Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Renee Barron 12866, NYNurse Practitioner1841720166
Mary Veronica Carson 14618, NYNurse Practitioner1184076457
Kyle Andrew Wiktor 14569, NYNurse Practitioner1326030495
Bruce S. Zitkus 11768, NYNurse Practitioner1316934573
Joanne M Rourke 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1578550661
Susan C. Pedersen 10952, NYNurse Practitioner1659368405
Darie Ehrlich 10453, NYNurse Practitioner1821079740
Alma Mesquita 11102, NYNurse Practitioner1497738694
Karen Brown 14201, NYNurse Practitioner1659354611
Margaret Syta 14263, NYNurse Practitioner1235112079
Melissa Kramps 10075, NYNurse Practitioner1609846757
Monifi A Osmen 14513, NYNurse Practitioner1972015527
Jill S Bernhardt 14467, NYNurse Practitioner1992773105
Marcia Nieves 10310, NYNurse Practitioner1780113134
Joan Villacrucis 11021, NYNurse Practitioner1548645278
Thomas Yarrobino 11787, NYNurse Practitioner1043268782
Michael J Ostolski 14094, NYNurse Practitioner1851355747
Karen Marie Mullaney 06810, NYNurse Practitioner1437107075
Stephanie George Porter 11743, NYNurse Practitioner1033634993
Lisa Hallie Ryan 12603, NYNurse Practitioner1831615269
Veronica Ngozi Ogula 11435, NYNurse Practitioner1215999040
Erin E. Olson 92103, NYNurse Practitioner1760729933
Sarah Raziano 11787, NYNurse Practitioner1699298588
Scott W. Wettig 12065, NYNurse Practitioner1396707394
Robin E Adams 12095, NYNurse Practitioner1659310209
Janice Rhodes 14845, NYNurse Practitioner1700814696
Jessica D'acquisto 14642, NYNurse Practitioner1982102026
Chelsea S Lockerbie 13601, NYNurse Practitioner1851812911
Lori A. Cogan 10032, NYNurse Practitioner1023059300
Alyssa Renee Frager 10601, NYNurse Practitioner1811461809
Marland Kaplan 11235, NYNurse Practitioner1912471749
Heather J Cook-smith 14621, NYNurse Practitioner1255362794
Heeseung Kwak 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1609220029
Stacey Mcleer 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1922587898
Brianna Theresa Trottier 14226, NYNurse Practitioner1760841068
Kaitlin Mullen 10065, NYNurse Practitioner1821502105
Karen Chalanick 17325, NYNurse Practitioner1003829995
Alexander Trost 11040, NYNurse Practitioner1891107934
Stephanie Knock 11004, NYNurse Practitioner1750893962
Vivek Thomas 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1750707782
Dongjin Kim 10453, NYNurse Practitioner1811447501
Esther Biel 07631, NYNurse Practitioner1063934255
Marsha Dillon White 11691, NYNurse Practitioner1932620523
Glenda Moreno 11794, NYNurse Practitioner1396767315
Susan Marta Delisle 10032, NYNurse Practitioner1427078153
Joanne E Vogel 80917, NYNurse Practitioner1194759274
Yun Qian 11714, NYNurse Practitioner1861940975
Mckenzie A Jones 12065, NYNurse Practitioner1821193806
Pamela J Lawlor 27614, NYNurse Practitioner1750476677
Jennifer Ann Strahan 49304, NYNurse Practitioner1285151746
Chinyere Onunaku 10119, NYNurse Practitioner1114467958
Alison Alexander 10023, NYNurse Practitioner1013381821
Marcia D Williams-hailey 11580, NYNurse Practitioner1831288547
Jacquelyn Gonzales 90404, NYNurse Practitioner1629372149
Kathleen Ruth Schindler 14621, NYNurse Practitioner1770662678
Carolina Mora 10032, NYNurse Practitioner1356890354
Jung Hwa Paik 10453, NYNurse Practitioner1588155840
Bobbette Kayan Syders 10453, NYNurse Practitioner1538638762
Helene Michel Dumas 12458, NYNurse Practitioner1497219893
Heidi A Jackson 85226, NYNurse Practitioner1508942954
Christianne Supan 10065, NYNurse Practitioner1225448129
Elizabeth E Sabella 80033, NYNurse Practitioner1043300940
Rebecca Kathleen Ledwin 13088, NYNurse Practitioner1972693836
Nicole Stroud Godfrey 90048, NYNurse Practitioner1992249353
Marcie Lynne Mcmahon 14607, NYNurse Practitioner1346385051
Emily Hackenburg 10003, NYNurse Practitioner1528183613
Samara M Gabree 12202, NYNurse Practitioner1275658627
Kimberly Del Mauro 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1720522667
Vanessa Joyce 12538, NYNurse Practitioner1952792988
Emel Cakir 11790, NYNurse Practitioner1568994267
Lorraine Callas 11792, NYNurse Practitioner1992841407
Stephan K Salvia 11772, NYNurse Practitioner1396263281
Marcia Renee Robinson 10032, NYNurse Practitioner1891855276
Jessie L. Seide 28205, NYNurse Practitioner1578638755
Annette M Kissin 04102, NYNurse Practitioner1295895456
Debra Besner 11374, NYNurse Practitioner1750440145
Michael Anthony Chiarello 11720, NYNurse Practitioner1235204678
Amber Vitale 11563, NYNurse Practitioner1083149785
Maria Cirigliano 10312, NYNurse Practitioner1154886687
Margaret E Priola 12202, NYNurse Practitioner1609992478
Maxine Grace Chin 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1265560551
Christina L Allen 12309, NYNurse Practitioner1942494992
Kathleen Kronbichler 11570, NYNurse Practitioner1104096106
Margaret Costello 11788, NYNurse Practitioner1831352921
Ivreen Robinson 10456, NYNurse Practitioner1972729010
Carolyn W Lerum 13502, NYNurse Practitioner1952580458
Caroline Bartholomew Rushforth 13617, NYNurse Practitioner1780896670
Tiffany Marie Salzillo 11717, NYNurse Practitioner1073783023
Nicole S Jackson 31410, NYNurse Practitioner1831385848
Jennifer Lou Landolt 06371, NYNurse Practitioner1679734123
Dorit Lubeck Walsh 10591, NYNurse Practitioner1417147695
Daniel Finn 11217, NYNurse Practitioner1568945541
Eufemia Nunez Garcia 10037, NYNurse Practitioner1467620757
Audrey Monica Stedford 11432, NYNurse Practitioner1811019201
Christine A Martorana 11733, NYNurse Practitioner1205045820
Marina Isabel Guzman 11727, NYNurse Practitioner1548456197
Jennifer J Granato 12211, NYNurse Practitioner1922521616
Tara Acevedo Lauria 10065, NYNurse Practitioner1427248087
Ellen L Larusso 32117, NYNurse Practitioner1427263383
Sandra V. Johnson 11212, NYNurse Practitioner1518184019
Kimberly Corey Trombly 14642, NYNurse Practitioner1780849521
Eddie Meraz 10017, NYNurse Practitioner1609026178
Rebecca Feldman 11004, NYNurse Practitioner1285965251
Joanne Elizabeth Bartlett 14642, NYNurse Practitioner1740502525
Wilmot Lambert 06851, NYNurse Practitioner1003121674
Leah Jean Patterson 19901, NYNurse Practitioner1386946069
Danielle Andrusko 10301, NYNurse Practitioner1285925313
Rachel Lynn Paskey 12601, NYNurse Practitioner1659659340
Mary Jane Satre 27518, NYNurse Practitioner1609153758
Anne Marie Denis 10037, NYNurse Practitioner1376814640
Elizabeth A Green 12065, NYNurse Practitioner1427332337
Natalie Sharp 10604, NYNurse Practitioner1962641142
Nadia Wendell Abdulrazak 02115, NYNurse Practitioner1952616682
Michele Joy Miller 11004, NYNurse Practitioner1679876494
Carmen Savannah Saunders 90292, NYNurse Practitioner1568769115
Alisa Lyudmila Da Costa-rodrigues 06238, NYNurse Practitioner1053603118
Michelle Marie Mendick 10036, NYNurse Practitioner1366726044
Leslie Bauerle 10003, NYNurse Practitioner1891075321
Lila Shams 11598, NYNurse Practitioner1417213679
Tina M Cuda 13413, NYNurse Practitioner1467773648
Laurie Lucas 11030, NYNurse Practitioner1669785903
Maria Linda Diaz 10301, NYNurse Practitioner1326334848
Jeffrey Joseph Jerome 11702, NYNurse Practitioner1447522552
Liliya A Istomina 11230, NYNurse Practitioner1780827113
Melissa Ann Anstey 14213, NYNurse Practitioner1437489580
Wendy Jo Gray 12180, NYNurse Practitioner1932425238
Maria A Telesca 06905, NYNurse Practitioner1821313479
Michael Colabraro 07753, NYNurse Practitioner1851697494
Jovy Young 11743, NYNurse Practitioner1861731648
Erica L. Edmund 11372, NYNurse Practitioner1811261605
Catherine Marie Johnson 12566, NYNurse Practitioner1053611715
Aviva Kamienny 08003, NYNurse Practitioner1831469360
Nicole Asaydee Golden 10032, NYNurse Practitioner1215252762
Christine R Possemato 07740, NYNurse Practitioner1053680413
Pui-ching Esther Mak 10013, NYNurse Practitioner1770899023
Suzanne Karen Thomas 14221, NYNurse Practitioner1063668457
Britton R Hart 94520, NYNurse Practitioner1447528104
Deidre F. Sargent 10453, NYNurse Practitioner1114165628
Kristin Ferrara 11794, NYNurse Practitioner1093000234
Patricia Zalewski-gibson 14850, NYNurse Practitioner1912146531
Germaine Kaja Mpoyi 10453, NYNurse Practitioner1033343660
Michel Ng 10019, NYNurse Practitioner1174847107
Lynette Linda Bedford 11219, NYNurse Practitioner1851525927
Jean Marie Rasimowicz 17110, NYNurse Practitioner1932411030
Stephen Stoever 10032, NYNurse Practitioner1669787826
Linda Keever 13425, NYNurse Practitioner1851540306
Jacqueline Aileen Rotondi 11749, NYNurse Practitioner1023521218
Kimberly Erin Minkler 30252, NYNurse Practitioner1982971487
Dina Rabinowitz 10458, NYNurse Practitioner1285901207
Gloria M. Halvatzis 34994, NYNurse Practitioner1447580741
Madonna Marie Reddington 14127, NYNurse Practitioner1245519800
Neasha Deann Mcmeo 95355, NYNurse Practitioner1306085436
Rachel Eakley 10010, NYNurse Practitioner1396230322
Krystelle Marie Makharia 48109, NYNurse Practitioner1063793735
Nicole Santos Kraese 06810, NYNurse Practitioner1942501473
Jennifer Grace Barresi 12528, NYNurse Practitioner1659656742
Trinidad Delacruz Agtarap 11372, NYNurse Practitioner1295962041
Corinne Kohrherr 10001, NYNurse Practitioner1356658157
Anne Elizabeth Mcnamara 11530, NYNurse Practitioner1962877753
John D Sapovits 12078, NYNurse Practitioner1417276965
Ruth M Adelman 07666, NYNurse Practitioner1760620454
Patricia Ann Nolan 11790, NYNurse Practitioner1902062995
Baleisha Johnson 10453, NYNurse Practitioner1457665747
Judith Abieyuwa Munson 13905, NYNurse Practitioner1528334026
Bernadette Fulweiler 19803, NYNurse Practitioner1356862247
Teresa R. Edgerton 14228, NYNurse Practitioner1780830364
Jennifer Sanford 11772, NYNurse Practitioner1194046946
Donna Domenica Catamero 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1265746887
Heather Marie Pero 14621, NYNurse Practitioner1104139005
Tracy Raphaela Neilan 10019, NYNurse Practitioner1639462591
Dorothy C Volz 14830, NYNurse Practitioner1891930954
Richard Anthony Crookson 11225, NYNurse Practitioner1033448840
Candi Lee Capozzi Jones 14607, NYNurse Practitioner1033416599
Tina Lee Finlayson 13212, NYNurse Practitioner1497072136
Jennifer R Petkos 10065, NYNurse Practitioner1821227935
Jessica Skutnik 13502, NYNurse Practitioner1871818732
Margaret F Cunningham 14054, NYNurse Practitioner1205068970
Gerilyn Ann Feltham 11570, NYNurse Practitioner1538493168
Susan Marie Converse 13815, NYNurse Practitioner1679702336
Ashuwinder Kaur Singh 11220, NYNurse Practitioner1912058801
Kathy H Wu 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1255690459
Tammy L Balamut 13203, NYNurse Practitioner1255696811
Alexander Ely Nicholson 12110, NYNurse Practitioner1669737466
Pei-yu Wang 21114, NYNurse Practitioner1639423908
Jessica Kari Harris 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1922347004
Kathleen Fentress Tripp 11101, NYNurse Practitioner1306196795
Gloria Ozioma Ibezim 14620, NYNurse Practitioner1649529900
Virginia S Jenkins 27607, NYNurse Practitioner1407112352
Maureen Joan Gallagher 98837, NYNurse Practitioner1851641971
Sara Whitmore 11201, NYNurse Practitioner1043584352
Jean Asonye 77479, NYNurse Practitioner1639410285
Thomas Falletta 85018, NYNurse Practitioner1558602227
Gabriela Nakano 92708, NYNurse Practitioner1194077214
Emily L Pfentner 14226, NYNurse Practitioner1790128890
Melanie Ames Swan 92020, NYNurse Practitioner1871934414
Eneil Ryan De La Pena 10032, NYNurse Practitioner1245672187
Bryan Jay Burroughs 14432, NYNurse Practitioner1457784647
Minjung Hong-decapio 77004, NYNurse Practitioner1093134181
Christina Marie Dalrymple 11772, NYNurse Practitioner1629491402
Julie Cristino 07920, NYNurse Practitioner1356767529


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Q: What is a NPI number?
A: As per CMS, a National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a unique identification number for covered health care providers, which was created to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic transmission of health information.

Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

Q: Is there any easy-to-read NPI number list or a list of NPI numbers?
A: There are several lists that you may find online, but an example of an official one is from CMS, which allows you to view certain data using table-like interfaces. An NPI number search can also be performed via the NPPES NPI registry.

Q: What is my profession's NPI number? How about my group NPI number? And my medical NPI number?
A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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