Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Montana

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Montana:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Gelene M Berkram 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1922068758
Mianne Graa 59701, MTNurse Practitioner1497783062
Jeffery D Stockwell 58601, MTNurse Practitioner1407957418
Yellowstone Boys And Girls Ranch 59106, MTNurse Practitioner1265556757
Mary Clair Mcguire 56303, MTNurse Practitioner1386764819
Rita Marie Lopez 34488, MTNurse Practitioner1447433107
Cynthia Jean Reed 59711, MTNurse Practitioner1902119423
Honey Michelle Newton 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1437386299
Robin Catherine Becker 59701, MTNurse Practitioner1851761662
Eric J. Hebert 01886, MTNurse Practitioner1437551348
Sara Marie Zehnpfennig 59801, MTNurse Practitioner1275877912
Leanne M Mcfarland 59701, MTNurse Practitioner1861746737
Judith Raboy 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1447706841
Ginger Raye Silvers 59107, MTNurse Practitioner1679005060
Joseph Schmidt 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1780100917
Aleph, Pc 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1982917167
Anna Hein 59034, MTNurse Practitioner1528472503
Melissa Lynne Blue 59701, MTNurse Practitioner1447781380
Willow A. Sheehan 59601, MTNurse Practitioner1295211985
Sheila Ann Hurd 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1366922551
Carlyn Doyle 59804, MTNurse Practitioner1821353939
Katelyn Rose Briggs 59711, MTNurse Practitioner1952826968
Hanah Mia Heser 59105, MTNurse Practitioner1710395553
Michelle J Smith 59917, MTNurse Practitioner1174564298
Lisa Marie Ehret 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1548768674
Elizabeth M Seymour 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1134614712
Huston Psychiatric Services Llc 59601, MTNurse Practitioner1255992129
Alexander Grantsaris 46402, MTNurse Practitioner1922554831
Sharon E Delaney 99216, MTNurse Practitioner1609803485
Katie Ketterling-thornburg 59034, MTNurse Practitioner1114489093
Kathryn S Henley 98368, MTNurse Practitioner1538175211
Shelley P Rickett 59327, MTNurse Practitioner1437510807
Margaret B Marsh 59715, MTNurse Practitioner1851569438
Pamela Julianna Barr 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1487151320
Nicole Kelley 59047, MTNurse Practitioner1285191817
Jackie Kay Lave' 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1912428343
Erin Mingrone 99503, MTNurse Practitioner1649612862
Melissa F Lopez 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1194001602
Allison M Gaylor 85028, MTNurse Practitioner1114267887
Kelly Michele Euwema 59714, MTNurse Practitioner1942764873
Milissa Ann Priebe 59715, MTNurse Practitioner1073820783
Kelsey Elizabeth Crawford 59401, MTNurse Practitioner1487211819
Kierston Christian Popp 59044, MTNurse Practitioner1912534892
Karen Skonord 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1063453181
Judith Digiovine 59701, MTNurse Practitioner1801263488
Kathleen A Russell 59711, MTNurse Practitioner1275631863
Christina Louise Borst 59422, MTNurse Practitioner1053940791
Lindsey Peterson 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1932589900
Heart & Hands Midwifery And Family Healthcare Pllc 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1023518503
Mary Pat Holler-bibel 58201, MTNurse Practitioner1023075975
Julia Marie Tikka 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1720554488
Michelle Lynn Boltz 59923, MTNurse Practitioner1194843870
Janae Harper 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1861843039
Michelle Nail-noftsinger 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1962685610
Maria Vogel 94111, MTNurse Practitioner1619378668
Jessie Marie Cady-kauffman 93636, MTNurse Practitioner1962987834
Mary Hope Toth 82001, MTNurse Practitioner1790751105
Kira Kitchens 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1699292615
Stacey Boehm 55905, MTNurse Practitioner1134675069
Laverdure Psychiatry, Pllc 59501, MTNurse Practitioner1740807502
Chelsea Dunshee 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1295346823
At Your Service Psychiatry, Pllc 60108, MTNurse Practitioner1740836980
Allison A Sikorsky 60108, MTNurse Practitioner1609152842
Tracy Ann Holland-holter 59847, MTNurse Practitioner1760694772
Jeanne Randale Conner 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1013356310
Amy Ranes 59725, MTNurse Practitioner1437691524
Vicki Lynn Thuesen 59847, MTNurse Practitioner1629298393
Susan Asbell 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1053425462
Sarah-anne Victoria Galloway 82401, MTNurse Practitioner1114462124
Stephanie G Dever 59756, MTNurse Practitioner1427314632
Jennifer L Mcanally 59601, MTNurse Practitioner1922650290
Bobby Gene Lucas 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1770991804
Sarah F Suggs 37421, MTNurse Practitioner1871041251
Candice Lynn Ben 85629, MTNurse Practitioner1265769475
Jennifer Anne Durward 59501, MTNurse Practitioner1043503956
Zeth Justin Holbert 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1144743097
Charlene Pontoriero 59330, MTNurse Practitioner1457424244
Niall Richard Atkinson 46131, MTNurse Practitioner1316930050
Susan Dumire 27587, MTNurse Practitioner1285230169
Amanda Balise Bailey 99508, MTNurse Practitioner1124570932
Kayla Maureen Wright 80525, MTNurse Practitioner1255732079
Riki Lee Thompson 59923, MTNurse Practitioner1063937035
Ladonna K Maxwell 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1417037292
Matthew J Anderson 59804, MTNurse Practitioner1497095210
Rachel Marie Brewer 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1093212839
Claire Alexandra Steinberg 59804, MTNurse Practitioner1417424425
Sunburst Health, Llc Dba Cedar Creek Integrated Health 59865, MTNurse Practitioner1093297764
Somer Rose Mazzucola 59601, MTNurse Practitioner1053811844
Sarah Slater 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1467995928
Andrew Joseph Purcell 37920, MTNurse Practitioner1932472487
Carolyn J Bellamah 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1720090400
Amanda Rae Holloron 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1710598073
Rebecca L White 59801, MTNurse Practitioner1902903321
Penny Lynn Charrance 30705, MTNurse Practitioner1336124072
Health Solutions Pllc 59803, MTNurse Practitioner1407044845
Sadie Russell 59808, MTNurse Practitioner1578914396
Kathryn Renee Eriksson 59808, MTNurse Practitioner1437709060
Kathryn Rogotzke Foote 59801, MTNurse Practitioner1568886844
Brittany Jean Coburn 59912, MTNurse Practitioner1033427935
Kimberly Claire Hogan 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1992066971
Sarah Louise Rollins 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1427503846
Francienne Linda-ann Grantsaris 59808, MTNurse Practitioner1790233351
Judith Lynn Gustafson 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1851554471
Brett Erik Mollenhauer 59840, MTNurse Practitioner1649747791
Elizabeth Ann Church 59701, MTNurse Practitioner1013519008
Melanie Funke 59601, MTNurse Practitioner1528672979
Kacie T Tisdale 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1952615387
Steven Wheeler 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1164015624
Maria Kelly 59801, MTNurse Practitioner1205394764
Lindsay Ann Kindelman-lande 59801, MTNurse Practitioner1689003691
Lorina Kay Massey 59860, MTNurse Practitioner1215187588
Jennifer Larson 59801, MTNurse Practitioner1184675233
Nicole Diane Pfeifer 59860, MTNurse Practitioner1346589462
Michael James Henderson 99362, MTNurse Practitioner1407340730
Evan Robert Thompson 59808, MTNurse Practitioner1033735063
Charles Fowler 43812, MTNurse Practitioner1841765203
Shannon Gardner 59601, MTNurse Practitioner1699345629
Jeremiah Watt 59404, MTNurse Practitioner1336572205
Meagan Elizabeth Gray Kuchel 59804, MTNurse Practitioner1730634510
Dawn Ranae Sugg 59230, MTNurse Practitioner1366937229
Anna Catherine Mccracken 59715, MTNurse Practitioner1164554184
Kendall A Child 59715, MTNurse Practitioner1255300851
Stewart Perry Chumbley 59715, MTNurse Practitioner1316351810
Jennifer Pierce 85715, MTNurse Practitioner1174931695
Jentry Ann Wheaton 59718, MTNurse Practitioner1164920088
Brittany Mae Mitchell Eppard 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1649627936
Alyssa Ragsdale 82510, MTNurse Practitioner1487083424
Heather Marie Stickle 98932, MTNurse Practitioner1518235001
Leslie Ann Carlson 59716, MTNurse Practitioner1639130560
Tammy Jean Chambers 59715, MTNurse Practitioner1407151574
James Michael Cowan 59527, MTNurse Practitioner1598207862
Asta Reindl 59715, MTNurse Practitioner1033643713
Deborah Elizabeth Monahan 99218, MTNurse Practitioner1215200613
Progressive Health Solutions 59937, MTNurse Practitioner1356820328
Shamyne Hover Dumouchel 59860, MTNurse Practitioner1164708103
Rebecca Leigh Quilliams 37863, MTNurse Practitioner1710297809
Stephanie Lynn Lighter 59804, MTNurse Practitioner1952079204
Carmen Kay Staigmiller 59436, MTNurse Practitioner1508172719
Pavel Shevtsov 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1174981450
Molly C Asper 59427, MTNurse Practitioner1255955571
Kristin Kellie Mccolly 59241, MTNurse Practitioner1699938613
Kimberly Jean Berndt 53718, MTNurse Practitioner1083923049
Joseph Daniel Gibbs 46123, MTNurse Practitioner1407347750
Derenda Marie Beasley 29801, MTNurse Practitioner1386120343
Lisa M Baker 85711, MTNurse Practitioner1790375962
Lisa Baker, Dnp, Pmhnp bc, Pllc 85711, MTNurse Practitioner1538835160
Guiding Light Mental Health Pc 59701, MTNurse Practitioner1841890175
Karen J Smith 43078, MTNurse Practitioner1942635396
Billings Clinic 59102, MTNurse Practitioner1871548289
Shamrock Family Practice Llc 59301, MTNurse Practitioner1518983360
Ava Health Llc 59804, MTNurse Practitioner1548740822
Headwaters Mental Health, Pllc 59714, MTNurse Practitioner1194200923
Suzanne C Gullotta 59932, MTNurse Practitioner1699872010
Hill County 59501, MTNurse Practitioner1962558338
Intermountain Planned Parenthood Inc 59102, MTNurse Practitioner1134297179
Yellowstone Boys And Girls Ranch 59106, MTNurse Practitioner1104990373
Center For Joint Care Pllc 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1730208844
Kalispell Reginal Medical Center 59937, MTNurse Practitioner1427243971
Florence Family Practice 59833, MTNurse Practitioner1770778144
Missouri River Healthcare 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1588843304
Sapphire Psychiatric Health Care Services, Inc 59833, MTNurse Practitioner1780843656
Hkj Inc 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1558483206
Cogent Healthcare Of Montana P C 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1053569525
St. Patrick Hospital And Health Sciences Center 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1003067182
Sound View Counseling &, Inc. 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1992958714
Valerie Chyle Aprn, Pllc 59808, MTNurse Practitioner1275770976
Providence Health & Services Mt 59840, MTNurse Practitioner1821235599
River City Family Health 59801, MTNurse Practitioner1063653327
Acorn Pediatrics 59715, MTNurse Practitioner1912131178
High Plains Family Health Care 59520, MTNurse Practitioner1912235631
Montana Therapy 59442, MTNurse Practitioner1578891289
Montana Therapy 59401, MTNurse Practitioner1891026415
Premier Care Pediatrics & Family Practice 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1972811420
Center For Family Health, Llc 59701, MTNurse Practitioner1285935924
Brighter Day Health Llc 59101, MTNurse Practitioner1063780245
Frontier Family Practice 59436, MTNurse Practitioner1700144268
Skordal Psychiatric Services, Pllc 59601, MTNurse Practitioner1306106018
Cascade Emergency Group Llc 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1801143219
Huckleberry Healthcare Inc 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1710221296
Treasure State Occupational Health, Llc 59741, MTNurse Practitioner1386984060
Np Clinic Resources Inc 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1194066720
Psychiatric Consultants Of Montana, Pllc 59701, MTNurse Practitioner1083053367
Aspen Mental Healthcare, Llc 59401, MTNurse Practitioner1396185351
Katie Lynn Brennan Llc 59601, MTNurse Practitioner1609208735
Montana Telepsych Solutions Inc. 59602, MTNurse Practitioner1003243064
Irene Walters Family Psychiatry Pc 59840, MTNurse Practitioner1942623178
Cottonwood Clinic, Llc 59722, MTNurse Practitioner1306262803
Community Health Center 59701, MTNurse Practitioner1801207253
Esprit Health And Wellness, Llc 59270, MTNurse Practitioner1902208127
Healthsource Partners, Llc 83501, MTNurse Practitioner1861898678
Wellnest, Llc 59102, MTNurse Practitioner1467840389
Big Sky Mental Health Services Pllc 59301, MTNurse Practitioner1942699350
Rejuvecare Clinic 59901, MTNurse Practitioner1285002923
Premier Care Pediatrics, Llc 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1215361761
Community Hospital Of Anaconda 59711, MTNurse Practitioner1205887924
Erin S Kuntzweiler Aprn Fnp c 59601, MTNurse Practitioner1740638691
Hansen Family Practice 59405, MTNurse Practitioner1477903722
Central Medispa Llc 59270, MTNurse Practitioner1144683475
Total Family Care Pllp 59457, MTNurse Practitioner1649728577
Providence Health & Services Mt 59802, MTNurse Practitioner1174074827


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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