Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of New Mexico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of New Mexico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Holly G Strain 87401, NMNurse Practitioner1740284652
Anita M Ralstin 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1881698785
Griffon Campbell 88345, NMNurse Practitioner1013912773
Gloria Doherty 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1912902016
Christine Brickley 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1346245503
Jacquelyn Louise Lardie 88220, NMNurse Practitioner1750386405
Regina Godwin Udo 88001, NMNurse Practitioner1932104569
Gwen Renee Williams 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1083610554
Theresa B Strassburger 87112, NMNurse Practitioner1114923695
Doris Kay Gonzales 87124, NMNurse Practitioner1992701759
James M Karns 87544, NMNurse Practitioner1952307738
Sheila Lynn Sachs 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1508862236
Jeanne M Alvarez 04401, NMNurse Practitioner1871599233
Mario Cristobal Eres 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1477559821
Kathleen Jo Austin 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1215933759
Lydia Macklin 88021, NMNurse Practitioner1003812553
Debra L Cyphert 88101, NMNurse Practitioner1982601498
Carolyn Roberts 87508, NMNurse Practitioner1932106432
Roy Michael Addington 87131, NMNurse Practitioner1760489926
Kate Goldblum 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1134127772
Kari Michele Hendra 88210, NMNurse Practitioner1780682948
Maryanne Chavez 87002, NMNurse Practitioner1811379498
Carolyn Montoya 87131, NMNurse Practitioner1134127079
Paulette H. Herman 87124, NMNurse Practitioner1609875210
Terry Wayne Hancock 87801, NMNurse Practitioner1295734945
Kathryn Priesnitz Ray 88001, NMNurse Practitioner1760481097
Carol L. Burmeister 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1639178833
Harriet L James 87144, NMNurse Practitioner1144220062
Deborah Schmidt 88030, NMNurse Practitioner1376543009
Michelle Danae Felix 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1225038219
Katherine Ann Henry 79106, NMNurse Practitioner1134127160
Carol Scott 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1417959446
Randy Lenhardt 88030, NMNurse Practitioner1932192820
Wendell Marc Osborn 88101, NMNurse Practitioner1548253594
Cheryl Granillo 88030, NMNurse Practitioner1003809708
Christopher George Waggoner 88310, NMNurse Practitioner1689667131
Lauri Greis 88012, NMNurse Practitioner1356334999
Marilyn Nishitani 88201, NMNurse Practitioner1629060835
Edna Gail Gutierrez 88124, NMNurse Practitioner1376536854
Darlene G Jenkins 88119, NMNurse Practitioner1023001591
Karla Kay Giese 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1780676262
Susan H. Kazmierski 87012, NMNurse Practitioner1285627646
Susan M Gisler 87544, NMNurse Practitioner1902890593
Jina Vick 88401, NMNurse Practitioner1952396244
Janet Douglas 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1831185339
Laurel Anne Stevens 87532, NMNurse Practitioner1871589069
Deborah N. Deetz 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1770570392
Barbara Anne Wright 87123, NMNurse Practitioner1063409670
Michelle Marie Harmon 88103, NMNurse Practitioner1366439606
Roseanne Carol Warner 88103, NMNurse Practitioner1619964947
Marla Dianne Buckles 88103, NMNurse Practitioner1043208838
Traci A Mckinney 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1740278332
Diana Joyce Mcmains 75063, NMNurse Practitioner1881680650
Joan Marie Peacock 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1619963824
Karen Spielbusch 87110, NMNurse Practitioner1013903871
Cynthia Ann Martin 32835, NMNurse Practitioner1912993353
Geoffrey D Steffens 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1003803511
Mary J Schad 88061, NMNurse Practitioner1265420632
Erika A Benson 87501, NMNurse Practitioner1104814193
Alan Marx 87501, NMNurse Practitioner1134117062
Carla F Lich 87420, NMNurse Practitioner1962491795
Lucy Valentine Gasaway 87420, NMNurse Practitioner1497744239
Ann Marie Mccarthy 87416, NMNurse Practitioner1588653323
Denise Suzanne Bartley 87420, NMNurse Practitioner1952390619
Cynthia Colleen Reinhardt 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1043209364
Judy Ann Sutton 87577, NMNurse Practitioner1548250160
Mary Leanora Mallernee 87420, NMNurse Practitioner1407846801
Cal K Curt 87520, NMNurse Practitioner1356331540
Nora R Sanchez 87114, NMNurse Practitioner1295725331
Lesley Joan Mortimer 87125, NMNurse Practitioner1700877784
Ann Norrie Smith 87510, NMNurse Practitioner1982695961
San Curtis Shields 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1942291927
Patricia Conkling 87124, NMNurse Practitioner1356332365
Diana Louise Lewis 87734, NMNurse Practitioner1043201056
Martha Slemp Thorsen 88130, NMNurse Practitioner1952392615
Guadalupe M Kennedy 88130, NMNurse Practitioner1598756264
Mary Elizabeth Yutzy 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1558352898
Caroline R Martinek 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1669463857
Marcy Smith 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1992786909
Frances Kathleen Lopez-bushnell 87105, NMNurse Practitioner1508847567
Ilah R Jones 87105, NMNurse Practitioner1588646939
Katherine E Mallion 88203, NMNurse Practitioner1831180405
Laura Marie Bellew 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1881684199
Davon Knackstedt 87114, NMNurse Practitioner1770565228
Cynthia D Hale 87034, NMNurse Practitioner1649260084
Shirley Knackstedt 87107, NMNurse Practitioner1114908761
Ruth G De Rego 87131, NMNurse Practitioner1922099274
Michael Servilla 87124, NMNurse Practitioner1992787824
Deanna M Suggs 85013, NMNurse Practitioner1295726206
Kori Beech 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1598756884
Janet Nalda-lyons 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1861474389
Jane K Cornwell 88220, NMNurse Practitioner1659362655
Jonna Winn Marion 88345, NMNurse Practitioner1952392474
Deborah Rudene Caswell 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1578546628
Jean M Ryan 87801, NMNurse Practitioner1710960604
Stephen Van Roper 87131, NMNurse Practitioner1851375976
Sharon M Schaaf 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1144205659
Wren T Kennedy 87131, NMNurse Practitioner1689651358
Joann Mccullar Vandergriff 88220, NMNurse Practitioner1891772885
Martha V Ludwick 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1548247513
Kate Collins Faber 87327, NMNurse Practitioner1902883044
Valerie Tell 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1598742587
Janet Sue Hancock 87801, NMNurse Practitioner1114905064
Alice Fleming 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1821076928
Karen Huffine 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1679552608
F. Elaine Montano 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1679553457
Diane Baptista 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1144200700
Deborah Lee Pearson 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1265418602
Heidi H. Rogers 87532, NMNurse Practitioner1528042579
Lorraine Olson 87113, NMNurse Practitioner1235113689
Carmela C Mondragon 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1942285473
Gretchen Mueller-reuben 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1508841412
Diane H Cummings 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1538149190
Anita C Gallardo 88061, NMNurse Practitioner1003890195
Deborah Marie Lewis 75755, NMNurse Practitioner1053399352
Steve K Lauer 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1104801182
Barbara Rose Gregory 87501, NMNurse Practitioner1154304814
Colleen Yvonne Campbell 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1932179678
Gretchen L Anderson 87544, NMNurse Practitioner1871563536
Elaine Lynette Clanon 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1750351060
Robert Le Alan Shaffer 88210, NMNurse Practitioner1275504425
Judy Liesveld 87301, NMNurse Practitioner1295707651
Dorcas Ann Yates 87020, NMNurse Practitioner1003889254
Jose Rolando Flores 87105, NMNurse Practitioner1861466740
Deborah Joann Hunter 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1376518183
Kimberly Ann Joy 87532, NMNurse Practitioner1679549257
Anne Holmes Miller 87401, NMNurse Practitioner1902872484
Carol Ann Mills 87144, NMNurse Practitioner1376519355
Linda L Delman 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1013984111
Jennifer Deroy 88310, NMNurse Practitioner1609843689
Clyde P Sanchez 87113, NMNurse Practitioner1356319396
Jacquelyn Belinsky 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1033187802
Dennis John Jung 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1417925058
Donna Lynn Dowell 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1629046719
Carole L Owens 87575, NMNurse Practitioner1750359873
Kimberly Marie Streu 87110, NMNurse Practitioner1508835158
Linda Dominguez 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1265491146
Sherri L Zudell 87301, NMNurse Practitioner1750340238
Julia R. Chavez 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1679533566
Julia Kaye Knauff 88310, NMNurse Practitioner1285609230
Roger Owen Blevins 87131, NMNurse Practitioner1255304176
Julia L Vana 88260, NMNurse Practitioner1063480317
Anna Ross 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1518930692
Robert Navarrette 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1659340602
Debra Ann Smith 88330, NMNurse Practitioner1275500878
Jo Ann Schroeder 88330, NMNurse Practitioner1679756910
Elizabeth Marie C Evans 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1750341426
John R. Mackenzie 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1326008764
Joseph F. Marra 88415, NMNurse Practitioner1235190596
Nancy A Ridenour 87131, NMNurse Practitioner1194786525
Cynthia Rector 87552, NMNurse Practitioner1548221534
Rachel Marzec 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1255393690
Sylvia Anne Rife 88130, NMNurse Practitioner1245292242
Annette Marie Vignogna Browne 87043, NMNurse Practitioner1710941224
Barbara Gloria Whitten 88201, NMNurse Practitioner1902860075
Patricia Ann Mcintire 88061, NMNurse Practitioner1629033386
Alton Young 88220, NMNurse Practitioner1619933926
Lance R Burrell 87049, NMNurse Practitioner1730146754
Diane Marie Ford 87571, NMNurse Practitioner1679530125
Marie Ryan 88220, NMNurse Practitioner1417914094
Margaret Heffernan 87123, NMNurse Practitioner1366409765
Judith Ann Lockwood 87571, NMNurse Practitioner1205893583
David M Aguilar 88210, NMNurse Practitioner1629036074
Anne Margaret Carpenter 87124, NMNurse Practitioner1972561249
Carolyn J Holloway-ball 87571, NMNurse Practitioner1659329860
Joyce Van Dellen 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1649228479
Edalyn Kay Johnson 87111, NMNurse Practitioner1710935200
Cydney Roller 88201, NMNurse Practitioner1235188558
Eileen Shult 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1578514790
Sopheavy S Prak 87114, NMNurse Practitioner1841241189
Jeannine M Acantilado 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1477504959
Seyed-hassan Nazirpour-caloor 88201, NMNurse Practitioner1124070255
Glynda Mae Dallas 88101, NMNurse Practitioner1255383261
Daphne Johnson 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1477505196
Kathryn Tanis 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1720031453
Anthonette Gene Hall 88201, NMNurse Practitioner1972556363
Ingrid Maria Tyson 97411, NMNurse Practitioner1952354839
Loretta Haynes 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1255397584
Karen C O'day 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1164483962
Mario Vela 88008, NMNurse Practitioner1023068012
Maria Theresa Becerra 88008, NMNurse Practitioner1568427466
Cassandria Renee Branch 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1760907679
Phyllis J Chester 88260, NMNurse Practitioner1518925007
Karen Ann Zimmerman 55125, NMNurse Practitioner1790746808
Patricia Herson 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1013968148
Kerry Colleen Hopes 88203, NMNurse Practitioner1548214844
Brian Henning 88240, NMNurse Practitioner1144275637
Catherine L. Veilleux 87532, NMNurse Practitioner1942248844
Rosaline R Tenorio 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1811935737
Brenda Jo Murray 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1992747018
Vanessa V Casarez 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1184669368
Martha Jean Wertz 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1003851270
Marcia Beatty 87571, NMNurse Practitioner1710922844
Elizabeth A Donigan 88030, NMNurse Practitioner1861428344
Barbara Muesser Thorpe 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1841227949
Rickey I Tabor 88260, NMNurse Practitioner1245267251
Judith Lu Allen 87110, NMNurse Practitioner1770510448
Naomi Landau 87501, NMNurse Practitioner1861429375
Kathleen Guthrie-minoli 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1811925217
Meribeth Hauenstein 88001, NMNurse Practitioner1083643860


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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