Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Alabama

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Alabama:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sarah Faison 36801, ALNurse Practitioner1366926800
Lauren Elizabeth Hall 35022, ALNurse Practitioner1235633009
Brian David Whitten 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1134609431
Janice Pearson 35633, ALNurse Practitioner1265916324
Jennifer Mizzell Sylestine 35150, ALNurse Practitioner1639647225
Susan Warren Bentley 35661, ALNurse Practitioner1194702969
Misty White Robertson 35645, ALNurse Practitioner1811975881
Lisa Brashier 35476, ALNurse Practitioner1336109537
Mia Beveridge 35010, ALNurse Practitioner1508377557
Alicia Ray Bashkiharatee Boyd 35758, ALNurse Practitioner1831692664
Donchelle Denise Scott-collins 35071, ALNurse Practitioner1356302954
Heather Fritts 35661, ALNurse Practitioner1225578123
Kathleen Marie Zachow 35205, ALNurse Practitioner1417414251
Lindsay Brooke Handley 35550, ALNurse Practitioner1912418005
Lauren Windsor 35022, ALNurse Practitioner1841762739
Patrick Williams 79761, ALNurse Practitioner1720453954
Nicole M Seale 36033, ALNurse Practitioner1568555621
Melinda Mcmorris 35205, ALNurse Practitioner1629557533
Dana Suzette Norris 35555, ALNurse Practitioner1356433064
Harmony Rose 35758, ALNurse Practitioner1215483300
Melanie Sue Sisulak 35805, ALNurse Practitioner1679699847
Freda Rogers Smith 36608, ALNurse Practitioner1245758762
Jane Carr 35249, ALNurse Practitioner1134631146
Mary Page H Mckinney 35160, ALNurse Practitioner1700956265
Christina Louise Bell 36301, ALNurse Practitioner1801919089
Melissa Parker Frazier 35805, ALNurse Practitioner1184886293
Natalie Marie Fahey 35802, ALNurse Practitioner1174795678
Katie Marie Neese 36532, ALNurse Practitioner1891175428
Janet Kaye Heins 35475, ALNurse Practitioner1669644944
Khayriyyah Salaam 36116, ALNurse Practitioner1124214655
Monica Leigh Bush 35096, ALNurse Practitioner1316131345
Patricia D Wilhite 35179, ALNurse Practitioner1639329576
Ann Elizabeth Wood 35805, ALNurse Practitioner1992034284
Ameshia D Bush Taylor 36603, ALNurse Practitioner1164729406
Heidi Melissa Simpson 35758, ALNurse Practitioner1316258718
Jeanne Lynn Jones 32514, ALNurse Practitioner1316259922
Keesha Tyler 36301, ALNurse Practitioner1174829915
Olivia Windham May 35580, ALNurse Practitioner1659653657
Medical Care Associates Prattville 36066, ALNurse Practitioner1205340460
Joy C Nichols 36274, ALNurse Practitioner1659608834
Cynthia Lynn Woodham 36305, ALNurse Practitioner1063723674
Kellie Coplin Anderson 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1720216906
Melinda Faye Gibson 36037, ALNurse Practitioner1104065267
Shelley Charmaine Day 36544, ALNurse Practitioner1003363201
Crystelle Leeellen Carmack 35674, ALNurse Practitioner1295031169
Renee N Blount 36330, ALNurse Practitioner1932463072
Steven Travis Busby 35611, ALNurse Practitioner1548514649
Jill Livingston Boren 35233, ALNurse Practitioner1386993434
Ashley Lauren Penn 36527, ALNurse Practitioner1730446071
Amanda West Pybus 36301, ALNurse Practitioner1164869954
Jennifer L Byrd 36608, ALNurse Practitioner1679912190
Mary Elizabeth Bartlett 35805, ALNurse Practitioner1316366867
Bryan Kelly Jaye 31217, ALNurse Practitioner1750707337
Jennifer Samson 35244, ALNurse Practitioner1609253616
Breanne Kelly Connors 35211, ALNurse Practitioner1093192981
Martha Ball 36330, ALNurse Practitioner1548677586
Elizabeth Taylor Tucker 36201, ALNurse Practitioner1659774693
Jenny Southwood 35758, ALNurse Practitioner1528449816
Kristina Zuschlag 35249, ALNurse Practitioner1891179941
April L Shelton 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1063833572
Heather R Porch 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1447649363
Terri L Singletary 36117, ALNurse Practitioner1699023481
Susan Miller 35633, ALNurse Practitioner1265837769
Kimberly Dawn Phillips 36301, ALNurse Practitioner1205249869
Tiffany Sparks 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1770077885
Kelli Montgomery Mcconnell 35233, ALNurse Practitioner1780166769
Ashley Wagner 36756, ALNurse Practitioner1114395852
Laura C Feld 35244, ALNurse Practitioner1851649289
Gwendolyn Day 36603, ALNurse Practitioner1104267251
Amy Askew Sanderson 39837, ALNurse Practitioner1790108736
Helen Katherine Fancher 36701, ALNurse Practitioner1164853099
Tyler Lane Till 35205, ALNurse Practitioner1689072191
Jackie Rose Shumate 36106, ALNurse Practitioner1558600221
Amanda Boyd 35209, ALNurse Practitioner1447640321
Sabrina Dollar Kopf 35294, ALNurse Practitioner1124462973
Karin Armstrong 47201, ALNurse Practitioner1609282060
Sheli Margaret Ward 35077, ALNurse Practitioner1447634019
Audrey Noel Morgan 36106, ALNurse Practitioner1811339252
Brittney Adams Kendrick 35758, ALNurse Practitioner1336532290
Nwmc Winfield Physicians Llc 35594, ALNurse Practitioner1366831380
Erin Dewrell Prendergast 36542, ALNurse Practitioner1053711911
Mallory Watson Murphy 35233, ALNurse Practitioner1841642519
Laura Ducote 35124, ALNurse Practitioner1124405139
Christopher Allen Ford 35249, ALNurse Practitioner1386156859
Kari Misiak Degrandpre 35805, ALNurse Practitioner1720589500
Merri Earl 36801, ALNurse Practitioner1437573938
Paige Harkness Morris 35233, ALNurse Practitioner1366866394
Jenna Oates 36303, ALNurse Practitioner1013304468
Cortney Brown 35555, ALNurse Practitioner1154795177
Beth Sasser 59636, ALNurse Practitioner1225486996
Traci Higginbotham 35209, ALNurse Practitioner1205375730
Kristan Blake May 35594, ALNurse Practitioner1639607120
Christina Elizabeth Allen 36067, ALNurse Practitioner1386173060
Connie Payongayong Morales 35901, ALNurse Practitioner1063933711
Lisa Jean Bailey 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1568962827
Grace Anne Spencer 35211, ALNurse Practitioner1285158170
Ashley Nicole Huggins 36033, ALNurse Practitioner1225556350
Amy C Woods 35654, ALNurse Practitioner1013306067
Heather Edenfield 35211, ALNurse Practitioner1558728972
Ann Marie Clarke 77054, ALNurse Practitioner1841743341
Nicolette Peters 36801, ALNurse Practitioner1669925251
Kathryn Baglini 35022, ALNurse Practitioner1790134534
Jessica Ann Sharp 35650, ALNurse Practitioner1528595808
Daniel Lee Root 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1295262244
Kyra Whited 35235, ALNurse Practitioner1366970246
Carlos Chacon 35957, ALNurse Practitioner1477095883
Angela Floyd 36106, ALNurse Practitioner1841733045
Elizabeth Ann Bolen 35051, ALNurse Practitioner1013450923
Anne Ward 35007, ALNurse Practitioner1952858938
Nicole Baekey Massey 35205, ALNurse Practitioner1033666276
Breanna Brandon 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1275032484
Larry Thomas 36532, ALNurse Practitioner1386168524
Heather Farris 35401, ALNurse Practitioner1902326978
Emily A Lacey 35209, ALNurse Practitioner1588184782
Olivia Katherine Akins 36532, ALNurse Practitioner1538699970
Bevin Lyle Ellenberg 35211, ALNurse Practitioner1780100776
Melissa Watkins 36301, ALNurse Practitioner1477093102
Betsy Dell Ellis 36066, ALNurse Practitioner1801322474
James Martinez 35235, ALNurse Practitioner1699205385
Lakimbrell Renee Marshall 36726, ALNurse Practitioner1548782733
Becca Plake 30097, ALNurse Practitioner1265955652
Amber Beasley Shell 35660, ALNurse Practitioner1104348812
Gary Ray Walker 35294, ALNurse Practitioner1902315146
Megan Renee Brown 36092, ALNurse Practitioner1407360845
Stanley Alan Clayton 36608, ALNurse Practitioner1174049449
Laura C Walls 35768, ALNurse Practitioner1104342294
Changhua Dai 35233, ALNurse Practitioner1225546633
Stacey Monique Barnett 35630, ALNurse Practitioner1194238790
Jennie Michelle Peterson 35249, ALNurse Practitioner1144732918
Generations Professional Services, Llc 35592, ALNurse Practitioner1184131690
Burley Joe Flanagin 35565, ALNurse Practitioner1225545809
Carol James 35209, ALNurse Practitioner1720096183
Amanda Couch Crawford 35211, ALNurse Practitioner1144263898
Tammy Hoadley Lee 36603, ALNurse Practitioner1184125445
Rebecca Ann Watkins 35209, ALNurse Practitioner1578074522
Raquel Williams 35233, ALNurse Practitioner1174022180
Medical Care Associates Prattville 36066, ALNurse Practitioner1588178735
Nicholas Bass 36467, ALNurse Practitioner1982117412
Jennifer Navarro 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1821501057
Kaeti M Milton 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1619419470
Sonya Vest Robinson 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1386145720
Carrie Tubbs 36066, ALNurse Practitioner1972091049
Sarah Palecek Hewitt 35205, ALNurse Practitioner1861815029
Emily Komara 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1881084168
Amy Robinson 35405, ALNurse Practitioner1295224483
Amanda Dimasi Simmons 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1396234043
Megan Lynn Sanford 35650, ALNurse Practitioner1073002515
Ilene Boykin 36602, ALNurse Practitioner1700289667
Ashley Lauren Elizabeth Sudduth 35592, ALNurse Practitioner1306370648
Crystal Brunson 35243, ALNurse Practitioner1417473778
Premier Np Inc 35160, ALNurse Practitioner1063904977
Harvey Andrew Pleasanton 35601, ALNurse Practitioner1336639491
Brittany Lingo Walker 36027, ALNurse Practitioner1649763640
Ersin Ozcan 39530, ALNurse Practitioner1215473186
Kayla Brooke Gilliland-alford 35951, ALNurse Practitioner1447707559
Anthony Houston Key 35758, ALNurse Practitioner1295220382
Cidney Peel Merritt 36301, ALNurse Practitioner1891281911
Paul Mcdonald 35071, ALNurse Practitioner1023420809
Lindsey Garner 38671, ALNurse Practitioner1255799730
Kirsten Maureen Larsen-vansant 35007, ALNurse Practitioner1780129775
Jamie Lynn Haney 36744, ALNurse Practitioner1801372149
Raegan Rogers 35228, ALNurse Practitioner1316436504
Adrienne Keely 35242, ALNurse Practitioner1912454828
Marilyn Carroll 35802, ALNurse Practitioner1922587989
Jordan Fain 36117, ALNurse Practitioner1912487901
Elizabeth Sloan Lovett 36561, ALNurse Practitioner1962983171
Conrad Lane Cash 35125, ALNurse Practitioner1558854851
Lauralee Simpsiridis 39531, ALNurse Practitioner1386134021
Brittney Nicole Harris 36832, ALNurse Practitioner1225511959
Anna Reid Tindle 36532, ALNurse Practitioner1124501440
Michele Roberts 36532, ALNurse Practitioner1548743891
Maggie Collins 35758, ALNurse Practitioner1255870408
Tacarla Shantese Pearson 36701, ALNurse Practitioner1023592045
Lakesha Tullis Johnson 31904, ALNurse Practitioner1699143347
Caitlin Elizabeth Skipper 36604, ALNurse Practitioner1902383383
Angela Ann Noya 70001, ALNurse Practitioner1003277088
Southern Neonatal Nurse Practitioners, Llc 35022, ALNurse Practitioner1144796673
Summer Gilbert Bass 36116, ALNurse Practitioner1497029003
Lauren Mychal Epp 35205, ALNurse Practitioner1174090237
Ashley Cannon Mann 36106, ALNurse Practitioner1962931410
Carlie Layne Peacock 36116, ALNurse Practitioner1407382864
Eric Tucker Crampsey 35603, ALNurse Practitioner1093212342
Christalyn Jones Williams 36106, ALNurse Practitioner1811425135
Cassandra Cobb 35235, ALNurse Practitioner1841709888
Mary Ann Crow 35125, ALNurse Practitioner1457832669
Anne Townsend Froemming 35007, ALNurse Practitioner1649749797
Emily Loyd Buckner 35243, ALNurse Practitioner1013420116
Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center 35501, ALNurse Practitioner1871687756
Kiara Denise Gildersleeve 35233, ALNurse Practitioner1447798558
Miriam Patterson Henebry 28204, ALNurse Practitioner1942734686
Audry Gorman 35233, ALNurse Practitioner1902828155
Cody Jarmon 35957, ALNurse Practitioner1497230478
Elizabeth Brooke Stewart 36695, ALNurse Practitioner1790272250
Ricky Jeremy Carwile 35758, ALNurse Practitioner1073085072
Alaina Shelton Contestabile 35124, ALNurse Practitioner1083196026
Christopher Austin George 36207, ALNurse Practitioner1326548074
Amanda Banks Lapradd 35801, ALNurse Practitioner1699249078
Terina Godwin 32502, ALNurse Practitioner1649799313
Mary Alyssa Gillis 39702, ALNurse Practitioner1285082925
Jodi Fields 35405, ALNurse Practitioner1265830624


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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