Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Mary Ricaud Leblanc 70510, LANurse Practitioner1073932687
Trent Fogleman, M.d., Llc 70506, LANurse Practitioner1861554115
Sherri Hatch Gage 70582, LANurse Practitioner1245240506
Carmen Lynette Brown 70560, LANurse Practitioner1295041796
Kimberly C Allen 70501, LANurse Practitioner1568874998
Justin M Bennett 70653, LANurse Practitioner1386637155
Keisha Latrelle Noel 70582, LANurse Practitioner1215284708
Dametra Danielle Taylor 71449, LANurse Practitioner1013416007
Mary Triche Moron 70501, LANurse Practitioner1659598795
Anthony Luczak 70501, LANurse Practitioner1548678055
Grace Ekanem Dinvaut 71449, LANurse Practitioner1194031237
Jonathan A Seghorn 70560, LANurse Practitioner1003146101
Katie Crain Zimmerman 22003, LANurse Practitioner1639154099
Emily Davis 71301, LANurse Practitioner1386100857
Virginia Elizabeth Reimer 17602, LANurse Practitioner1740671395
Alexandria Healthcare Consultants, Llc 71303, LANurse Practitioner1831591650
Shawanna Marie Guillory 70570, LANurse Practitioner1013344274
Charles Mercer 71301, LANurse Practitioner1760724124
Jeremy Matthew Wiley 71301, LANurse Practitioner1508306689
Brianna Denae Carter 71301, LANurse Practitioner1336661164
Rachel Jeanette Ward 71301, LANurse Practitioner1598246134
Cenla Mental Health Llc 71328, LANurse Practitioner1053975748
Christina Norlander Brister 71301, LANurse Practitioner1487885034
George Keith King 71328, LANurse Practitioner1760822084
Victoria Leigh Munsterman 71301, LANurse Practitioner1992225767
Jessica Floyd Thibodeaux 71463, LANurse Practitioner1588189567
Adrianne Beasley Allen 71360, LANurse Practitioner1578978466
Mitsi Tonette Long 71105, LANurse Practitioner1740801752
Darlinda Theresa Dove 71457, LANurse Practitioner1003329871
Kimberly Wall Colston 71303, LANurse Practitioner1730687138
Leslie Walker 71303, LANurse Practitioner1194341628
Misty M Stewart 70809, LANurse Practitioner1285960369
Cynthia M Beverly 70503, LANurse Practitioner1598252223
Mark Declouet 70503, LANurse Practitioner1386925683
Acadiana Psychiatric Solutions Llc 70503, LANurse Practitioner1275926230
Shaundreca Love 71303, LANurse Practitioner1447808118
Lisa Latel Lee 71301, LANurse Practitioner1013577394
James Walter Ling 48104, LANurse Practitioner1396023644
Craig W Manzer 70508, LANurse Practitioner1013114164
Lori Brister 37232, LANurse Practitioner1073852141
Heather Moya 70462, LANurse Practitioner1306236377
Dawn Mccall 70403, LANurse Practitioner1346737319
Angela Rook Paretti 70422, LANurse Practitioner1124686571
Jeanie Landes 70808, LANurse Practitioner1891140430
Asia Santanna Starwood 70808, LANurse Practitioner1619455052
Deborah Louis Banks 71201, LANurse Practitioner1376095398
Stephanie Jean Campos 78150, LANurse Practitioner1508308685
Jennifer Elizabeth Creswell 70750, LANurse Practitioner1700014057
Lisa Deshun Smart 71201, LANurse Practitioner1790291342
Morehouse Parish Hospital Service District 1 71220, LANurse Practitioner1891013496
Jennifer Prichard 71241, LANurse Practitioner1154980977
Bryan Keith Melancon 70809, LANurse Practitioner1922005206
Kirby Dwayne Humbles 70806, LANurse Practitioner1770580060
Mary Penland Speyrer 39503, LANurse Practitioner1659350700
Ashley Cassidy Amedee 70808, LANurse Practitioner1962719690
Quinton Gemyle Bijou 77070, LANurse Practitioner1154728392
Randee Kidder 70809, LANurse Practitioner1962820134
Emily Reed Mcilwain 70815, LANurse Practitioner1316286933
Bridget Bertrand Hodges 70446, LANurse Practitioner1467998971
Kristin Brooke Guidry 70806, LANurse Practitioner1588194641
Ladolpha Person Hopkins 71291, LANurse Practitioner1407363880
Kirsten Maureen Larsen-vansant 35007, LANurse Practitioner1780129775
Louis E Herzog 95210, LANurse Practitioner1356830384
Nancy Mcmorris Walls 70812, LANurse Practitioner1710028238
Kayla S. Aucoin 70808, LANurse Practitioner1780152652
Cassandra Lynn Thomas-jingles 70815, LANurse Practitioner1366754707
Charley L. Roberson 70808, LANurse Practitioner1205391240
Myia E Bozeman 70754, LANurse Practitioner1184110611
Lacie Stelly Walker 70808, LANurse Practitioner1871156067
Christopher L Cataldie 70722, LANurse Practitioner1861984668
Tyra Welsh 70508, LANurse Practitioner1659763134
Leola M Carter 70808, LANurse Practitioner1609158047
Lorri Anne Price 70560, LANurse Practitioner1598190373
Tammy V Bihm 87301, LANurse Practitioner1417319294
Janell Soileau 70803, LANurse Practitioner1255992368
Karrie G Mccoy 70808, LANurse Practitioner1487211397
Cassandra Thomas jingles Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Llc. 70815, LANurse Practitioner1659835346
Ashley Lee 70791, LANurse Practitioner1700365731
Eurica Gaston 70816, LANurse Practitioner1497802946
Kelsey R. Rutherford 70810, LANurse Practitioner1265089221
Barrett Andrew Dixon 70808, LANurse Practitioner1386205656
Jennifer D. Little 70810, LANurse Practitioner1821630567
Dr Terrell S Manuel Llc 70791, LANurse Practitioner1003047994
Mecca Hunter Daigre 70791, LANurse Practitioner1942502323
Dr Terrell S Manuel Llc 70791, LANurse Practitioner1346883352
Amanda Robertson Bolton 70791, LANurse Practitioner1023545019
Jessica Young Handy 70809, LANurse Practitioner1063977502
Wanda G Warner 70805, LANurse Practitioner1194979211
Marjorie S Moore 70806, LANurse Practitioner1518526896
Raven M. Campbell 71373, LANurse Practitioner1235544339
Jamie L Roussel 70808, LANurse Practitioner1972138063
Christina D. Carpenter 70817, LANurse Practitioner1619213899
Kimberly Lomas Bellon 70535, LANurse Practitioner1144850462
Kelsey Heath 78613, LANurse Practitioner1487010393
Kiara Ja'nae Turner 70809, LANurse Practitioner1558856385
Laura Bergeron-hart 98201, LANurse Practitioner1528566866
Laura E Ferguson 70801, LANurse Practitioner1316435316
Virginia Mistretta Mclin 27157, LANurse Practitioner1639536832
Synergy Behavioral Health Services Llc 70802, LANurse Practitioner1659733236
Jennifer Laviolette Vitellaro 70447, LANurse Practitioner1427309400
Aimee Curtis Davis 77598, LANurse Practitioner1063768638
Adrienne Clark Allen 70806, LANurse Practitioner1386005007
Elizabeth Ann Frazier 70754, LANurse Practitioner1427453745
Michelle Bowen 70801, LANurse Practitioner1073008280
Joseph Carter 77505, LANurse Practitioner1285101626
Dwayne Paul Labatut 70737, LANurse Practitioner1760462782
Glenn Jerome Landry 70809, LANurse Practitioner1629375712
Sheri Anne Ammons 70808, LANurse Practitioner1306287263
Monique Pierre Williams 70816, LANurse Practitioner1588184220
Jennifer Perry Lepine 70809, LANurse Practitioner1114387586
Sarah Babineaux 70433, LANurse Practitioner1235584574
Nita Guillot Lindsly 70767, LANurse Practitioner1205902574
Nicholas Glen Maggio 70722, LANurse Practitioner1295398808
Sandra Hills Glenn 70809, LANurse Practitioner1982999264
Jacie Bergeron 70791, LANurse Practitioner1366850513
Nicholas Ryan Boone 70805, LANurse Practitioner1245725837
Laura Mahoney Boyer 70433, LANurse Practitioner1134614183
American Oncology Partners, P.a. 33905, LANurse Practitioner1265929723
Tanya Brown 70808, LANurse Practitioner1134618507
Renee Mitchell Bujol 70767, LANurse Practitioner1548751142
Melissa Carroll 70809, LANurse Practitioner1275910572
Heather Denise Drewes 70737, LANurse Practitioner1508476854
Suzanne Jones Clark 70810, LANurse Practitioner1093143463
Janeka Dequay Scott-collette 70808, LANurse Practitioner1881252674
Erin Acosta Zeringue 70734, LANurse Practitioner1174974596
Heidi Ward Guillory 70808, LANurse Practitioner1154942993
Elizabeth Hardy 70809, LANurse Practitioner1932790060
Ashley Haney 70808, LANurse Practitioner1497269666
Emily Fusilier 70809, LANurse Practitioner1063960433
Megan Tuminello 70737, LANurse Practitioner1043632367
Katherine Montgomery Helo 70809, LANurse Practitioner1639560519
Brittany Carrere Hortin 70769, LANurse Practitioner1689025413
Brett Janis 70808, LANurse Practitioner1982104790
Lakenda Diane Johnson 70810, LANurse Practitioner1902217078
April T Jones 71201, LANurse Practitioner1861630865
Storie Melancon 70808, LANurse Practitioner1740702612
Jeremy Dedeaux 70791, LANurse Practitioner1104233923
Nicole Culbert Miles 70808, LANurse Practitioner1356771240
Carla Rounds Sanders 70806, LANurse Practitioner1518193960
Andrea Viator Murphy 70806, LANurse Practitioner1619484029
Angela L Shaw 70737, LANurse Practitioner1154562049
Tiffany Simon 70809, LANurse Practitioner1730561671
Lisa Hawkins Sorrel 70722, LANurse Practitioner1053618413
Andrea Marie Sleeth 94404, LANurse Practitioner1356956304
Demeka Underwood 70433, LANurse Practitioner1821481516
Timothy Joel Stern 70449, LANurse Practitioner1700261294
Bruce James Sylvas 70809, LANurse Practitioner1952697013
Leah Catherine Rucker 70809, LANurse Practitioner1447854682
Michelle R. Nelson 70808, LANurse Practitioner1821370032
Callie Pitchford 70817, LANurse Practitioner1164072351
Lee M Simon 70769, LANurse Practitioner1114370418
Katherine Manzella Templeton 70809, LANurse Practitioner1275957656
Keytha Lubirta Thompson 70805, LANurse Practitioner1538593538
Judy Davidson Owens 70805, LANurse Practitioner1093980120
Tiffany Kathleen Gibbs 70665, LANurse Practitioner1669012423
Ashley Glaudi Peterson 70433, LANurse Practitioner1780190637
Sandra F Hubbard 70461, LANurse Practitioner1063682060
Leslie S Arceneaux 70427, LANurse Practitioner1073518189
Arris Slocum Brunet 70445, LANurse Practitioner1003882341
Megan Adams 70433, LANurse Practitioner1467018606
Elizabeth Michelle Fitzgerald 70427, LANurse Practitioner1013578129
Holly Holmes Leonhard 70433, LANurse Practitioner1073013702
Natalie Belko 70433, LANurse Practitioner1912466327
Cassandra Danielle Mcelroy 70427, LANurse Practitioner1700315678
Anna Williamson 70433, LANurse Practitioner1447807805
Rosaline Osu 70808, LANurse Practitioner1235653890
Candace F Maggio 70808, LANurse Practitioner1427504893
Sabrina Willis 70433, LANurse Practitioner1477107704
Mindy Trahan Brewer 70461, LANurse Practitioner1205126562
Kathryn Amanda Arnold 39648, LANurse Practitioner1730587767
Christine Evans 70433, LANurse Practitioner1679110977
Rebecca Aleme 70433, LANurse Practitioner1992327472
Lori Miknaitis 70403, LANurse Practitioner1326673575
Heather Saunders Wade 70808, LANurse Practitioner1235464652
Jenna Jo Behlar 80124, LANurse Practitioner1659918753
Paula Mayer Thomas 70433, LANurse Practitioner1093338006
Mikshira Marie Mosely 70117, LANurse Practitioner1780160606
Lisa Raymond-prinz 70433, LANurse Practitioner1033766498
Michele Trosclair 17011, LANurse Practitioner1801223318
Tracy T Aljabi 70433, LANurse Practitioner1568092013
Wendell Perry Robinson 70458, LANurse Practitioner1477950434
Kimberly Cathleen Martin 39643, LANurse Practitioner1316418361
Mary Meadows Bennett 70808, LANurse Practitioner1356567135
Kathryn Michele Accardo 70433, LANurse Practitioner1407121304
Ashley P Steinhauer 70433, LANurse Practitioner1356624555
Hali Miller 70455, LANurse Practitioner1700330396
Frances Lee Bennett 71101, LANurse Practitioner1871725622
Alice C Blue 71111, LANurse Practitioner1477986255
Angela Price Booker 71103, LANurse Practitioner1316492770
Sonya Renee Thomas 71103, LANurse Practitioner1245743913
Jessica Carter Anderson 71111, LANurse Practitioner1801082920
Joseph Robert Martin 71103, LANurse Practitioner1356819312
Patrice Ware Kingsley 71111, LANurse Practitioner1588126007
Siobain Kay Rogers 75601, LANurse Practitioner1134504426
Deangela Kachan Francis-johnson 71101, LANurse Practitioner1780990937
Elvira Cehajic 71101, LANurse Practitioner1710233721
Lindsay Erin Carter 71101, LANurse Practitioner1043659469
Shawna Renee Leong 71111, LANurse Practitioner1891349643
Chesney Finley 71111, LANurse Practitioner1225588312
Karen Griffin Taylor 27106, LANurse Practitioner1811467871


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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