Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of New Hampshire

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of New Hampshire:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Laura J Clauss 03110, NHNurse Practitioner1619970811
Shirley A Cartwright 03110, NHNurse Practitioner1508869611
Andrea C Paquette 03053, NHNurse Practitioner1952304800
Catharine A. Foster 03743, NHNurse Practitioner1346244696
Joanne B Hayes 03755, NHNurse Practitioner1033114921
Mary Lynn Fahey 03801, NHNurse Practitioner1750386389
Stephen B Holderman 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1255339636
Kimberly Anne Rouleau 03110, NHNurse Practitioner1528067501
Carlyn Herz 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1780684530
Janet E Zardas 03833, NHNurse Practitioner1861493223
Jeanne D Charest 03570, NHNurse Practitioner1962403238
Janet Chevarie 03570, NHNurse Practitioner1194726497
Kathleen Donovan 03581, NHNurse Practitioner1437151412
Susan Lessard 03570, NHNurse Practitioner1871595876
Patricia Shute 03570, NHNurse Practitioner1336141225
Christopher L Laurent 03598, NHNurse Practitioner1306839204
Linda Margaret Rajchel 03077, NHNurse Practitioner1275526618
Lisa A Miffitt 03060, NHNurse Practitioner1215366141
Coos County Family Health Services, Inc 03570, NHNurse Practitioner1346242054
Coos County Family Health Services, Inc. 03570, NHNurse Practitioner1427050012
The Memorial Hospital 03860, NHNurse Practitioner1629060926
Robin F Geschwindner 03773, NHNurse Practitioner1093700668
Nancy Elizabeth Dirubbo 03246, NHNurse Practitioner1821084823
Heidi Renee Compos 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1881680882
Carol Williams-suich 03766, NHNurse Practitioner1003802018
The Riverwoods Company At Exeter, New Hampshire 03833, NHNurse Practitioner1255328159
Larry A Lancaster 03766, NHNurse Practitioner1770579781
Christopher Edward Polich 03431, NHNurse Practitioner1154318178
Jean S Coffey 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1649268079
Kathleen D. Vandenburg 03031, NHNurse Practitioner1073501979
Helen M Laliberte-fricano 01844, NHNurse Practitioner1184613812
Julianne Murthi 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1205825296
Judith Debra Shapiro 03106, NHNurse Practitioner1467442129
Danielle Basta 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1316937865
Heather L Arel 03458, NHNurse Practitioner1578553681
Mary A. Berube 03070, NHNurse Practitioner1194716076
Deborah Irene Moore 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1326029273
Christina L. Ferreri 03109, NHNurse Practitioner1114908894
Dorothy Ann Sockbeson 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1720069073
Lynn W Batchelder 03458, NHNurse Practitioner1356323018
Cynthia Ellen Cote 03867, NHNurse Practitioner1932181476
Jorda Daigneault 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1124018247
Susan Lynn Rooks 03872, NHNurse Practitioner1629059266
Judith F Abbe 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1528057031
Amy L Beaupre 03766, NHNurse Practitioner1376532390
Bridget A Langa 03060, NHNurse Practitioner1275524639
Diane Knight 03820, NHNurse Practitioner1225028194
Kim Michelle Kicza-klasmier 03102, NHNurse Practitioner1871577502
Doneta M. Fischer 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1114901766
Paula E Drake 03060, NHNurse Practitioner1619951225
Robin C Tucker 03110, NHNurse Practitioner1184609489
Joyce E. Lenahan 03055, NHNurse Practitioner1669457438
Sandra Lee Mccormack 03801, NHNurse Practitioner1841276565
Antonia Winefield 03054, NHNurse Practitioner1962488486
Christine T Mccall 03801, NHNurse Practitioner1760468235
Diana Craven 03062, NHNurse Practitioner1871579128
Louise B Mermer 03060, NHNurse Practitioner1306822531
Susan Parks Karmeris 03867, NHNurse Practitioner1770569840
Marjorie Colson 03820, NHNurse Practitioner1427034503
Paula Paciulan 03051, NHNurse Practitioner1407832496
Mary Elizabeth Fitzpatrick 03103, NHNurse Practitioner1891771838
Penny Lynn Durgin 03584, NHNurse Practitioner1710964549
Debra Ann Learmonth 03878, NHNurse Practitioner1750368338
Paula A Weeman 03234, NHNurse Practitioner1700863305
Philip P Campbell 03063, NHNurse Practitioner1649257775
Mary Elizabeth Kenison 03582, NHNurse Practitioner1629055876
Mary Beth Spainhower 03820, NHNurse Practitioner1881671782
Judith Corbit 03054, NHNurse Practitioner1275511800
Peter R Frazer 03785, NHNurse Practitioner1962480426
Mary A. Vigeant 03860, NHNurse Practitioner1851379002
Charisse N. Hirschfeld 03860, NHNurse Practitioner1114905361
Doris Fletcher Barratt 03743, NHNurse Practitioner1225017932
Kathleen M Kidder 03257, NHNurse Practitioner1588643019
Leigh A Bears 03257, NHNurse Practitioner1922087469
Judith Wood Cole 03809, NHNurse Practitioner1588644181
Virginia A Blackmer 03246, NHNurse Practitioner1952371999
James M Harris 03053, NHNurse Practitioner1932186475
Lynne R Stone 03458, NHNurse Practitioner1598749855
Caroline F Duquette 03820, NHNurse Practitioner1043296528
Jennifer L. Lavallee 03054, NHNurse Practitioner1396722153
Mary I Carlson 03055, NHNurse Practitioner1447236526
Denise Mcgrath 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1104803899
Nancy Clark 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1437132941
Mary Bidgood-wilson 03226, NHNurse Practitioner1679543045
Marian J Desrochers 02460, NHNurse Practitioner1225008592
Lois A Carey 03226, NHNurse Practitioner1477523801
Charles D Griffin 03220, NHNurse Practitioner1740251735
Linda C Mattlage 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1912978677
Laurie J Jorgenson 03222, NHNurse Practitioner1396716031
Elaine Marie Johnson 03773, NHNurse Practitioner1194796730
Corinne Ann Wright 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1508838715
Michael F. Daley 03608, NHNurse Practitioner1265404099
Evelyn D. Hagan 03598, NHNurse Practitioner1932171493
Daisy J Goodman 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1366414856
Jessica Thibodeau 03561, NHNurse Practitioner1417929910
Pamela J Williams 03063, NHNurse Practitioner1649243148
Denise L Naiva 03220, NHNurse Practitioner1245203603
Colleen A Nolan 03253, NHNurse Practitioner1386617744
Leslie M Goldman 03431, NHNurse Practitioner1598738890
Danielle L Macdonald 03235, NHNurse Practitioner1720051048
Carol A Maleska 03222, NHNurse Practitioner1891768313
Barbara Frances Macgregor Ford 03580, NHNurse Practitioner1700859782
Geraldine Ann Colburn 03060, NHNurse Practitioner1477526325
Patricia A Orzano 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1225003908
Michael Scanlon 03561, NHNurse Practitioner1407821036
Lori Ann Buswell 02115, NHNurse Practitioner1184699811
Donna L. Chretien 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1902870603
Jean E Stowell 03226, NHNurse Practitioner1104891647
Katherine E Murphy 03801, NHNurse Practitioner1144295544
Barbara H Wood 03246, NHNurse Practitioner1376518373
Ellen Ann Graening 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1093781684
Deborah Moser 03101, NHNurse Practitioner1275509614
Jan S Whitten 03867, NHNurse Practitioner1912974767
Susan Pelczar 03833, NHNurse Practitioner1699742890
Jana M Mackay 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1356319909
Elizabeth Ceona Moulton 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1841268919
Amy Murdoch Metcalf 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1821066994
Sherill Ciampa 03860, NHNurse Practitioner1881663391
Anne B Madden 03833, NHNurse Practitioner1326017849
Jacqueline L Meadows 03110, NHNurse Practitioner1164481396
Margaret Anne Ditulio 03811, NHNurse Practitioner1295794352
Evergreen Womens Health Care Pllc 03060, NHNurse Practitioner1891754974
Marilyn Anne Bruderer 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1962461863
Judy A Misiaszek 03848, NHNurse Practitioner1568421006
Jodi A. Carner-higgins 03103, NHNurse Practitioner1144289463
Faith E. Minard 03103, NHNurse Practitioner1306805635
Rebekah Turner Reddel 03110, NHNurse Practitioner1326007683
Lauren M. Burke 03102, NHNurse Practitioner1275593584
Judith A. Booth 03103, NHNurse Practitioner1932169158
Loretta C Grimm 03860, NHNurse Practitioner1558321844
Heidi A. Carignan 03103, NHNurse Practitioner1972563294
Joanne B Goodrich 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1518938596
Jennifer F Winslow 03060, NHNurse Practitioner1922073220
Donna C Caron 03060, NHNurse Practitioner1548220767
Susan R. Buckley 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1760458541
Lisa L Cooper 03246, NHNurse Practitioner1750351235
Kara M Viel 01463, NHNurse Practitioner1205800661
Danielle Stare 02114, NHNurse Practitioner1780645069
Virginia L Wright 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1619938842
Linda M Douville 03036, NHNurse Practitioner1043271257
Claire M Pace 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1679534838
Joshua Dion 03110, NHNurse Practitioner1306807102
Susan Caprio 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1356302160
Jennifer Limongiello 03857, NHNurse Practitioner1255393658
Laurie Ann Rogers 03079, NHNurse Practitioner1609838820
Paul M. Arnstein 03103, NHNurse Practitioner1184686131
Andrea M. Larose 03103, NHNurse Practitioner1881656650
Kathy B Patch 03851, NHNurse Practitioner1740242395
Susan P. D'anna 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1467415661
Joanne E Kordas 03110, NHNurse Practitioner1326002999
Catherine M Leighton 03110, NHNurse Practitioner1376507947
Mary D Aboozia 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1356305502
Mary Kimball 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1568427060
Faye Fitzgerald 03820, NHNurse Practitioner1003872532
Shilo Lee Hutchins 03803, NHNurse Practitioner1760448807
Joanne Redding Anctil 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1265499834
Laurice Jackson 03867, NHNurse Practitioner1942267273
Amoskeag Anesthesia, Pllc 03103, NHNurse Practitioner1104883511
Jean-anne Brown 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1306804505
Katherine Shamel 03246, NHNurse Practitioner1932167152
Pennie Marie Kane 03101, NHNurse Practitioner1952359192
Susan L Mckernan 03833, NHNurse Practitioner1164470522
Bridget Denny Alcorn 03103, NHNurse Practitioner1457300352
Carol D Krasin 03833, NHNurse Practitioner1912956699
Heidi Snow Mcinally 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1477503159
Nancy T. Seesman 03801, NHNurse Practitioner1477503068
Jason Harris 03076, NHNurse Practitioner1962453043
Alice Mclane 03581, NHNurse Practitioner1083665715
Miriam Louise Cahill-yeaton 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1295787430
Raina C Eaton 03570, NHNurse Practitioner1699727263
Geraldine D Boufford 03801, NHNurse Practitioner1932151081
Maribeth O Fries 03431, NHNurse Practitioner1669424453
Elizabeth Ann Gavin 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1821040551
Deborah A Stone 03894, NHNurse Practitioner1982657243
Pamela Havener 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1518910728
Deborah L Bowler 03833, NHNurse Practitioner1750334322
Maryann Claire Saunders 02460, NHNurse Practitioner1114971785
Sueanne Gingrich 03301, NHNurse Practitioner1578516431
Norman Paul Lucier 03862, NHNurse Practitioner1790738656
Robert Louis Gaudreau 03825, NHNurse Practitioner1508810334
Lisa M Williams 03110, NHNurse Practitioner1396799169
Sherry L Kahn 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1235189523
Martha Mcgowan Lee 03842, NHNurse Practitioner1285683938
Cathy Ann Odonnell 03054, NHNurse Practitioner1740242908
Christopher H Jacobson 03055, NHNurse Practitioner1760447437
Carey B Stillman 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1912961632
Chandra Miller 03047, NHNurse Practitioner1346729753
Richard M Young 03246, NHNurse Practitioner1790746303
Lamprey Health Care Inc 03857, NHNurse Practitioner1568412237
Lisa C Beaulieu 03055, NHNurse Practitioner1306890843
Francois Noutcha Toka 02215, NHNurse Practitioner1629022850
Kathleen Ann Martin 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1639123763
Patricia A Magaw 03104, NHNurse Practitioner1427003086
Carol Hicks 03801, NHNurse Practitioner1861447229
Colette L Dumont 03064, NHNurse Practitioner1063467041
Patricia Leonora Huber 03756, NHNurse Practitioner1629024534
Amy P Dumont 03820, NHNurse Practitioner1184670853
Rebecca A Jacques 03820, NHNurse Practitioner1255387882
Colleen S Lynch 03878, NHNurse Practitioner1164478517
Derreth C Roberts 03820, NHNurse Practitioner1356397657


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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