Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Indiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Indiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
More Than Just Health, Llc 46259, INNurse Practitioner1528589983
Jaewon Lee 55905, INNurse Practitioner1558815522
Ryan Ford 46628, INNurse Practitioner1952836884
Rae Anne Miller 47933, INNurse Practitioner1356338859
Marilyn J. Riley 46202, INNurse Practitioner1316928112
Jayne Crescimbeni-pierce 47401, INNurse Practitioner1619958782
Allied Physicians Inc 46825, INNurse Practitioner1609867605
Ida Hole 82609, INNurse Practitioner1518941244
Alicia Kay Bates 46733, INNurse Practitioner1053391037
Ilana Hurrle 46032, INNurse Practitioner1437118866
Janis E Horan 47331, INNurse Practitioner1205805959
Jennifer M Emmert 47905, INNurse Practitioner1659323046
Chau N. Jackson 46992, INNurse Practitioner1336650795
Kathleen A. Palyo 34771, INNurse Practitioner1982662011
Melissa Kay Plavsa 46321, INNurse Practitioner1790732055
Beverly S Burns 46011, INNurse Practitioner1790730232
Stephena M Sheets 46217, INNurse Practitioner1497797187
Jane Nancy Abbott-rider 46947, INNurse Practitioner1508800608
Anita Louise Doctor 46845, INNurse Practitioner1740204270
Megan Nicole Taylor 46256, INNurse Practitioner1548284458
Janice Garth 40032, INNurse Practitioner1629320619
Dustin Diller 46845, INNurse Practitioner1467816934
Carole Wilson 46952, INNurse Practitioner1093820896
Patty A Meding 46410, INNurse Practitioner1912018508
Janet Sue Simpkins 32827, INNurse Practitioner1346342698
Henry County Memorial Hospital 47362, INNurse Practitioner1518044692
Cara Crone 46260, INNurse Practitioner1780160069
Ashley Marie Thiele 46544, INNurse Practitioner1104281583
Lynn Ellen Henderson 78711, INNurse Practitioner1487711586
Erin Flynn 46545, INNurse Practitioner1235648627
Robert Keith Dawson 46953, INNurse Practitioner1588727895
Michelle Lee Pitcher 47591, INNurse Practitioner1356450522
Suzanne N Meeks 46368, INNurse Practitioner1679746044
Kesha Rae Kelly 46260, INNurse Practitioner1205094000
Shawnte Renee Gregg 85658, INNurse Practitioner1629265483
Mary Anna Crisostomo 60153, INNurse Practitioner1922262211
Jena Chopson 46761, INNurse Practitioner1679948160
Tammie Rena Maiden 46208, INNurse Practitioner1265632566
Hailey S Hannon 47905, INNurse Practitioner1568941169
Kandie Ann Forest 46563, INNurse Practitioner1871614594
Molly Levy 55092, INNurse Practitioner1023502697
Linda A Gouker 38506, INNurse Practitioner1861941007
Carrie Heather Bennett 30066, INNurse Practitioner1538356837
Sarah Collins 47441, INNurse Practitioner1013444819
Rhonda D'ann Hoskins 46582, INNurse Practitioner1578896692
Mindy Kay Bush 40205, INNurse Practitioner1710119565
Melinda D Fuqua 47807, INNurse Practitioner1215223151
Lori Ann Morrow 46327, INNurse Practitioner1942587449
Ashley Sparks 46260, INNurse Practitioner1114179900
Rachel Goss 47460, INNurse Practitioner1508180639
Sharon Sue Taylor 46107, INNurse Practitioner1780995969
Julie K Russell 47714, INNurse Practitioner1144535030
Christina Anne Hamby 47714, INNurse Practitioner1265769137
Harold Dean O'brien 40204, INNurse Practitioner1003127358
Katrina M Kozub 46368, INNurse Practitioner1508166547
Amy M Howard 46804, INNurse Practitioner1760764351
Hope E. Kelly 46740, INNurse Practitioner1801161013
Windi J Watts 47715, INNurse Practitioner1053699389
Song I Baek 96278, INNurse Practitioner1679020119
Candace G Lemke 46580, INNurse Practitioner1043446776
Donna Ann Moss 47150, INNurse Practitioner1396023453
Alicia M Kobe 46385, INNurse Practitioner1902390313
Christina A Hoeg 46202, INNurse Practitioner1205067022
Roxanne Wolfram 49085, INNurse Practitioner1225360977
Ryan E Pilkey 46037, INNurse Practitioner1730329913
Bridget Rund 47403, INNurse Practitioner1528376779
Emma Jo Gracon 53705, INNurse Practitioner1003351552
St. Francis Medical Group, Llc 46143, INNurse Practitioner1467693135
Nurse Practitioner Consultants, Llc 47714, INNurse Practitioner1104063619
Jennifer Renee Walker 40223, INNurse Practitioner1083907968
Wonda Fay Elmore 46947, INNurse Practitioner1053546556
Ashleigh B Guenin 46140, INNurse Practitioner1568754000
Jamie Marie Chapman 49001, INNurse Practitioner1992084222
Jillian Victoria Dietz 46322, INNurse Practitioner1316214554
Amy Clare Lambert 47802, INNurse Practitioner1285916494
Magdalene Payton 46322, INNurse Practitioner1598237224
Tonya A. Harvey 46409, INNurse Practitioner1528392156
Amber N Gullion 46815, INNurse Practitioner1013230911
Stefanie Irene Shire 46761, INNurse Practitioner1902119159
Elizabeth Jane Moore 47374, INNurse Practitioner1871826610
Jennifer G Owen 97219, INNurse Practitioner1982969432
Rebekah Moore 47401, INNurse Practitioner1144576232
Kellie Ann Kilrain 46202, INNurse Practitioner1255682894
Cara Berg Raunick 46227, INNurse Practitioner1851661391
James Matthew Franklin 46012, INNurse Practitioner1437406618
Mary Gayle Rundus 47630, INNurse Practitioner1477989820
Maureen Patrice Mcgoff Allen 44195, INNurse Practitioner1003222928
Mildred M. Sprinkles 46060, INNurse Practitioner1144621772
Allyson E Mills 47714, INNurse Practitioner1811398829
Jacqueline Walker 85027, INNurse Practitioner1922400811
Kimberly D Shelton 47747, INNurse Practitioner1386049757
Olivia Hayes 46970, INNurse Practitioner1881077931
Amber Denise Pitts 47807, INNurse Practitioner1255759817
Kelly Kelly 47714, INNurse Practitioner1003228446
Shelby Faltynski 46526, INNurse Practitioner1205229952
Collan Joseph Darnall 40219, INNurse Practitioner1144660556
Rebecca Leigh Kaehr 55109, INNurse Practitioner1811256118
Anna N Ertel 46237, INNurse Practitioner1346672714
Amy J Jackson 47374, INNurse Practitioner1972866085
Joanna Lynn Johnson 47714, INNurse Practitioner1376968842
Katherine A Ahlfeld 46204, INNurse Practitioner1730553447
Damir Mujic 17403, INNurse Practitioner1356774202
Deidra Curry 46815, INNurse Practitioner1851643076
Tammy June Loebker 40223, INNurse Practitioner1184059511
Lisa R Stephenson 46304, INNurse Practitioner1851652820
Amy S Stott 47713, INNurse Practitioner1427420397
Erin Elise Peer 46825, INNurse Practitioner1053795096
Kelli D. Brown 42303, INNurse Practitioner1790168516
Susan Christine Conner 46902, INNurse Practitioner1730335571
Elizabeth Danielle Mcbride 47804, INNurse Practitioner1194228866
Melissa Ann Wood-heller 46952, INNurse Practitioner1487995858
Donna Marie Skivers 47403, INNurse Practitioner1821343500
Molly Catherine Long 46815, INNurse Practitioner1164815379
Sheilah Adams 46615, INNurse Practitioner1871983833
Jenelle Haley Stefanski 46530, INNurse Practitioner1477988590
Elizabeth Dulmes 46953, INNurse Practitioner1255708988
Bobbi Jo Mehta 46761, INNurse Practitioner1689050726
Northeast Internal Medicine 46761, INNurse Practitioner1366859779
Ashley Cundiff 42303, INNurse Practitioner1306306022
Lisa Ann Smith 46383, INNurse Practitioner1427425081
Anthony Holt 28906, INNurse Practitioner1417333055
Susan Elizabeth Sipes 46143, INNurse Practitioner1801335591
Jan K Bickett 42347, INNurse Practitioner1417489592
Elizabeth Fowler 46544, INNurse Practitioner1679084073
Kathleen Becker 55415, INNurse Practitioner1578979233
Marquita Walker 75150, INNurse Practitioner1811360662
Alyssa Barr 46260, INNurse Practitioner1629438155
Jheneal Nelson 47714, INNurse Practitioner1851752026
Elizabeth Arlene Slavinskas 46617, INNurse Practitioner1548623283
Mary Harrah 47037, INNurse Practitioner1326494386
Brandi M. Neff-short 40203, INNurse Practitioner1588017792
Sarah Anne Seaton 47713, INNurse Practitioner1275086324
Korissa Elaine Thomason 46202, INNurse Practitioner1659808111
Jessica Rayner 46312, INNurse Practitioner1679000525
Samantha Lambertus 47842, INNurse Practitioner1730617598
Taylor Caitlin Johnson 46060, INNurse Practitioner1285157461
Phillip Earl Love 47150, INNurse Practitioner1407379043
Ashlee Nichole Pinkston 47804, INNurse Practitioner1083131056
Lauren Fiandt 46761, INNurse Practitioner1114449329
Jill Marie Prickel 47240, INNurse Practitioner1316451701
Kimberly Elaine Ross 47670, INNurse Practitioner1003323106
Jamie Porter Weber 46250, INNurse Practitioner1982112835
Darla Speigner 47630, INNurse Practitioner1154514941
Bridgette Loreen Carroll 40065, INNurse Practitioner1598991853
Jamie R Truelove 47714, INNurse Practitioner1336117001
Deborah Davidson 46072, INNurse Practitioner1063813178
Kidney Specialists Of Kyana Pllc 40207, INNurse Practitioner1326566027
Megan Burton 46123, INNurse Practitioner1023531688
Nicole Johnson 85326, INNurse Practitioner1568903490
Eunice A Jordan 47374, INNurse Practitioner1104345420
Laura Medanic 52501, INNurse Practitioner1508305541
Harimaya Poudel Dhungana 46032, INNurse Practitioner1225531270
Lindsay Marie Pringle 46032, INNurse Practitioner1104287853
Kacy Jo Rogers 47804, INNurse Practitioner1164913703
Megan Marie Buuck 46761, INNurse Practitioner1578054193
Jenna Elizabeth Bednarski 47905, INNurse Practitioner1578056842
Nicole Anne Burrow Haag 47130, INNurse Practitioner1497205926
Denford Mujeye 46278, INNurse Practitioner1326566142
Peggy O Fischer 46628, INNurse Practitioner1013388958
Karol Emmons 46237, INNurse Practitioner1891281739
Margaret Anne Titus-quear 47906, INNurse Practitioner1306322987
Monica Lee Heltz 46202, INNurse Practitioner1225528623
Rebecca Sue Herrold-engstrom 46383, INNurse Practitioner1518369883
Ruth Brandenburg 46218, INNurse Practitioner1891292686
Erin Tofani 46203, INNurse Practitioner1548776925
Lyndsey Lang 41017, INNurse Practitioner1013326131
Constance R Bullock 46601, INNurse Practitioner1104306620
Alannah Scott 46902, INNurse Practitioner1023598307
Lindsey Hope Pimentel 46219, INNurse Practitioner1528585734
Squareone Wellness 46220, INNurse Practitioner1497273494
Caroline L Mcdonald 46617, INNurse Practitioner1922342500
Janey Lynne Hardesty 46545, INNurse Practitioner1881194751
Kimberlee Lynn Acton 46517, INNurse Practitioner1225510522
Lisa M Schuller 46037, INNurse Practitioner1659879765
Emily Kelly Koffel 46260, INNurse Practitioner1003392424
Kathryn Nicole Neisler 46176, INNurse Practitioner1508347154
Thomas Bradley Parkes 47501, INNurse Practitioner1639657679
Karen R Brossman Bass 47630, INNurse Practitioner1316915978
Kathleen A. Gannon 46260, INNurse Practitioner1952818809
Melissa R Dean-appasu 27573, INNurse Practitioner1174910152
Lynnae Lucinda Fiechter 46825, INNurse Practitioner1477905735
Ruth M Poppele 46825, INNurse Practitioner1851375364
Magdalena Ruth Schwartz 46825, INNurse Practitioner1265819775
Stephanie Ann Mason 47421, INNurse Practitioner1013495837
Angel Wasson 34209, INNurse Practitioner1982144242
Gina Marie Catanese 46219, INNurse Practitioner1568954857
Jo Estes 46947, INNurse Practitioner1073578308
Kristin Marie Asmus 46601, INNurse Practitioner1679058762
Emily Pierce 47905, INNurse Practitioner1679931661
Pratima Shrestha 46038, INNurse Practitioner1619447976
Charlene Beth Moore 61944, INNurse Practitioner1588164784
Claudia Abrams 42303, INNurse Practitioner1225525520
Tracy A Powell 42420, INNurse Practitioner1417335738
Papa M Diop 46060, INNurse Practitioner1568934271
Monique Mansfield 46410, INNurse Practitioner1295207298
Vicky Thompson 47403, INNurse Practitioner1053715045
Angela Frantsi 47933, INNurse Practitioner1033682588
Deidre A Coffey 46614, INNurse Practitioner1467747014
Jan Hoover 46947, INNurse Practitioner1346618691
Renee Nicole Siner 48116, INNurse Practitioner1023498151


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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