Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Michigan

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Michigan:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Nichole F Patrick 48085, MINurse Practitioner1972016913
Debra R Rhoades 49801, MINurse Practitioner1326043324
Karen Lynette Boyd 48076, MINurse Practitioner1386642791
Bonita J O'reilly 49024, MINurse Practitioner1255333860
Suzanne Lesta Reiter 33771, MINurse Practitioner1285629998
Melissa Beach 49093, MINurse Practitioner1720062151
Madonna Roby 48073, MINurse Practitioner1184197246
Sarah J Willey 49740, MINurse Practitioner1932158029
Patricia A Lewis 49908, MINurse Practitioner1568429496
Katherine Grinenko Metcalf 48146, MINurse Practitioner1669439758
Hurley Health Services 48420, MINurse Practitioner1558302497
Susan Linn Johnson 48661, MINurse Practitioner1912949801
Martin James Ruiter 49443, MINurse Practitioner1811935364
Kim Dittis Wilson 49201, MINurse Practitioner1134169311
Velda Francesca Coleman 44883, MINurse Practitioner1114972916
Lyn M Behnke 48763, MINurse Practitioner1215943352
Gary Kenneth Hunsinger 48334, MINurse Practitioner1164436119
Amy Kristin Dziurman 48170, MINurse Practitioner1831112085
Kristina L Anderson 48126, MINurse Practitioner1659850469
Kelly Shafer 48316, MINurse Practitioner1417326786
Lori Mackillop 48075, MINurse Practitioner1073535308
Karin M Menghini 48197, MINurse Practitioner1063502987
Markita Marie Thompson 48226, MINurse Practitioner1730556291
Jeremy Lynn Fuller 49037, MINurse Practitioner1255817680
Christine Ann Engle 48197, MINurse Practitioner1538267273
Toni Marie Dodge 49307, MINurse Practitioner1144720491
Courtney Peper 48323, MINurse Practitioner1356817688
Christal Louise Rice 49036, MINurse Practitioner1750860367
Shannon Donkin 49519, MINurse Practitioner1750874681
Ashley Hindo 48025, MINurse Practitioner1346695376
Tammy Jo Ayers 49442, MINurse Practitioner1174725436
Karen C Beatty 48202, MINurse Practitioner1053518514
Michelle M Gillmore 49201, MINurse Practitioner1225222946
Erica F Southworth 94143, MINurse Practitioner1730368960
Barbara C Opperwall 49546, MINurse Practitioner1285805242
Megan Gardner 48197, MINurse Practitioner1932577871
Erica Forbes 48334, MINurse Practitioner1043674567
Amanda Ryan 48201, MINurse Practitioner1366897696
Emilee Sweet 48911, MINurse Practitioner1700303773
Linda Cramer 48867, MINurse Practitioner1912442732
Nicole A Parrott 49327, MINurse Practitioner1396096004
Renee Diane Fadel 48167, MINurse Practitioner1730357351
Anna F Boston 48236, MINurse Practitioner1356530117
April Diane Bigelow 48109, MINurse Practitioner1376766402
April Wood 72202, MINurse Practitioner1700049277
Julia Olegovna Ginzburg 48723, MINurse Practitioner1205038445
Margaret Ann Gressle 48060, MINurse Practitioner1003119132
Katherine Hoffman 48108, MINurse Practitioner1356629844
Rebecca Rae Becker 49781, MINurse Practitioner1992956817
Jennifer L Connell 48439, MINurse Practitioner1578881827
Melissa Ann Stepchuk 49201, MINurse Practitioner1922314350
Anna R Glaser 52242, MINurse Practitioner1407150774
Kerri Jean Heerspink 49010, MINurse Practitioner1902185358
Lydia J Commissaris 48226, MINurse Practitioner1972834422
Wendy Christine Steinkraus 49009, MINurse Practitioner1659670289
Aaron E Fedewa 80906, MINurse Practitioner1629353537
Pamela Joy Chuey 48202, MINurse Practitioner1275798399
Angela J H Arsenault 48824, MINurse Practitioner1003115718
Erin Michelle Chillag 55404, MINurse Practitioner1417181397
Rachel Kathryn Maber 93101, MINurse Practitioner1750683470
Ana Isabel Huaringa 60637, MINurse Practitioner1063781664
Tiffany Elizabeth Graphenreed 48141, MINurse Practitioner1366936577
Jessica Lynn Pulling 27518, MINurse Practitioner1710263744
Rebecca Ann Priebe 48109, MINurse Practitioner1386870277
Joan Frances Benedetti 48201, MINurse Practitioner1437315660
Mary Genevieve Mathews 48109, MINurse Practitioner1558863803
Anne M Mckay 49442, MINurse Practitioner1477886158
Pearla P Mcdonald 89509, MINurse Practitioner1689812638
Tamara D Millard 48375, MINurse Practitioner1902131915
Mary Kathryn Beljan 49201, MINurse Practitioner1629384854
Emily Magnussen 48838, MINurse Practitioner1467917526
Tera L Lotz 49519, MINurse Practitioner1043459167
Catherine A Soller 87110, MINurse Practitioner1528290558
Sara Tandoc 48089, MINurse Practitioner1871892760
Debra Jeanne Cannatti 43617, MINurse Practitioner1275823726
Windsor Durm Reeve 64108, MINurse Practitioner1164516761
Kathy Kise 48187, MINurse Practitioner1568515377
Nahla Chirco 85331, MINurse Practitioner1750518395
Ashley Jones Zigterman 49037, MINurse Practitioner1154683720
Alyson Lyndsay Murray 49017, MINurse Practitioner1356698492
Jon Russell Krueger 48503, MINurse Practitioner1033473749
Ashley E Foster 49007, MINurse Practitioner1083046239
Gertrude Mumba-kaunda 46619, MINurse Practitioner1093146631
Lindsey Elizabeth Chorney 49519, MINurse Practitioner1386077873
Soni Anil 48335, MINurse Practitioner1023441565
Alison Chimner 48532, MINurse Practitioner1780090951
Elizabeth Freund 48067, MINurse Practitioner1881003564
Jennifer Anne Gates 48912, MINurse Practitioner1215308978
David M Dyer 49015, MINurse Practitioner1598155947
Dawn Elizabeth Pangrazzi 48150, MINurse Practitioner1174999213
Ashley Whitfield 48197, MINurse Practitioner1952779431
Kailey Allison Temple 48328, MINurse Practitioner1427552587
Michael F Duckwall 49801, MINurse Practitioner1568870004
Angela Nicole Burton 48202, MINurse Practitioner1245658640
Maranda Catherine Gary 49519, MINurse Practitioner1033547658
Michelle Ann Flatt 48202, MINurse Practitioner1326399874
Stephanie Boike 49684, MINurse Practitioner1922479591
Richele Katherine Macht 74136, MINurse Practitioner1396168514
Melissa J Wiegand 49455, MINurse Practitioner1174904429
Lisa May Mercier 48073, MINurse Practitioner1699271775
Carrie Lee Miller 49720, MINurse Practitioner1063895167
Kimberly Wheeler 48346, MINurse Practitioner1386088763
Donna Sue Westmoreland 48075, MINurse Practitioner1124433313
Kathryn Celeste Bennett 48109, MINurse Practitioner1356775670
Cynthera Mcneill 48201, MINurse Practitioner1770904831
Colleen Marie Dolan 48109, MINurse Practitioner1902233265
Steffanie Ann Marsonek 48109, MINurse Practitioner1710363767
Staci Sue Cattaneo 49201, MINurse Practitioner1780051839
Donald Lawson 48109, MINurse Practitioner1003247826
Brittany Marie Balzer 48109, MINurse Practitioner1730581539
Ann Marie Nienhuis 49455, MINurse Practitioner1093144123
Diane Leslie Ferguson 48109, MINurse Practitioner1831521608
Stephanie Elizabeth Schauer 48109, MINurse Practitioner1255777918
Mia Love 48208, MINurse Practitioner1295079895
Kimberly R Resseguie 49519, MINurse Practitioner1083975478
Dominique Rommel-neumann 02895, MINurse Practitioner1285030536
Jasmine Teamer 48322, MINurse Practitioner1760976153
Brooke Muzio Cudney 49445, MINurse Practitioner1497188668
Samantha Anne Harrison 49801, MINurse Practitioner1861866923
Danielle Friar 49525, MINurse Practitioner1336668854
Sarah Kathryn-mahaffy Maguire 48109, MINurse Practitioner1639387186
Kelly Anne Crews Beck 87106, MINurse Practitioner1437495033
Nichole L Accetta 49519, MINurse Practitioner1093111734
Jill Thuston 48059, MINurse Practitioner1679088850
Danielle Rose Martinez 48879, MINurse Practitioner1821502600
Wafaa F Abdallah 48126, MINurse Practitioner1891200440
Barbara Frederick 49001, MINurse Practitioner1932516515
Sara Carter 49862, MINurse Practitioner1841694734
Beata Sims 97601, MINurse Practitioner1497159347
Justine Schrader 48060, MINurse Practitioner1003285859
Nicole Macleod 60611, MINurse Practitioner1700338696
Marcelina Reyes Socie 48187, MINurse Practitioner1699296871
Kara Lynn Ellen Peterson 49015, MINurse Practitioner1154842037
Carmen Visner 48307, MINurse Practitioner1629596788
Debra Compton 49085, MINurse Practitioner1255841060
Theresa Stone Salvatore 86047, MINurse Practitioner1144682584
Kamera Sakeena Boggon 48377, MINurse Practitioner1700247772
Malath Shamoon 48030, MINurse Practitioner1538522388
Abigail Evans 49093, MINurse Practitioner1093160301
Cindy Feuerstein 49519, MINurse Practitioner1477903706
Candice Nicole Mcclain 48030, MINurse Practitioner1134579246
Erin Wisniewski 49423, MINurse Practitioner1215464771
Colleen Miller 48314, MINurse Practitioner1285161430
Diana Vitale 48150, MINurse Practitioner1265969349
Margaret Kennedy 48371, MINurse Practitioner1780126136
Holly Ehrke 49765, MINurse Practitioner1174079636
Gayle J Maslakow 49938, MINurse Practitioner1275031015
Ahna Carola Falzon 49048, MINurse Practitioner1962922732
Dawn Marie Daniels 48341, MINurse Practitioner1174043020
Terry Neil Mehigan 49085, MINurse Practitioner1851818876
Koleen Rae Kerlin-spigarelli 49682, MINurse Practitioner1184134355
Danya Lee Russo 49783, MINurse Practitioner1871030833
Renee Haberland 49887, MINurse Practitioner1972044014
Jeffery Moses Bryant 48075, MINurse Practitioner1285156737
Kimberly Lynn Cannon 48152, MINurse Practitioner1407375207
Gretchen Marie Burrus 49735, MINurse Practitioner1376057976
Lauren Elizabeth Tassier 49781, MINurse Practitioner1609380823
Superior House Calls Pllc 48446, MINurse Practitioner1043718067
Meghan Elizabeth Gallagher 48080, MINurse Practitioner1881107738
Chelsea A. Collins 48124, MINurse Practitioner1710495718
Maria Melody-padiernos Wolfinbarger 48085, MINurse Practitioner1205342714
Alison M Stoughton 49009, MINurse Practitioner1821387010
Jessica Wentworth 48374, MINurse Practitioner1336591973
Vickie L Gregory 48827, MINurse Practitioner1588751226
Christy Louise Garnsey 79701, MINurse Practitioner1053568642
Angela Moder 48075, MINurse Practitioner1982156519
Scott Hubinger 49242, MINurse Practitioner1407355522
Dorcas Musili 49007, MINurse Practitioner1376080523
Karli Reich 49546, MINurse Practitioner1154861565
Kristen Munyan 48446, MINurse Practitioner1780194811
Danielle Christine Martin 48864, MINurse Practitioner1508369547
Saddi Marie Turner 49250, MINurse Practitioner1255837878
Resmi Bhashiam 48187, MINurse Practitioner1891200580
Jeffrey Alan Wolff 48074, MINurse Practitioner1841701034
Alison Marie Funka 48640, MINurse Practitioner1447788658
Patricia Halbert-raich 49221, MINurse Practitioner1467969717
Gladys Seeham 49037, MINurse Practitioner1508318148
Deborah Lyn Maurer 48629, MINurse Practitioner1629432703
Oladayo Simeon Farodoye 48911, MINurse Practitioner1346738135
Bethany Jean Gadd 48088, MINurse Practitioner1760993828
Margaret Perec 48377, MINurse Practitioner1366899718
Katherine Rae Holyfield 48843, MINurse Practitioner1447786207
Traci L Stewart 48201, MINurse Practitioner1316256381
Janice Lynn Ruggles 48154, MINurse Practitioner1851807879
Josephine M Kamendat 48059, MINurse Practitioner1801387592
Lisa Morris 48341, MINurse Practitioner1700061231
Infinity Hope Center 48226, MINurse Practitioner1659895134
Angela Stevens 65802, MINurse Practitioner1649784844
Katie L Mysen 48455, MINurse Practitioner1699081281
Rexiena Mardia Mapp 48227, MINurse Practitioner1134630825
Katherine M. Crampton 48150, MINurse Practitioner1285181065
Lauren Dice Smith 40504, MINurse Practitioner1013466523
Julie Anne Steinka 48661, MINurse Practitioner1164918447
Vy Thuy Than 48879, MINurse Practitioner1821466368
Jennifer Marie Woods 48640, MINurse Practitioner1669997425
Amy Lynn Hatinger 95573, MINurse Practitioner1326591215
Maria Dyer 44145, MINurse Practitioner1750804423
Sarah Ann Hesse 48202, MINurse Practitioner1134606510
Benjamin William Dempsey-klott 48505, MINurse Practitioner1982001863
Teresa Ansinn 49013, MINurse Practitioner1891185765


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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