Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Maryland

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Maryland:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Beverly June Davis Bye 21120, MDNurse Practitioner1306843644
Natalie Studdard 37236, MDNurse Practitioner1861948762
Evelyn Blaemire 21044, MDNurse Practitioner1922089861
June Sunyung Gupta 20886, MDNurse Practitioner1639160518
Colleen Victoria Webb 17404, MDNurse Practitioner1962478313
Alison Quinn Phillips 21202, MDNurse Practitioner1558877423
Laureen Ann Gallo 21801, MDNurse Practitioner1740251305
Heather S Travis 21401, MDNurse Practitioner1386692960
Ganiyu Adewale 22042, MDNurse Practitioner1992258628
Jenny Jones 21061, MDNurse Practitioner1811947039
Margaret Knight 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1144261124
Tierra Shanel Thomas 20715, MDNurse Practitioner1740796945
Warseal Powell 20774, MDNurse Practitioner1336193689
James D Luciuk 21218, MDNurse Practitioner1639117591
Maria Jennifer Francis Diaz 29425, MDNurse Practitioner1952338733
Annette Youvonne Kingel 21215, MDNurse Practitioner1881633808
Kate Meredith Smith 21742, MDNurse Practitioner1861431462
Mary Kay Conover-walker 21120, MDNurse Practitioner1780630228
Aprile F Harris 21911, MDNurse Practitioner1831133701
Sandra M. Nettina 21794, MDNurse Practitioner1407880131
Cris Maria Pineyro 21204, MDNurse Practitioner1609250893
Freda Ansah-larbi 20613, MDNurse Practitioner1013452101
Carol Boehm 04901, MDNurse Practitioner1821020884
Nancy E Lang 19803, MDNurse Practitioner1528093358
Daniel Anthony Blaz 29152, MDNurse Practitioner1881786879
Caroline Cruz Bodner 20889, MDNurse Practitioner1063548477
Colleen L Diering 32224, MDNurse Practitioner1982722153
Cathleen Rose Snee 91706, MDNurse Practitioner1467513994
Christina Joy Williamson 21223, MDNurse Practitioner1003382433
Simi Okuboye 21401, MDNurse Practitioner1942330667
Michelle Jones 21005, MDNurse Practitioner1801238779
Mercy Eseme 20001, MDNurse Practitioner1891191946
Rachel Layne Sdrulla 97216, MDNurse Practitioner1699823831
Carmen K Ching 20889, MDNurse Practitioner1285847475
Senait Tedla 20878, MDNurse Practitioner1881064046
Jill Antoinette Crank 21211, MDNurse Practitioner1033396882
Deborah Telem 10960, MDNurse Practitioner1013130608
Jean Michelle Rodgers 17403, MDNurse Practitioner1063622009
Mercy O Fadoju 21228, MDNurse Practitioner1962671313
Tracy Stephanie Estes 19809, MDNurse Practitioner1194919506
Karen Alexis Plaisir 21222, MDNurse Practitioner1457568651
Everett Henry Bayliss 21727, MDNurse Practitioner1336361658
Myrtis Marvell-mccain Agen-davis 21228, MDNurse Practitioner1386899961
Patricia Ann Mclaughlin 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1265759856
Oluwaseun Oluwadamilola Ross 21629, MDNurse Practitioner1447409529
Doris Faye Burkey 25411, MDNurse Practitioner1144464900
Tammy R Keating 15501, MDNurse Practitioner1902104060
Tormeika Shondel Sanford 21613, MDNurse Practitioner1356679310
Alana Robyn Harris 21228, MDNurse Practitioner1891026266
Kendra Diane Atherton 22601, MDNurse Practitioner1891009775
Eehim Inc 23601, MDNurse Practitioner1770088924
Beverly A Lang 21208, MDNurse Practitioner1366680522
Marjorie Ruth Livingston 21157, MDNurse Practitioner1740578343
Mahsa Motevalli 20814, MDNurse Practitioner1043718653
Teresa D Combs 20910, MDNurse Practitioner1780828061
Melanie Nicole Reynolds 21043, MDNurse Practitioner1396053906
Bodyworks Medical 20744, MDNurse Practitioner1861963167
Kaysan Johnson-owens 20745, MDNurse Practitioner1295979854
Stephanie Nicole Jarvis 25411, MDNurse Practitioner1841567856
Raena K Barnes 20678, MDNurse Practitioner1861709081
Oluwatoyin Clara Adisa 21213, MDNurse Practitioner1013156181
Eunju Yang Hernandez 33317, MDNurse Practitioner1114202058
Linda Emetah Nkongchu 20716, MDNurse Practitioner1346505252
Teresa D Wolford 21502, MDNurse Practitioner1487652541
Carrie Ann Dawes 21804, MDNurse Practitioner1104923523
Chinasa Rita Onyeje 21061, MDNurse Practitioner1851531263
Deepa Patel 43017, MDNurse Practitioner1982856274
Florence A Nwana 20707, MDNurse Practitioner1023443652
Megan Lynn Carroll 21014, MDNurse Practitioner1952737421
Jason Worobey 21037, MDNurse Practitioner1770913816
Jennifer L. Chavis 21136, MDNurse Practitioner1689083735
Vikki Alisha Nunnery 42223, MDNurse Practitioner1669874376
Ann Marie Gamble 21921, MDNurse Practitioner1417351735
Colleen Frances Matulaitis 21811, MDNurse Practitioner1609258664
Christie Lyn Stegeman 21401, MDNurse Practitioner1902282213
Sherri Shaffery 21085, MDNurse Practitioner1578948329
Lisa Tayman 21804, MDNurse Practitioner1346617396
Patience Odina 20855, MDNurse Practitioner1891101168
Deanna Sheets 98431, MDNurse Practitioner1114323904
Jessica Durkin Morgan 20852, MDNurse Practitioner1023376043
Rose Marie Langrell 21801, MDNurse Practitioner1174908602
Christine Tanner Perdue 21801, MDNurse Practitioner1912241860
Adeola Olawole Akindana 20706, MDNurse Practitioner1326372921
Kristen R Mcgaha 21228, MDNurse Practitioner1477898591
Kunwarjit Singh Garcha 01852, MDNurse Practitioner1710358577
William Stephen Sutton 21231, MDNurse Practitioner1013261965
Jessica Page Sullivan 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1508265737
Sarah Smyth 60611, MDNurse Practitioner1750794137
Tamarie Wheat 02180, MDNurse Practitioner1164893582
Jordan Pearson Braniff 21811, MDNurse Practitioner1144707720
Caroline Leigh Bergstresser 21702, MDNurse Practitioner1902201692
Jennifer Sue Miller 21287, MDNurse Practitioner1902240120
Kristi M Phillips 20176, MDNurse Practitioner1952641433
Miriam Shapiro 08034, MDNurse Practitioner1598918559
Mindy Barnhart 17225, MDNurse Practitioner1770971251
Kristin Leigh Doherty 21218, MDNurse Practitioner1043605389
Molly Rice 21211, MDNurse Practitioner1871065441
Margaret Austin 21206, MDNurse Practitioner1598131765
Barbra Bonsu 20743, MDNurse Practitioner1710384482
Kaitlyn Morral 21532, MDNurse Practitioner1801363726
Freedom Healthcare, Llc 21202, MDNurse Practitioner1184057481
Anthony Onoh 30904, MDNurse Practitioner1396111282
Celicia Williams Little 20735, MDNurse Practitioner1871858464
Misty Sue Milbrodt 44304, MDNurse Practitioner1568878833
Katie Ann Bittner-cassett 21047, MDNurse Practitioner1568725299
Ntaobasi Patrick Udeh 21163, MDNurse Practitioner1578990693
Ashley Fenton 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1972873750
Gussie A Assam 22042, MDNurse Practitioner1184981300
Johana Rocio Fajardo 29425, MDNurse Practitioner1043578438
Megan Floro 20176, MDNurse Practitioner1679867642
Marylyn Ezenyi 21037, MDNurse Practitioner1073853081
Elzona Mae Patterson 20755, MDNurse Practitioner1063843340
Oladipo Olaleye 21244, MDNurse Practitioner1467888529
Amanda Diane Kallas 21740, MDNurse Practitioner1265833099
Shayna Marie Kerr 21629, MDNurse Practitioner1720590789
Stella Ikpe 21227, MDNurse Practitioner1528573144
Natalie R Cadden 21015, MDNurse Practitioner1316323983
Esther Opemipo Shadare 21401, MDNurse Practitioner1245609775
Margaret Derosa 20613, MDNurse Practitioner1538612593
Emily G Bertrand 20016, MDNurse Practitioner1194279315
Angela Coleman Np Llc 21921, MDNurse Practitioner1598129165
Paula Maria Christie 21401, MDNurse Practitioner1487192035
Latoya Jones White 21117, MDNurse Practitioner1750746178
Laura Deterding 21061, MDNurse Practitioner1154782696
Brittany Cicala 21401, MDNurse Practitioner1346799038
Julie Anderson Philip 21801, MDNurse Practitioner1386195964
Robert Bowen 21286, MDNurse Practitioner1073064176
Amy Lynn Stewart 20006, MDNurse Practitioner1568992766
Danica-ella M Pantoja 22031, MDNurse Practitioner1457860074
Travis Wayne Roberts 20678, MDNurse Practitioner1316457534
Hayat N Aberra 21037, MDNurse Practitioner1295275774
Emily Elizabeth Comstock 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1073053377
Renee Bannerman 21218, MDNurse Practitioner1437685823
Kayla Mardaga 21093, MDNurse Practitioner1093245532
Crystal Marie Smith 21054, MDNurse Practitioner1619499647
Emily Quinn Yelverton 20785, MDNurse Practitioner1952820748
Brittany Ann Easter 21208, MDNurse Practitioner1356855068
Catherine M Willman 21205, MDNurse Practitioner1578077566
Angelica Fernandez Dizon 20036, MDNurse Practitioner1023522638
Brenda Sue Moreland 21550, MDNurse Practitioner1023521804
Stephanie L Carpenter 21784, MDNurse Practitioner1811409659
Cody Nicole Collazo 20707, MDNurse Practitioner1417460056
Julaine B Harding 20904, MDNurse Practitioner1841208642
Molly Carr Np & Herbalist Llc 20877, MDNurse Practitioner1003345893
Titilayo Otunuga 20747, MDNurse Practitioner1770038374
Vivian A Umeugo 20774, MDNurse Practitioner1609371046
Holly Michaux Enders 33040, MDNurse Practitioner1740239961
Oluwadamilola Akinsola 21202, MDNurse Practitioner1326554809
Perpetua Anthony 20910, MDNurse Practitioner1083142442
Pamela S Mullins 21740, MDNurse Practitioner1740735273
Folashade Brown 20037, MDNurse Practitioner1447656921
Janna L. Spranza 21046, MDNurse Practitioner1982695201
Dallia Nsoesie 21236, MDNurse Practitioner1154814762
Itamar Simhon 20740, MDNurse Practitioner1548774524
Caroline Eva Schildbach 98101, MDNurse Practitioner1063939486
Rosemary O Okpulor 21286, MDNurse Practitioner1649763053
Diana Chia 98405, MDNurse Practitioner1336524503
Heritage Care, Inc 20782, MDNurse Practitioner1427316553
Sm Health, Llc 21001, MDNurse Practitioner1073914487
Michele Tabaie 20036, MDNurse Practitioner1073974077
Eunice Choi Hwang 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1649793878
Novlett Mcleary 32901, MDNurse Practitioner1912285636
Heather Todd Dunning 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1497231740
Stephanie Ruth Streb 21401, MDNurse Practitioner1730678954
Kimberly L. Ferrara 21204, MDNurse Practitioner1760933972
Melanie O Osefo 21045, MDNurse Practitioner1629561584
Brook Lane Behavioral Services, Inc. 21742, MDNurse Practitioner1538647748
Miriam Zimela 21502, MDNurse Practitioner1265806574
Oluwakemi Olubunmi Osidele 21702, MDNurse Practitioner1649649468
Valerie Mandelkorn 20850, MDNurse Practitioner1407378052
Jayme Hallinan 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1245726975
Amanda Lalicato 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1598040388
Stephen G Gonsalves 20536, MDNurse Practitioner1205316759
Cameran Brythe Trautman 21221, MDNurse Practitioner1023516747
Kaitlyn Felbaum 20010, MDNurse Practitioner1518330158
Vivian V Tan 21075, MDNurse Practitioner1649787011
Phoebe Antoinette Underwood-davis 21704, MDNurse Practitioner1457844722
Lauren Moore 21801, MDNurse Practitioner1891124608
Leah Berry 21228, MDNurse Practitioner1518440015
Alexa Marie Toohey 20852, MDNurse Practitioner1831673730
Kimberly Eleanor Kallin 20850, MDNurse Practitioner1871963736
Noel Trusal 17821, MDNurse Practitioner1326597246
Pauline Oluwo 20706, MDNurse Practitioner1841732815
Sylvie Mah Fon 21740, MDNurse Practitioner1083196414
Alexandra Louise Hassani 21218, MDNurse Practitioner1538634449
Martha Reilley 21224, MDNurse Practitioner1003381997
Libra Robertson 21040, MDNurse Practitioner1215434584
Joshlyn Davenport 20785, MDNurse Practitioner1639619596
Christine Anne Boy 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1548784226
Caroline Van Voorhis 20879, MDNurse Practitioner1386110666
Catherine Wilson 21401, MDNurse Practitioner1881185270
Bianca Cutler 20010, MDNurse Practitioner1285100909
Maria Marcela Montenegro 21201, MDNurse Practitioner1003320359
Chelsea Shoaf 21740, MDNurse Practitioner1639654544
Emily Lynn Holloway 21228, MDNurse Practitioner1831692953
Jennifer Lee Handrahan 21050, MDNurse Practitioner1144790916
Romtin Sharolli 20748, MDNurse Practitioner1508361510
Moses Kariuki Njoki 21208, MDNurse Practitioner1578047973
Edmond Rostand Musom Nsheuko 20759, MDNurse Practitioner1447732441
Dilys Fan 20906, MDNurse Practitioner1033681440


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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