Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Indiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Indiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Lindsey Parson 32835, INNurse Practitioner1225494719
Sharon J. Marrs 46805, INNurse Practitioner1669463907
Chandra Leigh Petro 46804, INNurse Practitioner1841534880
Beverly S Burns 46011, INNurse Practitioner1790730232
Linda A Gouker 38506, INNurse Practitioner1861941007
Meghan Price 46011, INNurse Practitioner1225509615
Lindsay Ellen Johnson 46060, INNurse Practitioner1669875605
Andrea Thurston-jarrett 46060, INNurse Practitioner1851894505
Lesia Diana Mcbride 46011, INNurse Practitioner1548512502
Teresa Herndon 46060, INNurse Practitioner1366064875
Lisa Ann Oakley 46011, INNurse Practitioner1578091724
Jacqueline Chandler 46135, INNurse Practitioner1689111478
Diann Renee Lydell-jones 46256, INNurse Practitioner1053399279
Bobbie Douglas 46013, INNurse Practitioner1487047965
Lorraine M Calvert 46256, INNurse Practitioner1730166778
Melissa Peters 46013, INNurse Practitioner1891190484
Rachael Lauren Hartley 46013, INNurse Practitioner1063977825
Shelly Renae Sparks 46011, INNurse Practitioner1962420109
Jody Elizabeth Stohs 46032, INNurse Practitioner1801911235
Amy Day 46202, INNurse Practitioner1417494634
Monica Lynn Stephens 46016, INNurse Practitioner1245899079
Jennifer L Stanley 46260, INNurse Practitioner1457581134
Julie M Warnecke 46202, INNurse Practitioner1003351339
Shelby Nicole Laflash 47303, INNurse Practitioner1518502541
Cameron Memorial Community Hospital, Inc 46703, INNurse Practitioner1770521478
Kalyn Synesael 47906, INNurse Practitioner1689219354
Dorinda Sue Mosbrucker 46825, INNurse Practitioner1497136865
Jonathan Notelle 46804, INNurse Practitioner1982061701
Delaney Baumann 46706, INNurse Practitioner1851891667
Lauren Kristine Hatter 46158, INNurse Practitioner1841768413
Wendy A Booker 46224, INNurse Practitioner1154832020
Molly Marie Spearing 46256, INNurse Practitioner1174616379
Yanick Rockett 46201, INNurse Practitioner1639505431
Dayle Lynne Walsh 46202, INNurse Practitioner1629454145
Melissa J Dzikowski 46202, INNurse Practitioner1710174438
Sarah Vanessa Mccammon 46122, INNurse Practitioner1346252871
Angela Sanders 46122, INNurse Practitioner1407256613
Julia A Thorington 47904, INNurse Practitioner1194032573
Kelley Elizabeth Wood 46135, INNurse Practitioner1891207619
Megan Kathryn Mcconnell 46123, INNurse Practitioner1811490519
Banu Berkem 46123, INNurse Practitioner1225681992
Joyce A Fuss 46143, INNurse Practitioner1699165068
Alexandria Joanne Roemke 46052, INNurse Practitioner1174031843
Benjamin Scott 46135, INNurse Practitioner1144717000
Mary Harrah 47037, INNurse Practitioner1326494386
Jill Marie Prickel 47240, INNurse Practitioner1316451701
Karen Brian Pollitt 47240, INNurse Practitioner1598950297
Gwendolyn Feldhaus 45248, INNurse Practitioner1063860112
Lauren Nicole Gill 47240, INNurse Practitioner1942566021
Roberta Woeste 46117, INNurse Practitioner1023115375
Shelly Eisert 47006, INNurse Practitioner1124575394
Theresa M Fullenkamp 47037, INNurse Practitioner1144575523
Autumn D Hurm 47006, INNurse Practitioner1427015270
Sherry Lynn Mauer 47025, INNurse Practitioner1467933077
Michelle Lee Pitcher 47591, INNurse Practitioner1356450522
Bridget Rund 47403, INNurse Practitioner1528376779
Stephanie Ann Mason 47421, INNurse Practitioner1013495837
Fc Indiana, Llc 47421, INNurse Practitioner1225579063
Beverly J Shamloo 47403, INNurse Practitioner1003399759
Amanda Lavender 47403, INNurse Practitioner1033768569
Brandee Starr Sullivan 47421, INNurse Practitioner1376028001
Brenda Kay Painter 47432, INNurse Practitioner1114013083
Kristi Buis 46815, INNurse Practitioner1205088283
Gennelle Katherine Lucid 46143, INNurse Practitioner1649538166
Cindy E Douthitt 47471, INNurse Practitioner1457310864
Greene County General Hospital 47441, INNurse Practitioner1942703004
Jayne Crescimbeni-pierce 47401, INNurse Practitioner1619958782
Jennifer Elaine Kinsey 46250, INNurse Practitioner1114019924
Jennifer G Owen 97219, INNurse Practitioner1982969432
Rebekah Moore 47401, INNurse Practitioner1144576232
Kimberly D Shelton 47747, INNurse Practitioner1386049757
Donna Marie Skivers 47403, INNurse Practitioner1821343500
Vicky Thompson 47403, INNurse Practitioner1053715045
Reagan Mosier 47421, INNurse Practitioner1467834200
Tiffany Elaine Terhune 45241, INNurse Practitioner1851838320
Wauneta Grace Armstrong 47043, INNurse Practitioner1861966970
Eric Lyakhovetsky 47404, INNurse Practitioner1134780851
Amanda Eller 47404, INNurse Practitioner1285140285
Carol Lynn Patton 46237, INNurse Practitioner1790121549
Maggie Marie Prunty 55439, INNurse Practitioner1568925634
Beth Mundy 47403, INNurse Practitioner1457301020
Shanna Kay Klun 47403, INNurse Practitioner1063068567
Elizabeth Ann Sanders 47546, INNurse Practitioner1053861195
Indy Behavioral Health Llc 46214, INNurse Practitioner1356959068
Maryellen Buck 46237, INNurse Practitioner1124377155
Waraporn Denjalearn 98195, INNurse Practitioner1669760310
Autumn Hays 47804, INNurse Practitioner1063065803
Heather Dawn Anderson 47403, INNurse Practitioner1548489834
Brooke Colleen Barada 47403, INNurse Practitioner1316276843
Amanda Butcher 47403, INNurse Practitioner1164957338
Lori Wronowicz Frasher 46151, INNurse Practitioner1407256852
Rachel M O'connor 47403, INNurse Practitioner1679881676
Miala R Oliger 47403, INNurse Practitioner1881978112
Ashley Nicole Powell 47460, INNurse Practitioner1699335828
Karen Farrar 46143, INNurse Practitioner1649651977
Victoria Shull 47403, INNurse Practitioner1154919629
Kendra Rae Foster 47403, INNurse Practitioner1891318598
Morgan Ragan 46143, INNurse Practitioner1316468234
Amy Decker 46142, INNurse Practitioner1093322505
Joseph C. Smihula 95403, INNurse Practitioner1154421873
Nurse Practitioner Consultants, Llc 47714, INNurse Practitioner1104063619
Darla Speigner 47630, INNurse Practitioner1154514941
Lisa M Miller 47635, INNurse Practitioner1942296009
Kristine Marie Weaver 46511, INNurse Practitioner1437309838
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, Inc. 46544, INNurse Practitioner1467406074
Melissa Mae Willis 46151, INNurse Practitioner1629021357
Benjamin Cale Friesen 46563, INNurse Practitioner1366905275
Deborah Carol Nethercutt 46540, INNurse Practitioner1104312172
Deidra Curry 46815, INNurse Practitioner1851643076
Katie Reyna Payne 47006, INNurse Practitioner1104325547
Valerie Hallowell 43551, INNurse Practitioner1174993521
Julie Davis 46123, INNurse Practitioner1265951768
Nadia F Savabi 46168, INNurse Practitioner1386163103
Anne C Moore 47362, INNurse Practitioner1083113443
Amanda B Bazan 47362, INNurse Practitioner1205334448
Tabitha Dee Simpson 47882, INNurse Practitioner1962584375
Christina A Hoeg 46202, INNurse Practitioner1205067022
Ryan E Pilkey 46037, INNurse Practitioner1730329913
Cara Berg Raunick 46227, INNurse Practitioner1851661391
Margaret Anne Titus-quear 47906, INNurse Practitioner1306322987
Lisa M Schuller 46037, INNurse Practitioner1659879765
Katelyn F Hooker 46037, INNurse Practitioner1326505611
Amanda Marie Kovach 46226, INNurse Practitioner1629609946
Glynnis L Thatch 46037, INNurse Practitioner1366466492
Amy Woebkenberg 46037, INNurse Practitioner1053866921
Amanda Good Hill 46202, INNurse Practitioner1932604725
Christy Ballweg Krieg 46202, INNurse Practitioner1649474941
Kelsey Elizabeth Van Vlymen 46038, INNurse Practitioner1629666870
Jewell A Crawford 45331, INNurse Practitioner1104991637
Ronda Owens-dehmer 46038, INNurse Practitioner1245642024
Kristina Sloderbeck 46074, INNurse Practitioner1295372845
Evan Lynn Rossi 46032, INNurse Practitioner1922472612
Ashley Loren Gromski 46143, INNurse Practitioner1952847659
Lisa L. Dornick 47303, INNurse Practitioner1831789080
Samantha Lambertus 47842, INNurse Practitioner1730617598
Peggy Ann Wolpert 61832, INNurse Practitioner1588948996
Melissa Krzus 46311, INNurse Practitioner1205243524
Amy L Chrisman 47130, INNurse Practitioner1710230339
Vanessa Brooke Sims 47130, INNurse Practitioner1124431382
Denise Blair Wilburn 47130, INNurse Practitioner1417984758
Carolyn R Fegenbush 47130, INNurse Practitioner1629009790
John A Houston 47130, INNurse Practitioner1386793008
Nicole Rayanne Bikowski 40204, INNurse Practitioner1487906509
Cortney K Montgomery 40202, INNurse Practitioner1194077818
Stephanie M Andree 46360, INNurse Practitioner1104269166
Marne J Juestel 46373, INNurse Practitioner1245274935
Rebecca J Groen 46392, INNurse Practitioner1073070009
Abigail Mae Groth 46342, INNurse Practitioner1912540303
Kimberly Kaye Pflughaupt 46360, INNurse Practitioner1447357199
Jeannette Zelhart-smith 46392, INNurse Practitioner1164830592
Joyce Stamiris 46383, INNurse Practitioner1578117719
Sara Lynn Gonzalez 46360, INNurse Practitioner1083996763
Krista S Nguyen 46368, INNurse Practitioner1669936498
Jalyn N Deery 46307, INNurse Practitioner1871068940
Megan Vermilyer 46350, INNurse Practitioner1033524905
Collan Joseph Darnall 40219, INNurse Practitioner1144660556
Associates In Dermatology, Pllc 40241, INNurse Practitioner1629083399
April Starr Wiggington 46032, INNurse Practitioner1982175295
Hannah Marie Karches 40299, INNurse Practitioner1730773763
Melissa J Noblitt 47933, INNurse Practitioner1528562030
Jill D. Ann Keser 47802, INNurse Practitioner1902363815
Sharon Sue Taylor 46107, INNurse Practitioner1780995969
Melissa Anne Pyatskowit 46164, INNurse Practitioner1154673820
Lindsey Hope Pimentel 46219, INNurse Practitioner1528585734
Brenda Louise Korte 46227, INNurse Practitioner1598921132
Brandy Jo Mcclaughry 47303, INNurse Practitioner1083867089
Bradley Thomas York 47201, INNurse Practitioner1144879115
Kevin Nelson Moore 47403, INNurse Practitioner1710479753
Brenda F Heinen 46158, INNurse Practitioner1447267182
Janis E Horan 47331, INNurse Practitioner1205805959
Victoria Meyer 45424, INNurse Practitioner1790221364
Adrea N. O'neil 40216, INNurse Practitioner1528581618
Jennifer Rachelle Radice 46350, INNurse Practitioner1659345239
Amy Lee Delk 40299, INNurse Practitioner1033734173
Rae Anne Miller 47933, INNurse Practitioner1356338859
Megan Burton 46123, INNurse Practitioner1023531688
Angel Wasson 34209, INNurse Practitioner1982144242
Latoyia Cherdise Austin 47933, INNurse Practitioner1336678192
Cheryl Renee Sabens 46122, INNurse Practitioner1508069279
Donna Korin Morrison 47905, INNurse Practitioner1780177568
Jamie M Barton 47933, INNurse Practitioner1093747123
Ginger Smith 46902, INNurse Practitioner1639691413
Kayla Ogden 47905, INNurse Practitioner1811541089
Jessica Ann Lipp 46052, INNurse Practitioner1144713934
Alicia M Kobe 46385, INNurse Practitioner1902390313
Stacy Lynn Taylor 46342, INNurse Practitioner1225510951
Dorothy Marie Dewitt 46321, INNurse Practitioner1306477310
Bethany Michaelis 46322, INNurse Practitioner1437784451
Gregory K Parker 40202, INNurse Practitioner1548770175
Saundra Valera 21032, INNurse Practitioner1760995831
Jennifer A. Kirk 60653, INNurse Practitioner1922585355
Jessica Gerner 46383, INNurse Practitioner1740834241
Erin Eichenberger 40202, INNurse Practitioner1134616410
Robin Jo Schoenheit 48170, INNurse Practitioner1609114768
Margaret Sow 43219, INNurse Practitioner1871059436
Katheryn Dee Ziron 46307, INNurse Practitioner1770117673
Julie Ann Mallers 46307, INNurse Practitioner1396913646
Jean Marie Decavitch 46303, INNurse Practitioner1982956017
Wendy Vottero 46304, INNurse Practitioner1699141184
Susan Werner 47978, INNurse Practitioner1447610993


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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