Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Jennester Culp 94538, CANurse Practitioner1609241462
Dominic E. B. Koh 90027, CANurse Practitioner1487657029
Philip D Morin 93644, CANurse Practitioner1518960947
Frank John Lang 95936, CANurse Practitioner1467455782
Mary V. Collignon 93263, CANurse Practitioner1194728477
Steven G Hogan 92108, CANurse Practitioner1972506483
Mary Ann Honeycutt 92284, CANurse Practitioner1891798609
John Patrick Mcdermott 95963, CANurse Practitioner1215930748
Cathryn Diane Ingram 93001, CANurse Practitioner1265434385
Mary E Klumph 91345, CANurse Practitioner1124020243
Analisa Miranda Loewen 94565, CANurse Practitioner1407858616
Suzanne Lorraine August-schwartz 94549, CANurse Practitioner1275535221
Gloria Lee Lochridge 95379, CANurse Practitioner1477557429
Carol Susannah Ashe 91345, CANurse Practitioner1720082654
Cecilia S. Salazar 93703, CANurse Practitioner1063416873
Christie K Clendenan 93726, CANurse Practitioner1922002625
Janel Keeling Perez 91343, CANurse Practitioner1063414019
Lynn A Parolise 91502, CANurse Practitioner1245232354
Tiffany Lynn Mcvey 90806, CANurse Practitioner1104331735
Heidi Arens 92024, CANurse Practitioner1104302173
Barbara Ann Morgan 95811, CANurse Practitioner1083618599
Helaine M Boggs 93555, CANurse Practitioner1134123672
Sally Trabert Chaney 96002, CANurse Practitioner1760486161
Marilyn Orlova-zitzer 94925, CANurse Practitioner1114922465
Blaine Christopher Van Ausdeln 95210, CANurse Practitioner1194720144
Carol N Rowsemitt 93449, CANurse Practitioner1962407981
Timothy James Stacy 91403, CANurse Practitioner1457356479
Christine S Clayton 92161, CANurse Practitioner1861497810
Katharine Adele Severson 95667, CANurse Practitioner1902801616
Lynna R. Young 92284, CANurse Practitioner1295730984
Patricia Sue Hester 91201, CANurse Practitioner1700881430
Elaine M White 95820, CANurse Practitioner1588669378
Lily Tiao 92555, CANurse Practitioner1922477306
Suzanne Dietz 95501, CANurse Practitioner1033113535
Nina Bleue Goodwin 95519, CANurse Practitioner1306841259
Estevan Acuna 95370, CANurse Practitioner1104821032
Leann Mclaughlin 93110, CANurse Practitioner1235613480
Patricia G. Weyland 95062, CANurse Practitioner1972507416
Joanne M. Seitz 94546, CANurse Practitioner1457356230
Susan Davin 93710, CANurse Practitioner1871598623
Michele Viviene Bunker-alberts 94538, CANurse Practitioner1295730935
Laurie Ann Brebrick 92058, CANurse Practitioner1750386330
Peter John Garcia 93720, CANurse Practitioner1205832763
La Vette Bowles 90095, CANurse Practitioner1235135740
Robert James Omalley 95817, CANurse Practitioner1609872001
Jennifer Lang Ree 96161, CANurse Practitioner1912903113
Anadelia B Kim 94015, CANurse Practitioner1174529267
Mary Ann Ambrose 93446, CANurse Practitioner1811993991
Cynthia E. Garner 85013, CANurse Practitioner1558367516
Theresa Mallick-searle 94305, CANurse Practitioner1841296779
Anne S Carlisle 95501, CANurse Practitioner1487650321
Irene R Sanchez 93701, CANurse Practitioner1780680611
Jennifer Elizabeth Tonge-martin 92136, CANurse Practitioner1649276288
Nancy Lynn Hosek 92504, CANurse Practitioner1801892542
Lori Jeanne Robertson 91709, CANurse Practitioner1275539934
Carol V Greene 91356, CANurse Practitioner1063419653
Theodore David Scott 92078, CANurse Practitioner1871599548
Tomas C. Walker 92121, CANurse Practitioner1891791802
Toni L Caniglia 93720, CANurse Practitioner1487650677
Carol A Marietta 92270, CANurse Practitioner1427053206
Irma Louise Davison 93725, CANurse Practitioner1306842364
Mark Alan Cain 92284, CANurse Practitioner1174529416
Kelly A Keller 94501, CANurse Practitioner1952307381
Cindy M. Frasure 91766, CANurse Practitioner1700882586
Laura G Slippy 93901, CANurse Practitioner1831195924
Marianne Elena Tur 93702, CANurse Practitioner1649275132
William George Woods 92801, CANurse Practitioner1023014107
Mary Susan Seaman 91942, CANurse Practitioner1033116652
Barbara Ann Mahoney 92335, CANurse Practitioner1578560199
Bonnie Jane Martin 95210, CANurse Practitioner1174520480
Dolores Linda Fazzino 92024, CANurse Practitioner1366449563
Keitha K Mountcstle 93611, CANurse Practitioner1972500189
Shara Lynn Chess 93065, CANurse Practitioner1154328318
Claudia Pogue Blick 95336, CANurse Practitioner1710984828
Alan Masaaki Ooka 92653, CANurse Practitioner1114924230
Lisa M Johnson 90241, CANurse Practitioner1750388716
Susan Dyer Claydon 95945, CANurse Practitioner1336147057
Terry Richard Skok 92335, CANurse Practitioner1932106697
Robert Webster Scott 95628, CANurse Practitioner1376540203
Katrien T Wohlstattar 95124, CANurse Practitioner1346248010
Rebecca Leigh Buti 94143, CANurse Practitioner1023016524
Kathy Rose Garlick 95928, CANurse Practitioner1326046848
Alyson C Haeger-newe 95825, CANurse Practitioner1699773093
Lasonya Adele Davis 91325, CANurse Practitioner1003814468
Joyce R Millspaw 95361, CANurse Practitioner1992703375
Kathleen F Stone 95521, CANurse Practitioner1376541417
Levon Allen Ter-bagdasarian 91206, CANurse Practitioner1891793089
Patricia A Girczyc 95521, CANurse Practitioner1437157575
Sharon Blaschka 94143, CANurse Practitioner1639177488
Ellen Perez Travis 95128, CANurse Practitioner1396743217
Susanne Johnson Phillips 92801, CANurse Practitioner1538167861
Yolanda Peredia Apedaile 95816, CANurse Practitioner1750388997
Wende Denise Hargrove Fortner 95677, CANurse Practitioner1003814765
Hope A. Javier 92612, CANurse Practitioner1225035991
Darrel James Brown 94571, CANurse Practitioner1568469922
Winona Darlene Weidemann 95037, CANurse Practitioner1437158219
Nancy J Brass-mynderse 92111, CANurse Practitioner1164421962
Debra L Kabaivanoff 91505, CANurse Practitioner1831198597
Rosario Odena Sakamoto 91745, CANurse Practitioner1902805609
Patricia Ann Thornton 94133, CANurse Practitioner1053310680
Sharon Lynn Huggins 90010, CANurse Practitioner1538168091
Cynthia Harrison 90028, CANurse Practitioner1770582231
Elizabeth Manogue 92037, CANurse Practitioner1497754584
Roberta Anne Bavin 93612, CANurse Practitioner1326047499
Eva Felice Potts 92703, CANurse Practitioner1346249240
Marilyn Ann Williams 94609, CANurse Practitioner1962402602
Patricia Diane Farmer 95552, CANurse Practitioner1124028790
Raquel Maria Martinez-campos 92697, CANurse Practitioner1245230945
Dianne Rose-deyoung 90822, CANurse Practitioner1942200571
Wendi Rosenblatt 92866, CANurse Practitioner1922008556
Judith M Vanden Branden 94566, CANurse Practitioner1891795332
Molly Hogan 94952, CANurse Practitioner1619977154
Charity L Tan 92024, CANurse Practitioner1669472916
Erika Bruce 94704, CANurse Practitioner1881694198
Helen Thanh Hashimoto 92683, CANurse Practitioner1861492910
Judine Jacobs 92220, CANurse Practitioner1457351694
Teresa Larios-gill 90033, CANurse Practitioner1871593970
James Philip Riddel 94609, CANurse Practitioner1942200928
Carol L. Brown 91402, CANurse Practitioner1366442386
Holly Marie Viloria 92651, CANurse Practitioner1609876622
Patricia B Mccarley 94598, CANurse Practitioner1801897723
Theresa Runyon 94598, CANurse Practitioner1316948235
Youngmi P Kim 92103, CANurse Practitioner1720089618
Latonya Burnell 91331, CANurse Practitioner1124029947
Susan Elaine Ammon 94121, CANurse Practitioner1831190735
Jody L. Church 91331, CANurse Practitioner1558362376
Elissa Einhorn 91340, CANurse Practitioner1376544197
Colleen Marie Witte 94110, CANurse Practitioner1689674988
Rochelle Neutra 94110, CANurse Practitioner1396745642
Marcia Brenta 95501, CANurse Practitioner1710355607
Erica L Schott 93720, CANurse Practitioner1689672404
Linda Goldman 90506, CANurse Practitioner1811998834
Tracey Ann Gomez 92270, CANurse Practitioner1528068541
Jeanette Shelly 92701, CANurse Practitioner1740281765
Sonia Carmen Smith 91754, CANurse Practitioner1720088933
Noel Nunez 91436, CANurse Practitioner1821441114
Maria Victoria Mangini 94305, CANurse Practitioner1902805559
Kristina Nelson Dilworth 93405, CANurse Practitioner1407855018
Wendy Hamilton 90503, CANurse Practitioner1124029145
Darlene K. Mcpherson-ventura 91767, CANurse Practitioner1235130048
Elizabeth Ornelas 90815, CANurse Practitioner1124027040
Fe A Navarrez 91331, CANurse Practitioner1538160320
Fe Leilani Garcia Oquindo 91355, CANurse Practitioner1356342141
Deborah A Roskamp 91331, CANurse Practitioner1891796686
Imelda Lorenzo Zapata 91340, CANurse Practitioner1538160239
Michael Menchaca 91605, CANurse Practitioner1467453241
Kathryn Roene Steffen 91340, CANurse Practitioner1194726893
Darlene Marie Walters 91331, CANurse Practitioner1902807605
Linda Janine Moran 91340, CANurse Practitioner1326049941
Kristina Y Hart 92024, CANurse Practitioner1487655023
Rebecca Lee Cross 91340, CANurse Practitioner1013918374
Patricia Ann Cheney 91942, CANurse Practitioner1699776963
Lynda A Creighton 94590, CANurse Practitioner1437150737
Linda Hurst 95210, CANurse Practitioner1427059849
Pamela Balch Maes 95453, CANurse Practitioner1013918200
Cheryl Jo Jones-murray 95453, CANurse Practitioner1659372845
Chiusheue Sherry Peng 90033, CANurse Practitioner1801898713
Joan G Venturi 94588, CANurse Practitioner1013918192
Quyen Hanh Nguyen 92123, CANurse Practitioner1588666440
Robin A Lee 92055, CANurse Practitioner1558363242
Genevieve Leilani Gibbons 95678, CANurse Practitioner1629070321
Tony James Rosales 92055, CANurse Practitioner1801898523
Karin Jane Johnson 95678, CANurse Practitioner1902808686
Sari Fredrickson 94596, CANurse Practitioner1578565198
Elizabeth Anne Woods 94928, CANurse Practitioner1518969179
Margaret Jean Oxenford 94588, CANurse Practitioner1245232719
Loretta Joan Mc Collum 91303, CANurse Practitioner1811999253
Guadalupe Robles 93306, CANurse Practitioner1942202387
Rowena Reyes Alcantara-fernandez 91340, CANurse Practitioner1245232644
Linda Ka Gin Ho 94108, CANurse Practitioner1346232451
Christi L Petersen 95370, CANurse Practitioner1336131523
Linda Rollins 94596, CANurse Practitioner1265424113
Christine Ann Sullivan 92134, CANurse Practitioner1265424121
Anne Rice Davis 95062, CANurse Practitioner1407848484
Adele Eva Szilardi 94704, CANurse Practitioner1699767483
Dolores Andrea Riviera 91340, CANurse Practitioner1356333017
Genevieve Evenhouse 94609, CANurse Practitioner1568454387
Kathleen Marie Fennelly 93405, CANurse Practitioner1649262429
Bonnalyn Joan Martino 94553, CANurse Practitioner1629060322
Barbara A Rhoades 94509, CANurse Practitioner1215929914
Rita Rae Hand 90048, CANurse Practitioner1215929765
Vilayphone Thongsithavong Hwang 90095, CANurse Practitioner1629060157
Anne Ellison Seaman 94553, CANurse Practitioner1003808585
Larry M. Cooperider 94553, CANurse Practitioner1780676247
Beverly Jeanne Kemmerling 91355, CANurse Practitioner1083606438
Rebecca Riseman 94609, CANurse Practitioner1205828704
Melissa Clarice Komrosky 95128, CANurse Practitioner1326030867
Eric Bowen Call 95128, CANurse Practitioner1568454866
Carol Anne Lim 94109, CANurse Practitioner1710979190
Tracy Claire Kutsenkow 93662, CANurse Practitioner1699767020
Nicole Lee Collman 95337, CANurse Practitioner1851383244
Alma Jean Fields 95661, CANurse Practitioner1629060967
Madaleine May Dreier 92543, CANurse Practitioner1528051877
Jeanne K Hershey-weber 90211, CANurse Practitioner1386637643
Brenda L. Holiday 95202, CANurse Practitioner1306839352
Janet Patricia Miller-melka 94904, CANurse Practitioner1780677963
Patricia Ann Mckee 90027, CANurse Practitioner1033102108
Kayla Marie Yinger 92882, CANurse Practitioner1366435315
Yuk Fan Cheung 95128, CANurse Practitioner1962495754
Carolyn Kay Butler 92081, CANurse Practitioner1801889506


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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