Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Iowa

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Iowa:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kristine J Burns 50310, IANurse Practitioner1538141205
Beth A Sadewasser 52172, IANurse Practitioner1356330161
Sara Douglas 50613, IANurse Practitioner1639154016
Jennifer June Milby 51001, IANurse Practitioner1013396639
Ruth E Trecker 50613, IANurse Practitioner1962472597
Anne P Hooyer 51250, IANurse Practitioner1295797173
Suzie Mccann 68130, IANurse Practitioner1790736197
Kathy Jolene Wulf 51632, IANurse Practitioner1730128463
Teresa Lynn Gee 47905, IANurse Practitioner1477578615
Sara R. Reichart 50309, IANurse Practitioner1265528459
Darcie Scott 52732, IANurse Practitioner1184006272
Jeanne M Kleinhesselink 51250, IANurse Practitioner1033204045
Raydeen Elizabeth Derscheid 50854, IANurse Practitioner1013199009
Terrie Spohn 68372, IANurse Practitioner1629387600
Heidi L. Prose 50677, IANurse Practitioner1831484898
Lisa M Jansen 50309, IANurse Practitioner1255644233
Katharine Mary Staniforth 52246, IANurse Practitioner1861777922
Robyn R Biehl 50316, IANurse Practitioner1114210895
Leah Renee Gabriel 50314, IANurse Practitioner1902108236
Elizabeth Nell Cain 52565, IANurse Practitioner1326327438
Nicole Elizabeth Peterson 52339, IANurse Practitioner1932343001
Rosa Stocker 50208, IANurse Practitioner1629342662
Kyle J Ewald 52242, IANurse Practitioner1538408638
Jodi Kay Walther 50613, IANurse Practitioner1932456035
Ayako Garduque 97302, IANurse Practitioner1437570157
Heather Elmore 52242, IANurse Practitioner1265832323
Megan M Gross 52003, IANurse Practitioner1083962401
Emily Sue Rockafellow 52241, IANurse Practitioner1477922052
Kelli Holland 50158, IANurse Practitioner1548660798
Kathleen Medd 50703, IANurse Practitioner1245655265
Shannon Marie Kussatz 52242, IANurse Practitioner1255701660
Megan Lorraine Childers 37128, IANurse Practitioner1619217106
Kimberly Rose Ward 68516, IANurse Practitioner1861825135
Kallie Dekock 50314, IANurse Practitioner1285025353
Hannah D Barrineau 68137, IANurse Practitioner1043652076
Chelsea Ria Youmans 99901, IANurse Practitioner1346686193
Christine E Rosheim 58538, IANurse Practitioner1861831877
Jill Maria Scott 55303, IANurse Practitioner1124428222
Quentin Chambers 63017, IANurse Practitioner1750794319
Petrina A Nauman 52245, IANurse Practitioner1639549389
Jennifer Kaye Koch 50122, IANurse Practitioner1912322538
Amanda Foit 52732, IANurse Practitioner1023426475
Jessica Lomheim 54020, IANurse Practitioner1376803163
Jacquelyn Nichole Swim 50325, IANurse Practitioner1235554163
Jody Zolondek 50613, IANurse Practitioner1063837102
Tara Mescher 52240, IANurse Practitioner1689002495
Grace E Knowles 60611, IANurse Practitioner1801275144
Nicole M Pruchno 52403, IANurse Practitioner1033466149
Sarah E. Cam 51250, IANurse Practitioner1619319159
Leslie Arends 52242, IANurse Practitioner1376951715
Lisa M Mertens 52242, IANurse Practitioner1851830459
Andrea Simmons 52002, IANurse Practitioner1255873329
Susan Ann Meyer 52245, IANurse Practitioner1376064154
Teresa S Hippen 50702, IANurse Practitioner1669887006
Elizabeth Batterson 50702, IANurse Practitioner1730555194
Mary Ann Gengler 51106, IANurse Practitioner1003271636
Jennifer Marr 56001, IANurse Practitioner1245788652
Sarah Jo Schluter 50548, IANurse Practitioner1346754686
Rosette Morrey 50670, IANurse Practitioner1326559634
Lori Shannon Schwarm 52807, IANurse Practitioner1982128435
Jennifer Beth Driscoll 52402, IANurse Practitioner1497260491
Lauren Rae Davison 51632, IANurse Practitioner1285143222
Merve Akova 50703, IANurse Practitioner1962999672
Shannon Marie Green 50314, IANurse Practitioner1134675937
Kimberly Nicole Norris 61201, IANurse Practitioner1114470028
Kristin L Rood 52241, IANurse Practitioner1922590132
Angela J Schadler 52241, IANurse Practitioner1356326581
Natalie Christensen 50131, IANurse Practitioner1336597285
Margaret Rosemary Lamparek 52241, IANurse Practitioner1003302514
Jennifer L Hill 50170, IANurse Practitioner1346232352
Alissa A Gordon 61201, IANurse Practitioner1326563917
Kendra Kathleen Struck 52241, IANurse Practitioner1124364948
Curtis Lowell Long 52242, IANurse Practitioner1588181481
Jasmine Benson 52501, IANurse Practitioner1982194874
Joy Williams 61944, IANurse Practitioner1083080899
Claire E Harapat 52241, IANurse Practitioner1942670781
Kellie K Waugh 50602, IANurse Practitioner1487170718
Brian Vold 50126, IANurse Practitioner1285047951
Rachelle Dawn Vandegriend 56156, IANurse Practitioner1659849784
Brian Marsh 04401, IANurse Practitioner1750869061
Kathleen Lee 79106, IANurse Practitioner1033583695
Christina R Kopp 52241, IANurse Practitioner1164894432
Web Np Llc 99201, IANurse Practitioner1093280828
Jin Zhou 52242, IANurse Practitioner1902356330
Sandra Kay Koppes 52240, IANurse Practitioner1891167367
Margaret Mary Butler 52246, IANurse Practitioner1508219031
Sheena Lee Kremer 52224, IANurse Practitioner1689158669
Ryan Matthew Foulkes 50158, IANurse Practitioner1851893135
Prudence Mpofu 55746, IANurse Practitioner1487112652
Ashley Nicole Greiner 52641, IANurse Practitioner1194183756
Maria Theresa Latoja-lovan 50317, IANurse Practitioner1568968121
Robert Rogers 50703, IANurse Practitioner1598276669
Joseph Aaron Kussatz 61201, IANurse Practitioner1487175691
Robin Westrum 50312, IANurse Practitioner1265971329
Lucinda Jean Heavican 68116, IANurse Practitioner1770711582
Jamie C Westerman Billings 51301, IANurse Practitioner1235229816
Brooke Nicole Macdougall 52807, IANurse Practitioner1801451554
Anne Elizabeth Pollock 85143, IANurse Practitioner1487767836
Denise Day Crosson 22901, IANurse Practitioner1063497469
Karnyta E Gadjoro 68198, IANurse Practitioner1134553738
Terry Thomas Butkus 68116, IANurse Practitioner1366570020
Erin Marie Brown 52242, IANurse Practitioner1871803312
Kristine Marie Mcintee 52242, IANurse Practitioner1215935556
Kelly Bean 68776, IANurse Practitioner1801992532
Alexis Mae Semmler 51101, IANurse Practitioner1861965089
Paula K Forest 52242, IANurse Practitioner1194798488
Krista Lynn Johnson 52544, IANurse Practitioner1265094304
Anthony Erik Glydwell 52339, IANurse Practitioner1104251776
Stephanie M Atkinson 52242, IANurse Practitioner1891157285
Daniel Wynn Christensen 57105, IANurse Practitioner1033665963
Michele L Jones-mcleod 52242, IANurse Practitioner1255316923
George Thomas Murphy 38614, IANurse Practitioner1194745521
Montica Maxine Foxen 50602, IANurse Practitioner1962887836
Gretchen Wheelock 68071, IANurse Practitioner1417251216
Alison D Harrison 28226, IANurse Practitioner1225433311
Kristin Anne Everhart 61265, IANurse Practitioner1306154844
Shayla Rae 52501, IANurse Practitioner1942713888
Lori A Brownshield 51401, IANurse Practitioner1255434874
Melissa Kay Klutts 51503, IANurse Practitioner1215445077
Michelle Renee Harban 95341, IANurse Practitioner1770033995
Bianca A Strack 52242, IANurse Practitioner1124400221
Woman To Woman Clinic, Plc 51334, IANurse Practitioner1710019534
Rebekah Siegert 52302, IANurse Practitioner1447805320
Mary Jane Alcantara Venzon 32720, IANurse Practitioner1821489204
Andrew Charles Trunkhill 82414, IANurse Practitioner1548783814
Brandon C Dozier 52240, IANurse Practitioner1730731977
Johanna Theresa Clark 52245, IANurse Practitioner1750942892
Sarah Michelle Fees 50131, IANurse Practitioner1104293570
Audrey L Watkins 52242, IANurse Practitioner1992355895
Erin Burns 52403, IANurse Practitioner1013429034
Elizabeth Mary Highland-fonder 52245, IANurse Practitioner1083089189
Brittany Ann Sherwood 33169, IANurse Practitioner1275974610
Stephanie Beth Miller 52205, IANurse Practitioner1629341201
Amanda Kay Coiner 52242, IANurse Practitioner1568017473
Brooke Marie Hewer 52240, IANurse Practitioner1821642646
Michelle Margaret Manternach 52240, IANurse Practitioner1356824072
Angela Devries 50613, IANurse Practitioner1821472556
Annalisa Morgan Cochran 52245, IANurse Practitioner1144623422
Melissa M Hohenstein 68124, IANurse Practitioner1548822257
Kelly Sue Mcmahon 52003, IANurse Practitioner1013987189
James Edward Fenton 84401, IANurse Practitioner1114579596
Reetu Priya 52807, IANurse Practitioner1508407461
Tamara J. Crawford 52245, IANurse Practitioner1639490600
Crystal Wilken 50701, IANurse Practitioner1720487838
Loreen R Curley 52242, IANurse Practitioner1992340863
Theresa M Keller 54650, IANurse Practitioner1851332688
Amanda Lynn Hogan 51104, IANurse Practitioner1427480425
Lisa R Kongable 52242, IANurse Practitioner1336158666
Dawn R Davies 50703, IANurse Practitioner1811425937
Kerry Jo Cromer 68124, IANurse Practitioner1104469329
Laurie Lonergan Callan 61071, IANurse Practitioner1124177647
Orange City Municipal Hospital 51041, IANurse Practitioner1962477992
Stephanie Rose Smith 50703, IANurse Practitioner1972031359
Barbara K Burkle 50701, IANurse Practitioner1588618359
Tracy R Elliott 50701, IANurse Practitioner1588919351
Kelli Deserano 50701, IANurse Practitioner1457801326
Tracie Lea Neustel 52241, IANurse Practitioner1265551832
June Swain 52806, IANurse Practitioner1912543257
Gloria Maria Guillen 61265, IANurse Practitioner1659901106
Nicole Richardson 50158, IANurse Practitioner1376014993
Sandra J Youngworth 97239, IANurse Practitioner1114910122
Lauren Kelly Fitts 52057, IANurse Practitioner1326696717
Victoria Lynne Campbell 50158, IANurse Practitioner1497179014
Judith Marie Hager 50323, IANurse Practitioner1629475462
Jennifer L Swearingen 52241, IANurse Practitioner1639141641
Angela Marie Felsing 61265, IANurse Practitioner1235785403
Elysia Anne Jones 50613, IANurse Practitioner1811422108
Amalia Elizabeth Gedney-lose 52242, IANurse Practitioner1245751833
Delores S Fitton 52242, IANurse Practitioner1184702235
Michaela Marie Johnson 50701, IANurse Practitioner1407312549
Elisabeth Neighbors 50317, IANurse Practitioner1326388075
Marianne Waldron Christensen 50309, IANurse Practitioner1578943726
Rebecca Sue Krambeer 54601, IANurse Practitioner1023472966
Jessica Caine 52060, IANurse Practitioner1932523552
Christina Lynn Aguilar 50315, IANurse Practitioner1942768023
Denise A Peck 52403, IANurse Practitioner1265500573
Audrey Jean Housman 52801, IANurse Practitioner1932732203
Amanda Jean Pitts 52241, IANurse Practitioner1407280654
Orange City Municipal Hospital 51041, IANurse Practitioner1902372261
Laura A Smith 68516, IANurse Practitioner1710251046
Jeanna Marie Bender 96813, IANurse Practitioner1598813974
Sajo Joseph Thomas 50314, IANurse Practitioner1477199198
Katherine Shea 52405, IANurse Practitioner1619598869
Jessica A Loban 54601, IANurse Practitioner1992243497
Lindsey Northness 50702, IANurse Practitioner1255752630
Jeffrey M Waddell 52591, IANurse Practitioner1811278872
Jodi Beth Stedman 52242, IANurse Practitioner1447416011
Daren Randall 56087, IANurse Practitioner1518222769
James William Skinner 65536, IANurse Practitioner1235320607
Jennifer L Mockus 50314, IANurse Practitioner1184167108
Timothy Lee Traugott 53215, IANurse Practitioner1881858694
Deborah Jean Schutz 50314, IANurse Practitioner1093221624
Kimberly Cay 21044, IANurse Practitioner1992981757
Nadia Clark 50315, IANurse Practitioner1376106302
Taylor Whitt 50266, IANurse Practitioner1639796667
Sanford Clinic 57105, IANurse Practitioner1194733535
Sanford Clinic 57105, IANurse Practitioner1306869227
Erin Martin 55343, IANurse Practitioner1467823534
Theresa Rae Borcherding 50701, IANurse Practitioner1346609559
Sanford Clinic 57105, IANurse Practitioner1831468347


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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