Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of California

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of California:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tiffany Lynn Mcvey 90806, CANurse Practitioner1104331735
Laura G Slippy 93901, CANurse Practitioner1831195924
Marianne Elena Tur 93702, CANurse Practitioner1649275132
Christopher M Johnson 95991, CANurse Practitioner1356334221
Stephanie Elizabeth Lawton 95648, CANurse Practitioner1285626705
Winnie U Nasuuna 90802, CANurse Practitioner1740778851
Florentina Magat Ronquillo 95350, CANurse Practitioner1376532531
Ruth Antionette Jenkins 94022, CANurse Practitioner1124019203
Dane Lee Nestor 93203, CANurse Practitioner1629554571
Kathleen Anne Davis 92705, CANurse Practitioner1427035344
Wendy S Chase 95758, CANurse Practitioner1801875398
Lorraine Mary Farkas 93405, CANurse Practitioner1164401154
Tracy Foland 27518, CANurse Practitioner1316906431
Jill Schmidt 90808, CANurse Practitioner1508825761
Mousumi Mukerji 95838, CANurse Practitioner1336116748
Alvita Lasrado 90813, CANurse Practitioner1306254644
Alice Yu 94133, CANurse Practitioner1023369535
Margaret Hsu 94710, CANurse Practitioner1902315799
Monica San Basilio 94601, CANurse Practitioner1033587126
Shelley L Wong 94589, CANurse Practitioner1205891314
Jui-li Chang 95070, CANurse Practitioner1821038068
Mary Jo Navarrete 92113, CANurse Practitioner1235160490
Christina Herrera Biondolillo 94040, CANurse Practitioner1760411037
Elvin Park 93010, CANurse Practitioner1285665778
Laura Heying Boston 91910, CANurse Practitioner1174553259
Johanna Jetton 94541, CANurse Practitioner1114430105
Mary Kern 92653, CANurse Practitioner1659899664
Lorie Mae Gadaingan Vecchione 94019, CANurse Practitioner1316410657
Aurora Rosales 95361, CANurse Practitioner1811486301
Miranda J Kramer 94305, CANurse Practitioner1821035122
Cynthia L Mangene 92020, CANurse Practitioner1548292626
Robin J Soto 92102, CANurse Practitioner1487688099
Reno Trujillo 55905, CANurse Practitioner1063425429
Tyla Ann Healton 95610, CANurse Practitioner1851309801
Feneta Forbes-crowe 02667, CANurse Practitioner1619080371
Suzanne Camp Bentley 92115, CANurse Practitioner1083648844
Jan Alice Sebring 92101, CANurse Practitioner1295750339
Euredis Chipendo 94087, CANurse Practitioner1912010703
Nancy E Mullins 94143, CANurse Practitioner1164434510
Pasia-ari Jackson 90095, CANurse Practitioner1073020541
Luz Mery Sarria 90250, CANurse Practitioner1194747030
Sandra E.d. Estrada 98383, CANurse Practitioner1427082833
Kameren Joy Owens 95404, CANurse Practitioner1942225156
Errol Wilson 92201, CANurse Practitioner1760598130
Karl Lexter Reyes 90503, CANurse Practitioner1275992190
Allison Miller Harrison 37212, CANurse Practitioner1043245194
Ian Macarthur Gow 95946, CANurse Practitioner1841218724
Brian D. Johnson 92262, CANurse Practitioner1407865660
Donald R. Schmidgall 61832, CANurse Practitioner1669492203
Sharon E Demeter 95817, CANurse Practitioner1720005648
Russell Charles Pisano 92101, CANurse Practitioner1952413098
Katherine P Griffin 94534, CANurse Practitioner1790866937
Suzanne Silva 94550, CANurse Practitioner1891898102
Patricia Nabors King 95630, CANurse Practitioner1053417329
Matya Amma Cooksey Strickland 92102, CANurse Practitioner1154400315
Mayre Tamara Lee 95688, CANurse Practitioner1518063478
Leanne Nadine De Silva 95912, CANurse Practitioner1437260619
Irma Tan 90731, CANurse Practitioner1427454255
Shanda H Yoon 10013, CANurse Practitioner1447539978
Erica Marie Poyntz 93454, CANurse Practitioner1407322373
Morgan Emmetts 92108, CANurse Practitioner1164908596
Jorge Luis Trujillo 91731, CANurse Practitioner1801978374
Felicia N Paxton 90015, CANurse Practitioner1912093774
Deborah K. Scheuerell 91766, CANurse Practitioner1417055807
Kyra Kilmer 96080, CANurse Practitioner1619062437
Nicole Sata 94703, CANurse Practitioner1336528249
Andrea Doorack Keagy 94114, CANurse Practitioner1083707319
Priscilla Malagon-bon 92868, CANurse Practitioner1154867158
Marirose Powell 95204, CANurse Practitioner1851408025
Rita O Enunwa 93722, CANurse Practitioner1497838924
Scott Wayne Perrenod 95945, CANurse Practitioner1063523470
Colleen Cianciarulo 93105, CANurse Practitioner1194821900
Sunny Elizabeth St. Germain 97015, CANurse Practitioner1073693362
Peggy Touche Leugue 93534, CANurse Practitioner1821573981
Camille Gordon 95127, CANurse Practitioner1083780712
Rumiko Harkness 92056, CANurse Practitioner1487785093
Margaret M Aliabadi 94111, CANurse Practitioner1033277579
Marcia Ellen Tyler Evans 93446, CANurse Practitioner1427117845
Remedios Adan Babanto 92102, CANurse Practitioner1669520011
Natalie Yvette Giscombe-simons 20151, CANurse Practitioner1861532095
Cathleen Rose Snee 91706, CANurse Practitioner1467513994
Kathleen Patricia Waddell 98003, CANurse Practitioner1699809319
Diana Albidres 79936, CANurse Practitioner1932415957
Janet Marie Goodall 89449, CANurse Practitioner1376677344
Yi Ting Halgedahl 92108, CANurse Practitioner1619246907
Jungmin Kang 94305, CANurse Practitioner1538694914
Rebecca Sue Gentry 92101, CANurse Practitioner1134278914
Debra Lynne Gordon 96094, CANurse Practitioner1497810592
Yen Anker 92656, CANurse Practitioner1104273309
Ashley Lynn Kinney 94304, CANurse Practitioner1942366141
Emmeline Dumuk Abellera 95209, CANurse Practitioner1720144785
Stefanie Ann Varela 91761, CANurse Practitioner1447322672
Chris Stewart 95404, CANurse Practitioner1770612905
Holli Marie Hoffman 94520, CANurse Practitioner1144380940
Erica E Kim 92555, CANurse Practitioner1124500087
Maria Obispo 95350, CANurse Practitioner1679647234
Sandra Lynn Nibbelink Ahearn 92590, CANurse Practitioner1326513441
Stephen Joseph Brown 90262, CANurse Practitioner1053464420
Randall Alan Roark 91932, CANurse Practitioner1447312178
Edward Burgos Nino 90022, CANurse Practitioner1053486944
Cecil Kimutai Litiema 93720, CANurse Practitioner1609908243
Rita Dreaden 93721, CANurse Practitioner1144365891
Martha C Okwor 92503, CANurse Practitioner1306202387
Negin Fazilat 94110, CANurse Practitioner1295203107
Geraldine May May Ugaddan Celestial 95035, CANurse Practitioner1164578233
Dixie Ann Fisher 95361, CANurse Practitioner1295859692
Ann Marie Luke 95470, CANurse Practitioner1396889895
Ristina Ingram 94546, CANurse Practitioner1720544596
Sylvia Nieto Kubota 94043, CANurse Practitioner1649461971
Denise Kaleialoha Barton 95023, CANurse Practitioner1568653012
Jane E Kennedy 95404, CANurse Practitioner1679792071
Zahra Kayhan-mahd 92663, CANurse Practitioner1629280011
Jeanne M Perafan 92201, CANurse Practitioner1831377829
Roselynn Joy Samatmanakit Hogan 92115, CANurse Practitioner1205019510
Susan C Mccomas 95603, CANurse Practitioner1467626663
Victoria Shaun Tueros 92113, CANurse Practitioner1598989261
Zahira Nephers Orioli 91710, CANurse Practitioner1588867428
Cynthia Furnberg 90505, CANurse Practitioner1659579621
Cynthia Marie Uribe-sagrero 92101, CANurse Practitioner1497953913
Jessica Gonzalez-rangel 90059, CANurse Practitioner1720276884
Tina Marie Moran 48071, CANurse Practitioner1407042930
Erin Leslie Li 94303, CANurse Practitioner1538329990
Megan Elizabeth Liego 90806, CANurse Practitioner1982722609
Juliana K Gabbard 92104, CANurse Practitioner1982829644
Cari Lynn Sudmeier 92270, CANurse Practitioner1407078512
Julie Collings Rochefort 90275, CANurse Practitioner1215142443
Yana Gepshtein 92109, CANurse Practitioner1396956512
Zosima B Inton 95688, CANurse Practitioner1366626376
Summer Collette Watkins 60453, CANurse Practitioner1699950535
Meredith Corwin Keet 95060, CANurse Practitioner1508049859
Paulo Narvaez Jusay 92833, CANurse Practitioner1013191840
Marion Eleanor Mcrae 90095, CANurse Practitioner1063675957
Mandy Marie Brannen 92020, CANurse Practitioner1891205159
Bernarde Mangebi Udo 95355, CANurse Practitioner1447779889
Dana Janine Schroeder 95124, CANurse Practitioner1720580160
David Mark Chaffee 92083, CANurse Practitioner1063930915
Barbara Gilman 93612, CANurse Practitioner1386830958
Darolyn Underwood Plant 92691, CANurse Practitioner1063693968
Mary Katherine Miller 90024, CANurse Practitioner1225540578
Kerstin June Helgason 95020, CANurse Practitioner1538369939
Shylah Haldeman 92161, CANurse Practitioner1497159495
Laura M Mcdonald 95403, CANurse Practitioner1366637183
Laurence J Brown 95401, CANurse Practitioner1700050200
Kathleen Harms Walsh 95401, CANurse Practitioner1679792485
Mona Eiko Higuchi 96701, CANurse Practitioner1912198003
Julia Altman 94121, CANurse Practitioner1881144798
Mikhail Yakov Rovensky 90210, CANurse Practitioner1336318534
Riza Alma Vinzon 90807, CANurse Practitioner1063691061
Gabriela Samantha Garshelis 91331, CANurse Practitioner1508052515
Linda Marie Long 93555, CANurse Practitioner1104094937
Kirsti Gay Catton 94304, CANurse Practitioner1245457175
Lynn Catherine Beach 94305, CANurse Practitioner1144415365
Angelique R. Von Halle 94117, CANurse Practitioner1639394745
Aki Inoue Su 90505, CANurse Practitioner1538480322
Shayne Alan Mason 94115, CANurse Practitioner1952588709
Carol Ann Richina 93720, CANurse Practitioner1205011996
Hien Ho 92683, CANurse Practitioner1134603483
Amy Lauren Kolesiak 91730, CANurse Practitioner1417137571
Renanda Arcadia Stevenson 92860, CANurse Practitioner1366687113
Claudene Koros Stark 92626, CANurse Practitioner1831428028
Brenda Kim Means 93010, CANurse Practitioner1023323334
Sara Schewel Foster 14850, CANurse Practitioner1831491596
Kaye Lim Elamparo 92037, CANurse Practitioner1851673610
Maria-christina Cacho Silveira 92101, CANurse Practitioner1619249141
Stasia Tell 95062, CANurse Practitioner1285890616
Jayme Mejia 94143, CANurse Practitioner1396990115
Deborah Ann Walsh 92101, CANurse Practitioner1255574612
Corinne Margaret Buchanan 80138, CANurse Practitioner1578707428
Candy Watts 74104, CANurse Practitioner1841525961
Barbara I Carrascosa-andre 92705, CANurse Practitioner1447589619
Audrey Yoshiko Muto 94609, CANurse Practitioner1548590433
Kristen Ethridge 90095, CANurse Practitioner1487979001
Laura C Lavelle 94588, CANurse Practitioner1629383435
Kristin Nicole Head 92562, CANurse Practitioner1699078923
Jack Hurrell 20003, CANurse Practitioner1649577925
Michalle Gonzalez Ramirez-mclaughlin 94143, CANurse Practitioner1003195603
Jeannette M Miller 98201, CANurse Practitioner1740564103
Cheryl L. Gibson 95492, CANurse Practitioner1134371180
Grace Kang Romero 90095, CANurse Practitioner1255569497
Melissa Ann Browning 95062, CANurse Practitioner1467786053
Michael John Evans 93446, CANurse Practitioner1538318787
Aaron Mikkelson Miller 92110, CANurse Practitioner1477880151
Genevieve Kennerley 93703, CANurse Practitioner1477864908
Amanda Brady Watters Gorman 21131, CANurse Practitioner1124309430
Sonya Megert 92104, CANurse Practitioner1487925889
Elaine Law 90027, CANurse Practitioner1952808990
Kristina Stratton 92840, CANurse Practitioner1467968560
Happy Baumann 92618, CANurse Practitioner1316212368
Marina Podlubnaya 91206, CANurse Practitioner1093261448
James Morgan 92868, CANurse Practitioner1639478514
Theresa Carla Negrido Johnson 94121, CANurse Practitioner1255600581
Ramella E Barjesteh 95350, CANurse Practitioner1306116298
Sunah Song 92373, CANurse Practitioner1043464019
Danilo Barrientos 90201, CANurse Practitioner1528570009
Yemi Kayode Akinwole 90744, CANurse Practitioner1740507052
Mengfen Chang Moseley 90033, CANurse Practitioner1720316979
Mirka A Radman 91911, CANurse Practitioner1962770636
Nicole Anastasia Spooner 94703, CANurse Practitioner1508186644
Suzanne Watts Dedmore 95401, CANurse Practitioner1013296326
Henry Hoang 90095, CANurse Practitioner1063741205


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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