Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Florida

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Florida:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Deborah E Newsome 32446, FLNurse Practitioner1811990005
Penny G Lee 33606, FLNurse Practitioner1326041419
Sandi Gladstone 34224, FLNurse Practitioner1194728253
Tammy Sue Cerniglia 34203, FLNurse Practitioner1720081573
Anna K Allen 34601, FLNurse Practitioner1508869330
Stephanie Panday 34472, FLNurse Practitioner1922479302
Amber Marie Badal 33025, FLNurse Practitioner1639610926
Jo Anne L Baxter 33637, FLNurse Practitioner1811990070
Marcela Alvarez-lazo 33136, FLNurse Practitioner1477095305
Suzanne R Glisson 33609, FLNurse Practitioner1275536351
Pearl Coloma Garcia 32828, FLNurse Practitioner1851394787
Eileen Brown Alexander 33614, FLNurse Practitioner1891798526
Jill M David 32308, FLNurse Practitioner1336142918
Ruby Pontello 33040, FLNurse Practitioner1538162185
Maryann Mehlfelder Danker 32180, FLNurse Practitioner1851394357
New Smyrna Beach Gynecology & Obstetrics Pa 32168, FLNurse Practitioner1245233725
Sylvia Lean Hazelwood 33542, FLNurse Practitioner1851394274
Virginia Lynn Brantley 32771, FLNurse Practitioner1801890132
Cynthia C Townsend 32459, FLNurse Practitioner1639172018
Beth Bray 33626, FLNurse Practitioner1922463819
Renee Mary Saboya 34209, FLNurse Practitioner1366806770
Angela Dawn Love 32968, FLNurse Practitioner1659374106
Terry Ann Lonczak 33612, FLNurse Practitioner1285638544
Jill Christine Kornegay 32771, FLNurse Practitioner1023012846
Andrea Beale 33803, FLNurse Practitioner1003810672
Therese M. Hulme 33713, FLNurse Practitioner1699779439
S M S Do Pa 34668, FLNurse Practitioner1346244100
Catherine Bond 34669, FLNurse Practitioner1710989967
Quin E Chadwick 23924, FLNurse Practitioner1629072293
Elaine A Larkins 32353, FLNurse Practitioner1780688341
Ivory Joe Christen 33009, FLNurse Practitioner1417952847
Darlene Deborah Stevens 32003, FLNurse Practitioner1295739605
Mary E Mcwilliams 32504, FLNurse Practitioner1811992274
Marilyn A Porter 33612, FLNurse Practitioner1447255104
Kerri Ann Knoll 32771, FLNurse Practitioner1154326155
Gina R Tamargo 33761, FLNurse Practitioner1881699544
Margaret Leger Ramstad 32114, FLNurse Practitioner1093710907
Adam Paul Murchie 34667, FLNurse Practitioner1528063914
Desiree Marie Orta 33173, FLNurse Practitioner1659881308
Julia M Scaduto 34667, FLNurse Practitioner1780689547
Marla Crist Schenck 33624, FLNurse Practitioner1215932835
Daysi Fardales 33150, FLNurse Practitioner1548266059
Nicole Helene Gueli 33703, FLNurse Practitioner1184620452
Rebecca B Long 34474, FLNurse Practitioner1447256847
John L Wheeler 33704, FLNurse Practitioner1528064797
Janice Yvonne Walker 32803, FLNurse Practitioner1508862517
Deborah Ann Williams 34638, FLNurse Practitioner1497751440
Edgar R Garcia 33136, FLNurse Practitioner1205832276
Elizabeth M Rash 32707, FLNurse Practitioner1275539058
Donald Michael Grubb 34698, FLNurse Practitioner1629074398
Cynthia Sue Bosch 34202, FLNurse Practitioner1477559227
Alinda Jean Jennings 33487, FLNurse Practitioner1972509628
Carolyn Therese Lepage 33161, FLNurse Practitioner1942206743
Alice Bolton 34239, FLNurse Practitioner1386640985
Traci Lyn Vicari 33607, FLNurse Practitioner1457358020
Mukesh Wadhwa 33065, FLNurse Practitioner1306843982
Romana Petrovich 33880, FLNurse Practitioner1629073143
Beverly J Jones 33805, FLNurse Practitioner1982600409
Kristen Lopez 33155, FLNurse Practitioner1245616861
Nancy Marie Seufert 33606, FLNurse Practitioner1023013646
Suzanne D Metz 33803, FLNurse Practitioner1366447823
Deronda L. Maniscalco 32533, FLNurse Practitioner1740286061
Cheryl Lynn Campolo 33021, FLNurse Practitioner1316944911
Bernadine Henly Hall 33150, FLNurse Practitioner1780680835
Ann M Gowski 33637, FLNurse Practitioner1295730091
Debbie J Boyd 32726, FLNurse Practitioner1912903592
Ellen M. Huson 32256, FLNurse Practitioner1417953860
Kathy J. Lawrence 34711, FLNurse Practitioner1861978116
Susan Samantha Mccormick 34239, FLNurse Practitioner1558366336
Barbara Gurgen 34761, FLNurse Practitioner1679927719
Linda H Stearns 33756, FLNurse Practitioner1891792388
Jirayos Chintanadilok 32446, FLNurse Practitioner1568469062
Patricia Ann Newell 32401, FLNurse Practitioner1013914266
Christie D. Shore 33965, FLNurse Practitioner1558368753
Leann Isaly 34667, FLNurse Practitioner1912904095
Theodore Frank Matejka 32124, FLNurse Practitioner1396742490
Jean H Aertker 33609, FLNurse Practitioner1295732311
Kathleen N Adragna 32806, FLNurse Practitioner1710984802
John William Hopkins 33803, FLNurse Practitioner1649277716
Nina B Lubisch 33316, FLNurse Practitioner1881691889
Deborah R Prior 33431, FLNurse Practitioner1780681593
Vicky Ann Stone-gale 33317, FLNurse Practitioner1871590521
Jacob Small 33012, FLNurse Practitioner1477550176
Danielle Moffatt Linden 33442, FLNurse Practitioner1043217946
Catherine Ann Nutting 33563, FLNurse Practitioner1225035140
Mary Jane Oates 34474, FLNurse Practitioner1942207766
Carolyn Cobb Stewart 32720, FLNurse Practitioner1174520928
Teresa Gail Olkowski 33884, FLNurse Practitioner1912904830
Judy A Harris 32327, FLNurse Practitioner1245238781
Stephanie A Cassady 33880, FLNurse Practitioner1376541367
Linda G Widner 33880, FLNurse Practitioner1265430250
Denise Marie Palazzola 33756, FLNurse Practitioner1720086671
Rebecca B Garcia 34684, FLNurse Practitioner1487652327
Gloria Tiff Vanbrocklin 33430, FLNurse Practitioner1427056308
Aerica Lynette Savage 32605, FLNurse Practitioner1023015617
William Arthur Grass 33606, FLNurse Practitioner1407854383
Linda Guevara De Rios 33136, FLNurse Practitioner1578937264
Dane Vincent Parker 33803, FLNurse Practitioner1730186800
Sandra L Brooks 32174, FLNurse Practitioner1790783207
Ernst Nicanor Osias 34476, FLNurse Practitioner1578008702
Erin Nicole Gwyn 33774, FLNurse Practitioner1801893599
Pamela Ann Mcgarvey 33040, FLNurse Practitioner1811994155
Verna Lynn Pedersen Runyan 34607, FLNurse Practitioner1740287523
Leanne Lenee Dragone 33634, FLNurse Practitioner1790783660
Michael Andre Couvillon 33621, FLNurse Practitioner1184621856
Bobbie M Skukowski 33881, FLNurse Practitioner1356349344
Rachel Henshaw 33912, FLNurse Practitioner1720544810
Tammy Theresa Hedrick 34950, FLNurse Practitioner1558369314
Marva Edwards-marshall 32901, FLNurse Practitioner1861491565
Richard M Amason 32803, FLNurse Practitioner1972502623
Christine Elizabeth Massengill 33484, FLNurse Practitioner1700885449
Phyllis June Russo 34134, FLNurse Practitioner1932108586
Colleen A Thompson 32055, FLNurse Practitioner1922007475
Marchina L. Tolbert-jones 34761, FLNurse Practitioner1801895370
Maryanne P Evans 32792, FLNurse Practitioner1174522742
Wei He 32610, FLNurse Practitioner1164421764
Stacey Cervantes 32025, FLNurse Practitioner1629077144
Deena C Dorosheff 32615, FLNurse Practitioner1104825496
Wendy Wightman 33613, FLNurse Practitioner1235138520
Elizabeth P De Cosmo 33837, FLNurse Practitioner1770582090
Judy Lynn Carrington 33486, FLNurse Practitioner1306845623
Barbara A Cappabianco 32803, FLNurse Practitioner1952300394
Matthew Neil Melvin 32025, FLNurse Practitioner1346249406
Basil Alexander Wilson 33801, FLNurse Practitioner1447259569
Elise Frances Hazzard 33569, FLNurse Practitioner1154320125
Jeffrey Hazzard 33569, FLNurse Practitioner1578562518
Adaline Sullivan Thomas 32703, FLNurse Practitioner1295734143
Deborah Waurishuk 33569, FLNurse Practitioner1821097791
Andrea H Clayman 32223, FLNurse Practitioner1114926037
Denise C Elswick 34202, FLNurse Practitioner1053311845
Johnna L Jackson 32025, FLNurse Practitioner1639179435
Julli Ann Morgan 32931, FLNurse Practitioner1245230960
Lois Jaskulsky 32129, FLNurse Practitioner1851391510
Mary Weaver 32931, FLNurse Practitioner1487654729
Dawn Starr Jacobus 32503, FLNurse Practitioner1821098179
Helen Humphreys 32703, FLNurse Practitioner1164422275
Philip Dankyi 34471, FLNurse Practitioner1457351686
Cecelia Ann Hubbard 32504, FLNurse Practitioner1871593855
Pamela Lynn Desmarais 33609, FLNurse Practitioner1154321180
Janice Quigley 34476, FLNurse Practitioner1407857436
Mauricia Dora Stanton 32578, FLNurse Practitioner1114928157
Heather Seckel 32803, FLNurse Practitioner1235130063
Ann Marie Clara Hunkar-huie 32712, FLNurse Practitioner1497756274
Andrea Marie Stewart-adams 32803, FLNurse Practitioner1144221979
John Benjamin Spiers 32960, FLNurse Practitioner1184624116
Stephanie Kristine Serian 32405, FLNurse Practitioner1841299492
Anne Felicita Conklin 33774, FLNurse Practitioner1144221185
Jeannine Louise Everett 33907, FLNurse Practitioner1083614952
Abigail Lomangcolob Gabriel 32610, FLNurse Practitioner1902805526
Jennie K Lowery 32501, FLNurse Practitioner1598765612
Patrick Pagan 32501, FLNurse Practitioner1346241395
Michael Stuart Sweet 32501, FLNurse Practitioner1598765786
Teresa Yates 32501, FLNurse Practitioner1033119391
Kathleen M. Dailey 33316, FLNurse Practitioner1821097460
Sara K Combs 32040, FLNurse Practitioner1922007442
Kathleen Russo 34223, FLNurse Practitioner1790784932
Elizabeth L Berg 32501, FLNurse Practitioner1427058692
Svetlana Dial 34614, FLNurse Practitioner1346723129
Jennifer Nicole Martin 32837, FLNurse Practitioner1386643401
Mercedes Gomez 33013, FLNurse Practitioner1821553843
Christina M Dotson 32033, FLNurse Practitioner1891299228
Heidi Blair 32301, FLNurse Practitioner1295736148
Frankie J Patacsil 32803, FLNurse Practitioner1851390298
Adriana Garcia 32825, FLNurse Practitioner1629079413
Geneva Palaidis 34689, FLNurse Practitioner1376544049
Nancy Klibanoff 34689, FLNurse Practitioner1386645059
Consuelo Reyes-matranga 33756, FLNurse Practitioner1073514402
Dana Biddle Portnoy 33441, FLNurse Practitioner1669473013
Eileen Snyder 34461, FLNurse Practitioner1588665632
Genei S Bougher 32561, FLNurse Practitioner1063414092
Theresa M Keohane 32504, FLNurse Practitioner1740282771
Janet Lee Goshorn 32803, FLNurse Practitioner1033111943
Kathleen Ellen Mahan 33907, FLNurse Practitioner1669474532
Susan Ann Sherman 33901, FLNurse Practitioner1003818832
Brooke Anne Gregory 32765, FLNurse Practitioner1538161419
Susan Deborah Bailey 33701, FLNurse Practitioner1245232016
Arlene A Vickers 32819, FLNurse Practitioner1548262207
Virgil Mosu 32771, FLNurse Practitioner1720080310
John Randall Lunde 75201, FLNurse Practitioner1710989348
Sherry T Ward 32550, FLNurse Practitioner1306848874
Stephen P Smith 32803, FLNurse Practitioner1346242765
Rosalinda David Alagano 32806, FLNurse Practitioner1679575096
Deirdre Anne Krause 78419, FLNurse Practitioner1649262874
Jeannette Mccain 33612, FLNurse Practitioner1174515126
Janice P Jackson 33713, FLNurse Practitioner1316939598
Loris Dover Barton 34205, FLNurse Practitioner1790777860
John R Pollard 33860, FLNurse Practitioner1326030537
Teresa Nesbit 32751, FLNurse Practitioner1053303941
Diana Lee Florin 32333, FLNurse Practitioner1144212127
Dawn Michelle Sawyer 32204, FLNurse Practitioner1639161466
Fred Kenneth Wilkerson 32073, FLNurse Practitioner1225020829
Julie Andrews Rosas 33612, FLNurse Practitioner1154313757
Laura O Smith 33760, FLNurse Practitioner1902898489
Constance B. Carmody 34105, FLNurse Practitioner1841282373
Margaret Nemethy 32901, FLNurse Practitioner1255323523
Debbie Lynn Moulavi 32765, FLNurse Practitioner1073505459
Nancy Silva 32901, FLNurse Practitioner1598757890
Karen Ohern 32931, FLNurse Practitioner1083606354
Margaret A Mayer 32901, FLNurse Practitioner1154313443
Eryn Preston 32955, FLNurse Practitioner1053304055


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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