Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Kansas

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Kansas:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Robyn R. Burwell 67661, KSNurse Practitioner1831192681
Douglas A Schell 64111, KSNurse Practitioner1235134776
Ashley Nicole Schalk 67203, KSNurse Practitioner1134621345
Diane Elaine Newth 66605, KSNurse Practitioner1861468605
Alicia Kay Palitto 66219, KSNurse Practitioner1669440996
Suzanne Andrea Dubeck 37043, KSNurse Practitioner1891761144
Jenny Kathleen Quinn 66205, KSNurse Practitioner1619451895
Melanie J Reed 66112, KSNurse Practitioner1003882101
Lisa K Barnes 67878, KSNurse Practitioner1538196332
Bob Born 67214, KSNurse Practitioner1295775138
Crystal Dawn Leis 66502, KSNurse Practitioner1942776596
Andrea C Hawkins 64154, KSNurse Practitioner1972616688
Alyson Weiser 66606, KSNurse Practitioner1700256393
Kelsy Darby 64030, KSNurse Practitioner1740701804
Amy M Hankins 67214, KSNurse Practitioner1124114780
Patrick M Wilson 68105, KSNurse Practitioner1235295031
Jamie L. Lambotte 64086, KSNurse Practitioner1316150337
Trina M Larery 66762, KSNurse Practitioner1124207667
Chelsea A Vargas 67301, KSNurse Practitioner1790962843
Cathleen Suzanne Reitz 66061, KSNurse Practitioner1588831663
Meghan Koch 66224, KSNurse Practitioner1629306766
Adina Ruth Sanchez 66762, KSNurse Practitioner1558694000
Reajean Certeza Camacho 73507, KSNurse Practitioner1134497159
Kristy L Mohn 64108, KSNurse Practitioner1356675045
Abigail L Kidwell 64079, KSNurse Practitioner1144536087
Lela J. Goatley 74647, KSNurse Practitioner1407008816
Cierra Dillard 66064, KSNurse Practitioner1649592296
Sean Koulaboud 95630, KSNurse Practitioner1568837276
Sarah Oehmke-lejuerrne 67205, KSNurse Practitioner1801100052
Jamie L. Schneider 67530, KSNurse Practitioner1407140932
Marie Hernandez 66061, KSNurse Practitioner1336413392
Abbie Renee Weigel 67665, KSNurse Practitioner1679894463
Shelly R Gingerich 65775, KSNurse Practitioner1952659427
Nicholle Marie Cruse 66221, KSNurse Practitioner1336587914
Lacey Schuckman 66503, KSNurse Practitioner1427457597
Katherine D Easley 66101, KSNurse Practitioner1336547793
Meredith Stringer 67226, KSNurse Practitioner1184006975
Jennifer Brown 67226, KSNurse Practitioner1548658842
Lacey Anderson 67114, KSNurse Practitioner1346639267
Ann Heatherly 66061, KSNurse Practitioner1598189615
Callie M Callahan 66064, KSNurse Practitioner1144565433
Julia C Bradbury 66071, KSNurse Practitioner1700122306
Robert William Hieger 67701, KSNurse Practitioner1720332604
Colleen Britt 64024, KSNurse Practitioner1497159669
Kelly N Brazzle 66215, KSNurse Practitioner1912331893
Justin C Blumreich 96001, KSNurse Practitioner1578974010
Lauren Patricia Divine-thiele 66160, KSNurse Practitioner1740760305
Casandra R Fikes 67203, KSNurse Practitioner1730569385
Kathryn Davenport Cornell 67301, KSNurse Practitioner1588030134
Danelle Shaw 69361, KSNurse Practitioner1922354141
Nicole M Walton 66210, KSNurse Practitioner1871992057
Lindsay A Dupigny-leigh 66606, KSNurse Practitioner1245609726
Andrew Joseph Blaes 65065, KSNurse Practitioner1659763993
Lauren Fager 66607, KSNurse Practitioner1114330115
Kristy R. Flores 67202, KSNurse Practitioner1962965764
Amy E Helmkamp Harrison 80045, KSNurse Practitioner1285911271
Tressie Maugans 67214, KSNurse Practitioner1639544992
Gina Louise Suther 77494, KSNurse Practitioner1275982365
Shannon Savage 67214, KSNurse Practitioner1801314133
Dana Meinhardt 66606, KSNurse Practitioner1962871293
Amanda Judd 80136, KSNurse Practitioner1497208607
Amber Kay Grant 67010, KSNurse Practitioner1326595042
Wichulee Semachai 66048, KSNurse Practitioner1720511462
Teresa Lynne Jackson 67226, KSNurse Practitioner1306372842
Lindsey Ratcliff 66801, KSNurse Practitioner1841716016
Carla Shepard 66112, KSNurse Practitioner1245747005
Ginger E Mcintosh-james 64068, KSNurse Practitioner1548207251
Annette Diane Vananne 66762, KSNurse Practitioner1386846475
Stephanie Michelle Kimbrel 66202, KSNurse Practitioner1760825988
Daycie Most 67205, KSNurse Practitioner1538568498
Lacy Rae Dillon 64108, KSNurse Practitioner1366947731
Mary Ferrall Ney 66207, KSNurse Practitioner1649770850
Seema Rani Sharma 66112, KSNurse Practitioner1467992057
Nghia Trong Nguyen 64116, KSNurse Practitioner1265932982
Abby Jo Pollock 66211, KSNurse Practitioner1013404748
Roopa Patel Mokha 64108, KSNurse Practitioner1376992479
Candice Lynn Morris 66720, KSNurse Practitioner1578015616
Lisabet Kennedy 64111, KSNurse Practitioner1104366376
Michael M Katunzi 67211, KSNurse Practitioner1295101756
Cassandra Ann Horton 67846, KSNurse Practitioner1710407119
Amanda Kurtz 64473, KSNurse Practitioner1487138194
Kelli Maxwell 66439, KSNurse Practitioner1790226744
Amy Callaway Carpenter 64116, KSNurse Practitioner1154896116
Laura Bethany Meier 66210, KSNurse Practitioner1598277683
Yesenia Blanca Olmedo 66106, KSNurse Practitioner1437624327
Aimee Kryger 64154, KSNurse Practitioner1396213716
Nimisha M Patel 66605, KSNurse Practitioner1457829418
Elizabeth Lee Mackay 67037, KSNurse Practitioner1588176507
Chelsey Ann Cameron 78258, KSNurse Practitioner1205292034
Erin Kelsey Floyd 66160, KSNurse Practitioner1922573880
Rosemary Royce 90245, KSNurse Practitioner1396799706
Barbara E Beckford 90245, KSNurse Practitioner1437167913
Megan Renee Blakley 67212, KSNurse Practitioner1891267886
Brandon James Bailey 67526, KSNurse Practitioner1467886275
Michelle E Krock 66048, KSNurse Practitioner1265999783
Ana Jimenez 67205, KSNurse Practitioner1134686579
Edelis Ocasio 66614, KSNurse Practitioner1942746482
Brenda Gale Messer 64735, KSNurse Practitioner1356820179
Brenda Deann Cohu 66211, KSNurse Practitioner1134688351
Tamika Clark 64111, KSNurse Practitioner1730623141
Jody Lynn Mitchell 66605, KSNurse Practitioner1639413339
Jaynell Kay Assmann 66048, KSNurse Practitioner1851757728
Kimberley A Adams-mcdarty 67156, KSNurse Practitioner1912015678
Amy Hulse 67114, KSNurse Practitioner1396227211
Jamie Larson 87112, KSNurse Practitioner1043619919
Brigitta Tanzer 96826, KSNurse Practitioner1619390960
Ruth Ann Mcwilliams 66160, KSNurse Practitioner1972077675
Isidore Obinna Nwagwu 66762, KSNurse Practitioner1376812818
Jody S Toerber-clark 64108, KSNurse Practitioner1285714113
Melissa Sue Woods 66204, KSNurse Practitioner1306245006
Carol Jane Sabath 66062, KSNurse Practitioner1366881195
Saint Francis Community And Residential Services, Inc 67401, KSNurse Practitioner1144341694
Saint Francis Community And Residential Services, Inc 67401, KSNurse Practitioner1245351527
Marijen Sabas Aga 66203, KSNurse Practitioner1245575547
Johanna J Cornett 67846, KSNurse Practitioner1194245027
Shelly Lynn Buckley 34232, KSNurse Practitioner1740360122
Fidelis Musau Kiungua 56031, KSNurse Practitioner1285037101
Hsiangfeng Tsai 98663, KSNurse Practitioner1164806634
Erica Post 80538, KSNurse Practitioner1558764704
Kelli Marie Nash 67526, KSNurse Practitioner1750941183
Michelle Merker 64111, KSNurse Practitioner1952727562
Ezenwa Kevin Osuala 64057, KSNurse Practitioner1851795090
Meredith Lee Lewallen 67601, KSNurse Practitioner1174050785
Lisa Tay 67202, KSNurse Practitioner1861053662
Chandel Elaine Baty 67209, KSNurse Practitioner1669946463
Michelle Marie Jones 66606, KSNurse Practitioner1396053013
Loan Kim Phan 67037, KSNurse Practitioner1245503986
Faith Obiero 67219, KSNurse Practitioner1710478672
Rebecca Ann Woolsey 58501, KSNurse Practitioner1205974714
David James Koerner 66160, KSNurse Practitioner1144567991
Matthew M Bogle 66720, KSNurse Practitioner1912314386
Kelly R Gordon 65301, KSNurse Practitioner1063495711
Susan Elizabeth Bennett 64117, KSNurse Practitioner1689709503
Kathryn Hope Flora 66724, KSNurse Practitioner1649597709
Michele A Ivanic 66209, KSNurse Practitioner1316449200
Madison Kathleen Jensen 66205, KSNurse Practitioner1477104453
Lisa A Garner 91355, KSNurse Practitioner1184167736
Saint Luke's Neighborhood Clinics, Llc 64158, KSNurse Practitioner1588151674
Molly A Rinehart 67502, KSNurse Practitioner1841622842
Katherine Collins 64132, KSNurse Practitioner1548802523
Michelle Marie Warden 67214, KSNurse Practitioner1326384264
Courtney Jean Bowman 67203, KSNurse Practitioner1386033801
Natalie M Allen 64153, KSNurse Practitioner1417248378
Crystal Sue Hambley 55092, KSNurse Practitioner1790126837
Angela A. Andalcio 14210, KSNurse Practitioner1124235890
Jessica Danielle Bruns 14210, KSNurse Practitioner1790027357
Louise Muhozi 66103, KSNurse Practitioner1114305331
Beth Lyn Vaccarelli 14210, KSNurse Practitioner1003073115
David Wieczerzynski 14210, KSNurse Practitioner1184608648
Marcie Diane Barfield 37076, KSNurse Practitioner1467687905
Tina Moore 64068, KSNurse Practitioner1033531181
Thuy-van Tran 66622, KSNurse Practitioner1982035549
Emily Sawyer 64134, KSNurse Practitioner1750945150
Erica Edwards 67212, KSNurse Practitioner1952887861
Michaella Schartz 64081, KSNurse Practitioner1205482775
Russell Wl Vanderlinden 64068, KSNurse Practitioner1205260577
Robin Burbach 67218, KSNurse Practitioner1730557141
Erin N Ragner 64114, KSNurse Practitioner1699223784
Lynne Marjorie Schifreen 64114, KSNurse Practitioner1063512564
Jami Louise Schmideskamp 64114, KSNurse Practitioner1588770374
Julie D. Tan 64114, KSNurse Practitioner1174824718
Tiffany Taylor 64114, KSNurse Practitioner1205288974
Tamara Suzanne De Vere 66210, KSNurse Practitioner1841749835
Shelly M Duke 66210, KSNurse Practitioner1225095060
Jillian Michelle Kuhlmann 66967, KSNurse Practitioner1386051977
Rachel Yavette Hill 66210, KSNurse Practitioner1942484811
Christine Marie Kraft 66210, KSNurse Practitioner1891146676
Eva Clark 66160, KSNurse Practitioner1679118426
Susan Lynn Rule 67501, KSNurse Practitioner1194361204
Lanie Rose Johnson 67846, KSNurse Practitioner1922642032
Niorn Keonin Nicholas 66219, KSNurse Practitioner1952438228
Patricia R. Ringer 67215, KSNurse Practitioner1821247990
Tyler Jeffrey Glisson 28801, KSNurse Practitioner1124555453
Virginia Lee Batie 53934, KSNurse Practitioner1104374867
Matthew Rod Allen Stillion 64128, KSNurse Practitioner1841657798
Joie Tedder 86401, KSNurse Practitioner1699195438
Eric Moore 80906, KSNurse Practitioner1992345565
Liliya Acharya 67214, KSNurse Practitioner1053941229
Cristina Louise Jacobs 64131, KSNurse Practitioner1548646946
Jean M Kaeberle 66221, KSNurse Practitioner1578966503
Caley Jo Dykstra 66211, KSNurse Practitioner1407325186
Amanda K Goldsmith 64114, KSNurse Practitioner1336634294
Amber Vining 64108, KSNurse Practitioner1336648377
Kristina Kay Brewster 67212, KSNurse Practitioner1407360316
Bonnie Jean Huss 67211, KSNurse Practitioner1750504197
Lisa Charlene Meyer 66846, KSNurse Practitioner1578027959
Amanda A Ewertz 67220, KSNurse Practitioner1235666900
Callie Heilig 67846, KSNurse Practitioner1952792459
Haley M Morgan 66872, KSNurse Practitioner1336772797
Bradley K Demeritt 66720, KSNurse Practitioner1851873442
Kara Denise Brunton 66210, KSNurse Practitioner1083643886
Nicole Mattison 66160, KSNurse Practitioner1366859365
Sally H Haugland 66160, KSNurse Practitioner1447357306
Rhandi Lee Rexroat 67880, KSNurse Practitioner1649744202
Cassandra D. Vilander 66442, KSNurse Practitioner1245587104
Tammy L Cullum 67156, KSNurse Practitioner1699309120
Lindsay Moffat 92103, KSNurse Practitioner1043618465
Collin Michael Zander 80524, KSNurse Practitioner1992086839
Tiffany L. Wright 99352, KSNurse Practitioner1144596719
Deste D Baptiste 66061, KSNurse Practitioner1639638125


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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