Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Connecticut

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Connecticut:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Vickie Dauphinais 06790, CTNurse Practitioner1871593939
Elizabeth Lynn Evans 06360, CTNurse Practitioner1851368393
Philip Frick 06512, CTNurse Practitioner1689627044
Heather Chittenden Borsari 81401, CTNurse Practitioner1043252869
Jean Elizabeth Mack-fogg 14642, CTNurse Practitioner1023048600
Keith Grant 06105, CTNurse Practitioner1396214284
Morgan Caffrey 06067, CTNurse Practitioner1336625607
Jessica Kiback 06106, CTNurse Practitioner1417414905
Monika Jean Maclean 06605, CTNurse Practitioner1326565342
Ami S Marshall 06519, CTNurse Practitioner1154331015
Kathy Bryson 06443, CTNurse Practitioner1700804044
Terry Ann Holybee 06260, CTNurse Practitioner1629552211
Kayla St Amour 06360, CTNurse Practitioner1205330610
Stacey L Wyner 06519, CTNurse Practitioner1437260858
Diane Wright 06320, CTNurse Practitioner1205918562
Catherine G Micinilio 06614, CTNurse Practitioner1932295656
Grace K. Grajales 06333, CTNurse Practitioner1982767786
Lauren B Okeefe 06904, CTNurse Practitioner1265574560
Catherine A. Girard 06360, CTNurse Practitioner1144396532
Susan Grace 06238, CTNurse Practitioner1679699284
Susan Mary Paxton 06610, CTNurse Practitioner1710455316
Deborah E Miller 34238, CTNurse Practitioner1083731582
Charlene Campbell 06519, CTNurse Practitioner1790947653
Kary Ann Krochko 06460, CTNurse Practitioner1295904225
Juanita Agustin Mariano 77521, CTNurse Practitioner1447424650
Adriana Shea Godfrey 06320, CTNurse Practitioner1073006581
Anita M Gilbert 86314, CTNurse Practitioner1124321088
Robin Ann Gilbert 06030, CTNurse Practitioner1841524832
Bruce Jamie Stevens 06460, CTNurse Practitioner1114220613
Allison K. Weeks 06360, CTNurse Practitioner1396045035
Linda Kibot 14221, CTNurse Practitioner1023382439
Kim Kathleen Kuebler 97527, CTNurse Practitioner1952530362
Jason G Smith 06610, CTNurse Practitioner1366671026
Elizabeth A Calderoni 06102, CTNurse Practitioner1790202463
Kathryn Walck 06340, CTNurse Practitioner1245667583
Sarah F Arseneault 06441, CTNurse Practitioner1235437468
Rowena L. Saga-abrina 06510, CTNurse Practitioner1093948408
Sonal Bhungalia Khichadia 10701, CTNurse Practitioner1881169001
Kaitlin Adams Roche 06457, CTNurse Practitioner1710269725
Kemmarie C Beal 06030, CTNurse Practitioner1780914374
Shawn M Ladda 06030, CTNurse Practitioner1972748234
Elizabeth Henry 06333, CTNurse Practitioner1134455520
Dawn Sherrill Elliott 28906, CTNurse Practitioner1942457536
Anna Camacho 06260, CTNurse Practitioner1558632257
Arlene Scarlett 06108, CTNurse Practitioner1356679443
Sheila Turner 06492, CTNurse Practitioner1639317787
St Vincents Multispecialty Group Inc 06606, CTNurse Practitioner1043544489
Terea Wooster Guimaraes 06405, CTNurse Practitioner1396045712
Kai Zhang 11355, CTNurse Practitioner1366737314
Nicole Dukett 06226, CTNurse Practitioner1457610800
Alison Brancato 27607, CTNurse Practitioner1629338884
Nichole Buswell 90027, CTNurse Practitioner1316293723
Alexandra N Price 06519, CTNurse Practitioner1265665244
Teegan Anne Ogiela 06810, CTNurse Practitioner1609217058
Michelle Marguerite Gonzalez 06074, CTNurse Practitioner1457776163
Jessica Flutie 02360, CTNurse Practitioner1114312071
Elizabeth C Alve-hedegaard 06250, CTNurse Practitioner1033596499
Bethany Claire Gleason 06902, CTNurse Practitioner1568876043
Alana Therese Pomarico 06473, CTNurse Practitioner1639583081
Gloria A Nardella 06810, CTNurse Practitioner1093101149
Ann Mullins 06854, CTNurse Practitioner1639552896
Amber Irimia 06112, CTNurse Practitioner1386066470
Tabitha L Harris 01107, CTNurse Practitioner1841528643
Ellen Louise Sollazzo 06320, CTNurse Practitioner1821464017
Jennifer M. Picagli 06510, CTNurse Practitioner1922420843
Jessica Lyn Chan 06320, CTNurse Practitioner1174937114
Katharine J Hooper 06032, CTNurse Practitioner1033550801
Brian Michael Ullman 06770, CTNurse Practitioner1871902502
Lauren Laurelli 10512, CTNurse Practitioner1548652985
Shalanda Renee Cross 78664, CTNurse Practitioner1174963821
Misty Rose Doering 06278, CTNurse Practitioner1861817314
Brandon Wah Hing Ko 87106, CTNurse Practitioner1952615726
Ariana M Chao 19104, CTNurse Practitioner1275977290
Jillian T Philbin 06811, CTNurse Practitioner1841634227
Erin O'connor 06360, CTNurse Practitioner1932525516
Melissa Joy 06443, CTNurse Practitioner1164818357
Ashley Carol Allen 06511, CTNurse Practitioner1851740062
Andrea L Heckendorf 06360, CTNurse Practitioner1477077469
Kristin Elek 06109, CTNurse Practitioner1043735293
Desiree Marie Thomas 06460, CTNurse Practitioner1609391978
Michelle C Dimauro 06810, CTNurse Practitioner1760935373
Rebecca S Kreuzer 06062, CTNurse Practitioner1285006940
Christine M Hanna 06519, CTNurse Practitioner1053859249
Jessica Hoffner Leventhal 06519, CTNurse Practitioner1831558097
Allison Godfrey 06106, CTNurse Practitioner1710336581
Gary Webb 84601, CTNurse Practitioner1063962140
Andrea Theresa Frantz 10032, CTNurse Practitioner1578010609
Kettly Cassamajor 06615, CTNurse Practitioner1235660267
Morgan Denno 06106, CTNurse Practitioner1760905301
Eric M. Festa 06510, CTNurse Practitioner1104349984
Beata Teresa Kubacka 06451, CTNurse Practitioner1962929752
Julio Rene Duran 06052, CTNurse Practitioner1598291353
Kathleen Mangini 06514, CTNurse Practitioner1437688934
Morgan Lee Madore 06106, CTNurse Practitioner1740709443
Mariel Reid 06460, CTNurse Practitioner1205345238
Steven Craig Fitch 06360, CTNurse Practitioner1700301710
Sofia Ashley Loran 06519, CTNurse Practitioner1023511292
Bridgette Latanya Riley 10604, CTNurse Practitioner1265786172
Claire Chianese 19947, CTNurse Practitioner1447337258
Sara D Moore 06033, CTNurse Practitioner1427587179
Raphaella Daggett 06260, CTNurse Practitioner1922529098
Susan Elles 06437, CTNurse Practitioner1972976553
Natesha Bestman 06108, CTNurse Practitioner1992220958
Tamanna Rahman 06519, CTNurse Practitioner1790067395
Mary Ann Harmon 06473, CTNurse Practitioner1477044824
Susan Cullen 06109, CTNurse Practitioner1073802906
Hope Elizabeth Rearick 06051, CTNurse Practitioner1932690864
Concepcion Cortes 06053, CTNurse Practitioner1679765275
Vicki Harden-taylor 29303, CTNurse Practitioner1760853873
Cristiana Clark 06052, CTNurse Practitioner1346732716
Anastasia Teterichko 06030, CTNurse Practitioner1942734314
Image Of Light Mental Health Services, Llc 06107, CTNurse Practitioner1124524798
Kaitlyn Gyehyun Lemieux 06082, CTNurse Practitioner1851885529
Samantha Raquel Lewis 10570, CTNurse Practitioner1104846724
Margaret F Gorelick 06902, CTNurse Practitioner1336627264
Elizabeth Ann Lawton 06708, CTNurse Practitioner1881172500
Kaitlin E Corbo 06851, CTNurse Practitioner1346765559
Debra Anne Mcdermott 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1053626523
Natasha Singer 06320, CTNurse Practitioner1457835357
Jessica Schwarz 33410, CTNurse Practitioner1518372333
Jessica Lynn Shippee 02720, CTNurse Practitioner1013440973
Sophia Stephanie Rickevicius 06776, CTNurse Practitioner1912472093
Alexa Swan 06082, CTNurse Practitioner1871083980
Teresa Kathryn Spencer 06418, CTNurse Practitioner1578046611
Asena Derohannesian 06606, CTNurse Practitioner1043685308
Caroline Fernandez 80011, CTNurse Practitioner1548783483
Meredith Joyce Bertrand 06030, CTNurse Practitioner1366964660
Michelle L Steele 06030, CTNurse Practitioner1578604666
Karina Holmes Andrea 10032, CTNurse Practitioner1659848513
Janet Ku 11201, CTNurse Practitioner1962926261
Laurie Kennedy 06117, CTNurse Practitioner1144559543
Kyle Lynn Blomberg 06405, CTNurse Practitioner1689143802
Shirley A Mendes 06320, CTNurse Practitioner1295706554
Erica Seebeck 06897, CTNurse Practitioner1982146148
Donna Miller-lewis 06226, CTNurse Practitioner1366938219
Raymond Gunn 06702, CTNurse Practitioner1932618568
Victoria A Bergeson 06360, CTNurse Practitioner1447730916
Renata Wos 02864, CTNurse Practitioner1457891483
Lawrence Ogbogu 06516, CTNurse Practitioner1760846042
Emily Burd 97045, CTNurse Practitioner1386136463
Douglas Jason Lieberman 89119, CTNurse Practitioner1942780382
Laura Saskal 06360, CTNurse Practitioner1689155004
Meesha Jemison 06018, CTNurse Practitioner1598256612
Laura Klein 10512, CTNurse Practitioner1104369909
Mallory Katelyn Benkert 06002, CTNurse Practitioner1760948178
Josephine Leigh Parisot 06902, CTNurse Practitioner1770082554
Taylor Gaglia 06610, CTNurse Practitioner1528422185
Kemmarie Beal, Np, Llc 06120, CTNurse Practitioner1083199764
Domanice Poindexter 06513, CTNurse Practitioner1912358375
St. Vincents Urgent Care Llc 06824, CTNurse Practitioner1912305483
Amber A Morrone 06519, CTNurse Practitioner1699292458
Manju Sunil Abraham 06067, CTNurse Practitioner1356824742
Paulina Lacossade 06510, CTNurse Practitioner1932579281
Cherie Ann Bochenko 06117, CTNurse Practitioner1699237024
Nicole Bliss Fernandez 10065, CTNurse Practitioner1487177432
Emily Callahan 34471, CTNurse Practitioner1710348560
Shannon Marie Colborn 06033, CTNurse Practitioner1821555129
Mary Catherine D'amico 06239, CTNurse Practitioner1710312533
Pamela D'amico 06510, CTNurse Practitioner1194299180
Danielle R Marenco 06117, CTNurse Practitioner1407816697
Komal Dilipkumar Patel 06437, CTNurse Practitioner1740647676
Carol W Gallagher 06030, CTNurse Practitioner1790891323
Andrea Cronin 10941, CTNurse Practitioner1124006432
Tehila Bartlett 03103, CTNurse Practitioner1578847521
Leonna White 06360, CTNurse Practitioner1275094385
Leslie Margot Lindgren 06030, CTNurse Practitioner1902203037
Alexandra Traylor Garten 06030, CTNurse Practitioner1033634308
Andrea Lombardi 06708, CTNurse Practitioner1588121495
Elayna Kaye 06119, CTNurse Practitioner1497224737
Stephanie Pettingle 06484, CTNurse Practitioner1205258605
Sarah P Bird 28208, CTNurse Practitioner1083151799
Alexandra Kotsovos Hawkins 10016, CTNurse Practitioner1316256324
Jocelyne Martin-karam 06702, CTNurse Practitioner1083031520
Karolina Cichocka 06030, CTNurse Practitioner1104261122
Renee Simone 01020, CTNurse Practitioner1053497206
Taylor Catherine Meyer 02114, CTNurse Practitioner1275815417
Steven Paul Jeske 06708, CTNurse Practitioner1033414867
Julie Palmer-hoffman 06510, CTNurse Practitioner1649762956
Cara Jean Cacciabaudo 06610, CTNurse Practitioner1780016881
Novelyn Culbengan Cosmiano 06708, CTNurse Practitioner1346749884
Dayna Leigh Giordano 06511, CTNurse Practitioner1811437973
Amy Lynn Noyes 06511, CTNurse Practitioner1467515304
Natalie Fleming 06450, CTNurse Practitioner1760043392
Diana Leah Ricitelli 05701, CTNurse Practitioner1790014884
Anna Olivo 01604, CTNurse Practitioner1326569450
Brianna Renee Hibbard 32218, CTNurse Practitioner1912493180
Ana Kristia G Bermudez 06033, CTNurse Practitioner1881873750
Colleen Lauren Linari 06488, CTNurse Practitioner1972845147
Katrin Moskowitz 06702, CTNurse Practitioner1285063446
Sharon Marie Alkerstedt 06902, CTNurse Practitioner1346893807
Bryan David Godduhn 06457, CTNurse Practitioner1902380363
Ilene Sue Castaldo 12428, CTNurse Practitioner1902893100
Jessica A Kelly-hauser 06510, CTNurse Practitioner1144710955
Chelsey Martin 06074, CTNurse Practitioner1649711631
Ikechi Dike 21085, CTNurse Practitioner1104278118
Roxanna Lily Robbins 06102, CTNurse Practitioner1366906646
Allison Kilmer 06320, CTNurse Practitioner1174994677
Lauren Vo 06001, CTNurse Practitioner1134674591
Krishna Kothary 27510, CTNurse Practitioner1144577768
Molly Ludwig 97527, CTNurse Practitioner1639508971


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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