Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Illinois

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Illinois:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Louise Couts Kressly 99508, ILNurse Practitioner1639176225
Ellen M. Huson 32256, ILNurse Practitioner1417953860
Michelle Rodriguez 60190, ILNurse Practitioner1285175562
Thomas F. Gutchewsky 60453, ILNurse Practitioner1013918598
Erica Esslinger 60714, ILNurse Practitioner1538561378
Ellen K Seder 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1851380257
Silvija Rezo 60062, ILNurse Practitioner1144730904
Victoria Lynn Keyton 97005, ILNurse Practitioner1124008461
Grace Goodwin 60617, ILNurse Practitioner1750892154
Jennifer Colleen Brown 01880, ILNurse Practitioner1861460776
Kelly Ann Tonielli Davis 61068, ILNurse Practitioner1225553803
Denise Lynne Johnson Pritchett 62056, ILNurse Practitioner1952352205
Reenu Varghese 77541, ILNurse Practitioner1760787337
Martha De Santaigo 60647, ILNurse Practitioner1760932016
Susannah Nicholson Dintzis 61603, ILNurse Practitioner1902848153
Jessika Marie Epperson 61104, ILNurse Practitioner1487171328
Teresa D'ann Valerio 55792, ILNurse Practitioner1407875768
Sophia Norma Taylor 60616, ILNurse Practitioner1568497162
Brittany Moist 62249, ILNurse Practitioner1487199311
Laci Watson 62703, ILNurse Practitioner1053847509
Peggy Fogg 35235, ILNurse Practitioner1255428793
Brenda Neshell Sims 60014, ILNurse Practitioner1407348337
Tanya Tanzillo 60051, ILNurse Practitioner1114032802
Julia Wiegers 62221, ILNurse Practitioner1891899209
Sandra J. Brummet 95963, ILNurse Practitioner1982705224
Jigna D Gandhi 60173, ILNurse Practitioner1588039770
Jintu Johnson 60612, ILNurse Practitioner1346780244
Anthony John Sikora 60131, ILNurse Practitioner1295859536
Linda J. Walsh 60637, ILNurse Practitioner1619095932
W Christine Davis 62938, ILNurse Practitioner1316086788
Transitions Home Medical Group Llc 60142, ILNurse Practitioner1861960452
Becky L Bockenhauer 93636, ILNurse Practitioner1942359567
Angela K Astleford 60098, ILNurse Practitioner1124486790
Amanda L Talamantes 47804, ILNurse Practitioner1194238980
Angela Joy Gorazd 62002, ILNurse Practitioner1659563203
Kathleen Mccleskey-grimes 60014, ILNurse Practitioner1467640193
Judy Marie Tonry 62711, ILNurse Practitioner1881855450
Janet Marie Davis 92103, ILNurse Practitioner1164616280
Heather Ann Burke 60625, ILNurse Practitioner1255856894
Paragon Clinical Llc 60527, ILNurse Practitioner1114139946
Nicole Beltran 60674, ILNurse Practitioner1114417615
Crystal Shelly Turner 60613, ILNurse Practitioner1528559424
Debra Lynn Conti 60615, ILNurse Practitioner1063621589
Kelly Morris 60435, ILNurse Practitioner1356716989
Pilar Sayeed 78258, ILNurse Practitioner1245433002
Imelda N Forsberg 53142, ILNurse Practitioner1306027891
Jazzcelyn L Schertz 63112, ILNurse Practitioner1811172836
Linda M Rood 60050, ILNurse Practitioner1629191275
Elizabeth Td Espinoza 52242, ILNurse Practitioner1043429657
John Larrison 62960, ILNurse Practitioner1043663917
Kathleen Averill 55414, ILNurse Practitioner1851570956
Traci Harris 60173, ILNurse Practitioner1336322007
Omotola Wasilat Danmole-odimayo 62703, ILNurse Practitioner1619179041
Andrea Tiffany Parrott 60137, ILNurse Practitioner1356514343
Cheryl Henrietta Culen 85602, ILNurse Practitioner1972796266
Mary Pat Greteman 52242, ILNurse Practitioner1053547471
Jamie Leigh King 61603, ILNurse Practitioner1942589551
Maureen M Westfall 48105, ILNurse Practitioner1255607032
Stephanie Grove 34209, ILNurse Practitioner1295980365
Sheila G. Gillette 61801, ILNurse Practitioner1558684878
Sarah Hourselt 60174, ILNurse Practitioner1710292727
Suzanne Trieglaff Mccoy 53142, ILNurse Practitioner1407136054
Heather Anne Stone 38112, ILNurse Practitioner1972888352
Diane Thomas 60629, ILNurse Practitioner1992953152
Christine Johnson 60130, ILNurse Practitioner1750661112
Rachal L. Rossi 49512, ILNurse Practitioner1710339957
Maylene Benes 60504, ILNurse Practitioner1952614778
Tiffany Ferguson 60005, ILNurse Practitioner1962874032
Heta Shah 60188, ILNurse Practitioner1619427069
Janet Kay Olson 85044, ILNurse Practitioner1629304639
Rosemary L. Herzberger 62568, ILNurse Practitioner1548560089
Jean A. Russo 60076, ILNurse Practitioner1992023535
Jennifer Effler 75454, ILNurse Practitioner1235457631
Carol Ann Sotir 60544, ILNurse Practitioner1770085250
Rhonda Marie Kalitowski 60014, ILNurse Practitioner1538431416
Chelsa Everley Krech 61021, ILNurse Practitioner1295019941
Carole Annette Dolehanty 61265, ILNurse Practitioner1639302862
Allison Gajownik 60175, ILNurse Practitioner1760968663
Christine L. Valentine 61104, ILNurse Practitioner1801121405
Becky C. Milan 62703, ILNurse Practitioner1225331309
Laura K Elliott 61201, ILNurse Practitioner1205080405
Olivier Louis Marie Curet 60402, ILNurse Practitioner1740519198
Lisa Stricker 59101, ILNurse Practitioner1558515650
Melissa Dawn Leguillon 60050, ILNurse Practitioner1497022586
Melissa Pessis 60035, ILNurse Practitioner1265968952
Kristen Hope Etten 80045, ILNurse Practitioner1720224447
Dana Marie Beyers 53142, ILNurse Practitioner1255664447
Jennifer Elizabeth Kistner 62424, ILNurse Practitioner1972892313
Brittany Lynn Tobin 56308, ILNurse Practitioner1477831550
Jocelyn Blair Jones 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1528350212
Steven P Naylor 61832, ILNurse Practitioner1609156967
Margaret Hartig 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1225120033
Tracy Arnold 62801, ILNurse Practitioner1952660300
Theresa M Havalad 55105, ILNurse Practitioner1942649181
Kara Randall 60439, ILNurse Practitioner1427489079
Jessica Rose Toth 91945, ILNurse Practitioner1578993788
Lorri Jo Mostad 61104, ILNurse Practitioner1427461540
Lyndell L Lomax 62363, ILNurse Practitioner1639560410
Debbie Dominguez Lim 60610, ILNurse Practitioner1851705875
Meagan Grant 60646, ILNurse Practitioner1023426897
Staci L Bonds 62526, ILNurse Practitioner1801265418
Melinda Ellen Newman 85032, ILNurse Practitioner1457743569
Melissa Swierad 53143, ILNurse Practitioner1588041891
Katelyn Marie Vandermast 60134, ILNurse Practitioner1548644545
Kassandra Carreri 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1346619848
Jacqueline D Keck 61021, ILNurse Practitioner1326411539
Gina N Neis 60527, ILNurse Practitioner1558714212
Susan H Patton 60624, ILNurse Practitioner1750722872
Christopher Lynn 60169, ILNurse Practitioner1922479617
Kathleen Ann Ulivi 60424, ILNurse Practitioner1619219110
Mallory Renee Wittig 62960, ILNurse Practitioner1114285517
Carla Elena Rodriguez 60615, ILNurse Practitioner1144619123
Christine Marie Hare 60301, ILNurse Practitioner1700137239
Rebecca Leonhardt 60468, ILNurse Practitioner1164833737
Cynthia Dawn Phillips 62864, ILNurse Practitioner1841785185
Oladimeji Kassim 60625, ILNurse Practitioner1861885675
Russell Loyd Henderson 97702, ILNurse Practitioner1336486943
Michelle Naurecki 60084, ILNurse Practitioner1841718087
Breann Danielle Swan-figueroa 61820, ILNurse Practitioner1396168001
Heidi M Mathew 60187, ILNurse Practitioner1073944922
Angela Michelle Zora 62521, ILNurse Practitioner1821422098
Angela Katherine Severado 62702, ILNurse Practitioner1952787376
Patricia Jean Hill 32909, ILNurse Practitioner1366782203
Catharine Kahrig 65065, ILNurse Practitioner1376957415
Natasha Charlyn Shafer 62901, ILNurse Practitioner1023375409
Margaret Corso 61920, ILNurse Practitioner1063826006
Sondra L Krahel 60123, ILNurse Practitioner1487910121
Elizabeth Jarrin 60123, ILNurse Practitioner1164845152
Esther M Harris 60030, ILNurse Practitioner1790034387
Robert Michael Cooper 77429, ILNurse Practitioner1518336056
Emelia Baasiwah Appiagyei 60169, ILNurse Practitioner1306240841
Rodion Levin 60004, ILNurse Practitioner1982030649
Sarah L Wojtowicz 60048, ILNurse Practitioner1164845483
Christine Lyn Atchison 61701, ILNurse Practitioner1760881395
James Dee Huff 80120, ILNurse Practitioner1992174429
Deborah Moyer 05403, ILNurse Practitioner1124210570
Dina Swanson 61953, ILNurse Practitioner1184052516
Shauna Leigh Acosta 60623, ILNurse Practitioner1285001867
Amanda Stroud 61938, ILNurse Practitioner1104218247
Ashley K Tennill 61953, ILNurse Practitioner1629405907
Amanda Zumbahlen 61920, ILNurse Practitioner1427424936
Stefani Alexander 46312, ILNurse Practitioner1780936344
Deborah Yager 60451, ILNurse Practitioner1417362823
Angela Boomsma 60649, ILNurse Practitioner1598163560
Naomi Y Tipton 32114, ILNurse Practitioner1447505300
Sarah Ritter 60602, ILNurse Practitioner1679949655
Leah Marie Colligan 60616, ILNurse Practitioner1568848547
Maryann Schroder 55904, ILNurse Practitioner1467646562
Andrea Bundy 60462, ILNurse Practitioner1255639563
Samantha Johnson 60520, ILNurse Practitioner1689926784
Matthew Guy Meador 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1144653189
Tatyana Kholod Sanders 60107, ILNurse Practitioner1811326523
Sara R Brubacher 60089, ILNurse Practitioner1497174676
Katherine Jackson Flechet 60622, ILNurse Practitioner1255752192
Maria Jefferson-walker 60643, ILNurse Practitioner1831522630
Kristine M Redmond 60033, ILNurse Practitioner1023424389
Brittany Edward 33837, ILNurse Practitioner1750799920
Elisabeth Jane Fostino 62526, ILNurse Practitioner1700398898
Brittiany Elise Lay 60559, ILNurse Practitioner1679074041
Chikira Hale 60467, ILNurse Practitioner1689113581
Stacey E. Brown 60901, ILNurse Practitioner1861931461
Pracedes Del Mundo Vergara 60175, ILNurse Practitioner1134671845
Nicole Miroballi 60622, ILNurse Practitioner1013453281
Sherree Mccool 60628, ILNurse Practitioner1104354257
Tiffany Applewhite 60440, ILNurse Practitioner1578092227
Natalie Joy Zimmer 60430, ILNurse Practitioner1528580917
Elizabeth Ballinger 62644, ILNurse Practitioner1144744020
Heather Landon 60190, ILNurse Practitioner1821512815
Deborah Henschler 60556, ILNurse Practitioner1376067165
Karin C Witt 63136, ILNurse Practitioner1700304508
Lindsay Thorgesen 60451, ILNurse Practitioner1275052243
Silvy Philip Powathil 60010, ILNurse Practitioner1215447842
Dennis Durano Magdadaro 61103, ILNurse Practitioner1578074753
Julie Lynn Barclay 61637, ILNurse Practitioner1891206892
Jeunese Forchin 30052, ILNurse Practitioner1689052656
Jennifer Staskowicz 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1346793742
Tamra Williams 60423, ILNurse Practitioner1740733658
Amy Marie Durso 63368, ILNurse Practitioner1871031823
Cassandra Rae Sayre 25276, ILNurse Practitioner1780047548
Sarah L Grabert 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1942750492
Michelle Munroe 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1861845240
Nicole Lauren Potempa 60202, ILNurse Practitioner1366970279
Cynthia Carmona 60626, ILNurse Practitioner1679007629
Keith Samuel Bass 62939, ILNurse Practitioner1114440179
Devyn Collins 60467, ILNurse Practitioner1881114049
Alexandra Ann Burgoon 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1053838953
Zoe Lasky 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1730698358
Patricia Smyth Kaye 60611, ILNurse Practitioner1952810459
Ingrid Kanady 60074, ILNurse Practitioner1750813580
Deanna Ann Weinacht 62265, ILNurse Practitioner1619413424
Stephanie M Rzepka 60628, ILNurse Practitioner1184153637
Mallory Rinderer 62265, ILNurse Practitioner1740710441
Ferdinand Catotal 60120, ILNurse Practitioner1538681572
Laurie Hopper 62034, ILNurse Practitioner1255853081
Deborah Davidson 46072, ILNurse Practitioner1063813178
Holly Olson 52722, ILNurse Practitioner1841705639
Juliana Nwauwa 60644, ILNurse Practitioner1972004422
Ruchi Savani 60527, ILNurse Practitioner1013464304
Laurel Bergren 60402, ILNurse Practitioner1487102299
Cara Lyn Mcguire 60459, ILNurse Practitioner1497264782


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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