Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Minnesota

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Minnesota:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Darlene A Turner 50501, MNNurse Practitioner1518967256
Gwendolyn Martinique Kosevich 55130, MNNurse Practitioner1013901875
Heather J Bryant 58102, MNNurse Practitioner1891776720
Ruth C Vortherms 56001, MNNurse Practitioner1982687505
Shirley K Johnson 52242, MNNurse Practitioner1336129816
Krista Jane Naber 55422, MNNurse Practitioner1699752535
Katherine Wahl 55374, MNNurse Practitioner1609384973
Cecilia L Tubolino 55407, MNNurse Practitioner1457329153
Ramona N Nesse 54016, MNNurse Practitioner1316912025
Wendy C Meyers 55454, MNNurse Practitioner1164481693
Sandra Renee Erickson 85018, MNNurse Practitioner1437112315
Carol Ann Idso Eling 53226, MNNurse Practitioner1942259122
Terrie Ann Palma 55433, MNNurse Practitioner1962463596
Mary Esslinger 55422, MNNurse Practitioner1558311928
Anne Trujillo 55431, MNNurse Practitioner1265499321
Brenda R Rawson 49519, MNNurse Practitioner1982655536
Emily Mae Schnabl 55435, MNNurse Practitioner1891147989
Trisha Menke 55101, MNNurse Practitioner1841205606
Mary Helen Gray 55416, MNNurse Practitioner1487692448
Renae Anita Kain 55426, MNNurse Practitioner1871523449
John Gerald Chase 56515, MNNurse Practitioner1487661203
Laura B Wilczynski 55426, MNNurse Practitioner1285646513
Ina E Womble 07054, MNNurse Practitioner1730292269
Maureen Carol Ochsner 55435, MNNurse Practitioner1689689119
Deborah S Korbitz 55025, MNNurse Practitioner1720097389
Margie Ruth Nelson 56334, MNNurse Practitioner1669572988
Duane H Otten 55433, MNNurse Practitioner1093822488
Ann Marie Hayden 55432, MNNurse Practitioner1518038959
Sarah Miles 55106, MNNurse Practitioner1184051815
Phyllis L Phelps 55336, MNNurse Practitioner1770681595
Natalie Burky 27401, MNNurse Practitioner1558891010
Donald Michael Dunow 55413, MNNurse Practitioner1013047463
Kristie J Anderson 55424, MNNurse Practitioner1215095435
Krista Lanae Kellar 76502, MNNurse Practitioner1245420322
Cathreen Johnson 91107, MNNurse Practitioner1316102023
Mary Christine Maginas 92123, MNNurse Practitioner1306049267
Rebecca M Meinertz 55947, MNNurse Practitioner1982992202
Nancy Lynn Schult 55407, MNNurse Practitioner1306124821
Amy Jean Schorn 85260, MNNurse Practitioner1457583189
Kathy Kalotta 47401, MNNurse Practitioner1104155399
Jenna L. Green 98101, MNNurse Practitioner1427338417
Katherine Marie Estrada 55413, MNNurse Practitioner1881828358
Lisa Ann Riggs 55744, MNNurse Practitioner1205163680
Jan Elaine Kaste 55105, MNNurse Practitioner1659671022
Janice Lee James 55025, MNNurse Practitioner1407187511
Andrea Joy Greseth 55426, MNNurse Practitioner1134437353
Clarissa Lee Dumdei 56258, MNNurse Practitioner1881988624
Sandra Paddock 55021, MNNurse Practitioner1801124565
Allison Lind 55102, MNNurse Practitioner1144526765
Janelle Clara Meixl 55378, MNNurse Practitioner1528370673
Anne M Nielsen 55805, MNNurse Practitioner1689971046
Anna Joy Neu 56501, MNNurse Practitioner1669603403
Yukiko Nakajima 55454, MNNurse Practitioner1922389790
Christina N Buckley 42345, MNNurse Practitioner1538447016
Brenda Rengstorf Bauch 55415, MNNurse Practitioner1558652263
Terri Lynn Douglas 54601, MNNurse Practitioner1396018818
Mark Stock 55431, MNNurse Practitioner1962634154
Susan Marie Johnson-sickel 55101, MNNurse Practitioner1023253945
Elizabeth Anastasia Mcdevitt 55433, MNNurse Practitioner1508337551
Courtney June Blomme 56258, MNNurse Practitioner1326322975
Sarah Lindsey Mccullough 55415, MNNurse Practitioner1275897639
Erica Scheffler 55435, MNNurse Practitioner1831448935
Sherri L Bohlinger 54612, MNNurse Practitioner1265786487
Nicolle Renee Ahles-moses 55448, MNNurse Practitioner1902006166
Dawn Brintnell 55455, MNNurse Practitioner1235538547
Michael Mwangi Muchiri 56001, MNNurse Practitioner1841617313
Abby Wagstrom 55125, MNNurse Practitioner1366827552
Catherine Breiwick 55433, MNNurse Practitioner1407391279
Tammie Nyman 55318, MNNurse Practitioner1669884359
Tena L Ungerman 55426, MNNurse Practitioner1750796389
Sara Norseng 55435, MNNurse Practitioner1619349214
Kimberly Ann Gher 55057, MNNurse Practitioner1225435696
Kathy Busick 55746, MNNurse Practitioner1093190159
Kimberly Ann Wight 55407, MNNurse Practitioner1902160476
Dana Lee Mack 56284, MNNurse Practitioner1881067817
Catherine Bemis Proebstle 55337, MNNurse Practitioner1568456168
Karla Lynn Hurtley 55102, MNNurse Practitioner1033470638
Jessica Idahor 55369, MNNurse Practitioner1396256392
Sally Kangas 55439, MNNurse Practitioner1225466840
Christopher Simkins 08332, MNNurse Practitioner1992977854
Elizabeth Anne Wesser 55435, MNNurse Practitioner1659851343
Shannon Larson 56201, MNNurse Practitioner1972853208
Jennifer Lee Peterson 56308, MNNurse Practitioner1316379597
Paulina Chalupsky 55614, MNNurse Practitioner1114369196
Daniel A Ayana 55404, MNNurse Practitioner1679926927
Allison L Weddle 56627, MNNurse Practitioner1497000541
Melanie R Bourke 55416, MNNurse Practitioner1588051213
Amy Crawford Blitzer 55107, MNNurse Practitioner1063815025
Cynthia Lu Tompkins 55101, MNNurse Practitioner1780925958
Kamrie Ann Parrott 55304, MNNurse Practitioner1053729558
Breeanna Waletzko 56303, MNNurse Practitioner1609252410
Kimberly Sue Heckmann 55108, MNNurse Practitioner1811241326
Sonja Heide Dahl 58102, MNNurse Practitioner1437403615
Faduma-sara B Ali 55435, MNNurse Practitioner1659632719
Joan M Schwinghammer 56601, MNNurse Practitioner1720333917
Andrea Lima Morgan 55422, MNNurse Practitioner1689914327
Heidi Marie Harms 55337, MNNurse Practitioner1922482769
Sarah Elizabeth Jax 55426, MNNurse Practitioner1164761979
Kathy Schweitzer 97227, MNNurse Practitioner1023151131
Nataliya Ishkova-volovets 55430, MNNurse Practitioner1780999177
Karen L Canzanello 55904, MNNurse Practitioner1265485841
Norman Billings Mekkelsen 55317, MNNurse Practitioner1619329687
Erin Happ Martin 55404, MNNurse Practitioner1467873109
Vanessa Lee 55426, MNNurse Practitioner1881097400
Natalia Cropper 54020, MNNurse Practitioner1114323086
Deborah Dailey 55901, MNNurse Practitioner1992101620
Casandera Kay Wiek 55128, MNNurse Practitioner1215438189
Nicole Bodner 55415, MNNurse Practitioner1588038830
Tammy Denise Johnston 55124, MNNurse Practitioner1528507886
Marcia Lynne Dally 56001, MNNurse Practitioner1861944753
Lindsey Koterba 55416, MNNurse Practitioner1417482290
Rachel Anderson 55416, MNNurse Practitioner1003298308
Andrea Marie Balsimo 55109, MNNurse Practitioner1912352188
Katie-anne Swenson 55114, MNNurse Practitioner1225588668
Christin Radtke 55109, MNNurse Practitioner1730621467
Susan Jane Givens Bell 97504, MNNurse Practitioner1962957506
Rebecca Anne Barnack 55416, MNNurse Practitioner1235687880
Kelly Jean Hedblad 55109, MNNurse Practitioner1992256382
Jamie Lynn Teunis 55403, MNNurse Practitioner1952835449
Evan Lucas Dyce 55362, MNNurse Practitioner1013437110
Catherine Passe 55376, MNNurse Practitioner1073050704
Alicia Schroepfer 55108, MNNurse Practitioner1912436007
Anna Gustafson 55125, MNNurse Practitioner1558890707
Tiffany Lynn Mcintyre 55439, MNNurse Practitioner1194244053
Maria Kathleen Horne 55128, MNNurse Practitioner1144733551
Manhouly Phouthachack 06010, MNNurse Practitioner1295965481
Christine Nangendo Nsubuga 55435, MNNurse Practitioner1306215744
Michael John Goblish 56258, MNNurse Practitioner1063959567
Susan Joy Goodemote 56101, MNNurse Practitioner1912416124
Jennifer J Hust 55904, MNNurse Practitioner1962928374
Kelly Ann Pearson 55109, MNNurse Practitioner1992216618
Christina Vinson 55416, MNNurse Practitioner1700339595
Kara Sue Ristau 56031, MNNurse Practitioner1881113546
Elizabeth Gullotta Murchie 55125, MNNurse Practitioner1699905604
Robin Lee Petrich 55387, MNNurse Practitioner1932657806
Tanya Freske 56334, MNNurse Practitioner1558816561
Jennifer Holm 56001, MNNurse Practitioner1265881841
Joan Alicia Tapper 56569, MNNurse Practitioner1285815720
Kristyn Thielen 60201, MNNurse Practitioner1124363049
Lorraine Elizabeth Mcdowell 30071, MNNurse Practitioner1043703093
Tracy Ann Moe 55454, MNNurse Practitioner1255830774
John Leland Mckinley 55416, MNNurse Practitioner1497283253
Nicole Apel 55407, MNNurse Practitioner1104288018
Stephanie Kelly Drew 55439, MNNurse Practitioner1235408691
Kathryn Holt 56001, MNNurse Practitioner1386067833
Sarah Grace Fox Aurich 57069, MNNurse Practitioner1083126171
Ashley Nicole Gyura 55404, MNNurse Practitioner1821470162
Emre Josiah Michelle Mauleon 55454, MNNurse Practitioner1528540671
Kelly J Westberg 54501, MNNurse Practitioner1780179820
Phurbu Tara 55449, MNNurse Practitioner1235618976
Teri Miller 55125, MNNurse Practitioner1932634631
Batul K Mehdi 55455, MNNurse Practitioner1225483605
Brian Vold 50126, MNNurse Practitioner1285047951
Karen Wyse Niedermier 54880, MNNurse Practitioner1821058421
Heidi Stevermer 56031, MNNurse Practitioner1932517893
Liza Anderson-gonzalez 55423, MNNurse Practitioner1649656372
Mary Whitbeck 55435, MNNurse Practitioner1790762656
Abigail Hartin 56303, MNNurse Practitioner1215415997
Stephanie Rae Harnack 55802, MNNurse Practitioner1063992535
Kelli Morrell 55404, MNNurse Practitioner1275010688
David Benjamin Clark 55450, MNNurse Practitioner1063995629
Susan Slocum O'connor 55102, MNNurse Practitioner1699251827
Binta Fatmata Barry 55102, MNNurse Practitioner1386141554
Selase Adzo Agudu-morgan 55407, MNNurse Practitioner1891278693
Molly Jill Shand 55454, MNNurse Practitioner1174007504
Tierria Mcglothin 39301, MNNurse Practitioner1811428915
Amy Schleif Lund 55404, MNNurse Practitioner1144671736
Karl Olson 55369, MNNurse Practitioner1346611266
Enrico Ramon Johnson 55125, MNNurse Practitioner1154789741
Jennifer Kay Rieger 55455, MNNurse Practitioner1174015986
Nicole Altstatt 55110, MNNurse Practitioner1982077061
Joshua Nathaniel Mathews 55905, MNNurse Practitioner1770090375
Denise M Lund 54806, MNNurse Practitioner1922305655
Kortney Marie Krick 56175, MNNurse Practitioner1598243321
Amanda Welke 55805, MNNurse Practitioner1184075525
Osahon Kings Enodunmwenben 55443, MNNurse Practitioner1841785912
Kati Jo Kaushal 55433, MNNurse Practitioner1619452455
Lauren Elizabeth Havens 68516, MNNurse Practitioner1730530122
Brooke Habisch 56303, MNNurse Practitioner1871914887
Elsbeth Bisbal Herr 55415, MNNurse Practitioner1437510260
Amanda Kate Enestvedt 56258, MNNurse Practitioner1609323484
Stacy Ann Cederstrom 56633, MNNurse Practitioner1174079917
Corey Elizabeth Watson 97232, MNNurse Practitioner1083078265
Michelle Coleen Hicks 55107, MNNurse Practitioner1003232273
Janelle Sunvold-palmer 59102, MNNurse Practitioner1508826082
Vanessa Scholtes Koempel 55128, MNNurse Practitioner1518952340
Morgan Llewellyn Mcdonald Weinert 55107, MNNurse Practitioner1689159360
Ingrid Estephan 55407, MNNurse Practitioner1831646108
Olalekan Patrick Obadiya 55414, MNNurse Practitioner1265847149
Stacy Reller 55404, MNNurse Practitioner1659820264
Stella Oyimma Essien 54022, MNNurse Practitioner1083072458
Maureen Stoesz 55407, MNNurse Practitioner1619424777
Roy Lee Harrell 30324, MNNurse Practitioner1407254022
Lindsey Swan 92121, MNNurse Practitioner1578712303
Teresa Jean Duscher 55371, MNNurse Practitioner1932367760
Sandra R Lindell 55303, MNNurse Practitioner1285871277
Benjamin Stuart Schultze 99204, MNNurse Practitioner1073715793
Elizabeth Kathryn Herrity 55415, MNNurse Practitioner1679923072
Melinda Mccusker 80045, MNNurse Practitioner1477840569
Stacy Chang 55404, MNNurse Practitioner1245896919


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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