Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Kentucky

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Kentucky:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Sherry Freeman 42071, KYNurse Practitioner1245235613
Alyssa Fleming 40353, KYNurse Practitioner1780199638
Susan Renee Noel 40504, KYNurse Practitioner1477532836
Emily Ruthanne Ross 42653, KYNurse Practitioner1104331016
Jennifer Woods 40223, KYNurse Practitioner1700260676
Angela F Jessie 42129, KYNurse Practitioner1720050818
Janet Flinn 40356, KYNurse Practitioner1073580171
Polly Kaelin Mackey 40215, KYNurse Practitioner1063488690
Wendy E Geer 40031, KYNurse Practitioner1659336188
Christie Jill Croft 42459, KYNurse Practitioner1841234051
Dona J Meers 40118, KYNurse Practitioner1942231113
Ballard Wright, Md, Psc 40503, KYNurse Practitioner1740211663
Tamara Graham 40222, KYNurse Practitioner1972953321
Chelsea Brown Adams 42431, KYNurse Practitioner1598213647
Ellen Bischoff 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1942789532
Suzanne Gilmore 41101, KYNurse Practitioner1760438865
Crystal Dawn Compton 41701, KYNurse Practitioner1942704747
Jacqueline M Lewis 40517, KYNurse Practitioner1750319117
Judy G Bandy 86305, KYNurse Practitioner1922022086
Jerilyn Brown 40216, KYNurse Practitioner1528089125
All Around Care Llc 40216, KYNurse Practitioner1518417179
Lillian J Findlay 35401, KYNurse Practitioner1194895581
Jennifer B Mullins 40033, KYNurse Practitioner1942307079
Jackson Purchase Medical Associates, Psc 42003, KYNurse Practitioner1699850263
Amy Goodwin Baird 40205, KYNurse Practitioner1073697546
Carrie Mccowan 40701, KYNurse Practitioner1518029727
Teresa A Woosley 47715, KYNurse Practitioner1649337841
Marleen Louise Burns 40504, KYNurse Practitioner1770654493
Christina Marie Rollins 41008, KYNurse Practitioner1700956109
Emily Jean Riley 40536, KYNurse Practitioner1104348705
Nakesha N Mansfield 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1245725159
Evie Sheree Hill 41101, KYNurse Practitioner1760510309
Pamela M Humes 42223, KYNurse Practitioner1851432496
Rosemary E Minnick 40536, KYNurse Practitioner1356419139
Nancy Darlene Ashley 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1083731061
Debra Strotman 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1679608152
Marilyn Grace Thomas 42345, KYNurse Practitioner1184743882
Rose B Vick 37232, KYNurse Practitioner1003098963
Elizabeth Suzanne Crank 41701, KYNurse Practitioner1417153727
Ieshia Miya Blakey 40118, KYNurse Practitioner1467636589
Judi Lynn Kuric 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1093916900
Tonya Hatfield 40504, KYNurse Practitioner1386839272
Melanie Lind Dykes 40906, KYNurse Practitioner1578756821
Michelle L. Osborne 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1962695593
Holly Annette Groves 42220, KYNurse Practitioner1962618033
Lagenia K Wright 40004, KYNurse Practitioner1033440086
Regina Elise Robison 42103, KYNurse Practitioner1316269871
Vanessa Linae Mathieu 41230, KYNurse Practitioner1346547023
Md2u Kentucky Llc 40222, KYNurse Practitioner1992011050
Nova Elizabeth Gatliff 40509, KYNurse Practitioner1932404605
Jennifer Overstreet 42539, KYNurse Practitioner1265739825
Angela M Urhammer 40203, KYNurse Practitioner1881839108
Stephanie M Johnson 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1255647061
Tiffany N Wright 41465, KYNurse Practitioner1487938809
Erin D Macy 40299, KYNurse Practitioner1497023873
Donna Louise Glaspie 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1356571947
Kings Daughters Medical Specialties Inc 41101, KYNurse Practitioner1972830404
Jenna Bratcher 42754, KYNurse Practitioner1639402316
Cindy Annette Rosenberger 42240, KYNurse Practitioner1841517539
Tri rivers Healthcare, Pllc 42078, KYNurse Practitioner1649592304
Kesha Marie Nelson 45229, KYNurse Practitioner1104108331
Leslie A Davis 24228, KYNurse Practitioner1720355977
Karen J Lewis 40211, KYNurse Practitioner1740504752
James Derek Calhoun 42345, KYNurse Practitioner1245542331
Owensboro Health Medical Group Inc 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1265747752
Jody Michele Willis 24282, KYNurse Practitioner1982929147
Amber Kincaid Ballard 40504, KYNurse Practitioner1578844197
Mohammed Akhlack Hossain Mazumder 41653, KYNurse Practitioner1043445927
Susan Lynn Greenwell 47714, KYNurse Practitioner1710430244
Susan Walker 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1487951208
Paul Francis Netzel 27103, KYNurse Practitioner1821383159
Cindy Haines 41095, KYNurse Practitioner1801123831
Lori Ann Fugate 40390, KYNurse Practitioner1306097761
Angela Michele Buck 40342, KYNurse Practitioner1104076371
Victor Lopez 42141, KYNurse Practitioner1851621536
Robin Renee Yanguas 40330, KYNurse Practitioner1619282282
Jenny Mattingly 40356, KYNurse Practitioner1891251146
Linda Boarman 42366, KYNurse Practitioner1003121302
Linda Boarman Fnp Pllc 42366, KYNurse Practitioner1497292999
Rhonda Brooks Quenzer 42101, KYNurse Practitioner1720232135
Misty H Powers 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1043570328
Anne Sterling 45242, KYNurse Practitioner1205199387
Latisha Faye Markins 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1699039248
Valerie Gayle Allen 42503, KYNurse Practitioner1457794604
Desiree Zerhusen 41011, KYNurse Practitioner1588005581
Amy D Hirby 40219, KYNurse Practitioner1710313523
Wendi Lee King 42104, KYNurse Practitioner1275910648
Angela Aurora Cunningham 35957, KYNurse Practitioner1790169274
Emily Jane Peake 40217, KYNurse Practitioner1689084030
Fh&l Family Practice Llc 42129, KYNurse Practitioner1063809523
Holly Becker 40311, KYNurse Practitioner1699154674
Jennifer Gordon 40213, KYNurse Practitioner1235511072
Elizabeth J Kelterborn 14760, KYNurse Practitioner1093184996
Dana Smith 40211, KYNurse Practitioner1740694041
Teal Group, Pllc 41858, KYNurse Practitioner1568720142
Kristin Nicole Crain 37232, KYNurse Practitioner1518309947
Krista Kelly Thompson 40069, KYNurse Practitioner1871836254
Sarah J Campbell 40351, KYNurse Practitioner1477896306
Melissa R Walters 40322, KYNurse Practitioner1275904021
Sara Scureman 95501, KYNurse Practitioner1376946699
Tammy R. Melton 41701, KYNurse Practitioner1922037316
Scott Thompson Wells 40536, KYNurse Practitioner1417357286
Tamara Renee Hayden 40217, KYNurse Practitioner1609130376
Christine Marie Gambrell 46815, KYNurse Practitioner1801299045
Shana Sandifer 40741, KYNurse Practitioner1760876122
Danielle Choate 40223, KYNurse Practitioner1962891689
Kimberly Athena Long 42544, KYNurse Practitioner1245620798
Tara L Mcintosh 40223, KYNurse Practitioner1174923619
Kathryn B Overberg 40223, KYNurse Practitioner1053737973
Christina June Kapfhammer 40059, KYNurse Practitioner1447708284
Keiosha Townsend 33634, KYNurse Practitioner1861878100
Leslie Cook 42223, KYNurse Practitioner1336547413
Samantha K Polk 47634, KYNurse Practitioner1417357542
Megan Marie Kegley 40069, KYNurse Practitioner1174872733
Pamela E Taylor 40216, KYNurse Practitioner1104220482
American Pain Institute, Inc 40203, KYNurse Practitioner1205189446
Krystal Cook 40258, KYNurse Practitioner1881021590
Shawanna Marie Guillory 70570, KYNurse Practitioner1013344274
Allison Howell Briley 24014, KYNurse Practitioner1538411780
Amy Swope 45106, KYNurse Practitioner1457759557
Kara Ann Phillips 42078, KYNurse Practitioner1649649716
Joan Katherine Topp 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1770022550
Cynthia Surer Maggard 40962, KYNurse Practitioner1659611622
Erica Blackburn 41501, KYNurse Practitioner1730518424
Ginger M Smith 40972, KYNurse Practitioner1376916106
Courtney Louise Feral 97330, KYNurse Practitioner1497014658
Michael D Moore 40475, KYNurse Practitioner1508327537
Theresa Ann Wilp 40504, KYNurse Practitioner1376803676
Olga Maria Skinner 40504, KYNurse Practitioner1659795243
Aaron C Vick 41018, KYNurse Practitioner1114353703
Sarah Ruth Peyton 42431, KYNurse Practitioner1033507561
Lesly Hollon 25701, KYNurse Practitioner1912392432
Joshua Lee Harr 45662, KYNurse Practitioner1548772924
Christie Lynn Phillips-fearis 41031, KYNurse Practitioner1629579578
Kristin Farnsley 40299, KYNurse Practitioner1215304167
Callie Jo Jervis 41224, KYNurse Practitioner1841739125
Nakeisha Jo Perkins 42003, KYNurse Practitioner1164966263
Jacqueline Messer 41701, KYNurse Practitioner1295267102
Georgette Greene 40322, KYNurse Practitioner1700322385
Joy Campbell 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1710412614
Kelly Ann Cooper 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1316468820
Amanda Bell 40218, KYNurse Practitioner1669993176
Sharon Hodges 42003, KYNurse Practitioner1366811796
Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic & Sports Rehabilitation Center Psc 47150, KYNurse Practitioner1396101663
Lauren Rae Matheny 25701, KYNurse Practitioner1003350752
Jennifer Little 42071, KYNurse Practitioner1134679509
Joyce Lynn Puckett 40336, KYNurse Practitioner1245784982
Kathryn Ann Morgan 41339, KYNurse Practitioner1295283448
Kaitlin Mary Hayden 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1710438379
Tamela Cook-mobley 40330, KYNurse Practitioner1699216192
Phillip Earl Love 47150, KYNurse Practitioner1407379043
April Diane Brock 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1609399286
Heather Marie Smith 42743, KYNurse Practitioner1699283382
Ashley Jo Moran 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1659874733
Molly Johnson 45638, KYNurse Practitioner1437181104
Bridgette Loreen Carroll 40065, KYNurse Practitioner1598991853
Paul Edmond Cowsar 25701, KYNurse Practitioner1245488410
Violet R Vance 41503, KYNurse Practitioner1770781841
Bernie Justice 41501, KYNurse Practitioner1679702492
Kidney Specialists Of Kyana Pllc 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1326566027
Tosha Thomas 40741, KYNurse Practitioner1558767939
Sierra Greenwade 42240, KYNurse Practitioner1679010466
Sarah Ann Coleman 41501, KYNurse Practitioner1467997940
Chloe M Ruth 40211, KYNurse Practitioner1194248690
Amy Franco 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1487173043
Amber Survant 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1407371289
Kristen Bentley Jones 41653, KYNurse Practitioner1255848917
Jessica Y Harris 42081, KYNurse Practitioner1598273690
Aigne Mental Wellness 42701, KYNurse Practitioner1487168936
James Gregory Howell 40219, KYNurse Practitioner1023550522
Virginia S. Hogan 40356, KYNurse Practitioner1326253808
Jennifer Lynn Martin 41240, KYNurse Practitioner1386141372
Jamie Ryan Baker 45229, KYNurse Practitioner1669987657
Gina Rochelle Perronie 45229, KYNurse Practitioner1093269912
Thomas Vogler 42104, KYNurse Practitioner1194097105
Andrea Semones 40601, KYNurse Practitioner1932539053
Eddie A Manley 42262, KYNurse Practitioner1538482773
Rebecca Ann Day 40701, KYNurse Practitioner1376941534
Alisha Marie Clemons 40351, KYNurse Practitioner1205375474
Lauren Webb Waddle 40601, KYNurse Practitioner1952767717
Tara L Crumble 62960, KYNurse Practitioner1801195466
John Paul Mudd 40206, KYNurse Practitioner1538659479
Jenny Buck 41647, KYNurse Practitioner1386135416
Log Mountain Family Healthcare Llc 40977, KYNurse Practitioner1386156610
Addie Elizabeth Burton 40031, KYNurse Practitioner1356836845
Borru Ming Liou 40211, KYNurse Practitioner1700165636
Blakley E Hackman 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1255857421
Sara Reno 40324, KYNurse Practitioner1831645829
Lauren Davenport Easterwood 42071, KYNurse Practitioner1922538651
Mary Jean Nolan 40741, KYNurse Practitioner1215416581
Elite Emergency Services Of Kentucky, Pllc 42445, KYNurse Practitioner1285909671
Owensboro Health Medical Group, Inc. 42303, KYNurse Practitioner1518308667
Bonnie Marie Ferguson 41635, KYNurse Practitioner1346720505
Owensboro Health Medical Group, Inc 42301, KYNurse Practitioner1013353101
Iniko Zevon Sallee 40503, KYNurse Practitioner1053892448
Jessy Abi Mathews 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1669993259
Mary Compton 45150, KYNurse Practitioner1679929269
Mary Edith Hill 40202, KYNurse Practitioner1538699277
Enis Rosic 41017, KYNurse Practitioner1710498670
Katherine L. Harrell 40207, KYNurse Practitioner1255889820


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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