medicine Clinic Inc 99577, AKNurse Practitioner1679704688
Holly Dimeglio, Anp 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1407189764
Cynthia Ebelacker, Anp 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1073847943
Alaska Health Care Clinic, Inc. 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1427370329
Seeganna Psychiatric Services 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1649571142
Creekside Family Health Clinic Inc 99901, AKNurse Practitioner1477847184
D.l.doornbos Fnp bc, Msn, Llc 99504, AKNurse Practitioner1902184203
Pnps Of Alaska, Randy Twenhafel Pc 99516, AKNurse Practitioner1912288770
Neighbor To Neighbor Healthcare 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1467727065
Mary Margaret Hillstrand Anp, Llc 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1295057420
Susan Canafax, Fnp 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1770857765
Family Medical Center, Inc. 99737, AKNurse Practitioner1467712190
Borealis Behavioral Health 99645, AKNurse Practitioner1508121096
Alaska Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics 99577, AKNurse Practitioner1407109440
Family Sleep Clinics, Llc 99502, AKNurse Practitioner1235483512
Ravenwood Healthcare Llc 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1205176245
North Wind Behavioral Health 99701, AKNurse Practitioner1376981696
Eagle River Pain & Wellness, Llc 99577, AKNurse Practitioner1003255480
Alaska Orthopedics 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1992139737
Kimberly D Kubick Anp Llc 99517, AKNurse Practitioner1255762837
Alaska Health Group, Llc. 99516, AKNurse Practitioner1013338425
Mt. Sanford Tribal Consortium 99780, AKNurse Practitioner1508286857
Mt.sanford Tribal Consortium 99586, AKNurse Practitioner1679993026
Arctic Pain Management Inc 99701, AKNurse Practitioner1063811255
Ppgnw Alaska 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1962804518
Arctic Pain Relief Center, Llc 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1477961720
Legacy Health Clinic, Llc 99901, AKNurse Practitioner1942670005
La Maestra Family Clinic, Inc. 99663, AKNurse Practitioner1912301110
Edgar Nollner Health Center 99741, AKNurse Practitioner1477743755
Serenity Health & Wellness, Llc 99901, AKNurse Practitioner1639536394
Petaloso Inc 99701, AKNurse Practitioner1982059952
Juneau Quick Care 99801, AKNurse Practitioner1689024051
K beach Medical Inc. 99669, AKNurse Practitioner1376066993
Providence Health & Services Washington 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1407945389
Alyeska Medical Staffing 99515, AKNurse Practitioner1518478569
Fireweed Surgical Assists Llc 99645, AKNurse Practitioner1043722929
Integrated Wellness And Recovery 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1376056952
Moose Creek Medical Clinic Llc 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1053883595
Cynthia Wornstaff Np Llc 99901, AKNurse Practitioner1639644024
Christine Bailes, Llc 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1558806901
Harbor Health, Llc 99801, AKNurse Practitioner1477012805
Patients First Medical Clinic Llc 99504, AKNurse Practitioner1730113739
Confidential Care, Llc 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1134512304
Jordan Creek Family Health Care 99801, AKNurse Practitioner1154568053
Erin Rockey, Anp Llc 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1518514652
Glacier Bay Medical And Diabetes Care Center Llc 99518, AKNurse Practitioner1518515030
Altair Integrative Wellness 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1932744836
Kodiak Birth And Wellness, Llc 99615, AKNurse Practitioner1285265181
Karis Integrative Medicine, Llc 99654, AKNurse Practitioner1174151708
Women's Wellness At The Nest 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1669090361
Alaska Digestive And Liver Disease, Llc 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1851919146
Juneau Bone & Joint Center, Llc. 99801, AKNurse Practitioner1699808139
Health Works Family Med Clinic Inc. 99577, AKNurse Practitioner1679571640
Joy Zimmerman golden, Rnc Anp 99508, AKNurse Practitioner1487607131
Girdwood Clinic, Inc. 99587, AKNurse Practitioner1083657712
Gustavus Community Clinic Inc 99826, AKNurse Practitioner1548281215
Frontier Healthcare Inc 99503, AKNurse Practitioner1073668331
Frontier Natural Health 99603, AKNurse Practitioner1932220431
Alaska Telemedicine Consultants Inc 99699, AKNurse Practitioner1811502859
Telebehavioral Medicine Associates Inc. 99688, AKNurse Practitioner1265047518


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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