Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Glenda Carol Breakfell Petroff 70420, LANurse Practitioner1609879659
Ana Maria H. Hebert 70072, LANurse Practitioner1174526644
Darie S. Gilliam 70722, LANurse Practitioner1174526883
Tracy P Broussard 70503, LANurse Practitioner1619970308
Christine Sheehan Brennan 70112, LANurse Practitioner1952304453
Monica Andrews Butz 70403, LANurse Practitioner1265435754
Mari Jessica Wirfs 70126, LANurse Practitioner1770586323
Denis James Lockler 70037, LANurse Practitioner1083617526
Cathryn Elizabeth Wright 70596, LANurse Practitioner1053314591
Emily Boriskie Graser 70501, LANurse Practitioner1407859945
Andre' Fontenot Knapp 70601, LANurse Practitioner1407859937
Lydia Mock Young 70809, LANurse Practitioner1326041849
James M Deshotels 70118, LANurse Practitioner1376546887
Patricia G Christy 70601, LANurse Practitioner1376546739
Dawn Bravata Bauer 70118, LANurse Practitioner1649273095
Dorien Rumsey Mahoney 70118, LANurse Practitioner1386647667
Megan Arnold Louque 70471, LANurse Practitioner1447253794
Cynthia Stewart Watson 70503, LANurse Practitioner1497758841
Carolyn Sue Lemoine 71301, LANurse Practitioner1669474797
Elizabeth Nelson Britton 70805, LANurse Practitioner1437153327
Clara Basco Coutee 71351, LANurse Practitioner1962406884
Aimee B Daigle 70764, LANurse Practitioner1659375376
Suzanne S. Dunbar 70570, LANurse Practitioner1356345938
Jeffrey J Stein 70433, LANurse Practitioner1003818287
Amelie Anne Hollier 70506, LANurse Practitioner1194729657
Iris A Malone 70506, LANurse Practitioner1912901406
Carol Adams Netherland 71303, LANurse Practitioner1538164991
Maureen Adrian Poe 70601, LANurse Practitioner1992700272
Lance Waldmeier 70668, LANurse Practitioner1750386140
Beatrice K. Launius 71130, LANurse Practitioner1972508372
Julie Galley 70645, LANurse Practitioner1083619480
Deanna Simoncelli Hodson 70373, LANurse Practitioner1497750509
Annette Lebouef Windham 70360, LANurse Practitioner1366447476
Veronica Ann Eichaker 70112, LANurse Practitioner1780689729
Deanna M Quinn-stevenson 70065, LANurse Practitioner1467457481
Todd Patrick Shaffett 70403, LANurse Practitioner1285639211
Alison Bordelon Nolan 70433, LANurse Practitioner1982609764
Shelley D Leblanc 70546, LANurse Practitioner1851397020
Charles Richard Carleton 71101, LANurse Practitioner1457357469
Deanna Fredericks Harless 70605, LANurse Practitioner1407852288
Sylvia Farrish Redd 71282, LANurse Practitioner1891791794
Barbara Joan Liscum 70121, LANurse Practitioner1720084510
Dolores R. Hawthorne 71366, LANurse Practitioner1295731818
Jane S Flynt 70663, LANurse Practitioner1831196468
Tina Marie Boudreaux 70506, LANurse Practitioner1568468353
Megan Marie Hebert 70601, LANurse Practitioner1912401621
Judy Anne Jameson 71301, LANurse Practitioner1497752018
Joni Ferguson Nickens 70806, LANurse Practitioner1831196096
Mark Collier 70037, LANurse Practitioner1861499972
Jimmy Legros 70570, LANurse Practitioner1063419745
Elizabeth Jo Foret 70394, LANurse Practitioner1891792560
John Thomas Baskett 70360, LANurse Practitioner1467459388
Sharon D Adley 71108, LANurse Practitioner1770581274
Yvonne H. Krielow 70591, LANurse Practitioner1881692218
Colleen Frantz Bodet 70115, LANurse Practitioner1447258744
April Anne Zarifian 70065, LANurse Practitioner1740288802
Dennis James Guidry 70506, LANurse Practitioner1194723627
John David Theriot 70360, LANurse Practitioner1619974367
Angela Fuller Doiron 70380, LANurse Practitioner1073511960
Otto Joseph Bonin 70791, LANurse Practitioner1558368316
Gene Francis Bergeron 70360, LANurse Practitioner1285631937
Bryan Keith Melancon 70809, LANurse Practitioner1922005206
Kirby Dwayne Humbles 70806, LANurse Practitioner1770580060
Ryan Joseph Mcguire 70115, LANurse Practitioner1356340160
Mary Patricia Gootee 70119, LANurse Practitioner1669470472
Laurie M. Kinchen 70403, LANurse Practitioner1497754899
Tammy Cline Gillett 70663, LANurse Practitioner1962401265
Marilyn Hopson Watson 70663, LANurse Practitioner1013916378
Lynn Bernaird Pennington 70808, LANurse Practitioner1720087828
Sheila S. Perkins 70806, LANurse Practitioner1871593533
Pamela Smith Shriver 70806, LANurse Practitioner1629078068
Heather Lynn Surcouf 70043, LANurse Practitioner1619978541
Amanda Kimble Crawford 70806, LANurse Practitioner1891794020
Catherine Ann Pourciau 70714, LANurse Practitioner1619977824
Rebecca Knost Bokun 70808, LANurse Practitioner1356340038
Corinne Kauffeld Rougeau 70808, LANurse Practitioner1982604187
Mary Catherine Hess 39466, LANurse Practitioner1346249570
Angela L Hardee 70542, LANurse Practitioner1386644466
Dorotha W Kubricht 70722, LANurse Practitioner1255331468
Julia Kathleen Bull 70508, LANurse Practitioner1659372134
Patricia Ann Romano 71101, LANurse Practitioner1770584955
Stella P Prejean 70508, LANurse Practitioner1215939293
Kathleen B Richardson 71483, LANurse Practitioner1588666994
Jennifer Gay Bennett 71269, LANurse Practitioner1255323390
James E Harper 71101, LANurse Practitioner1003808569
Staci S. Gulino 70810, LANurse Practitioner1467445718
Mary Hirchak Garcia 71301, LANurse Practitioner1972596765
Marsha Louise Murray 71101, LANurse Practitioner1437142247
Mary Kay Hartman 70070, LANurse Practitioner1336132190
Laurie Harmon 71463, LANurse Practitioner1649651571
John Lucien Lenfant 70125, LANurse Practitioner1669465647
Deborah Elaine White 70503, LANurse Practitioner1205829173
Wendy Anne Pratt 70433, LANurse Practitioner1225021207
Ann Hodnett Rogers 71301, LANurse Practitioner1144213935
Georgette Boudreaux Guillory 70584, LANurse Practitioner1518951086
Elvina Ann Lorraine Cheramie 70345, LANurse Practitioner1164417234
Patricia T Kennedy 71101, LANurse Practitioner1972599116
Donald B Smith 71101, LANurse Practitioner1407842644
Dondria Rachelle Hollies 70115, LANurse Practitioner1194712844
Timothy James Jackson 70503, LANurse Practitioner1144217969
Robert Allen Varnado 70817, LANurse Practitioner1689662439
Colette Marie Blanchard 70817, LANurse Practitioner1104814961
Joyce Catherine Mire 70809, LANurse Practitioner1184617623
Kenya D. Knox-lewis 70056, LANurse Practitioner1235486747
William H Hardin 70809, LANurse Practitioner1073508552
Virginia A Garner 71110, LANurse Practitioner1063407021
Jaime N Crocker 99216, LANurse Practitioner1053306456
Chantel Charpentier 70301, LANurse Practitioner1821086133
Gwendolyn Janis Lemaire 71459, LANurse Practitioner1821087545
Jo Anna Domiano Leblanc 70380, LANurse Practitioner1730178492
Jennifer Henderson Leblanc 70809, LANurse Practitioner1033108238
Rachel Marie Cunningham 70503, LANurse Practitioner1750370706
Geraldine Stump Earwood 71459, LANurse Practitioner1497745327
Carylss Ducote 71303, LANurse Practitioner1770573313
Zelma Katherine Randall 70722, LANurse Practitioner1689664104
Tiameko Rochelle Overton 70508, LANurse Practitioner1962492249
Robert Anthony Conner 70601, LANurse Practitioner1053302745
Anna Marie Crawford 70601, LANurse Practitioner1164403630
Matthew Brent Wegner 71291, LANurse Practitioner1518949650
John Joseph Kight 70601, LANurse Practitioner1093797169
Melanie Tharp 71301, LANurse Practitioner1043292139
Valerie P. Scott 71101, LANurse Practitioner1710969795
Chrystal Rogers 71360, LANurse Practitioner1538141916
Atascosa Physician Services, Pa 78026, LANurse Practitioner1750753125
Kelli May Drost 71220, LANurse Practitioner1487644712
Todd Weeks 12078, LANurse Practitioner1104815836
Britta Smith 70115, LANurse Practitioner1205352242
Deeanna Bennett Beaver 70360, LANurse Practitioner1033109038
Marsha Long Seibert 70438, LANurse Practitioner1396239869
Ellen Stewart Murray 71201, LANurse Practitioner1003806225
Kelly Valentine Novak 71115, LANurse Practitioner1750364428
Stella M. Souther 70506, LANurse Practitioner1033193370
Kathryn M. Diaz 70506, LANurse Practitioner1427032747
Courtney F Moberley 71282, LANurse Practitioner1164406567
Yolanda Robertson Hill 70805, LANurse Practitioner1669456877
Julie B Rhodes 70360, LANurse Practitioner1790769628
Stacey Smith Perrault 70808, LANurse Practitioner1710961677
Tina K Monlezun 70549, LANurse Practitioner1104800846
Constance M Darbonne 70549, LANurse Practitioner1134103708
Lake Arthur Health Clinic Llc 70549, LANurse Practitioner1609850270
Beverly Jean Mccoy 70435, LANurse Practitioner1922083286
Cardiovascular Institute Of The South, Apmc 70360, LANurse Practitioner1982689113
Gillespie Emergency Medicine Associates Pa 78624, LANurse Practitioner1194700377
Chris James Dement 71201, LANurse Practitioner1699750422
Pulaski Emergency Group Llc 72076, LANurse Practitioner1174509673
Las Animas Emergency Group Llc 81082, LANurse Practitioner1972589372
Hope hempstead Emegency Group Llc 71801, LANurse Practitioner1235115726
Kellie Roy Bertrand 71369, LANurse Practitioner1225014665
Carol W Simmons 38125, LANurse Practitioner1003892951
Hernando Emergency Group Llc 34601, LANurse Practitioner1619954252
Seminole Emergency Group Llc 32771, LANurse Practitioner1346227980
Gwendolyn E Wheeler 70438, LANurse Practitioner1811974405
James Wright Brooks 71101, LANurse Practitioner1508843541
Joseph Eugene Williams 70121, LANurse Practitioner1649258252
Dr. Robert Lesser And Associates 70115, LANurse Practitioner1023098381
Amy Marie Garcie 71486, LANurse Practitioner1215917513
Kimberly D Sherrill 71201, LANurse Practitioner1760452734
Okaloosa Emergency Group Llc 32539, LANurse Practitioner1336126978
Lyndi Relle Dupre 70118, LANurse Practitioner1982063574
Bulah Fay Darnell 72650, LANurse Practitioner1881677797
Keith Wayne Odendahl 70808, LANurse Practitioner1811977846
Caitlyn Boudreaux 70605, LANurse Practitioner1619416435
Stephanie Johnson 70769, LANurse Practitioner1932649837
Maritza Elizabeth Salgado 70123, LANurse Practitioner1902884158
Lindsay C Bratton-mullins 70809, LANurse Practitioner1528044682
Peggy-jo Jones Alker 70121, LANurse Practitioner1861478414
Chad Ray Hodge 70601, LANurse Practitioner1154854255
Renetta Walters Allen 70123, LANurse Practitioner1366427460
Ronald Wayne Midyett 78418, LANurse Practitioner1013401488
Cathy Hobbs Bartley 71103, LANurse Practitioner1518938703
Julie F Ratliff 70506, LANurse Practitioner1477524510
Karen M Deshotel 70506, LANurse Practitioner1326019258
Margaret N. Snipes 71232, LANurse Practitioner1497726335
Recel M. Harris 71232, LANurse Practitioner1811968779
Nancy Jean Williams 70433, LANurse Practitioner1205809563
David Michael Lofstrom 71270, LANurse Practitioner1053384495
Linda Gay Ferguson 71101, LANurse Practitioner1306819255
Bonnie Gayle Smith 70508, LANurse Practitioner1053385401
Frankie V Carver 71306, LANurse Practitioner1790759660
Catherine D David 70809, LANurse Practitioner1982678728
Karen S. Lambousy 70058, LANurse Practitioner1043286834
Donna N Saterfiel 71291, LANurse Practitioner1285600908
Lorenzo Boykin Fisher 70445, LANurse Practitioner1013983378
Mary Lynette Wade 71241, LANurse Practitioner1710953195
Jennifer Burns Norwood 71103, LANurse Practitioner1699741751
Jodi Vicens Buras 70461, LANurse Practitioner1265409080
Melanie Guthrie Nutter 70809, LANurse Practitioner1609843200
Louis Victor Crenshaw 71360, LANurse Practitioner1114994746
Frances Marion Turregano 71301, LANurse Practitioner1144297763
Jo-ann Lanouette Cook 71055, LANurse Practitioner1780651349
Diana Holtz Dunston 70809, LANurse Practitioner1780651125
Jonathan Daniel Ieyoub 70809, LANurse Practitioner1407823594
Aloha Emergency Group Llc 96817, LANurse Practitioner1881662815
Otero Emergency Group Llc 81050, LANurse Practitioner1467420067
Liberty Emergency Group Llc 31313, LANurse Practitioner1073581682
Ewa Emergency Group Llc 96706, LANurse Practitioner1134197775
Campbellsville Emergency Group Llc 42718, LANurse Practitioner1215905856
Iberia Emergency Group Llc 70563, LANurse Practitioner1609844265
St Landry Emergency Group Llc 70570, LANurse Practitioner1497724967
Emergency Group Of Lafayette Llc 70508, LANurse Practitioner1609845130


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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