Providers with Taxonomy: Nurse Practitioner in the state of New York

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List of providers related to the taxonomy, Nurse Practitioner
in the state of New York:

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ProviderStateTaxonomyNPI Number
Ann M Lepine 13601, NYNurse Practitioner1447253471
Kathryn A Kolton 13601, NYNurse Practitioner1811990856
George Lee Markwardt 13357, NYNurse Practitioner1407859622
Maureen Larkin 11042, NYNurse Practitioner1649273731
Denise Bilsback 14642, NYNurse Practitioner1497758528
Lura L Deveau 14642, NYNurse Practitioner1821091950
Teresa Gibbons 11042, NYNurse Practitioner1417950502
Audrey A Mathis 13066, NYNurse Practitioner1740283829
Karmell J Macoretta 14221, NYNurse Practitioner1154324028
Lucille A Albergo 12866, NYNurse Practitioner1376546242
Carl Anthony Kirton 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1912900671
Bonnie L Servage 13601, NYNurse Practitioner1093718066
Janice Beaman 13215, NYNurse Practitioner1356344311
Nancy J Spicer 13601, NYNurse Practitioner1598768574
Rose Lisano Valentino 13021, NYNurse Practitioner1265435127
Patricia Stork Kilcullen 10532, NYNurse Practitioner1316940190
Harriet L. Hellman 11968, NYNurse Practitioner1740283613
Theresa Pamplona Averion 12550, NYNurse Practitioner1356344097
Janet Mcnally 14620, NYNurse Practitioner1851394480
Stacey Luise Tursi 11777, NYNurse Practitioner1346243987
Nancy A Coughlin 13601, NYNurse Practitioner1518960822
Brenda A Baker 13210, NYNurse Practitioner1750384004
Diane Hecht 14620, NYNurse Practitioner1770586158
Loralee Sparacino 14618, NYNurse Practitioner1346242658
Johanna Marie Mccarthy 14020, NYNurse Practitioner1609879089
Catherine B Eckenrode 14850, NYNurse Practitioner1568464766
Debra Lea Schipper 14580, NYNurse Practitioner1699779967
Lisa A Kappes 12308, NYNurse Practitioner1326042383
Harold M Flax 12027, NYNurse Practitioner1861496820
Susan G Riner 14020, NYNurse Practitioner1194729921
Phyllis Bailey 13210, NYNurse Practitioner1659375368
Mary E Pauels 07748, NYNurse Practitioner1679577274
Bernice Moeller-bloom 12866, NYNurse Practitioner1639173255
Stephen Anthony Ferrara 10032, NYNurse Practitioner1912901240
Haley Rose Wilcox 12078, NYNurse Practitioner1710330576
Connie R Christensen 14527, NYNurse Practitioner1982606141
Nayale Lafleur 11201, NYNurse Practitioner1821591603
Joanne Steele 12816, NYNurse Practitioner1750385381
Marina Burke 10122, NYNurse Practitioner1558365007
Anne L Reinhart 11790, NYNurse Practitioner1730183229
Cheryl Marino 12801, NYNurse Practitioner1063416428
Bonnie A Lupo 14468, NYNurse Practitioner1952306276
Krista L. Prinzi 14618, NYNurse Practitioner1861497182
Doris Jane Nolan 11040, NYNurse Practitioner1265437537
Celeste M Phillips 14618, NYNurse Practitioner1215932546
Colleen M Dhafir 14224, NYNurse Practitioner1174528301
Margaret V Brady 10598, NYNurse Practitioner1669477675
Carmelita R Woods 13057, NYNurse Practitioner1831194711
Donna K Schermerhorn 13202, NYNurse Practitioner1982609863
Mattie M Vanglynn 13202, NYNurse Practitioner1962407841
Kathleen A Steinmann 13210, NYNurse Practitioner1487659207
Alida Anne Dejong 13203, NYNurse Practitioner1013912153
Elizabeth Susan Farrigan 12027, NYNurse Practitioner1245234681
Denise A Albano 11733, NYNurse Practitioner1770588378
Ann Marie Pasek 14004, NYNurse Practitioner1033114574
Deborah S Harris 13021, NYNurse Practitioner1740285337
Jeanne M Salada-conroy 14228, NYNurse Practitioner1073518668
Mary Ann Fragola 11733, NYNurse Practitioner1508862079
Beatrice E Miller 12308, NYNurse Practitioner1952307449
Ellen M Hayes 14052, NYNurse Practitioner1417952920
Janet Badalamenti 11733, NYNurse Practitioner1962407494
Christine Ehring 11733, NYNurse Practitioner1164428504
Maura A. Kenney- Kieran 11576, NYNurse Practitioner1376549725
Barbara J Boehler 14226, NYNurse Practitioner1811993272
Susan Casler 12025, NYNurse Practitioner1275539652
Ilene Schulman 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1417953779
Trish M Bellinger 14845, NYNurse Practitioner1659377885
Cynthia J Tremblay 13066, NYNurse Practitioner1750387130
James Allen Martin 12302, NYNurse Practitioner1801892948
Sylvia K Wood 11794, NYNurse Practitioner1881690980
Patricia J Digiovanna 13045, NYNurse Practitioner1609872548
Kathleen Henecke 13045, NYNurse Practitioner1740286608
Nancy E Zahn 12901, NYNurse Practitioner1710983531
Kathleen Jane Fitzgerald 13052, NYNurse Practitioner1336145150
Mary Carter 11791, NYNurse Practitioner1366448151
Walter Clinton Rockenstire 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1063418895
Mary Anne Carter 12901, NYNurse Practitioner1093711764
Louise G Pilkington 12901, NYNurse Practitioner1750387569
Nancy York Clar 14618, NYNurse Practitioner1427054261
Cynthia Lee Simpson 13607, NYNurse Practitioner1265438824
Mary Anne Dumas 11743, NYNurse Practitioner1417953092
Nancy Hesen Trzcinski 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1306843958
Deborah L. Schu 13224, NYNurse Practitioner1104822675
Eleanor Christine Klein 13040, NYNurse Practitioner1043216906
Margaret A Sitnik 13057, NYNurse Practitioner1457357923
Wendy Randall 12866, NYNurse Practitioner1982183463
Tami Hite 16947, NYNurse Practitioner1811430994
Jessica Rawson Swiatocha 11968, NYNurse Practitioner1063419588
Kathleen Rose Parker 14626, NYNurse Practitioner1316944770
Leslie-faith Morritt Taub 10010, NYNurse Practitioner1649277112
Peter J Caluwe 13210, NYNurse Practitioner1467459784
Michael A Kupiec 13210, NYNurse Practitioner1386641637
Phyllis A Tarallo 07666, NYNurse Practitioner1043217300
Julie C Ball 13210, NYNurse Practitioner1710984034
Monika Zirath 13210, NYNurse Practitioner1144227414
Patricia A Iacovitti 14304, NYNurse Practitioner1982601175
Nancy Dicerbo 12206, NYNurse Practitioner1376540641
Kristina Demarco 11733, NYNurse Practitioner1407853526
Irene C Yarusso 11725, NYNurse Practitioner1821095993
Sandra Aufiero 10604, NYNurse Practitioner1386641173
Mary Dowd 14217, NYNurse Practitioner1952308793
Susan Marie Travis 10520, NYNurse Practitioner1104823863
Marie Oquendo-miller 11794, NYNurse Practitioner1023015856
Susan M Grove 13441, NYNurse Practitioner1992702666
Tulie Gay 11216, NYNurse Practitioner1033116728
David N Campola 13413, NYNurse Practitioner1043217730
Cynthia M Cantwell 13856, NYNurse Practitioner1184621062
Collene Marie Panzarella 14150, NYNurse Practitioner1336146109
Kathy A Kurtz 14221, NYNurse Practitioner1578560397
Jeri Michele Sugrue 12561, NYNurse Practitioner1740288273
Jodi Logerfo 10021, NYNurse Practitioner1659379048
Jacquelyn Anne Botticelli 14227, NYNurse Practitioner1356349740
Dina Rose Santora 14618, NYNurse Practitioner1487652723
Patricia M Shea 14304, NYNurse Practitioner1871591040
Amanda B Tenhulzen 12205, NYNurse Practitioner1083612147
Kathleen A Marollo 13501, NYNurse Practitioner1104824192
Susan M Hamo 13501, NYNurse Practitioner1518965409
Joan Aiello 11501, NYNurse Practitioner1457359341
Lorna Leah Jewell 12953, NYNurse Practitioner1336147016
Christine Feliu 13210, NYNurse Practitioner1205833530
Lisa M Westcott 13601, NYNurse Practitioner1861499196
Amber A Lashway 12935, NYNurse Practitioner1073510236
Cindy Shumaker 12524, NYNurse Practitioner1780682435
Anne Borofsky 10601, NYNurse Practitioner1285631150
Andrea M. Bauer 14221, NYNurse Practitioner1821095878
Janet M Oliver 12816, NYNurse Practitioner1780174516
Mary Veronica Carson 14618, NYNurse Practitioner1184076457
Sharon M Billings 14618, NYNurse Practitioner1124026174
Leigh Anne Chandler 14620, NYNurse Practitioner1790783512
Karen S. Roth 14513, NYNurse Practitioner1093714784
Randie R Salmon 12095, NYNurse Practitioner1770582256
Lynn R Silverberg 10032, NYNurse Practitioner1871592394
Scott D Mendzef 13088, NYNurse Practitioner1780683979
Judy Kelly 13452, NYNurse Practitioner1316946494
Tami Buzzard 14760, NYNurse Practitioner1528067667
Karen Lynn Sleeman 14701, NYNurse Practitioner1275532228
Martha Joy Wojciechowski 14760, NYNurse Practitioner1457350480
Bonita Porcello 14760, NYNurse Practitioner1982603882
Elizabeth Ann Wheeler 10301, NYNurse Practitioner1578563219
Brenda M Sands 10601, NYNurse Practitioner1760482442
Sarah T Deloughery 10601, NYNurse Practitioner1124028709
Linda Mahler 11787, NYNurse Practitioner1578563003
Kathleen M Marshall 12110, NYNurse Practitioner1619977949
Susan C Rajczak 14224, NYNurse Practitioner1578563995
Marcia J Krzywicki 14224, NYNurse Practitioner1487654802
Dayle F Comar 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1962402313
Donna Marie Steinwachs 14221, NYNurse Practitioner1386644540
Priscilla Lynne Wiant-maskin 12061, NYNurse Practitioner1407856669
Laurene Catherine Obrien 12065, NYNurse Practitioner1891795225
Chuck Wing Lee 10013, NYNurse Practitioner1417957523
Terese M Santaro-gustke 13210, NYNurse Practitioner1184624322
Yvonne Eisner 10453, NYNurse Practitioner1033119011
Joanne Hirst 13317, NYNurse Practitioner1528069572
Jennifer R Slovinski 13066, NYNurse Practitioner1548261514
Megan C Cross 13088, NYNurse Practitioner1578564548
Patricia Eileen Litwack 11795, NYNurse Practitioner1104827955
Daniel Franklin Cogan 10016, NYNurse Practitioner1427058106
Teri A Martin 14905, NYNurse Practitioner1619976933
Brozellia Bryan 10029, NYNurse Practitioner1497755698
Theresa A Jones-kingman 12801, NYNurse Practitioner1740289420
Mary L Meehan 14620, NYNurse Practitioner1992704720
Donna Ann Hodgens 10994, NYNurse Practitioner1407855380
Mary Patricia Whistler 14225, NYNurse Practitioner1265433759
Ellen Boyle 12211, NYNurse Practitioner1326049602
Denis Francis Tarrant 10965, NYNurse Practitioner1811998115
Susan Carrie Mancuso 14214, NYNurse Practitioner1063413375
Catherine E Smith 14620, NYNurse Practitioner1801897202
Laurel Ann Henderson 13601, NYNurse Practitioner1548261670
Kelly Ann Butler 13820, NYNurse Practitioner1538160650
Carol Ann Brown-altuna 10023, NYNurse Practitioner1134121122
Kelly A Bailey 12804, NYNurse Practitioner1255333258
James Robert Fraley AE, NYNurse Practitioner1497757348
Elizabeth Chille 11777, NYNurse Practitioner1164424065
Tamara Pierre-thompson 10003, NYNurse Practitioner1659373447
Patricia K. Tessler 12601, NYNurse Practitioner1083616742
Daisy Medina-kreppein 11738, NYNurse Practitioner1487656112
Carol J Muller 12208, NYNurse Practitioner1316949027
Kathryn Baxter 10019, NYNurse Practitioner1962404566
Barbara Frances Stack 12553, NYNurse Practitioner1063414621
Paula Jean Wilson 34021, NYNurse Practitioner1104828607
Joanne P Middleton 11694, NYNurse Practitioner1346242708
Teresita Villarosa 10025, NYNurse Practitioner1457353880
Barbara E Kura 10950, NYNurse Practitioner1083616486
Alisha M Fuller 10941, NYNurse Practitioner1083616544
Karen S Hixson 12983, NYNurse Practitioner1689666729
Ann Marie H Macisaac 14226, NYNurse Practitioner1669464707
Christine Elizabeth Blossy 12601, NYNurse Practitioner1508858523
Mary S Gruss 12206, NYNurse Practitioner1013909043
Megan Mccabe 12054, NYNurse Practitioner1598757544
Linda M Moser 13601, NYNurse Practitioner1043202005
Shirley L Van Horn 12701, NYNurse Practitioner1659363612
Judith M Ellis 11212, NYNurse Practitioner1851383939
Sandra Marie Dave 10801, NYNurse Practitioner1720070733
Linda A Larocco 12566, NYNurse Practitioner1114919164
Kathleen Busch 12206, NYNurse Practitioner1437141496
Julie Grover 14530, NYNurse Practitioner1003808296
Mary Jane Newman 12601, NYNurse Practitioner1477545366
Carol J Cooper-baucicot 10473, NYNurse Practitioner1194717009
Alan Glickman 12538, NYNurse Practitioner1760474449
Barbara Walker 14530, NYNurse Practitioner1295727949


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Q: How does NPI number registration work? How do I get, apply, or register for a NPI number? Is there an easy way of obtaining an NPI number?
A: As per CMS, the most convenient method of registering for a NPI number is to visit NPPES and follow the on-screen instructions. If you have any questions during the registration process, you may contact NPI customer service at 1-800-465-3203.

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A: The NPPES NPI registry is the official website for finding / locating and verifying your NPI number and related details. Our website does indeed utilize NPPES data as one of its sources and we encourage you to explore all possible sources for NPI verification.

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