Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Maine

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Maine:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Debra Kay Shoulders 47714, MENurse Practitioner1821090952
Jennifer Carnes Wright 04578, MENurse Practitioner1568464626
Pamela J. Koenig 04631, MENurse Practitioner1376548446
Carolyn K Gothard 04412, MENurse Practitioner1437155884
Anna Elizabeth Davis 04032, MENurse Practitioner1871599456
Jeanne M Alvarez 04401, MENurse Practitioner1871599233
Cara Lavertu 04073, MENurse Practitioner1083086037
Kameron Harrison 76710, MENurse Practitioner1700233004
Richard Schacht 78382, MENurse Practitioner1578562260
Georgann Dickey 04074, MENurse Practitioner1669472221
Gayle L Robinson 04074, MENurse Practitioner1073513644
Lynn G. Howard 04106, MENurse Practitioner1184624397
Nicole Strout 04102, MENurse Practitioner1285020339
Claudia Merkley 47714, MENurse Practitioner1174524573
Donna Bilodeau 04901, MENurse Practitioner1134121114
Mary Mraz 04011, MENurse Practitioner1083616452
Maureen Suzanne Gorman 04280, MENurse Practitioner1013909183
Louise Hendershott Knox 44121, MENurse Practitioner1750374930
Janice E Locke 04240, MENurse Practitioner1396738464
Anne Graham 04074, MENurse Practitioner1982698213
Deborah A. Bizier 04401, MENurse Practitioner1508852401
Patricia Ann Riley 04605, MENurse Practitioner1396732087
Sandra P Lawrence 04901, MENurse Practitioner1871580449
Mary E Gordon 04901, MENurse Practitioner1609863182
William E Flewelling 04263, MENurse Practitioner1306833371
Jeri Wade 04210, MENurse Practitioner1760479794
Dianne Paine 04210, MENurse Practitioner1992792931
Linda M Ruterbories 04102, MENurse Practitioner1982690442
Sally S Stothoff 04901, MENurse Practitioner1366439929
Amy Bergeron 04210, MENurse Practitioner1417944455
Patricia Ann Donahue 04210, MENurse Practitioner1710976451
Vera J Komisarjevsky 04240, MENurse Practitioner1194714568
Nancy Apel Carroll 04106, MENurse Practitioner1689664831
Terry A Marley-derosier 04401, MENurse Practitioner1982695391
Kathleen H Cousins 04401, MENurse Practitioner1376534727
Doris D Solmitz 04333, MENurse Practitioner1821079252
Jennifer Marie Bresett 04756, MENurse Practitioner1316929672
Inez Joan Butler 04756, MENurse Practitioner1134101496
Lisa M. Eno 04743, MENurse Practitioner1003898677
Julie Gay Loudamy 76712, MENurse Practitioner1417938937
Breanna Lea Libby 04611, MENurse Practitioner1104344134
Noreen Comeau 04210, MENurse Practitioner1346223666
Teresa Veech 47714, MENurse Practitioner1255329785
Mabel Wadsworth Women's Health Center 04401, MENurse Practitioner1841281128
Melissa Marie Charette 04401, MENurse Practitioner1629050992
Cheryl-sue Olmstead 04736, MENurse Practitioner1972586410
Kimberly A Nevells 04072, MENurse Practitioner1508840091
Susan R Lord 04841, MENurse Practitioner1891779492
Emily Greenwood Brown 04605, MENurse Practitioner1669456208
Stephen G Brewer 04333, MENurse Practitioner1023093374
Nanette B Sepik 04631, MENurse Practitioner1972588747
Bonnie L. Rademacher-flis 04538, MENurse Practitioner1619953312
Sandra Lee Mccormack 03801, MENurse Practitioner1841276565
Kimberly A Foster 04101, MENurse Practitioner1396721924
Kathryn Landon-malone 04106, MENurse Practitioner1801872494
Steven Petrin 04073, MENurse Practitioner1609852086
Elizabeth Garnett 04072, MENurse Practitioner1861478117
Kimberly Boothby-ballantyne 04103, MENurse Practitioner1972589331
Linda M Malmquist 04072, MENurse Practitioner1780660985
Catherine L Sinclair 04072, MENurse Practitioner1104802313
Lisa Arsenault 04005, MENurse Practitioner1366428435
Patricia Holt 04072, MENurse Practitioner1982680187
Judith A Metcalf 04072, MENurse Practitioner1215913421
Nancy M Nickerson 04072, MENurse Practitioner1285610493
Mary Desalle 04072, MENurse Practitioner1427034396
Roland L Morin 04330, MENurse Practitioner1487630398
University Of New England 04005, MENurse Practitioner1699752055
Carolyn Marie Seletzky 04630, MENurse Practitioner1407834286
Linda Sue Young 04330, MENurse Practitioner1437137130
Virginia Ruth Lanning 04416, MENurse Practitioner1144208620
Marian B. Laroche 04011, MENurse Practitioner1396723540
Kathryn G. Booth 04330, MENurse Practitioner1588642672
Dawne Miller 04102, MENurse Practitioner1447239025
Ellen Jane Farnsworth 04102, MENurse Practitioner1962481283
Tracy Edwards 04240, MENurse Practitioner1700865912
Jane Marsh 04240, MENurse Practitioner1316926520
Emma James Ansara 04254, MENurse Practitioner1831179969
Susan Jacoby 04938, MENurse Practitioner1154301133
Barbara Gervais 04240, MENurse Practitioner1679553655
Mary Ellen Davis 04240, MENurse Practitioner1215917919
Janet Stenberg 04250, MENurse Practitioner1932189677
Deana C Albert 04240, MENurse Practitioner1578543278
Marilyn L Michaud 04401, MENurse Practitioner1013987106
Sally Johnson 04668, MENurse Practitioner1457336224
Maine Medical Partners 04074, MENurse Practitioner1659351393
Catherine A. Clement 04240, MENurse Practitioner1437139698
Kathy L Boothby 04106, MENurse Practitioner1427032432
Janice L Ware 47714, MENurse Practitioner1477530640
Carmen Fortin 04538, MENurse Practitioner1972079598
Patti L. Duprey 04043, MENurse Practitioner1881672988
Jaime Hare 04106, MENurse Practitioner1679543219
Michelle True 04106, MENurse Practitioner1699746628
Maureen Harpell 04055, MENurse Practitioner1245201193
Christina M. Owens 04102, MENurse Practitioner1407827488
Constance W Jordan 04101, MENurse Practitioner1518939032
Behavioral Health Resources Inc. 04107, MENurse Practitioner1861464380
Dawn Mcginnis 04730, MENurse Practitioner1700858354
Thomas G Bartol 04357, MENurse Practitioner1841262417
Mary Dunlap 04254, MENurse Practitioner1164494662
Sherryl Ann Kempton 04330, MENurse Practitioner1538132998
Danielle Jacqueline Duval 04032, MENurse Practitioner1669445854
Kathryn Varney 04240, MENurse Practitioner1962476481
Lynn M Cote 04901, MENurse Practitioner1427022862
Laura A Cleveland 04268, MENurse Practitioner1356315378
Linda M Mcsherry 04268, MENurse Practitioner1861466880
Carol J. Anderson 01002, MENurse Practitioner1740255140
Jennifer S Kimball 04240, MENurse Practitioner1902871205
Eleanore Simeone Schneid 04254, MENurse Practitioner1093780983
Claudia L Glynn 04901, MENurse Practitioner1285609016
Sandra B Colt 04330, MENurse Practitioner1669448106
Cynthia Kane Dexter 04102, MENurse Practitioner1467428805
Marjorie C Baker 04930, MENurse Practitioner1801863733
Sandra J Picard 04351, MENurse Practitioner1528034592
Holly G Weidner 04330, MENurse Practitioner1538135421
Nina C Miller 04330, MENurse Practitioner1104892173
Michelle D Fitzgerald 04901, MENurse Practitioner1861469736
Linda W Tully 04950, MENurse Practitioner1801863006
Donna Marie Sonner 04901, MENurse Practitioner1356318588
Amanda S Klein 04033, MENurse Practitioner1700854791
Steven Albert 04756, MENurse Practitioner1225006778
Karmen K Blackstone 04011, MENurse Practitioner1962471888
Mary Gallant 04769, MENurse Practitioner1205805363
Rose Ann Hunt 04462, MENurse Practitioner1871562918
Michelle Belyea 04101, MENurse Practitioner1114996808
Lois Tiedeken 04101, MENurse Practitioner1326017070
Marcia Berman 04102, MENurse Practitioner1942279732
Katherine Ann Gilbert 04101, MENurse Practitioner1154390847
Sarah Fuhrman 04106, MENurse Practitioner1053380741
Sabrina Loring 04072, MENurse Practitioner1366411001
Traci D Arney 85234, MENurse Practitioner1407825235
Helen M Osborne Linseisen 04543, MENurse Practitioner1891764189
Gretchen Hill 04101, MENurse Practitioner1942269162
Joan Pendexter 04102, MENurse Practitioner1770542995
Patricia Nurse 04920, MENurse Practitioner1457310310
Teri M. Weisberger 04649, MENurse Practitioner1891754552
Thora House 04457, MENurse Practitioner1083673966
Sandra Jean Wardwell 04401, MENurse Practitioner1538129804
Stacey L. Kelley 04102, MENurse Practitioner1033188263
Shelley A Hickey 04330, MENurse Practitioner1306818976
Persis E Hope 04901, MENurse Practitioner1134195100
Terry L Chapman 04330, MENurse Practitioner1316906662
Madelaine L Binner 21401, MENurse Practitioner1902870264
Dana Robison 04106, MENurse Practitioner1760451538
Barbara A Marzolf 04401, MENurse Practitioner1275502247
Farrah Schildknecht 29203, MENurse Practitioner1902874860
William Alfred Legere 04210, MENurse Practitioner1194797159
Nancy Y Putnam 04730, MENurse Practitioner1336111988
Ann Gahagan 04736, MENurse Practitioner1336117159
Margaret R Lewis 04330, MENurse Practitioner1982670410
Gary M Chaloult 04963, MENurse Practitioner1649249079
Gayle E Myers 04106, MENurse Practitioner1447220728
Stephanie Mellen 04240, MENurse Practitioner1679989222
Joye M Jewell-hill 04401, MENurse Practitioner1861451478
Nancy J Marshall 04073, MENurse Practitioner1437119807
Jennifer Guilfoyle 04856, MENurse Practitioner1922069376
Joan L Stults 04106, MENurse Practitioner1841251113
Emma K Duvefelt 04416, MENurse Practitioner1831150994
Janice E Dudley 04102, MENurse Practitioner1427019694
Theresa A Taylor-libby 04240, MENurse Practitioner1891756961
Jacqueline Bates 04096, MENurse Practitioner1336100213
Lori Rumery 04102, MENurse Practitioner1861453748
Donna L Kennedy 04416, MENurse Practitioner1699737130
Sarah Street Taylor 04101, MENurse Practitioner1912969668
Holly Brunner James 03909, MENurse Practitioner1144283482
Laurie Eddy 04401, MENurse Practitioner1174586242
Jean M Dowling 04005, MENurse Practitioner1932163599
Linda Rousseau 04074, MENurse Practitioner1982668653
Mary Shea 04401, MENurse Practitioner1780648246
Beth Hartsock 04938, MENurse Practitioner1265496368
Linda Deborah Macdougall 04011, MENurse Practitioner1841255445
Mary Lynn T O'connor 44145, MENurse Practitioner1659336998
Tara Cl Dwelley 04901, MENurse Practitioner1780649137
Kimberley A Turung 44145, MENurse Practitioner1497710677
Mainegeneral Health Associates 04345, MENurse Practitioner1215992284
Mainegeneral Health Associates 04330, MENurse Practitioner1538125034
Kerri I Neel 03909, MENurse Practitioner1023074424
Lisa S Milne 04462, MENurse Practitioner1396701470
Mainegeneral Health Associates 04364, MENurse Practitioner1578529558
Mainegeneral Health Associates 04330, MENurse Practitioner1285690263
Mainegeneral Health Associates 04330, MENurse Practitioner1669439303
Frank L Breznyak 04401, MENurse Practitioner1881642544
Irene S Mcmahan 04355, MENurse Practitioner1477502227
Jeffrey Allen Eaton 03908, MENurse Practitioner1700835436
Chrystal A Adams 04401, MENurse Practitioner1235180209
Susan L Butterworth 04856, MENurse Practitioner1760433619
Barbara S. Higgins 04102, MENurse Practitioner1942252457
Michelle D Henneberry 04401, MENurse Practitioner1215988852
Cheryll F Cote 04401, MENurse Practitioner1467403014
Rita L. Pomerleau 03908, MENurse Practitioner1386696433
Bronwen Berlekamp O'wril 04101, MENurse Practitioner1831142462
Sbsc, Inc. 04101, MENurse Practitioner1255384723
Zoe Robbins Tenney 04614, MENurse Practitioner1922051903
Theresa M Jacques 04901, MENurse Practitioner1881647709
Cynthia B Menard 04072, MENurse Practitioner1427001247
Teri C Beeler 32955, MENurse Practitioner1467419101
Melissa Nye Libby 04106, MENurse Practitioner1033170709
Jonathan Libby 04240, MENurse Practitioner1558324772
Wendy L Barnies 04240, MENurse Practitioner1578527404
Diana Vandermast 04479, MENurse Practitioner1669423349
Teresa Collier Crosby 76043, MENurse Practitioner1083663140


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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