Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of New Jersey

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of New Jersey:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Melanie Sophia Parsell 08724, NJNurse Practitioner1245798941
Diane Fahmy 07069, NJNurse Practitioner1972028504
Carolyn Ann Fernandez 08755, NJNurse Practitioner1013903954
Makensy Similhomme 07083, NJNurse Practitioner1821595034
Eileen F Campbell 08035, NJNurse Practitioner1548259831
Mariama Patricia Hubbard 11232, NJNurse Practitioner1518946763
Stacy J. Senk 08043, NJNurse Practitioner1356313894
Joseph Larkin 08204, NJNurse Practitioner1538524467
Marianne T. Alexander 08043, NJNurse Practitioner1598731424
Erin Regan Kennedy-ripley 18015, NJNurse Practitioner1043737521
Marina Kostyuk 07901, NJNurse Practitioner1336643162
Jessica Barofsky 10020, NJNurse Practitioner1932552783
Ginger Lynne Cowell 19801, NJNurse Practitioner1023079084
Lynda J. Carpenito 07928, NJNurse Practitioner1225085558
Denise J Force 07748, NJNurse Practitioner1770067522
Jeanmarie Angela Sommer 10065, NJNurse Practitioner1750852190
Anitha Abraham 07006, NJNurse Practitioner1629588157
Cris Maria Pineyro 21204, NJNurse Practitioner1609250893
Pain Control Associates P C 08043, NJNurse Practitioner1538189386
Erickson Health Medical Group Of New Jersey Pc 07753, NJNurse Practitioner1780604991
Kathleen E. Mckenna 07036, NJNurse Practitioner1487199709
Debra Castner 23413, NJNurse Practitioner1134212939
Mary Margaret Kelly 07644, NJNurse Practitioner1972691079
Michele Lanza 08096, NJNurse Practitioner1871680603
Ann Hirschman 08558, NJNurse Practitioner1427136753
Diana Jacobus 10016, NJNurse Practitioner1518374479
Mary Mccormack 10019, NJNurse Practitioner1225169121
Marlene Dey 07728, NJNurse Practitioner1922172386
Ashlee Theresa Maixner 08820, NJNurse Practitioner1609380104
Doreen F. Sperber-weiss 08876, NJNurse Practitioner1174724389
Mary V Thomas-pressley 08638, NJNurse Practitioner1174719751
Kristin Melissa Kelly 08901, NJNurse Practitioner1801056643
Shahnaz Singh-kandah 10032, NJNurse Practitioner1457891079
Pamela A Gasiorowski 08060, NJNurse Practitioner1891995999
Leslee J Means 08021, NJNurse Practitioner1699983106
Leatrice M Current 07860, NJNurse Practitioner1083112676
Karen Gudrun Barton 08009, NJNurse Practitioner1104029669
Nicole Fabico Vales-buckwald 07093, NJNurse Practitioner1801069521
Myra Zamora 07939, NJNurse Practitioner1952591166
Mary A Dour 18017, NJNurse Practitioner1841419017
Mary Matyas 08234, NJNurse Practitioner1881842235
Linda Gable-adams 07111, NJNurse Practitioner1265675888
Paul Jude Rodgers 07960, NJNurse Practitioner1497082036
Kathleen Ann Victor 19145, NJNurse Practitioner1114227964
Kimberly Ann Leotta 19141, NJNurse Practitioner1336443324
Laurie L. Rost 08753, NJNurse Practitioner1518109487
Ngozi Nwobi 08723, NJNurse Practitioner1518294404
Monica Maldonado 21401, NJNurse Practitioner1902244411
Eileen Stengel 19114, NJNurse Practitioner1851688691
Jean Marie Rasimowicz 17110, NJNurse Practitioner1932411030
Elizabeth Pugh Myler 07840, NJNurse Practitioner1467770990
Julia Newbold 19128, NJNurse Practitioner1225545106
Janet Karanevich-dono 07726, NJNurse Practitioner1518280858
Grace Elizabeth Peters 08857, NJNurse Practitioner1417264318
Joan Andersen Twombly 07444, NJNurse Practitioner1073890562
Thuyanh Ngoc Phan 08078, NJNurse Practitioner1669745352
Kellie M Cervini 08028, NJNurse Practitioner1376814590
Christine Marie Ablett 08225, NJNurse Practitioner1134452832
Kaneez Rehmanji Odgers 07470, NJNurse Practitioner1730415118
Veronica Mausser 08825, NJNurse Practitioner1891048914
Beatrice Njeri Mwariri 19355, NJNurse Practitioner1619234390
Suzette S Catong 07701, NJNurse Practitioner1013343201
Sameerah Siddequah Harris 08234, NJNurse Practitioner1366781569
Bola Fadipe 07065, NJNurse Practitioner1477981496
Robert Christopher Kirk 08043, NJNurse Practitioner1740686369
Cherry Lou Contreras Rudge 07081, NJNurse Practitioner1336547256
Jaclyn Cammarata 08043, NJNurse Practitioner1982090015
Elly G Delaportas 07601, NJNurse Practitioner1679959290
Elizabeth Gundle 08234, NJNurse Practitioner1942674445
Leah Rass 08701, NJNurse Practitioner1205202660
Viviana Faunce 08401, NJNurse Practitioner1780056127
Arianna Leigh Muraca 07922, NJNurse Practitioner1861912396
Paula George 07481, NJNurse Practitioner1982078275
Yvonne E Trapp 10119, NJNurse Practitioner1174874762
Dennis Russell 07031, NJNurse Practitioner1629489026
Julie Zavadenko Anp Llc 07642, NJNurse Practitioner1013306786
Chelsea Robbins 07652, NJNurse Practitioner1992110209
Teresa Louise Conner 08060, NJNurse Practitioner1629481528
Christine La Cava 07960, NJNurse Practitioner1447653357
Joni Lynn Prentice 07753, NJNurse Practitioner1669813390
Sylvester O Nwosu 78701, NJNurse Practitioner1073856944
Patricia Elbrini 07302, NJNurse Practitioner1932307790
Edith J. Jackson 07011, NJNurse Practitioner1346588183
Denise Long 08103, NJNurse Practitioner1467684274
Angeline Z Mapa 08901, NJNurse Practitioner1750795597
Angela E Arnouk 12203, NJNurse Practitioner1861899882
Ana Tobie 08690, NJNurse Practitioner1043762446
Dara Ashley Cooper 07950, NJNurse Practitioner1255769584
Jennifer Motley 07922, NJNurse Practitioner1508206905
Adoreli Afuang Abano 07204, NJNurse Practitioner1447629753
Erica L Lydon 12180, NJNurse Practitioner1780933994
Susan Renee' Fisher-brown 08244, NJNurse Practitioner1467833723
Jennifer Jasmin 08619, NJNurse Practitioner1558826230
Nurit Klayman 10451, NJNurse Practitioner1215407036
Laura B Maccone 07601, NJNurse Practitioner1952735847
Terry K Brooks 07755, NJNurse Practitioner1013257740
Lauren Catherine Ermentrout 08053, NJNurse Practitioner1639503527
Sura Lee 08103, NJNurse Practitioner1033530712
Pauline Tyas 08550, NJNurse Practitioner1972877371
Pritibala Or Priti H Moradia 07208, NJNurse Practitioner1932551454
Linda Mcgrane 08103, NJNurse Practitioner1790937605
Rehana Rab 07502, NJNurse Practitioner1568806271
Ifeoma Nwankwo 07018, NJNurse Practitioner1134631526
Mihaela Michael 08755, NJNurse Practitioner1912419169
Rhonda L Sebastian 08638, NJNurse Practitioner1437664430
Katherine Cecilia Collins 07876, NJNurse Practitioner1700387693
Vathveal Mathews 10016, NJNurse Practitioner1568836161
Yvette Slater 08648, NJNurse Practitioner1043759483
Gehan Liale Morel 07055, NJNurse Practitioner1982156832
Heather Mooneyhan 07840, NJNurse Practitioner1811426422
Annie Varghese 07631, NJNurse Practitioner1649708116
Robyn Lynne Sarig 17601, NJNurse Practitioner1437670916
Erin Keating Miller 10029, NJNurse Practitioner1811416886
Brianna L Krug 08724, NJNurse Practitioner1356851711
Marie Welsh 19111, NJNurse Practitioner1851757389
Jessica A Kowalewski 07013, NJNurse Practitioner1477912863
Roxana Bustamante 06510, NJNurse Practitioner1235598467
Nickesha Latoya Ritchie 07481, NJNurse Practitioner1063953560
Heena M Patel 08873, NJNurse Practitioner1851814529
Kingsley Ogigi Oyem 07302, NJNurse Practitioner1477062347
Geraldine Buerano 08852, NJNurse Practitioner1255864153
Chae Danielle Miller-westfield 07601, NJNurse Practitioner1073050076
Danielle R Thompson 08618, NJNurse Practitioner1144767112
Diana Lopes London 19090, NJNurse Practitioner1770024895
Kathryn K Grana 07103, NJNurse Practitioner1861922684
Christina Marie Nalbone 10021, NJNurse Practitioner1770006124
Eucharia Onyemachi Ihem 08628, NJNurse Practitioner1568976512
Ashlen Michal Kakolewski 07410, NJNurse Practitioner1972016301
Brenda L. Smith 08069, NJNurse Practitioner1689181166
Juvi T Lindsey 08103, NJNurse Practitioner1164939674
Teresa Marie Mahoney 08869, NJNurse Practitioner1265949655
Kim R Martin-widawsky 07401, NJNurse Practitioner1053484147
Tina Marie Occhiuto 07866, NJNurse Practitioner1487773164
Diane Pyle 08002, NJNurse Practitioner1285960427
Gina Rizzo 07960, NJNurse Practitioner1346768942
Kelly Peate 08534, NJNurse Practitioner1285161588
Kathryn Elizabeth Magargee 07712, NJNurse Practitioner1811406200
Brittani Rivera 07002, NJNurse Practitioner1770088163
Beth Leiter 07869, NJNurse Practitioner1518465475
Obinna Ezealor 08755, NJNurse Practitioner1487164190
Cristina C. Sertway 08033, NJNurse Practitioner1871965020
Hazel Belen 07860, NJNurse Practitioner1780130435
Shubhrit Benipal 44136, NJNurse Practitioner1225562663
Lauren Antonison 08060, NJNurse Practitioner1235538091
Maria Riza Uy 08628, NJNurse Practitioner1659887719
Daniela A Moscarella 07731, NJNurse Practitioner1659860757
Melissa M Curtis 08302, NJNurse Practitioner1790186260
Larissa Lobato 07753, NJNurse Practitioner1023367166
Adeola Olubusola Dosunmu 08861, NJNurse Practitioner1841714474
Janet O Olabode 08861, NJNurse Practitioner1548703119
Stacy L Carr 08103, NJNurse Practitioner1467954677
Jennifer Leconte 08873, NJNurse Practitioner1801268826
Marissa Rago 08844, NJNurse Practitioner1023510245
Liss Speziale 07011, NJNurse Practitioner1992239487
Elias Fernandez 33136, NJNurse Practitioner1407397771
Judith Llenos Cebedo 07076, NJNurse Practitioner1790168607
Martha Lebron 18102, NJNurse Practitioner1982006250
Valentina Som 08724, NJNurse Practitioner1336572387
Justine Barnao 08724, NJNurse Practitioner1861916702
Erica Maria Loney 10065, NJNurse Practitioner1366951170
P&p Psychiatric And Recovery Center Llc. 07081, NJNurse Practitioner1851887921
Brianna Scancarella 07005, NJNurse Practitioner1548643430
Kathleen Alexander 07856, NJNurse Practitioner1205207917
Kelsey Heffernan 08103, NJNurse Practitioner1508354788
Lauren Gasparini 07039, NJNurse Practitioner1770008302
Caitlin Zangara Agosta 08816, NJNurse Practitioner1205161874
Kojo Sasah 17403, NJNurse Practitioner1306355755
Taylor Boulos 08731, NJNurse Practitioner1356820823
Jamie M Sikora 08096, NJNurse Practitioner1801294954
Jacqueline Sperber 07647, NJNurse Practitioner1669874939
Salamatu Sanni 08362, NJNurse Practitioner1821499641
Kimberly Tara Rajmohan 10021, NJNurse Practitioner1942799259
Genoly Caring Center Llc 08619, NJNurse Practitioner1447744610
Justina Tartue-higgins 08362, NJNurse Practitioner1316282171
Inaisha Marie Jackson 08625, NJNurse Practitioner1386005460
Lori Prol 08060, NJNurse Practitioner1497952444
Maureen Hughes-brown 08012, NJNurse Practitioner1225519986
Marina Sherman 11214, NJNurse Practitioner1598064743
Karam Wehbeh 07501, NJNurse Practitioner1306356365
Oasis Behavioral Health & Addiction Services 08857, NJNurse Practitioner1679089106
Rose Lim 07450, NJNurse Practitioner1134467749
Neil Roecklein 10962, NJNurse Practitioner1629528518
Donna M. Schultice 08103, NJNurse Practitioner1710403969
Abimbola Vivian Olanrewaju 07103, NJNurse Practitioner1669956579
Helen Marie Meehan 07607, NJNurse Practitioner1235652561
Marissa Falzarano 08755, NJNurse Practitioner1992283535
Nancy P To 08232, NJNurse Practitioner1184964827
Jeanne M. Pollio 10032, NJNurse Practitioner1306365515
Nicole Wares 07109, NJNurse Practitioner1588131551
Magdalena Dumanski 07036, NJNurse Practitioner1124595665
Mera Belle Gamo Dumalag 07470, NJNurse Practitioner1730665704
Primary Care Of Mercer And Monmouth County 08690, NJNurse Practitioner1689142093
Grissel Flores 07503, NJNurse Practitioner1134660152
Rebecca P Thomlinson 07438, NJNurse Practitioner1215477179
Anne Elizabeth Lyle 08901, NJNurse Practitioner1720557358
Julia Blum 08638, NJNurse Practitioner1700326535
Ekta H Makani 08830, NJNurse Practitioner1689156291
Jinal Patel 08260, NJNurse Practitioner1710464110
Maria Gemma Williams 07430, NJNurse Practitioner1619446572
Mfon G. Ekpo 08901, NJNurse Practitioner1972086197


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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