Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of Nevada

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of Nevada:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Kimberley Windisch 89509, NVNurse Practitioner1467452938
Donna Boone Manuel 28012, NVNurse Practitioner1760477152
Kelly A Roetman 89705, NVNurse Practitioner1821089376
Valerie A Trump 80840, NVNurse Practitioner1053395301
Ruslei Marie Huyoa 06513, NVNurse Practitioner1740645696
Pamela Ann Burgio 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1982665915
Glenda A Gobelman 89509, NVNurse Practitioner1952337420
Lindsey Enriquez 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1417339110
Kathleen Peele 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1801973029
Cynthia Ann Etzler 84790, NVNurse Practitioner1659553402
Kimberly A Callahan 86326, NVNurse Practitioner1457515835
David J Memmoli 89129, NVNurse Practitioner1891978607
Cheryl A Maes 89117, NVNurse Practitioner1194904656
Ashley M White 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1295997856
Kamberlyn Joy O'connor 89503, NVNurse Practitioner1699910703
Shannon Lisa Mcgrath 85284, NVNurse Practitioner1417198136
Gloria Santiaguel Mandel 89074, NVNurse Practitioner1528566460
Damon N Toczylowski 94535, NVNurse Practitioner1174894612
Jennifer L. Cribb 89148, NVNurse Practitioner1093047086
Cynthia L. Sitar 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1790012805
Reginald Posadas Reyrao 89119, NVNurse Practitioner1861726556
Sonia Yvonne Rich-mazzeo 89431, NVNurse Practitioner1477799948
Laura Millener 94608, NVNurse Practitioner1194034330
Kenneth Tam 89119, NVNurse Practitioner1477884138
Theresa Jean Hilton-berger 89128, NVNurse Practitioner1326292624
Megan Barakat Burchfield 89503, NVNurse Practitioner1629350228
Leslie E Kalyn 89121, NVNurse Practitioner1346475738
Christina Alsop 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1013263003
Marvi Socorro Macahilig Navarra 89113, NVNurse Practitioner1659617538
Jesse Thi Mai 89148, NVNurse Practitioner1285970855
Ma. Aleli De Guzman Malonzo 89052, NVNurse Practitioner1194146811
Ashley Christine Resavy 89408, NVNurse Practitioner1235547514
Columbus Chronic Care Medical Center Llc 43230, NVNurse Practitioner1295122521
Karen Wagner 89511, NVNurse Practitioner1720461882
Thomas Theroux 89129, NVNurse Practitioner1518361658
Elizabeth Christine Brown 89117, NVNurse Practitioner1073989356
Lauren Cordell 75093, NVNurse Practitioner1518353812
Stephanie Jeanette Reformina 89107, NVNurse Practitioner1457773772
Jenifer Ausiello 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1588086250
Lynette Rossback 89511, NVNurse Practitioner1720487598
Peggy Eloise Nicholson 97401, NVNurse Practitioner1235553801
Rebecca Thompson 44011, NVNurse Practitioner1043694482
Jennifer Simonds 89503, NVNurse Practitioner1417351230
Jessica Sebastian Jang 94305, NVNurse Practitioner1346581535
Jennifer Mcdonald Cochran 89109, NVNurse Practitioner1316372451
Yaju Tsai 48109, NVNurse Practitioner1790128965
Warda Ali 89113, NVNurse Practitioner1356822282
Abby Jessica Burkhart 89820, NVNurse Practitioner1992101760
Darin Michael Olde 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1699054478
Roger Rivera Patricio 89118, NVNurse Practitioner1366957425
Lillian Morton 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1114331527
Rowena Cruz Garcia 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1770027708
Erin Grill 89511, NVNurse Practitioner1861910119
Conservatory Of Hope Treatment Services Llc 89120, NVNurse Practitioner1720526478
Elaina Reuel Lantrip 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1487197794
Shelinda Dennis 89701, NVNurse Practitioner1396265385
Joyleen Arellano Japzon 89117, NVNurse Practitioner1245757020
Faith Marie Nepomuceno Unite 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1720505381
Aysa Marcela Chavarria 89117, NVNurse Practitioner1679013718
Kelly Rowe 89074, NVNurse Practitioner1326574328
Shirley Ann White 89014, NVNurse Practitioner1831607258
Elizabeth Krayk 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1811409519
Jason Hume 89109, NVNurse Practitioner1912413956
Strategic Physicians Llc 28451, NVNurse Practitioner1518479625
Rose Angelica Parizo 89509, NVNurse Practitioner1487168753
Danell Harter Gilman 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1609019777
Clark County Medical Group Llc 89118, NVNurse Practitioner1871094862
Samantha Kilkenny 11201, NVNurse Practitioner1003100538
Brooks Wiley 84790, NVNurse Practitioner1003267923
Kasie Delaine Reynolds 89408, NVNurse Practitioner1972708923
Entrusted Care 84761, NVNurse Practitioner1376063594
Nicole Eileen Cash 86426, NVNurse Practitioner1659774909
Kristopher Kevin Kleinman 89149, NVNurse Practitioner1083076269
Margreat Tan Murray 89113, NVNurse Practitioner1124504261
Christina Sheppard 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1467995159
Chee Hiong Koh 89118, NVNurse Practitioner1588191746
Diane Nybo Curry 89511, NVNurse Practitioner1033411582
Barbara Catherine Caldwell 89169, NVNurse Practitioner1003898032
Kimberly Snow 02190, NVNurse Practitioner1487108767
Beth Moreno 89129, NVNurse Practitioner1992283493
April M. Clyde 89107, NVNurse Practitioner1548352834
Debra Jordi Goldstein-fuchs 94304, NVNurse Practitioner1114239902
Twana Johnson 89015, NVNurse Practitioner1184191504
Julia Vivien De Jesus Navalta 89128, NVNurse Practitioner1871017400
Redstar Tyner Mello 89048, NVNurse Practitioner1114417037
Jason S Cross 89191, NVNurse Practitioner1679924930
Marcus Mccomas 89086, NVNurse Practitioner1235607730
Dulce Novakovic 89144, NVNurse Practitioner1396214375
Khara Bond 89703, NVNurse Practitioner1386113314
Valuehealth Mobile Group Inc. 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1255783403
Christina Marie Martinez 89032, NVNurse Practitioner1558723486
Sara Dougherty 84047, NVNurse Practitioner1821024480
Latricia Ann Lacy 89113, NVNurse Practitioner1073975090
Erica Shih 89109, NVNurse Practitioner1780964627
Catherine Blakeslee Lorentz 89106, NVNurse Practitioner1669919742
Elaine Dimalanta Guiang 89119, NVNurse Practitioner1174034482
Bacchus Wakefield Kahan Pc 89074, NVNurse Practitioner1134628480
Danelle Kay Kessler 89128, NVNurse Practitioner1629477930
Brynja Bowman 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1083197644
Roselle Sudario 89032, NVNurse Practitioner1376095299
Kayoko Dinehart 89012, NVNurse Practitioner1427328657
Dithra Ann Cotton-lewis 89118, NVNurse Practitioner1487159182
Anna Ellis 89509, NVNurse Practitioner1285032482
Carol Woodward 89128, NVNurse Practitioner1720501620
Jaclyn Henkhaus 80216, NVNurse Practitioner1639562333
Ji Hong Ahn 06102, NVNurse Practitioner1164960167
Tran Lyons 89052, NVNurse Practitioner1699217232
Michelle Ann Riches 89523, NVNurse Practitioner1710417845
Stephanie Michelle Celeste 89103, NVNurse Practitioner1104304856
Janice C Owens 89104, NVNurse Practitioner1487215141
Alisa Musante 89052, NVNurse Practitioner1326519919
Ethel Sajor-sam 89032, NVNurse Practitioner1679726251
Beverly D Strauss-dipaolo 89129, NVNurse Practitioner1891726774
Dana Soma 89002, NVNurse Practitioner1083194476
Kaeai Edgerly 89521, NVNurse Practitioner1124547666
Judith L. Tan 89144, NVNurse Practitioner1467987487
Faculty Physicians And Surgeons Of Llusm 89106, NVNurse Practitioner1124560214
Frances Marie Stokes 78404, NVNurse Practitioner1013129980
Jose Robert K. Gaticales 89119, NVNurse Practitioner1982948295
Visiting Medical Clinic Llc 89144, NVNurse Practitioner1063821783
Stacey Kay Wright 83714, NVNurse Practitioner1497716476
Geraldene Monica Ralleca Llaguno 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1093374852
Christina Galon 89052, NVNurse Practitioner1063983682
Christine T Estepa 89015, NVNurse Practitioner1427246578
Cornerstone Medical Care, Llc 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1386118347
Dominic Etli 89110, NVNurse Practitioner1962934885
Peggy Lynn Beller 89118, NVNurse Practitioner1811308604
Noreen Ellen Borino 89027, NVNurse Practitioner1396909826
M Roberson Md Pc 89048, NVNurse Practitioner1063989606
Ncc House Calls Llc 89118, NVNurse Practitioner1659721140
Paige Marshall 84770, NVNurse Practitioner1639652332
Macey Dodd 89141, NVNurse Practitioner1275199820
Iona Michelle Weeks 89801, NVNurse Practitioner1326542770
Renae M Huening 89106, NVNurse Practitioner1750841821
Nechama Dina Leigh 89106, NVNurse Practitioner1891227245
Marie Kota 89121, NVNurse Practitioner1861931636
Jackie L Aragon 89032, NVNurse Practitioner1134618531
Kristine Rebecca Leavitt 89128, NVNurse Practitioner1669732434
Advanced Practice Primary Care Llc 89509, NVNurse Practitioner1386113546
Alena Grewal 89117, NVNurse Practitioner1710538939
Maria Gina Agnir 89109, NVNurse Practitioner1073154183
Lorie Jo Matthews 85351, NVNurse Practitioner1194238345
Adewale Musiliyu Busari 89509, NVNurse Practitioner1942861950
Judith Bechler 89119, NVNurse Practitioner1588105449
Patricia Usui Alpert 89169, NVNurse Practitioner1881929776
Luis Rodriguez 89145, NVNurse Practitioner1689216434
Brian Gregory Edwards 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1720384993
Diane M Mcginnis 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1437489119
Atheni Degrano Sevilla 89103, NVNurse Practitioner1215104377
Laura Lynn Albano 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1992257885
Jill Antell 89128, NVNurse Practitioner1720104649
Kevin Dean Springer 89052, NVNurse Practitioner1912953597
Shannoah Lynn May 89121, NVNurse Practitioner1174033104
Annette Asbury 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1659812212
Magnolia M Alday 89169, NVNurse Practitioner1003469669
Lindsey Marie Hall 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1225688187
Caprice Marie Hutchison 89074, NVNurse Practitioner1528280666
Jayme Lyn Yocom 89434, NVNurse Practitioner1578903639
Ronnie Jay Wing 89801, NVNurse Practitioner1013974369
Ozioma Chiebuka Nwosu 89015, NVNurse Practitioner1457726135
Mark Christian Stevens 97216, NVNurse Practitioner1265729628
Jasmin Tuazon San Luis 89106, NVNurse Practitioner1609344019
Nechelle F. Cabrera 89109, NVNurse Practitioner1528607413
Katrina Baren 89503, NVNurse Practitioner1811302177
Chasity Travis 89119, NVNurse Practitioner1760045868
Latasha Adegboruwa 89108, NVNurse Practitioner1306388251
Patrick J Vides 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1225679087
Cherry M Lee 89128, NVNurse Practitioner1487906673
Shane A Durham 89145, NVNurse Practitioner1194264689
Caren D Misky 80216, NVNurse Practitioner1215903828
Zoya Qureshi 89118, NVNurse Practitioner1770828899
Christopher T Moore 89106, NVNurse Practitioner1447248711
Evie Tesch Lawson 89146, NVNurse Practitioner1356763197
Andy Khuong Nguyen 92544, NVNurse Practitioner1326551219
Amber Marie Federizo 89113, NVNurse Practitioner1942446042
Marites Ayson Molina-matro 89106, NVNurse Practitioner1699338756
Emily Elizabeth Robb 93304, NVNurse Practitioner1821495953
Tammy Tia Denise Burke 89121, NVNurse Practitioner1619538584
Manal Jourdan 89052, NVNurse Practitioner1942766001
Cassandra Rene Orosz 89118, NVNurse Practitioner1225693526
Eunice Ugochukwu 89107, NVNurse Practitioner1558641092
Exceeding Healthcare Services Llc 89107, NVNurse Practitioner1083163182
Kerstin Noel Margiotti 89118, NVNurse Practitioner1316289317
Kelly Bucalo 89128, NVNurse Practitioner1992367080
Aplo Health And Aesthetics Llc 89128, NVNurse Practitioner1104473248
Daisy Pasilaban Mackie 89128, NVNurse Practitioner1659873529
Mark Joel Rivera Culanag 89108, NVNurse Practitioner1306489331
Mary-grace G Gaerlan 89119, NVNurse Practitioner1215237110
Holding Hands Llc 89119, NVNurse Practitioner1194383133
Mariliza Consul Ilagan 89146, NVNurse Practitioner1114316320
Jessika Q. F. Mayes 89014, NVNurse Practitioner1326597386
Christopher Stephen Isaacson 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1831627090
Belinda Orden 90039, NVNurse Practitioner1902150840
Fibonacci Services Llc 89014, NVNurse Practitioner1790248284
Shauna-dean Jackson 89703, NVNurse Practitioner1982150892
Chad Bullock 89052, NVNurse Practitioner1447642517
Cynthia Kay Combs 89102, NVNurse Practitioner1457904146
Jacqueline Marie Ferdowsali 98664, NVNurse Practitioner1215278759
Jacqueline Renee Williams 89502, NVNurse Practitioner1659815603
Nicole Leann Timms 89144, NVNurse Practitioner1386168037


Explanations of Terms and Helpful Links

Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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