Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Idaho

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Idaho:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bonnie K Kittleson 97216, IDNurse Practitioner1851394464
Kathryn Devaney 83301, IDNurse Practitioner1285672378
Brian Joseph Decker 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1760421051
Christina J Hoffman 57105, IDNurse Practitioner1164898201
Lindsay Mchugh 98672, IDNurse Practitioner1245601533
Jami Tyler 83544, IDNurse Practitioner1881120889
Benjamin Prinzing 83616, IDNurse Practitioner1437661345
Lane Deitchler 95926, IDNurse Practitioner1740464783
Mary Elizabeth Heller 93546, IDNurse Practitioner1700084894
Teresa Louise Catlin 99633, IDNurse Practitioner1407134091
Dorothy Teresa Mccree 83835, IDNurse Practitioner1093014664
Heidi Gregersen 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1467953125
Christine Cooper 83672, IDNurse Practitioner1891176798
Linsey Branson 83201, IDNurse Practitioner1770939084
Anastasia Brooke Milliron 83605, IDNurse Practitioner1669792859
Kristie Glen Karroum 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1922513886
Nancy Jane L'heureux 83704, IDNurse Practitioner1003282708
W. Jeanne Parker 99362, IDNurse Practitioner1902160559
Rhonda Rasmussen 98204, IDNurse Practitioner1730587700
Jennifer Jean Mimish 83687, IDNurse Practitioner1821485012
Sarah Elizabeth Mead 64108, IDNurse Practitioner1235580374
Carlie Mancini 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1285081695
Kristin Meshelle Hofmann 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1821525452
Heather Ann Stafford 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1912416413
Robin D Fox 97365, IDNurse Practitioner1447220801
Laura M Thompson 65026, IDNurse Practitioner1548205966
Mary Kathryn Stark 83703, IDNurse Practitioner1871629055
Ben Barbot 83661, IDNurse Practitioner1932550845
Viki Ann Bailey 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1184124703
Leslie Marie Filler 97914, IDNurse Practitioner1316424666
Shirley Lynn Hanley 97070, IDNurse Practitioner1730604166
Shanna Marie Moore 98204, IDNurse Practitioner1144625542
Sara B Presol 83843, IDNurse Practitioner1205317856
Jared William Rickabaugh 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1649753740
Gretchen Ruth Gayle 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1649757279
Tracy Worley 99207, IDNurse Practitioner1356874259
Ali Renee Klippenstein 83703, IDNurse Practitioner1376011619
Hannah Beate Thomsen 84341, IDNurse Practitioner1942789433
Dellisa Dawn Eddington 83204, IDNurse Practitioner1356812945
Kayla Denise Salcido 83646, IDNurse Practitioner1518443266
Jennifer Joy Quesnell 83301, IDNurse Practitioner1194291823
Erika Valtinson 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1770760118
Robin Lin Hall 83301, IDNurse Practitioner1760990378
Hsnp Pllc 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1952895294
Jerilyn R Bodey 83501, IDNurse Practitioner1932670866
Lucy Collins 83706, IDNurse Practitioner1528524303
Lindsay Leigh Bryant 97006, IDNurse Practitioner1871010140
Linda Susan Reimers 85741, IDNurse Practitioner1104067958
Trena Phillips 83211, IDNurse Practitioner1255819942
Kellie Ann Northam 83616, IDNurse Practitioner1053650010
Michael Karl Shepler 78653, IDNurse Practitioner1356836639
Sarah Beth Bandy Hinton 75904, IDNurse Practitioner1750752648
Janine Mercy Garner 98109, IDNurse Practitioner1811559123
Regina M Hanson 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1447582580
Cory Andrew Shuler 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1295177541
Jennifer Brown Leonard 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1649538463
Melissa Lea Rasmussen 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1083131783
Matthew D Hella 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1851736524
Jessica Spring Snuffin 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1609334127
Stacey Kay Wright 83714, IDNurse Practitioner1497716476
Whitney Blanchard Conrad 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1073985339
Paige Ziemer 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1770041709
Corinne Bartschi 83301, IDNurse Practitioner1063681054
Lorie Jo Matthews 85351, IDNurse Practitioner1194238345
Christopher Munga Gakwa 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1205355831
Sarah Marie Hall 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1346768330
Amie Beth Kenyen 83201, IDNurse Practitioner1114569282
Brandon S Tracy 83440, IDNurse Practitioner1710403746
Lynda J Arnold 83815, IDNurse Practitioner1326144932
Shaye Larie 95401, IDNurse Practitioner1013478569
Mary M. Morgan 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1437381209
Hanna Percy 83201, IDNurse Practitioner1225687759
Tracy Streibick Flynn 83501, IDNurse Practitioner1073983748
April Lynn Christenson 83501, IDNurse Practitioner1912332370
Carlie G Corbin 97471, IDNurse Practitioner1215244793
Miranda Christine Ogden 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1871092155
John Jay Frank 97914, IDNurse Practitioner1518332667
Swati Kataria 98003, IDNurse Practitioner1336621986
Sarah Curtright 83704, IDNurse Practitioner1023439213
Kara Delacy 83703, IDNurse Practitioner1942485180
Yuni Unis 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1437251261
Megan O'neil 69343, IDNurse Practitioner1558921452
Peter Christopher Brown 83854, IDNurse Practitioner1033555941
Rocky Mountain Psychiatry 83201, IDNurse Practitioner1750921698
Twyla Jean Masterson 83854, IDNurse Practitioner1366548661
Rachel Ellen Peay-goodman 83201, IDNurse Practitioner1164941803
Cody Haas 83706, IDNurse Practitioner1902462039
Julie Len Funke 83501, IDNurse Practitioner1285091306
Maricruz Davis 83301, IDNurse Practitioner1699144691
Sharon L Krasovich 83712, IDNurse Practitioner1437598059
Amerihealth Inc 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1942836911
Adriann J Wilcox 83440, IDNurse Practitioner1003312489
Troy Hanson 83440, IDNurse Practitioner1215471065
Jennifer Dawn Rice 83709, IDNurse Practitioner1538631189
Edith Mary Roe 83628, IDNurse Practitioner1831667468
Melissa A Helgeson 98902, IDNurse Practitioner1093364242
Rachel Eron Clements 83501, IDNurse Practitioner1598190217
Treasure Valley Psychiatry And Mental Health Pllc 83705, IDNurse Practitioner1306496880
Darcy Renee Evans 83704, IDNurse Practitioner1629699251
Kyle Joseph Ronnau 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1326584640
Jessica Brown 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1841690989
Scott Bradley Schaffer 83201, IDNurse Practitioner1720410012
Christina Rose Cyrway 83687, IDNurse Practitioner1750944484
Advanced Integrated Medical Center 83221, IDNurse Practitioner1033674916
Kimberly Catlin 75654, IDNurse Practitioner1922388727
Brandon Lane Whitlock 99403, IDNurse Practitioner1124353719
Angela Kirsten Johnston 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1508483173
Jacob Douglas Anderson 84341, IDNurse Practitioner1316329220
Belinda Roberts 83501, IDNurse Practitioner1457669863
Morgan L Passero 98409, IDNurse Practitioner1063876357
Darren Scott Trofibio 98837, IDNurse Practitioner1891267951
Samantha Lynn Musser 83501, IDNurse Practitioner1174017701
Colleen Lynn Graey 95501, IDNurse Practitioner1407945041
Innovative Health Care Concepts, Inc 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1427108323
Whittney Kay Miller 83440, IDNurse Practitioner1467880773
Matthew F Silvers 83301, IDNurse Practitioner1467918698
At Your Service Psychiatry, Pllc 60108, IDNurse Practitioner1740836980
Allison A Sikorsky 60108, IDNurse Practitioner1609152842
Sherry Lynn Stanton 83669, IDNurse Practitioner1578062048
Brandee Simpson 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1528628567
Leah Bennett 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1902267214
Mmmedical Group Llc. 83703, IDNurse Practitioner1548890460
Allison M Kirshner 86322, IDNurse Practitioner1821182429
Michelle Dawn Hazen 83843, IDNurse Practitioner1902414527
Michael Edward Szymanski 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1962431825
Krista Tickemyer 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1114393618
Cassandra Duncan 83709, IDNurse Practitioner1760025142
Valerie M Kastens 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1104878867
Jacquelyn D Alexander 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1427579473
Laura Christine Adams 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1336451947
Tanya Heidenreich 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1689689085
Jared Petrick 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1932114618
Sandra D Rybacki 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1952710428
Jade Kathleen Bartoletti 99669, IDNurse Practitioner1679990394
Natasha M Splaine-talbott 83864, IDNurse Practitioner1104191089
Jeremy Sloyer 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1801175484
Aaa American Healthcare Llc 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1285979757
Rachelle C. Friesen 83607, IDNurse Practitioner1629622758
Jennifer Lynne Guthrie 97367, IDNurse Practitioner1518494152
Julie Lynn Dodgen Huau 99204, IDNurse Practitioner1962975219
Lembi Che 83501, IDNurse Practitioner1508412164
Carmen Salyer 83709, IDNurse Practitioner1811522949
Jennifer Carrie Lesso 83530, IDNurse Practitioner1225396211
Sharlynn Van Tassell 97756, IDNurse Practitioner1366991846
Virginia R Jeppesen 59718, IDNurse Practitioner1174896419
Rebecca Ann Swainston 83644, IDNurse Practitioner1508201757
Bradley Dee Mangum 97720, IDNurse Practitioner1235465147
Steven Robinson 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1457875833
Michael Norman Norris 99204, IDNurse Practitioner1669434403
Teri Renee Rouse 83858, IDNurse Practitioner1447716659
Sheila Moss 83401, IDNurse Practitioner1538322060
Katina Ross 83704, IDNurse Practitioner1588288336
Arleigh Nash 83440, IDNurse Practitioner1396334348
Whitney Lynn Finch 90602, IDNurse Practitioner1144728718
Amie L Scheinost 83866, IDNurse Practitioner1720582638
Gary Arthur Hurst 83854, IDNurse Practitioner1114951647
Mary Margaret Liter 83854, IDNurse Practitioner1558303628
Mark Alan Lynch 83854, IDNurse Practitioner1770938003
Jennifer Marie Torok 83854, IDNurse Practitioner1871592238
Darrin B. Robertson 83201, IDNurse Practitioner1699070482
Alisa F. Orr 82935, IDNurse Practitioner1851988265
Auston Whitmer 83704, IDNurse Practitioner1649885534
Brooke Skurupey 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1710396601
Erin Anne Paisley 83814, IDNurse Practitioner1285237479
A2c Corporation 83201, IDNurse Practitioner1104419423
Lynette Joy Ages 83605, IDNurse Practitioner1104341007
Patience Ann Nelson 94404, IDNurse Practitioner1134514771
Kiandra Lynn Cartwright-nolting 94404, IDNurse Practitioner1760739023
Tyler Eugene Watkins 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1174936462
Angela Marie Vitek 97071, IDNurse Practitioner1841797990
Clint Emmett 83844, IDNurse Practitioner1467855403
Anna Blonquist 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1922641968
Brian Dennis Kittelson 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1730234345
Steven C Cook 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1114494366
Katy Connley 83616, IDNurse Practitioner1679980551
Lucus Craig Webb Christoffersen 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1629685177
Darwin L Hurst 59912, IDNurse Practitioner1942716246
Rachel Marie Rudder 99216, IDNurse Practitioner1275145401
Rebecca Lynn Amador 83501, IDNurse Practitioner1235413840
Christina Marie Finnerty 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1558430918
Taylor G Wright Pc 84117, IDNurse Practitioner1235526682
Genhealth 85395, IDNurse Practitioner1144799792
Christine Fiorentino 99216, IDNurse Practitioner1033531892
Merjurie Fair Ricklefs 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1821693094
Andrea Marie Sleeth 94404, IDNurse Practitioner1356956304
Susan Eileen Hildebrandt 34134, IDNurse Practitioner1205138948
Gail Lynne Robison 83704, IDNurse Practitioner1972876639
Jillian Vaughan 83702, IDNurse Practitioner1437758489
Laura Lyn Allen 84651, IDNurse Practitioner1710593363
Suzanne Moore Wilbrecht 99204, IDNurse Practitioner1861090219
Diana Neff 84025, IDNurse Practitioner1699120113
Allyson Anne Bates 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1114479862
Jennifer Lynn Newman 83642, IDNurse Practitioner1710132931
Kara Dee Boll 83404, IDNurse Practitioner1417498890
Natalie Rose Brulotte 99202, IDNurse Practitioner1912398199
Mark Willis 83204, IDNurse Practitioner1154838886
Chayene Peterson Albuquerque 99218, IDNurse Practitioner1285976803
Myllissa M. Wyatt 83467, IDNurse Practitioner1730439266
Willow Mahana Nelson Griffith 59808, IDNurse Practitioner1518473560
Brett Erik Mollenhauer 59840, IDNurse Practitioner1649747791


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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