Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Eileen Hogan 12204, NYNurse Practitioner1962587345
Samara M Gabree 12202, NYNurse Practitioner1275658627
Suzanne Alexandra Mains 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1619261542
Alexander Ely Nicholson 12110, NYNurse Practitioner1669737466
Gabriela Nakano 92708, NYNurse Practitioner1194077214
Kenneth E Kent 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1891119053
Lisa Sigtermans 13326, NYNurse Practitioner1104177112
Ambili Nair 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1295156503
Brittany Quinn 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1518408624
Patricia Ahern Shaw 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1992894349
Karen Rose Fitzgerald 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1639144777
Meaghan Mollard 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1295115806
Stephanie Sauer 05201, NYNurse Practitioner1114479193
Casey E. Mahoney 06033, NYNurse Practitioner1750829693
Zachary Gleason 12831, NYNurse Practitioner1700246238
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. 12204, NYNurse Practitioner1497178099
Rosann J Wilcox 12866, NYNurse Practitioner1285087320
Mary Grace Mendoza 12065, NYNurse Practitioner1992282875
Stacy Monaco 12084, NYNurse Practitioner1083193965
Kathleen M Lind 12065, NYNurse Practitioner1942552831
Jeri Lynne Trout 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1437634383
Korey Marshall 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1902362627
Laura Maciariello 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1730420969
Maureen Wroblewski 12095, NYNurse Practitioner1215480751
Allison Liss 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1396086815
Tammy Lee Fisher 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1679790406
Meaghan Patricia Hogan 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1497316921
Randi Dellacqua 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1245680750
Darcy A Janowski 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1013909233
Julia Marie Leroux 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1689026908
Erin Kathryn Student 12065, NYNurse Practitioner1043866346
Samantha Lynn Lucca 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1316329006
Erin Veenker Larrabee 12110, NYNurse Practitioner1871756528
Alesis Reed 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1700435054
Heather Marie Murphy 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1497306526
Barbara J Tashjian 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1770688772
Janet L Yager 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1104133206
Ashleigh Berger 12110, NYNurse Practitioner1003297599
Melissa S Goodemote 12110, NYNurse Practitioner1124117403
Kelly Lynne Mack 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1003468273
Yama Rasoully 12110, NYNurse Practitioner1568640845
Mai Mona Rasoully 12204, NYNurse Practitioner1841546355
Nancy Elaine Gabriel 12206, NYNurse Practitioner1376656322
Jennifer Elizabeth Schmidt 12205, NYNurse Practitioner1649688540
Olivia Mae Maxam 12885, NYNurse Practitioner1568941532
Katie Suzanne Tafur 12110, NYNurse Practitioner1659891810
Rose Anne Mason 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1700423951
Joshua Andrew Malone 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1235765843
Hope G Raggs 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1932536356
Geraldine M Nabozny 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1346485570
Ellen Louise Gokey 12206, NYNurse Practitioner1235289422
Daniel Grant Pecan 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1356959316
Victoria M Vanscoy-mcallister 12801, NYNurse Practitioner1831440684
Christine Denison Roe 12065, NYNurse Practitioner1205206174
Nicola Katherine Rizzo 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1801406830
Oksana Trushyk 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1558841668
Jessica Alana Halse 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1194081489
Alexandra Marie Meehan 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1245849074
Erika Marie Smith 12205, NYNurse Practitioner1295396893
Jodi Lynn Falardeau 13676, NYNurse Practitioner1811254667
Amy Van Amburgh 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1972111854
Mariah Lache Mosley 12065, NYNurse Practitioner1144880188
Geraldine Mary Lehman 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1225455439
Brigid C Mccarthy 12159, NYNurse Practitioner1912260753
Sunnyview Hospital And Rehabilitation Center 12308, NYNurse Practitioner1578664470
St Peters Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. 12204, NYNurse Practitioner1457706731
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1942545777
Samaritan Hospital Of Troy, New York 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1538606181
St. Peter's Hospital Of The City Of Albany 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1518042357
St. Peter's Hospital Of The City Of Albany 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1679947212
Samaritan Hospital Of Troy, New York 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1043267727
Malgorzata Teresa Guzda 12065, NYNurse Practitioner1962986760
Michael John Hayes 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1871133686
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. 12204, NYNurse Practitioner1962815696
Heather Lynn Maggio 12110, NYNurse Practitioner1922634757
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1487081923
Susan M Samson 12206, NYNurse Practitioner1114102597
Jenna Mary Hume 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1558997817
Nicole R Humiston 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1033749049
Amanda Marie Benacquisto 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1902424443
Mandy Beth Black 12144, NYNurse Practitioner1386049385
Elizabeth Brooks Upham 11358, NYNurse Practitioner1285906768
Patricia Bradt 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1548755440
Katherine Tanner Cultrara 12159, NYNurse Practitioner1902852742
Elizabeth Hyde 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1245346972
Heidi E Buel 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1437173747
Sally Fay Delory 12207, NYNurse Practitioner1912491002
Aleta Cabuhat 10032, NYNurse Practitioner1386069060
Aimee Isabelle Carlson 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1295796092
Meaghan Anne Sanderson 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1245789783
Caroline Janga Doe 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1558757617
St Peter's Hospital 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1497701106
Jeanne Louise Ceballos 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1639168107
Brittany Nora Center 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1194346718
Wayne Elroy Chan 12305, NYNurse Practitioner1659900546
Amelia Anne Ciccarelli 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1831443027
Sarah Fealey 12204, NYNurse Practitioner1366026692
Melanie Connell 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1972001170
Kyla R Kennedy 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1558856278
Lynn Marie Scott 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1578016333
Ian A Sherman 11204, NYNurse Practitioner1639682990
Jordan Angelo Sirtoli 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1407381916
Susan Koller 12159, NYNurse Practitioner1841212305
Beth L Morgan 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1740541598
Payal Patel 11550, NYNurse Practitioner1811549355
Christine M. Schonour 14127, NYNurse Practitioner1285692483
Jean E. Hayward 14895, NYNurse Practitioner1578012571
Brianna Theresa Trottier 14226, NYNurse Practitioner1760841068
Thomas Falletta 85018, NYNurse Practitioner1558602227
Joseph Vincent Brindisi 14215, NYNurse Practitioner1902322340
Michele S Arcara 14217, NYNurse Practitioner1992756886
Kathleen Butler 14210, NYNurse Practitioner1841560596
Ariel Marie Clay 14210, NYNurse Practitioner1568773596
Ann Marie Higgins 14210, NYNurse Practitioner1376971937
Melissa Kay Owens 14301, NYNurse Practitioner1487201125
Paige Kuehlewind 14215, NYNurse Practitioner1457818445
Amelia K Caraway 14625, NYNurse Practitioner1386051688
Shannon Charmaine Donovan 14217, NYNurse Practitioner1932700010
April Petrik 14263, NYNurse Practitioner1295057164
Sonya Ann Tramp 14111, NYNurse Practitioner1265023360
Janice M Gennocro 14304, NYNurse Practitioner1790364131
Veronica Ngozi Ogula 11435, NYNurse Practitioner1215999040
Amber Vitale 11563, NYNurse Practitioner1083149785
Sofia Marie Reyes 11735, NYNurse Practitioner1326388463
Debbie V Greenidge 23666, NYNurse Practitioner1679051684
Cindy Mauzoul Jean-pierre 32804, NYNurse Practitioner1114397999
Carondelet Regional Medical, Pc 12025, NYNurse Practitioner1861939944
Tina A Leasure 79007, NYNurse Practitioner1639568314
St. Peter's Health Partners Medical Associates, P.c. 12309, NYNurse Practitioner1316548738
Nicole Welch 14606, NYNurse Practitioner1952928004
Courtney Caralynn Paton 12866, NYNurse Practitioner1982169991
Jennifer Grace Barresi 12528, NYNurse Practitioner1659656742
Jacquelyn Janes 14569, NYNurse Practitioner1346878295
Michele Leigh Craven 10512, NYNurse Practitioner1568712883
Alma Mesquita 11102, NYNurse Practitioner1497738694
Bobbette Kayan Syders 10453, NYNurse Practitioner1538638762
Leslie Ann Ostrover 11432, NYNurse Practitioner1356383400
Anita Richardson-sasson 14845, NYNurse Practitioner1629378039
Maris Huffman 11375, NYNurse Practitioner1801324835
Jessica Catalano 11375, NYNurse Practitioner1538792528
Vivian Zheng 11234, NYNurse Practitioner1245839406
Jose Michael Maria 10040, NYNurse Practitioner1366711103
Miyoung Lee 11209, NYNurse Practitioner1821544347
Althea Ruth Suslik 13021, NYNurse Practitioner1447691498
Jonathan Daniel Colino 13502, NYNurse Practitioner1962736074
Sophie Szwagiel Dickinson 14472, NYNurse Practitioner1629007059
Lindsay Marie Lemessurier 85258, NYNurse Practitioner1770951188
Michele Johnston 14626, NYNurse Practitioner1508170051
Jeffrey Joseph Jerome 11702, NYNurse Practitioner1447522552
Anne V. Saunders 11783, NYNurse Practitioner1629164819
Vanessa Barisano 11596, NYNurse Practitioner1982226312
Alison Lynn Hoffman 11743, NYNurse Practitioner1598025702
Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai 11572, NYNurse Practitioner1942792304
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine 11550, NYNurse Practitioner1508333956
Julie Etienne 11435, NYNurse Practitioner1285039032
Edinam Akwasi Cudjoe 06804, NYNurse Practitioner1487188892
Christopher Coccia 13210, NYNurse Practitioner1780988287
Katherine E Mcphee 13069, NYNurse Practitioner1609331644
Janice Ceccucci 12866, NYNurse Practitioner1114249935
Dana Calabrese Fox 12019, NYNurse Practitioner1750884805
Donna Marie Finn-kuo 12110, NYNurse Practitioner1750353793
Ladies First Krysten Schmidt Nurse Practitioner In Family Health Pllc 14020, NYNurse Practitioner1790034155
Krysten Leigh Schmidt 14020, NYNurse Practitioner1073683611
Jennifer L Topor 14424, NYNurse Practitioner1396229142
Dana Drew 14642, NYNurse Practitioner1154437804
Shelby Danielle Rojas 14642, NYNurse Practitioner1477199651
Stacey Forshay 14621, NYNurse Practitioner1235184730
Danielle Marie Lazzaro 14621, NYNurse Practitioner1407461221
Mary Carol Kretsch 14626, NYNurse Practitioner1679187736
Deborah Landers 14626, NYNurse Practitioner1265892970
Brandy Marie Young 14626, NYNurse Practitioner1356965453
Megan Beyea 14626, NYNurse Practitioner1710589007
Leigh Anne Dries 14845, NYNurse Practitioner1518349547
Tiffany Marie Salzillo 11717, NYNurse Practitioner1073783023
Tuere Morton 11727, NYNurse Practitioner1912357625
Jessica Wood 11787, NYNurse Practitioner1588986954
Shimane Devlin 11772, NYNurse Practitioner1588759351
Janine Thomesen 11706, NYNurse Practitioner1235628926
Caremed Primary And Urgent Care Pc 11772, NYNurse Practitioner1487050134
Jean Aguila 11561, NYNurse Practitioner1477172955
Kiara Goldwag 11040, NYNurse Practitioner1508470238
Samantha Rose Amendola 11718, NYNurse Practitioner1932707932
Karen Marie Mullaney 06810, NYNurse Practitioner1437107075
Mount Sinai School Of Medicine 11580, NYNurse Practitioner1942777347
Jacqueline Pandolfi 11776, NYNurse Practitioner1225197866
Lisa Anne Cooleen 27157, NYNurse Practitioner1023270972
Mary Jane Satre 27518, NYNurse Practitioner1609153758
Samantha Raquel Lewis 10570, NYNurse Practitioner1104846724
Kelly Cable Finn 13856, NYNurse Practitioner1467715466
Andrea Elaine Giovinazzo 17104, NYNurse Practitioner1487026993
Regina Marie Fay 13732, NYNurse Practitioner1265994586
Jennifer Lynn Hopkins 13905, NYNurse Practitioner1003464108
Trichelle Feheley 13760, NYNurse Practitioner1518275023
Dylan Gary Kilmer 18407, NYNurse Practitioner1679198220
Shannon L. Zinn 13069, NYNurse Practitioner1578729448
Randa Mougarbel 02302, NYNurse Practitioner1144729344
Rosanne Marie Ryan 13905, NYNurse Practitioner1285040774
Lisa M Beckwith 14203, NYNurse Practitioner1275087595
Valerie Lennon 10065, NYNurse Practitioner1831695816
Flore Marie Menardy 10701, NYNurse Practitioner1457401952


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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