Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Victoria M Caudill 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1225036510
Karen Cox Clark 28612, NCNurse Practitioner1851383962
Sarah J. Norris 29569, NCNurse Practitioner1841285483
Jo Lin Metts 28560, NCNurse Practitioner1265428627
Jacqueline Grooms Oliver 27577, NCNurse Practitioner1467817353
Linda F Edmondson 27804, NCNurse Practitioner1144214875
Susan Christos Mckenney 28791, NCNurse Practitioner1811978653
Marilyn Martin Gamewell 28752, NCNurse Practitioner1881684447
Tana Diane Holloway 28601, NCNurse Practitioner1154309342
Robert Earl Brooks 28301, NCNurse Practitioner1770562480
Wendell Clavonn John 27587, NCNurse Practitioner1942288790
Gregory Crowder 59263, NCNurse Practitioner1437136223
Carla Rebecca Kimmel 28712, NCNurse Practitioner1689640336
Stephanie Jean Tisdal 27705, NCNurse Practitioner1477029163
Traci Knight 27405, NCNurse Practitioner1306802822
Valeria M Andrews 28645, NCNurse Practitioner1053372318
Corinne Dooley 28655, NCNurse Practitioner1407807209
Carolyn Morris Malone 92227, NCNurse Practitioner1477511228
Lekeishia Michelle Staton 27262, NCNurse Practitioner1467939116
Tammie Gainey 28379, NCNurse Practitioner1639135924
Donnette Ann Labus 29732, NCNurse Practitioner1609833326
Donna Gayle Lee 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1629020581
Brittany Henderson 27105, NCNurse Practitioner1215453543
April Maryam Kaiser 28215, NCNurse Practitioner1235186545
Sara Wallenius Mertz 28803, NCNurse Practitioner1124063300
Michelle Smith Flinchum 27244, NCNurse Practitioner1568859288
Carol A Pilote 27106, NCNurse Practitioner1982618955
Queeneth Chibuzo Mbemena 27455, NCNurse Practitioner1861975492
Jana Nicole Gainok 80906, NCNurse Practitioner1851317507
Jill C Barbour 27518, NCNurse Practitioner1619082575
Karen L. Staples 29569, NCNurse Practitioner1588760904
Edith Margaret D'aquila-lloyd 28480, NCNurse Practitioner1487730396
Julie Timmons Ruch 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1538243415
Regina Lee Whisnant Roper 28655, NCNurse Practitioner1811024219
Vera Guarino 28376, NCNurse Practitioner1558410472
Sandra Lee Jarvis 27012, NCNurse Practitioner1720127145
Tracy Roberts O'neil 28374, NCNurse Practitioner1235297987
Rebekah Smith 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1720464001
Kim Brigitte Winson 28226, NCNurse Practitioner1730229824
Kristina Michelle Roberson 27265, NCNurse Practitioner1750410338
Catherine Solaun Bertasi 37209, NCNurse Practitioner1265899793
Jane Y Hwang 20110, NCNurse Practitioner1396818795
Shuvon Blackwell Rankin 27320, NCNurse Practitioner1922128198
Laura Jane Deleruyelle 97504, NCNurse Practitioner1396946968
Joy F. Macnichol 32114, NCNurse Practitioner1891966958
Debra Lee Bateman 28327, NCNurse Practitioner1093981706
Sherry Massey 27455, NCNurse Practitioner1417115106
Lisa D. Giordano 27615, NCNurse Practitioner1073707832
Kelley Waite 27055, NCNurse Practitioner1376732560
Laura Fox Landon 27217, NCNurse Practitioner1104345180
Tiffany Tomiye Roberts 28752, NCNurse Practitioner1861990780
Xiao Fu 27514, NCNurse Practitioner1629293725
Nicole Renee Kuhn 28374, NCNurse Practitioner1184804304
Elizabeth Merrill Mackinnon 28752, NCNurse Practitioner1891950697
Theresa Behil Keiser 27511, NCNurse Practitioner1972708410
Debra Lohman Weaver 27617, NCNurse Practitioner1457577355
Jeanmarie Roberts 28211, NCNurse Practitioner1689849671
Ellen L Larusso 32117, NCNurse Practitioner1427263383
Deborah W Stokely 27983, NCNurse Practitioner1346463981
Mariama Tejan Sie Foh 02895, NCNurse Practitioner1407976855
Teresa Davis Parham 23970, NCNurse Practitioner1215167333
Mckenzie Jean Hampton 27511, NCNurse Practitioner1346559267
Brie Elizabeth Alford 79902, NCNurse Practitioner1447546387
Janet Lynn Thacker 27284, NCNurse Practitioner1609011238
Ashley Church Byrd 27103, NCNurse Practitioner1467693556
Megan Elizabeth Dehart 45242, NCNurse Practitioner1366778938
Michael Joe Robinson 27610, NCNurse Practitioner1255658282
Deborah Booth Adler 27514, NCNurse Practitioner1417263955
Chelsa Boswell 27215, NCNurse Practitioner1841561974
Lisa Marie Suddreth 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1033434519
Heather Marie Whisnant 29690, NCNurse Practitioner1538460688
Deborah Granick 27609, NCNurse Practitioner1790059103
Carolyn Joyner Gelot 28401, NCNurse Practitioner1124392394
Katharine B Knight 28779, NCNurse Practitioner1184956526
Robin Arlene Edwards 28640, NCNurse Practitioner1093029498
Kathryn Davis Vannoy 28144, NCNurse Practitioner1912208976
Rebecca Garrett Nelson 27615, NCNurse Practitioner1679873194
Lauren N Conner 40353, NCNurse Practitioner1912203522
Amanda Mcguire Johnson 28792, NCNurse Practitioner1609164193
Kedron M Hendley 28752, NCNurse Practitioner1679884449
Jennifer Dickerson Mcdonald 28642, NCNurse Practitioner1942459839
Dana B Irons 27713, NCNurse Practitioner1083923650
Kimberley D Newman 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1821243189
Emily Sudweeks 27529, NCNurse Practitioner1093959520
Lillian Woods 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1518194299
Lena Anderson Ferris 27030, NCNurse Practitioner1720217680
Tara Ann Walhart 27278, NCNurse Practitioner1346532397
Megan Ann Scarborough 28803, NCNurse Practitioner1396047387
Michelle Grant Mills 28655, NCNurse Practitioner1508006396
Deborah Lee Pawlowski-krejcik 80026, NCNurse Practitioner1871727586
Janice Marie Khauslender 21044, NCNurse Practitioner1245510635
Erica Danielle Ware 30308, NCNurse Practitioner1942692843
Ashley Idiaquez Kinnaird 27834, NCNurse Practitioner1699069997
Charlynne Freeman Price 28792, NCNurse Practitioner1336372333
Ryan Daniel Cedermark 30033, NCNurse Practitioner1649557968
Vanessa Laloggia 32803, NCNurse Practitioner1336305440
Alison Brancato 27607, NCNurse Practitioner1629338884
Maria Sharmila Karandikar 27606, NCNurse Practitioner1932467107
Branden Lee Lindsey 27518, NCNurse Practitioner1417219551
Nina F Roslovic 43212, NCNurse Practitioner1023369907
Rachel Elizabeth King 27610, NCNurse Practitioner1740526516
Allison T Bansen 28012, NCNurse Practitioner1932463544
Christina Xiong 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1710224332
Elizabeth Coleman Mcdonald 28719, NCNurse Practitioner1083951958
Sara Lynne Kitts 27106, NCNurse Practitioner1922425768
Susan Meredith Kane 27607, NCNurse Practitioner1689090789
Jessica Harris 28557, NCNurse Practitioner1871902551
Jennifer Kathleen Stout 79424, NCNurse Practitioner1699146191
Stephanie Chin 22939, NCNurse Practitioner1720459407
Courtney Dulworth 63080, NCNurse Practitioner1679941546
Teresa D Haggard 28204, NCNurse Practitioner1427198613
Lisa L Mull 28655, NCNurse Practitioner1033531421
Erica Kay Locklear 28352, NCNurse Practitioner1053770032
Antonia Scalia Corrigan 28226, NCNurse Practitioner1396091690
Jessica Kious-fry 27614, NCNurse Practitioner1023444338
Melissa Holden 28461, NCNurse Practitioner1750612974
Benita Patel 27705, NCNurse Practitioner1780056390
Amma Ankrah Tyler 28052, NCNurse Practitioner1417396722
Bethany Craig Hollar 28612, NCNurse Practitioner1437526175
Kristen R Mcgaha 21228, NCNurse Practitioner1477898591
Shannon Janelle Graham 27710, NCNurse Practitioner1386988392
Bonnie M Angelelli 27511, NCNurse Practitioner1659631422
Megan Debell Mcmanus 27610, NCNurse Practitioner1447683594
Adam Lee East 27103, NCNurse Practitioner1346580453
Rhonda Michelle Wright 27292, NCNurse Practitioner1265776553
Lawanda Witt Ruffner 28732, NCNurse Practitioner1770962235
Phillip A Miller 72015, NCNurse Practitioner1497124762
Carrie L Lewis 27607, NCNurse Practitioner1174776157
Danielle Elisabeth Stonebraker 27607, NCNurse Practitioner1194142422
Rena Loraine Castlin 30060, NCNurse Practitioner1619216892
Lynn Barrier Barringer 28117, NCNurse Practitioner1710313796
Marlou Beth Mateo Cabaluna 29732, NCNurse Practitioner1477995983
Danielle Kelly Foltz 24504, NCNurse Practitioner1053716233
Stephanie Gurganus Niedzwiecki 27607, NCNurse Practitioner1497151831
Nancy Arleen Vanhoozer 27855, NCNurse Practitioner1831516368
Jequie Dixon 38120, NCNurse Practitioner1104203827
Ivelisse Olivencia-simmons 28211, NCNurse Practitioner1295931251
Renata Conde-zuege 28401, NCNurse Practitioner1033472139
Jeanne Clark Bernat 27610, NCNurse Practitioner1952647026
Melissa Pacello 29732, NCNurse Practitioner1760899009
Melissa Anne Daniels 46250, NCNurse Practitioner1487090312
Eurica Dione Manning 27455, NCNurse Practitioner1427421189
Lindsey Williford 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1629343975
Alisha Bolton 28625, NCNurse Practitioner1578915468
Elzona Mae Patterson 20755, NCNurse Practitioner1063843340
Kimberly W Simms 28403, NCNurse Practitioner1629477088
Julie Renee Kerth 27157, NCNurse Practitioner1023519543
Nicolas Joyner 27157, NCNurse Practitioner1790167542
Kendra Larissa Moore 28752, NCNurse Practitioner1538526058
Kimberly Dawn Ward 27284, NCNurse Practitioner1194269241
Laurie Shirey 28779, NCNurse Practitioner1215489968
Heather Lynn Cynowa 28314, NCNurse Practitioner1114451754
Nicole Nazon Donnelly 27609, NCNurse Practitioner1720509037
Crystal Menick 29403, NCNurse Practitioner1457729139
Emily S Runge 28210, NCNurse Practitioner1689042707
Kendall Hankins Nagy 28677, NCNurse Practitioner1992156202
Amy Pope 27612, NCNurse Practitioner1447601075
Connie Srubar Soule 28719, NCNurse Practitioner1780035535
Elizabeth Carlyle White Trumbower 27519, NCNurse Practitioner1851746861
Sara Anne Davis Valasek 28472, NCNurse Practitioner1548705049
Cheri Taylor 27103, NCNurse Practitioner1255794855
Kelley Holt Johnson 28303, NCNurse Practitioner1629505813
Laura A Brown 28602, NCNurse Practitioner1235666215
Stephanie Klein 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1407399306
Melissa Hulce 28613, NCNurse Practitioner1083162937
Julie Curtis Thorn 28043, NCNurse Practitioner1043744386
Cameron Stevens Kiker 27263, NCNurse Practitioner1083148282
Karen Clarke 28611, NCNurse Practitioner1902305055
Melissa Dawn Ayers 20151, NCNurse Practitioner1912437302
Robert Eldridge Delozier 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1093235137
Michelle Rosenberg 27607, NCNurse Practitioner1295265551
Dawn Godfrey Bostic 28139, NCNurse Practitioner1588184667
Samantha Leann Schmidtke 27710, NCNurse Practitioner1578081501
Deborah Everett 27892, NCNurse Practitioner1407397573
Summer Hettinger 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1710428768
Joshua Mowery 28001, NCNurse Practitioner1528597739
Nicole Thompson Anderson 27265, NCNurse Practitioner1235668419
Darren Mesibov 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1881108876
Amanda Peay 28215, NCNurse Practitioner1750807012
Leonard Anthony Dinardo 28803, NCNurse Practitioner1649795410
Forresena Danielle Gerald 28304, NCNurse Practitioner1487152666
Rachel Allyson Fox 28204, NCNurse Practitioner1376041442
Marvina Franklin Butler 28390, NCNurse Practitioner1427561091
Caroline Bernthal 27577, NCNurse Practitioner1467954396
New Stone Helath Group Inc 27591, NCNurse Practitioner1922500792
Castle Healthcare Inc. 27713, NCNurse Practitioner1407025406
Karen O'neill Casey 28712, NCNurse Practitioner1639334469
Sampson Regional Professional Services Llc. 28328, NCNurse Practitioner1730311648
Highlands cashiers Physician Services, Inc. 28741, NCNurse Practitioner1851685051
Shana C Proffitt 28612, NCNurse Practitioner1407109309
Benjamin Jeffrey 27529, NCNurse Practitioner1699197426
Strategic Physicians Llc 28451, NCNurse Practitioner1518479625
Sally Delmastro 28461, NCNurse Practitioner1073999116
Monica Gene Turner 27529, NCNurse Practitioner1679072680
Nicholas Lee Villarreal 55435, NCNurse Practitioner1609392695
Casey Ann Crozier 27203, NCNurse Practitioner1427578905
Jeremy Kendall Britt 28213, NCNurse Practitioner1497259667
Katrina Lynn Gauthier 28546, NCNurse Practitioner1205344124
Sharleen Glass 28659, NCNurse Practitioner1235680398
Catherine Story 27401, NCNurse Practitioner1831698638


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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