Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Beth Bray 33626, FLNurse Practitioner1922463819
Debbie J Boyd 32726, FLNurse Practitioner1912903592
Kathy J. Lawrence 34711, FLNurse Practitioner1861978116
Barbara Gurgen 34761, FLNurse Practitioner1679927719
Rachel Henshaw 33912, FLNurse Practitioner1720544810
Kathleen Russo 34223, FLNurse Practitioner1790784932
Elizabeth L Berg 32501, FLNurse Practitioner1427058692
Victoria Maria Valdesuso 59715, FLNurse Practitioner1194725499
Deborah Morrison-metz 32901, FLNurse Practitioner1235121567
Audreylyn Waldo 34972, FLNurse Practitioner1053859454
Ginger Robin Kopenski 33625, FLNurse Practitioner1700870144
Valessa Joseph 34986, FLNurse Practitioner1669867727
Tara Patel 32751, FLNurse Practitioner1811983570
Lubov Fry 49036, FLNurse Practitioner1194714824
Denise Lynn Nonelle 33020, FLNurse Practitioner1285149179
Mariannette Plaza 33853, FLNurse Practitioner1477535144
Carmen S Rodriguez 32601, FLNurse Practitioner1528043924
Kathly Marie Jean-gilles 34994, FLNurse Practitioner1700866068
Caroline Walker 37212, FLNurse Practitioner1023492378
Carol Lynn Dunaway 85723, FLNurse Practitioner1154300390
Chantil Dicus Jeffreys 38138, FLNurse Practitioner1942285465
Baipidi Emily Edwards 33844, FLNurse Practitioner1912980673
Tracey Pauline Leschinsky 33434, FLNurse Practitioner1376527622
Carol K Mcmorrow 33478, FLNurse Practitioner1689644148
Edna Talabert 34950, FLNurse Practitioner1104331008
Richard M Marino 32903, FLNurse Practitioner1992774475
Pamela Fran Stanger 32207, FLNurse Practitioner1144295684
Ingry T Vo 34950, FLNurse Practitioner1780178392
Amber Marie Madrid 33880, FLNurse Practitioner1891262960
Karen Myers 32308, FLNurse Practitioner1508836214
Joann Steslow Goff 33146, FLNurse Practitioner1306803986
Kimberly Mciltrot 21287, FLNurse Practitioner1922057066
Cynthia Jane Rudd 32446, FLNurse Practitioner1578525150
Bobby Eugne Tipton 32114, FLNurse Practitioner1649237512
Michelle Libretti 32164, FLNurse Practitioner1609316595
Amy Lynn Tyson 32610, FLNurse Practitioner1689104267
Idaluz Aristizabal 33016, FLNurse Practitioner1487161261
Donna B. Murray 33449, FLNurse Practitioner1528024262
Patricia Faith Jones 32210, FLNurse Practitioner1124083464
Lisa C Hofschulz 34109, FLNurse Practitioner1285685354
Jannia Mendez 32773, FLNurse Practitioner1316457948
Jennifer E. Becker 14642, FLNurse Practitioner1972555498
Amy J Fort 33610, FLNurse Practitioner1326096264
Linda Sue Milano 33334, FLNurse Practitioner1225088156
Maria Magdelana Roman 32822, FLNurse Practitioner1891738175
Laura J. Paris 33029, FLNurse Practitioner1437199726
Katherine Peek Newman 33563, FLNurse Practitioner1558803841
Norma Nestor-jean Claude 32256, FLNurse Practitioner1114962347
Lacey Leigh Dietrich 32204, FLNurse Practitioner1811481294
Laura Traini-mongelli 33127, FLNurse Practitioner1154797173
Rhonda O Campbell 32501, FLNurse Practitioner1639100977
Pamela Lenhoff 34471, FLNurse Practitioner1578928685
Elina S Belilovskiy 34292, FLNurse Practitioner1821045352
Vivienne Ann Evans 33610, FLNurse Practitioner1568492486
Margaret Suzanne Hiebert 33610, FLNurse Practitioner1689602187
Rosson W Wiebe 34997, FLNurse Practitioner1659707354
Janice Lee White 32207, FLNurse Practitioner1215973359
Julia Barlow-vorster 33449, FLNurse Practitioner1124072533
Deborah L. Marino 32950, FLNurse Practitioner1093739302
John Dennis Pelick 34209, FLNurse Practitioner1093722555
Nicole Zaffino 32068, FLNurse Practitioner1336167253
Naderge Jean 32209, FLNurse Practitioner1194235044
Susan S Bingham 33619, FLNurse Practitioner1053424945
Kimberly J Adams 37421, FLNurse Practitioner1306867031
Maria J. Cruz 32901, FLNurse Practitioner1477667616
Rebeca Rivera 33872, FLNurse Practitioner1184113094
Yaritza Santiago 90040, FLNurse Practitioner1861846677
Central Florida Internists, Inc. 34769, FLNurse Practitioner1811918709
Sarah Michelle Spangler 33016, FLNurse Practitioner1679057046
Eileen Navarro 32804, FLNurse Practitioner1760415327
Joseph Joaquin Alvarez 33136, FLNurse Practitioner1679016083
Tanica L Minnis 32703, FLNurse Practitioner1396759957
Tara James 32118, FLNurse Practitioner1518433804
Ileana Castaneda 33174, FLNurse Practitioner1609972264
Boney K. Mcgone 98506, FLNurse Practitioner1154433597
Colleen P. Ditro 19803, FLNurse Practitioner1871684142
Ponrathi Rosalind Athilingam 33612, FLNurse Practitioner1083700496
Maureen M Green 33781, FLNurse Practitioner1073605002
Megan Lefebvre 34471, FLNurse Practitioner1104341346
Colleen B. Dailey 32827, FLNurse Practitioner1548379308
Lauren Ann Buglio 32778, FLNurse Practitioner1164915880
Sherica A. Shapaka 26506, FLNurse Practitioner1013015577
Paula K Reilley 34748, FLNurse Practitioner1275622375
Patricia A. Lebron 32901, FLNurse Practitioner1861504615
Heidi Migliore 33607, FLNurse Practitioner1538219753
Mary Kathleen Schupp 32086, FLNurse Practitioner1851445860
Laura Marie Triola 32250, FLNurse Practitioner1073670279
Lucinda Chappel Faulkner 30014, FLNurse Practitioner1568512531
Mary Jean Duthie 33408, FLNurse Practitioner1578604427
Gerardo Saucedo 33881, FLNurse Practitioner1386169613
Sara Gray 33610, FLNurse Practitioner1982072922
Kathryn S Collins 34292, FLNurse Practitioner1003960352
Eija Toivonen Wood 33463, FLNurse Practitioner1568538718
Cathy Sue Eaton-hill 33511, FLNurse Practitioner1831226414
Krestana Kay Hart 34474, FLNurse Practitioner1669525234
Vivianne Kiggundu Kateregga 33913, FLNurse Practitioner1669959425
Diane J Huntley 10020, FLNurse Practitioner1275686032
Michelle L Mcelhiney 33484, FLNurse Practitioner1780752840
Andrea Jutte 28139, FLNurse Practitioner1194883736
Hatice Y Foell 32953, FLNurse Practitioner1285796706
Tami Collins 22939, FLNurse Practitioner1740614825
Kathryn B. Shunnarah 32955, FLNurse Practitioner1699837104
Michelle Keen 34994, FLNurse Practitioner1215431366
Donna L Hurwit 33169, FLNurse Practitioner1891850095
Veneiza Schwanke 34480, FLNurse Practitioner1366634883
Amber Leigh Contillo 92123, FLNurse Practitioner1154630838
Monica C. Pedersen 70065, FLNurse Practitioner1316163777
Patricia Ann Sauter 34205, FLNurse Practitioner1821201393
Deborah J Cantero 33610, FLNurse Practitioner1568644235
Vevian D Smith 33612, FLNurse Practitioner1609054378
Linda Sue Milositz 85730, FLNurse Practitioner1861515694
Andrea Susan Walborn-haynie 34239, FLNurse Practitioner1932370723
Neftali Pernas 33136, FLNurse Practitioner1437379484
Angela Sherman 32819, FLNurse Practitioner1760682702
Hellen M. Marenco 33175, FLNurse Practitioner1265631642
Joanne Lytle Willis 33309, FLNurse Practitioner1639352339
Stephanie Pantoja 33414, FLNurse Practitioner1427453554
Melissa Nash 32340, FLNurse Practitioner1952804247
Ashley S Nicholson 32505, FLNurse Practitioner1902095763
Cara E Starkey 32780, FLNurse Practitioner1063685774
Richard Asensio 33012, FLNurse Practitioner1235509431
Mario F Landera 33186, FLNurse Practitioner1326169095
Susan Bouchard Chappuis 32086, FLNurse Practitioner1629249974
Jewel Haran 33612, FLNurse Practitioner1578876025
Benjamin Isaiah Walker 33624, FLNurse Practitioner1649391145
Elizabeth Ann Leen-burns 32207, FLNurse Practitioner1871779561
Isabella Inna Brazhnikova 32819, FLNurse Practitioner1740478551
Arsheema Abdurahman 32127, FLNurse Practitioner1548745060
Hadi Keylani 33901, FLNurse Practitioner1477037166
Cynthia Creo Opatz Lombard 34748, FLNurse Practitioner1134305170
Kathleen Ann Sharkey 34982, FLNurse Practitioner1679760086
Jeanne M. Albert 32962, FLNurse Practitioner1982898615
Eudaldo Aponte Iii 33015, FLNurse Practitioner1720450166
Susan Patricia Lynch 32117, FLNurse Practitioner1881887925
Maria Victoria Cuellar 33155, FLNurse Practitioner1366625907
Michelle Dunn 21201, FLNurse Practitioner1659493096
Risalinda Funcion Rudio 32708, FLNurse Practitioner1831365469
Emma-louisa Metcalfe 33174, FLNurse Practitioner1316111545
Alison Fuhr 34683, FLNurse Practitioner1922286434
Stephanie K O'bryant 33607, FLNurse Practitioner1346433323
Mary Sheffield Kuwana 80501, FLNurse Practitioner1063604247
Take Care Health Services Pa 32806, FLNurse Practitioner1689865818
Nicole Rodriguez 32746, FLNurse Practitioner1609346378
Rebecca L Archer 32804, FLNurse Practitioner1669841698
Glenda Kouns Grady 18702, FLNurse Practitioner1912149832
Purvi M Patel 75023, FLNurse Practitioner1154653871
Jessica Reed 33602, FLNurse Practitioner1740507128
Cassandra D Walsh 34711, FLNurse Practitioner1750671178
Kira Davila Dobson 33462, FLNurse Practitioner1881985448
Sarah Casey Kern 32216, FLNurse Practitioner1649553439
Trent Michael Broadus 92262, FLNurse Practitioner1780967364
Zhandra L Wright 33410, FLNurse Practitioner1528217346
Laurie Ann Hale 32214, FLNurse Practitioner1578707444
Antonio Fausto Diaz 33193, FLNurse Practitioner1831423466
Selina Czerwinski Clow 33040, FLNurse Practitioner1821371923
Shannon M Hinckley 33813, FLNurse Practitioner1982988150
Marina A Yudis 33414, FLNurse Practitioner1083918460
Traci Lynn Futch-west 32952, FLNurse Practitioner1164721866
Gregory Denly 30501, FLNurse Practitioner1174895007
Nora Jo M Greenia 32778, FLNurse Practitioner1326288366
Tonita R Washington 30044, FLNurse Practitioner1306162797
Carly Melissa Holmes 32164, FLNurse Practitioner1457676207
Laura A Bradford 32514, FLNurse Practitioner1598073454
Lorraine Hope Tolbert 33432, FLNurse Practitioner1427328921
Kristyn Line 32750, FLNurse Practitioner1245695550
Jennifer Ciara Saccente 32117, FLNurse Practitioner1578007068
Dona Maria Bramwell 33510, FLNurse Practitioner1770090938
Jessica L. Hutchinson 34429, FLNurse Practitioner1457508335
Nancy Lee Harris 34946, FLNurse Practitioner1023251485
Sherry Lynn Riley 32796, FLNurse Practitioner1467769612
Teresa G Hassard 37204, FLNurse Practitioner1497908701
Christopher Dziopala 33701, FLNurse Practitioner1386030344
Dina Maria Fedor 32202, FLNurse Practitioner1164728010
Elizabeth Suzanne Parsons 32246, FLNurse Practitioner1316264120
Karen S Woods 33907, FLNurse Practitioner1215162094
Kelsey Turner 32955, FLNurse Practitioner1578873089
Mary Lynn Hanley 33544, FLNurse Practitioner1558683888
April Lea Green 33609, FLNurse Practitioner1386948362
Richard P Whetzel-schill 32746, FLNurse Practitioner1154612257
Nazia Ahmad 78753, FLNurse Practitioner1023416112
Yesenia Baez 32216, FLNurse Practitioner1770724726
Ebern Jay Carrion 32819, FLNurse Practitioner1902109184
Laura L Jones 34110, FLNurse Practitioner1902113202
Alison S. Hodges 32771, FLNurse Practitioner1790064046
Michael Patrick Abner 33605, FLNurse Practitioner1972020451
Roberto Sanchez-diaz 33172, FLNurse Practitioner1780952952
Tammy Pritchard 34981, FLNurse Practitioner1801100631
Anilda Ortiz 33613, FLNurse Practitioner1679872626
Charles Christopher Gerz 32317, FLNurse Practitioner1497993380
Andres Jesus Vazquez Rodriguez 33125, FLNurse Practitioner1467600866
Lisa Marlene Douthwaite 32114, FLNurse Practitioner1295989895
Cindy Lou Kacinko 33610, FLNurse Practitioner1972743581
Annalyn Velasquez 33133, FLNurse Practitioner1073833661
Susan Lynette Fort 32605, FLNurse Practitioner1003117532
Gloria M. Halvatzis 34994, FLNurse Practitioner1447580741
Bianca Delaura 33414, FLNurse Practitioner1194279265
Rebecca A Goff 32953, FLNurse Practitioner1780827519
Sarah Elizabeth Anderson 34987, FLNurse Practitioner1831485390
Allison Marie Riegelman 34994, FLNurse Practitioner1326327768
Alicia Joy Mull 33414, FLNurse Practitioner1285914325


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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