Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Nebraska

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Nebraska:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Elite Urgent Care And Family Health, Llc 69361, NENurse Practitioner1861973711
Jennifer R Schlothauer 69361, NENurse Practitioner1679953475
Holly V Lashmet 57601, NENurse Practitioner1609839463
Kevin Harm 68701, NENurse Practitioner1922025790
Indra Doorpatie Sukhram 68510, NENurse Practitioner1407933237
Lety Elizabeth Costa 93635, NENurse Practitioner1821188269
Julia Marie Wageman 68114, NENurse Practitioner1326145129
Julie A O'neil 97477, NENurse Practitioner1295884732
Elizabeth Hardy 68901, NENurse Practitioner1275694887
Korinne N Murcek 68510, NENurse Practitioner1154585495
April J Dexter 68713, NENurse Practitioner1780813097
Alicia Y Gonzales-longoria 69341, NENurse Practitioner1215379748
Kristin Glaubke 92225, NENurse Practitioner1497131320
James Harvey Winchester 68840, NENurse Practitioner1740583491
Mindy R Carr 68130, NENurse Practitioner1184989873
Ashley Nassar 18103, NENurse Practitioner1710315189
Megan Feighny 66606, NENurse Practitioner1972916583
Molly Petersen 68135, NENurse Practitioner1679987432
Leslie J Moore 68113, NENurse Practitioner1295170702
Kimberly Rose Ward 68516, NENurse Practitioner1861825135
Carrie Fitzsimmons 53202, NENurse Practitioner1033523584
Jessica Marie Bentzen 68154, NENurse Practitioner1992051882
Mark Alan Darby 68198, NENurse Practitioner1851812309
Sarah Franzluebbers 68198, NENurse Practitioner1609326933
Crystal Gayle Dailey 68714, NENurse Practitioner1265942247
Claire Elizabeth Hollis 75165, NENurse Practitioner1922520287
Amy Jo Lyon 68601, NENurse Practitioner1538684535
Reina C Griffith 68107, NENurse Practitioner1336652874
Angela Yvonne Felton-coleman 68105, NENurse Practitioner1487102075
Laura Trapp 68144, NENurse Practitioner1467731554
September Leigh Wanzenried 68128, NENurse Practitioner1073030607
Nichole L Cosgrove 68601, NENurse Practitioner1316426307
Kenneth Mccord Tierney 68178, NENurse Practitioner1457832677
Amarachi Chika Ogbonnaya-akpa 68506, NENurse Practitioner1386038024
Paige L. Pioppi 68025, NENurse Practitioner1619406188
Angie Albert 68137, NENurse Practitioner1245624402
Kari Lynn Goering 68516, NENurse Practitioner1366969677
Allison R Stark 68502, NENurse Practitioner1487124392
Deanna Margaret Kaup 68127, NENurse Practitioner1780163824
Nhi Nguyen 68510, NENurse Practitioner1043776826
Patrick James Gleason 82701, NENurse Practitioner1700288958
Kristi Marie Weber 68467, NENurse Practitioner1023207040
Terry Thomas Butkus 68116, NENurse Practitioner1366570020
Pamela Dawn Hartnett 68130, NENurse Practitioner1184091282
Amy N Barnes 68164, NENurse Practitioner1770983090
Alicia C. Fischer 68137, NENurse Practitioner1396304911
Maria E. Finocchiaro 68130, NENurse Practitioner1922599091
Hunt Enterprises Llc 68136, NENurse Practitioner1053967109
Brianna Hoden 66211, NENurse Practitioner1245780659
Michelle Christo 68137, NENurse Practitioner1023404829
Julie Clausen 55125, NENurse Practitioner1912376625
Maria Alejandra Moreno Cabasos 68510, NENurse Practitioner1780148346
Latoya N Williams 68123, NENurse Practitioner1386115913
Darla Leigh Marriott 68131, NENurse Practitioner1992092175
Kaitlin Nicole Desoe 51501, NENurse Practitioner1689223943
Kristi Denise Follmer 69130, NENurse Practitioner1225556525
Patricia B Cooper 64114, NENurse Practitioner1225096803
Susan B Kryzsko 68803, NENurse Practitioner1447819727
Sherry Elizabeth Hron 85635, NENurse Practitioner1285057117
Lorrene Gail Jurgens 68506, NENurse Practitioner1306839014
Rabia Moukrad 68106, NENurse Practitioner1962048314
Sheryl Ann Bakare 68526, NENurse Practitioner1851813927
Tracy L Ross 68124, NENurse Practitioner1215208871
Stacy Ann Froehlich 68526, NENurse Practitioner1316469380
Tessa O'neill 51503, NENurse Practitioner1629445937
Susan J Baker 68124, NENurse Practitioner1164681714
Heidi Marie Farnum 50525, NENurse Practitioner1427281401
Jennifer Jean Pearson 51503, NENurse Practitioner1558726026
Pathways To Wellness 69337, NENurse Practitioner1417421769
Emily Erin Hensley 68845, NENurse Practitioner1427496413
Virginia R Gallagher 68410, NENurse Practitioner1932374014
Connie Rachelle Nelson 68510, NENurse Practitioner1740829845
Helen Alethea Trotter 68503, NENurse Practitioner1912136789
Rachel Lynn Bilek 68022, NENurse Practitioner1760032825
Macy Lee Kasperbauer 68022, NENurse Practitioner1821465881
Megan Weddingfeld 58201, NENurse Practitioner1467815266
Jay Mitchell Jevne 54829, NENurse Practitioner1942849484
Stefanie Leyden 68701, NENurse Practitioner1558980573
Cheryl Anne Robbins 68131, NENurse Practitioner1982255212
Danielle Raney 68510, NENurse Practitioner1942717111
Lindsey Teten 68410, NENurse Practitioner1164838967
Chelsie Victoria Nutsch 68701, NENurse Practitioner1205456373
Laura A Smith 68516, NENurse Practitioner1710251046
Akossiwa Essi Yovogan 51501, NENurse Practitioner1750902052
Traci Lynnette Ellis 69336, NENurse Practitioner1801227368
Erin Simanic 68510, NENurse Practitioner1326594045
Jane Kathryn Yule 55343, NENurse Practitioner1033296298
Colton A Palmer 68144, NENurse Practitioner1336649987
Palmer Psychiatric Mental health Services Llc 68144, NENurse Practitioner1801364559
Victoria Mills 93901, NENurse Practitioner1477969913
Tessa J Rydberg 50588, NENurse Practitioner1033576616
Wesley Schook 68144, NENurse Practitioner1821615261
Susann Ashley O'banion 68008, NENurse Practitioner1972026995
Molly Marie Oertwig 68845, NENurse Practitioner1215304704
Cheri Denise Jenkins 68508, NENurse Practitioner1710014758
Elizabeth Ann Kelsey 55905, NENurse Practitioner1306229224
Katie Mckernan 68048, NENurse Practitioner1346797792
Twila R Hoferer 68701, NENurse Practitioner1821634205
At Your Service Psychiatry, Pllc 60108, NENurse Practitioner1740836980
Allison A Sikorsky 60108, NENurse Practitioner1609152842
Rachelle A Smith 31061, NENurse Practitioner1770005084
Elizabeth A Miller 68124, NENurse Practitioner1134771926
Brandon Lee Anderson 68526, NENurse Practitioner1336558220
Jami Jo Dowell 51501, NENurse Practitioner1194295907
Nicole Koricic 68105, NENurse Practitioner1427597053
Katherine M Linehan 68132, NENurse Practitioner1366725962
Lucinda Kay Doyle 57350, NENurse Practitioner1558593954
Kristin Ann Lee 37232, NENurse Practitioner1730155318
Ashley Larae Bradley 68198, NENurse Practitioner1972010585
Alegent Creighton Health 51503, NENurse Practitioner1770922437
Salina V Anderson 68114, NENurse Practitioner1629461140
Jennifer Lea Neilan 68506, NENurse Practitioner1710115563
Chelsea A Hamzhie 68025, NENurse Practitioner1699322529
Latrice Diann Martin 68122, NENurse Practitioner1932439205
Leanne Grover Galvan 68130, NENurse Practitioner1730648759
Andrea Nicole Ward 85035, NENurse Practitioner1184096125
Alegent Creighton Health 68122, NENurse Practitioner1033288923
Adele A Harrison 68114, NENurse Practitioner1881052967
Patricia Jo Ealy 68847, NENurse Practitioner1952642464
Amberger Llc 68154, NENurse Practitioner1730724584
Erin N Stickney 68847, NENurse Practitioner1861775421
Devin James Scott 87401, NENurse Practitioner1659832426
Nichole Marie Dorn 55811, NENurse Practitioner1144658063
Stephanie Nicole Hansen 68137, NENurse Practitioner1801307780
Amber Grob 68154, NENurse Practitioner1215431556
Tracey L Hamor Llc 68349, NENurse Practitioner1245841048
Shirley Hugues Brodston 95110, NENurse Practitioner1083194732
Paula D Brungardt 85139, NENurse Practitioner1528551595
Natalie R Gomez 68010, NENurse Practitioner1124370085
Deanna L Schrotberger 69361, NENurse Practitioner1679045108
Kelli R. Pavlish 68005, NENurse Practitioner1255611059
Lisa Lynne Decker 68466, NENurse Practitioner1316329501
Adrienne M Titus 68510, NENurse Practitioner1780179127
Holly Johnson 94404, NENurse Practitioner1881070902
Kiandra Lynn Cartwright-nolting 94404, NENurse Practitioner1760739023
Rachel Majerus 68701, NENurse Practitioner1437763042
Sarah Gierhan 68847, NENurse Practitioner1790224996
Jenny Jenner 57110, NENurse Practitioner1417347196
Lisa Ostendorf 68504, NENurse Practitioner1326458019
Samantha Marie Cunningham 68198, NENurse Practitioner1134551880
Wendy Jo Hoins 68510, NENurse Practitioner1609068436
Jillian B Negri 68198, NENurse Practitioner1750618450
Margaret A Runyon 50401, NENurse Practitioner1558311399
Emily Mae Stull 69361, NENurse Practitioner1598301376
Stephanie A Sydow 68845, NENurse Practitioner1235716861
Jennifer B Attebery 63110, NENurse Practitioner1033545009
Date Amouzou 68007, NENurse Practitioner1942755954
Paul Matthew Hughes 68102, NENurse Practitioner1336775360
Tessa Cathleen Nordquist 68198, NENurse Practitioner1285200840
Complete Children's Health, P.c. 68505, NENurse Practitioner1962610493
Complete Children's Health, P.c. 68505, NENurse Practitioner1407343858
Staci Lynn Ervin 51105, NENurse Practitioner1346586757
Cynthia Jean Johnson 51105, NENurse Practitioner1023555638
Dena R Neiman 51105, NENurse Practitioner1336418425
Elizabeth N Pratt 51105, NENurse Practitioner1639134034
Heather Jo Stehr 51105, NENurse Practitioner1295217529
Kathlene Rebecca Rasmussen 68701, NENurse Practitioner1245808526
Azusa Ronhovde 68502, NENurse Practitioner1366027294
Lisa Young 68502, NENurse Practitioner1487642559
Wade Scherling 68510, NENurse Practitioner1700408481
Midwest Pain Clinic Pc 68114, NENurse Practitioner1043482094
Ashley Tejral 68901, NENurse Practitioner1427628361
Susan Elizabeth Gripp 68506, NENurse Practitioner1679156541
Kerry L Emeigh 68502, NENurse Practitioner1629621354
Sarah Cherubin 68198, NENurse Practitioner1700459989
Stephanie M Ficht 22908, NENurse Practitioner1093269318
Barbara K. Clinkenbeard 68144, NENurse Practitioner1497761415
Barbara K Clinkenbeard Pc 68144, NENurse Practitioner1578113130
Kathleen Louise Kraft 48038, NENurse Practitioner1437399854
Christopher Wiles 65807, NENurse Practitioner1104371467
Ian Micheal Pierce 68046, NENurse Practitioner1790452977
Rachel Marie Ruskamp 68124, NENurse Practitioner1992381487
Bonnie Keane 55454, NENurse Practitioner1508248121
Laura Ann Lombardo 68114, NENurse Practitioner1861828253
Angela Kaye Anderson 68701, NENurse Practitioner1811414303
Lexington Regional Health Center 68937, NENurse Practitioner1407211220
Brodstone Memorial Hospital 68935, NENurse Practitioner1699746248
Niobrara Valley Hospital Corporation 68746, NENurse Practitioner1063470953
Valley County Hospital 68862, NENurse Practitioner1619927654
Physicians Clinic Inc 68114, NENurse Practitioner1821049156
Complete Family Care Llc 68803, NENurse Practitioner1922463926
Midwest Gastrointestinal Associates Pc 68114, NENurse Practitioner1073569125
Mercy Medical Services 68745, NENurse Practitioner1083652218
Mercy Medical Services 68791, NENurse Practitioner1710925813
Mercy Medical Services 68716, NENurse Practitioner1316985252
Mercy Medical Services 68787, NENurse Practitioner1720026461
Mercy Medical Services 68784, NENurse Practitioner1063450708
Mercy Medical Services 68047, NENurse Practitioner1992749675
Mercy Medical Services 68733, NENurse Practitioner1891739579
Ainsworth Family Clinic, P.c. 69210, NENurse Practitioner1083632533
Midwest Ob/gyn Clinic, Pc 68701, NENurse Practitioner1538189857
Midamerica Cardiovascular Institute P.c. 68114, NENurse Practitioner1881614709
Planned Parenthood Of The Heartland, Inc 68516, NENurse Practitioner1548282833
James Severa 51503, NENurse Practitioner1679581110
The Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Association 68901, NENurse Practitioner1972616423
The Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Association 68901, NENurse Practitioner1245343607
Beatrice Community Hospital & Health Center Inc 68310, NENurse Practitioner1922111855
The Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Association 68979, NENurse Practitioner1528175247
The Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Association 68930, NENurse Practitioner1629185350
Moscati Health Center Pc 68901, NENurse Practitioner1679685291


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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