Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of North Carolina

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of North Carolina:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Tracy Donald Chapman 28655, NCNurse Practitioner1285637413
Maxine Blue 28372, NCNurse Practitioner1750384400
Cassandra Foy 27262, NCNurse Practitioner1881697498
Virginia Baity Ervin 28086, NCNurse Practitioner1205839529
Donna White Bass 28403, NCNurse Practitioner1790788024
Linda Smoot Sayko 28540, NCNurse Practitioner1548263098
Vicki E Clark 28360, NCNurse Practitioner1609878800
Christine Sanford 28401, NCNurse Practitioner1538161617
Angeline Mccormick Bertsch 28422, NCNurse Practitioner1972507259
Marcia H Ballard 28327, NCNurse Practitioner1558365403
Kathryn D Dewey 27949, NCNurse Practitioner1386648111
Rhonda L Larimore 28803, NCNurse Practitioner1033113717
Karen M Lewis 28791, NCNurse Practitioner1912901612
Beverly L. Anderson 27565, NCNurse Practitioner1164424404
Elizabeth A Deaton 28412, NCNurse Practitioner1447254438
Connie Miller Freeman 28360, NCNurse Practitioner1912909128
Lalisa Ann Carpenter 28752, NCNurse Practitioner1508860271
Karen S Rance 46208, NCNurse Practitioner1194729137
Catherine Gold 27405, NCNurse Practitioner1982608360
Edwina S Colbert 27405, NCNurse Practitioner1316942717
Genevieve D. Mack 27403, NCNurse Practitioner1447255542
Minda Kramer 27405, NCNurse Practitioner1497750632
Victoria Edwards Smith 28422, NCNurse Practitioner1336144518
Diane Marie Caruso 27013, NCNurse Practitioner1205831369
Susan Spivock Smith 28548, NCNurse Practitioner1336144252
Jacqueline Kay Tebben 27401, NCNurse Practitioner1558366609
Eileen M Dondero 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1508861238
Brenda Mercer Allen 28340, NCNurse Practitioner1134124589
Kelly Kirkman Grant 27403, NCNurse Practitioner1649274002
Eleanor Latrelle Lowe 28645, NCNurse Practitioner1578568465
Sherri H England 28562, NCNurse Practitioner1932104429
Tamara L Link 27518, NCNurse Practitioner1912903410
Daysi Fardales 33150, NCNurse Practitioner1548266059
Donna L Spence 27858, NCNurse Practitioner1578569950
Helen Chamblee Goodman 28557, NCNurse Practitioner1568468866
Sondra Louise Mckellar 28443, NCNurse Practitioner1780680801
Susan N Benware 28301, NCNurse Practitioner1366448201
Eva Mae Stassen 28216, NCNurse Practitioner1265438089
Bernadine Henly Hall 33150, NCNurse Practitioner1780680835
Candie J Ross-moore 28803, NCNurse Practitioner1760488076
William Gainey Morrozoff 28371, NCNurse Practitioner1437156767
Karen Kinney Schneider 27607, NCNurse Practitioner1225035405
Melanie Naffke 28405, NCNurse Practitioner1265439327
Bonnie Carol Hutchins Hill 28144, NCNurse Practitioner1881692432
Beverly Ann Collins 28792, NCNurse Practitioner1477551919
Mark Monroe Mayes 28621, NCNurse Practitioner1427056571
Extended Care Physicians Mountain, Pa 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1104823087
Carolyn Blackwell Stewart 29425, NCNurse Practitioner1265430532
Natalie Lynn Wilson 28207, NCNurse Practitioner1790782019
Karen Ann Cooper 29036, NCNurse Practitioner1851398747
Victoria M Caudill 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1225036510
Rebecca Irby Dry 28001, NCNurse Practitioner1336147818
Elena Hendren 28304, NCNurse Practitioner1023423795
Alexandria Mason Hopkins 28204, NCNurse Practitioner1801895651
Teri J Herman 28602, NCNurse Practitioner1154320844
Teresa Wells Smith 27892, NCNurse Practitioner1932108099
Diana M. Mckeithan 28340, NCNurse Practitioner1790784619
Jerri P Patterson 28374, NCNurse Practitioner1932108818
Delores R. Williams 28304, NCNurse Practitioner1619976537
Christine A. Plummer 28304, NCNurse Practitioner1326047242
Tina Harris Jacobs 28364, NCNurse Practitioner1487654315
Kathleen Rivers 28304, NCNurse Practitioner1093715898
Ann A Lewis 28328, NCNurse Practitioner1578563201
Krista K. Sidell 28204, NCNurse Practitioner1184624751
Cynthia A Miller 27292, NCNurse Practitioner1275533572
Megan S Mclaughlin 27103, NCNurse Practitioner1871594762
Robin L Gusmann 27330, NCNurse Practitioner1669473484
Kathleen Elizabeth Moore 28906, NCNurse Practitioner1679945406
Barium Springs Home For Children 28786, NCNurse Practitioner1285099812
Barium Springs Home For Children 27615, NCNurse Practitioner1093170623
John B Davis 78224, NCNurse Practitioner1457350431
Marina Bova 27705, NCNurse Practitioner1992253173
Evangeline Lee Shirland 28304, NCNurse Practitioner1538602933
Bette M Ferree 27284, NCNurse Practitioner1992705693
Sally J Chapin 27505, NCNurse Practitioner1124029954
Jacquelyn Marie Sullivan 27705, NCNurse Practitioner1912908740
Kelly Fogarty Mergy 28301, NCNurse Practitioner1306846191
Teresa Sue Betts Cobau 29425, NCNurse Practitioner1437159167
Wanda J Boggs 27344, NCNurse Practitioner1881695419
Kathleen Patricia Cotten 28803, NCNurse Practitioner1467453704
Melissa Lovette Hollifield 28562, NCNurse Practitioner1326049990
Sharyn N Conrad 27103, NCNurse Practitioner1730180928
Carol Jean Reed 27402, NCNurse Practitioner1881695005
Kevin S Taylor 27834, NCNurse Practitioner1821099920
Deborah Nance Smothers 27262, NCNurse Practitioner1568464451
Roseanne Evans 27852, NCNurse Practitioner1104828953
Marilyn Wilson Wilson-sherwin 28304, NCNurse Practitioner1760484166
Margaret Jean Davis 28303, NCNurse Practitioner1053313536
Fran W Andrews 28358, NCNurse Practitioner1275535767
Carole Mcduffie Venable 28379, NCNurse Practitioner1396737375
Thomas J Rinkacs 28352, NCNurse Practitioner1477545036
Barry Lee Bertolette 28150, NCNurse Practitioner1407848864
Reagan L Bell 27610, NCNurse Practitioner1164414538
Gail Loretta Lieblang 27607, NCNurse Practitioner1386636702
Ruth Kaemmerlen Efird 27516, NCNurse Practitioner1407849748
Ruth H Christos 28729, NCNurse Practitioner1457344616
Antoinette Marie Mcneary 28308, NCNurse Practitioner1609869742
Melanie A Lewis 28573, NCNurse Practitioner1437142528
Judy R. Rafson 27806, NCNurse Practitioner1801889738
Janet L Poindexter 27455, NCNurse Practitioner1578564803
Catherine Sargent Brown 27910, NCNurse Practitioner1730172818
Susan R Smith 28204, NCNurse Practitioner1417949884
Carol Ann Hoban 28712, NCNurse Practitioner1992707764
Elizabeth Jenkins Andrews 28786, NCNurse Practitioner1538161542
Nicole Louise Cottone 28025, NCNurse Practitioner1952843872
Nancy Ann Tuttle Stone 27021, NCNurse Practitioner1720070931
Derrick Newkirk 27292, NCNurse Practitioner1417316654
Ruth B Raffield 28752, NCNurse Practitioner1740272558
Jodella Locklear 28372, NCNurse Practitioner1578565164
Karen Cox Clark 28612, NCNurse Practitioner1851383962
Lisa Erin Whitley 28144, NCNurse Practitioner1902899867
Nancy Putnam Jolly 28150, NCNurse Practitioner1316930746
Emily White Gantt 28150, NCNurse Practitioner1285627612
Carolyn Doughty Gordan 27406, NCNurse Practitioner1356335657
Hanna Marrett 28562, NCNurse Practitioner1679567978
Linda Alphin Heath 28328, NCNurse Practitioner1417941626
Rosemary Curry 28532, NCNurse Practitioner1528052701
Phyllis K Marion 28304, NCNurse Practitioner1902891450
Mary Rose Steiner 37862, NCNurse Practitioner1356336820
Rosa Marie Benfield 28657, NCNurse Practitioner1649265901
Heather Fayhee 27514, NCNurse Practitioner1255326609
Carol Elaine Gunden 27028, NCNurse Practitioner1073508313
Kelli Marie Garber 29425, NCNurse Practitioner1215922166
Anthony Tunelle Steele 27262, NCNurse Practitioner1558357160
Brad Vance Gardner 28150, NCNurse Practitioner1528054152
Robert Thomas Dodge 27610, NCNurse Practitioner1295721710
Mary Alyce Curran 28146, NCNurse Practitioner1205822467
Mary Anne Majzlik 28792, NCNurse Practitioner1669468823
Susan Christman Sweeting 28608, NCNurse Practitioner1043206063
Corinne Yelton 28803, NCNurse Practitioner1538155478
Peggy Deitz 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1093701930
Mildred James Driggers 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1750377594
Allison Barnett Hux 28012, NCNurse Practitioner1043206709
Candace Churchwell Petree 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1326035049
Janet Winslow Kelchner 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1265429864
Ann Marie Trippel Watts 28012, NCNurse Practitioner1316934847
April Lynne Goley 27587, NCNurse Practitioner1134116437
Kitza P Williams 27278, NCNurse Practitioner1699762724
Ella Olehonna Lynch 28372, NCNurse Practitioner1184611139
Garland Bruce Williams 28425, NCNurse Practitioner1487642146
Ann Berry Amyot 27519, NCNurse Practitioner1558356865
Pamela Jean Pritchett 28278, NCNurse Practitioner1487641007
Judith Robinson Maloney 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1265429948
Bonita C Aycock 27882, NCNurse Practitioner1619961620
Emily Michelle Carlson 27610, NCNurse Practitioner1174516660
Kelly Thompson 28792, NCNurse Practitioner1467449876
Linda Kay Jordan 28463, NCNurse Practitioner1023004637
Kristina Britton Robinson 28012, NCNurse Practitioner1245417682
Tammy Waits Stimson 28573, NCNurse Practitioner1851385025
Christine Edith Kincaid 27103, NCNurse Practitioner1780168955
Donna Boone Manuel 28012, NCNurse Practitioner1760477152
Jo Lin Metts 28560, NCNurse Practitioner1265428627
Jacqueline Grooms Oliver 27577, NCNurse Practitioner1467817353
Linda F Edmondson 27804, NCNurse Practitioner1144214875
Rosemary Elizabeth Martines 28117, NCNurse Practitioner1801884937
Roxanne S. Devane 28403, NCNurse Practitioner1053309989
Jonathan Labayo Desamero 28209, NCNurse Practitioner1003804972
Layla Myers Mabe 28374, NCNurse Practitioner1790774628
Kay Rhoades 28345, NCNurse Practitioner1790774644
Mary E Mitchell 28262, NCNurse Practitioner1316935331
Mary Knuth Tucker 28659, NCNurse Practitioner1942299789
Linda A Hozdic 28731, NCNurse Practitioner1437148012
Karen L Pitman 27514, NCNurse Practitioner1942299631
Phoenix Emergency Services Of Madison Llc 47250, NCNurse Practitioner1881683548
Vicky Ayres Wolf 27804, NCNurse Practitioner1427047984
Paula M Leif 27536, NCNurse Practitioner1912996323
Pam O. Werstlein 27292, NCNurse Practitioner1699764985
Brenda J Strand 28655, NCNurse Practitioner1972592103
Nancy J Hosey 27834, NCNurse Practitioner1639169659
Michelle Mercer Canfield 27705, NCNurse Practitioner1417947334
C. Dianne Bailey 27531, NCNurse Practitioner1497745277
Lisa Sparks Brown 27284, NCNurse Practitioner1750371555
Marcia Kathleen Ballard 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1124018775
Jana Michelle Brooks 28226, NCNurse Practitioner1982695920
Kathleen T Foulk 27531, NCNurse Practitioner1841281888
Vickie B Moore 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1912998931
Vicki Y Roome 28805, NCNurse Practitioner1730170424
Linda Leeann Steele 27834, NCNurse Practitioner1033100771
Kathleen F Clasen 27607, NCNurse Practitioner1710978283
Susan Miskovich Mehta 28025, NCNurse Practitioner1295726602
Judith Helen Wikstrom 28904, NCNurse Practitioner1831180199
Patricia Heasty 27607, NCNurse Practitioner1407847940
Gaston Medical Associates, Pa 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1366433773
Tonya Oliver 27157, NCNurse Practitioner1396736542
Melissa Jo Mang 28387, NCNurse Practitioner1871584136
Debra Jackson Safrit 28054, NCNurse Practitioner1720069917
Adrienne Yolanda Small 27703, NCNurse Practitioner1083695118
Pam B Phillips 27534, NCNurse Practitioner1427039502
Robin Lynn Donta 55401, NCNurse Practitioner1134100183
Marcia Milhan Schroeder 28801, NCNurse Practitioner1861473746
Marlene T Wallace 28173, NCNurse Practitioner1780665521
Apple Valley Student Health 28792, NCNurse Practitioner1619958451
Debra Ann Gray Thomson 27157, NCNurse Practitioner1720069131
Alisa Lawson Starbuck 27157, NCNurse Practitioner1962483297
Jvonne Leung Starr 27103, NCNurse Practitioner1982686267
Timothy Matthew Snow 27103, NCNurse Practitioner1477535581
Tara Denise Bush 27577, NCNurse Practitioner1083696868
Barbara G Barringer 28602, NCNurse Practitioner1902888431
Mary Eileen Maloy Witt 27534, NCNurse Practitioner1295718682
Beverly Beck Goodwin 27244, NCNurse Practitioner1407839749


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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