Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Arkansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Arkansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Deborah Ann Miles 72450, ARNurse Practitioner1245200468
Ashley Kent Stone 72736, ARNurse Practitioner1730151408
Brittany Rose 72315, ARNurse Practitioner1326566357
Lynn Michelle Frazier 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1619918505
Donna Matlock 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1295780690
Allison Wilson 72032, ARNurse Practitioner1285094052
Farah Fran Bradley 72143, ARNurse Practitioner1861412512
Laura S Allen 72301, ARNurse Practitioner1831271493
Shuna Thomas 72223, ARNurse Practitioner1427136969
Cheree Carol Crawley 72202, ARNurse Practitioner1548306517
Donald William Walker 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1730256926
Elizabeth Metzger Paladino 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1770747149
Ariella Frazier 72034, ARNurse Practitioner1871073577
Robin Evalena Caravallo 96701, ARNurse Practitioner1851413892
Tammy Danielle Lusk 72801, ARNurse Practitioner1457525909
Jennifer L George-mcknight 72335, ARNurse Practitioner1558529966
Jennie Elizabeth Baker 72206, ARNurse Practitioner1770866360
Lauren Brooke Faulkner 72031, ARNurse Practitioner1710259049
Valerie Denene Woodruff 72315, ARNurse Practitioner1558594424
Heather Rooke-carney Cantrell 72762, ARNurse Practitioner1932417003
Theresa Ann Lybrand 71602, ARNurse Practitioner1659663250
Wendy M West 72015, ARNurse Practitioner1528332319
Jordan Blaire Kendrick 72031, ARNurse Practitioner1841564895
Amy Johnson 72416, ARNurse Practitioner1710110051
Morgan T Winningham 72401, ARNurse Practitioner1073884276
Karol Latonya Maclin 38119, ARNurse Practitioner1851694848
James Robert Mcwilliams 71953, ARNurse Practitioner1659641496
Jennifer Jo Jennings 72714, ARNurse Practitioner1538459425
Lindsey Jane Gillum 72227, ARNurse Practitioner1104122803
Heather Dawn Hannah 72712, ARNurse Practitioner1326203720
Christy Ann Berry 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1649548926
Tonya C Roberts 37377, ARNurse Practitioner1689000747
Danya F Robertson 72117, ARNurse Practitioner1942608336
Kari Anne Lindsey 72519, ARNurse Practitioner1134594294
Elizabeth Reinhard 72023, ARNurse Practitioner1164845814
Amelia Dee Jackson 72736, ARNurse Practitioner1093105918
Mari Jordon Iezzi 38104, ARNurse Practitioner1306232459
Tanya Leigh Walker 72401, ARNurse Practitioner1497124473
Meaghan Danielle Kingston 72476, ARNurse Practitioner1013308436
Lucas J Hoggard 72476, ARNurse Practitioner1578932695
Whitney Hill Reed 72653, ARNurse Practitioner1710361464
Teqienna Dianne Randall 72764, ARNurse Practitioner1750865929
Michael Brian West 72703, ARNurse Practitioner1457735102
Kelly Beth Wright 72034, ARNurse Practitioner1720479223
Molly Johnson 72401, ARNurse Practitioner1821470733
Kathryn E Pledger 72833, ARNurse Practitioner1609285527
Sheri N. Davis 72523, ARNurse Practitioner1760834857
Nicole Danise Bates 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1629518683
Angelisa Lambert 72916, ARNurse Practitioner1750827036
Ebony Nicole Morgan 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1376092635
Kimberly Gates 72116, ARNurse Practitioner1346749504
Kristen Paige Neldon 72401, ARNurse Practitioner1053819417
John Michael Throesch 72513, ARNurse Practitioner1306366984
Misty L Foshee 71913, ARNurse Practitioner1821515792
Kimberlee Sartain 72923, ARNurse Practitioner1619487733
Heather Marie Hillis 72801, ARNurse Practitioner1750793055
Sarah Morgan 72211, ARNurse Practitioner1083129670
Amanda Schafer Quick 72762, ARNurse Practitioner1831602135
Lauri Shebesh 75092, ARNurse Practitioner1558870790
Laura Abigail Pumphrey 71901, ARNurse Practitioner1033615273
Dana Kayleigh Lawrence 72211, ARNurse Practitioner1730686601
Carmacare Inc 72015, ARNurse Practitioner1710474093
Paige Boles 72712, ARNurse Practitioner1154810612
Brittany S Seifert 72764, ARNurse Practitioner1295194132
Erika Alexandra Morrison 72113, ARNurse Practitioner1295235570
Jody R. Francisco 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1659888188
Elizabeth Eleanor Holmes 72901, ARNurse Practitioner1558856807
Meredith R Krohn 72712, ARNurse Practitioner1568958833
Laura J Dill 72034, ARNurse Practitioner1770007700
Dionne H Wallace 72126, ARNurse Practitioner1417456989
Tiffany Lynn Shanahan 72712, ARNurse Practitioner1750818894
Mirella Mendoza 93930, ARNurse Practitioner1588165351
Devon Talbert 64064, ARNurse Practitioner1336680719
Julie M King 72634, ARNurse Practitioner1629596960
Stacy L North-flanagan 72901, ARNurse Practitioner1093218042
Lawrence A Weisenbach 72479, ARNurse Practitioner1053891895
Linda Christine Post 72034, ARNurse Practitioner1740713650
Amber E Anderson 85208, ARNurse Practitioner1356881486
Charles Grinder 72560, ARNurse Practitioner1013377415
Chandra Mathis 72923, ARNurse Practitioner1548718125
Linda Kay Blasingame 72956, ARNurse Practitioner1790233187
Tessa Sparks 72628, ARNurse Practitioner1275071516
Laura Alison Lyon 82001, ARNurse Practitioner1619423886
Sonya Renee Thomas 71103, ARNurse Practitioner1245743913
Amy Brandt Stricklin 71913, ARNurse Practitioner1245712579
Andrew Miller 72704, ARNurse Practitioner1851871875
Jodi Amanda Parris Haltom 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1205314432
Timothy Michael Pruitt 38671, ARNurse Practitioner1295738706
Charlotte Denise Bess 63144, ARNurse Practitioner1821390915
Falundrus S Sims 71730, ARNurse Practitioner1225518384
Lyndsey Whitaker 72703, ARNurse Practitioner1295292332
Wendy Nicole Roberts 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1568813608
Seth Garner 72764, ARNurse Practitioner1871554410
Chirolink Inc. 72764, ARNurse Practitioner1558476564
Katie J Hutton 72401, ARNurse Practitioner1023503869
Natalie Mills Krodell 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1225546161
Juanita Linn Williams 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1770071573
Janice Lynn Wilson 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1235629130
Sasha Renae Johnson 72830, ARNurse Practitioner1861956922
Michael W Ball 72401, ARNurse Practitioner1295259224
Jennifer Covie Vargas 65049, ARNurse Practitioner1760848410
Kristina M Letchworth 97526, ARNurse Practitioner1164862637
Willa Rose Shields 70538, ARNurse Practitioner1609005156
Heather Niccole Ditto 72401, ARNurse Practitioner1346736717
Sandra Westerman 72201, ARNurse Practitioner1770075673
Marylie Buckoski 71913, ARNurse Practitioner1649756586
Rebecca Hulsey 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1992281257
Sydnie Thessing 72034, ARNurse Practitioner1780191015
Daniel Gene Binford 38104, ARNurse Practitioner1164980728
Shawntel Marie Price 71753, ARNurse Practitioner1164882700
Ryan Payne 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1194281840
Monica Shea Martin 72342, ARNurse Practitioner1518362839
Brian Lee Sirak 72118, ARNurse Practitioner1447818554
Molly Elizabeth Murphey 74965, ARNurse Practitioner1689176398
Gianna M Grant 71730, ARNurse Practitioner1427026939
Alex Elaine Matlock 72211, ARNurse Practitioner1114484417
Sarah Joy Cook 72846, ARNurse Practitioner1265919708
Leslie Noelle Goolsby 72704, ARNurse Practitioner1679082002
Alisa Kay Branscum 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1720575467
Melissa D Pruitt 72117, ARNurse Practitioner1497702096
Quality Healthcare Resources Llc 71360, ARNurse Practitioner1205081437
Diane M Bruce 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1952955668
Hilary J Herndon 71913, ARNurse Practitioner1285171876
Randi L Davis 72411, ARNurse Practitioner1740622497
Kayla Krystyna Crawford 72530, ARNurse Practitioner1073168837
Patricia J Mendoza 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1467955088
Panfilo Estrada-flores 72015, ARNurse Practitioner1154889707
Ashley Ann Coward 72903, ARNurse Practitioner1972702041
Emily Elaine Goucher 72756, ARNurse Practitioner1629527940
Cheryl Nikol Treat 72762, ARNurse Practitioner1790281087
Tanika D Jarrett 72401, ARNurse Practitioner1285198507
Tina Gaither 72703, ARNurse Practitioner1457743171
Jennifer Ann Huber 72143, ARNurse Practitioner1518301266
Tina Maria Berry 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1063936839
Andrea Joy Murphy 72761, ARNurse Practitioner1801447834
Andrew M Bates 72223, ARNurse Practitioner1841733300
Mandi T Williams 72903, ARNurse Practitioner1013369404
Leslie A Foster 72576, ARNurse Practitioner1336780279
Gena Powers 74464, ARNurse Practitioner1407106180
Charity Angela Lane 72419, ARNurse Practitioner1225679558
Tara Norris 72903, ARNurse Practitioner1942574645
James Gattis 72903, ARNurse Practitioner1407878564
Regina E Lynch 77030, ARNurse Practitioner1285945071
Lauren Ashley Osburne 60623, ARNurse Practitioner1417184383
Kerri Lee Langham 72703, ARNurse Practitioner1700201209
Mary Anne Lunsford 72903, ARNurse Practitioner1902353006
Bethany Cox 72104, ARNurse Practitioner1063600997
Jeremy Wayne Owen 72761, ARNurse Practitioner1144881665
Kratisha Culclager 71601, ARNurse Practitioner1760780191
Amber D Long 72501, ARNurse Practitioner1114491966
Macie Vaughan Snider 72703, ARNurse Practitioner1194360842
Michelle E Gardner 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1447603808
Martha Victoria Hobson 72150, ARNurse Practitioner1548626310
Shelly Dion Alexander 65807, ARNurse Practitioner1881008498
Courtney D Mckinney 72712, ARNurse Practitioner1497299523
Stefanie Fatemeh Barr 72734, ARNurse Practitioner1942724638
Shundricka Rochelle Reddick 71643, ARNurse Practitioner1407301724
Katherine L Spears 72703, ARNurse Practitioner1326445578
Debra B Baxter 39503, ARNurse Practitioner1811079544
Fanae Watson 65739, ARNurse Practitioner1417315318
Kayla Freeman 73104, ARNurse Practitioner1952805368
Brittany Benton 71603, ARNurse Practitioner1801449384
Ashley M Karr 72401, ARNurse Practitioner1295928018
Crystal Allen 72501, ARNurse Practitioner1811527492
Carey Ann Ellis Laffoon 72801, ARNurse Practitioner1720284318
Hannah Jones 72837, ARNurse Practitioner1316443898
Ashley Nicole Baker 72801, ARNurse Practitioner1891294443
Virginia Shelby Zeno 72204, ARNurse Practitioner1124421011
Christy Bantong 37072, ARNurse Practitioner1598295826
Thomas A Bradley 72058, ARNurse Practitioner1659935476
Angie D Hicks-master 38018, ARNurse Practitioner1255405353
Heather Newell 72762, ARNurse Practitioner1295967917
Jennifer Dawn Jarrett 72401, ARNurse Practitioner1386819654
Dana Kim Pulliam 72901, ARNurse Practitioner1659738250
Douglas William Long 71730, ARNurse Practitioner1689049702
Dolores Hazel Ali 79430, ARNurse Practitioner1831595099
Jane Brown 71901, ARNurse Practitioner1235645508
Jerry D Williams 38671, ARNurse Practitioner1073035168
Lilly Ida Roberts 72560, ARNurse Practitioner1922003169
Mandi Strode 72601, ARNurse Practitioner1134517014
Sylvia Irene Hathaway 72634, ARNurse Practitioner1912191438
Angela Michaela Holyfield 72204, ARNurse Practitioner1790311314
Christina Marie Gillenwater 71913, ARNurse Practitioner1811326861
Cindy Dian Cook 71921, ARNurse Practitioner1619503869
Patricia L Hurst 72653, ARNurse Practitioner1508398884
Shana Sheree Bell 72120, ARNurse Practitioner1295363836
Jillian Lorraine Graves 72703, ARNurse Practitioner1295113272
Sandra K Simmons 72703, ARNurse Practitioner1851363469
Ginny F Cato 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1245635507
Rita Marie Draggs 72758, ARNurse Practitioner1134495088
Lauren Mcdonald 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1205179298
Lisa A Harmon 72703, ARNurse Practitioner1356563472
Uhronda Reel 71601, ARNurse Practitioner1922315613
Elizabeth Ann Charles 72903, ARNurse Practitioner1598308140
Rita Lynn Hollingsworth 38301, ARNurse Practitioner1679954069
John Andrew Guinn 71730, ARNurse Practitioner1386060010
Anne Williams 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1962852749
Joshua Taylor Wallace 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1376042168
Katie Jean Donovan 72946, ARNurse Practitioner1447879168
Kimberly Gayle Tanner 72205, ARNurse Practitioner1033480116


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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