Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Arizona

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Arizona:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tirsa Carolina Quartullo 85021, AZNurse Practitioner1467455477
Teresa L King 85382, AZNurse Practitioner1366444580
Susan Elaine Spear 86305, AZNurse Practitioner1043217755
Deborah J Plotkin 86314, AZNurse Practitioner1497753586
Ester L Ruiz 85224, AZNurse Practitioner1114924362
Amber Scrivner 85048, AZNurse Practitioner1821098856
Shelly Miller Tat 92647, AZNurse Practitioner1689667636
Rick J Lloyd 38134, AZNurse Practitioner1164412193
Carol Lynn Dunaway 85723, AZNurse Practitioner1154300390
Janet F Rinehart 85143, AZNurse Practitioner1205814621
Lisa Annette Williams 85258, AZNurse Practitioner1548230394
Gregory Allen Larson 85349, AZNurse Practitioner1578536892
Galen Francis Richmond 86305, AZNurse Practitioner1023072519
Valerie Infranco 85258, AZNurse Practitioner1467490490
Kimberly Irene Moise 85224, AZNurse Practitioner1750329157
Marlene Wright 85021, AZNurse Practitioner1215977467
Lois Marion Judd 85013, AZNurse Practitioner1841218138
Audrey Corsberg Elliott 85251, AZNurse Practitioner1023037710
Phillip Allen Schafer 86301, AZNurse Practitioner1790276608
Rachel K Nelles 58103, AZNurse Practitioner1073530515
Laura Ann Shackelford 86403, AZNurse Practitioner1821005968
Gail Pielack 85613, AZNurse Practitioner1972538973
John Risi 85202, AZNurse Practitioner1932623469
Continence Center Of America Inc 85351, AZNurse Practitioner1700809787
Timothy R Penniston 85624, AZNurse Practitioner1144243692
Loretta A Hayko 85260, AZNurse Practitioner1447347323
Courtney Standifird 85392, AZNurse Practitioner1023556578
Wende Michele Scholzen 85203, AZNurse Practitioner1659660041
Deborah A Wasson 86322, AZNurse Practitioner1447361845
Claire Veltkamp 86004, AZNurse Practitioner1649641135
Catherine Spire 85306, AZNurse Practitioner1689765422
Your Neighborhood Healthcare Center 85015, AZNurse Practitioner1942764063
Jacquelyn Diane Jones 85283, AZNurse Practitioner1528162567
Kathleen Ann Winfrey 92108, AZNurse Practitioner1124170154
Vickey Sue Fisher 85712, AZNurse Practitioner1306976311
Pauline M Goss 85015, AZNurse Practitioner1881751022
Charlotte Schiestel Myers 85013, AZNurse Practitioner1326111394
Erin Reese 10016, AZNurse Practitioner1275744278
Anna Elizabeth Griffith 85018, AZNurse Practitioner1619138237
Angie Lucia Watkins 92231, AZNurse Practitioner1750589636
Karen Rene Buntin 86305, AZNurse Practitioner1568582591
Mary Ruddell 85258, AZNurse Practitioner1780897389
Sarah L Bruner 85282, AZNurse Practitioner1710104229
Diane Marie Bajus 85029, AZNurse Practitioner1457473472
Sean Buckley 28372, AZNurse Practitioner1730559790
Valerie L Jaskowski 22405, AZNurse Practitioner1588853824
Lisa A Briggs 85745, AZNurse Practitioner1164602215
Marjorie Eliizabeth King 06460, AZNurse Practitioner1447448477
Julie A Leader 86351, AZNurse Practitioner1033303185
Jacqueline Lizardo Guzman 85012, AZNurse Practitioner1497949499
Ginni Marie Orava 85295, AZNurse Practitioner1619132479
Rebecca Lynn Schoenherr 85345, AZNurse Practitioner1255582359
Judi R Miller 85331, AZNurse Practitioner1629374509
Diana Bautista 85704, AZNurse Practitioner1699922997
Sharon Penny Lynne Ishihara 98310, AZNurse Practitioner1144544867
Lisa Renee Green 27804, AZNurse Practitioner1760774772
Shannon Lisa Mcgrath 85284, AZNurse Practitioner1417198136
Ruth Penno 85027, AZNurse Practitioner1144521196
Lisa Marie Cotten 85224, AZNurse Practitioner1548554470
Amelia R Adames-zamora 85258, AZNurse Practitioner1306210364
Jessica Woods 90806, AZNurse Practitioner1790167328
Angelica Chavez 85260, AZNurse Practitioner1043733819
Carrie Lynn Smalley 85086, AZNurse Practitioner1346528288
Barbara Browder 85308, AZNurse Practitioner1740702901
Natalie Scalise Degroff 39157, AZNurse Practitioner1407136435
Arthur Mandy 78258, AZNurse Practitioner1508146531
Ashley Eleanor Romans 85048, AZNurse Practitioner1356639959
Lindsey Ann Szczepanski 85283, AZNurse Practitioner1609161967
Sharon Rimon Magalona 85209, AZNurse Practitioner1801191226
Kelly L Noble 85206, AZNurse Practitioner1689824708
Constance E. Ikonomou 20001, AZNurse Practitioner1841580610
Lorryn Zephier 57702, AZNurse Practitioner1902178460
Dominic Kimatu 01089, AZNurse Practitioner1922518570
Yadwinder S Dhillon Md Pc 85006, AZNurse Practitioner1295964781
Alexis Hanson 85741, AZNurse Practitioner1083917066
Melissa M Marshall 29401, AZNurse Practitioner1558593392
Linda Jo Nelson 86301, AZNurse Practitioner1013291707
Larisa D Biznichuk 85716, AZNurse Practitioner1205095791
Elizabeth Bariani 43221, AZNurse Practitioner1194036467
Lizeth Alejandra Heredia 34741, AZNurse Practitioner1669722203
Michael Charles Owen 91910, AZNurse Practitioner1073869145
Johnie Lynn Blum 85048, AZNurse Practitioner1508103086
Laura Mae Magoffie 85085, AZNurse Practitioner1376880997
Amber Orellana 45429, AZNurse Practitioner1851724488
Violet Wanner 90095, AZNurse Practitioner1851713432
Gabriela Astrid Hildenbrand 85392, AZNurse Practitioner1740689108
Cassidy Rae Chatham Johns 89149, AZNurse Practitioner1972973113
Diane Michelle Herro 85027, AZNurse Practitioner1578938833
Chu Jun Richard 70130, AZNurse Practitioner1598169815
True Health Center Llc 85298, AZNurse Practitioner1740673813
Marivic Ashcroft 85621, AZNurse Practitioner1740663509
Darcel Randall 85203, AZNurse Practitioner1598168288
Kimberleigh Telling 86305, AZNurse Practitioner1306221114
Heather N Armbrust 98520, AZNurse Practitioner1912373234
Kathryn Falvey 85255, AZNurse Practitioner1568904209
Theresa Danzalan Jones 85711, AZNurse Practitioner1699033639
Krista Kelly Thompson 40069, AZNurse Practitioner1871836254
James Robert Allan Ramsey 85212, AZNurse Practitioner1700201621
Andrea Roberts 58104, AZNurse Practitioner1801287529
Dawson Krain Lopez 85704, AZNurse Practitioner1740657923
Jenny Lynn Roberts 85723, AZNurse Practitioner1811320328
Jennifer Sorrelle-ferguson 77024, AZNurse Practitioner1245600154
Jelisa Vick 87106, AZNurse Practitioner1548645021
Francisca Fletes 85283, AZNurse Practitioner1073981874
Charrid Simpson 85013, AZNurse Practitioner1053716415
Liceett Pena 85204, AZNurse Practitioner1740705961
Melissa Marie Pannell 85297, AZNurse Practitioner1053756403
Barbara Benincaso 85301, AZNurse Practitioner1710303938
Joseph Peter Tris 86004, AZNurse Practitioner1881946978
Amanda Foit 52732, AZNurse Practitioner1023426475
Kara E Roberts 85013, AZNurse Practitioner1952722258
Sarah Joy Locke 85297, AZNurse Practitioner1497091854
Thomas Judah Gann 86305, AZNurse Practitioner1073866406
Angi Michelle Seacat 85351, AZNurse Practitioner1306275235
Stacy Jean Sanchez 85226, AZNurse Practitioner1922359462
Elizabeth Sadler 85205, AZNurse Practitioner1528459781
Martha Chau Abruzzese 85260, AZNurse Practitioner1831441575
Danielle Orr 85225, AZNurse Practitioner1215366497
Karen Lillian Bishop 86047, AZNurse Practitioner1407286156
Anne Gallenstein 85721, AZNurse Practitioner1114262110
Amber Pena Posey 85224, AZNurse Practitioner1023279270
Rebecca Kaufman 32308, AZNurse Practitioner1710224076
Judith Ochieng 85704, AZNurse Practitioner1063841666
Laura E Dietrich-lake 85014, AZNurse Practitioner1639684046
Bridgette Harp 85027, AZNurse Practitioner1881138840
Heather Casey 85331, AZNurse Practitioner1194256677
Jamie Kearney 85607, AZNurse Practitioner1619413895
Michelle Sheehan 85705, AZNurse Practitioner1144755935
Keegan Ashley Russell 85260, AZNurse Practitioner1073034914
Kayla Grace Gouhin 85711, AZNurse Practitioner1790206688
Daniel Hall 85257, AZNurse Practitioner1013437458
Misty Autumn Mcgillem 85714, AZNurse Practitioner1467847822
Todd Robert Shorten 85302, AZNurse Practitioner1982064515
Lindsey M Waltman 85741, AZNurse Practitioner1104285253
Mary Elizabeth Steiner 85224, AZNurse Practitioner1831557958
Brittny Vollmer 57701, AZNurse Practitioner1437503281
Holly Skeens 45229, AZNurse Practitioner1407203508
Monica Hehir 19064, AZNurse Practitioner1497205041
Ramona Toy 85718, AZNurse Practitioner1346777042
Jodi Frances Rowlett 85381, AZNurse Practitioner1164973558
Gabriel Leyba Altamirano 85718, AZNurse Practitioner1013431212
Fiona Henderson-power 86305, AZNurse Practitioner1902326937
Liviu Vladoianu 85013, AZNurse Practitioner1649797218
Jeremy Michael Goral 85710, AZNurse Practitioner1659897635
Catherine R Nevels 86426, AZNurse Practitioner1326558222
Cavetta G Green 22150, AZNurse Practitioner1265979876
Bing Xie 85122, AZNurse Practitioner1326585845
Okey Iloegbunam 86426, AZNurse Practitioner1477072130
Jenniffer Ramirez 85381, AZNurse Practitioner1982120457
Peggy Hocutt 85297, AZNurse Practitioner1962910877
Phillip Casey Dubravcic 86004, AZNurse Practitioner1962910760
Anna L Schwartz 86001, AZNurse Practitioner1073656120
Katie Ellen Wall 85340, AZNurse Practitioner1649584384
Deandra L. Smith 85224, AZNurse Practitioner1700191426
Marsha A Perry-nagamoto 85224, AZNurse Practitioner1982820510
Benjamin Jeffrey 27529, AZNurse Practitioner1699197426
Damara Rhea Vasquez 85308, AZNurse Practitioner1972031052
Sharme Walker 85741, AZNurse Practitioner1083136444
Serena Duncan 85250, AZNurse Practitioner1306357397
Brittany M Bogart 92109, AZNurse Practitioner1811383284
Ana Paula Vogler 85741, AZNurse Practitioner1083086680
Heidi Martinez 85037, AZNurse Practitioner1588195655
April Byrd 85745, AZNurse Practitioner1396262127
Corina Girigan 85004, AZNurse Practitioner1366974966
Nicole Johnson 85326, AZNurse Practitioner1568903490
Lara Savage 85260, AZNurse Practitioner1669820429
Melodie Mauldin 85716, AZNurse Practitioner1972953164
Westwind Management Inc 85017, AZNurse Practitioner1477921385
Kristina N. Lacour 85381, AZNurse Practitioner1730628348
Sabine Garrett-shorty 85203, AZNurse Practitioner1104256577
Katarzyna Wegner 85622, AZNurse Practitioner1962801902
Susan L Magadan 89113, AZNurse Practitioner1508929969
Tia Ramirez 98310, AZNurse Practitioner1619481421
Open Range Telepsychiatry Llc 82801, AZNurse Practitioner1528558004
Timothy Lee Mcghee 86314, AZNurse Practitioner1982127643
Conquer, Pllc 85260, AZNurse Practitioner1982140885
Kyle Bart Dewey 85120, AZNurse Practitioner1477046902
Breezy Michelle Mendoza 85381, AZNurse Practitioner1679016885
Melissa Darlene Ramirez 85375, AZNurse Practitioner1801380662
Ashley Blair Forester 85306, AZNurse Practitioner1477047520
Thomas E Walls 86314, AZNurse Practitioner1245773084
Rebecca Ann Hamilton 43701, AZNurse Practitioner1881187540
Bernadette Marie Andalkar 85210, AZNurse Practitioner1851681498
Alyssa Michelle Bauman 85382, AZNurse Practitioner1851893721
Brenda Renee Junior 85255, AZNurse Practitioner1093226698
Amy Lynn Hatinger 95573, AZNurse Practitioner1326591215
Lexi Lynn Mickey 85306, AZNurse Practitioner1902383573
Sean Theus 93535, AZNurse Practitioner1245778620
Jocelyn S Zeng 85374, AZNurse Practitioner1710464193
Clifford J Bragg 86426, AZNurse Practitioner1912486523
Niklaus Hirschi 85301, AZNurse Practitioner1790297380
Faith Ann Phillips 85142, AZNurse Practitioner1003397571
Cyvada Molly Sutton 89129, AZNurse Practitioner1114409620
Denise C Harriman 85236, AZNurse Practitioner1629585088
Meaghan Volk Gomez 85037, AZNurse Practitioner1316431695
Noemi Pimentel 85351, AZNurse Practitioner1538643218
Judith Ann Abell 85284, AZNurse Practitioner1003916990
Dustin Duane Nickerson 85004, AZNurse Practitioner1760988224
Patricia Dupont 85296, AZNurse Practitioner1942747431
Sarah B Watts 85351, AZNurse Practitioner1699289033


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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