Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Natalie Wheeler 06033, CTNurse Practitioner1487021424
Kathleen Mary Oconnor 06231, CTNurse Practitioner1457351017
Cassandra Elizabeth Arpin 06231, CTNurse Practitioner1205461480
Delia Foran 06074, CTNurse Practitioner1275012494
Sequilla Carter 06066, CTNurse Practitioner1518476647
Gastroenterology Specialists Pc 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1144259029
Mary Ellie Stankus 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1649222019
Francis Gorman 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1396852877
Tonya Goodman 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1134738461
Dana Erin Smart 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1639657273
Deborah Sue Oestreicher 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1114057890
Kathia Fonseca 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1376127696
Leina Grecia Fruhbauer 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1326569237
Judith Heller 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1134191604
Katherine Eleanor Roarty 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1407177496
Barbara Smiech 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1083958441
Kayla Lepage 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1821607888
Tania Bonin 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1245436401
Theresa Conroy 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1255584587
Tracy L Jones 06067, CTNurse Practitioner1801195128
Emma Anne Hodges 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1366095689
Cecrystal Umeugo 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1104225572
Melissa A Hanson 06460, CTNurse Practitioner1568034940
Pediatric Advanced Care Of West Haven Llc 06516, CTNurse Practitioner1942669916
Joanna Reslink 06401, CTNurse Practitioner1184134256
Clara Hyland-williams 06278, CTNurse Practitioner1194492694
Misty Rose Doering 06278, CTNurse Practitioner1861817314
Jamal Daniels 06102, CTNurse Practitioner1730728619
Carol Burnham Tuller 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1699737189
Dawn Marie Massey 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1528389962
Debra Anne Mcdermott 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1053626523
Eileen Mary Miller 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1194913210
Katherine H Taylor 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1568745479
Marisa Ann Brown 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1487891545
Michael D. Shea 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1447371596
Peter R Bourque 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1972853299
Sonia Marie Dias-jones 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1558933150
Physicians For Women's Health Llc 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1801826680
Alma Rosa Barreto 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1114462751
Mary Jane Greenwood 06484, CTNurse Practitioner1962814442
Devon Michelle Kwassman 06790, CTNurse Practitioner1619259611
Harvest Healthcare Llc 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1477712917
Harvest Medical 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1932410628
Ann Devine 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1073568101
Ann Sullivan 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1881627610
Brooke Giordano 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1851060404
Carissa Ann Tufano 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1760639819
Carol Singer 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1386690121
Caroline Nicholas-brunetto 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1831128487
Chana Judith Kelley 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1144706631
Cora Zembrzuski 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1124196597
Deborah L Collins-perrica 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1013140540
Eileen Sharp 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1649382193
Eulah Lacey 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1134735210
Halina Gorecki 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1346696887
Jean O'brien 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1114314341
Judith Yust 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1811946684
Leslie Stocking-johnson 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1790730950
Margarget Langdon 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1497787170
Marina Mary Thomas 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1750967816
Marjorie Arni 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1043263502
Miriam Olack 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1467401158
Narra Songco 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1689984056
Patricia Connerney 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1619928777
Rosemary Fanale 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1588614465
Sasha Perry 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1003385451
Truc Vuu 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1558908046
Hairong Wang 06010, CTNurse Practitioner1154952794
Megan Elizabeth Speich 06032, CTNurse Practitioner1184973232
Michelle Stoppani 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1184097123
Beth A Finn 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1912463662
Lenore Ann Leone 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1710230842
Savitha Chandramohan 06070, CTNurse Practitioner1316571458
Tracey Urso 06117, CTNurse Practitioner1356772107
Furne Susan Carrier-valentine 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1366935876
Laura Ann Kramer 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1336299916
Audrey Harrington Corvino 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1699384586
Crystal Cunningham 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1952894131
Jessica Capolupo 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1396362554
Josie C Dumond 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1548873177
Mary Marlowe 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1710216585
Rachael Caliolo 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1083380786
Sharon Saunders 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1932423944
Sherald Patricia Eklund 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1174654941
Arnold M Koff, Md (dda Avon Health 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1437436177
Kelly Pfeiffer 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1427207349
Ann Hurtado 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1992717649
Comprehensive Medical Group, Llc 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1093014748
Yan Yan Beach 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1861994220
Elizabeth Jensen 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1902912827
Counseling Centers Of New England Llc 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1982955050
Maria G Gaer 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1700106176
Allison Anne Couture 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1811399066
Comprehensive Wound Care Llc 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1801531892
Mary E. Leahy 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1669496113
Barbara Fischler 06111, CTNurse Practitioner1730798075
Debra V Johnson, Aprn 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1093277709
Debra V Johnson 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1427056472
Janice Whedon 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1942460159
Jennifer Elizabeth Baranowski 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1336813393
Kayla Kriscenski 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1609321801
Lynne Benjamin 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1134528946
Erica Rogers 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1164700019
Jennifer Pyrro 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1871075671
Katherine Thomsen 06109, CTNurse Practitioner1659344174
Lauren Vo 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1134674591
Alison Kathleen Riley 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1891129953
Emily Jordan Kopas 06516, CTNurse Practitioner1942809512
Kate-lyn Birchell 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1134782485
Kathryn Marie Reinmann 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1255086864
Mary Ann Daly England 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1871046383
Litchfield Hills Healing Center, Llc 06750, CTNurse Practitioner1770994998
Mobile Care Partners Of Connecticut Pllc 06750, CTNurse Practitioner1760001010
Bantam Acupuncture Clinic Llc 06750, CTNurse Practitioner1881203024
Ayla Lewis Carr 05775, CTNurse Practitioner1699141259
Eileen Lonegan 06403, CTNurse Practitioner1265928154
Vanmaly K Sanchez 06403, CTNurse Practitioner1548706153
Laura K Degeorge 06611, CTNurse Practitioner1003123985
Brittany Anne Schmaling 06484, CTNurse Practitioner1083972749
Christina Lipori Lapham 06403, CTNurse Practitioner1962019224
Juanita H Dee 06037, CTNurse Practitioner1609344480
Laura Berglass 06037, CTNurse Practitioner1316603327
Katarzyna Tesz 06037, CTNurse Practitioner1205593209
Zachery Doubleday 06037, CTNurse Practitioner1649880915
Joanna K Yaconiello 06516, CTNurse Practitioner1710513171
Gayle Gwozdz 06716, CTNurse Practitioner1285866806
Jennifer M Wilcox 06037, CTNurse Practitioner1386280121
Kensington Naturopathic Medical Center 06037, CTNurse Practitioner1336474493
Aericka Robyn Khongdy 06037, CTNurse Practitioner1710234448
Amy N. Clement 06770, CTNurse Practitioner1811937790
Agatha Giliberto 06489, CTNurse Practitioner1356865828
Emily Eklof 06457, CTNurse Practitioner1649761040
Lynn Swanson 06037, CTNurse Practitioner1073082343
Pediatric Parenting, Llc 06524, CTNurse Practitioner1538458310
Tatiana A. Goclowski 06524, CTNurse Practitioner1831639392
Catherine Champagne 06468, CTNurse Practitioner1093063430
Victor Calhoun 06405, CTNurse Practitioner1366991796
Ysabelle Stuard 06524, CTNurse Practitioner1902574379
Mary Ellen Lydem 06801, CTNurse Practitioner1255514758
Haleigh Lynn Dename 06801, CTNurse Practitioner1043876998
Lorraine B Orloski 06801, CTNurse Practitioner1639210644
Christopher Martin Pioli 06801, CTNurse Practitioner1134747900
Yasmin Santos 06801, CTNurse Practitioner1295298933
Ceri England Burke 06488, CTNurse Practitioner1134600463
Mara Chamoures 06776, CTNurse Practitioner1124576152
Maureen Lore 06810, CTNurse Practitioner1225638950
Mary N. Galasinski 06801, CTNurse Practitioner1487949855
Sharon Pettway-stewart 06801, CTNurse Practitioner1548679350
Stephania Kataryna Kushnir 06801, CTNurse Practitioner1295088474
Elisabeth Henvy 06610, CTNurse Practitioner1891199980
Mary Hugo Nielson 06810, CTNurse Practitioner1205970423
Michelle Jean Moore 06810, CTNurse Practitioner1255984043
Glaubia Almeida Weaver 06801, CTNurse Practitioner1477222370
Gisela Buan 06105, CTNurse Practitioner1043863376
Allison Rose Denicola 06810, CTNurse Practitioner1184821555
Jennifer Nolan 06715, CTNurse Practitioner1528502853
Erin Rauscher 06751, CTNurse Practitioner1629271119
Samantha Ines Savarino 06751, CTNurse Practitioner1548630072
Catherine A Lavoie 06759, CTNurse Practitioner1972501922
Susan Antoinette Pappas 06708, CTNurse Practitioner1720616246
Merva E Dixon 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1225564412
Shaina Barr 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1336628718
Rochelle L. Collins, D.o. Llc 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1801033618
Sonya Harris 06112, CTNurse Practitioner1417416041
Alice Stockton 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1568615474
Josiane Alexandre 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1699309492
Barbara Lillibridge 06033, CTNurse Practitioner1346627908
Raxine Avis Christie-campbell 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1679009716
Lataya Hewitt 06106, CTNurse Practitioner1215535935
Seana Peters 06032, CTNurse Practitioner1215426481
Bridget B Brown 06106, CTNurse Practitioner1548501893
Elina Tannenbaum 06510, CTNurse Practitioner1770192726
Image Of Light Mental Health Services, Llc 06107, CTNurse Practitioner1124524798
Frances Burrier 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1649710559
Lydia R. Roldan 06120, CTNurse Practitioner1548280175
Duncaster 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1184686669
Valencia L Bagby-young 06107, CTNurse Practitioner1952736738
Nurse Practitioners Gerontology Group Pllc 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1811642309
Helen Elizabeth Bradley 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1104832401
Joyce Harmon 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1861403040
Alicia A Williams 06114, CTNurse Practitioner1730793522
Amber Irimia 06112, CTNurse Practitioner1386066470
Fredo J Clermont 06105, CTNurse Practitioner1649641150
Colleen A Graziano 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1467706010
Mattia Brose 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1104365071
Cottage Grove Cardiology, P.c. 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1710935002
Alyssa Porter 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1437793098
Amber Lauren Wachtarz 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1689256190
Lindsay Allison Petriello 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1154930956
Lisa Fritch 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1770545261
Melanie Dulce Ricafort 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1659611978
Eileen C. Comia, Md, Llc 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1801941513
Thoa Thi Nguyen 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1124309489
Erica Williams 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1649655895
Erika M Hyman 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1164011243
Marybeth Reiley Norman 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1700023603
Jill T Nelson 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1164493243
Natalie M Cooper 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1902254725
Holistic Behavioral Health Of Connecticut Llc 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1043970387
Lifesource Of North Carolina 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1972131308


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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