Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Massachusetts

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Massachusetts:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Amy Friedman-lee 01864, MANurse Practitioner1902809767
Maurice Melchiono 02115, MANurse Practitioner1215930615
Melinda J Curtin 02118, MANurse Practitioner1215484811
Sara Ardila 01852, MANurse Practitioner1871091728
Susan Rosenberg 02667, MANurse Practitioner1831193184
Karen Quinn-costa 02740, MANurse Practitioner1194727149
Dallas Leonard 02747, MANurse Practitioner1316949407
Kristen Marie Haviland 01610, MANurse Practitioner1598137663
Mary Kathleen Smith 02118, MANurse Practitioner1972507325
Ann L Leal 02740, MANurse Practitioner1154326809
Amy Walenga 02601, MANurse Practitioner1336145499
Mary P Orencole 02114, MANurse Practitioner1912903725
Joann Furlong 01843, MANurse Practitioner1699771444
Margaret White-guthro 01950, MANurse Practitioner1497751200
Barbara Jean Wynter 02184, MANurse Practitioner1720084452
Shari A Waite 01453, MANurse Practitioner1972509545
Caroline Dudman 02180, MANurse Practitioner1194194126
Dianna Gormley 01845, MANurse Practitioner1043688195
Dawn Kritter 01843, MANurse Practitioner1558865691
Paula Grant 01830, MANurse Practitioner1144227554
Nancy D Lowery 85032, MANurse Practitioner1902803398
Margaret Rita Nelson 01841, MANurse Practitioner1184622813
Patricia A Karwan 01655, MANurse Practitioner1700883568
James Matthew Hayes 02747, MANurse Practitioner1780682245
Margaret Ann Fitzgerald 01841, MANurse Practitioner1467450916
Margaret M Hoffman 02026, MANurse Practitioner1376541631
Mary M Djaferis 01331, MANurse Practitioner1508864760
Kristin A Mccarthy 01331, MANurse Practitioner1225036486
Catherine Maguire Pereira 02747, MANurse Practitioner1265430102
Theresa Clare Weir 02118, MANurse Practitioner1699772715
Helen Petros 01107, MANurse Practitioner1689671505
Cynthia M. Paradise 02747, MANurse Practitioner1861490708
Andrew Staffier 02149, MANurse Practitioner1114926094
Margaret A Mastrangelo 01020, MANurse Practitioner1568462448
Cynthia Carroll Maclachlan 02382, MANurse Practitioner1265432728
Stephanie Barbeau 01923, MANurse Practitioner1417957762
Anne Yvonne Marcoux 01950, MANurse Practitioner1295735512
Jeanne C Benoit 02169, MANurse Practitioner1942200324
Mary B Hopwood 02169, MANurse Practitioner1891795811
Martha S Spiro 01040, MANurse Practitioner1952302986
Jacqueline F Kennedy 01093, MANurse Practitioner1609877653
Marilyn B Green 02169, MANurse Practitioner1720089683
Helen Jenest 02169, MANurse Practitioner1407857378
Diana L Fairfax 02760, MANurse Practitioner1023016953
Margaret West 02115, MANurse Practitioner1689674236
Kathryn Korte 01230, MANurse Practitioner1043211956
Ramona K. Flightner 02128, MANurse Practitioner1376542001
Beverly M Hector-smith 02115, MANurse Practitioner1760483143
Patricia Wirth-moody 02081, MANurse Practitioner1619978079
Ellen Dianne Kawadler 02186, MANurse Practitioner1952302267
Cecilia Mullen 02169, MANurse Practitioner1538160684
Karen Beth Poushter 01876, MANurse Practitioner1710989629
Kristin Louise Alexander 02543, MANurse Practitioner1851393607
Terry E. Mahan Buttaro 01913, MANurse Practitioner1528060092
Irina Seliverstov 01901, MANurse Practitioner1386646099
Melinda D Jones 01901, MANurse Practitioner1033111711
Maura A Mcgovern 01960, MANurse Practitioner1073515755
Jennifer Fournier 02215, MANurse Practitioner1801898275
Cynthia Bashaw 01830, MANurse Practitioner1730181108
Linda Marie Caldwell 02184, MANurse Practitioner1407848583
Sandra Marie Berardi 55402, MANurse Practitioner1508858689
Geraldine Kennedy 01104, MANurse Practitioner1851383434
Margaret Hadro Venzke 20007, MANurse Practitioner1780676379
Kimberly Anise Powers 02114, MANurse Practitioner1417949041
Cheryl E Ray 02571, MANurse Practitioner1851383319
Lgh Physician Associates, Inc 01852, MANurse Practitioner1972596146
Patricia E Corcoran 02081, MANurse Practitioner1952394009
Mary Ellen Dickinson 02301, MANurse Practitioner1356334429
Julie L Dalton 01810, MANurse Practitioner1023001088
Julie L Jones 01805, MANurse Practitioner1568455350
Julianne Nemes Walsh 02481, MANurse Practitioner1770584096
Kathleen P. Pearl 07960, MANurse Practitioner1851392344
Janet Marie Lincoln 02360, MANurse Practitioner1881686996
Nancy O'rourke 01655, MANurse Practitioner1366443418
Michelle Farrell-white 02114, MANurse Practitioner1770001661
Cindy Munro Popovic 01757, MANurse Practitioner1427059021
Constance Norton 02038, MANurse Practitioner1760476154
Maureen F Oshea 02186, MANurse Practitioner1447244694
Karen A Shea 02368, MANurse Practitioner1558355701
Jessica R Tropp 01060, MANurse Practitioner1124012216
Debra Ann Benson 02062, MANurse Practitioner1689668758
Roxanne F Musto 02186, MANurse Practitioner1710971510
Ellen M Westman 01950, MANurse Practitioner1922092782
Jeanine E Marrocco 01824, MANurse Practitioner1023002649
Lisa Ann Brown 01852, MANurse Practitioner1396739934
Sonia Lipson 02122, MANurse Practitioner1396730800
Gene E Landis 01843, MANurse Practitioner1245225671
Kate E. Mottau 02301, MANurse Practitioner1376538611
Nancy E Deforest 02093, MANurse Practitioner1467447482
Mary Hanson 02301, MANurse Practitioner1740275650
Julie A Gallagher 01862, MANurse Practitioner1174518872
Sandra C Dacosta 02740, MANurse Practitioner1023003688
Deborah L Fischer 02601, MANurse Practitioner1750377107
Jill Robin Siskind 01550, MANurse Practitioner1497741680
Internal Medicine & Cardiology Associates 02720, MANurse Practitioner1396731568
David A Massey 01950, MANurse Practitioner1922094903
Alice J. Vaine 01440, MANurse Practitioner1164418059
John J O'neil 02360, MANurse Practitioner1619963592
Tanya M Hopkins 02360, MANurse Practitioner1376539262
Barbara Sullivan 80012, MANurse Practitioner1063408912
Robin Louise Galvin 02301, MANurse Practitioner1245226091
Cheryl Elizabeth Noyes 02301, MANurse Practitioner1639165699
Kelly Fralick 81657, MANurse Practitioner1487641122
Jean M Bernhardt 02113, MANurse Practitioner1265428072
Barbara Anne Murphy 02128, MANurse Practitioner1215924980
Marcia Guerra Chwalek 01805, MANurse Practitioner1922095629
Rosemarie Paolini 02301, MANurse Practitioner1225025877
Henry Heywood Memorial Hospital 01440, MANurse Practitioner1205823879
Heywood Medical Group Inc. 01440, MANurse Practitioner1699762286
Judy Fredette 01440, MANurse Practitioner1457348021
Janice Marie King 01844, MANurse Practitioner1710974217
Shannon E West-buxton 01028, MANurse Practitioner1407843709
Genevieve B Sloboda 01720, MANurse Practitioner1912994195
Maureen Ann Gaughan 02364, MANurse Practitioner1699762864
Rana M Levitt 02747, MANurse Practitioner1649267766
Cathy Sizer 01886, MANurse Practitioner1467449512
Tina M Griffin 01440, MANurse Practitioner1295722072
Nancy Graham 02540, MANurse Practitioner1609864479
Christine M. Mcmahon 01440, MANurse Practitioner1649268277
Karen W Beraha 02747, MANurse Practitioner1699762732
Charlene Julien 02118, MANurse Practitioner1790148864
Joy Sweetall 01960, MANurse Practitioner1497740666
Sarah Lee Spiros 01605, MANurse Practitioner1679919716
Laura L Morrow 02061, MANurse Practitioner1164419271
Meher Makda 02115, MANurse Practitioner1851843510
Lassalete G Costa 02747, MANurse Practitioner1528055654
Sandra M Sousa 02747, MANurse Practitioner1770570897
Michelle Leblanc-gaffney 02747, MANurse Practitioner1780671800
Kristen E Madden 02747, MANurse Practitioner1699762716
Lily Mulcahy 02563, MANurse Practitioner1679044218
Mary T Griffin 02035, MANurse Practitioner1134117427
Deborah Morone 20007, MANurse Practitioner1821086109
Debra Lyn Cambridge 02114, MANurse Practitioner1366430548
Nina Lapine 01923, MANurse Practitioner1326036500
Gale M Mason 01107, MANurse Practitioner1699763888
Meredith Alyssa Poppish 02128, MANurse Practitioner1164410478
Malissa Penny-forsyth 80012, MANurse Practitioner1154319374
Deborah Benes 01655, MANurse Practitioner1548258890
Lynne Monfreda 01453, MANurse Practitioner1033107396
Cheri Margo Brady 06040, MANurse Practitioner1124016357
Williamstown Medical Associates Pc 01267, MANurse Practitioner1154319200
Mary Helen Darcy 02155, MANurse Practitioner1316935455
Karen M Kovacs 02324, MANurse Practitioner1811986748
Mary Theresa B Diperri 02135, MANurse Practitioner1437148350
Brooke Guthrie 01845, MANurse Practitioner1235128000
Barbara J. Walker 01440, MANurse Practitioner1154310969
Jayne Laurin Kinney 01450, MANurse Practitioner1538158332
Helen M Laliberte-fricano 01844, MANurse Practitioner1184613812
Yana Antonellis 02130, MANurse Practitioner1497744981
Barbara Ann Agee 02747, MANurse Practitioner1932198348
Joy A Watters 02747, MANurse Practitioner1366431777
Sheila Mary Dorgan 02747, MANurse Practitioner1740279165
Carolyn M O'brien 02038, MANurse Practitioner1104815539
Martha A. Coleman 01740, MANurse Practitioner1346239787
Karen R Crowley 02148, MANurse Practitioner1487643755
Lisa Dondero Brengola 02151, MANurse Practitioner1841289212
Rebecca L Sherlock 02115, MANurse Practitioner1124018015
Dorothy L Murphy 20007, MANurse Practitioner1922098821
Cynthia A. Arrasin 01436, MANurse Practitioner1275523185
Katherine L Lewis 01886, MANurse Practitioner1093705907
Joan F Mccarthy 02747, MANurse Practitioner1619967486
Laurie Ann Williams 02215, MANurse Practitioner1134119506
Lucille Paulette Taylor 01731, MANurse Practitioner1982694303
Sarah Elizabeth Parmelee 06102, MANurse Practitioner1558351973
Joan E Delahanty 01950, MANurse Practitioner1184614422
Margaret T Anastasi 02364, MANurse Practitioner1891786786
Mary L. Collier 02118, MANurse Practitioner1154312825
Kathleen E Fortini 02339, MANurse Practitioner1023009495
Regina W Chang 02025, MANurse Practitioner1740271113
Maria F Dooley 02061, MANurse Practitioner1346231776
Patricia M Koziel 02025, MANurse Practitioner1326039728
Elaine M Bleckley 02025, MANurse Practitioner1104817501
Lisa B Fiascone 02066, MANurse Practitioner1497746853
Elise J Crichfield 02025, MANurse Practitioner1225029622
Catherine E Dennehy 02462, MANurse Practitioner1306837703
Anne L Norton 02025, MANurse Practitioner1639160047
Carolyn L Fallica 02180, MANurse Practitioner1447241757
Janet M Johnson 01702, MANurse Practitioner1639160880
Jeannine M Tonetti 01201, MANurse Practitioner1760473946
Kimberli A Omalley 02115, MANurse Practitioner1245221464
Leah B Callan 02301, MANurse Practitioner1861473977
Jane W Ndegwa 01921, MANurse Practitioner1982685186
Anne Mckee Pohnert 02038, MANurse Practitioner1982685079
Elizabeth M Chu Hanson 02301, MANurse Practitioner1164403275
Jacqueline R Bishop 02301, MANurse Practitioner1073594180
Jocelyn A Bresnahan 02301, MANurse Practitioner1982685095
Sheryl P Goodall 02301, MANurse Practitioner1518948629
Michelle A Moynihan 02747, MANurse Practitioner1316928427
Caroline B Mudd 02301, MANurse Practitioner1134100241
Diane Tarr 02135, MANurse Practitioner1912988809
Nancy J Bartleson 01824, MANurse Practitioner1093796989
Lori Lynn Goodwin 01923, MANurse Practitioner1497736284
Kendra Marie Lehman 02114, MANurse Practitioner1780665612
Susan Elizabeth De Gruchy 02113, MANurse Practitioner1861473662
Larah Bartlett-jacques 02180, MANurse Practitioner1407837230
Diane Bernadette Frank 01107, MANurse Practitioner1386625119
Donna J Gensheimer 02189, MANurse Practitioner1316928013
Judith H Haupt 01376, MANurse Practitioner1023099884
Karin L Cunnie 02190, MANurse Practitioner1477534105
Gail A Otoole 02189, MANurse Practitioner1588645220


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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