Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of New Mexico

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of New Mexico:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Cynthia Ann Martin 32835, NMNurse Practitioner1912993353
Deanna M Suggs 85013, NMNurse Practitioner1295726206
Tanya Theresa Bryndzia 87110, NMNurse Practitioner1720064835
Jennifer Leigh Franz 88061, NMNurse Practitioner1366452963
Seth P Williams 87108, NMNurse Practitioner1942228770
Deborah S Korbitz 55025, NMNurse Practitioner1720097389
Patricia Hendrickson 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1912930504
Roselind Renee Williams 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1649340993
Judy Kay Rose 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1174631048
Edwin Anthony Esquibel 87031, NMNurse Practitioner1245331123
Tina Marie Gonzales 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1871020255
Jody L Halcott 21811, NMNurse Practitioner1801975750
Kandy Lee Aboud 88001, NMNurse Practitioner1376650044
Linda L. Sims 88401, NMNurse Practitioner1427125483
Karen Elizabeth Leroy 05855, NMNurse Practitioner1801959465
Zwaantje H. Hamming 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1871627539
Grasshopper Natural Medicine 87501, NMNurse Practitioner1194908277
Jacquelyn Counts Williams 88012, NMNurse Practitioner1396942074
Kathleen C Voigt 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1831304047
Ana Lilia Morado 79904, NMNurse Practitioner1568645380
Ansu Mary Kuruvilla 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1578756672
Patricia Anne Costales 87114, NMNurse Practitioner1619131455
John H Kabosky 99109, NMNurse Practitioner1427328731
Advanced Diabetes Care, Llc. 87110, NMNurse Practitioner1366744229
Grace Ogle Mishkin 80010, NMNurse Practitioner1538492095
Candace L. Percifull 87111, NMNurse Practitioner1689941817
Roslyn Janene Strohm 88012, NMNurse Practitioner1568731248
Ryan E Morin 97239, NMNurse Practitioner1770837791
Angela Arenas 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1023432606
Barbara Kaneski 56479, NMNurse Practitioner1639596505
Vanessa Elizabeth Zwegers 81144, NMNurse Practitioner1619395233
Cara Rooney Ross 87120, NMNurse Practitioner1740651561
Kari Allen 88401, NMNurse Practitioner1164769436
Jennifer Pantoja 87124, NMNurse Practitioner1841782877
Joshua Michael Romero 79930, NMNurse Practitioner1568865889
Tiffany Garcia 88240, NMNurse Practitioner1215404686
Jamie D Sandoval 87031, NMNurse Practitioner1275097420
Kimberley Durr 87124, NMNurse Practitioner1093114290
Michelle L Stratton 99508, NMNurse Practitioner1588050926
Teresa B Nelson 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1871841411
Sherri Lyn Mccarty 88101, NMNurse Practitioner1508966367
Echelle Crenshaw 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1184145799
Sacheen Diahn Naddy 87122, NMNurse Practitioner1225552094
Linda L.f. Waggener 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1295250850
Jenny Haag 85248, NMNurse Practitioner1649628280
Michelle Lynn Hawkins 88130, NMNurse Practitioner1386000636
Ludmila Zlatkin 87124, NMNurse Practitioner1720538390
James Gooss 88252, NMNurse Practitioner1578087169
Clearlink Skin And Medical 87111, NMNurse Practitioner1356868640
Sdlt, Llc 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1689190357
Katherine L Johnston 79903, NMNurse Practitioner1376097642
Brandi Lynnette Tedder 88260, NMNurse Practitioner1841714300
Michelle Marie Imlay 29401, NMNurse Practitioner1215446687
Shawn M Mcgee 87008, NMNurse Practitioner1447770698
Ashley Nichole Quintana 87144, NMNurse Practitioner1306358981
Sara Baker 33880, NMNurse Practitioner1659757946
Shannon L Roper 88220, NMNurse Practitioner1083120760
Nicole Pabilita Trujillo-taylor 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1932569175
San Juan Regional Medical Center Inc 87410, NMNurse Practitioner1861467433
Bernadette Perea-zamora 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1255843710
Gloria Darrah 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1598123184
Maureen Mulvany 87131, NMNurse Practitioner1598242752
Briana Smith 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1215488754
Teresa Claire Evan 88130, NMNurse Practitioner1124422597
Karin Leigh Harned 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1932677226
Maria Vanessa Menanteau 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1346576352
Christy Malouff-williams 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1376014910
Sandra Arline Rickman 88310, NMNurse Practitioner1699240721
Nichole Graeber 78006, NMNurse Practitioner1871910521
Elite Primary Care Llc 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1669945002
Fernando Javier Guillen 88021, NMNurse Practitioner1861974024
Uchenna Maria Ohiri 87123, NMNurse Practitioner1457859738
Emily Gregory 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1962819078
Crystal Lewis-hicks 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1033642921
Paula E Smith 87144, NMNurse Practitioner1902259708
Hisae Tsurumi 80215, NMNurse Practitioner1205381589
Sarah Plante 88310, NMNurse Practitioner1487125043
Sheila Maureen Kobiella 32827, NMNurse Practitioner1659806438
Jamie Christine Armijo 88415, NMNurse Practitioner1497276521
Allen Eugene Jones 87313, NMNurse Practitioner1083808026
Dmitriy Vladimirovich Bazaron 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1043728249
Cindy Phillippi 88210, NMNurse Practitioner1356757330
Justine Brittany Carmichael 88220, NMNurse Practitioner1265994107
David Gregory Cupit 77006, NMNurse Practitioner1427409523
Abigail Truely Mcmanigal 88220, NMNurse Practitioner1639732332
Karen Murphy Hillis 87830, NMNurse Practitioner1346804481
Frederick H Blodgett 87015, NMNurse Practitioner1306264296
Michelle Angela Trujillo 87120, NMNurse Practitioner1821277757
Michael Ryan Brison 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1942756630
Pamela Ammons 87111, NMNurse Practitioner1679138671
Douglas Ivan Ludington 87015, NMNurse Practitioner1982113445
Nm Family Services Llc 88063, NMNurse Practitioner1649697657
Erik F Cooper 97439, NMNurse Practitioner1275893968
Paula A Zuccaro 57752, NMNurse Practitioner1366405086
Mark Daniels 97439, NMNurse Practitioner1245649029
Peter Andrew Brock 79934, NMNurse Practitioner1992298665
Ryan James Gorman 83805, NMNurse Practitioner1922548494
Lisa Marie Taylor 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1548513716
Kelley P. Martinez 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1710921846
Sheila Noreen Acheson 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1942585930
Caitlyn Marie Brown 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1528500527
Francisco Martinez 87114, NMNurse Practitioner1306498340
Bettina Ritzi Lopez Cordova 79912, NMNurse Practitioner1992204853
Elizabeth M White 87113, NMNurse Practitioner1891928669
Dayna Kinney 75001, NMNurse Practitioner1326524018
Gwendoline Chuba 77494, NMNurse Practitioner1316432750
Sheryl Ann Gambardella 88401, NMNurse Practitioner1255518817
Rita Abboud 87401, NMNurse Practitioner1205494366
Amie Violet Merhege 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1972934073
Moriah B. Mahoney 87121, NMNurse Practitioner1902899362
Sofia Delgado Pohl 80229, NMNurse Practitioner1205041167
Kyle I Schoenberger 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1023134863
Jacqueline D'amico Good 87108, NMNurse Practitioner1750711628
Marissa D Romero 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1265622849
Cynthia Marie Gay 88256, NMNurse Practitioner1629625884
Theresa A Weidemann 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1154986040
Marsha Souers 87108, NMNurse Practitioner1811980642
Jessica Bartra 87124, NMNurse Practitioner1982252383
Joanne Ruth Marsh 55337, NMNurse Practitioner1285636712
Geri Davis 87114, NMNurse Practitioner1124494323
Sandra Shuya 88008, NMNurse Practitioner1932478955
Angela C Salazar 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1699333989
Denai Lynn Forrest 87002, NMNurse Practitioner1447734165
Shaina Nawrocki 81301, NMNurse Practitioner1407330277
Taryn Denezpi 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1174166151
Kathryn Ann Mickey 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1871031914
Amy Lewis 87110, NMNurse Practitioner1417379892
Donna Ohde 77859, NMNurse Practitioner1003373838
Laura Christina Bush 87108, NMNurse Practitioner1548541550
Terese Aileen O'neil Selvage 87501, NMNurse Practitioner1205935004
Cynthia T Greywolf 87501, NMNurse Practitioner1619996592
Amy Jane Lozoya 87111, NMNurse Practitioner1508410689
Ronald Mark Edwards 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1790200392
Jeanne Marotta 81147, NMNurse Practitioner1932565967
Angela Houston 88220, NMNurse Practitioner1790333680
Joanne Elaine Greer 87110, NMNurse Practitioner1215436050
Southwestern Provider Services Llc 87113, NMNurse Practitioner1336608504
Hazen's Mental Health 87901, NMNurse Practitioner1366072167
Patricia M Engleman 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1528159100
Lisa Renee Lackey 89074, NMNurse Practitioner1104122647
Christopher R O'donnell 87107, NMNurse Practitioner1659902138
Rebecca A Smith-sealy 87110, NMNurse Practitioner1346614591
Tina Folden 87505, NMNurse Practitioner1386197507
James B Guynn 87413, NMNurse Practitioner1497786354
Julio Cesar Fermin 88030, NMNurse Practitioner1225677982
Georgia Carleton Villaflor 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1588116867
Sherri Duncan 40360, NMNurse Practitioner1114345857
Umoja Behavioral Health Pc 87110, NMNurse Practitioner1063989648
Lisa Candelaria 88101, NMNurse Practitioner1649671918
Monica M Mckitterick 78613, NMNurse Practitioner1487896593
Misti Lynn 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1003238353
Kristin Nicole Wilson 97850, NMNurse Practitioner1851747596
Jennica Lines 88061, NMNurse Practitioner1730741208
Marie Nakande 30134, NMNurse Practitioner1700266517
Janet C Testoni 02818, NMNurse Practitioner1568836765
Jennifer Vergeer 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1538612353
Marie Elizabeth Mugavin 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1417186560
Ariele Bauers 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1457699001
Daniel Hagerty 97538, NMNurse Practitioner1588046064
James Lamont Anderson 80212, NMNurse Practitioner1427348929
Jamin R Switzer 21601, NMNurse Practitioner1326393075
Antonia Hernandez 87301, NMNurse Practitioner1306215926
Casey A Winslow 79404, NMNurse Practitioner1538528203
Debra Kay Sapaugh 88210, NMNurse Practitioner1578013504
Pamela D Logan 87024, NMNurse Practitioner1598276644
Elizabeth Bartlett Miller 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1437574787
Sunrise Clinics 88435, NMNurse Practitioner1164055927
Mindful Rx Llc 72113, NMNurse Practitioner1295352771
Tasha Henke 55343, NMNurse Practitioner1407334048
Erin Mintle 87105, NMNurse Practitioner1245858455
Hilda G Smith 60641, NMNurse Practitioner1669841508
Missy Lanett Richardson 79924, NMNurse Practitioner1568653525
Uchechukwu Genevieve Komolafe 88310, NMNurse Practitioner1477011229
Candace Berlynn Patel 86004, NMNurse Practitioner1700151362
Deborah Hall Winbush 23831, NMNurse Practitioner1982752580
Chelcie Kaluzny 28376, NMNurse Practitioner1356816854
Steve Vaughan 87106, NMNurse Practitioner1982193413
Breanna Laura Grillo 98310, NMNurse Practitioner1043842743
Angel Ruben Ricci 79902, NMNurse Practitioner1942826904
Katherine Kleinsteuber 88220, NMNurse Practitioner1780983304
Michael Hamrick 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1104126481
Elizabeth Gail Kuchler 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1215984174
Stephanie Rose Lynch 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1548473325
Deborah Pacheco 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1790167641
Jessica Soucy 88001, NMNurse Practitioner1376092981
Thais Marek 95945, NMNurse Practitioner1972087658
Melinda Brooks 88001, NMNurse Practitioner1164822490
Megan Leigh Brandt 88201, NMNurse Practitioner1598283145
Keisha Ellis 88201, NMNurse Practitioner1508318494
Kim Hestand 88201, NMNurse Practitioner1104356963
Patricia Hamilton 55343, NMNurse Practitioner1588931091
Darla Gene Melton 88201, NMNurse Practitioner1063934818
Jessica Jo Fujihara 98004, NMNurse Practitioner1598370512
Candace Marie Morales 88007, NMNurse Practitioner1588013619
Kirsten Shelby Guerra 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1558865980
Jennifer Jeanne Winters Walker 87109, NMNurse Practitioner1760006225
Enid Salcido 88005, NMNurse Practitioner1396129953
Kristen Gorbitz 87102, NMNurse Practitioner1356392989
Cristianna Garcia 88011, NMNurse Practitioner1144697277
Diana Portillo 88001, NMNurse Practitioner1194049841


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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