Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Colorado

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Colorado:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Janel Pozo Saunders 80260, CONurse Practitioner1316940448
Carolyn K Hackett 80910, CONurse Practitioner1326041492
Glenda L Kinkel 80815, CONurse Practitioner1447253117
Suzanne E Carmody 81401, CONurse Practitioner1326041443
Lisa Kirsten Olsen 81611, CONurse Practitioner1144222357
Mary C Adler 80501, CONurse Practitioner1568466373
Barbara A Pivonka 80621, CONurse Practitioner1942204698
Renae Louise Crawford 80808, CONurse Practitioner1639173057
Teresa A Wilcox 80204, CONurse Practitioner1316941735
Jennifer Lynn Holcomb 80236, CONurse Practitioner1033114129
Jamie Lonelle Dicroce 80045, CONurse Practitioner1952766776
Deborah A Hinnen 80910, CONurse Practitioner1356346456
Carrie Ann Thompson 80210, CONurse Practitioner1578567095
Sandra J Inazu 80910, CONurse Practitioner1558366369
Vicky J Higgins 81001, CONurse Practitioner1316942881
Patricia A Burkeen 80910, CONurse Practitioner1356346969
Jeanine Cherpack Mccleery 80262, CONurse Practitioner1508862848
Karlene Ann Lambuth 81501, CONurse Practitioner1104822469
Linda Marie Bretey 81501, CONurse Practitioner1336145655
Cynthia Dawn Gaines 81501, CONurse Practitioner1851397103
Thomas S Good 80528, CONurse Practitioner1942206941
Heart & Vascular Clinic Of Northern Colorado, P.c. 80528, CONurse Practitioner1649276536
Daniel E Hammond 80204, CONurse Practitioner1841296456
Patricia Schoville 80440, CONurse Practitioner1841296449
Robert K Schulz 80528, CONurse Practitioner1396741799
Lynn M Kincanon 80538, CONurse Practitioner1356347751
Gregory Bernt Holm 81625, CONurse Practitioner1922005412
Agatha Anne Quinn 80262, CONurse Practitioner1740287242
Neva Jean Jarvis 80110, CONurse Practitioner1659378644
Mary Sinden 80526, CONurse Practitioner1396742185
Ann C Morales 80031, CONurse Practitioner1174521884
Phyllis Ruth Dalla Betta 60050, CONurse Practitioner1548267479
Bernard J. Franta 81252, CONurse Practitioner1952309668
Terri Yetter 80631, CONurse Practitioner1497753107
Linda Lea Johnson 80301, CONurse Practitioner1013914738
Kimberly Sue Ottolenghi 80526, CONurse Practitioner1720086200
Kristie L James 80620, CONurse Practitioner1891793378
Jose Luis Vasquez 80130, CONurse Practitioner1649278318
Mary Lou Hendrix 80014, CONurse Practitioner1699773556
Joshua S Zucker 80014, CONurse Practitioner1851398184
Jerriann Hance 80910, CONurse Practitioner1063410256
Deborah Lorraine Griffin 80907, CONurse Practitioner1265430490
Helen Brekke 80501, CONurse Practitioner1316945157
Adrienne Edwards-goodbee 80501, CONurse Practitioner1942208780
Marilyn Ann Dippold 80920, CONurse Practitioner1831198613
Corinne E Rider 80002, CONurse Practitioner1376542761
Linda Rodamaker 80045, CONurse Practitioner1265431464
Deborah A Sullivan 80909, CONurse Practitioner1023018900
Pamola Sue Gale 80538, CONurse Practitioner1447250071
Karen Delvecchio 80501, CONurse Practitioner1164421665
Theresa Fedak 80304, CONurse Practitioner1205836848
Meghan Purdy 80237, CONurse Practitioner1134627888
Kathryn Losharon Young 80440, CONurse Practitioner1952302747
Stephen Bales 80211, CONurse Practitioner1750383394
Linda Pearson 80121, CONurse Practitioner1730181272
Carmen D Mora 81401, CONurse Practitioner1942292065
David W. Kleberger 80210, CONurse Practitioner1386636439
Ruthann Bohler 81401, CONurse Practitioner1760474985
Karen Jeanine Tomky 81063, CONurse Practitioner1730172909
Karen Breunig Hine 80304, CONurse Practitioner1982606521
Mindell Johnson 80111, CONurse Practitioner1548704364
Ilene Wallmueller 80907, CONurse Practitioner1922000827
Rajee Mathew Krause 80045, CONurse Practitioner1326403213
Patricia Kennedy 80113, CONurse Practitioner1457345746
Julie Peck 80113, CONurse Practitioner1457345753
Patricia Lynn Money 80913, CONurse Practitioner1790779585
Debra Kay Walters 80907, CONurse Practitioner1548254105
Fred Campbell Lege 80903, CONurse Practitioner1932194875
Anne Marie Lease 80631, CONurse Practitioner1205821162
Marsha H Phillips 80127, CONurse Practitioner1902892516
Audrey Jo Haimes 80023, CONurse Practitioner1134115546
Judith Oldendorf 80910, CONurse Practitioner1265428668
Terri Hamm-johnson 80910, CONurse Practitioner1073509477
Terence John Caldwell 80903, CONurse Practitioner1932195054
Debra Q Baker 80910, CONurse Practitioner1235125345
Lorada Jean Shrawder 80922, CONurse Practitioner1316933427
Amy Lynne Silva-smith 80906, CONurse Practitioner1639165756
Barbara Sullivan 80012, CONurse Practitioner1063408912
Wanda M Marshall 80230, CONurse Practitioner1366438202
Chad A Kraske 80012, CONurse Practitioner1225024078
Kelly Fralick 81657, CONurse Practitioner1487641122
Jill Hulbert 80012, CONurse Practitioner1164419800
Deborah Drew 80631, CONurse Practitioner1578550166
Cynthia Horn 80631, CONurse Practitioner1730176330
Laurie Harris Dunn 80631, CONurse Practitioner1700873254
Katherine Duchen Smith 80521, CONurse Practitioner1588651806
Katherine Mary Scally 80909, CONurse Practitioner1801883178
Annette C. Odell 80631, CONurse Practitioner1760479810
Mary Hund-snyder 81004, CONurse Practitioner1376538082
Linda Lee 81140, CONurse Practitioner1447247655
Victoria Segro 80113, CONurse Practitioner1003800301
Vivianne Muriel Clark 80207, CONurse Practitioner1225025489
Sandra Folsom Yaney 80907, CONurse Practitioner1447247358
Taylor Semien 80112, CONurse Practitioner1295192300
Pamela Holler 80525, CONurse Practitioner1497742290
Anne Elizabeth Miller 80309, CONurse Practitioner1881681120
Krista Marlene Ray 80045, CONurse Practitioner1225025901
Inez Buggs 80026, CONurse Practitioner1821086265
Mary Catherine Elizabeth Thomsic 80205, CONurse Practitioner1598753766
Malissa Penny-forsyth 80012, CONurse Practitioner1154319374
Maria Patricia Bustamante 80229, CONurse Practitioner1851389811
Monica L Fanning 80229, CONurse Practitioner1578552436
Kelly Carroll Fowler 80229, CONurse Practitioner1902895683
Myra Louise Pauley 80014, CONurse Practitioner1215926787
Sue E Kimbell 80524, CONurse Practitioner1891784120
Marilyn Cieszykowski 81323, CONurse Practitioner1700875804
Ruth Ellen Belda 81601, CONurse Practitioner1184613325
Kathy Holt 81038, CONurse Practitioner1598755571
Kathryn Anne Blair 80907, CONurse Practitioner1336139336
Peggy D Baikie 80204, CONurse Practitioner1174513063
Betty Anne Esquibel 81004, CONurse Practitioner1649260340
Dorothy Marie Schulte 80634, CONurse Practitioner1033109806
Ron Peterson 81050, CONurse Practitioner1245220086
Mitzi Anne Mcgarr 80634, CONurse Practitioner1538159306
Emelin Martinez 81152, CONurse Practitioner1790775567
Vicki Lynn Grossman 80014, CONurse Practitioner1407846934
Deborah Brill Meyers 81303, CONurse Practitioner1467442608
Madeline Diane Howell 80914, CONurse Practitioner1932190998
James Michael Crownover 81101, CONurse Practitioner1013908953
Rhonda Dummit Squires 80634, CONurse Practitioner1558352344
Stella Leigh Macumber 80112, CONurse Practitioner1245221811
Beth Ann Ramsey 80634, CONurse Practitioner1043291271
Jefferson M Spicher 80903, CONurse Practitioner1124009196
Paula Zarlengo Hanson 80218, CONurse Practitioner1780665364
Evelyn Swanton 80027, CONurse Practitioner1528049103
Nancy L Smith 80027, CONurse Practitioner1639150964
Michael Eugene Lafayette 80918, CONurse Practitioner1578545513
Sally Magdalen Stark 80914, CONurse Practitioner1528040995
Constance L Gable 81211, CONurse Practitioner1154319507
Marilynda S Boyer 80247, CONurse Practitioner1144202649
Jenny Patterson Spahr 80840, CONurse Practitioner1659352300
Renee A. Barall 80906, CONurse Practitioner1023006996
Virginia M Quiroz 80907, CONurse Practitioner1639168214
Terri Squires, Lpc, Fnp c, Pnp c, Aprn rx 81435, CONurse Practitioner1053779421
Thomas David Newell 76201, CONurse Practitioner1962493833
Jane Moore Duncan 80631, CONurse Practitioner1063401396
Tamra Marie Meurer 80524, CONurse Practitioner1316928542
Katherine Lynn Miller 80403, CONurse Practitioner1013906585
Angela J Morris 81504, CONurse Practitioner1750362547
Anne Zobec 80907, CONurse Practitioner1982692208
Catherine Janko 80230, CONurse Practitioner1558344655
Roxina Fischer 84405, CONurse Practitioner1932197084
Diane Genova 80403, CONurse Practitioner1700868247
Dana Ashton Johnson 81501, CONurse Practitioner1053392449
Melissa Ann Beaman 80003, CONurse Practitioner1336139369
Genevieve Mary Hofmann 80045, CONurse Practitioner1851380166
Angela Maria Falco 80045, CONurse Practitioner1760471841
Amanda J Spaak 80538, CONurse Practitioner1801370663
Yana Kennedy 80031, CONurse Practitioner1275515629
Mary B Treloar 80303, CONurse Practitioner1811970379
Dixie Ann Melton 81137, CONurse Practitioner1578547998
Debra K. Bailey 81506, CONurse Practitioner1932183316
Janet E. Hassell 81506, CONurse Practitioner1386628766
Debra Minary 80027, CONurse Practitioner1427033950
Suzanne Rudy 80304, CONurse Practitioner1407831936
Margaret Varner 80304, CONurse Practitioner1770568214
Darcy A Kolassa 80909, CONurse Practitioner1497730485
Joyce C Honea 80528, CONurse Practitioner1013993773
Las Animas Emergency Group Llc 81082, CONurse Practitioner1972589372
Elizabeth Flanigan 80045, CONurse Practitioner1366428807
Maureen C Moore 80524, CONurse Practitioner1619953734
Margaret S Saindon 80209, CONurse Practitioner1437135407
Martha Jane Schlenker 80921, CONurse Practitioner1427034214
Maureen Ann Orr 81101, CONurse Practitioner1801873260
Aaron S Lawrence 80909, CONurse Practitioner1013994003
Ginia Y Burdick 80910, CONurse Practitioner1669459814
Patrice Hinton Morrison 80840, CONurse Practitioner1811974819
Christine P Hartwick 80014, CONurse Practitioner1477531341
Vicki Sagrillo 80922, CONurse Practitioner1154309912
Susan L Moran 80304, CONurse Practitioner1629056429
Gail L Loker 80304, CONurse Practitioner1245218031
Michelle D Gibbs 80304, CONurse Practitioner1629056478
Cynthia J Ashby 80303, CONurse Practitioner1639157472
Sharon M Glass 80304, CONurse Practitioner1760460539
Kara D Muma 80304, CONurse Practitioner1346228046
Karen L Stasiak 80027, CONurse Practitioner1760460216
Carol M Wallman 80303, CONurse Practitioner1548248008
Amy C L Simons 80221, CONurse Practitioner1154309391
Vicki Lynn Witmer 80549, CONurse Practitioner1497734149
Michelle Montgomery 80914, CONurse Practitioner1043290323
Nicola Sue Adams 80909, CONurse Practitioner1568442945
Annette Lynn Johnson 81501, CONurse Practitioner1033195920
Terri Sue Lomenick 80840, CONurse Practitioner1982689162
Morgan Emergency Group, Llc 80701, CONurse Practitioner1396721890
Michelle Leona Valdez 81101, CONurse Practitioner1114901931
Linda S. Stahl 81506, CONurse Practitioner1336122936
Ruth H Beckham 80229, CONurse Practitioner1235113085
Elizabeth A Cullen 80304, CONurse Practitioner1679556203
Phyllis Austin 80918, CONurse Practitioner1720068505
Nancy K Engellenner 80303, CONurse Practitioner1346223898
Valerie A Trump 80840, CONurse Practitioner1053395301
Alicia E Maltzman 80301, CONurse Practitioner1710960380
Ruth A Evans 80304, CONurse Practitioner1972581742
Harma A Drenth 80027, CONurse Practitioner1073598595
Life Choice Hospice Of Colorado Ii, Llc 80919, CONurse Practitioner1174041214
Mary M. Hawkins 82001, CONurse Practitioner1710957527
Mike Corcoran 80123, CONurse Practitioner1346210853
Timothy C Vogel 80905, CONurse Practitioner1407826035
Michelle Lee Wade 80012, CONurse Practitioner1952371221
Mary Lou Anderson 80907, CONurse Practitioner1588635874


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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