Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Linda Jean Anderson 40121, KYNurse Practitioner1548263775
Sheri Lynne Ratliff 41701, KYNurse Practitioner1477556538
Sharon C Metcalf 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1639172554
Vera Hopper 41701, KYNurse Practitioner1750385084
Leah D Phillips-black 40206, KYNurse Practitioner1609879162
Judy Noreen Smith 42041, KYNurse Practitioner1851394498
Western Kentucky University 42101, KYNurse Practitioner1235131533
Justin Warren Smith 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1700889409
Angela K Riley 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1649273525
Marletta Kay Lawson 40701, KYNurse Practitioner1750384566
Sheila Denise Lambdin 40769, KYNurse Practitioner1093717233
Rhonda W. Howard 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1124022496
Diane Lynn Thiery 42728, KYNurse Practitioner1255335238
Kimberly Christine Cashion 40299, KYNurse Practitioner1396749156
Lois Obert 40291, KYNurse Practitioner1336143288
Mary B Becker 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1952305807
Dennis Scott Wooley 42728, KYNurse Practitioner1184628075
Nephrology Associates Of Central Kentucky Llc 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1528062460
Pamela Alvey 40299, KYNurse Practitioner1407850142
Shawn M. Jager 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1992700108
Rachel W Taylor 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1417952599
Turner Whitley & Morton Internal Medicine Psc 40701, KYNurse Practitioner1609871581
Patricia C Mader 40241, KYNurse Practitioner1285639005
Angela R Watson 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1720083637
Sherry Freeman 42071, KYNurse Practitioner1245235613
Family Practice Associates Of Lexington Psc 40509, KYNurse Practitioner1053316596
Maria Eve Main 42101, KYNurse Practitioner1841296050
Shala S Wilson 42103, KYNurse Practitioner1629074539
Kenneth Wayne Edmisson 42003, KYNurse Practitioner1295731081
Debra Simmons 40212, KYNurse Practitioner1356347058
Rita Harrison 40212, KYNurse Practitioner1083610745
Frances Chester 40212, KYNurse Practitioner1831195676
Karen Pottinger 40212, KYNurse Practitioner1770589467
Margaret Fackler 40212, KYNurse Practitioner1942206693
Ashley N Snellen 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1881690444
Karen Ruschman 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1881691467
Erin E Edwards 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1366893224
Joanne Hirby 40212, KYNurse Practitioner1396741062
Janice S Fiechter 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1205832961
Emily Anne Moore 40165, KYNurse Practitioner1609872449
Susan Elrod 40241, KYNurse Practitioner1063418713
Lora Welch 40206, KYNurse Practitioner1679579379
Marla Smith Johnson 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1104821982
Todd E Bullock 42721, KYNurse Practitioner1104822360
Ann L. Jones 40504, KYNurse Practitioner1073510392
Sylvia Lorraine Sweatt 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1245237452
Kari Villarreal 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1104823905
Sharon C Hunsucker 40353, KYNurse Practitioner1144227075
Victoria Kingrey 42717, KYNurse Practitioner1316944242
Rebecca Jane Lockhart 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1174521660
Claire A Schuster 40475, KYNurse Practitioner1790783371
Jill Ellen Crawford 40324, KYNurse Practitioner1134127418
Misha R. Glendening 42038, KYNurse Practitioner1215935416
Judith A Waddell 42103, KYNurse Practitioner1164420170
Dorothy Sheila Ward 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1487652434
Laura Kelly White 40222, KYNurse Practitioner1366440091
Tamara Dawn Niemeier 40701, KYNurse Practitioner1265439202
Angela Marie Ballard 40004, KYNurse Practitioner1033117478
Judith E Sepulveda 40217, KYNurse Practitioner1386746360
Gajera & Patel Pllc 42240, KYNurse Practitioner1053318956
Denise Robinson 41011, KYNurse Practitioner1508865932
Laura M Greene 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1831198126
Cypress Medical Associates, Psc 40218, KYNurse Practitioner1952300071
Neuroscience Associates Of Northern Kentucky Psc 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1215936240
Edward C Adler And Associates 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1700886637
Monica L Bell 40223, KYNurse Practitioner1821098484
Deidra Henley Sanders 40223, KYNurse Practitioner1306846803
Christy M. Yates 40223, KYNurse Practitioner1174523682
Sally Waddle Mcgeehan 40223, KYNurse Practitioner1679573208
Nancy M Powell 42367, KYNurse Practitioner1326049354
Mary D Carman 40347, KYNurse Practitioner1154322154
Donna L Sublett 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1316948250
Lisa G Glass 40211, KYNurse Practitioner1275534091
Maureen Lorraine Dwyer 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1114927704
Parkway Regional Medical Clinic Inc 42041, KYNurse Practitioner1659370153
Misty R Goldson 42635, KYNurse Practitioner1528069531
Cheryl Swayne 41015, KYNurse Practitioner1154320588
Beverly Vance Dobner 40601, KYNurse Practitioner1700885266
Drs Borders And Associates, Psc 40503, KYNurse Practitioner1790784825
Jennifer Ann Cline 41011, KYNurse Practitioner1083613426
Theresa Furnish 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1518966936
Shirley Mohren-graves 41701, KYNurse Practitioner1568461465
Mindy Sydnor 41073, KYNurse Practitioner1841299260
Jennifer Maddox 41097, KYNurse Practitioner1780069393
Jennifer Malmstrom 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1275532624
Linda M Crump 42240, KYNurse Practitioner1144229998
Larissa L Bailey 40729, KYNurse Practitioner1598766768
Deborah T Peech 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1205837309
Susan Hoff-thomas 40503, KYNurse Practitioner1174525158
Shellie D Hardcastle 42101, KYNurse Practitioner1033111901
Ellen E Hedges 42445, KYNurse Practitioner1093717670
Wyetha S Wood 42445, KYNurse Practitioner1790787315
Alicia H Clark 42064, KYNurse Practitioner1801898440
Nina June Flores 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1750383279
Kimberly Raichel 41701, KYNurse Practitioner1821090283
Amy Ketterer 19428, KYNurse Practitioner1225020506
Health Plus, Psc 40351, KYNurse Practitioner1548252869
Northern Kentucky Heart Psc 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1700879491
Margaret Boyle Friel 40342, KYNurse Practitioner1033102595
Belhasen Family Care Center Psc 41240, KYNurse Practitioner1124011697
Lisa Rae Gergen 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1497748263
Raven Whitney Ray 42420, KYNurse Practitioner1033577812
Angela D Thomas 40222, KYNurse Practitioner1730172396
Angela Stinson 42503, KYNurse Practitioner1528050853
Debra Dellay 40513, KYNurse Practitioner1083616064
Kimberly S Meyer 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1346233970
Leon Bargo 40502, KYNurse Practitioner1851383103
Barbara Lehman 41042, KYNurse Practitioner1255324927
Cynthia Jo Emmick 42351, KYNurse Practitioner1932191335
Priscilla E Mullins 41653, KYNurse Practitioner1447243829
Marianne Hutti 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1215921648
Donna Carrillo 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1295729630
Margaret E Wolf 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1386638724
Patricia Ann Provost 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1710971031
Alicia Gail Cook 41858, KYNurse Practitioner1972596344
Mildred P Sizemore 41465, KYNurse Practitioner1679567945
Deborah Lynn Hatfield 41503, KYNurse Practitioner1225022411
Kathleen Marie Stevens 40121, KYNurse Practitioner1912991969
Sheila D Melander 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1952395923
The Medical Specialists Of Ky, Psc 40741, KYNurse Practitioner1487648200
Amanda E Sholar 42240, KYNurse Practitioner1699769133
Amy G. Maternowski 42240, KYNurse Practitioner1497749949
Deborah J Whitehurst 40536, KYNurse Practitioner1285629717
Four Rivers Internal Medicine, Pllc 42003, KYNurse Practitioner1912992421
Angela J Singley 40701, KYNurse Practitioner1487649950
Kay C Stephens 40475, KYNurse Practitioner1013902584
Rae Jean Jessee 41056, KYNurse Practitioner1154316065
Julia Renee Womack 41041, KYNurse Practitioner1588659494
Judy Auxier Lee 40360, KYNurse Practitioner1255326104
Cynthia R Wilson 42320, KYNurse Practitioner1700872009
Jinna-lee Bower 42211, KYNurse Practitioner1093701013
Kay Thompson Roberts 40203, KYNurse Practitioner1174519128
Patricia A Walston 40004, KYNurse Practitioner1235125048
Lori J Bretschneider 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1104813245
Janice Elaine Greer 40701, KYNurse Practitioner1669469516
Robert T Rogers 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1508854209
Medical Center Cardiologists, Psc 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1841288529
Ronda Katherine Nickoson 45638, KYNurse Practitioner1699761775
Sharon Rogers 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1760478788
Teri Lyn Roberts 40351, KYNurse Practitioner1891780193
Ashland Hospital Corporation 41143, KYNurse Practitioner1184175556
Theresa Kay Koester 40220, KYNurse Practitioner1730174947
Sandra Pratt 41653, KYNurse Practitioner1699769919
Cumberland Gi, Psc 40701, KYNurse Practitioner1578557708
Nancy M Cahill 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1952399628
Daniel Raymond Klaber 41006, KYNurse Practitioner1073002465
Laura C Schrader 40509, KYNurse Practitioner1255325163
Cardiac Care Center Of Louisville, Pllc 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1285622779
Patricia Fleming Groves 40203, KYNurse Practitioner1255329611
Angela Marie-soli Shinabery 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1750379046
Kristie L Hankins 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1194714998
Debra J Ansinelli 41230, KYNurse Practitioner1083603484
Linda R Odaniel 40245, KYNurse Practitioner1609865013
Barbara Jean Derosa 41042, KYNurse Practitioner1780674614
Julie A Jackson 40831, KYNurse Practitioner1790775526
Irene Rooney 40351, KYNurse Practitioner1578553327
Karen Doggett 47130, KYNurse Practitioner1134119951
Shaun Leigh Kueter 42223, KYNurse Practitioner1851381644
Cumberland Cardiology Psc 41101, KYNurse Practitioner1053301788
Rebecca F Olds 40218, KYNurse Practitioner1952392037
Jane Ramey Harley 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1699766543
Beverly Annett Jones 42411, KYNurse Practitioner1194716167
P D Patel Md Psc 42503, KYNurse Practitioner1467443457
Geniene Eileen Ward 41014, KYNurse Practitioner1942291422
Sally Gay Siebert 40508, KYNurse Practitioner1689665333
Maureen Elizabeth Hilsenrad 40204, KYNurse Practitioner1508857111
Michael Wayne Myers 41301, KYNurse Practitioner1578554994
Sheryl E Polk 42633, KYNurse Practitioner1578554978
Sally R. Mcenroe 42503, KYNurse Practitioner1932190212
Debra Lynn Gibson 41501, KYNurse Practitioner1205817301
Teresa Ann Lawson 41240, KYNurse Practitioner1912988932
Marilyn Ruth Osborne 41701, KYNurse Practitioner1427039361
East Kentucky Medical Group, Psc 41501, KYNurse Practitioner1568443422
Alisa J Click 40360, KYNurse Practitioner1649251448
Elizabeth Anne Shelton 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1023099629
Judy Lynn Kantlehner 40033, KYNurse Practitioner1801877352
Mary Anita Arnold 41311, KYNurse Practitioner1841272119
Linda Stovall 42164, KYNurse Practitioner1689655987
Mary G Couillard 42038, KYNurse Practitioner1437131562
Faye Ann Austin 42071, KYNurse Practitioner1851373856
Crystal D Brown 40484, KYNurse Practitioner1063494045
Sidney Baker 41701, KYNurse Practitioner1295717148
Nyan & Associates, Psc 40204, KYNurse Practitioner1851373617
Karen Louise Heaton 40217, KYNurse Practitioner1356323844
Gary A Smith 42071, KYNurse Practitioner1225028897
Drs Godfrey Godfrey & Eklund Psc 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1114918935
Kristy Lynn Hulen 47170, KYNurse Practitioner1912995846
Patsy Jackson 41465, KYNurse Practitioner1396111662
Dianna Purdom Barker 40422, KYNurse Practitioner1316929664
Lisa C Puffer 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1740262658
Kimberly N French 42462, KYNurse Practitioner1861482598
Megan T. Ward 40217, KYNurse Practitioner1114909819
Glenda Darlene Bagby 42743, KYNurse Practitioner1043292709
Adria B Myers 40536, KYNurse Practitioner1740263805
Molly Carew 40351, KYNurse Practitioner1982695144
Alyssa Fleming 40353, KYNurse Practitioner1780199638
Judy Ann Carrico 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1649251349
Family Medicine Associates Of Flemingsburg, Psc 41041, KYNurse Practitioner1770573800
Shannon Michelle Woods 40004, KYNurse Practitioner1730697517
Primary Care Medical Center Inc 42071, KYNurse Practitioner1295716694


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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