Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Louisiana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Louisiana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Bryan Keith Melancon 70809, LANurse Practitioner1922005206
Kirby Dwayne Humbles 70806, LANurse Practitioner1770580060
Marsha Long Seibert 70438, LANurse Practitioner1396239869
Katie Crain Zimmerman 22003, LANurse Practitioner1639154099
Mary Penland Speyrer 39503, LANurse Practitioner1659350700
Brandy G Milliner 23507, LANurse Practitioner1124008115
Sarah Harrington Daigle 70503, LANurse Practitioner1316901572
Stacey W. Boudoin 70448, LANurse Practitioner1861459794
Leah Bowers 70056, LANurse Practitioner1114983665
Latwana Matthew 71457, LANurse Practitioner1902349848
Emily Davis 71301, LANurse Practitioner1386100857
Jarrett Frank Rule 71449, LANurse Practitioner1972617421
Robin Roush Wood 71068, LANurse Practitioner1194746818
David Mark Bossenmeyer 70433, LANurse Practitioner1699797951
Brenda Lee Salmeron 70002, LANurse Practitioner1710091962
Joseph Webber 32503, LANurse Practitioner1104845791
Rebecca A Rhodes 74637, LANurse Practitioner1932296209
Rena Marie Braswell 71280, LANurse Practitioner1821180142
De'anna A Dark 70346, LANurse Practitioner1205306602
Richland Parish Hospital Service District No 1 b 71269, LANurse Practitioner1043368392
Wronetta Ann Charles 70570, LANurse Practitioner1558424366
Binu Pannachan 39120, LANurse Practitioner1184130908
Brandie Marie Ponder 70301, LANurse Practitioner1588856918
Phillip L Miller 71201, LANurse Practitioner1922261551
Elizabeth Catherine Gage 70119, LANurse Practitioner1972080505
Ashley Glaudi Peterson 70433, LANurse Practitioner1780190637
Lana M Heath 76092, LANurse Practitioner1245437193
Kimberly Lynn George 71202, LANurse Practitioner1265630727
Ashley Cassidy Amedee 70808, LANurse Practitioner1962719690
Frances Lee Bennett 71101, LANurse Practitioner1871725622
Amy Elizabeth Fontenot 70586, LANurse Practitioner1427365105
Michele Marie Boutin 70114, LANurse Practitioner1316227820
Bryan James Krieger 39466, LANurse Practitioner1124396403
Shelly Sebastien Richard 70506, LANurse Practitioner1013291350
Jerry Wilson Batson 71292, LANurse Practitioner1578896122
Samona Smith Drexler 70503, LANurse Practitioner1124323902
Atnena Leann Luster 70433, LANurse Practitioner1386891372
Jamie Marie Portacci 71270, LANurse Practitioner1659503092
Christy Elaine Lee 70508, LANurse Practitioner1932406832
Tracey Renee Mattio 70049, LANurse Practitioner1588949341
Jessica Matise Albores 70806, LANurse Practitioner1407142946
Cynthia Middleton Gray 71295, LANurse Practitioner1104140987
Anne Kyte Thiel 70433, LANurse Practitioner1083990139
Bridget Miller Price 70360, LANurse Practitioner1124335831
John Gary Chaney 70806, LANurse Practitioner1134447816
Carol Tharp Powell 71201, LANurse Practitioner1942456603
Elizabeth Lynette Martin 70750, LANurse Practitioner1861701948
Kelly H Warren 71105, LANurse Practitioner1164767398
Tiffaney Crymes Britt 71202, LANurse Practitioner1417219338
Shannon Margaret Knight 71303, LANurse Practitioner1457791782
Dana Marie Ledet-hurd 77304, LANurse Practitioner1366870966
Amy Hart Depta 38024, LANurse Practitioner1841612066
Terrica Terrell Williams 70809, LANurse Practitioner1043633183
Jessica Chaumont 70535, LANurse Practitioner1982095824
Virginia Elizabeth Reimer 17602, LANurse Practitioner1740671395
Quinton Gemyle Bijou 77070, LANurse Practitioner1154728392
Ashley J. Cusimano 70002, LANurse Practitioner1306228135
Randee Kidder 70809, LANurse Practitioner1962820134
Stella Maris Health Llc 70503, LANurse Practitioner1275901746
Emily Carissa Knight 70470, LANurse Practitioner1457852493
Wcs Professional Services Of Virginia, Llc 23606, LANurse Practitioner1871018457
Brandee Ann Yarbrough 71203, LANurse Practitioner1366833006
Alexandria Healthcare Consultants, Llc 71303, LANurse Practitioner1831591650
Emily Reed Mcilwain 70815, LANurse Practitioner1316286933
Michael Patrick England 70648, LANurse Practitioner1598171241
Dedra Delphine Terry 36609, LANurse Practitioner1184089369
Beau James Leonard 70360, LANurse Practitioner1235512666
Nikki Michelle Hunter-greenaway 70119, LANurse Practitioner1841541257
Shawanna Marie Guillory 70570, LANurse Practitioner1013344274
Sarah Walker 70601, LANurse Practitioner1760825152
Rebecca M Breaux 70301, LANurse Practitioner1538596739
Sandra F Hubbard 70461, LANurse Practitioner1063682060
Mary Ricaud Leblanc 70510, LANurse Practitioner1073932687
Sara S Blanchard 78644, LANurse Practitioner1780083360
Lance Henagan 70605, LANurse Practitioner1326422924
Bridget Bertrand Hodges 70446, LANurse Practitioner1467998971
Heather Moya 70462, LANurse Practitioner1306236377
Caroline White 70517, LANurse Practitioner1326479361
Charles Mercer 71301, LANurse Practitioner1760724124
Deborah A Fogg 99159, LANurse Practitioner1558600015
Mia Wallin Roberts 80110, LANurse Practitioner1245651512
Chuck Anthony Venable 70560, LANurse Practitioner1265849129
Silas Willoughby 70119, LANurse Practitioner1649782814
Angela Craig 70634, LANurse Practitioner1902288095
Cathy Davis 70458, LANurse Practitioner1891152906
James Kelley Blankenship 70503, LANurse Practitioner1639536618
Jordan Stratton Cruz 70427, LANurse Practitioner1700235249
Crystal Roberson 70125, LANurse Practitioner1134668411
Shane Glass 70115, LANurse Practitioner1740718774
Kendell Rachel Fisher 71327, LANurse Practitioner1487183497
Blaire Weatherford Arceneaux 70118, LANurse Practitioner1033618772
Rhea Evette Kyles 70737, LANurse Practitioner1235599564
Renee Claire Sons 70548, LANurse Practitioner1548783400
Kristen Bordelon Jeansonne 71327, LANurse Practitioner1831612415
Sherri Drake 71378, LANurse Practitioner1891225025
Amanda Partin 70601, LANurse Practitioner1750890349
Emily Callens Scuderi 70663, LANurse Practitioner1235676404
Yvonne Eileen Alexander 70601, LANurse Practitioner1043757164
Amanda Kate Dawson 70601, LANurse Practitioner1033659156
Jeremy Matthew Wiley 71301, LANurse Practitioner1508306689
Kristin Brooke Guidry 70806, LANurse Practitioner1588194641
Shayla Lux Autrey 70538, LANurse Practitioner1245760800
Brianna Denae Carter 71301, LANurse Practitioner1336661164
Misty Dalme 71457, LANurse Practitioner1922506724
Dakota Family Healthcare, Llc 70634, LANurse Practitioner1639672777
Katie Brooke Deshotel 70554, LANurse Practitioner1205343183
Marnitta Demming 71105, LANurse Practitioner1225539984
Meryn Olivier 70809, LANurse Practitioner1023474061
Angela Jones 70663, LANurse Practitioner1770944985
Katasha Taylor 94598, LANurse Practitioner1427502004
Angela Price Booker 71103, LANurse Practitioner1316492770
Amy Miller 70808, LANurse Practitioner1215457023
Janelle Marie Vicknair 70122, LANurse Practitioner1164963179
Bhavik S Patel 39648, LANurse Practitioner1700316536
Olivia Ford 70121, LANurse Practitioner1952811093
Elisha Collins 70127, LANurse Practitioner1811437866
Mary Catherine Cheramie 70301, LANurse Practitioner1528563665
Lhcg Cxxvi Llc 70002, LANurse Practitioner1568992451
Dawn Mccall 70403, LANurse Practitioner1346737319
Brittany Shaw 39466, LANurse Practitioner1073905923
Trejon Anshelle Brignac 70068, LANurse Practitioner1891285516
Trent Fogleman, M.d., Llc 70506, LANurse Practitioner1861554115
Amanda C. Offner 70043, LANurse Practitioner1518496819
Lisa Robinson Lauve 71303, LANurse Practitioner1619462165
Jessica Elaine Sonnier 70068, LANurse Practitioner1699278093
Ladolpha Person Hopkins 71291, LANurse Practitioner1407363880
Molly Broom 70433, LANurse Practitioner1285120808
Kirsten Maureen Larsen-vansant 35007, LANurse Practitioner1780129775
James Buford Jeane 70663, LANurse Practitioner1801372248
Amber Brooke Etheridge 71201, LANurse Practitioner1982180337
Bethanie Taylor Thibodaux 70380, LANurse Practitioner1740732536
Selisa Malvo Valyan 70601, LANurse Practitioner1841779097
Rachel Jeanette Ward 71301, LANurse Practitioner1598246134
Raedawn Tarnisha Mackey 70113, LANurse Practitioner1811478803
William Eugene Craig 70634, LANurse Practitioner1396265427
Louis E Herzog 95210, LANurse Practitioner1356830384
Elizabeth Mangum 71103, LANurse Practitioner1649625807
Chassidy Green 70805, LANurse Practitioner1811311756
Deepa Vijay Panchang 70119, LANurse Practitioner1902390941
Jacob Victor Crawford 71368, LANurse Practitioner1962987586
Ez Care Iowa Llc 70647, LANurse Practitioner1699260802
Asia Santanna Starwood 70808, LANurse Practitioner1619455052
Adam William Allen 70458, LANurse Practitioner1740549799
Joshua Duane Dahlen 70503, LANurse Practitioner1154711786
Chandra Vera Chapman 30157, LANurse Practitioner1770949364
Brittany D Fortie 70570, LANurse Practitioner1396111480
Sonya Renee Thomas 71103, LANurse Practitioner1245743913
Kayla S. Aucoin 70808, LANurse Practitioner1780152652
Seda Ozoral 70808, LANurse Practitioner1528557915
Rosemary Royce 90245, LANurse Practitioner1396799706
Barbara E Beckford 90245, LANurse Practitioner1437167913
Joy Fletcher Chairs 70065, LANurse Practitioner1184138653
Lindsey Latino Solar 70119, LANurse Practitioner1548734932
Brittany Shaheen Lanclos 70508, LANurse Practitioner1770023079
Cassandra Lynn Thomas-jingles 70815, LANurse Practitioner1366754707
Kellye Ritter 70115, LANurse Practitioner1184128365
Charley L. Roberson 70808, LANurse Practitioner1205391240
Robin Bass Spring 39648, LANurse Practitioner1114407137
Lauren Courville 70601, LANurse Practitioner1790293645
Brandi Prather 70508, LANurse Practitioner1891152385
Heather Leblanc 70433, LANurse Practitioner1881167039
Marcia Ann Blereau 70380, LANurse Practitioner1588198212
Carrie Ormsby 71446, LANurse Practitioner1033676234
Healthcare In Harmony, Llc 70461, LANurse Practitioner1699257428
Myia E Bozeman 70754, LANurse Practitioner1184110611
Kimberly Johns Bertucci 70127, LANurse Practitioner1417466871
Angela Fussell 71055, LANurse Practitioner1528443249
Mary Kathryn Edwards 71201, LANurse Practitioner1174096853
Megan Neal Legendre 70084, LANurse Practitioner1316402969
Shannon Eaton 70125, LANurse Practitioner1295281806
Coeva Barnes Gatlin 39648, LANurse Practitioner1548763980
Emily Leanne Welch 71103, LANurse Practitioner1386137586
Gayle Elliott 71360, LANurse Practitioner1861988537
Leslie S Arceneaux 70427, LANurse Practitioner1073518189
Rachel Leigh Zeevi 70115, LANurse Practitioner1407371669
Christopher L Cataldie 70722, LANurse Practitioner1861984668
Jennifer Ewing Marchand 70577, LANurse Practitioner1952868051
Jennifer Levinson 71270, LANurse Practitioner1780852962
Emily Geesling Bergeron 70538, LANurse Practitioner1033627906
Rosalind Renee Mobley 70068, LANurse Practitioner1730512096
Cenla Mental Health Llc 71328, LANurse Practitioner1053975748
Deborah Louis Banks 71201, LANurse Practitioner1376095398
Amber Dawn Robertson 71201, LANurse Practitioner1295010114
Sandra Carter 71201, LANurse Practitioner1740223387
Shetila Burrell 70815, LANurse Practitioner1194142075
Leola M Carter 70808, LANurse Practitioner1609158047
Charles G Mclemore 70601, LANurse Practitioner1497736995
Trevor Austin Gates 70503, LANurse Practitioner1407384068
Belinda R. Morgan 71201, LANurse Practitioner1487653846
Kelly B Dodd 71241, LANurse Practitioner1124542519
Arris Slocum Brunet 70445, LANurse Practitioner1003882341
James Matthew Miller 70508, LANurse Practitioner1811555121
Ashley Cheek 71220, LANurse Practitioner1518525419
Angela Rook Paretti 70422, LANurse Practitioner1124686571
Guiseon Kim 70125, LANurse Practitioner1245696772
Fred T Barnette 71202, LANurse Practitioner1184811960
Karen Lynne Rhodes 71055, LANurse Practitioner1346587540
Alexandra Jones Stewart 71101, LANurse Practitioner1700166717
Lisa Deshun Smart 71201, LANurse Practitioner1790291342
Lorri Anne Price 70560, LANurse Practitioner1598190373


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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