Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Colorado

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Colorado:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Shayla Rae Keys 96813, CONurse Practitioner1770914970
Joan Marie Peacock 87109, CONurse Practitioner1619963824
Harma A Drenth 80027, CONurse Practitioner1073598595
Carol Susan Lehman 80031, CONurse Practitioner1497714158
Sharon A Allen 80920, CONurse Practitioner1831161983
Shawn A. Koury 80863, CONurse Practitioner1306263181
Kimberly A Spangrude 84121, CONurse Practitioner1013986710
Angela Dee Tomme 80909, CONurse Practitioner1982116240
Brenda Lee Larson 80014, CONurse Practitioner1588636120
Aurora M Hunt 07450, CONurse Practitioner1588614903
Peter F Gala 80134, CONurse Practitioner1962466094
Sherry Renee Dubuisson 80301, CONurse Practitioner1578517900
Kimberly Wind 80113, CONurse Practitioner1295789543
Brenda Mayfield 35233, CONurse Practitioner1356771166
Laura S Mcgladrey 80045, CONurse Practitioner1902818164
Linda Marie Hewett 80813, CONurse Practitioner1952334989
Lucy A Tucker 80015, CONurse Practitioner1518977370
Lynette M Moore 81101, CONurse Practitioner1457369688
Joann M Kargul 81301, CONurse Practitioner1669498838
Mary K Sherman 80122, CONurse Practitioner1174533533
Diane L Botton 80204, CONurse Practitioner1447276241
Michelle K Navarro 37214, CONurse Practitioner1770685307
Vanessa Martinez 80923, CONurse Practitioner1508977836
Lisa M. Gustas 80045, CONurse Practitioner1306921051
Triscia L Malmstrom 80111, CONurse Practitioner1548390396
Kirstin J Cox 80015, CONurse Practitioner1912037854
Constance A Mcmenamin 80045, CONurse Practitioner1770648156
Clare Huber-navin 80126, CONurse Practitioner1386785913
Kristin Schoenlein 80108, CONurse Practitioner1669847109
Laura Elizabeth Swanson 80232, CONurse Practitioner1144369323
James Elliott Rice 81504, CONurse Practitioner1336300615
Joanne Lofthouse 80241, CONurse Practitioner1891903902
Kathleen Anne Gouldy 80033, CONurse Practitioner1851573612
Neelia R Miller 80014, CONurse Practitioner1811150063
Tamara Kay Lester 80301, CONurse Practitioner1134326382
Hope B Slavoski 80922, CONurse Practitioner1700071925
Lorraine Ann Buss 80918, CONurse Practitioner1992976898
Ann Patrice Williams 80120, CONurse Practitioner1467575167
Jennifer Ann Wood 80228, CONurse Practitioner1235354960
Alison Murphy 80231, CONurse Practitioner1558484832
Jamie Lamanna 80922, CONurse Practitioner1447445119
Anne Murphy 80910, CONurse Practitioner1518451350
Nancy Alison Robertson 80045, CONurse Practitioner1073703526
Therease Marie Foley 97080, CONurse Practitioner1649469164
Karen L Spring 80205, CONurse Practitioner1871730093
Mari F. Ernst 80110, CONurse Practitioner1801182217
Nancy Marie Reges 80525, CONurse Practitioner1033411640
Amy L Buck 78229, CONurse Practitioner1275826547
Nancy Pellegrino Stam 72903, CONurse Practitioner1235370891
Elizabeth Puckett Thurmond 83687, CONurse Practitioner1902124142
Tracy Doss Nunnally 80615, CONurse Practitioner1245535897
Rachel Nicole Lovelady 80014, CONurse Practitioner1326334640
Rosetta Maria Fratiani 23606, CONurse Practitioner1801171889
Amber B Whitton-smith 80210, CONurse Practitioner1689823593
Lynn Marie Shields 81019, CONurse Practitioner1023240645
Colleen Wright 84047, CONurse Practitioner1568756237
Kerry Ann Peterson 80918, CONurse Practitioner1487014338
Sandra M. Zavala 91761, CONurse Practitioner1710275425
Megan Kristina Huemoller 80031, CONurse Practitioner1316456049
Shana R Green 80304, CONurse Practitioner1861761207
Jennifer Lizabeth Manganello 87401, CONurse Practitioner1013286269
Stephanie Ann Lee 80113, CONurse Practitioner1396036885
Emily Mcmahon 80045, CONurse Practitioner1013404615
April Marie Coates 86301, CONurse Practitioner1104158757
Mark Jankelow 80904, CONurse Practitioner1487958070
Deborah Lee Pawlowski-krejcik 80026, CONurse Practitioner1871727586
Kelly Oldham 80205, CONurse Practitioner1033665484
Bruce Lowell Deitsch 80906, CONurse Practitioner1477811941
Melissa Jean Smith 80023, CONurse Practitioner1124373634
Wida M Miller 44710, CONurse Practitioner1841470010
Amy Ann Campbell 80220, CONurse Practitioner1972770287
Bryan Thomas King 80045, CONurse Practitioner1629319165
Lori-ann Elizabeth Peterson 85006, CONurse Practitioner1730523721
Gemma Barbara Bartunek 80033, CONurse Practitioner1790123438
Michelle Ann Chavez 80601, CONurse Practitioner1558702464
Megan Fraser 55455, CONurse Practitioner1588097091
Kelly Lynn Sandberg 80909, CONurse Practitioner1538408729
Mark Baravik 80015, CONurse Practitioner1033547252
Margaret Elizabeth Traeger 21012, CONurse Practitioner1518376490
Kymbre Sands Governson 80501, CONurse Practitioner1649670811
Silver Lining Advanced Life Planning Llc 81321, CONurse Practitioner1558735696
Np To Your Door, Llc 80909, CONurse Practitioner1932505146
Magan L Hays 80538, CONurse Practitioner1518333046
Natalie Michelle Erb 80906, CONurse Practitioner1457736266
Erik Robert Larson 80207, CONurse Practitioner1225398795
Whitney Staats 80260, CONurse Practitioner1003210253
Ardith Jeanette Crowe 80031, CONurse Practitioner1982666160
Michelle Jackson 80524, CONurse Practitioner1871923540
Brittany Evans Yates 45229, CONurse Practitioner1316293897
Susan Magaret Cannon 80634, CONurse Practitioner1184057911
Ashley R. Plummer 80045, CONurse Practitioner1144690439
Cynthia Hamilton 80923, CONurse Practitioner1710452750
Johanna T. C. Warner 80045, CONurse Practitioner1396100566
Gina Biondi Dasso 80909, CONurse Practitioner1962886556
Christina Rae Irelan 80134, CONurse Practitioner1356729651
General Health Medical Pllc 80206, CONurse Practitioner1780062315
Brooke Lee Larsen 81401, CONurse Practitioner1427483239
Julie Anne Quickert 80534, CONurse Practitioner1760735831
Samantha Jane Loomis 97477, CONurse Practitioner1700124021
Ty Shettron 81073, CONurse Practitioner1659709574
Sarah Versackas 87544, CONurse Practitioner1225414253
Jill Marie Brogdon 80004, CONurse Practitioner1861867632
Lindsey Elsa Johansen 80528, CONurse Practitioner1801232392
Michelle Lorraine Ellis 80011, CONurse Practitioner1700125663
Janell Lynn Durnen 80631, CONurse Practitioner1265874929
Celeste D Kendrick 80634, CONurse Practitioner1083813190
Peter J Dahlberg 80002, CONurse Practitioner1013311216
Chelsey Lahr 80210, CONurse Practitioner1033597307
Alexi Rae Laursen 80528, CONurse Practitioner1982010104
Libier Camarena Price 80010, CONurse Practitioner1619495470
Tiffany Michelle Defreitas 80403, CONurse Practitioner1861903270
Danielle Espinosa 80111, CONurse Practitioner1881072114
Yuko Blue 80220, CONurse Practitioner1114390945
Alessandra Marie Bullis 80813, CONurse Practitioner1093174930
Aubrey Anne Snyder 80917, CONurse Practitioner1619497542
Sara B Winsor 80634, CONurse Practitioner1558881060
Amie Lynn Doyle 80904, CONurse Practitioner1801306832
Amanda Marie Davis 80011, CONurse Practitioner1558886598
Kathleen Diane Crislip 87505, CONurse Practitioner1568974160
Medphone Rx Llc 80521, CONurse Practitioner1568978229
Hernando A Mispireta 80241, CONurse Practitioner1578796355
Tessa Suzanne Henderson 80112, CONurse Practitioner1033558101
Strategic Physicians Llc 28451, CONurse Practitioner1518479625
Mary Tracey 81147, CONurse Practitioner1134515984
Autumn Dawn Rowland 81504, CONurse Practitioner1093261984
Molly Ulrich 80917, CONurse Practitioner1912354291
Casey Blood 99701, CONurse Practitioner1396295374
Devin Pinaroc 80026, CONurse Practitioner1003314576
Heather Luckenbaugh 80111, CONurse Practitioner1982106084
Duandelyn Claudette Wilson 80113, CONurse Practitioner1497194211
Sheryl Anne Brady 80904, CONurse Practitioner1619423175
Nicolle L Schraeder 80111, CONurse Practitioner1740529122
Megan Thieme 96368, CONurse Practitioner1093141277
Rachel L Hickman 81620, CONurse Practitioner1336669886
Estrella Caddali 81001, CONurse Practitioner1164974580
Elizabeth Har-noy 80205, CONurse Practitioner1932511847
Jackie Dawn Bennett 81132, CONurse Practitioner1174028849
Pinnacle Medical Partners Ii, Llc 80128, CONurse Practitioner1376912931
Nathan Gasper 81008, CONurse Practitioner1477002020
Vaughn Physician Services, Pc 80218, CONurse Practitioner1710473046
Elyse Coguill 80918, CONurse Practitioner1487143061
Jacqueline E. Bortner 80920, CONurse Practitioner1346234366
Alethea Hoewisch 80920, CONurse Practitioner1043754880
Adriana Christine Furletti 80919, CONurse Practitioner1912402314
Robin Kotula 80503, CONurse Practitioner1306292511
Meagan Dyer 31904, CONurse Practitioner1225524713
Amy Jeanne Hartley 80634, CONurse Practitioner1932607975
Stephanie Louise Hansen 01805, CONurse Practitioner1548704398
Kalpana Narayanan Nair 81003, CONurse Practitioner1255815668
Emily Anne Hickerson 45229, CONurse Practitioner1356885305
Susana Donofry 99709, CONurse Practitioner1043706245
Cassandra Sue Adler 89107, CONurse Practitioner1992208581
Hailey Pash 80045, CONurse Practitioner1801301965
Thomas Theodore Deem 80010, CONurse Practitioner1881107993
Melissa Jean Boehner 80045, CONurse Practitioner1679090526
Megan Rose Stephany 29203, CONurse Practitioner1891033023
Jamison Robert Lester 81003, CONurse Practitioner1346718855
Jessica Dawn Klein 57105, CONurse Practitioner1225300312
Travis Polk 80631, CONurse Practitioner1306355409
Jennifer Therese Merten 80482, CONurse Practitioner1619447406
Megan Marie Persson 57105, CONurse Practitioner1134569338
Katherine Elizabeth Leonard 80011, CONurse Practitioner1184163651
Claire Melissa Mann 80443, CONurse Practitioner1427520469
Jodi Marie Killilea 80906, CONurse Practitioner1235647066
Holly Claire Werstein 80905, CONurse Practitioner1689026502
Kym Littlefield Whitaker 80914, CONurse Practitioner1356897250
Kindra Leduc 80045, CONurse Practitioner1609350784
Elizabeth Anne Hammond 80226, CONurse Practitioner1629580501
Scott David Parker 80301, CONurse Practitioner1215404595
Elaine Catherine Wozniak 80403, CONurse Practitioner1184605818
Emma Rae Gladson 80014, CONurse Practitioner1922525278
Marina Kandova 85027, CONurse Practitioner1992188965
Ellen Brenot 80209, CONurse Practitioner1568979920
Laura Anne Chilson 55110, CONurse Practitioner1104343607
Teresa Wolanski 80205, CONurse Practitioner1154705135
Jonathan F Heilman 80528, CONurse Practitioner1952872921
Kayla Previdi 81003, CONurse Practitioner1619416765
Elisabeth Rose Lyons 50315, CONurse Practitioner1326565045
Nicholas Maurio 80920, CONurse Practitioner1063956381
Pamela K Collins 80102, CONurse Practitioner1770036154
Ann Elise Strother Abromaitis 80222, CONurse Practitioner1033673157
Amy Carol Reidhead 80302, CONurse Practitioner1629574512
Travis Robert Klein 81506, CONurse Practitioner1760993109
Lynda Goodrich Steinbach 81505, CONurse Practitioner1346782455
Tevin Riley 80516, CONurse Practitioner1831657493
Jessica Fynboh 80234, CONurse Practitioner1174909618
Cynthia M Mrla 80516, CONurse Practitioner1700022589
Barbara Ellen Kurlan 80023, CONurse Practitioner1619940830
Natalie Julie Morshead 80501, CONurse Practitioner1083123475
Sarah Noe 27055, CONurse Practitioner1437579331
Erin Leigh Hauser-roe 80045, CONurse Practitioner1043642457
Bree Anders Bacalis 80524, CONurse Practitioner1659861359
Carla K Garcia 80524, CONurse Practitioner1023457751
Alyse Poll 99654, CONurse Practitioner1598135089
Hannah Pavlic 80909, CONurse Practitioner1548824972
Katie Kurth 80501, CONurse Practitioner1376001289
Che Pang 80202, CONurse Practitioner1306365804
Theresa Lynn Sanders 80014, CONurse Practitioner1760904791
Shreela Banerji 80122, CONurse Practitioner1326468943
Deanne Dee Browning 80111, CONurse Practitioner1518015999


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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